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  • A Victorian man accused of murdering his three sons by driving his car into a dam suffered traumatic grief on the night of the tragedy, a social worker said. - The Sydney Morning Herald Man traumatised after kids' death: court. — “Man traumatised after kids' death: court - Breaking News”, .au
  • From Amanda_HP, Leader of HealthyPlace Support Network. Listening to People Sharing Their and Where Do I Get Help? Feeling Alone, But Not Being Alone. No Iframes. Traumatised. — “Support Network - HealthyPlace”,
  • Traumatised diggers mired in red tape, inquiry finds. Nick McKenzie. July 31, 2008. MENTALLY scarred and injured soldiers have found the process of seeking financial support like entering an "almost impenetrable" maze, according to an inquiry. — “Traumatised diggers mired in red tape, inquiry finds”, .au
  • AN ELDERLY couple, one of whom has a heart condition, have spoken of their terror after police mistakenly raided their home at 6am. The couple were so traumatised by the raid that hours after the attack they were still being treated for shock. — “CHINGFORD: Pensioners traumatised after police raid wrong”, guardian-
  • It has been 18 years since Paddy Hill's conviction for the Birmingham bombing was overturned and he has yet to receive any proper counselling. And the trauma is just getting worse and worse, he tells Hill is one of the most traumatised people he has ever come across. — “Paddy Hill: 'All I think about is shooting police. I am”,
  • Ebden is 'traumatised': News24: Entertainment: Off Beat. Brian Ebden, released on bail while facing charges of rape, claims detention left him severely traumatised. — “Ebden is 'traumatised': News24: Entertainment: Off Beat”,
  • . — “”,
  • Whilst I was not traumatized by the experience of being stuck on the jubilee line for two hours and having to walk through a dark tunnel I am I doubt the majority of those trapped would have claimed to be traumatised but there must have been many who found the experience far more. — “London Tube power failure forces passengers to escape through”,
  • As a probation officer and social worker, Anne Bannister has successfully used creative therapies with abused children for 25 years. Combining her practical experience and recent doctoral research she reflects on how and why these therapies. — “ - Creative Therapies with Traumatised Children eBook”,
  • Sri Lanka: Traumatised Tamils Live in Fear. Contributed by blackandred on Thu, 2009/04/09 Traumatised Tamils live in fear of new crackdown in Sri Lanka. — “Sri Lanka: Traumatised Tamils Live in Fear | Mostly Water”,
  • Definition of Traumatised in the Medical Dictionary. Traumatised explanation. Information about Traumatised in Free online English dictionary. What is Traumatised? Meaning of Traumatised medical term. What does Traumatised mean?. — “Traumatised - definition of Traumatised in the Medical”, medical-
  • Woman traumatised after pub attack - Man given four and a half years for robbing the Plough in Simpson. — “Woman traumatised after pub attack - Milton Keynes Today”,
  • England footballer Joe Cole has received a 50-day driving ban - but will remain behind the wheel because his wife is "traumatised" after being carjacked in London. — “Joe Cole 50-Day Driving Ban Suspended: Wife Carly Zucker”,
  • The Australian Intercountry Adoption Network (AICAN) is the national network of several non-government organisations (NGOs) involved in international adoption. In short, he becomes hyperaroused in much the same way as the child who has been traumatised, and lacks the ability to calm himself down. — “AICAN - ADHD or Hyperarousal? Hyperactivity in Traumatised”,
  • The husband whose bride was murdered in a carjacking on their South African honeymoon is receiving medical assistance to help him deal with the trauma, his brother said. As you can imagine he has been severely traumatised by what happened to Anni and himself on their honeymoon in this country. — “Man traumatised by honeymoon murder - World News, Breaking”,
  • Thousands of children still traumatised by aftereffects of war, displacement' AMMAN - Long a refuge for those fleeing conflicts, Jordan hosts thousands of children who are still traumatised by the aftereffects of war, experts say. — “Thousands of children still traumatised by aftereffects of”,
  • Teacher traumatised after 'classroom attack' April 15 2005 at 06:07pm Currently in hospital, the teacher in her late 20s is so traumatised and fearful of further attacks she does not want to be named,. — “Teacher traumatised after 'classroom attack' - South Africa”,
  • Public figures have recently appeared more visibly crestfallen than ever before, as this selection of before and after photos demonstrates. Could they be. — “Traumatised - 21/10/2003”,
  • MySpace profile for A Little Traumatised. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on MySpace. — “A Little Traumatised (A Little Traumatised) | MySpace”,
  • Definition of Traumatised in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Traumatised. Pronunciation of Traumatised. Translations of Traumatised. Traumatised synonyms, Traumatised antonyms. Information about Traumatised in the free online English. — “Traumatised - definition of Traumatised by the Free Online”,
  • Dame Helen Mirren, the Oscar-winning actress, has revealed how an educational film she saw as a schoolgirl put her off motherhood for life. The Oscar-winning actress said the shocking images from the childbirth documentary left her "traumatised" and could be the reason why she has never had children. — “Dame Helen Mirren 'traumatised' by childbirth film - Telegraph”,

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  • Wolf! nelena taylena ep 22 - traumatised!!! STORY IN HERE!!!! Sorry it was soooooo late read the last ep to catch up i had tons of homework then i got writers block and i have just got back from a school trip to Cumbria so im very sorry!! :/ this one is one of my longest in the description box Taylors pov Was this nurse serious??? Selena the girl i love is lying there in a coma and might never wake up she is asking me on a date? "no thanks" i said almost straight away and sat down on the right side of the bed nick was sitting on the left of her i looked at him for a minute then looked back at selena my bestfriend since i was four years old was sit across from me i didn't hate him i could never hate him but remembering how close we were to beating each other up early made me feel a little angry at him no human or werewolf has ever made me act so violently. I look down on selena beautiful face and wondered what she would think of all this and who she would pick? Selenas pov What is wrong taylor and nick are best friends and i haven't heard a peep out of them since they got here!! I need to find a way to warn them about the vampires!!! The smell of the hospital inflamed my nose i can smell my senses are come back to me i cane hear smell and feel but i still cant move talk or see i was so engulfed in my new sense i got smell every person in the room nick was on my left taylor on my right. The women next to my i could smell something in her blood something very weird and strong how did taylor and nick not notice it ...
  • Gurbani.2009: Meat Parcels and Eid Gifts for the Most Needy and Traumatised People in Gaza Strip. Al-Adha Eid Project-2009: Meat Parcels and Eid Gifts for the Most Needy and Traumatised People in Gaza Strip. Emplemented by Palestine Trauma Cetnre(PTC) Funded by Interpal(UK)
  • Gaza's traumatised children The United Nations childrens agency, UNICEF, says Gaza's children need long-term psychological support to help them cope in the aftermath of war. As Israeli forces begin withdrawing from Gaza, an assessment of the devastating three-week conflict on Gaza's 840000 children is just beginning. Source: Reuters
  • The Angry News - Traumatised worms in New Zealand Every other problem in the world has been solved so now people are worrying about traumatised worms .au And there is indeed a gathering in New Zealand on January 19th 2008 in the city of Wellington:
  • Post tagging fish Star/Tore traumatised - Courtesy of RSPB Loch Garten and Carnyx
  • Kayshra Gets Traumatised By "My Immortal" -- READ THE DESCRIPTION, foolish mortals! -- This recording was actually made by Kayshra (aka but since she's not got access to a video editor just now, she can't upload this. ALL CREDIT TO KAYSHRA! This is Kay's review of infamously bad fanfic, "My Immortal" by Tara Gillesbie. Poor Kay... Recording and background image made by Editing by me
  • Dungeon - Traumatised Tim shows his diverse vocal capabilities on this song: Band: Dungeon Album: Rise To Power Song: Traumatised (+ intro)Also, go check the following forum out: Awesome forums to talk about Metal or just every day stuff. Enjoy!! Other great channels for Metal: (I do not own any of these bands or anything, just spreading the music to get them more exposure. If it's required, this video will be put down, but I hope it won't because I'm just trying to get these bands more exposure.)
  • Baghdad's Traumatised Children BBC News 18-Dec-08 Dr Hyder al Malaki is a psychiatrist at a Children's Hospital who has seen the trauma young Iraqis have suffered.
  • DUNGEON - Enmore Theatre - 9/9 - Traumatised / Epilogue 24/03/2004 - The Final Performance of the original respected lineup of DUNGEON; Lord Tim, Stevo, Dakk & Stu. This lineup created the success of what became Australia's Premier Speed Metal band.
  • Debbie is traumatised. Copyright© visit The Barracks Community - Comments from a resident regarding the manner in which the removal was handled.
  • Day camps help bring Gaza's traumatised children back on track - 19 Jul 09 Almost half the people who live in Gaza are children and according to relief workers, many have been traumatised by Israel's siege and war on the strip. With summer camps set up across Gaza, a combination of play and therapy is being used to help children deal with what they have seen and lost. Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros spent a day at one camp and sent this report.
  • Sweethead - Traumatised and Dumb, Reading Festival Brief clip of one of my new favourite bands.
  • Hospital remembers traumatised WWI poets Some of the country's greatest poets treated at Craiglockart Military Hospital in Edinburgh for shellshock after World War One.
  • Kayshra Gets Traumatised By "My Immortal" With A Guest Star -- READ THE DESCRIPTION, or there'll be double trouble! (Ugh, that was terrible, I apologise!) -- This recording was actually made by Kayshra (aka ) but since she's not got access to a video editor just now, she can't upload this. ALL CREDIT TO KAYSHRA! It's a hyperactivity special! Kayshra's got a guest speaker today, to talk about the series overall. You poor, poor people... * There's a couple of problems with the timing of the jokes being out of sync - Windows Movie Maker isn't working right just now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Recording and background image made by Editing by me
  • 4. SWEETHEAD - Traumatised And Dumb SWEETHEAD - The Great Disruptors (EP)
  • Ayrshire garden helps those traumatised by war Garden helps those with combat stress.
  • President rule in traumatised Orissa? The unending violence against Christians in Kandhmal may lead to President's rule in Orissa, if the situation is not brought under control soon, senior government sources have told NDTV. At least 35 people have been killed in communal violence in Orissa since August, after a senior VHP leader, who was leading a drive against conversions, was killed.
  • Traumatised Boy Watches 2 Girls 1 Cup This boy watches 2 Girls 1 Cup. I don't think he will ever be the same again.
  • TRAUMATISED - Directed by Paul Hoad (2010)
  • Hollyoaks: 18th April 2007 (Justin Is Traumatised By Events, prt 2/2) Here is part 2 of the episode of Hollyoaks which originally aired on Tuesday 17th April 2007 on E4 and Wednesday 18th April 2007 on Channel 4.
  • Kayshra Gets Traumatised By "My Immortal" And Needs Sleep -- READ THE DESCRIPTION, or face the wrath of GrumpyKouji! -- This recording was actually made by Kayshra (aka ) but since she's not got access to a video editor just now, she can't upload this. ALL CREDIT TO KAYSHRA! Kay has been watching those Youtube "My Immortal" adapatations... seriously, why?! * There's a couple of problems with the timing of the jokes being out of sync - Windows Movie Maker isn't working right, and this is my sixth or seventh attempt. This is the best so far, so it'll have to do. I'm trying to find out what's wrong right now. Recording and background image made by Editing by me
  • Qurbani 2009: Meat Parcels for the Most Needy and Traumatised People in Gaza Strip Al-Adha Eid Project: Meat Parcels for the Most Needy and Traumatised People in Gaza Strip. Emplemented by Palestine Trauma Cetnre(PTC) Funded by Muslim Aid(UK)
  • One Traumatised Woman I went for my first driving lesson with my mother and on the way home decided I was so worked up it was vlog-worthy.
  • Traumatised Montage Wednesday Guy Ignore: Extra Tags: Elit3Killers montage minitage commentary commentaries subs help subscriber channel partners black ops 360 noob tube snipe trailer Call of Duty 5 - World at War Demo BETA Online Gameplay Call of Duty Exclusive Gameplay Trailer CoD5 Call...
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  • Sonakshi Traumatised By Ugly Mob A group of people misbehaved with Sonakshi Sinha when she was at the event organised for paying a tribute to the people who lost their lives in 26/11 terror attack
  • [SAVE-LIBYA] School Boy Left Traumatised By Gaddafi's Forces
  • 2009 Iranian Revolution - Severely traumatised witness to Landcruiser incident (murder) Dec 27
  • Baby Saffi Traumatised for Life Baby Traumatised for Life
  • Traumatised (& sedated?) Kangaroo rocks back and forth for hours on concrete LA footpath Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 January, 2010 Venue: The Paley Center for Media, Beverly Hills: Tourism Australia had a huge kangaroo on the concrete - on a busy busy footpath, it even started raining. The kangaroo was next to (8 to 10 feet away) from a busy busy street and was so traumatized it was rocking back and forth over and over again. On Saturday it was running around and round in circles, chasing its tail in a craze. Sunday (when a friend and I took the pics & video) a Tourism Australia Employee just stood around rolling their eyes while bystanders were clearly disturbed. I am not affiliated with any activist groups, i am just someone who works in Beverly Hills,and had to walk past this atrocity 2 days in a row. At one point one of the Australian Tourism worker rolled her eyes and called me 'pathetic' for caring about the animal that was clearly in distress. this was the event Date: Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 January, 2010 Venue: The Paley Center for Media, Beverly Hills 465 N. Beverly Drive (cross street Little Santa Monica) Beverly Hills CA 90210 Description: Angelenos are invited to experience a little slice of Australia in the heart of Beverly Hills. A program of multimedia events from wildlife and music to "walkabout" travelogues and cultural performances will ensure that there is something for everyone. Visitors will take a journey through some of Australia's iconic landscapes as well as its undiscovered gems with interactive displays and destination showcases ...
  • Appeal for the Traumatised Bumfaced Children please do all you can for the bumfaced children (if you have recently seen Ross Noble on his current 'Fizzylogic' tour, then you'll know what this is about. if not, well it may still amuse you)
  • People and Politics | Afghanistan - Why More and More German Soldiers Come Home Traumatised Ever more German soldiers are paying for their country's engagement in Afghanistan with their lives. Thirty German soldiers and police officers have died, and hundreds more have been traumatised by their experiences there. We speak with survivors of the Afghan mission and the people who counsel them.
  • To what degree can students not directly affected be traumatised? The Department is committed to supporting individuals affected by the recent natural disasters and are providing a range of resources to support students, staff and parents. Associate Professor McDermott is an expert in emotional trauma in children following large scale disasters. Associate Professor Brett McDermott is the Director of the Mater Child and Youth Mental Health Service, South Brisbane, as well as the Director of Beyond Blue.
  • Nightmare House 2 BLIND - 6 - I'M TRAUMATISED in this episode i'm still suffering from what happened in the last video, and so i find that the biggest obstacles in this game are not the zombies or puzzles, but instead my own fear and insanity. I'm only able to go on when I get emotional support from a guy playing through a cool Half Life 2 mod blind, not actually alone this time! nh2 to be continued in the next video, which will have a lot more progress and stuff in it. I'm sorry for the lack of progress here, but I really was having trouble! I hope you can appreciate this
  • Helping traumatised Palestinian children In occupied East Jerusalem, there has been a long history of clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians protesting against evictions, house demolitions and illegal settlements. Many Palestinian children are left traumatised by the violence they see going on around them on a near daily basis. Al Jazeera's Jacky Rowland reports from East Jerusalem, where a counselling centre helps children deal with their experiences. [April 20, 2010]
  • kenya children diplaced and traumatised fear of child trafficking in kenya
  • Tessa Stanway - Traumatised Man/White Witch
  • Hollyoaks: 18th April 2007 (Justin Is Traumatised By Events, prt 1/2) Here is part 1 of the episode of Hollyoaks which originally aired on Tuesday 17th April 2007 on E4 and Wednesday 18th April 2007 on Channel 4.
  • I AM mentally traumatised!! Today's hack: Me in the green hi-viz riding Willow, Drew in yellow riding Garth, Dani in pink riding Mina Sophie in orange riding Shannon. Crazy children. Willow decided it would be fun to act her age. We were out for 2-3 hours. I have not laughed so much in ages :')
  • 1992 riots traumatised me: Shabana Shabana Azmi about politics, partition and Hindu-Muslim riots

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  • “Chat Forum. Bloody Fireworks ( traumatised dog now ) 27 posts & 24 voices | Started 11 What about the thousands of Posties traumatised by Jack russells, the meanest dogs out”
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  • “The latest issue of Fast Company served an interesting article by Danielle Sacks titled "Scenes from the culture clash" (access code from page 10 of print edition needed - could give it away but that would probably get me into”
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  • “During siesta today Glen took me out for a spot of illegal fishing (Illegal as he shouldn't really take guests out, in case they're get eaten by crocs or drowned by hippos, but I'm a special cas”
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  • “UK Scientologists move in on traumatised Mumbai. Posted in Freaky Deaky, Religious Matters Dolores said:"I haven't popped into the blog for awhile. Your use of shadow and detail”
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  • “S'pore family traumatised after surviving Malaysian train accident Forum > General > General Discussion (Moderators: ksjoy, jermjerm) > S'pore family traumatised after surviving Malaysian train”
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