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  • .tp remains active for the period of transition, although it now no longer complies with the ISO 3166-1 standard for the two-letter codes for the name of countries, the code for East Timor having changed from TP to TL after independence. It retains a number of domains. — “.tp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Tp. in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Tp.. Pronunciation of Tp.. Translations of Tp.. Tp. synonyms, Tp. antonyms. Information about Tp. in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Tp. - definition of Tp. by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Free image hosting featuring small and manageable URLs. TinyPic® is a photo and video sharing service that lets you easily upload, link, and share your images and videos on MySpace®, eBay®, Orkut Scrapbooks, blogs, and message boards. Language:. — “TinyPic”,
  • Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP) is a third party wood products inspection, testing, and consulting company with field representatives located throughout the entire United States. — “Timber Products Inspection, Inc. Quality Inspection and Testing”,
  • Welcome to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Buy a Fishing License, Fishing Reports, Aquatic Species, Boat Ownership, Access, Boat Safety, Education, Commercial Fishing, Programs and more. — “Texas Parks & Wildlife”,
  • Hear snippets & download full songs FREE! TP-Music: homepage. The Portal - Recovery .com. Our promise: NO SPAM HERE - any information you provide stays within TP-Music. — “TP-MUSIC presents: the music of Tony Pleasance”, tp-
  • TP-LINK is a largest Chinese network hardware manufacturer for SOHO market. Company was founded in 1996. Their market share in networking products is still grow. — “tp-”
  • TP-Link wireless network products center, TP-Link network products for sale. Provide TP-Link network products driver, datasheet, user guide, firmware download, technical support. — “TP-Link wireless network products on sale | tp-link-”, tp-link-
  • Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore - a tertiary education institution in Singapore which offers full-time and part-time diploma courses in applied science, business, design, engineering, humanities & social sciences and informatics & IT. — “Temasek Polytechnic”,
  • Shop for Tp. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Tp - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at ”,
  • TP-LINK is the NO.1 market share holder and the biggest manufacturer of home and SMB networking products in China. Built in 1996, TP-LINK now have more than 100 experienced software and hardware R&D engineers and a well-equipped laboratory. — “Welcome to TP-LINK USA”, tp-
  • TP-Promote trading company from Tunisia, see our products. Extra Virgin BIO Olive oil, Olives , Olive husk Pomace , escargot snail. — “.:TP-Promote Global product promotion”, tp-
  • If the TP successfully logs on and the TP's password will expire. in seven days or less, then the message shown in Exhibit 3-3 is When any of these situations occur, the TP is prompted to enter a new. — “EMS TP Users' Manual”,
  • .tp File type: Configuration file or Sesson-state file Used In: Turbo Pascal, Turbo Profiler How tp get regigigas? Post a question - any question - to the WikiAnswers community:. — “.tp: Information from ”,
  • What does TP stand for? Definition of TP in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “TP - What does TP stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by”,
  • TP-LINK is a global provider of SOHO networking products and No.1 market share holder in China, with products available in over 50 countries to tens of millions customers. Committed to powerful R&D, effective production and strict quality. — “Welcome to TP-LINK”, tp-
  • Buy tp, Collectibles items on eBay. Find great deals on Clothing, Shoes Accessories, Computers Networking items and get what you want now!. — “tp items - Get great deals on Collectibles, Clothing, Shoes”,
  • Temasek Business School started in August 1990 with its first diploma - Diploma in Business. A team of two A&F Junior Year students, Ang Xiu Hui and Jollene Han, has done TP and the diploma proud by emerging top out of 50 teams to win the Citi Foreign Exchange Challenge 2009 held on 31 Oct 2009. — “Temasek Business School - Home”,

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  • Seretha Guinn Auditions - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 Honoring her boyfriend and daughter, Seretha Guinn auditions for our judges. Watch her unique rendition of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air." Subscribe now for more American Idol clips: Tune in to AMERICAN IDOL Wednesday & Thursday 8/7c on FOX! See more of American Idol on our official site: Like American Idol on Facebook: Follow American Idol on Twitter: Add American Idol on Google+: Add American Idol on Tumblr: Add American Idol on Pinterest: Follow American Idol on Instagram: Like FOX on Facebook: Follow FOX on Twitter: Add FOX on Google+: Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, television's No. 1 hit series empowers contestants and viewers to share their voices in deciding who will be America's next singing superstar. Every year, tens of thousands of hopefuls from across the nation audition for a shot at stardom. Idol Judges Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are currently traveling across the country in search of the next AMERICAN IDOL. They narrow down the competitors to a select group of semifinalists who sing their hearts out each week in front of a studio audience and television viewers. Seretha Guinn Auditions - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12
  • Hot Chelle Rae - "Hung Up" (Audio) NEW SINGLE "HUNG UP" AVAILABLE NOW! #HCRHungUp New album coming soon... Website: Facebook: /hotchellerae Twitter: /hotchellerae
  • Episode 24: Fine then you TP Last Episode w/ Holy_Hotdog shoe laces. LinkSss: Feel Free to Donate: My Store!! My Scrolls Channel: Tweeter: YouTube: BioticMinecraft: Buy Minecraft Here: Intro Music by Kevin Macleod
  • Pokemon FireRed MonoType | Ep 3 | Fire Beats (B)Rock In this episode we take on our first gym leader, the Pewter City gym leader, Brock who opposes a big threat to my charmander. Will we have what it takes to burn through his rock type pokemon? QOTD: What is your favorite Pokemon Generation? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: @TAC1421 Facebook: Official Shop: TAC1421 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Things Found In This Episode: + Brock + First Gym Badge + Route 3
  • R. Kelly - The Storm Is Over Now Music video by R. Kelly performing The Storm Is Over Now. (C) 2000 Zomba Recording LLC
  • McPixel - E05 Antenna In Cows As* I found a awesome game the other day MCPixel it a indi game made bye SOS. You can buy it for 8$ in the link below. basically a silly pixel point and click game with a dude that is similar to macgyver kicking people in the balls
  • New Super Mario Bros. U - Part 1 - Nintendo Wii U Wii U is out! I managed to pick one up along with Super Mario Bros. U! If you could leave some feedback in the comments that would be great! Thanks :D This is a Let's Play of New Super Mario Bros U with Live commentary and gameplay on the Nintendo Wii U New Super Mario Brothers U Playlist: Twitter: WiiU
  • Hatventures - Trials Evolution #54 - World of Toys! Hamster Wheel! Gecko Blaster! Tracks played ► • the world of toys - vaucrises • HAMPSTER WHEEL!!! - toiletroll735 • TP BMX 3 - zzXzTYLERzXzz • GECKO BLASTER - Beef Steel • BMX DH 1 - xTB0NEx • Gecko Bootcamp - HarryelsucioPR • Downhill Derby SC - BAAAASTARD Don't forget to Like and Favourite if you enjoyed it, and for all your Hat Films updates be sure to subscribe. ♪ Listen to our podcast "Hat Chat" on iTunes free here: ♫ Visit Bandcamp for all our music: Got a question? Check out channel page for a brief FAQ, or head to our website where the community are more than happy to help you. ► Follow us: ► Facebook us: ► Fan-boy/girl us: Subscribe to our Youtube Show Here
  • Namma Veetu Kalyanam 04/08/12 A sneak peek into celebrity weddings - the preparations, rituals, marital vows, guests, finery, food, fun and frolic of the marriages in TP Gajendran's Family
  • Guild Wars 2 Shoutcast - GW2 Shoutcast - Team Paradigm [TP] vs Team [NOC] - Guardian POV Build: www.gw2 Subscribe: SPVP tactics playlist: Shoutcast playlist: Twitter:
  • McPixel - E03 Don't Drop The Soap! I found a awesome game the other day MCPixel it a indi game made bye SOS. You can buy it for 8$ in the link below. basically a silly pixel point and click game with a dude that is similar to macgyver kicking people in the balls
  • Naan Petra Selvam Shekar (Sivaji Ganesan), the son of Mirazdar Gunaseelan, discovers that his cousins Gowri and Sundar (Nambiar) are leading a difficult life. He tries to help them against his father's wishes. Angered by his father's attitude, he leaves home with his cousins. Gunaseelan's accountant wants to take advantage of this rift and to usurp his employer's wealth. Shekar marries Gowri, but Sundar leaves home since he feels that he is a burden on them. Sundar meets with an accident and loses his mental balance. He is rescued by Dr. Sumati who happens to be Shekar's sister. Gowri delivers their first child Selvam, but dies immediately. Shekar takes refuge with Anthony who provides him with a job and a house. Sundar lives in Sumati's house, but he remains mentally unstable. Gunaseelan yearns to meet his son and goes looking for him. He finds Selvam instead, but doesn't know about his parents. Will the entire family come together again?
  • ★ The Secret World ★ - Dawning of an Endless Night cutscenes = SPOILERS!!! = Dawning of an Endless Night Story Mission Cutscenes.all stitched together! 1:46 Sheriff Helen Bannerman 3:05 Norma Creed 4:45 Joe Slater 7:10 Beaumont & Cassandra 11:20 John Wolf 13:55 Innsmouth Academy 15:35 Illuminati Archives 17:51 Eleanor Franklin 20:24 Blue Ridge Mine 23:19 Ami 26:03 Old Joseph 29:24 Well of the Forefathers 31:49 Beaumont & Cassandra 33:06 Ice Cavern ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dawning of an Endless Night mission guides The Secret World Guide My channels ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - THE SECRET WORLD - Developer: FunCom Release: 3 July 2012 / 29 June 2012 (pre-order) Genre: Massive Multiplayer Online RPG, Action Adventure Platform: PC Publisher: Electronic Arts Funcom Website: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Vishvasichallum Illenkilum - Believe it or not. Ivanente priya TP Believe it or not Ivanente priya TP
  • Elements of Play - Heads Up Display (Legend of Zelda, GTA, Resident Evil) Click here to watch Elements of Play - Menus (Metal Gear Solid 2, Castlevania Lament of Innocence, Fable III) Elements of Play - Heads Up Display (Legend of Zelda, GTA, Resident Evil) "Life, bullet count, Magic; every game needs a Heads Up Display, but they've change a lot over the years." First track provided under a creative commons license from and final track is royality free music from the product "pro scores" purchased from (see drop box contents for varification of purchase). All other music used comes from video games displayed. DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL /user/Linkthe1st Visit the NEW Inside Gaming Blog! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This video will show you: How To Play Zelda How To Play GTA How To Play Resident Evil - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: Tags: yt:quality=high "William Strife" "Kelly Olson" itsWTBD "Kerosene Dreams" B10g blog "visage guides" visage linkthe1st machinima "Resident Evil" Biohazard Zelda "The legend of Zelda" "A link to the Past" "Ocarina of Time" "Majora's Mask" "Twilight Princess" TLoZ LoZ aLttP OoT MM TP GTA "Grand Theft Auto" "San Andreas" "Silent ...
  • Bollywood World - Red Alert interview Producer TP Aggarwal and actress Sameera Reddy speak to the media about their award winning film Red Alert - The War Within.
  • R. Kelly - I Wish Music video by R. Kelly performing I Wish. (C) 2000 Zomba Recording LLC
  • roy hargrove quintet - close your eyes roy hargrove quintet, paris 2007, new morning club roy hargrove - tp justin robinson - as gerald clayton - p danton boller - b montez coleman - dr
  • Naya Zalzala The movie revolves around Hari (Jeeva), who feels that there is nothing wrong in telling lies for a good cause but Uma (Pooja) thinks one should not lie even to his own life. An ardent follower of Social reformist EVR Periyar, Jeeva runs a bookshop. When these two people of different attitude and thoughts meet, what happens forms the story.
  • McPixel - E01 TP for my Bunghole! I found a awesome game on thepiratebay yesterday MCPixel it a indi game made bye SOS he is giving away his game for free or you can pay what you want for it. basically a silly pixel point and click game with a dude that is similar to macgyver kicking people in the balls
  • The Witcher 2 [Part 3]: Woe to the Vanquished Jesse plays The Witcher 2 for the first time and tries his hardest to get through it without totally sucking... which he won't. ======= Get OMFGCata Shirts! - Tweet this! - Digg this! - Reddit - Facebook - Twitter -
  • Black Ops 2: The Tactician Strategy - How To WIN More, Score Higher, Help Your Team! Lets Get This Video To 1000 LIKES Again! Thanks Guys! The Tactician Strategy - How To WIN More, Score Higher, Help Your Team! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: Follow my Livestream: The Tactician Strategy is using Tactician Wildcard setup w/ 2x Flashbangs and 2x Concussions. The perks are Scavenger (replenish tacticals), Fast Hands (throw tacticals faster) and Tactical Mask (prevent stunning yourself. Lead with the Flash and Follow with the concussion if there is a hitmarker. Toss them ahead of the objectives where the enemies are likely to come from and/or around corners when rushing. Try to stay near your teammates to maximize the potential assist points. Scorestreaks for this class are the UAV Counter UAV and Guardian. WIN MORE. SCORE HIGHER. HELP YOUR TEAM.
  • Tech Feed Weekly - Episode 1 - Networking Tech Feed Weekly - Episode 1 ... in this first episode I show you three different networking solutions. Buy your TP-Link Products here Useful Links Supplied by My 2nd Channel Website Twitter Google+ Facebook
  • CRAZY FUGITIVE! (11.24.09 - Day 208) More Super Duper Stuff: Download our iPhone/iPod App here:
  • TELEPORTING ABILITY The Dumb Hillbilly has posted a TP video before. Well, he can still do it! He jumps off ledges, goes on crates, EVERYTHING! He is really good at it. And, I added a small caption in the bottom left, w
  • Minecraft Tech - Pistons - Minecart Stations In this pistons installment, I explore the uses for pistons (and powered rails) in compact minecart stations. Also, I said I would probably release my test map at 50+ subscribers. Thus, the download link for my map as it is now can be found below. This map is now outdated; pistons are only visible with the original pistons mod. I only ask that you don't use this world or exports from this world in your videos. Created in Beta 1.5_x using the pistons mod. I also use the single player commands mod when performing large-scale testing and demonstration.
  • FAT, SICK, & NEARLY DEAD! REVIEW OF FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD! ee the full show! ★ ★ WAY ➚ What is WAY? - See http A new fitness show to help us get in shape: Train with Laurince on TGN.TV! Join the conversation at Music by Big Keyz Music by Freeze! � See This video contains royalty free music from Kevin Macleod.The license terms can be found here Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like this video, click "Like" "Favorite" and "Subscribe" to our channel to get more! =-=-=-= ▶ TGN.TV -- Get more views! See ▶ TGN Times -- Get more news! See http ▶ TGN Stratics -- Discover Stratics! See ▶ Follow us on Twitter! See http ▶ Join us on Facebook! See ★ We Are YouTube - WAY! http
  • Machinima Replay - Madrid vs Barcelona, Yanks vs Sox, Ovechkin, & Hutch Click here to watch the previous episode of Replay! Machinima Replay 4/9/2010 (Madrid vs Barcelona, Yanks vs Sox, Ovechkin, & Hutch) S01E06 Sports Constant breaks down the 2 Minute Drill which features Danman 5000's rendition of Alex Ovechkin's sick goal against Montreal, ROFLsoup's Little Mac KO's in Punch-Out!! for the Wii, MrNFL's 8-bit recreation of the Steelers Packers game where Ben Roethlisberger throws a game winning touchdown to Mike Wallace, Chris Smoove's Online League game where Yao Ming injures Pau Gasol, and iBadmat's Skate 2 highlight reel. Plus Machinima Respawn's own Hutch drops by to ask Constant for a favor. I smell trouble! FEATURED VIDEOS: Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Candiens - Alex Ovechkin Goal Recreated by Danman 5000 (NHL 10) Major Circuit ft. Piston Hondo Part 1 by ROFLsoup (Wii Punch Out!!) Steelers' Game Winning Touchdown To Beat The Packers by MrNFL (Tecmo Super Bowl Gameplay) Chris Smoove's WWS5 Online League - Yao Ming Hurts Pau Gasol (NBA 2K10) 2010 Maloof Money Cup Montage by iBadmat (Skate 2) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima ‪ Inside Gaming ‪ Machinima Respawn ‪ Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture ‪ FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY ...
  • Lana Del Rey - Pawn Shop Blues From her unreleased Nevada album.
  • Diablo 3 Guides - Power Leveling and Gold Farming (How To Guide) Diablo 3 Power Leveling and Gold Farming How to Guide Azmodan Farming This is currently one of (if not the most) effective way to Power Level from 50-60 with only ONE friend helping you. This doesn't require a full group to be effective! 1. Have your Level 60 Friend create a new game on Hell difficulty with the quest Act 3 - Heart of Sin (Kill Azmodan Quest) 2. Once he clears to the Boss Gate, join his game, and take his tabard to the boss gate. 3. Let your friend kill the boss, loot the phats. TP to town, your friend needs to wait in the game. 4. Once in town, Leave game. Once at the Character selection screen, click "Resume Game" 5. You will load in with a Soul of Azmodan infront of you, pick it up, skip the cut-scene, TP back to town. 6. Speak to the quest guy right infront of you at the portal, then head to the Armory. 7. Go to the Keep Watchtower and skip the cut-scene. Collect your XP/Gold, and TP back to town. Leave Game. 8. Re-join your friends game, Take the tabard to the boss room. Your friend now needs to leave the game. 9. Once your friend leaves the game, pickup the Soul of Azmodan and skip the cut-scene. Collect the XP/Gold and TP to town. 10. Once in town talk to the quest guy, and head to the Keep Watchtower through the Armory again. Skip the cut-scene and collect your XP/Gold. 11. While you are doing this, your friend who left the game, is creating a New game by clicking "Resume Game" in his/her character selection screen. This will put him in a Boss room ...
  • Eminem Feat. TI - All She Wrote
  • McPixel - E02 A Rocket Up The Butt Hole I found a awesome game the other day MCPixel it a indi game made bye SOS. You can buy it for 8$ in the link below. basically a silly pixel point and click game with a dude that is similar to macgyver kicking people in the balls
  • Let's Play XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Part 42 (S2) [Impossible][Ironman] Let's Play XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Series 2) - Impossible, Ironman. Battleship II. UFO Crash Site. October 8th, 2015. Secondary objective: Capture an Ethereal. Click 'Like' if you like this video. Helps me make more! And tell me what you think in the comments below. Watch this episode and more in the XCOM:EU playlist - - - - Lets Play XCOM Enemy Unknown w/ Zemalf [HD] [1080p] Slow-paced XCOM Gameplay: Impossible Difficulty, and Ironman (Single save-file, no reloading). XCOM: Enemy Unknown Walkthrough Playlist : Short URL for the playlist (Share with friends!): Show Page (All Seasons): - - - - Graphics Mod (Tweaks the BaseEngine.ini) - - - - XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based tactics and strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. The game is available for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, 2012. - - - - Gameplay and commentary by Zemalf "Occasionally thoughtful, slow-paced let's play videos" CHANNEL: WEB: LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK: TWITTER: - - - - FOR MORE XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN VIDEOS, GO TO:
  • Periodic Table Trends: Ionization Energy Learn more: What an ion is. Using the periodic table to understand how difficult it is to ionize an atom.
  • Creating A Watermark In Sony Vegas Hey guys :D Here is another how-to, this will show you how to make a watermark for your machinimas/videos. (Not recommended if your submitting to ) xD ///// Stalk Me :P ///// Website WoPairs Shop
  • McPixel - E04 Russians And Their Nukes I found a awesome game the other day MCPixel it a indi game made bye SOS. You can buy it for 8$ in the link below. basically a silly pixel point and click game with a dude that is similar to macgyver kicking people in the balls
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50 [Review] Best headphones under $200. Period. BEST Price: 800 Likes = Giveaway details: 1600 likes = Second giveaway!! 2400 likes = Third giveaway!!! Here are the M50s: The outrageous song I listened to: MKB on Google+: MKB on Facebook:
  • arieubul: kalo tujuannyo samo" aku biso terimo tp kalo cuma untk mojoki aku dem nyaolah sano!
  • Lgardanie: n0t really sure la fatihin.. tp da mcm2 bnde jadi kt bl0k perempuan
  • RizaArya: Wayah e balikan "@KentRekiananta: Gak wayahe hek RT @heenggaar: Amit jukuk ember mas RT @KentRekiananta: Tp aku sukak kok sama bonta
  • Goesty_10: RT @ITS_Surabaya: angkatan 2011 dan 2012 bs ikut #SBMPTN #masukITS, tp hanya angakatn 2013 bs ikut #SNMPTN
  • sylviamift: Tp perutnya panas ruh
  • endhikajf: td jln sma adik, mau ngajak kamu. Tp akunya segan/lum brani. :( mn hti lg sedih :'( RT @niyayaniyay: Tkut mau kmna2 :'( RT endhikajf:
  • GlenSpavent: @dave_gordy org jenius itu bukan yg rendah di sklhnya . Tp org yg direndahkan disklhnya . Itu baru *fatcnya☺
  • dilaadh: @SemutSmansa up tp u!ini akun kyak akun pribadi haha-,-ex: pickone!fact!up to u.
  • TikaaDianaa: RT @DariHatiKecilku: Aku akan berusaha bkn menjadi sempurna dimatamu,tp aku berusaha menjadi istimewa dihatimu.. Follow @RasaHatiku_ dan @PapaBijak
  • JEFdGREAT: chat me on whatsap +6289621316257 :3 RT @sari_djati:@FiqaSetya bisa,lewat whatsapp.. Tp kata mas beruang klo mbakny tau bakal perang ...
  • vinasabath: Sabath lg sibuk. Sibuk mikirin masa depan. Tp masa depan ada di kepunyaan allah saja :"
  • FebrianaFP: Please deh jangan bwbw dancer jd gaenakRT @Andriiees: Hahaha iya gue tau lu anak dancer, awkakwa RT @FebrianaFP: Iya tp gue bukan anak alay
  • K4zeDark: @ath_NY @cyllaazzhheekk @keziandolu @keziachristiana tp bagus loh videonya
  • agushardiman: RT @melodia_musik: #Clavia #Nord keyboard dibuat satu persatu di Swedia. Mereka tidak ingin include ratusan sound tp hny sound2 terbaik
  • idnanawanda: Ia ke sman5 tp kan pulangnya masih siangan hehe :)) @wandaRKS
  • shinedian: Masak oseng2nya udah selesai dari 15 menit yg lalu, tp aroma pedesnya msh bikin bersin2..
  • rakhaarief: Bhaahahahahah gua kira cewe beneran tau nya banci boyyyy, dada nya anjirrrrr tp mulus parah cuuuuuu! :DDDDD
  • SoniaaNiaa: RT @rafaell_16: Thx smashblast & @MYRAFLATAHUGS yg ud ntn kita barusan...maaf suaraku ga kluar d tv...=( tp makasih ya kalian ud ntn...=) #hugs
  • ericha_gr: Sabar ya RT @iqbal_anjar: Keinget ayah -_- tp udh ga bersama RT @ericha_gr: Hha iya bang :')RT @iqbal_anjar: Di indosiar ya (cont) http://t
  • arniarl: RT @LoveInParisQuot: kadang, ketika kita rindu seseorang, bkn karena lama tak bertemu, tp karena apapun yg kita lakukan, kita berharap dia ada di samping kita.
  • afarhan_a: @Lupighiaaa wuuu enak:p tp kan gatau rumahnya?
  • ferdyxajo: Haha kade hyg bedil. Kalem pak!RT @aldi_fall: Suka sedih klo anak udh liat mainan, tp kita blm bs beliin :(
  • Afifahmlyn: RT @SeeUnyil: Jadilah jomblo elegan, yg ga pernah ngangenin org tp sering dikangenin org. #nasehatUnyil
  • hafizudin_z: @yong_kenobi d Singapura,2 for 1dollar..haha..try convert tgk sape mahal cempedak sane terbaik dr ladang..haha
  • khalisahkfz: @haristyristy ohh dia gue gak tau emang dia nge-smsin elu? tp dia sempet minjem hp gue
  • LilisHandayan1: Duh kasian anak kelas9 ini wkwkaRT @Nurintannbunga: TO tnggal itungan jam, tp msh males aja buat buka buku-_- yaallah.
  • dhedhemike: "@AboutCewe: Memaafkan orang yg menyakiti kita memang mudah tp menyembuhkan LUKA dibalik kata maaf itu yg paling susah dilakukan
  • ImamBuchroni: Haha sogok dlu mk nya mulut gw no :D "@DwiRetno3: kampreet lu RT @ImamBuchroni: DwiRetno3 pngn gw aminin tp kok berat bnr ya rasa nya wkwk"
  • dygbedt: Hpv x best sbb sakit.. tp utk kesihatan.. dah berminggu tertangguh..
  • muthalib956: Tokoh partai Islam PKS trnyt lbh dipercaya olh warga JaBar drpd calon dari kalangan sekuler. Faktor Demiz pasti ada, tp Demiz muslim yg baik
  • prayossa: Biar timnya kalah tp gw tetep bangga sama @farhanrizqi ...kelas!!!
  • BNurlelasari: Bukn bermksd melawan ! Tp sya lg tak ingin dikritik ! Maaf !
  • RichelleVictory: "@atherrisia: Dari hari minggu cepat sekali kembali ke senin tp dri hari senin lama sekali kembali ke hari minggu-_-"
  • Kentudt: Lu udah ngeluh se? Padahal belum ketemu besok tp udah ngeluh~ RT @yunisesaputrii: Щ(˘̩̩Д˘̩̩щ)
  • tp_eririncocco: @michan39 聴きました(o^^o)♪めっちゃ良かったです( *^艸^)☆みーちゃんの歌大好きです!!
  • Febryanaaa1: emg uda ada tp twitter gue aja yg lg error ka [email protected]
  • diean_violet: pengen maen krumh lo mpok tp cuaca nye mendung terus jd blom kesno* dahh... @ulfhafhafa
  • adelalmr: @hiramazing @shaniaos @Ikhwale maap ye ngerepotin, tp bagi shania, ada hikmah bikin kuruz
  • rizanzr: ke yogya sekalian nonton @KahitnaFull ama @MARIOGINAN7AR @diktaaaaa tgl 28 feb 2013 "@prit2: Pengen kemana gitu rasanya,tp ga tau (╥﹏╥)"
  • _LukiMegu_OA: @_Sonico_OA [[ tp bakalan lebih puas kalo sama kamu bukan sama Nico :v ]]
  • r__cieel: @R_MaxChangmin @R_Mingkki21 lo mau dia jd anak? oke gw bolehin. tp jgn kaget kalo besok acc gw udh ga ada
  • SuciSuciiw: gpp mas , mela nggak gampang ngamok loh "@galliiiih :Iya juga sih . Tp aku d amok adikku itu "@SuciSuciiw: kan namanya bagus itu mas :D "
  • LatifWijaya: Pengen maen, tp ke mana ya?
  • monathika: @maria_elistia iya aku tau. Tp mksudnya apa ? Kok tba2 kamu mention gtu?
  • IgneelXII: agk lawak.. xD
  • Riwandy15: haha, yaudah ini plihan trakhir, iis ddlam bus tp andy yg nemenin, gmna? :D [email protected] Ini lebih gak sopan.. ...
  • nafiulia: Qkngen kok ram,,tp gak sido,,:-P RT @RforRama: @Jantan29 @nafiulia terus aku sopo sing ngangenin iki?
  • michelinps: @shesanies bukn gue anis :''''''''''''''''''''''''') tp org lain
  • EmawanRamadhan: Sante tu yg terbwt dri ayam tu y? Jelek g ny trgntung yg pnya, tp klo cwek klihtan lbh cantik klo rambutny panjang, tu menurut q :D @MemiMey
  • TP_Sungjong: RT @TP__Chorong: @TP_Sungjong -glomps back- BABY!
  • desidikri: haha tp klo dia ga ngehargain kita wajar ko kaya gitu "@ritaaamelia_2 ea deh ea derr seharusnya kan aku ga boleh polontong ke "
  • FanyAmira: Org gpny slh tp dislhn. Ditest berkali2 msh negatif & msh ditahan jg. Badannya seger malah direhab & jd sktt. Tp Raffi ahmad gaprnh ngeluh..
  • ais106: TFT anak" JC (˘⌣˘)ε˘`) wlaupun gue pegel dan cpek pake bgt gra" make high heels--" Tp have fun kok hihi :D
  • NurulAngelita: Tegamu :'( RT @rhaaany: Adaji kak, aqua gelas?;;)"NurulAngelita: Iyasih -_- tp adaji kadoku toh? Wkwk :D RT
  • EmaRahmahBahrom: @MatulMdh ingt lepas mghrb trus gerak. Dlm 8lbih dh ade sane. Tp sini hujan balik la pulak
  • diani_aprilia: Iya kak tp blm tau ad even lg kpan :( types sm liverku bengkak :( kak @AnastasiaRemetw
  • ansyar13: i2 mi yg sa mksud jg sdikit RT @kiyyank_berlian : Iotooh , spaya ada jg rasax RT @ansyar13: tp bsa ji jg klo salah2 sdikit,, spy ad jg bumb
  • _gracesiregar_: @eliza_meilanie gara" gak kami nyanyikan semuanya xD tp udh remedial kok
  • hammadAnto: dafuq-__- @KianLawley more RT @junsobie Itu jelass dan plg ganteng @helloimys "hammadAnto: tp tetep [email protected] lebih membahana RT

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