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  • tetrahedral (not comparable) in the shape of a tetrahedron. having four faces, four apices /wiki/tetrahedral" Categories: English adjectives. — “tetrahedral - Wiktionary”,
  • Existing tetrahedral subdivision schemes do not support adaptive refinement and design emphasizes on geometric quality of the tetrahedral meshes, local and adaptive refinement operations, and. — “Adaptive and Feature-Preserving Subdivision for High-Quality”, graphics.cipic.ucdavis.edu
  • The inspiration for Tetrahedral Chess sprang from the contest for a chess variant on a board of 84 squares. This suggested the possibility of making a 3-dimensional chess variant with a tetrahedral form. — “Tetrahedral Chess”,
  • Tetrahedral Kites. Share | Each student constructs a tetrahedron and describes the linear, area and volume using non‐traditional units of measure. Four tetrahedra are combined to form a similar tetrahedron whose linear dimensions are twice the original tetrahedron. — “Illuminations: Tetrahedral Kites”,
  • Since silicon is the most common semiconductor used in solid-state electronics, and silicon has a valence of four, the tetrahedral shape of the four chemical bonds in silicon is a strong influence on how crystals of silicon form and what shapes they assume. [edit] Games. — “Tetrahedron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of tetrahedral from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of tetrahedral. Pronunciation of tetrahedral. Definition of the word tetrahedral. Origin of the word tetrahedral. — “tetrahedral - Definition of tetrahedral at ”,
  • Tetrahedral kite building plans. — “Tetrahedral, Tensioned Sail”,
  • This hole is said to be a tetrahedral hole because the hole is symmetrically surrounded ( You may need to rotate the image to clearly see the red atom in the tetrahedral hole. — “Tetrahedral Hole”, chm.davidson.edu
  • Definition of tetrahedral in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tetrahedral. Pronunciation of tetrahedral. Translations of tetrahedral. tetrahedral synonyms, tetrahedral antonyms. Information about tetrahedral in the free online English. — “tetrahedral - definition of tetrahedral by the Free Online”,
  • We first show that startingwith an arbitrary tetrahedral curve, there is a particular Given a tetrahedral curve, we describe a simple algorithm (involving only integers) that. — “TETRAHEDRAL CURVES”, nd.edu
  • The Tetrahedral Number Sequence can be easily understood if you think of a stack of marbles in the shape of a Tetrahedron. Triangular and Tetrahedral Numbers. Each layer in the tetrahedron of marbles is actually part of the. — “Tetrahedral Number Sequence”,
  • tetrahedral meshes losslessly, although this is especially important None of the tetrahedral meshes of Figure 1 are used to sample volu- metric functions for volume visualization. — “Tetrahedral Mesh Compression”, cs.utah.edu
  • An example of tetrahedral electron pair geometry (E. P. G.) and molecular geometry is CH4. This molecule provides the basis for the tetrahedral geometries at each carbon in a hydrocarbon chain. — “Tetrahedral Geometry”, elmhurst.edu
  • tetrahedral symmetry ( ′tetrə¦hēdrəl ′simətrē ) ( physics ) Having the same rotation symmetries as a regular. — “Tetrahedral symmetry: Definition from ”,
  • Unstructured tetrahedral meshes are commonly used in scientific computing to represent scalar, vector, and tensor We propose a two-step approach for streaming simplification of large tetrahedral meshes. — “Streaming Simplification of Tetrahedral Meshes”, sci.utah.edu
  • A selection of articles related to tetrahedral. — “tetrahedral”,
  • Tetrahedral definition, pertaining to or having the form of a tetrahedron. See more. — “Tetrahedral | Define Tetrahedral at ”,
  • The first few are 1,4,10,20,35,56,84,120 The tetrahedral number is a figurate number : a number that can be represented by a regular geometric arrangement of equally spaced points.As the name suggests tetrahedral numbers can be visualised as a tetrahedron of points. — “Tetrahedral numbers”,
  • We describe a new subdivision scheme for unstructured tetrahedral meshes. S. Schaefer & J. Hakenberg & J. Warren / Smooth Subdivision of Tetrahedral Meshes. — “Smooth Subdivision of Tetrahedral Meshes”, cs.rice.edu
  • Tetrahedral. If you are following the structures in order from Chemical Structures, you should be accustomed to the interactive java applets by now. The tetrahedral structure is characterized by four regions of electron density around the central atom. — “Tetrahedral”,
  • The more common variants of the tetrahedral kite, form in themselves giant tetrahedral. However, Spence Wikel's 16 cell Sierpinski Tetrahedral (expand the photo, right to see), shows one recommended solution. — “Tetrahedral Kite Variations”, cit.griffith.edu.au
  • Tetrahedral numbers are even, except for every fourth tetrahedral number, which is odd (Conway and Guy 1996) Pollock's conjecture states that every number is the sum of at most five tetrahedral numbers. — “Tetrahedral Number -- from Wolfram MathWorld”,

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  • NX 6 - Swept & Tetrahedral Meshing NX 6 demo showing hexahedral swept meshing and tetrahedral meshing with automatic generation of pyramid elements in the transition region.
  • Tetrahedral Spherical Standing Wave Each face is composed of 100x100 quads. There is a spherical standing wave centered about each tetrahedral vertex. The color varies with respect to the density of each wave. N1 and N2 are colored RGB(0,1,1) whereas P1 and P2 are colored RGB(1,1,0). Coordinate Axis: X - Right Y - Up Z - Towards viewer Vertices of tetrahedron: P1(+1, +1, +1) P2(-1, +1, -1) N1(-1, -1, +1) N2(+1, -1, -1) Spherical standing wave equation: \hat{X} = X \hat{Y} = Y \hat{Z} = Z \hat{D} = Sin(2 π Sqrt(X^2 +Y^2 + Z^2) / λ) Cos(T) Written in C++ using SDL and OpenGL by BJRowlett and RSKueffner.
  • Tetrahedral Void An animation describing the geometry of a tetrahedral void occupied by an atom(dark spot in the void) in a typical ceramic crystal.
  • #50- Apollo's Tetrahedron Now on Ebay. The auction will end on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010. Happy Bidding. This is my 50th different puzzle modification. The puzzle was made with a white Meffert's Golden Cube. The puzzle was capped with 1mm thick polystyrene plastic and 2mm ABS was used for the frame. The pieces were filled with Smooth Cast 300. The stickers were machine cut using Arlon Vinyl.
  • Paranoise - Tetrahedral Metaphor The Ancient Ecstatic Brotherhood of Paranoise
  • Chem 51A 10/30/09 Ch. 5. Assigning Tetrahedral Stereogenic Centers Chemistry 51A taught by Dr. James Nowick. This course covers topics such as bonding and structures, acids and bases, organic molecules and functional groups, alkanes, stereochemistry, organic reactions, Alkyl Halides and Nucleophilic Substitution, Alkyl Halides and Elimination Reactions, and other various topics. Follow this link to the course website: eee.uci.edu
  • Tetrahedral Meshes with Good Dihedral Angles Jonathan Shewchuk, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley, CA This lecture has been videocast from the Computer Science Department at UNC. The abstract of this lecture and a brief speaker biography is available at: research.csc.ncsu.edu
  • Is Elenin Protected by a Tetrahedral Shield? In tandem with his 8/29/11 presentation, Richard C. Hoagland sent us two images. Here is the latest Enterprise Elenin imaging -- produced from an original NASA STEREO-B The new image-composite (made from THREE "40-second HI-1 camera frames") reveals several additional, startling details about Elenin's now strikingly "tetrahedral shield" (which we discovered only last week) -- that is apparently protecting "Elenin the spacecraft" (deep inside this shield) from excess solar radiation. The well-known technique of "stacking" independent image frames, to "increase signal and suppress noise," is an old one -- used successfully by professional and amateur astronomers alike. On this composite image, the brighter "knobs" at the apex of each of the three visible tetrahedral vertices can now easily be seen, as well as the striking "rounded symmetry" of each tetrahedral "vertex." The full dimensions of this extraordinary "geometric force structure" now measures more than ~300000 miles along each edge -- more than 1.5 times the distance of Earth from the Moon! Needless to say, there is NO QUESTION now regarding the artificial nature of this object/structure; in several hundred years of astronomers observing comets -- including, over two decades of satellite imagery specifically to study interactions with the solar wind -- such an obviously ARTIFICIAL, GEOMETRIC structure has NEVER BEEN OBSERVED. The fact that this astonishing structure is also a precise "tetrahedron" -- echoing the ...
  • Tetrahedral Twins BUY from Shapeways: This is the Tetrahedral Twins puzzle. It could be viewed as a combination of two Master Pyraminxes. It has the shape of a Stella Octangula. The puzzle rotates smoothly. The only flaw is that when halfway through a deep cut turn, some pieces can wiggle. This doesn't really affect playing with the puzzle though. Read more on Twistypuzzles:
  • Cubic Close-Packed Unit Cell (tetrahedral hole) of Zinc Blende - Sphalerite
  • Tetrahedron walk The ODIN in a tetrahedron walks.
  • Kaleidoscopic IFS Full Tetrahedral 3D Fractal HD Created with Visions Of Chaos .au
  • Tracking the Brownian Diffusion of a Colloidal Tetrahedral Cluster A movie that I made for a the 8th annual gallery for the Topical Group on Statistical & Nonlinear Physics (GSNP, The video won second place in the video category. The video features clips depicting the Brownian diffusion of a tetrahedral colloidal cluster diffusing through a solvent. The data was acquired using a laser scanning confocal microscope. Series of cross-sections are rapidly scanned by the confocal microscope, which are then used to produce a volumetric rendering. I then track the coordinates of the particles in the cluster, which I use to produce the series of CGI images seen at the end.
  • 2D fluid simulation in triangular (tetrahedral in 3D) mesh using hybrid method (PIC/FLIP) 2D fluid simulation in irregular mesh (triangle or tetrameron) using finite difference method, PIC/FLIP, SPH-style interpolation, hash grid, conjugate gradient. It is real-time and it is actually faster than the video. The video capturing software recorded it slowly. For more details, see my thesis
  • VSEPR Shape of CCl4 tetrahedral shaped molecule Lewis structure
  • 64 tetrahedron The dual torus topology occupies a central role in the spinor, twistor and quaternionic formulation. This topology appears to be ubiquitous in astrophysical and cosmological phenomena and is predicted by the U4 bubble of the affine connection in the Haramein-Rauscher solution to Einsteins field equations. The geometric structure of the complexified Minkowski space is associated with the twistor algebra, spinor calculus, and the SUn groups of the quaternionic formalism. Hence quantum theory and relativity are related mathematically through the dual torus topology.
  • Lecture - 28 3D - Tetrahedral and 2D - Quadrilateral Element Lecture Series on Computer Aided Design by Dr.Anoop Chawla, Department of Mechanical Engineering ,IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit nptel.iitm.ac.in
  • Adaptive Tetrahedral Fluid Simulation by Exocortex This is a demonstration SlipstreamFX, our novel state-of-the-art tetrahedral-based fluid simulator. This rendering was done using AIR. For licensing information please see: Details published here: Christopher Batty, Stefan Xenos, and Ben Houston (2010) "Tetrahedral Embedded Boundary Methods for Accurate and Flexible Adaptive Fluids." Eurographics 2010.
  • Neocube - Tetrahedral Hexagon Pyramids Neodymium ball magnet sculptures made entirely out of hexagon elements, arranged into tetrahedral units of 3 x 4 = 12 hexagons each, and stacked two different ways to form pyramid structures. I took the tetrahedral pyramid idea of TheCurtisEFlush and modified it to produce a new kind of interconnection of the arms of the tetrahedral hexagon units, and put the two pyramids side by side to compare the design. The two smaller pyramid stacks use 18 x 4 x 3 x 10 = 2160 neodymium magnet balls each. The larger one is made from exactly twice as many tetrahedral units so 18 x 4 x 3 x 20 = 4320 magnets. Music track is the Joe 90 theme music, (TV sci-fi puppet series from the 60s)
  • CUDA-based Particle Tracing in Time-variant Tetrahedral Grids The tracing of massless particles through the unsteady flow field of a time-variant domain is a convenient way to visualize the flow data resulting from computational fluid dynamics. This Video presents an approach for the particle tracing in time-variant domains resulting from real-world simulations, whereas the movement of the particles is calculated entirely on the GPU using the CUDA framework. The simulation data is given by several temporal states of the time-variant domain which are represented each by a tetrahedral grid with embedded flow field velocities. Inside an immersive Virtual Reality environment, the time-variant flow can be interactively explored while an intuitive user interface is provided at the same time for the creation of particles within domain under investigation.
  • C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is NOT a Tetrahedron In this video I attempt to show that the tetrahedral shape we see is NOT unique to Elenin, but appears on one or more other points of light in the video found at reference 17 of the Wikipedia page for C/2010 X1. Richard Hoagland and others have been thinking this shape is actually evidence of a shield and that Elenin may not be a comet but a ship. Believe me I would like to believe that, but after studying this carefully, tonight, I've come to the conclusion that what we are seeing is not a tetrahedral shield, but rather a digital imaging artifact. When downsampling from a high-res image to a lower-res and then converting to a lossy compression format such at JPEG, special anti-aliasing algorithms and other algorithms may be creating these polygon and triangular shapes. Similar artifacts can happen with video formats.
  • Meditation on Tetrahedral Geometry in Nature Tetrahedral math in nature.
  • Carbon atom in tetrahedral interstice in Austenite in Steel Location of a carbon atom in a tetrahedral interstice in austenitic iron. Carbon atoms usually occupy octahedral, not tetrahedral interstices. This movie should be most useful to those interested in the physical metallurgy of steels. HKDH Bhadeshia
  • Carbon atom in tetrahedral interstice in austenite in steel Location of carbon atom between iron atoms, in a tetrahedral interstice in ferrite, which is an allotropic form of iron. Physical metallurgy of steels. : HKDH Bhadeshia
  • Slovakia Kite "TetraHedral" from Raiko-Al Native production Kite (domáca výroba draka)
  • Five Intersecting Tetrahedra Origami (Thomas Hull) How to make five intersecting tetrahedra designed by Thomas Hull. Presented here by Jo Nakashima with permission of the creator Tom Hull's home page: mars.wnec.edu Each module has 5cm x 15cm. You'll need 6 modules for each tetrahedron (total of 5 x 6 = 30 modules). In this video I'm showing only how to make one tetrahedron, you'll need to build 5 all intersecting. In the link below you can find the diagram and some tips on joining the modules: kahuna.merrimack.edu It really is a challenging puzzle to put it all together but it is also very fun! Good luck! If you were not able (or don't wanna try) to intersect all tetrahedra, there is another video showing the complete assembly: MY FACEBOOK PAGE:
  • Tetrahedral Embedded Boundary Methods for Accurate and Flexible Adaptive Fluids Demo video for our Eurographics 2010 paper entitled "Tetrahedral Embedded Boundary Methods for Accurate and Flexible Adaptive Fluids" authored by Christopher Batty (UBC), Stefan Xenos (Exocortex), and Ben Houston (Exocortex.) Academic website: www.cs.ubc.ca Commercial website:
  • McCormick's tetrahedron 12 tetrahedrons make one big tet complex.
  • Organic chemistry: Why do organic compounds seek tetrahedral geometry? vsper link intro.chem.okstate.edu all the geometries
  • 42- Metals cubic close packing tetrahedral hole Text available on www.quimica3/animations/tetrahole/en.php
  • Geometric Proof of the Tetrahedral Number Formula The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. The tetrahedral numbers 1, 4, 10, 20, 35, ... are the sums of the triangular numbers, Contributed by: Jim Delany
  • Koa Bowl Motor with Tetrahedral Coils Four spiral coils are wound on each vertex of a tetrahedon. The coils are all 22 turns of #22 gauge magnet wire, connected in series. The top coil "A" is wound CW. The 3 bottom coils, X,Y,Z are wound CCW. A mosfet pulse circuit drives the coils and spins a 1 inch diameter neodymium cylinder magnet. ( magnetized thru the diameter, N42 strength from K&J Magnetics ) Using a 1/4 inch stainless steel bearing shaft and 1/4 inch bearings from Avid Racing Concepts mounted to the sides of the Koa wood bowl. Ordering info is in the video. Thanks to Lidmotor for the good tip. I'm planning to do more types of energization for these coils. This is a short checkout run to verify the coils are ok. Please checkout for good coil and technology info, files, etc. aloha
  • 26. Van't Hoff's Tetrahedral Carbon and Chirality Freshman Organic Chemistry (CHEM 125) With his tetrahedral carbon models van't Hoff explained the mysteries of known optical isomers possessing stereogenic centers and predicted the existence of chiral allenes, a class of molecules that would not be observed for another sixty-one years. Symmetry operations that involve inverting an odd number of coordinate axes interconvert mirror-images. Like printed words, only a small fraction of molecules are achiral. Verbal and pictorial notation for stereochemistry are discussed. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Interpreting the Rotations of Light for Optically Active Compounds 09:25 - Chapter 2. Van't Hoff's Proof of the Existence of Chiral Allenes 19:57 - Chapter 3. Superimposition, Mirror Images and Handedness: Chirality in Alice's Looking Glass 36:24 - Chapter 4. How Special is Chirality? 41:04 - Chapter 5. Conclusion: Exploring Stereochemistry Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: open.yale.edu This course was recorded in Fall 2008.
  • Firgelli mini Linear actuator Tetrahedral NASA ROVER robot This is a Firgelli Technologies LS9 mini linear actuator Tetrahedral Robot in opperation. for this project 6 x LS9 100mm stroke linear actuators were built specifically for this project. These mini actuators include an automatic force sensing and limit shut-off patent pending technology which makes them ideal for Robotics, the large end caps you see contain the electronics and batteries, once the robot changes shape by moving all 6 actuators at the same time the center of gravity moves such that it eventually falls over, this is how the robot moves, no legs, no wheels, simply moving by adjusting the center of gravity. This concept came from NASA, but they didnt have the technology to make it work, so Firgelli Technologies decided its LS9 technology was ideal.
  • The Physics of Crystals www.vanguardsciences.biz - Excellent video provides insights into Pyramidal and Tetrahedral Geometry. How they work and how to use them for novel effects. Incredible, information packed, over 2 Hour long DVD describing many unusual and original experiments including transmutation of elements, energy extraction, increasing plant growth, healing the body and more. Also check out our other DVDs and our ebooks at; www.vanguardsciences.biz
  • Tetrahedral Kite This is a tetrahedral kite that I made... It's basically like 64 little triangles made of string, straws, and tissue paper banded together to make a huge kite... This one stands about 7 feet tall: pretty big! This kite (although it's only made of straw and tissue paper) is too heavy to fly. But for of the smaller tetrahedrons put together can fly... Anyway, let me know what you think... and remember to Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe!!!
  • Deform tetrahedral volumes using finite element method
  • Lolo Neospinner with Tetrahedral Coil Further investigations of resonances between a coil and a neodymium ball magnet rotor. Here I'm using a tetrahedral spiral wound coil. It shows a considerable resonance and spin down time after the power is disconnected, in a manner similar to the Rodin coils. I believe most coils show this type of behavior somewhat, but it is enhanced or magnified by certain kinds of winding geometries. Just learning about it, and there is much I do not know. Aloha
  • organ-o-rounge (Tetrahedral of Phantom of Universe) 1/3 'Tetrahedral of Pantom of Universe' LIVE at BankART 1929 (Basyamichi,Yokohama,Japan) Feb 09,2008 Playing 'futron' an-o-
  • Tetrahedral squish Trying the recursive wiggling with a 3D shape rendered in povray. The song is Wadidyusay? by Zap Mama (creative commons license)
  • 12Tet Tetrahedral Rover Robot Concept ants.gsfc.nasa.gov A concept video of NASA's 12Tet Rover Robot.
  • spirality: spirality: dear chemistry, I hate you. 2->linear, 3->trigonal planar, 4->tetrahedral, makes sense. 5->trigonal bipyramidal, 6->octaherdal, WHY!?!?!?
  • tetrahedral: tetrahedral: @Hellolali i can help :)
  • afifah_pip: afifah_pip: The basic molecular geometry for NH3 is tetrahedral.The molecular shape is trigonal planar.
  • bavx10: bavx10: Au40: A Large Tetrahedral Magic Cluster. (arXiv:1110.4556v1 [cond-mat.mes-hall]): 40 is a… http://t.co/xfjpnQzx
  • juxson: juxson: At dinner sitting in a tetrahedral arrangement with jaime as the lone pair :)
  • LordeBarrington: LordeBarrington: @Alkhemist you should see this tetrahedral shaped city that @thecosmicdiva found above Egypt in Google Earth. craaaazy ish
  • tetrahedral: tetrahedral: RT @PachoMv : @tetrahedral 1 - Facebook 0 // Of course #WIN
  • tetrahedral: tetrahedral: @KathRush @jsllpr #Claaaaaramente Fan #1
  • tetrahedral: tetrahedral: @KathRush claramente @jsllPR tiene groupies. #HeDicho
  • TritioJandres: TritioJandres: 6604elements are distorted.Either the interior angles are out of the suggested limits or thetriangular or tetrahedral quality measure is bad
  • LoMeinShawty: LoMeinShawty: @CallMeJAE_Nae trigonal planar, tetrahedral and all that good stuff? Lol I could probably help you one of these days if you ever need it.
  • Avery121354879: Avery121354879: Tetrahedral Frameworks of Zeolites, Clathrates and Related Materials (Landolt-Börnstein: Numerical Data and Func... http://t.co/1xZ04iwq
  • Nusrat_m: Nusrat_m: @yassermajid not coal but 3 dimensional tetrahedral ordered array f carbon atoms #justacorrection !
  • conorjh: conorjh: If I could change just one thing about my life, I would have invented the tetrahedral teabag.
  • Shaynaep17: Shaynaep17: Tetrahedral Frameworks of Zeolites, Clathrates and Related Materials (Landolt-Börnstein: Numerical Data and Func... http://t.co/0zAVz1hm
  • DD_Dance: DD_Dance: @GimmeDatBase would be very proud of me! I built another cyclohexane and some tetrahedral structures with that confusing model kit LOL :)
  • Ivalaine: Ivalaine: @is_chris as a non drosophila person, i found it plausible. is it grossly incorrect? zinc def has a tetrahedral coordination so thats right

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  • “The blog of John D. Cook. Twelve Days of Christmas and tetrahedral numbers. by John on The total number of gifts up to and including day n is the sum of the first n triangular numbers, known as the nth tetrahedral number”
    — Twelve Days of Christmas and tetrahedral numbers — The Endeavour,

  • “ - FlyNY is an international kite design competition- open to architects, engineers, artists, designers, and community children- culminating in a public kite-flying event in Central Park, New York City on April 18th, 2009. Winning”
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  • “Invite others. forum. Home " Community " Work in progress " Tetrahedral - first product Blog. Creator support. Press corner. Custom Cufflinks. Shops. Open a shop”
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  • “Sean's sp3 lamp is really lighting sculpture. Constructed from outdoor lighting fixtures, the lamp is controlled via an internal tilt switch - activated when the piece is rolled onto another one of its sides”
    — Make: Online : Tetrahedral lamp turns on by turning over,

  • “Without the need for an artificial horizon, we can now define any imaginable direction in space - starting from the point of origin - by reference to three of those tetrahedral axes. Since we are dealing with a natively spherical system of orientation,”
    — Sepp Hasslberger: Tetrahedral coordinates - mathematical,

  • “The CyberCube has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are here to provide the highest quality of service and products to our customers”
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  • “Molecular toys: Tetrahedral cavities. An earlier post described how a (spherical) halide Tags: cavity, Interesting chemistry, tetrahedral. This entry was posted on Saturday, July”
    — Molecular toys: Tetrahedral cavities " Henry Rzepa,

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