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  • Tetrastyle definition, having four columns. See more. — “Tetrastyle | Define Tetrastyle at ”,
  • Your source for 3D content! Terms of service Privacy policy Press. Become a broker New to Cornucopia3D? ©2010 Cornucopia3D, a division of e-on software, inc. All rights reserved. — “Cornucopia3D - Purchase Item”, cornucopia3
  • What I Like About Ancient Coins - An Illustrated Ancient Coin Glossary. See also distyle and tetrastyle . hippocamp or hippocampus. A mythical sea creature with the head and forelimbs of a horse, and a sinuous fishy rear end. Some have wings, and some do not. — “Ancient Coin Glossary”,
  • Tetrastyle. From LoveToKnow 1911. TETRASTYLE (Gr. TETpa-, four, and crTUXos, a column), the term in architecture given to a portico of four columns which forms the main front of a temple (q.v. Retrieved from "http://www.1911/Tetrastyle". — “Tetrastyle - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • Caruana (1898) who mentions that a tetrastyle (a temple having four columns) temple existed in Villegaignon Prof. De Lucca said similar tetrastyle temples could be found in other places in the Mediterranean, such as the one in Cagliari where a tetrastyle temple raised on a podium overlooked a. — “New find at Mdina most important so far in old capital”,
  • Tetrastyle. To use any of the clipart images above (including the thumbnail image in the Description: "Elevation of a Greek Ionic attached Tetrastyle in Antis. — “Tetrastyle Clipart”, etc.usf.edu
  • The tetrastyle has four columns; it was commonly employed by the Greeks and the Etruscans for small structures such as public buildings and amphiprostyles. Roman provincial capitals also manifested tetrastyle construction, such as the Capitoline Temple in Volubilis. — “Portico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Tomb with Tetrastyle Prostyle Facade. This tomb is situated north of the 'heroon' and the other three tombs of the Great Tumulus of which it is a part. It is the only 'Macedonian tomb' to have a free standing frontal colonnade, and may be. — “The Tomb with Tetrastyle Prostyle Facade”, macedonian-heritage.gr
  • Limewashing tetrastyle wythe hula brannertie imagery cachet metahewettite. Limewashing tetrastyle wythe hula brannertie imagery cachet metahewettite. Conspiration discectomy triforium clinching neuroleukemia yaila petting val tetrapropylene datum hyphenated unsized shotcrete. — “Mortgaged Locator For House”, .pk
  • R2 Avers : + HLVDOVVICVS IMP Croix cantonnée de quatre besantsRevers : XPISTIANA RELICIO Temple tétrastyle avec un fronton triangulaire sommé d'une croisette reposant sur un globule, une XPISTIANA RELICO Temple tétrastyle avec un fronton triangulaire. — “Delcampe Prestige - Catalogue Monnaies 42 from CGB Numismatique”,
  • Professor Kleiner discusses domestic architecture at Pompeii from its beginnings in the fourth and third centuries B.C. to the eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79. She describes the plan of the ideal domus italica and features two residences that. — “Houses and Villas of Pompeii | Yale History Lecture”,
  • laureate head left / ZEUGMATEWN G (Z retrograde), Tetrastyle temple with peribolos containing grove and having a colonnade (only Laureate bust right [Countermark: star] / (ZEV)GMA, tetrastyle temple, with peribolos containing grove, on right and left a colonnade, in front a portico or paneled wall. — “Commagene, Zeugma - Ancient Greek Coins - ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Tetrastyle. Information about Tetrastyle in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Tetrastyle definition of Tetrastyle in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Struck AD 73. IMP CAES VESP AVG CEN, laureate head right / VESTA, Temple of Vesta: round-domed, tetrastyle temple, four steps leading up to it; statue of Vesta dancing within, flanked by statue to left and figure standing right and lighted altar within tetrastyle temple,. — “ Search Results”,
  • Tens of thousands of coins from dealers worldwide. The largest site on the net for Ancient Coins, Roman Coins, Greek Coins, Byzantine Coins, and Biblical Coins. Books, supplies, and resources for ancient coin collectors. Tetrastyle Temple. — “VCoins - Ancient Coins - Archaeological Center Ltd”,
  • The primary example is the famous House of the Faun with its tetrastyle atrium, double peristyles, and floor mosaic of the battle between Alexander the Great and Darius of the Faun with its tetrastyle atrium, double peristyles, and floor. — “Session 5 - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Houses and”, oyc.yale.edu
  • Tet·ra·style a. (Arch.) Having four columns in front; -- said of a temple, portico, or colonnade tetrastyle. Top. Home > Library > Home & Garden > Architecture and Construction. Having four columns in the front or end row; consisting of a row or rows of four columns. — “tetrastyle: Information from ”,
  • TETRASTYLE (Gr. ehpa-, - Online Information article about TETRASTYLE (Gr. ehpa TETRASTYLE (Gr. — “TETRASTYLE (Gr. ehpa-,... - Online Information article about”,
  • Translations of Tetrastyle. Tetrastyle synonyms, Tetrastyle antonyms. Information about Tetrastyle in the free online English dictionary and 6) An outline of the Jerusalem Temple, here a tetrastyle structure with portico, flaming" altar, and Holy of Holies, is flanked by approaching. — “Tetrastyle - definition of Tetrastyle by the Free Online”,
  • We found 13 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word tetrastyle: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "tetrastyle" is defined. General (11 matching dictionaries) tetrastyle: Wordnik [home, info]. — “Definitions of tetrastyle - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of Tetrastyle. Tetrastyle. Having four columns in front; portico, or colonnade. A tetrastyle building. Related Definitions: Building, Colonnade,. — “Definition of Tetrastyle”,
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  • Arduino Ajax Web Server This is a Arduino Web Server with Ajax technology. XMLHttpRequest & JSON(P) formatted value. Download file is here. djgj.sub.jp for Arduino (Uno) & Ethernet Shield with IDE ver 0022
  • Arduino OSC Receive via WiFi (experiment) Arduino Uno (with Ethernet Shield) OSC Library: OSCClass (ArdOSC) (fixed for Arduino IDE ver 0022) www.arduino.cc OSC sending software: iOSC (AppStore) WiFi Router: CQW-MBR (PCi)
  • TETRA Controller Portable This is Teterapod shaped MIDI Controller. 4 pods control Pitch, Tempo, Step (for pitch change) and Volume. Control Box send MIDI message as 8 step sequencer. Sensor: 4 Rotary Encoder MIDI Transmitter: Arduino Fio MIDI Receiver: iPod Touch (bs-16i on AppStore) MIDI Adapter: Line6 MIDI Mobilizer
  • Private and Tranquil Lakefront Estate 574 Turner Road, Bremen, ME 04551 Peter Christine Drum and Drum Real Estate From Jefferson to Wren, the great men of the architecture of the enlightenment paid homage to Palladio and Vitruvius. Today it is rare to discover a modern residence incorporating the classical temple front tripartite design with unique Jeffersonian touches.. This example, sited on the shores of McCurdy Pond, a tranquil and secluded part of the Pemaquid watershed, incorporates a tetrastyle portico, a central and open living, dining, and kitchen space intersected by two wings - one is detailed in the classic style, the other is midcentury modern. The distinct contrasts come together in the central block and are surprisingly compatible. The human form provided the geometric basis for the early classical proportions and the effect in this home is uniquely realized. Tall ceilings, classic detailing and copious light serve to ennoble the human spirit. Predating this structure on the site and retained, maintained and beautifully restored are three additional buildings."The Teahouse" c 1920 is perched, literally over the water with a hexagonal dining room, galley kitchen overlooking the pond, living area with fireplace, and outdoor pond-side patio. "The Boathouse" has been become a three-bedroom one-bath sleeping house where summer guests can enjoy lakeside accommodations independent from the main house. (These summer structures have generated substantial rental income ...
  • Quartz Composer & 30 Castanets Quartz Composer Workshop at Apple Store GINZA(Japan) on 25th July 2010. They played electric wired castanets connected to Mac. Quartz Composer received Castanets data as OSC that sent from "Arduino & Ethernet Shield" djgj.jp
  • iTunes controlled by OSC (Puredata) This is a demonstration of OSC (Open Sound Control). iTunes dosen't support OSC. so I receive it Puredata and sending AppleScript. Mac OS X 10.6.7 iTunes 10 Puredata Pd-extended 0.42.5 iOSC(iOS app)
  • Wireless MIDI Transmitting by XBee (experiment) This is experiments of wireless MIDI transmitting. MIDI System MIDI Sender: Arduino Uno (send MIDI Note On and Off) MIDI Receiver: iPod touch, BS-16i (on sale in AppStore) MIDI Adapter: LINE6 MIDI Mobilizer Wireless System Tx: Arduino Uno with XBee Shield (XBee Series 1) Rx: Arduino Fio with XBee (Arduino Fio using for power supply). Both XBee's baud rate are set to 31250bps (suitable for MIDI). htttp:///
  • Seeeduino Stalker with Water proof enclosure 浮かべてみました。
  • LED Control (using iPhone MIDI adapter) Vertical sliders on screen are controlling brightness of LED. Horizontal sliders on screen is controlled by physical slider. LED and physical slider is connected to Arduino. YAMAHA iMX-1 is MIDI Adaptor for iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad). TouchOSC (Available on the App Store) is famous controller app that support CoreMIDI. my blog:
  • USB I/O extender jap.hu A simple digital I/O extender using the Microchip PIC18f14k50 microcontroller. The extender can be controlled from a PC or a small router. This is a DIY project with full source code and circuit diagram available for download.
  • REAL KONTROL "REAL KONTROL" is a MIDI Controller (KORG, nano KONTROL) + LED Projector (ADTEC, AD-MP15AW). We exhibited this at "Make Tokyo Meeting:04" (22-23th Nov, 2009). The software used is Quartz Composer (Apple). It draws images, movies, and LED level indicator.
  • Penshaw Monument (Sunderland) - slideshow set to music I took these photos of Penshaw Hill and Monument in 1998 and the shop that developed them put them onto floppy disks - quite an innovation at the time. They're all from the same angle and only fair quality but I thought they were still worth sharing. When my sister and I were young our family took us right to the top of the hill and I have some old photos of us sitting there which I may upload with others of that era at some time. The tune I've added in memory of those times is "Two Sisters" by Armando Trovaioli selected from the YouTube music library. It ends abruptly but it's too lovely not to have. Wikipedia says: Although often called "Penshaw Monument", the correct title of the structure is The Earl of Durham's Monument. Penshaw Monument is a folly built in 1844 on Penshaw Hill between the districts of Washington and Houghton-le-Spring, within the City of Sunderland, North East England. It is dedicated to John George Lambton, first Earl of Durham and the first Governor of the Province of Canada. Also from Wikipedia: The 136-metre (446 ft) hill on which the monument stands was presented by Charles Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry. The monument dominates the local landscape as a half-sized replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens. The Doric tetrastyle monument is 30 metres (98 ft) long, 16 metres (52 ft) wide and 20 metres (66 ft) high. The columns are each 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) in diameter. It was designed by John and Benjamin Green and built by Thomas Pratt of ...
  • Bicycle TailLamp for Sony LiveView This is a plugin software for "Sony LiveView micro display". LiveView is external sub display for Android Smart Phones. It's available on the Android Market.
  • USB Bluetooth Adapter with PIC24F MicroController LED control using Bluetooth(SPP). These Hardware/Software are made by hrdakinori. (I only assembled it.) d.hatena.ne.jp Bluetooth Remote Controller source code for Android 2.1 USB Host source code for PIC24FJ256GB106 CPU board: Optimize PIC24USB (optimize.ath.cx USB BT Adapter: Buffalo BSHSBD03 buffalo-kokuyo.jp
  • Music Handle A trial of using Rotary Encoder ...
  • Arduino & Ciao.app test Ciao.app is a software that communicates Arduino with iPhone. It's available on the AppStore. Ciao.app shows virtual button & virtual LCD on screen. Virtual LCD shows Arduino's internal value. Virtual buttons can be pushed via ethernet. This system needs Arduino Ethernet Shield & WiFi Router. Ciao App: My Blog:
  • Acropolis Lindos Rhodes Greece October 2012 The Acropolis Lindos Rhodes. According to myth, the cult of Athena Lindia was pre-Hellenic, although this is not borne out by the sporadic excavation finds. The history of the sanctuary begins in the Geometric period (9th c. BC). In the Archaoc period the tyrant of Lindos, Kleoboulos, revived the cult and built a temple, probably on the site of an earlier one. The Archaic temple had the same Doric tetrastyle amphiprostyle plan as the subsequent one. The sanctuary was approached by a rough flight of steps. After it was burnt down in 342 BC, the present temple was built with the propylaea and the monumental staircase. The Hellenistic stoa is later. In the 3rd c. BC the cult of Zeus Polieus was introduced, although Athena remained the principal deity of the sanctuary. In the Roman period the priest Aglochartos planted olive trees on the spot, and according to an inscription the Sanctuary of Psithyros was built close to the Temple of Athena (2nd c. AD)
  • Camera flash light response (Photo diode) Photo IC (Diode) : S9648-100 (Hamamatsu Photonics) Sensing & Transmitter : Arduino Uno with Ethernet Shield (OSC) Reciever : Puredata (Pd-extended, Mac OSX)
  • iPad temperature measuring system (experiment) Using Arduino Uno, iPad Camera Connection Kit, Temperature Sensor. Temperature Sensor: LM35D (National Semiconductor). atmega8u2 (on Aruduino Uno) firmware programmed for USB HID Keyboard.
  • Arduino and Puredata Sampler This is simple "Sampler" code written by Puredata. Frog voice by KEROMIN.
  • NOVA ROMA in Minecraft - Work in progress A project two friends and I began some weeks ago, to build in our free time a city with some of the most famous buildings of the Roman world, and other invented ones: At the time this video was filmed, there were these buildings: - The Pantheon - Flavius Amphitheatre (The Colosseum) - Circus Maximus - The Colossus of Rhodes - Mausoleum of Hadrian (Castel Sant'Ángelo) - Saint Peter's Basilica (4th Century) - Basilica of Maxentius - Tiber Island - Arch of Constantine - The Senate - A castle with a Byzantine church inside - Three triumphal arches - Two Insulae - Hexastyle temple to Jupiter - Tetrastyle pseudoperypteral temple to Augustus - One theatre - The Imperial Palace - Two aqueducts - A lighthouse - A trireme - Two bridges - Three obelisks - Part of the defensive wall in the style of Constantinople Music: "Dies Irae", from Verd's "Requiem" PS: I apologize about the low framerate of the recording.
  • REAL KONTROL -short pv- "REAL KONTROL" is a MIDI Controller (KORG, nano KONTROL) + LED Projector (ADTEC, AD-MP15AW). We exhibited this at "Make Tokyo Meeting:04" (22-23th Nov, 2009). The software used is Quartz Composer (Apple). It draws images, movies, and LED level indicator.
  • KERO-KERO Sampler This is simple sampler made with Puredata. KEROMIN is puppet style musical instruments, he has MIDI output. KEROMIN control this sampler using MIDI.
  • iogear usb micro adapter bluetooth 2.1 gbu421unboxing i picked this up at comp usa for 12 bucks upgrades all bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 to 2.1 on the spot works great with my mtouch 3g slide so i don't have to bluetooth threw other things to get my custom backgrounds lock screen pictures and rintones on my main phone facebook page--- twitter--- google plus-
  • Bluetooth SPP Multi-Session (1 Android phone vs 4 micro controllers) Test for Bluetooth SPP(serial port profile) Multi-Session. SPP Client device (Controller) Android 2.3.4 (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc) SPP Host devices 3-PIC MicroControllers (Train1, Train2 and a bare board in the circle). 1-Hello Kitty (GR-SAKURA using Renesas RX63N)
  • 5. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Houses and Villas at Pompeii Roman Architecture (HSAR 252) Professor Kleiner discusses domestic architecture at Pompeii from its beginnings in the fourth and third centuries BC to the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. She describes the plan of the ideal domus italica and features two residences that conform to that layout. She then presents the so-called Hellenized domus that incorporates elements of Greek domestic architecture, especially the peristyle court with columns. The primary example is the famous House of the Faun with its tetrastyle atrium, double peristyles, and floor mosaic of the battle between Alexander the Great and Darius of Persia at Issus, a Roman copy of an original Greek painting. She concludes by highlighting the suburban Villa of the Mysteries and notes the distinction between plans of Roman houses and those of Roman villas. 00:00 - Chapter 1. Introduction and the Ideal Domus Italica 15:28 - Chapter 2. Early Pompeian Houses and the Ideal Hellenized Domus 25:07 - Chapter 3. Hellenized Houses in Pompeii 38:32 - Chapter 4. Chapter 4. The House of the Faun 54:00 - Chapter 5. Additional Pompeian Houses Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: open.yale.edu This course was recorded in Spring 2009.
  • USB Newton Keyboard for iPad USB Converter for Newton Keyboard, made with Arduino.
  • Arduino Touch Sensing Touch Sensor Pad: Aluminum tape (50 x 100 mm) Resistor: 4Mohm Program CapitiveSense Library by Paul Badger (DL: Arduino playground) www.arduino.cc Sense & Transmit: Arduino Uno with Ethernet Shield (using OSC). Recieve & Display: Puredata (pd-extended, Mac OSX)
  • Arduino OSC Receive via WiFi (Long ver) Arduino Uno (with Ethernet Shield) OSC Library: OSCClass (ArdOSC) (fixed for Arduino IDE ver 0022) www.arduino.cc OSC sending software: iOSC (AppStore) WiFi Router: CQW-MBR (PCi)
  • Arduino OSC Send & Receive (experiment) Arduino Uno (with Ethernet Shield) OSC Library: OSCClass (ArdOSC) (fixed for Arduino IDE ver 0022) www.arduino.cc
  • Wardriving Arduino Wiznet Webserver High Power Wireless This project uses the RNX-GX4 router configured with DD-WRT connected to an Arduino Wiznet Board as a webserver.
  • YUKKURI TORSO OSAWARI TORSO with Yukkuri Voice. The Torso sending OSC Message, and the iPhone App receiving that message.
  • Quartz Composer 3D workshop at AppleStore GINZA djgj.jp This movie recorded by "Fuji Finepix W1 Real3D" on Jan 30th 2010. We are looking at anaglyph movie that made by Quatz Composer.
  • Arduino MIDI Theremin (experiment) midi message sending test. MIDI Sender: Arduino Uno MIDI Receiver: iPhone app "bs-16i" MIDI Adapter : Line6 MIDI Mobilizer PSD (distance sensor) :Sharp 2Y0A21
  • RGB ROTARY ENCODER TEST (Arduino) Rotary encoder with built-in switch and RGB LED. Sample code is here. djgj.sub.jp 秋月のLED 付きロータリーエンコーダーのテスト
  • Drunkar: “TETRASTYLE-dev-BLOG: 5月 2011” http://t.co/4kp4pbRJ

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  • “ in the last entry of this blog is almost universally associated with the Temple of Augustus in his territory by numismatists (Meshorer, 76-77; Roller, 191) Such a tetrastyle temple of Augustus (with shield motif nicely”
    — Jesus Family Tomb - Forum - Temple of Augustus,

  • “The northern portico, tetrastyle Ionic, stands at a lower level and gives access to the My musician blog. Категории. Art. My English thoughts. Авто. Более того”
    — Victoria's blog - Cultural life in ancient Greece,

  • “Il Blog di oldestnflstadium: oldest nfl stadium,nfl,how to get super bowl tickets. Anche tu puoi creare un blog gratis su Libero Blog. Each colonnade, flanked by tetrastyle temples, was formed by a double row of 32 columns. Soldier Field could host many events from football to bike racing”
    — oldest nfl stadium - oldest nfl stadium,nfl,how to get super, blog.libero.it

  • “Walking down West Main Street takes you back in time, when Starr Hill referred to a a stuccoed building with a Corinthian Tetrastyle Portico and stained glass windows”
    — LoCoHistory " 2008 " December,

  • “Hotel Traiano Roma: A walk in the archaeological area of the Trajan's forums to plunge into the ancient Rome. It was 170 mt long, 60 mt large and 40 mt high with a central hall and at the centre of the façade, a tetrastyle (four-column) porch”
    — Hotel Traiano Roma - Rome Hotel Trajan's forum, hoteltraiano.it

  • “The Forum Boarium was the cattle forum venalium of Ancient Rome and The Forum Boarium was the site of the first gladiatorial contest at Rome which took place”
    — Forum Boarium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,

  • “on forum.baby-. The. Rock Star Candy Stroller is. really trendy but also very Names Blog: "Girl names?" "Girl names?" This. conversation is surreal: http://forum.baby”
    — Forum Baby Gaga images, videos, blogs and news - ,

  • “Blog. Archives. Contact. New Era | MHI | ALIFE | C&C. More New Era's Coming Next Week! ALIFE brahmi tetrastyle accretive. ambien chokingly termitary. diclofenac godparent meditative”
    — At The Buzzer Blog,

  • “Conversations for Forum Boarium. Blog Search from Google. Exploring Rome: Forum Boarium. 2 can pick up the Circus Maximum, Forum Boarium, Boca della Verita (all”
    — Forum Boarium - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News,

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