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  • Diagnostic Instruments Microscopy Accessories - digital camera couplers, microscope stands and microscopy transilluminating bases. — “Diagnostic Instruments Products | Microscopy Accessories”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Transilluminating - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Powerpoint(.ppt) Medical slides Presentations : transilluminating. — “PPT - transilluminating Powerpoint Slides - Power Point”,
  • shows the endo-transilluminating device together with a. fractured tibia and the inserted interlocking nail. transilluminating (iMET) device that uses a small LED as the light. — “Reducing radiation exposure in intra-medullary nailing”,
  • A transilluminating laparoscopic ligating clamp (LVC) arrangement comprising:an elongated generally "J" shaped dorsal clamp component;an elongated generally "J" shaped ventral clamp component, arranged to be receivably lockable with said dorsal clamp component about a living tissue element. 2. — “Transilluminating laparoscopic ligating vascular clamp (LVC”,
  • TLB3006 Zeiss Fiber Optic Transilluminating Base. Fiber Optic Transilluminating Base. The TLB3006's large work area and sliding, tiltable mirror make it an economical and versatile choice for general brightfield use, as well as many darkfield applications. — “TLB3006 Zeiss Fiber Optic Transilluminating Base”,
  • We found 2 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word transilluminating: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "transilluminating" is defined. General (2 matching dictionaries) transilluminating: [home, info]. — “Definitions of transilluminating - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • means for transilluminating the displayed first Fourier-transformed image with a second coherent light beam focused in a second 12. The apparatus of claim 4 wherein said means for transilluminating the first Fourier-transformed image includes a laser for producing a. — “Method of, and apparatus for ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • Breast Model with Transilluminating Light Box. Enhance your BSE and mammography messages using the light box to transilluminate the entire breast, showing palpable and nonpalpable nodules. Demonstrates that mammography can spot lumps before they can be felt. — “Simulaids - Breast Model with Transilluminating Light Box”,
  • Definition of transilluminating in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of transilluminating. Pronunciation of transilluminating. Translations of transilluminating. transilluminating synonyms, transilluminating antonyms. Information about. — “transilluminating - definition of transilluminating by the”,
  • Definition of transilluminating from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of transilluminating. Pronunciation of transilluminating. Definition of the word transilluminating. Origin of the word transilluminating. — “transilluminating - Definition of transilluminating at”,
  • Treatment: Giant cell tumors of the tendon sheath are the second most common tumors of the hand, with simple ganglion cysts being the most common. Chassaignac first described these benign soft-tissue masses in 1852, and he overstated their The mass was not transilluminating. — “Giant Cell Tumor of the Tendon Sheath: Treatment - eMedicine”,
  • DRE is a leading distributor of one of most complete lines of veterinary specific vital signs monitors available on the market today. documented as a viable method of monitoring, but not everyone has the equipment available to place a transilluminating pulse oximeter on the tongue. — “Veterinary Monitors - Vital Signs, Blood Pressure, NIBP, ECG”,
  • Transilluminating definition, to cause light to pass through. See more. — “Transilluminating | Define Transilluminating at ”,
  • Catheters fitted with lights could be inserted more easily. More generally, the transilluminating catheter could reduce the need for reinsertions and repeated x-rays to check the instrument's positioning, Imam says. — “A Glowing Catheter - Technology Review”,
  • Scleral Transillumination enhances Diathermy for more precise anatomic visualization, localization marking and macular work. OS4080 Transilluminating Electrode Handle w/Scleral Marker Electrode. — “MIRA, Inc. - Scleral TransilluminaTion”,
  • Breast Model with Transilluminating Light Box. Clear. Latest Comments. Product Details. Enhance your BSE and mammography messages using the light box to transilluminate the entire breast, showing palpable and nonpalpable nodules. Demonstrates. — “Breast Model with Transilluminating Light Box ~ Breast Self”,
  • The Radii Plus is an efficient curing light with the unique ability to change the LED attachments from curing to whitening to transilluminating. The Radii Plus cordless LED curing light from SDI can be used for curing, whitening, and transilluminating with its unique LED attachments. — “Radii Plus - Dental Product Shopper”,
  • We offer stereo microscope stands and boom stands that can be used in fields such as earth science, biology, art conservation, and semi conductor inspection. 20 Watt Transilluminating Base. Large, stable work surface. Large range of mirror adjustment. Built-in 20 watt halogen illuminator and power supply. — “Stereo Illuminated Microscope Stands, Microscope Boom Stands”, micro-

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  • Meiboscopy Meibography is a minimally invasive technique used to assess the structure of the meibomian glands. To perform the test, the patient is seated comfortably in a room without excessive illumination. The patient is then positioned on a head rest at the slit lamp. Evert the lower eyelid over a fibreoptic light probe transilluminating the glands of the lower lid. The glands are then viewed with the observation system of the unilluminated slit lamp. The central eight glands are observed- The total number of gland drop out is recorded as the meibomian gland drop out score. The clinician thanks the patient.
  • XprESS Frontal Supraorbital vs Frontal ostia Office Balloon sinus ostia dilation, XprESS frontal office dilation, Dr . B. Todd Schaeffer, trans-illuminating frontal sinus with a 30 degree scope, identifying frontal vs supra orbital air cell,
  • TCTCF- transilluminated The angle recess is seen by transilluminating the limbus. A mark is made 1 mm proximal to this, then a gutter is made with a Took's knife (blunt). A crystal blade is used to push the conjunctiva up to the gutter. A 500 micron Fugo blade tip is used to make a transconjunctival, transscleral, transciliary filtration track between the posterior chamber and the subconjunctival space.
  • Shaving Polyps & Trans-illuminating Sphenoid.m4v Shaving Nasal sinus polyps, Trans-illuminating sphenoid sinus Balloon Sinuplasty, B. Todd Schaeffer, MD, FACS, Sinus surgery, minimal invasive sinus surgery, Balloon Sinuplasty, sphenoid sinusitis, rthmoid polyps, sinus blockage, endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Endoscopic Sphenoid Balloon Sinuplasty with Trans illumination Trans- illuminating sphenoid sinus, Balloon Sinuplasty of sphenoid sinus, endoscopic confirmation with trans-illuminating sphenoid sinus, approach to skull base, B. Todd Schaeffer, MD, FACS, Dr. Schaeffer, NOSEMD
  • ufo gate Two events are visible after each other on this uptake. Into the first section the fireball is coming out from the space gate slowly, and flies away with big velocity then. It's second section strange lights appear and they disappear on the sky, a real-time space gate opens then onto a place where the sun shines. The light of the sun sends its light through the gate, then before the gate disappears, with the shift of the transilluminating strong light visible as it moves in fixed was on space coordinates till then gate:
  • Maxillary Sinus Transillumination

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  • “为了提高会诊效率和诊断水平,介绍AFIP推荐的甲状腺外科标本处理程序,供网友参考。PROCEDURE FOR PATHOLOGIC EXAMINATION Described below is a set of guidelin ,中国病理学网论坛 (a lesion measuring 1 cm, by definition), we recommend slicing the specimen into 2- or 3-mm-thick sections and transilluminating them”
    — 甲状腺外科标本处理程序(再传一份供参考) - 甲状腺病理( Pathology of Thyroid ) - 中国病理学网,

  • “V1 LinkSince legstrong, the initial TS is MIA, and there's no one else opening up a V2 for this, hope that my little efforts will do good in the continuity of the only official medical students thread in LYN"Know who"-compiled by”

  • “Pxlqgu Jwlugt's blog - 1850\'s Russian physiologist I.M. Sechenov developed a vacuum blood pump which was laterly used for research purpose. [8] 1864 Sir George Gabriel Stokes, 1st Baronet, an Irish physicist and mathematician, discovered the”
    — Sophistigames for Board Games - Pxlqgu Jwlugt's blog - A,

  • “I have written before that the physical exam is useless in American medicine:This is why the physical exam is useless in American medicine - it cannot hold up”
    — The physical exam is useless | ,

  • “Follicular unit grafts are dissected by Orlando hair transplant tevhnicians using the latest in technology, including transilluminating cutting platforms, and microscopes or HD videoscopes. As you can see from the photo there is 0 comments Blog posted 05:17 PM June 12, 2010 by Orlando Hair”
    — HAIR in Orlando, FL,

  • “WordPress blog about Transformer Wheeljack. Transformer Wheeljack. Reph his be liest: in none deliven of it them, We hout thereof; Transilluminating mass. 1. Acaryasuta Says: settle down to reassemble itself up those couple of kicks out in”
    — Transformer Wheeljack,

  • “WordPress blog about Transitchek. Transitchek. bring The God that are come down over this night? And his brethren to his sons of Transilluminating mass. Transmit video from pc to tv. Transcontinental”
    — Transitchek, spck-10b0

  • “进出口专业英语词汇(T3) - Windows Live Blog Lists More. Guestbook. Friends. Tools. Send a private message. Subscribe to RSS feed. Tell a friend. Add to My MSN. Add as a friend. Help. Blog. Entries”
    — 进出口专业英语词汇(T3) - Windows Live, wilson0603

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