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  • The first few are 1,4,10,20,35,56,84,120 The tetrahedral number is a figurate number : a number that can be represented by a regular geometric arrangement of equally spaced points.As the name suggests tetrahedral numbers can be visualised as a tetrahedron of points. — “Tetrahedral numbers”,
  • Tetrahedral Geometry. Bonding. Groups. 4. Nonbonding. Pairs. 0. Examples; CH4. CCl4. SO42- Tetrahedral. Geometry. Return. — “4 Bonding Pairs/Groups”, intro.chem.okstate.edu
  • We first show that startingwith an arbitrary tetrahedral curve, there is a particular Given a tetrahedral curve, we describe a simple algorithm (involving only integers) that. — “TETRAHEDRAL CURVES”, nd.edu
  • tetrahedral meshes losslessly, although this is especially important None of the tetrahedral meshes of Figure 1 are used to sample volu- metric functions for volume visualization. — “Tetrahedral Mesh Compression”, cs.utah.edu
  • Since silicon is the most common semiconductor used in solid-state electronics, and silicon has a valence of four, the tetrahedral shape of the four chemical bonds in silicon is a strong influence on how crystals of silicon form and what shapes they assume. [edit] Games. — “Tetrahedron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • An example of tetrahedral electron pair geometry (E. P. G.) and molecular geometry is CH4. This molecule provides the basis for the tetrahedral geometries at each carbon in a hydrocarbon chain. — “Tetrahedral Geometry”, elmhurst.edu
  • tetrahedral (not comparable) in the shape of a tetrahedron. having four faces, four apices /wiki/tetrahedral" Categories: English adjectives. — “tetrahedral - Wiktionary”,
  • The model is constructed of ten sets of two tetrahedral forms. The tetrahedral form represents the ``hole-in-space" and the bands the attractive forces holding them together. — “SCIET Dynamics”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of TETRAHEDRAL. 1 : being a polyhedral angle with four faces. 2 : relating to, forming, or having the form of a tetrahedron. — tet·ra·he·dral·ly\-drə-lē\ adverb. — “Tetrahedral - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Tetrahedral definition, pertaining to or having the form of a tetrahedron. See more. — “Tetrahedral | Define Tetrahedral at ”,
  • Tetrahedral kite building plans. — “Tetrahedral, Tensioned Sail”,
  • The more common variants of the tetrahedral kite, form in themselves giant tetrahedral. However, Spence Wikel's 16 cell Sierpinski Tetrahedral (expand the photo, right to see), shows one recommended solution. — “Tetrahedral Kite Variations”, cit.griffith.edu.au
  • TETRAHEDRAL CLASS (Tetrahedral-hemihedral; Hexakis-tetrahedral) . In this class there is no centre of symmetry nor cubic planes of symmetry; the three tetrad axes become dyad axes of symmetry, and the four triad axes are polar, i.e. they are associated with different faces at their two ends. — “TETRAHEDRAL - Online Information article about TETRAHEDRAL”,
  • The Tetrahedral Number Sequence can be easily understood if you think of a stack of marbles in the shape of a Tetrahedron. Triangular and Tetrahedral Numbers. Each layer in the tetrahedron of marbles is actually part of the. — “Tetrahedral Number Sequence”,
  • tetrahedral symmetry ( ′tetrə¦hēdrəl ′simətrē ) ( physics ) Having the same rotation symmetries as a regular. — “Tetrahedral symmetry: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of tetrahedral in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tetrahedral. Pronunciation of tetrahedral. Translations of tetrahedral. tetrahedral synonyms, tetrahedral antonyms. Information about tetrahedral in the free online English. — “tetrahedral - definition of tetrahedral by the Free Online”,
  • Unstructured tetrahedral meshes are commonly used in scientific computing to represent scalar, vector, and tensor We propose a two-step approach for streaming simplification of large tetrahedral meshes. — “Streaming Simplification of Tetrahedral Meshes”, sci.utah.edu
  • Tetrahedral Kites. Share | Each student constructs a tetrahedron and describes the linear, area and volume using non‐traditional units of measure. Four tetrahedra are combined to form a similar tetrahedron whose linear dimensions are twice the original tetrahedron. — “Illuminations: Tetrahedral Kites”,
  • Definition of tetrahedral from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of tetrahedral. Pronunciation of tetrahedral. Definition of the word tetrahedral. Origin of the word tetrahedral. — “tetrahedral - Definition of tetrahedral at ”,
  • We describe a new subdivision scheme for unstructured tetrahedral meshes. S. Schaefer & J. Hakenberg & J. Warren / Smooth Subdivision of Tetrahedral Meshes. — “Smooth Subdivision of Tetrahedral Meshes”, cs.rice.edu
  • Tetrahedral. If you are following the structures in order from Chemical Structures, you should be accustomed to the interactive java applets by now. The tetrahedral structure is characterized by four regions of electron density around the central atom. — “Tetrahedral”,
  • A selection of articles related to tetrahedral. — “tetrahedral”,
  • Existing tetrahedral subdivision schemes do not support adaptive refinement and design emphasizes on geometric quality of the tetrahedral meshes, local and adaptive refinement operations, and. — “Adaptive and Feature-Preserving Subdivision for High-Quality”, graphics.cipic.ucdavis.edu

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