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  • Transect is a platform intended to give the students of geology some first hand experience in working on the Earth - acquiring raw data and training to approach the complexities and historical depth of geological phenomena with a liberal, open and unbiased spirit Copyright © 2010. — “TRANSECT : Home”,
  • Dividing a town or metro area into cross-sections, each of which is called a transect, allows traditional zoning to be replaced with design guidelines leading to greatest density at the center. — “Transect Concept and Accompanying Design Guidelines Can”, useful-community-
  • The Phoenix Transect is a research project undertaken by graduate students and faculty of the School of Art, in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Copyright Notice: All content presented on this site is the property of The Phoenix Transect Project and the contributing artist. — “The Phoenix Transect Project - Arizona State University”,
  • Definition of transect in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of transect. Pronunciation of transect. Translations of transect. transect synonyms, transect antonyms. Information about transect in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “transect - definition of transect by the Free Online”,
  • Transect Model. This information originally appeared as an article by Emily Neely in the Winter 2006 On the Move. Imagine taking a Sunday drive through the countryside, and seeing a large, glass bank building in the middle of a field: this picture would probably strike most people as out of place. — “Transect Model”,
  • Transect mapping is a tool used to describe the location and distribution of resources, the landscape and main land uses. — “Transect mapping”,
  • transect ( ) tr.v. , -sected , -secting , -sects . To divide by cutting transversely. [ TRANS- + -SECT .] transection transec ' tion A transect line is used for measuring the changes between at least two areas, it can not measure the population, only the changes between two areas. — “transect: Definition from ”,
  • The Transect Method. When engaging students in an investigation of a particular ecosystem we can facilitate them to understand the factors that characterize that ecosystem. These factors can be categorized into biotic (living things) and abiotic (non-living things). — “The Transect Method”,
  • EDEN Transect Plotter is a program for plotting daily water level surfaces and ground elevation transect for comparison with the EDEN water surface. The user. — “EDEN Transect Plotter Tool”,
  • Definition of transect from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of transect. Pronunciation of transect. Definition of the word transect. Origin of the word transect. — “transect - Definition of transect at ”,
  • Rural-urban categorization system is touted as effective in coding, education, and design. The Transect, a new model for planning and coding the New Urbanism, is beginning to be employed in regional planning. — “Transect applied to regional plans | New Urban Network”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Transect - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Transect-Krier (751 KB) Transect-American (631 KB) Transect-Pienza (300 KB) Correlation KB) Transect Chart (675 KB) Albuquerque (929 KB) Charleston (906 KB) New Orleans (742 KB). — “DPZ - TRANSECT”,
  • Definition of transect in the Medical Dictionary. transect explanation. Information about transect in Free online English dictionary. What is transect? Meaning of transect medical term. What does transect mean?. — “transect - definition of transect in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • CATS supports interdisciplinary research, publication, tools, and training for the design, coding, building and documentation of resilient transect-based communities. CATS is committed to transect-based environmental and land development principles that encourage the following outcomes:. — “Center for Applied Transect Studies”,
  • Correlation of Range Transect Data with Satellite Remote Sensing Vegetation Indices Often, range resource measurements and observations are made at a limited set of locations along line transects or small plots, typically at annual or longer intervals. — “RangeView: Range Management: Correlating Transect”,
  • Transect definition, to cut across; dissect transversely. See more. — “Transect | Define Transect at ”,
  • A transect is a path along which one records and counts occurrences of the phenomena of study (e.g. plants noting each instance). It requires an observer to move along a fixed path and to count occurrences along the path and, at the same time, obtain the distance of the object from the path. — “Transect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • to transect (third-person singular simple present transects, present participle transecting, simple past and past participle transected) Wikipedia has an article on: Transect. Wikipedia transect (plural transects) a path along which a researcher moves, counts and records his. — “transect - Wiktionary”,

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  • Matt Coolidge: Studying Transects Interview segment with Matt Coolidge of the Center for Land Use Interpretation about the strategy of using a transect, such as a river, to develop landscape narratives. The example of a CLUI project on the Hudson River is given.
  • Wild Cats at Sutter Buttes-High Ridges Transect Hike Feb 07 2009 Members from Wildcat Adventure Club atop windy Sutter Buttes Mountains
  • Transect: State College to Pottersdale Fall 2008 This video documents a transect from State College, PA to Pottersdale, PA taking you on a "magical" journey from the ridge and valley landscape to the the top of the Allegheny Plateau.
  • Line Intercept Transect Maldives first Line Intercept Transect project taped.
  • Coconut island transect video Educational video on marine biology shot at coconut island, Oahu
  • Teaser Green Transect.flv Sustainable Urbanism presents you with a series of videos that not only immerse you in the fascinating world of Urbanism but also help you achieve Continuous Education Credits.
  • Africa Mega Transect
  • Part 1 The Transect - Regional Scale This presentation demonstrates how the Transect methodology would be an appropriate basis for a regional scale plan in the Blackstone Valley. It is based on the Smart Code, which is an open source form-based zoning code. This presentation does not really get into the various T-zones, but focuses more on the regional sectors.
  • Transect Group 1 Montevideo
  • Segment 4 of 9: Monitoring Tigers - Line Transect PART 2 This chapter explains the concept of line transect sampling for estimating prey populations. For all videos:
  • Xiagu waterfall and road "transect" By road "transect" I basically mean you can't really walk anywhere else besides the road, as either side is drastically steep. On this road I have found Elaphe mandarina, Protobothrops mucrosquamata, Lycodon ruhstrati, Zaocys dhumnades, and Deinagkistrodon acutus, Bufo gargarizans, Odorrana / Rana margaratae, Odorrana / Rana schmackeri
  • BIG Fish in Transect What did the RCCA crew see on the transect? Have you checked your survey sheet for this fish? If not, let's go diving together!! Reef Check provides small adventures for us.This video was created during a monitoring survey at one of the popular Reef Check sites in Southern California, La Jolla Cove, on June 2, 2009. Video by Yasumichi Kato
  • Boston Vertical Transect Section 9 This video explores the Charles River connection between Boston and Charlestown. The video is a study of the characteristics that makes it unique within the city of Boston.
  • Linear Transect Time Lapse in Vancouver and Surrey. Looking at the change in spatial boundaries along two straight roads that cut through downtown Vancouver and Surrey
  • Santa Lucia Transect and Southern Big Sur Geography of California Santa Lucia Transect
  • Transect Walk A planned appreciative visit in an institution
  • College of Charleston Transect Program (full version) 12 undergrads and 2 grad students joined Drs. Gorka Sancho and Leslie Sautter aboard the R/V Savannah for a 5-day research cruise, across the continental shelf off Charleston, SC. The students operated a variety of equipment to collect many samples which they'll study in the Spring semester course, "Oceanographic Research." For more information on the Transect Program, visit
  • Transect Walk
  • Segment 3 of 9: Monitoring Tigers - Line Transect PART 1 This chapter explains the concept of line transect sampling for estimating prey populations. For all videos:
  • Underwater Survey Transect Two science divers (Chelsea and Alex) from California State University - Monterey Bay conducting a visual survey transect near the Aquarius Underwater Habitat at 60'. For this project several divers and aquanauts were looking for and recording all social foraging events (when several fish forage for food together, whether from same species or mixed species) including the number of each species of fish involved, within a set distance from the transect line. This research was conducted as part of the Aquarius 2010 "If Reefs Could Talk" mission.
  • Night Transect
  • Singapore Transect 2008 Singapore By Foot. From East to West. Transect trailer to Iron Maiden's "Loneliness of the long distance runner"
  • What is a transect ?
  • Fish Transects Identifying fish in an underwater water environment can be tricky enough, but having fish of the same specied vary in shape and color can become quite tricky. A skilled fish transect researcher is one that can quickly identify fish in order to maximize data collected, area covered, and have enough air to go to their no decompression limits. This was filmed during the Living Oceans Foundation's Farasan Islands Expedition, May 10, 2006.
  • Conducting a Transect Count - Project Butterfly WINGS Youth discover how to conduct a transect count as they participate in citizen science as they collect data on butterfly abundance. A group of two or more people monitors the site regularly or as often as possible. The abundance data collected through transect counts provide scientists information about butterfly populations.
  • Singapore Transect 2008: DAY 1 Day 1 of our transect through Singapore, March 01-02, 2008. More info on: Enjoy!
  • Setting up a monitoring transect - Project Butterfly WINGS Set up a transect for use in Project Butterfly WINGS. Youth participating in Project Butterfly WINGS are citizen scientists as they collect data on butterfly abundance. Transect counts are conducted within certain rules, or protocols, designed to increase scientific validity of the data. For example, transects, which simply are pathways, are limited to a uniform length and width for all WINGS transect counts.
  • Transect Program: Sea Experience for Biology and Geology Students College of Charleston professors Gorka Sancho and Leslie Sautter run the program, which gives students hands-on experience to decide if a career in oceanographic research is the right fit.
  • transect-OK2.m4v
  • kassel university:A landscape transect in kassel-Kun Zhang and Wei Wang.wmv
  • The Transect of Vancouver A "sliding stop motion" from Vancouver, BC. Assignment: Follow a transect through the City of Vancouver. The width of the transect can be chosen by the group. The movie shows how your perspective on a city can change when the frame is set to an abnormal view. Both the upper and bottom "line" are frames taken from the exact same spot - the only difference is how one choose to look at something/someone through the "focus device" (the custom lens). A film by Niall, Nick, Saba, Sandy, Stephanie, Will and Sindre - University of British Columbia School of Architecture.
  • Form-Based Codes: Understanding the transect. Watch Kevin Klinkenberg discuss and compare commonly used techniques, and progressive ideas such as Form-Based Codes (FBCs).
  • College of Charleston Transect Program (short version) 12 undergrads and 2 grad students joined Drs. Leslie Sautter and Gorka Sancho aboard the R/V Savannah for a 5-day research cruise, across the continental shelf off Charleston, SC. The students operated a variety of equipment to collect many samples which they'll study in the Spring semester course, "Oceanographic Research." For more information on the Transect Program, visit
  • Turtle Conservancy - The Great Tortoise Transect - Trailer Take a 40 minute journey with the Turtle Conservancy (Behler Chelonian Center) through Namibia & South Africa, as we search for the elusive chelonians native to this region....
  • transect asd
  • transect mapping transect mapping to show location of ancient shipwreck
  • Pronghorn Antelopes on the Baja Transect
  • Transect Another short experiment, but this one's mine all mine, no appropriating from Uncle B. Really just a short muse on our journey through life and where we aim for and where we end up.
  • Establishing a transect How to establish a long-term rangeland monitoring transect on your property. A production of the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service. Dallas Mount and Jessica Leetch. For the Barnyards and Backyards property improvement project. Visit
  • SaveTigris: For the first time, a wildlife census in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve will be launched on May 4. They'll be using the transect technique.
  • mynameisbertha: Jst finished day 2 snorkeling!! We did the Line Intersect Transect (LIT)! Saw a lot of sea urchins and some got (cont)
  • Pak_Liam: Getting ready for coral transect, overcast day, 9.00am. no swell. 100m N of #pramuka http:///h3sf8kllj
  • Pak_Liam: This morning #pramuka is sunny, warm and still, seas are flat. Perfect for a coral transect, visibility should be good. #scichat
  • Dannielleyu04: Transect Through Time: The Archaeological Landscape of the Shell North Western Ethylene Pipeline (Lancaster Imp...
  • BerryHeadRanger: Butterfly transect with vols - lots of m + f orange tip, wall browns - really orange just emerged, green veined white, holly blue and more
  • ShandongUniv: transect 横切,横断 - trans+sect 切→横切
  • kelectors: RT @hborys: SmartCode is transect-based: continuous cross-section of habitats from rural wilderness to urban city core. #SmartCode
  • Carolail59: Transect Through Time: The Archaeological Landscape of the Shell North Western Ethylene Pipeline (Lancaster Imp...

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  • “POGO - Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) Blog. You can follow the progress of the latest AMT cruise (AMT-20), on board UK research vessel RRS James Cook, on the following blog: http://”
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  • “Tales from the transect. Sometimes I wonder about all the studies in this field that involve walking transects—i.e. straight lines—in gorgeous country, usually noting the But Epps' classic transect tale is the time the truck was robbed of $1,000 worth of gear. Thieves had waited for the team to”
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  • “The Phoenix Transect is a research project undertaken by students and faculty of the New Work From The Phoenix Transect Project. Goodbye to Alison Sweet”
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  • “City Comforts, the blog: What am I missing about New Urbanism's Transect? Listed below are links to blogs that reference this entry: City Comforts, the blog: What am I missing about New Urbanism's Transect?”
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  • “The Transect can be viewed in ancient Chinese scrolls, maps of 1700 London, illustrations purposes, the Transect can be expressed as a hierarchy of "Transect Zones" that exist”
    — the Original Green,

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