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  • MAKE is loaded with exciting DIY projects and how-tos that help you make the most of the technology in your life. Transistorize Your iPod. Get vintage sounds from time-warp radio. In DIY: Circuits from MAKE: 13: Magic page 172. Photographer for these Magazine Articles. Transistorize. — “DIY Projects, Inspiration, How-tos, Hacks, Mods & More”,
  • Get vintage sounds from time-warp radio with this fun "back to the future" project. Top 40 songs from the 70's don't sound the same on big stereo syst. Watch Video about IPod,Nano,Retro by . — “Transistorize Your IPod! - Video”,
  • Definition of transistorize from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of transistorize. Pronunciation of transistorize. Definition of the word transistorize. Origin of the word transistorize. — “transistorize - Definition of transistorize at ”,
  • November 10th, 2006 + 4:11 PM · transistorize. Our first child song. It will work for 2006 + 2:09 AM · transistorize. Inspired by the red light district of. — “BandAMP: transistorize”,
  • Transistorize Your iPod! I never went anywhere as a kid without my transistor radio. As I grew up, I didn't hear my favorite songs on the radio anymore, so I began to collect them. But hearing "Monday, Monday" on giant stereo speakers didn't. — “cranched for now: Transistorize Your iPod!”,
  • to transistorize (third-person singular simple present transistorizes, present participle transistorizing, simple past and past participle transistorized) To equip an electronic circuit or device with transistors, especially to convert a device. — “transistorize - Wiktionary”,
  • transistorize tr.v. , -ized , -izing , -izes . To equip (an electronic circuit or device) with. — “transistorize: Definition from ”,
  • transistorize. tran·sis·tor·ize [ tran zístə r z ] (past and past participle tran·sis·tor·ized, present participle tran·sis·tor·iz·ing, 3rd person present singular tran·sis·tor·iz·es) transitive verb. Definition: equip something with transistors: to equip a device or circuit with transistors. — “transistorize definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Transistorize your iPod | Get vintage sounds from time-warp radio with this fun "back to the future" project. Top 40 songs from the 70's don't sound the same on big stereo systems or headphones but they will now! Make Magazine shows you how in. — “How to transistorize your iPod | Video " Wonder How To”,
  • cranched says: "I never went anywhere as a kid without my transistor radio. As I grew up, I didn't hear my favorite songs on the radio anymore, so I began to collect them. But hearing "Monday, Monday" on giant stereo. — “Bedazzled!: Transistorize Your iPod!”,
  • amplifiers are a common use of transistors. Basically any circuit where you want to control a large voltage or amperage with a small voltage is done with a transistor. They are a fundamental building block in modern electronics as well. — “Does anyone here knows any transistorize circits???”,
  • Weekend Project: Transistorize Your iPod. Get vintage sounds from time-warp radio with To download Transistorize Your iPod MP4 click here - or subscribe in iTunes. — “Make: Online : Weekend Project: Transistorize Your iPod”,
  • Get vintage sounds from time-warp radio with this fun "back to the future" project. Top 40 songs from the 70's don't sound the same on big stereo systems or headphones but they will now! - Weekend Project: Transistorize Your iPod Dokumentarfilme, TV-Shows und selbstgedrehten Filmen. — “Weekend Project: Transistorize Your iPod - Bookmark Video”, klingelton-
  • x0xb0x is a full reproduction of the original Roland synthesizer, with fully functional The sequencer can be programmed just like the original 303 (ok its actually a little. — “x0xb0x: Transistorize the World”,
  • Since the advent of the FET, which made it possible to transistorize the classic audio circuitry for microphones, designers have continually sought to achieve better specifications regarding dynamic range, noise, and distortion. Recently. — “AES E-Library: C 460 B-A New Microphone Preamplifier for the”,
  • Definition of transistorizes in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of transistorizes. transistorize - equip (an electronic circuit or device) with transistors. transistorise. furnish, provide, supply, render - give something useful or necessary to; "We provided the room with an electrical heater". — “transistorizes - definition of transistorizes by the Free”,
  • Looking for a guide on how to Transistorize Your iPod At Home? This essential video explains precisely how it's done, and will help you to get good at ipod. Enjoy this video from the world's most comprehensive library of free factual video. — “How To Transistorize Your iPod At Home (iPods & Music Players)”,

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  • Instructables - Explore. Share. Make.

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    — generic propecia,

  • “Forum. Browse. About. Listen. FAQs. forums / tech support / problem with upload #1 June 13th, 2005 · 04:56 AM. PM QUOTE. transistorize Im having problems with my last upload, hallusinodream, it wont play,ccould you help me out, thanks mud. Sorry,”
    — BandAMP: problem with upload,

  • “MYSPACE BLOG :: FINDING FRIENDS :: FREE MYSPACE BLOG LAYOUTS Has myspace blog squawkd to transistorize you have it?" Impoverished finding friends. The. myspace blog was yearningly such a northeastward for an bands music, and although the background color was so papistic, that it was right”

  • “Get vintage sounds from time-warp radio with this fun Make: Technology on Your Time. RSS. Blog. MAKE Magazine. Videos/Podcasts. MAKE Projects. Forum/Community. Maker Shed Store. Arduino based sequencer makes you "drool" Main. Arduino based sequencer makes you "drool" Weekend Project: Transistorize Your iPod”
    — Make: Online : Weekend Project: Transistorize Your iPod,

  • “In the Cloudforest Cafe: my first albo variegated The above followup was added by leonel on February 14, 2007 at 3:38 pm PST. motions diction Thomistic!transistorize stratify!Marietta:bellhops”
    — my first albo variegated,

  • “Weekend Project: Transistorize Your iPodの日本語字幕版です。 Comments Off :iPod, Project, Weekend, Welcome to The Technical Blog! Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to join the discussion”
    — iPod " Search Results " The Technical Blog, crazy-

  • “Really portable music is a wonderful thing. It's both empowering and comforting to have a shiny music machine in your pocket that plays a variety of your favorite tunes at the whim of your finger on a little wheel. It's”
    — The Intimate Audio Gadget - WFMU's Beware of the Blog,

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