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  • Cereal Knowledge Bank is the world's leading repository of extension and training materials related to cereal and cereal production. It is mobile within the plant and promotes tillering, root development, early flowering, and ripening (especially where the temperature is low). — “Phosphorous Deficiency”,
  • plant biology > plant physiology > plant development > tillering Report. Sub-Categories. No sub-categories defined. Resources in tillering: No resources available for this category. © 2003-2004 Intrafinity. — “tillering”, msue.msu.edu
  • The integrated pencil of the tiller tool marks the sections on the limbs of the bow that are bending less than others and thus need further tillering. With the brass screw the pencil can be adjusted accurately More information about tillering with the tiller tool in our book. — “Kunst-Griff: Tools for bow making”,
  • A simple, systematic method for checking the tiller (evenness of bending) and draw weight of a wooden bow before you even string it. — “A Foolproof Method for Tillering Bows”,
  • Tillering definition, a plant shoot that springs from the root or bottom of the original stalk. See more. — “Tillering | Define Tillering at ”,
  • Tillering. Tillering is the process of working a bow down evenly to reach the required draw weight at the required draw length and to ensure that bow limbs are balanced with respect to each other and ensuring that the "arc" of the drawn bow is even. — “Troubled Times: Tillering”,
  • Tillering is a property possessed by many species in the family Poaceae which enables them to produce multiple stems (tillers) starting from the initial single seedling. This ensures the formation of dense tufts and multiple seed heads. "Tillering" refers to the production of tillers. — “Tiller (botany) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Many of our customers enjoy the feeling of pride and satisfaction in building their own Bow from start to finish. We have everything a Bow Builder might need, whether he's just starting out, or is a seasoned bowyer. It doesn't matter if you want Tillering Supplies. — “Bow Building-3Rivers Archery Equipment, Traditional Youth”, 3
  • We found 11 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word tillering: Quick definitions (tiller) noun: lever used to turn the rudder on a boat. noun: someone who tills land (prepares the soil for the planting of crops) noun: a shoot that sprouts from the base of a grass. — “Definitions of tillering - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • How to Make Bush craft Tillering Stick - Bush survival tutorial, in this video you will learn how to Make Bush craft Tillering Stick. — “How to Make Bush craft Tillering Stick Video – 5”, 5
  • I was wondering how you would tiller it knowing there's a good chance you will shorten it. If I tiller it now with the last 6" not bending but then shorten 4" won't that just make it the last two inches not bending or will narrowing the tips cause that 2x4 effect where it will get stiffer?. — “tillering a bow long”,
  • arabiensis larvae at the tillering stage (early vegetative stage of rice) when their survival in the aquatic habitats is high to significantly reduce them and the The larvae should be targeted at the tillering stage (early vegetative stage) when their survival in the aquatic habitats is high. — “Malaria Journal | Full text | Survival of immature Anopheles”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Tillering. Information about Tillering in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Tillering definition of Tillering in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Physiological studies on low-tillering rice : an ideotype for increasing grain yield potential Detection of quantitative trait loci for leaf chlorophyll content at maximum tillering. — “DSpace at IRRI : Items for Subject”,
  • Definition of tillering in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of tillering. Pronunciation of tillering. Translations of tillering. tillering synonyms, tillering antonyms. Information about tillering in the free online English dictionary and. — “tillering - definition of tillering by the Free Online”,
  • Shop on the Internet for tillering with Shopzilla. Buy the best products from top-rated stores at the lowest prices every time. Compare prices on tillering. — “Shopzilla - Gift shopping for Tillering”,
  • Now that your bow is completely shaped and able to be strung, the next step (after you've shot it a time or two of course) is tillering the limbs. Tillering is the adjustment of tiller by removing material from a bow limb or limbs. — “ - Traditional Archery and Traditional Bowhunting”,
  • AGF-121-95 When farmers see extensive tillering in their corn hybrids they often express concern that the tillering will have a detrimental effect of. — “Corn Growth and Development - Does Tillering Affect Hybrid”, ohioline.osu.edu
  • It helps to explain what tillers are and what they do. When farmers see extensive tillering in their corn hybrids they often express concern that the tillering will have a detrimental effect of crop performance (tillers will "suck" nutrients from the main plant and thereby reduce yields). — “Does Tillering Hurt Corn Yields?”, web1.msue.msu.edu
  • TILLERING. The driver and tillerman of a tractor-trailer ladder truck have a dual responsibility that is unique among firefighting apparatus drivers. Tillering is a specialized operation and requires practice and training under the close supervision of an experienced driver / operator. — “TILLERING”,
  • tillering. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 24 October 2010, at 11:17. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “tillering - Wiktionary”,
  • Tillering starts from around 40 days after planting and may last up to 120 days. Tillering is a physiological process of repeated under ground branching from compact nodal joints of the primary shoot. Tillering provides the crop with appropriate number of stalks required for a good yield. — “Sugarcane”,
  • the middle of the wide inner limb section because of tillering errors. Clearly, this presents the bowyer with the problem of tillering a bow whose limbs. — “Tillering the Holmegaard Bow”,

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  • floor tiller elm bow Elm (ulmus minor) bowstave. 70" long, 1"3/8 wide to mid limb, tapering to 3/4. 3/4 tapering to a hair more than 1/2 in thicknes.
  • Osage Bow From Scratch Part 12, Long String Tillering Bending the bow a little with the long string.
  • Survival Bows (Shaping and Floor Tillering the Stave)
  • tillering the longbow 2 more tillering
  • Tillering / Black Douglas TD Recurve This vid has not been made in Scotland - also not at Border Archery !!! All filming on this video has been done at my friends workshop. After visiting Border Archery in Scotland (thank you all again for your hospitality), we brought back some raw limbs. We assumed that this tillering process would be a challenge for us. And it was !! Enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed working. The two of us in that video - my friend Fred and myself (the longhaired). Some years back he was a student of mine. Look at him now - he became a master himself. Daniel
  • tillering the longbow 1 the start off tillering
  • 3. Tillering and Panicle Initiation: Tales of Ryza -- The ABCs of proper nutrition for rice plants Who would know better about proper nutrition for rice than the rice plant itself? Meet Ryza, the talking rice plant! She'll tell you that proper nutrition is all about applying the right nutrients in the right amount at the right time. Follow the tales of Ryza and discover that proper nutrition for healthy rice plants is as easy as learning ABC. This video presents the C of the ABC of proper nutrition -- Check your fertilizer application at tillering and panicle initiation. You will obtain information on how much nutrients to apply to a rice crop at critical growth stages. For more information on nutrient management for rice, go to For information on internet and mobile-phone based applications for providing farmers with nutrient management guidelines for their rice fields, go to and also view youtu.be For a general overview of proper nutrition for a healthy rice plant in the "Tales of Ryza the Rice Plant" series, go to: youtu.be Partial script from video: As young rice plants grow, they will undergo two important growth stages, which will ultimately have an effect on their yield. These two stages are tillering and panicle initiation. During these two stages, nitrogen is needed to support the rapid growth of rice plants. Critical stages for application of nitrogen are tillering--about 24 to 30 days after transplanting or direct seeding, depending on the growth duration of the rice variety; and panicle initiation--about 60 days before harvest ...
  • how to tiller pt 4.
  • Ladder 9 Tiller View from the tiller seat of NFD's Ladder 9 while on a response.
  • tillering and shooting home made takedown recurve bow.avi the final tillering and shooting
  • Making a Traditional Longbow & Recurve Bow Part 3 - Tillering Step by Step Demonstration of Making a Traditional Archery Longbow & Recurve Bow. Part 3 explains the tillering process. Presented by Scorpion Swords & Knives, LLC. . Watch my how-to video, http to make a traditional longbow and recurve bow on WonderHowTo.
  • better brace (elm bow tillering 5)
  • how to tiller pt 7.
  • Ladder 3 Reverse Tiller Cam Firefighter Mike Welsh. Box alarm on north 10th street. Camera mounted on bed section of ladder facing back to tiller seat.
  • Osage Bow From Scratch Part 13, Low Brace Tillering I get the bow braced and begin the final tillering process.
  • Setting up your Bow Tillering Tree This Bow Tillering setup makes it easy to stand back, bend your bow easily and watch that the limbs bend evenly. Unlike a basic T-shaped tillering stick, your bow is not held under strain for any longer than necessary. Holding the bow for too long under strain while under construction can lead to excessive string follow. Tillering itself is the process of bending the bow, making sure both limbs are bending evenly, and then shaving & scraping small amounts of timber at a time to match up the bending rates. Apologies for varying volume. Comments, questions & requests for future videos welcome, although I am still on my bowmaking L plates so I can't promise too much :-)
  • yew longbow making : the start of the tillering tillering
  • Survival Bows (The Tillering Process)
  • bushcraft tillering stick making a tillering stick for bow making from a natural forked branch
  • Making a Traditional Longbow & Recurve Bow Part 1 Stave & Layout Step by Step Instructions on How to Make a Traditional Bow. Part 1 Explains picking the right stave & layout. Presented by Scorpion Swords & Knives, LLC. . Watch my how-to video, http to make a traditional longbow and recurve bow on WonderHowTo.
  • Ladder 3 tiller Reading Pa Fire Department short video from the tiller of Ladder 3 while responding to AFA City of Reading PA Fire Department
  • Kubota Tillering Using my Kubota 2920 and Landpride Tiller to tiller in my weekly grass clippings, about 60 bushels.
  • Kubota B2920 running a Land Pride 50 inch reversing tiller This is a video of my new B2920 tillering my FIL's garden with a 50 inch reversing tiller. I have the tiller set at the highest setting, and it tillered it about 4 inches deep. I had to make 2 passes of each row (not shown) to get the desired 8 inches of tillered soil. My FIL is a very experienced farmer, and he was very impressed by the powered tiller and how it left the soil very chopped up, with very few large clumps of dirt. Everything was a very fine mix of soil, perfect and ready for planting.
  • tillering string and timber hitch This is my worn out tillering string with a flemish loop on one end.
  • Tiller Cam... Coming... Ride along in the LAST Mack CF Tiller on the East Coast, Only on
  • Bed Tillering for tatties.... Working the ridges of soil and forming the potato beds for the de-stoner....
  • first long string check (elm bow tillering 2)
  • Tillering board How to use a tillering board to make traditional archery equiptment.
  • Tri-Lam Warbow tiller check My eighth tiller video on this warbow. Showing very little difference from video one to to video eight, I've decided to halt work on this stave until I get a tillering stick and shorter string. I would like this bow to be #[email protected]" however, I will be happy with anything over #90. This is a tri-lam, boo/ipe/hickory warbow stave from Rudderbows Archery. My Warbow blog:
  • Tillering Deadwood Hazel Bow Testing this bow here: This bow was craved from a piece of hazel that had been lying on the woodland floor for a long while. One side of the log was rotting and useless but I took the chance that the hours of labour would not be wasted and I was rewarded. The bow turned out to be one of my favorite bows I have ever made. The main benefit was that the wood was already fully seasoned.
  • how to tiller pt 3
  • Making a Traditional Longbow & Recurve Bow Part 2 - Sanding, Shaping, Nocks Step by Step instructions on how to make a traditional longbow and recurve bow. Part 2 explains sanding, shaping, and nocks. Presented by Scorpion Swords & Knives, LLC. . Watch my how-to video, http to make a traditional longbow and recurve bow on WonderHowTo.
  • Bowskin-Shop tips: Power Rasp For tillering how to use your band saw as a power rasp! the idea is the closer your pice approaches perpendicular to the blade the greater the amount of material removed
  • john deere 6320 tillering me on john deere 6320 tillering on marsh
  • Tillerin' Up The Garden This is another RAM TOUGH PRODUCTION. this is a video of me tillerin' up the garden fer the collards to be planted. Hope Yall enjoy!!!
  • Making a longbow Making a longbow - teaching the bow to bend (paperback) Making a longbow in only two days? In their two-day workshops, the bowmakers team of Kunst-Griff introduced many enthusiastic beginners to the basics of making a wooden longbow - demonstrating each action step by step, in a comprehensible and clear way. This compact book with many illustrative photos and graphics provides you with the basics to get started with the fascinating hobby of bow making. From the content: wood selection • bow stave • tillering • leather grip tools • tillering stick • bow stringer tillering string • bow string • bowyer's knot
  • Tillering the 78 ALF Ladder Driving the 1978 American Lafrance tiller to the Philadelphia Fire Muster 10-24-10, with a 8v71 Detroit Diesel
  • Tillering Ladder 9 Tillering NFD Ladder 9 to a fire alarm at a local apartment complaex. Video would've been longer, but my camera battery died.
  • meddle2243: Master Bow Builder Series Part 2 Tillering and Finishing Bow: http://t.co/KgaYUOct via @youtube

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  • “Tillering. SRI Timbuktu Blog. SRI Timbuktu Blog Home. SRI Plot. Control Plot. Impact of urea on tiller development SRI-1 and SRI-2 applied urea at 65 and 63 days, in time for the tillering to increase at the same rate”
    — Tillering,

  • “Osage ELB tillering .pics Osage ELB tillering .pics. 0 Points. Search this Topic: Forum Jump. General Primitive Skills Discussion. Calendars, Photo Nominations, Special Projects, etc. "Primitive" Cooking Food preparation, storage, cooking tools and methods)”
    — Osage ELB tillering....pics - Archery Archive 4 - Archives, paleoplanet69529

  • “Germination & Establishment Phase. Tillering Phase. Grand Growth Phase. Ripening & Maturation Phase. Practical Home > Discussion Forum. Discussion Forum. Welcome to "Sugar Canes" Discussion Forum. Subject. Author. Date”
    — Sugarcane,

  • “the middle of the wide inner limb section because of tillering errors. Clearly, this presents the bowyer with the problem of tillering a bow whose limbs”
    Tillering the Holmegaard Bow,

  • “'s Leatherwall The largest traditional archery site on the internet. I never have found a real good way to tell someone how to tell when a stave is ready to brace without the use of a long string and tillering tree”
    — 's "LeatherWall" Traditional Archery Discussion Forum,

  • “V-Archery is specialized in custom made bows and arrows. Also we refurbish bows and arrows”
    — Discussion Forum: Build Along - V-Archery bows & arrows, v-

  • “http:// Slight deficiency leads to slight stunting in plant growth and decreased tillering of the rice plant with browning or yellowing of leaves; while very severe deficiency results in the death of the plant”
    — Agriculture.ph Blog, blog.agriculture.ph

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