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  • Watch videos & listen free to Transient: Beyond Possible Grasp, Castor & more, plus 6 pictures. 1) Carl Martin aka Transient produced electronic music from the early 90’s through 2010. Through the local BBS’s he was introduced. — “Transient – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats”,
  • Myspace profile for transient. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. — “transient on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Information about Transient artists including Cosmosis, Astral Projection and Slide. Purchase vinyl, CDs and other merchandise. — “”,
  • transient (comparative more transient, superlative most transient) (physics) A transient phenomenon, especially an electric current; a very brief surge. — “transient - Wiktionary”,
  • Welcome to the official discography of transient. transient project closed (1996-2010) what styles to expect? ambient, downtempo, triphop, hiphop, experimental, idm, glitch, techno, minimal, dub, electro, rock, chiptunes, chillout, classical, jazz, generally eclectic! EXPLORE. — “the official discography of transient”,
  • Definition of transient from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of transient. Pronunciation of transient. Definition of the word transient. Origin of the word transient. — “transient - Definition of transient at ”,
  • A Summer in New York is actually Europe, the Sequel—city of transient Danes and Italians and Spaniards and French. Rather, he trivialized him by dragging him into the transient issues of the day. — “Transient - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Transient music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Transient on Yahoo! Music. — “Transient on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Transient has developed his own niche blend of downtempo mixed with, well, everything else. Transient is Carl Martin, american musician with netlabel discography second to none. — “Internet Archive Search: creator:"transient"”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define transient as NTransient \Tran'sient\, n.That which remains but for a brief time. --Glanvill.Transient. — “Definition of Transient from ”,
  • Definition of transient in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of transient. Pronunciation of transient. Translations of transient. transient synonyms, transient antonyms. Information about transient in the free online English dictionary and. — “transient - definition of transient by the Free Online”,
  • Something which has the property of transience is said to be transient, or often simply a transient or transient state. Transient, a term used to describe the wandering poor, better known as a homeless person, bum, hobo, etc. — “Transience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • transient adj. Passing with time; transitory: 'the transient beauty of youth' (Lydia M. Child). Remaining in a place only a brief time: transient. — “transient: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • List of 31 disease causes of Transient blindness, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Transient blindness. — “Transient blindness - ”,
  • Transient definition, not lasting, enduring, or permanent; transitory. lasting only a short time; existing briefly; temporary: transient authority. — “Transient | Define Transient at ”,
  • Next Performance: No Shows Currently Scheduled -- Check back soon! email. — “Transient - Official Web Site”,
  • Transient. Passing before the sight or perception, or, as it were, moving over or across a space or scene viewed, and then disappearing; hence, of short duration; not permanent; not lasting or durable; not stationary; passing; fleeting; brief; transitory; as, transient pleasure. — “Definition of Transient”,
  • Transient ischemic attack (TIA) — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatment of passing neurological condition. — “Transient ischemic attack (TIA): Causes - ”,
  • Learn about medications that are often prescribed for someone who has had a transient ischemic attack (TIA). — “Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)-Medications”,

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  • Transient Ischemic Attack and Stroke: Medical Animation - 2D medical animation from MediVisuals Inc. that shows blood flow and vasculature of the brain and how transient ischemic attacks/strokes can occur.
  • 2001 A Space Odyssey Orbital "music video" This is just a rough draft I made in a couple hours but I'm too lazy to finish it so whatever. I'm sure it's been done a million times before anyway!
  • The Transient - full 25 min. Vampire Lincoln vs superhero action-horror movie! The Transient is an 80's action movie about a homeless vigilante and his caseworker, Steve, as they try and stop Vampire Abraham Lincoln from sucking the blood of four score and seven virgins. Website: Order a special features filled DVD for only $11 Makes a great gift for any horror or history enthusiast haha! Filmed in Champaign/Urbana Illinois
  • ♫ Pluxus - Transient
  • Gaelle * Transient
  • ♪Transient Wind- fripSide♪ fripSide Playlist:
  • Pluxus - Transient Transient by Pluxus, from the Ford Fiesta advert "This is now"
  • Pluxus - Transient, Baraka, Obama Since humanity rose, the world is blasted into a mealstrom of activity. The tunes of Pluxus, the images of the movie Baraka and the speech of Barack Obama show what humanity is and what it can be. We came from far and we can go so much further. Baraka means blessing in several languages. Youtube seems to have cut of the last second of my vid, but the Obama speech ends with "... what progress will we have made."
  • Sanae's Theme - Faith is for the Transient People A song from the game Mountain of Faith, with a picture of the wind priestess Sanae Kotiya. Enjoy!
  • Transient Home of UNTV Transient Home of UNTV. Project by Bro.Eli Soiano and Kuya Daniel Razon.
  • It's Tuesday! (Transient Global Amnesia) On August 24, 2010 (Tuesday!!) my mom called at 10:50am saying she didn't recognize her surroundings or know the date. I had spoken to her at 10:00am and she was perfectly normal. While scary at first, as soon as she was checked into the ER, it was apparent she hadn't had a stroke or anything more serious and was quickly diagnosed with suffering from Transient Global Amnesia. This video is a small snippet of the looping conversation we had for around 9.5 hours. She was a great sport and in good spirits. She was not in any pain. Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) generally lasts from 1 - 24 hours (and in my mom's case she recovered fully in around 26 hours) and have no aftereffects. Full memory is recovered (though she cannot remember having the amnesia) and it likely will not occur again. Cat Scans, an MRI, MRA and various other tests were done and she did not suffer a stroke or any other trauma. If you would like to learn more about TGA, click the link below.
  • Transient Future (English version) - Megurine Luka This is an English version of a Vocaloid original song made by otetsu and has been uploaded with his consent. This video can also be viewed at NicoNicoDouga: MP3 download (9.85 MB): High quality download (WAV, 43.41 MB): The original can be viewed here: First, I'd like to thank all the 100+ people that have considered my videos worthy of subscription! I guess you could call this video a 100 sub special of some sort! XD I'd also like to thank DaiNiNoKira and DecadenceTea! Without your help, this video would have never been made. I have been wanting to make this video for a long time. I was listening to Megurine Luka's debut songs on Jan 30th 2009 and otetsu's Transient Future was one of the songs that stood out for me. It still continues to remain one of my favourite Luka songs. The idea of making an English version of Transient Future was born when I found an English version of Stardust Utopia, another Luka debut song made by otetsu. I was wondering whether Transient Future had one, too, and when I noticed otetsu hadn't made an English version of the song, I decided to make one myself. It sure wasn't as easy as I had thought, however. This has easily been the toughest song I've ever worked on, and it's still not perfect. I'm open to all suggestions on how to further improve the song. :) Song info: Name: Transient Future Music and original lyrics: otetsu Illustration: 金色のkobuta (Kin-iro no kobuta ...
  • Orbital-Transient This song is more dramatic than most electronic
  • 【Megurine Luka】Transient Future - English/Romaji + MP3 Original from Nico Nico Douga: MP3:
  • 【東方】 Faith is for the Transient People 【EWI】
  • 巡音ルカ Luka, Dark Miku ~ Eternally Burning Transient Bird [Title] - Eternally Burning Transient Bird [Author] - Sasakure-P [NND] - [Sound Library] - I'm not too sure about whichever have you been keeping tabs on, but Miku has recently got two appends, as in spin-off editions for her program: Dark and Light. Hereupon we are gifted to a wonderful duet between Luka and the demented append-ish thing of Miku's. That doesn't make too much sense, though. It's not like Miku has gone Dr. Evil or something, the dark-esque tone is the only change. However you guys will develop your fanon after that is for you to decide. Truthfully, this "darker" Miku we are gifted to is actually pretty pleasant, pretty soothing. It's like Miku has grown a handful of years later. One of my favorite uploads to pop up recently, for sure. The instrumental background is absolutely gorgeous, the piano and beat and the synths, it all mixes down for a rather groovy feeling, I love it. In fact, this is very engaging, quite repeatable. Needlessly said, if Sasakure-P flies over your head, then you should totally check this guy's other stuff. It goes for a rather wide spectrum of artists in the Vocaloid scene, but specially our mate here. He's a full fledged musician himself, quite the pearl amongst authors. (god this video is ballistically huge, it'll take a while before top notch quality rolls around) Thanks for listening ^^! -- I DON'T OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO NEITHER DO I CALL IT MY OWN. -- Exhilarating fun at the Vocaloid ...
  • Transient - Crazy | HD its been a slow week and i know this song is already uploaded, but i haven't found any good songs that aren't already uploaded. this song is really old. it came out about a year ago, but im pretty sure most ppl don't know about it so i decided to share...hope you guys like it :)
  • Transient Happiness - Doping Panda from PINK PaNK M03
  • "BOYS I LIKE" by ZE! (Transient Vortex Remix) Electropop single by Ze! remixed by Transient Vortex... now playing on FLY FM!
  • SONAR 8: TS64-Transient Shaper Introducing SONAR 8's TS64-Transient Shaper and the effects it has on various instrument loops. Fix, enhance, and completely change the quality of sound of anything you produce.
  • Transient Happiness DOPING PANDA Transient Happiness
  • Marconi Union - Transient
  • #74 - Transient suppression Components added to PWM to help keep transients at bay
  • MoF Stage 5 Boss - Sanae Kochiya's Theme - Faith is for the Transient People Watch in high quality: The music playing during the battle with the boss of stage 5, Sanae Kochiya, in 'Touhou: Mountain of Faith'.
  • SolidWorks Flow Simulation - Transient Manifold Airflow This is an example of how to set up time-dependent pressure drops on cylinder inlet ports to simulate engine intake manifold valves opening and closing at each cylinder port. SolidWorks Flow Simulation, 2009.
  • UAD SPL Transient Designer Demo Video Universal Audio has partnered with Germany's Sound Performance Lab (SPL) to bring you the Transient Designer, with its unique and compelling Differential Envelope Technology for shaping the dynamic response of a sound. Only two simple audio controls are required to allow you effortlessly to reshape the attack and sustain characteristics, allowing transients to be accelerated or slowed down and sustain prolonged or shortened. To read more about it and to see a higher resolution, stereo version of this video, please visit the webzine article at
  • Transient Attack Sweet tone out of my Fender and Hartke
  • AUX 88 - Electro Slaves - Transient Force AUX 88 music video "Electro Slaves" from the EP " Electro Slaves" on Transient Force label. Video produced by AS1. 2010 Transient Force and AUX 88 production.
  • Nature's Great Events: Transient orcas attacking sea lion Incredible footage of a pod of transient orcas attacking and killing a lone adult male Steller sea lion. Clip from the final episode of the fantastic BBC series Nature's Great Events, The Great Feast.
  • AudioSnap 2.0: Multitrack Projects & Transient Tools Using SONAR 8.5.3's AudioSnap 2.0 to add & hide transient markers, navigate between multiple transient markers, and move multiple transient markers within a multi-track project.
  • Pluxus-Transient From Solid State -SoundAlleys
  • Mojo Juju - Transient Being Live music video production of the song Transient Being by Mojo Juju and the Snake Oil Merchants. Recorded 22/12/2007 at the Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle, Australia. Produced by Minski Media. For more info about the band:
  • WoW - Pluxus : Transient music video World Of Warcraft Video with Pluxus Transient
  • Transient - Crazy A beautiful and moving piece of music by TRANSIENT, entitled "CRAZY" ...from the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel -- set to underwater sequences and dolphin diving.
  • Transient I'm in and out, baby. Like this video? Click the link to tweet about it: Watch my other videos: Follow me on Twitter: ...and Facebook: Song is Leonard Bernstein's Candide Overture. -Subtitles- Portuguese:
  • Glen Porter - Transient Glen Porter - Transient Album: Blessed by a Young Death
  • Cakewalk Sonar 8 TS 64 Transient Shaper How to use the Cakewalk TS 64 Transient Shaper. This is a reformatted excerpt from the video training course Sonar 8 - Know It All! by Digital Music Doctor.
  • Dredg - Stationary Transient A Great song avaliable @ , This is on the Bug Eyes 7" Vinyl Record.
  • ♫ Pluxus - Transient Pluxus Transient Solid State 2008 Kompakt
  • ShannonPolly: ShannonPolly: RT @toddkashdan: brief mindfulness program where ppl observed reactions to external world as transient mental events prevents impulses toward attractive food
  • KitKotte: KitKotte: Transient synovitis of the hip treatment -
  • BreezyDaBoss101: BreezyDaBoss101: Don't allow transient gratification to dictate yur perception of what, #love is sapose to feel like! Everybody gta sumbody.. #takeyurtime
  • kelvis726: kelvis726: RT @trevorsolina: Well if it isn't our old mangy, transient grandfather...
  • BeevesOwes100: BeevesOwes100: @runnerlowry orchestral trance is more transient than trancy trance
  • bizarre_b: bizarre_b: Material objects give me transient pleasure but they make me happy nonetheless...
  • timrote: timrote: RT @orcawild Mom and baby transient orca 9/3 off Port Townsend
  • VituCeleuma: VituCeleuma: RT @Normitac: “@orcawild: Mom and baby transient orca 9/3 off Port Townsend” just the nature! #Whales
  • Normitac: Normitac: “@orcawild: Should be able to ID these transient orcas off Port Townsend” Este es uno de mis sueños! Fotoidentificacion
  • Normitac: Normitac: “@orcawild: Mom and baby transient orca 9/3 off Port Townsend” just the nature! #Whales
  • orcawild: orcawild: Should be able to ID these transient orcas off Port Townsend
  • cubismwonder: cubismwonder: RT @orcawild: Mom and baby transient orca 9/3 off Port Townsend
  • orcawild: orcawild: Mom and baby transient orca 9/3 off Port Townsend
  • trevorsolina: trevorsolina: Well if it isn't our old mangy, transient grandfather...
  • BakeBrains: BakeBrains: @KeithFromPhilly Yep. Happens all the time. Twitter's populated by a lot of transient types.
  • shefm: shefm: RT @WinkSound: #NativeInstruments releases 5 new instruments & effects via @kvraudio
  • piratehearts: piratehearts: Wishing my iTunes library were less transient so I could be comfortable throwing out all my CDs. So over physical media. Come oooon #iCloud.
  • bshank: bshank: RT @jimshreds: @@bshank few people are from DC. Things feel so transient. Dirty money everywhere
  • asalpietra: asalpietra: Like it! Romance story The Transient Wife - Chapter 5 #Wattpad
  • jimshreds: jimshreds: @@bshank few people are from DC. Things feel so transient. Dirty money everywhere
  • _DeiDR: _DeiDR: Life's only beautiful. Because it's so fleeting, so transient. - Deidara
  • travel_m8: travel_m8: sea kayaking in nova scotia | transient travels #travel
  • asalpietra: asalpietra: Like it! Romance story The Transient Wife - Chapter 4 #Wattpad
  • rociovkmbronson: rociovkmbronson: A transient description of Search Engine Marketing. -
  • elliotsface: elliotsface: I love the art. Really enjoy the story. Transient man is my new jam.
  • TeaRascal: TeaRascal: @cannos @wondroushippo Prime really captured the sense of exploring an unknown planet where as 3 made you feel like a transient bad ass.
  • asalpietra: asalpietra: Like it! Romance story The Transient Wife - Chapter 3 #Wattpad
  • sergensehitoglu: sergensehitoglu: RT @muratgermen: some photographic works are like tweets; uninterestingly personal, instant, transient, waiting&created to be retweeted to continue to exist.
  • ajackson7: ajackson7: I became a teacher because I always loved being in school when I was a kid. It was the one constant in my transient, vagabond childhood...
  • nyanamusic: nyanamusic: New free download of my track "Transient" on soundcloud, have a listen and enjoy!!!! Nyana -Transient on #SoundCloud
  • btrflysugabebe: btrflysugabebe: The moments we share are transient in time and essence so I store them in a vault for safe keeping. Only you and I have the combination.
  • overdrivepixie: overdrivepixie: @Montyoum i finally got my boots for transient princess rinoa wooo!!now to finish the dress!!!!
  • Linda1892: Linda1892: @Britt_W Night Britt... hope it is only some transient sadness for you and not something serious xx
  • Lilggbird: Lilggbird: @SleezyEZ you're right, the past is permanent, the future is what's transient
  • dave_bridges: dave_bridges: @rdmpage the postgenomic site not existing is a good example of why people are concerned with the transient nature of web based citation
  • Cashback_Cards: Cashback_Cards: A transient introduction to Cashback Card or Rewards Credit ratings Cards
  • officialjos: officialjos: Making a farewell feast for one of my fav transient Carolina girls! Hope there's enough wine around to tell her her taking "him" = bad idea!
  • lizsong: lizsong: "...a sudden influx of life felt in all of its fullness, all of its transient beauty, its awakening joy." -roger housden
  • SophieBellaWiz: SophieBellaWiz: 'Beauty is transient and one day you and I are going to die. But not today, today will be lovely!' Oh Russell Brand my love for you is great
  • Wevansc: Wevansc: Is tough challenge! Many transient schools like this in FL..a growing trend nationwide I think. Thx for the [email protected]
  • JamShady: JamShady: @CrispySea because I'm more than mere chemicals! Im not a corpse. My soul is me! This body is transient.
  • sjioutfitters: sjioutfitters: Great photo of a transient killer whale hunting a sea lion! This behavior, flipping the tail flukes in the air,...
  • krishoughton: krishoughton: Video: this is what twitters is
  • marcelstephon: marcelstephon: People can be so stubborn... Your beliefs and standards are even more transient than your possessions.
  • SanctuaryBoise: SanctuaryBoise: RT @IdahoStatesman: In remembrance: Homeless, but not a ‘transient’ - Thomas Heinbuch /Thanks Anna! A lovely tribute.
  • SeanJamesBoyer: SeanJamesBoyer: RT @WinkSound: #NativeInstruments releases 5 new instruments & effects via @kvraudio
  • KillaKasyy: KillaKasyy: Accomplishments are transient~
  • abubakhtawer: abubakhtawer: Transient Situational Disturbance via @AddToAny
  • _DeiDR: _DeiDR: Life's only beautiful. Because it's so fleeting, so transient. - Deidara
  • cheeseundpeas: cheeseundpeas: so i spoke to many of the residents and transient folks at the samaritan house today....and i there are so many things we can help with
  • VanLifeCenter: VanLifeCenter: #lifecenter acting transient and waiting for "being better" is making light of that gift.
  • VanLifeCenter: VanLifeCenter: #lifecenter Waiting until you are "good enough" is transient thinking. Accept His righteousness and live it now.
  • VanLifeCenter: VanLifeCenter: #lifecenter transient mind set will stop you from acquiring the things that "you will have to pack and carry with you"
  • VanLifeCenter: VanLifeCenter: #lifecenter @merrc is saying that God does not want us to have a transient mind-set. Excellent thought.
  • excullen: excullen: @AvalonSensei and we can't add teachers. classes are all overflowing and will continue to grow all year in our transient community.
  • younginbluez: younginbluez: Transient
  • MindaRatna1: MindaRatna1: Neurology: What is a TIA? -
  • bwetherell: bwetherell: In Transient Man, only San Francisco’s homeless can prevent the apocalypse via @zite
  • adhiningsih: adhiningsih: If my life is transient like a flower I’ll be in full bloom by your side And after watching your smile I’ll...
  • ClarenceBeeksJr: ClarenceBeeksJr: Cabrera at SS again today . . . can't we find a transient near AT&T, give him a glove and put him at SS? And see what he's got?
  • YungLos: YungLos: RT @WinkSound: #NativeInstruments releases 5 new instruments & effects via @kvraudio
  • thecltmoms: thecltmoms: Charlotte is a very transient area. We're wondering where is your hometown?
  • CeciBruja: CeciBruja: @BCBerrie the worse thing for me..transient boyfriends.. that is treating you like toilet paper.. not friendship .. just vaginaship..
  • niceink: niceink: RT @WinkSound: #NativeInstruments releases 5 new instruments & effects via @kvraudio
  • WinkSound: WinkSound: #NativeInstruments releases 5 new instruments & effects via @kvraudio
  • Rimbeux: Rimbeux: @seandilley @iancollinsuk In my experience they are, very transient, places change hands often, only a few make sustained money, high costs
  • KGrizzle: KGrizzle: okay..."Transient Man" has me fully convinced that we're all going to be machines within the next 50 years.
  • sondangisgreat: sondangisgreat: RT @QuotesBoat: The chalk marks are transient, the formulas eternal ~ S. Weinstein
  • brandmyhre: brandmyhre: Back in Kodiak. All done and the boat is tied up tighter than that hobo transient I had stuffed in my trunk. Time to clean up and head home.
  • jp_mcginnis: jp_mcginnis: different "to be" formulations depending on permanent or transient states? Do most languages have this? via Johnson blog
  • MindaRatna1: MindaRatna1: Transient synovitis of the hip treatment -
  • Pinklogik: Pinklogik: @anguaji @nordmach I remember you (Beth) saying "everything" is transient, only last week I think it was. It's all true anyway.
  • anguaji: anguaji: @nordmach @pinklogik Oooo yeah, super-wise words. I like that. "All moods are transient".
  • MisterBrash: MisterBrash: Looking around corners with transient imaging: And light captured at a trillion fps:… #photography
  • matt_brash: matt_brash: Looking around corners with transient imaging: And light captured at a trillion fps: #photography
  • krishoughton: krishoughton: Photo: Extreme close up: Buk
  • krishoughton: krishoughton: Photo: Extreme close up! Toots
  • BeatsBassNBears: BeatsBassNBears: Can any of my audio peeps give me any feedback in the Sonnox plug-ins? Especially the inflator and transient designer?
  • Brent_Morris: Brent_Morris: In Transient Man, only San Francisco’s homeless can prevent the apocalypse [Webcomics]
  • velvetstare: velvetstare: In remembrance: Homeless, but not a 'transient' - Thomas E ...
  • _DeiDR: _DeiDR: Life's only beautiful. Because it's so fleeting, so transient. - Deidara
  • siyaramsharma: siyaramsharma: Power and privileges are transient illusions.One should never lose sense of proportion when he gets opportunity and is endowed with power.
  • PeterKnobloch: PeterKnobloch: In Transient Man, only San Francisco’s homeless can prevent the apocalypse [Webcomics]
  • Buddhazron: Buddhazron: Check this web comic out it's truly brilliant: Transient #Transient
  • straycyclist: straycyclist: One aspect of government corruption could be described by having 1+1= anything that fits your transient needs despite being wrong
  • misterdibster: misterdibster: At We Design Change's Dinner Dialogues 2: discussion on transient workers and maids.
  • jl_witkowski: jl_witkowski: Justice Kennedy once said the (US) Constitution is open to interpretation. If that's so then I say "light and transient" is open as well..
  • 1923Memoir: 1923Memoir: RT @1923TheBook: The other inhabitants were transient navies with forgettable faces. The workers were rough & ready quick to joke or break into song. #memoir
  • 1923TheBook: 1923TheBook: The other inhabitants were transient navies with forgettable faces. The workers were rough & ready quick to joke or break into song. #memoir
  • FATEVER: FATEVER: #nowplaying Transient happiness - DOPING PANDA
  • Weez: Weez: @perrinface Yo. Still good for this afternoon? My train is stupid early, so will find the venue then loiter at Waterloo like a transient.
  • BiteTheDust: BiteTheDust: @jbkHCSMANZ false assumption with increasing use of nurse practioners etc for short visits no wait. Also transient mob like mine #hcsmanz
  • Tattooist_Julia: Tattooist_Julia: Douglas Adams Stand-up comedy is transient
  • BiteTheDust: BiteTheDust: @AnnLarkins I work with remote transient Indigenous population. Staff orientation I instill need to check if seen other providers #hcsmanz
  • avocatsansnom: avocatsansnom: Popularity is so versatile and transient as the weather. Um, words of wisdom.
  • Vasbyt01: Vasbyt01: The limits of our lives are transient.

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  • “This post is by Tim Tyrell-Smith, founder of Tim's Strategy. We all have a free flow of readers who pop I run a technology blog and maybe my audience is transient, because once i offer them advises to buy a cell phone, they won't turn up for at least a year because they already bought a”
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