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  • triceratops ( ) n. A herbivorous dinosaur of the genus Triceratops, of the Cretaceous Period, having a bony plate covering the neck, a large horn. — “triceratops: Definition from ”,
  • Triceratops grew to about 30 feet long, up to10 feet tall, and weighed up to 12 tons, making it the largest dinosaur in the ceratopsians family. Triceratops was also one of the last dinosaurs to become extinct. Triceratops had a short, pointed tail, a bulky body, and walked on. — “Triceratops (Triceratops horridus)”,
  • Triceratops /traɪ'sɛ.ræ.tɒps/ meaning "three-horned face", derived In the first decades after Triceratops was described, various skulls were collected which varied to a lesser or greater degree from the original Triceratops, named T. horridus by Marsh. — “The Book of THoTH (Leaves of Wisdom) - Triceratops”, book-of-
  • Triceratops ("three-horned face") is one of the best-known dinosaurs. Learn about the Triceratops, Late Cretaceous dinosaurs and dinosaurs of all eras. — “HowStuffWorks "Triceratops"”,
  • Triceratops (pronounced /traɪˈsɛrətɒps/) is an extinct genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur which lived during the late Maastrichtian stage of the Late Cretaceous Period, around 68 to 65 million years ago (mya) in what is now North America. — “Triceratops - Land Before Time Wiki - The Land Before Time”,
  • Triceratops prorsus from Cretaceous period by Josef Moravec. Triceratops was the most numerous of the horned cretaceous dinosaurs. Triceratops had a skull that reached up 6 ft. Triceratops was herbivore and its largest predator was. — “Triceratops - Cretaceous Period”,
  • It's impossible to mistake Triceratops for any other dinosaur--but very possible to hold some mistaken notions about this ancient beast. Here are 10 things you may (or may not) have known about Triceratops. — “10 Facts About Triceratops - Triceratops Facts”,
  • Triceratops, a three horned, frilled ceratopsian dinosaur, lived late in the Mesozoic, going extinct in the K-T extinction. — “Triceratops- Enchanted Learning Software”,
  • Triceratops, meaning "three-horned face", because it had three horns was a ceratopsid herbivorous dinosaur genus from the Latest Cretaceous period of what is now North America. It lived at around the same time and place as Tyrannosaurus,. — “Triceratops”,
  • Triceratops (pronounced /traɪˈsɛrətɒps/) is an extinct genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur that lived during the late Maastrichtian stage of the Late Cretaceous Period, around 68 to 65 million years ago (mya) in what is now North America. — “Triceratops”, schools-
  • Triceratops (pronounced /traɪˈsɛrətɒps/ trye-SERR-ə-tops) is a genus of herbivorous Triceratops has been documented by numerous remains collected since the genus was first. — “Triceratops - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Learn all you wanted to know about Triceratops horridus and other dinosaurs with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic. — “Triceratops Horridus, Dinosaur Pictures, Dinosaur Facts”,
  • Digital image of NMNH's Triceratops. With the arrival of a prototype reproduction Triceratops skull in August, NMNH is nearing completion of a major project - the world's first anatomically accurate Digital Dinosaur, rendered from real fossils. — “Natural History Highlight - National Museum of Natural History”,
  • Triceratops [Gr., = three-horn face], genus of ornithischian quadruped dinosaurs of the late Cretaceous period. Because of some. — “Triceratops Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • On all of important dinosaurs of Cretaceous period, fossils of Triceraptos were discovered in 1887. History of Triceratops Dinosaur. — “History of Triceratops Dinosaur”,
  • Triceratops definition, any of various dinosaurs of the genus Triceratops, of the late Cretaceous Period, having a bony crest on the neck, a long horn over each eye See more. — “Triceratops | Define Triceratops at ”,
  • Triceratops horridus on Display in Kirtland Hall of Prehistoric Life Triceratops specimens have been found in Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Alberta and Saskatchewan. — “Triceratops”,
  • Translations of triceratops. triceratops synonyms, triceratops antonyms. Information about triceratops in the free online English A herbivorous dinosaur of the genus Triceratops, of the Cretaceous Period, having a bony plate covering the neck, a large horn above either eye, and a smaller horn on. — “triceratops - definition of triceratops by the Free Online”,

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  • Meet Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur Check out or Demo of the New Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur toy and learn more at
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  • Triceratops Fossil Bruce Crowley, fossil preparator at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, works on a set of triceratops horns to prepare them for display at the annual Dino Day event.
  • T. REX vs. Triceratops and Ankylosaurus An excerpt from "Last Day of the Dinosaurs" featuring the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Triceratops and Ankylosaurus in the most epic dinosaur fight ever! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! FOR EDUCATION, DISCUSSION & RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY!!!
  • Kota the Robotic Triceratops Dinosaur Kindle your childs curiosity for prehistoric creatures and make-believe adventures with his very own life-sized baby dinosaur. You may have seen talking and moving toys before, but chances are your dino-loving toddler has never seen a prehistoric pet that comes to life with realistic electronic sounds and motion. Its fossil-sized fun standing just over three feet tall. A hidden handle helps kids hold on once they climb onto the dinosaurs back. Realistic stomping sounds add to the make-believe fun as kids bounce in place on the spring seat. Talk to KOTA the Triceratops and he roars back with expressive tail, head, eye, mouth and horn movements. Hold out your hand and KOTA sniffs it! In fact, its easy to trigger all of his sensitive spots try tickling his belly or chin to make KOTA laugh. And when you think this pretend dinosaur has worked up an appetite, be sure to feed KOTA his leafy snack it really sounds like hes munching on it! Four different adventure-themed tunes set the mood for your childs wild imagination as he embarks on a dino-filled daydream. But dont worry! A convenient volume control switch lets you adjust the level or turn it off. KOTA the Triceratops may look thick-skinned, but just one stroke on his scaly-like fabric hide will prove hes really a soft and snuggable playmate whos ready for all of your childs dino-roarin escapades. Dinosaur figure comes with leafy snack and instructions.
  • The Captain - TRICERATOPS Video from the TRICERATOPS 7th Album "The 7th voyage of Triceratops"
  • Clash of the Dinosaurs: The Defenders - The Triceratops Threat Clash of the Dinosaurs - The Defenders airs December 13th at 8pm E/P only on Discovery! Armed with a superbly weaponized head, Triceratops was one of the most dangerous dinosaurs of the Cretaceous.
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  • Hasbro Kota Robot Triceratops Read more at and
  • Triceratops 3D model sculpt A Triceratops head, created with Sculptris. Modeling time ~ 1 hour. The music is the 3 Gnossiennes, composed by Eric Satie and played by myself.
  • Daily Origami: 342 - Triceratops Origami: Triceratops Designed by: Makoto Yamaguchi Made by: Heather ---------- Today's origami lesson is three hundred and forty-two in the series. Today we will continue our series of different animals and bugs. We are going to finish up some dinosaurs and then go on to some fun animals before we finish up with bugs - just in time for summer! These dinosaurs are part of a really great kit that I found here in Japan. It comes with little stickers for the eyes and a cool fold out stage for you to play with your dinosaurs on. The fourth dinosaur is the Triceratops.
  • WARP - TRICERATOPS Video from the single TRANSFORMER and HONDA "NO SAME WAY" project theme song
  • Bokura no Ippo - TRICERATOPS Bokura no Ippo single and song of TRICERATOPS 8th album "LEVEL 32" (one of my favorites songs of the album n_n)
  • Spore New Triceratops Wiki Quote - The awesome Triceratops or triceraptor is an extinct genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur that lived during the late Maastrichtian stage of the Late Cretaceous Period, around 68 to 65 million years ago (mya) in what is now North America. It was one of the last dinosaur genera to appear before the great Cretaceous--Tertiary extinction event.[1] Bearing a large bony frill and three horns on its large four-legged body, and conjuring similarities with the modern rhinoceros, Triceratops is one of the most recognizable of all dinosaurs. The name Triceratops, which literally means "three-horned face", is derived from the Greek 2] Though it shared the landscape with and was preyed upon by the fearsome Tyrannosaurus, it is unclear whether the two battled the way they are commonly depicted in movies, children's dinosaur books and many cartoons. Although no complete skeleton has been found,[3] Triceratops is well-known from numerous partial specimens collected since the introduction of the genus in 1887. The function of their frills and three distinctive facial horns has long inspired debate. Although traditionally viewed as defensive weapons against predators, the latest theories claim that it is more probable that these features were used in courtship and dominance displays, much like the antlers and horns of modern reindeer, mountain goats, or rhinoceros beetles.
  • The Sick Triceratops Scene - Jurassic Park Movie (1993) - HD Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) examines dino droppings in order to decipher the animal's cause of illness. TM & © Universal (2011) Buy Movie: Scene: The Sick Triceratops - Movie Details: Jurassic Park (1993) - Cast: Richard Attenborough, Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Neill, Laura Dern Director: Steven Spielberg Producer: Gerald R. Molen, Lata Ryan Screenwriter: David Koepp, Michael Crichton Film Description: Jurassic Park is a 1993 American science fiction thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton. The film centers on the fictional Isla Nublar (Spanish for "Cloudy Island"), in Costa Rica, where billionaire philanthropist John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and a team of genetic scientists from his company have created an amusement park of cloned dinosaurs. Before Crichton's book was even published studios such as Warner Bros., Columbia TriStar, 20th Century Fox, and Universal had already began bidding to acquire the picture rights. Spielberg, with the backing of Universal Studios, acquired the rights to the novel before its publication in 1990, and Crichton himself was hired by Universal Studios for an additional $500000 to adapt the novel into a proper screenplay. David Koepp wrote the final draft, which left out much of the novel's exposition and violence, and made numerous changes to the characters. Jurassic Park is regarded as a landmark in the use of ...
  • Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center - Triceratops Alexis learns a valuable lesson about "protection" as this story gets dangerously close to following the JP novel. Tim cameo's just long enough to be an ass. I still love you Ariana Richards (please go out with me) ______________________________ In 1994 Hi Tech Entertainment made the "DOS CD" classic, Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center. It was a Mario Paint/Kid Pix style program that allowed children to create dinosaur themed works of art, play dinosaur games, and listen to some awesome dinosaur stories. Those dinosaur stories are nothing short of mini-masterpieces. I decided I couldn't keep these to myself and have ripped both the audio and artwork for you good people. Enjoy.
  • Ceratosaurus vs Triceratops from 1 Million Years BC.flv A very good dinosaur fight from 1 Million Years BC by Ray Harryhausen. The stop motion is first rate. But I think the Ceratosaurus was not that big nor did these 2 dinos live at the same time. But hey, neither did a hot cave woman live then either!
  • HEALTH // TRICERATOPS LIVE IN BROOKLYN shot by Andrew Barchilon, additional Cameras Kitao Sakurai, Zach Rottman, Dan Tierney
  • Dinosaur Animation 2: Tyrannosaurus vs Triceratops A Tyrannosaurus and its young are being attacked by a lone Triceratops. This animation-clip is taken from the 1992-documentary "The Dinosaurs".
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Triceratops Visit sam-. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex faces his most formidable foe - the powerful Triceratops - in a fight to the death. This was a personal project completed in about a week and a half. The models and rigs were made by the talented Joel Anderson at www.joel3.
  • Playschool's Kota The Triceratops We get a closeup look at Playschool's big baby triceratops.
  • How to Build: Triceratops Pet Hey this a video on how to build a triceratops pet from lego universe
  • TEDx Vancouver: Dr. Jack Horner talks triceratops Future Shop's Elliott Chun chats dinos and Jurassic Park with Dr. Jack Horner at the 2010 TEDx Vancouver. Watch to discover his favourite dinosaur and what the wants in the future.
  • Triceratops Tribute The first triceratops Tribute ever EVER ok ever first on youtube EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER
  • Triceratops vs. Tyrannosaurus
  • FEVER - Triceratops Video from TRICERATOPS second album "The great skeleton's music guide book"
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  • Ask DG #118 -- Snakes, Triceratops, Ceratosaurus and Epanterias Dinosaur George answers questions submitted by: Evan from Noblesville, Indiana - Ryan from Polo, Illinois - Stephen from Wellington, New Zealand - Thomas from Houston, Texas - Dustin from Buda, Texas
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  • T-Rex vs Triceratops Sideshow / TheProjectDurden T-Rex vs Triceratops Sideshow Product Size: 12" H x 8" W x 12" L Product Weight: 8.00 lbs #118 / 500
  • Jewel - TRICERATOPS Song from TRICERATOPS album "The 7th voyage of Triceratops"
  • Triceratops Discovery Trail at Jurassic Park in Universal Islands of Adventure Visit for more information. The Triceratops Discovery Trail at the Triceratops Paddocks reopened on Dec. 13, 2010 after many years of being closed. The attraction in Jurassic Park at Universal's Islands of Adventure used to be named Triceratops Encounter. Visit our website Follow us on Twitter Become a fan on Facebook: Subscribe to our channel on YouTube: Video shot and edited by Banks Lee.
  • "Dinosaur Train" - "Triceratops" Dr. Scott teaches about Triceratops and their modern equivalents. For more, watch Dinosaur Train weekdays on PBSKids.
  • Triceratops - Fall Again This is my favourite and first triceratops song its so emotional, just thought id put it up to let you all know about it ^^
  • playskool kota my triceratops dinosaur.wmv An awesome, prehistoric friend,Playskool KOTA The Triceratops Dinosaur from Playskool is ready to accompany your imaginative child on all kinds of adventures. With lots of sound effects, including music, munching, stomping, and roaring, this baby dinosaur is a realistic creation. He even moves his head and tail and blinks his eyes. Playskool KOTA My Triceratops Dinosaur is built so that curious kids three and older and up to 60 pounds can enjoy a bouncing ride.
  • takao49kg: 【新鮮なうちに本日のセトリ】:赤いゴーカート/TRICERATOPS→記念写真/フジファブリック→瞬きをしない猫/STRAIGHTENER→太陽系リフレイン/KEYTALK→DRUNK NEWCITY/完全にノンフィクション→
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  • DinobotTwit: @Jayextee <--- THIS one is a triceratops, BUT I blatantly need to do a Styracosaur one now! I can get a play on words out of that dino :D
  • Papufu: @lilithia my triceratops
  • JurassicCollect: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Jurassic Park Papo Triceratops
  • ROCKSHOW909: これはいつの発言だろう(?_?) RT @bot_Triceratops: 最近,街を歩いてるとやっぱりこう女の人をつい見てしまうんだけど,それがだんだん幅が広がってきてるよね。40歳ぐらいに見えたとしても,目を逸らせられなくなってきてる。(林幸治)
  • spica404: ピンヒールサーファー / SCANDAL これ、TRICERATOPSの和田さんプロデュースだったのか。この踊れそうな感じ、たしかに納得…
  • Jayextee: @DinobotTwit I *do* keep seeing a triceratops/styracosaur (it's the latter, right? RIGHT?) enjoying tea though. ;)
  • canes_venatici: TRICERATOPS久しぶりに聴いてる
  • bot_Triceratops: 今じゃ歯医者さんがちょっとしたリラックスタイムだよ。ピンクのマスクでマスカラパッキリの衛生士さんを、どんな顔してんだろう?って想像巡らせながら歯石を削ってもらうのは何ともオツなものだよ。(和田唱)
  • kikekato: No hubo excepción. Mis alumnos no conocen al triceratops, lo llaman rinoceronte.
  • Dalte: "Imma have a threesome with a ducking triceratops!" -Tyler the creator
  • ttt_hiro: ラズベリーは踊るものです #nowplaying Raspberry - TRICERATOPS
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  • 1cameranikon: 3-D Wooden Puzzle - Small Triceratops -Affordable Gift for your Little One! Item #DCHI-WPZ-J001: This pretty puz...
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  • pablogh15: Un triceratops pudo haber sido el último dinosaurio sobre la faz de la tierra, esto debido a los restos hallados y la datacion de los mismos
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  • saaapnin: RT @LouDo82: Happy Birthday to the Triceratops. 250 million years old and still going strong!
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  • LouDo82: Happy Birthday to the Triceratops. 250 million years old and still going strong!
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  • rwtwm: 'there's a background vivure of triceratops dung, which adds to the aged feel'
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  • SuicidalMonkeyx: @PoetPlays This is my entry for the Saints Row competition, it's your minecraft character and Mary the triceratops
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  • marizO_Oziram: 式が終わったらセトリ教えてね(笑) "@ntomoshi: 式のBGM決め終了!大概の曲はありますと言ってたのにTRICERATOPSって言ったらちょいかぶりぎみで無いですと(;´д`)あんないいバンドをなぜ知らない!!"
  • ERINAandSACHIKO: RT @TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • bluest: RT @TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • rakuen_asia: 【PR】【先行抽選】【プレリザーブ】【急げ!】 TRICERATOPS★2次受付
  • bot_Triceratops: 最近,街を歩いてるとやっぱりこう女の人をつい見てしまうんだけど,それがだんだん幅が広がってきてるよね。40歳ぐらいに見えたとしても,目を逸らせられなくなってきてる。(林幸治)
  • chitama6: RT @TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • coron2020: RT @TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • THANKYOU91RANKO: RT @TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • aoicapsule: RT @TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • ntomoshi: 式のBGM決め終了!大概の曲はありますと言ってたのにTRICERATOPSって言ったらちょいかぶりぎみで無いですと(;´д`)あんないいバンドをなぜ知らない!!
  • teleradi: RT @TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • kimnyyy: RT @TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • paisley756: Drawing Triceratops and Other Armored Dinosaurs (Drawing Dinosaurs):
  • ohmori_kun: RT @TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • TRICERA_BAND: 【明日!!】12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • serpow: RT @SchruteSays: "You know whats better than a triceratops. Only every other dinosaur that has ever existed."
  • jewel012375: RT @yoshifumidayo_: いよいよ明日!!! 12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
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  • HMV_Sendai: 【TRICERATOPS】デビュー15周年アニバーサリーツアーのファイナル野音がDVD化!『Triceratops Going To The Moon -15th Anniversary Show At Hibiya』ご予約は⇒
  • erica_orozco: I love my dinos. #birthday #partytime #partyfavors #dinosaurs #triceratops #minniem @ Mario Barth's King Ink
  • mitsunurse: RT @yoshifumidayo_: いよいよ明日!!! 12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • Under0511: RT @yoshifumidayo_: いよいよ明日!!! 12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • TheAlicenLoves: RT @SchruteSays: "You know whats better than a triceratops. Only every other dinosaur that has ever existed."
  • Randazzoj: I dare you to tell me something cooler than what I'm already thinking about dinosaurs -- especially freaking triceratops!
  • spk_01: 世の中変えようなんて嘘くさい 僕ならそんな風には言わない それなら服を買いに行こう(1000 LOVE/TRICERATOPS)
  • trick_smile: apbankのTRICERATOPS見てるんだけど。セットリストやばい!しかも可愛い(笑)
  • kbee13: RT @SchruteSays: "You know whats better than a triceratops. Only every other dinosaur that has ever existed."
  • meha79ti: RT @yoshifumidayo_: いよいよ明日!!! 12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • ROCK_na_cocoro: 定期 THE BAWDIES/ストレイテナー/NCIS/ent/another sunnyday/THE PREDATORS/TRICERATOPS/OKAMOTO'S/THE BACK HORN/ などが好きです。詳しくはツイプロで。
  • bot_Triceratops: ステージに立って3人で合わせているその瞬間だけは、気分的に最高に強くなれる。(和田唱)
  • sachiko____: RT @yoshifumidayo_: いよいよ明日!!! 12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)
  • itokotorin: RT @yoshifumidayo_: いよいよ明日!!! 12/9(日)21:00~おとといミーティングTRICERATOPS 12-Bar "13"(1/26中野サンプラザ)ゲストアーティスト発表をUSTREAMで放送!!(出演:TRICERATOPS,森田恭子)

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  • “Home Shine Fm Blog Triceratops Aren't Real. Triceratops Aren't Real. Posted by Johnny Mac Scientists are now saying that there is no such dinosaur as the Triceratops”
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  • “Some 100 million to 65 million years ago, when Europe was an island archipelago, a small horned dinosaur roamed what is now Hungary. Fossil remains from this tiny dinosaur represent the first ceratopsian found in Europe and shed new light on the”
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  • “At over nine metres in length, Triceratops horridus was among the largest ceratopsians to see previous Frog Blog post), one of Triceratops' main predators”
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