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  • Definition of trimeter from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of trimeter. Pronunciation of trimeter. Definition of the word trimeter. Origin of the word trimeter. — “trimeter - Definition of trimeter at ”,
  • ballad stanza: A four-line stanza, the second and fourth lines of which are iambic trimeter and rhyme with each other; the first and third lines, in iambic tetrameter, do not rhyme. The first, second, and fifth lines are rhymed trimeter; lines three and four are rhymed dimeter. — “Glossary of Literary Terms”,
  • Trimeter Manufacturers & Trimeter Suppliers Directory - Find a Trimeter Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Trimeter Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Trimeter-Trimeter Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • trimeter. trimming. trimonthly. Trinidad. trinity. Trinity Sunday. trinket. trinomial. trio Copyright © 2007 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. Help Contact Us Privacy Policy Copyright. — “Merriam-Webster | WORD CENTRAL”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Trimeter - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • trimeter definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “trimeter - Definition”,
  • This is an example of trochaic trimeter that employs catalexis, so that the last syllable as iambic trimeter with a lot of headless lines, but there are enough lines that begin with a stressed syllable to consider it trochaic trimeter. — “I1”,
  • It's written in an Iambic Trimeter that Roethke skillfully varies according to the The anapests, in both the Trimeter and Tetrameter lines, elegantly vary the final lines, reinforcing the colloquial tone – even without dialectal or colloquial phrasing. — “Iambic Trimeter " PoemShape”,
  • In Greek poetry a line of Iambic trimeter would have three iambic meters. — “Iambic Trimeter - The Meter Iambic Trimeter”,
  • Welcome to Home of the AEROMIST product line of aeroponic supplies and a world of other technological goodies! Our products includes Sunlight Supply, Mist Maker, Trimeter, 250W CFL, Hydrofarm, PPM Meter, Hydroponic Systems. — “Trimeter”,
  • 6.1 Iambic Trimeter: Introduction. It makes sense to take up the iambic trimeter after studying the dactylic hexameter, for the trimeter is somewhat more complicated, primarily due to the resolution of long (and even short!) into two shorts. — “Greek meter metrics iambic trimeter”, classics-
  • Iambic trimeter - Meaning and definition In Ancient Greek, iambic trimeter was a quantitative meter in which a line consisted of three iambic metra; and each metron consisted of two iambi. — “Iambic trimeter - Encyclopedia”,
  • It has been noted that four feet make up a line of tetrameter verse; a line consisting of one foot is called monometer, of two dimeter, of three trimeter, of five pentameter, of six hexameter, and of seven heptameter. Lines containing more than seven feet rarely occur in English poetry. — “trimeter (poetry) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Encyclopedia: Iambic trimeter from Wikipedia. Iambic trimeter is a meter consisting of three iamb ic units per line. In Ancient Greek, iambic trimeter was a quantitative meter in which a line consisted of three iambic metra; and each metron consisted of two iambi. — “Iambic Trimeter - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • In poetry, a trimeter is a metre of three metrical feet per line—example: Retrieved from "http:///wiki/Trimeter" Categories: Poetic rhythm | Poetry stubs. Hidden categories: Articles lacking sources from December 2009 | All articles lacking sources. — “Trimeter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Iambic trimeter is a meter consisting of three iambic units per line. The trimeter also observes the phenomena of resolution and substitution, allowing a greater variety of possibilities. — “Iambic trimeter - Reference”,
  • "The Funeral"--8-line stanzas of iambic pentameter (1,3,4,6,8), iambic dimeter (2) and iambic trimeter (5,7), rhyming ababcdcd. "The Blossom"--8-line stanzas of (mostly iambic) trimeter, tetrameter, and pentameter lines rhyming ababccdd. — “John Donne, Poems and Sermon Excerpt”,
  • trimeter (plural trimeters) a line in a poem having three metrical feet. a poetic metre in Retrieved from "http:///wiki/trimeter". — “trimeter - Wiktionary”,
  •  The continuous operating TriMeter measures pH, TDS, and Temperature all on one meter. It measures pH from 0-14, TDS from 0-9990 ppm, and Temperature from 40°-90° F. Place probes in reservoir and rely on it for quick at-a-glance. — “TriMeter”,
  • Definition of trimeter in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of trimeter. Pronunciation of trimeter. Translations of trimeter. trimeter synonyms, trimeter antonyms. Information about trimeter in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “trimeter - definition of trimeter by the Free Online”,
  • Trimeter definition, a verse of three measures or feet. See more. — “Trimeter | Define Trimeter at ”,
  • trimeter n. A line of verse consisting of three metrical feet. A line of verse consisting of three measures of two feet each, especially one in. — “trimeter: Definition from ”,

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  • Co2 and more lights update well i have another Quantum ballast and an Oshio 600 hps bulb, and now have also added or will be adding over the weekend a new Co2 set up. i relay like the easy set up with this one. and ive got a new Blue Labs Gaurdian Tri Meter for the ec and pH, no more relying on batteries, can just leave it pluged into the wall now. ill get that in the next video. lots to set up this weekend yesterday i fed the last few that didnt get it the day before. so next as it dries will be back to water.
  • Green Planet Nutrients Grow. Well back to foods and using the Blue Labs Guardian tri-meter. this one seems good. all numbers match the pens i have always used now. pH and ec have all be stable all day sitting mixed with foods in my rez.. all my lights seem to be running fine now. ill video the flower room tonight when i feed and see how the colours on the 2 bulbs are holding out for comparison. now ill see how long they last in comparison for colours over hours used. someone pointed out on my forum that the Oshio had less hours of life in the specs, i still havent read it so i need to. it is cheeper by about 3 bucks i believe retail cost form the Hortilux 600 EN bulb in the other hood. ill be waiting to add more to this room monthly now. so end of this month will be adding a new 4x4 tent and another Quantum set up. ill run that one with a 430 or maybe even try out a MH bulb. havent used one in years so maybe technology has cought up to what i want. Im starting to like the smells in the room now. lost alot of leaves on a couple due to lack of care on my end so tonight is a full feed and see if i can save enough to make the worth while.
  • CSET English: Iambic Trimeter A brief discussion on iambic trimeter from the ACE the CSET online CSET English study guide and course for the CSET english exam, concluding with the poem entitled Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost.
  • Aeschylus' Agamemnon: The Guard The opening scene of Aeschylus' Agamemnon and Oresteia, featuring Clytemnestra's inimitable guard, perched upon the roof of the House of Atreus. Performed in Ancient Greek, using AP David's new theory of the Greek accent. Choreographed and directed by Miriam Rother, with David and Jordan Gannon, drawing exclusively from images in ancient vase painting and statuary. See
  • Stephen Fry Poetry Challenge : Round Four The fourth in a series of my grappling with Stephen Fry's poetry exercises in this book: Hurl all the abuse you like! Post your own attempts at the exercise in the comments. Go NUTS. Check out more of my atrocities at
  • The Cataract of Lodore A famous waterfall in the British countryside takes on a life of its own in this rousing poem. Southey, former Poet Laureate of England, indulges his children by elaborately answering one of their favorite questions--"How does the water come down at Lodore?"--in vivid verse. The sound and motion of water spring forth from the pages as the river runs "spouting and frisking" and "whizzing and hissing" down the mountain. The poem brings the cataract (waterfall) alive, moving from dactyl dimeter "It runs through the reeds . . .," picking up speed in trimeter, "And sounding and bounding and rounding . . .," and catapulting into tetrameter, "And rushing and flushing and brushing and gushing . . ." imitating its subject. Gerstein does sparkling cartoons in brilliant, frothy colors. When the rhyme and the cataract gather force and speed up, the characters tumble down vertical double-page spreads. Children will enjoy turning the book to follow the falls. Adapted for Brooklyn Blowback by David Kay, MLS
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  • American Puritanism (III) Featuring discussions of Puritan poetry; The Bay Psalm Book; English metaphysical poetry, including John Donne, George Herbert, Richard Crashaw; Samuel Johnson on Wit; intertextuality; paratext; Michael Wigglesworth; Anne Bradstreet; and Edward Taylor.
  • Ants with Agamemnonial Trimeter Overlay
  • CharlesBivona: W/ Definite article before "light" = #iambic #trimeter =) RT @invincewil: I'm jealous of [the] light / #poetics A+

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  • “The poem is in iambic trimeter with variations and substitutions, several of which assist in signaling the poem's movement. Blog News Site. Supports KR Short Fiction Contest. We are excited to announce that , in one of their first”
    — KR Blog " "Other People's Troubles" by Jason Sommer,

  • “Hi there, I would like to speak to someone who have experienced a 2nd trimeter miscarriage in Hong Kong. Many thanks”
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  • “Is it jealousy or does he have a true reason for concern? Anna warns pyxidate celecoxib hemopyrrole trimeter generic wellbutrin pandiculation surfuse”
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  • “1640-1660: The Pamphlet wars. 1651: Blindness. 1667: Paradise Lost - Also know sonnets, Predominantly in pentameter but with some trimeter lines, irregular rhyme scheme”
    — I mean I want to see " Blog Archive " What in me is dark,

  • “iambic trimeter Re: iambic trimeter " Reply #1 on: April 09, 2009, 20:20:08 PM " LOL Flash! There was a forum member called Flash. Who thought he could cut quite a dash. One night he sang a song. Which sounded so wrong. So we threw him in the sea with a splash. Logged”
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  • “Blog Poems. This page serves as an index to longer poems written after If you're a poet and your blog isn't listed below, please don't feel slighted”
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  • “The testament of Mr. Cogito Poetry by Ronnie Ancona and Ellen Greene. A review of Metrical Constraint and the Interpretation of Style in the Tragic Trimeter by Nicholas Baechle”
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