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  • Tri Motor Sales, Inc. Oak Harbor Ohio Ford Mercury Dealership: prices, sales and specials on new cars, trucks, SUVs and Crossovers. Pre-owned used cars and trucks. Parts and service. — “Tri Motor Sales, Inc. - Your Oak Harbor, Ohio Ford Mercury”,
  • This informal site has been established for those interested in the ongoing restoration and subsequent flight of one of America's most significant vintage aircraft, Ford Tri-motor 4-AT-10. There are quite a number of people asking about this. — “Ford Tri-Motor 4-AT-10, C-1077, a.k.a. G- CARC "Niagara"”, fordtri-
  • A trimotor is an aircraft powered by three piston engines. Trimotor designs were relatively common in the early days of aviation, as engines were less powerful and less reliable. — “Trimotor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Ford Tri-Motor was a classic airplane used for military and other applications. See specifications for this classic airplane. — “HowStuffWorks "Ford Tri-Motor"”,
  • The Ford Trimotor, nicknamed The Tin Goose, was a three engine civil transport aircraft The Tri-motor was not to be Ford's last venture in aircraft. — “Ford Trimotor - Planes”,
  • Trimotor definition, an airplane or other vehicle that has three motors. See more. — “Trimotor | Define Trimotor at ”,
  • Until them, we are still happy to answer any inquiries you may have. You will receive an automated reply to conform that your contact information is correct. — “Welcome to ”,
  • The Ford trimotor was based on the Stout 2-AT Pullman. The prototype 4-AT Trimotor first flew in 1926. The 4-AT and improved 5-AT were the most produced Ford Trimotors with around 200 being built when production ended in 1932. The designation "AT" stood for "Air Transport". — “Ford Trimotor”,
  • The series of three-engine Ford Trimotor aircraft produced during the 1920s and 1930s were classic planes of the era. The first Ford Trimotor, the 2-AT Pullman, was developed by Stout Metal Airplane Company in early 1925. — “Dictionary : Ford_Trimotor”,
  • Ford Trimotor, when first flown in 1925 it represented a leap forward in commercial aviation, accomplishments, history, pictures, wav sound, specifications, radio control airplanes. — “Ford Trimotor”,
  • Maurice has had a special fondness for Tri-Motors for over 30 years and is a recognized expert in the reconstruction of Ford Tri-Motor aircraft. Our goal is to establish a Ford Tri-Motor museum at the Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport in Port Clinton. — “EAA "Tin Goose" Chapter 1247”,
  • Articles on aviation: Aircraft: Ford Trimotor The Ford Trimotor (also variously identified as the "Tri-Motor", and nicknamed "The Tin Goose") was an American three engine civil transport aircraft. — “Ford Trimotor”, airports-
  • The Ford Trimotor (also variously identified as the "Tri-Motor", and nicknamed "The Tin Goose") was an American three engine civil transport aircraft The story of the Ford Trimotor begins with William B. Stout, an engineer who had previously designed several. — “Ford Trimotor - Ford Wiki”, ford-
  • This is our personal experience from seeing and flying on the Ford Tri Motor June 29th 2008 Ford's Tri-Motor aircraft, nicknamed "The Tin Goose," was designed to build another new market, airline. — “1929 Ford Tri Motor”,
  • Here's a rare opportunity to own a 1929 Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor restored to an extraordinarily high standard. This Tri-Motor, registered NC9612 (also use N9612 for internet research), has a unique history. — “NC9612 Homepage”,
  • Ford's Tri-Motor aircraft, nicknamed "The Tin Goose," was designed to build another new market, airline travel. To overcome concerns of engine reliability, Ford specified three engines and added features for passenger comfort, such as an enclosed cabin. — “Ford Trimotor”,
  • Banquet and airshow facility. Features past events and office information. New to the collection is a 1927 Ford Tri-motor, this full ground-up restoration is America's oldest existing. — “Main-Page”,
  • Buy ford tri motor, Collectibles items on eBay. Find great deals on Toys Hobbies, Books items and get what you want now!. — “ford tri motor items - Get great deals on Collectibles, Toys”,
  • Read the Barrett-Jackson to Auction Rare 1929 Ford Tri-Motor Airplane blog entry, and comments in Motor Trend's Wide Open Throttle auto blog. — “Barrett-Jackson to Auction Rare 1929 Ford Tri-Motor Airplane”,
  • Find Used Aircraft, Cash Advance and more at Tri-. Get the best of Debt Consolidation or Insurance, browse our section on Free Credit Report or learn about Cell Phones. Tri- is the site for Used Aircraft. — “Used Aircraft | Cash Advance | Debt Consolidation | Insurance”, tri-
  • Read About our Ford Tri-Motor Ride Program. If you would like to step back in time and get a ride in one of the first all-metal commercial airliners in the world, now is your chance! Our Ford Tri-Motor N414H will be offering rides to the public at several events this summer. (Read More). — “Valle Airport Home Page”,
  • His obituary is posted on the Ford Tri-Motor Yahoo Group. toured the country with his beloved Ford Tri-Motor trying to return some of the magic and adventure of early aviation. — “Ford Tri-Motor List”,

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  • Ford Tri-Motor, we go for a ride! Part 2 The Ford Tri-Motor of the EAA was at Clow airport in Bolingbrook. We go for a ride. In part one we toured the airplane with the pilot, Rand Siegfried. This airplane was used in the Johnny Depp movie, "Public Enemies".
  • Ford Trimotor Flight A ride in the Ford Trimotor owned by the EAA. For more aviation photos of other airshows check out Midwest Aviation Photography at rcavi8
  • Bushmaster Trimotor Flight During the August 2001 Camarillo Airshow, California my friend and I were lucky to catch a local pleasure flight onboard the Tri-Motor Air Tours Bushmaster 2000, a Ford Tri-Motor replica N750RW (cn 2), flying allong the coastline. (The a/c was painted in the old TAT livery). Unfortunatly it crashed at Fullerton Airport (sept 2004) during take off, wrecking the plane.
  • Tim Renshaw Interview - Ford Tri-Motor Interview with Rand Siegfried pilot of EAA's 1929 Ford Tri-Motor. The plane is featured in "Public Enemies" with Johnny Depp as Hoosier bank robber John Dillinger. For more information on the plane:
  • Dan Gryder's Ford Trimotor Tour Golden Wing's historic Ford Trimotor is at AirVenture in Oshkosh this week. Dan Gryder gives us a tour.
  • Vogel's TriMotor studio movie Explains the use of a remote controlled LCD/Plasma wall mount. Featuring Vogel's VFWE 552 RC TriMotor.
  • Co-Pilot Seat Ride in EAA's Ford Trimotor For Christmas, my son Keegan gave me a certificate for a "right seat" ride, as a co-pilot, in EAA's Ford Trimotor. I was able to do so during Ariventure Saturday, July 28 only because I was a licensed pilot. Virtually unedited, handheld.
  • Ford Trimotor Aerobatics Harold Johnson performs aerobatics in Ford Trimotor
  • Harold Johnson's Ford Tri-motor aerobatic routine in color Here is a color film of Harold Johnson performing aerobatics in the Ford Tri-motor. He reportedly performed 17 consecutive loops during one demonstration. I found this video in our archives at .
  • 1929 Tri-Motor Ford & Volunteers - Fly/In Cruise/In Series #30 Part Part#1 Fly/In Cruise/In Video Magazine Take a ride in Marion, Indiana on the vintage 1929 Tri-Motor Ford Airplane. Meet the fine volunteers who fly it. Restored & flown by the Kalamazoo, Michigan Air Museum known as the Air Zoo. Produced by: Inge Harte - Ray Johnson
  • Jake Chichilitti & His Scratch Built Ford Tri-Motor RV Aircraft of the Golden Era...
  • Ford Trimotor at Valle 2010 HD This years Planes of Fame Air Museum's High Country Warbirds and Antique Aircraft event at Valle, AZ. included a visit from this vintage Ford Trimotor Transport Aircraft. This aircraft was once owned by Henry Ford himself as his personal luxury aircraft. Planes of Fame Air Museum hosts the very best Warbird events and displays one of the largest and most unique collections of military, vintage and historical aircraft in the world. Visit Planes of Fame Museum's page here on Youtube for more information. Or visit Planes of Fame online at; When visiting the Grand Canyon, do not forget to visit Valle Grand Canyon Airport and the Planes of Fame facility located there.
  • More Harold Johnson Ford Tri-motor Aerobatics Check out the loop close to the ground and the one wheel fly-by! This is from the archives here at
  • Riding in a Ford Trimotor at Oshkosh This was taken during a quick trip around the pattern at Oshkosh 2007.
  • World Famous Commercial Trimotor Junkers Ju52 When Junkers first flew the Ju52 airlines had sprung up around the world flying airplanes that just were not sufficiently reliable and safe. The Ju52 met that need and was the first airplane that actually earned money for the fledgling carriers. The DC3 came along four years later. And as the Douglas Dakota the Ju52 served prominently in WWII. Junkers chose to use a fixed landing gear and pushrods and pneumatics instead of hydraulics. The curious double wing applied advanced aerodynamics. And all aluminum construction was the latest innovation. Engines were Pratt Whitney Wasps licensed to BMW. The Junkers Ju52 is on every one's list of most important airplanes. This video is a 3D simulation loosely based on the restored Ju52 example. The model is downloadable from X-Plane
  • The Family Jewels - Captain Eddy - p2/2 Will Captain Eddy get his plane in the air? Enjoy the thrilling conclusion in part 2.
  • Ford Tri-motor factory -- Worlds first all-metal airliners This is another video showing various steps in the manufacture of the Ford Tri-motor in Dearborn, Michigan. 199 of these great ships were built on the late 1920's and early 1930's. They were the worlds first all-metal airliners.
  • Trimotor Aircraft A Stout Bushmaster 2000 (replica of a Ford Trimotor), at an airshow in Camarillo, California on August 23, 2003. Camera is a Nikon Coolpix 5700 - movies are not its prime function. I did the best I could with it...
  • A Ride in a Ford Trimotor A ride in the EAA AirVenture's Ford 4-AT Trimotor, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, April 20 2006. Stills and movie footage.
  • 1929 Ford Tri-motor Muskegon County Internationall Airport July 17 2010 Watch a rare 1929 Ford Trimotor airplane as it lands & takes off at Muskegon County International Airport in Norton Shores Muskegon Mich. It was giving short 15 minute rides over Muskegon, Muskegon Lake & Lake Michigan. The Ford Tri-motor (NC8407) was made on August 21 1929. Purchased by Pitcairn Airlines9 who started Eastern Air Transportation(Eastern Airlines with it's sister ship NC8408. On October 1 1930 it was sold and moved to Cuba where it started Cubana Airlines on October 30 1930. In August of 1946 it became "Air Force One" for the Dominican Republic. It returned to the USA on July 7th 1949 & converted to a crop duster. From February 1 1950 to March 29th 1963 it was a smoke jumper and borate (fire retardant) bomber. During this time it was owned by Aircraft Service and Johnson Flying Service of Boise Idaho. In March of 1963 it returned to crop dusting service in Ottawa Kansas for one season by crop duster Lemaster-Glen.. In late 1964 it was leased to Tallmantz Aviation in California for a feature comedy roll staring Jerry Lewis & Sabastion Cabot called "The family Jewels". From 1965 to 1973 it was flown around the country giving public rides by Dale Glenn. On June 16 1973 it was at Burlington Wisconsin when either a tornado or powerful thunderstorm, lifted it 30 feet in the air and crashed to the ground. It broke in three pieces and was declared Totaled by the insurance company. The Experimental Aircraft Association purchased the Tri-motor from the insurance ...
  • Ford Tri Motor Flying in the Ford Tri Motor. I actually got to go up and fly it for 15min's. It was during a scholarship that I got and it was one of the activities.
  • Ford Tri-motor N414H Fly-by Valle Airport, Arizona Grand Canyon Ford Tri-motor N414H in a fly-by at Valle Grand Canyon Airport, Arizona (piloted by Greg Herrick). Type ratings are now available in the Ford, given by Ace Ford Pilot/Instructor Bryan Godlove. Check for more information.
  • Amelia Earhart Flies Ford Tri-Motor While in Detroit, Amelia Earhart took a Ford Tri-Motor for a spin above the city. The local newsreel camera crew tagged along for the ride. It was a big deal for the city and they all had some fun with this.
  • Ford Tri-motor aerobatics Video #1 Yes, the Ford Tri-motor is capable of aerobatics at the hands of the right pilot anyway! Harold Johnson looped, spun and snap rolled Ford NC-9610, a 4-AT-B #53, in the 1930's. Johnson reportedly performed 17 consecutive loops during one demonstration. I found this video in our archives at .
  • Flight of Ford Tri-Motor, Ottawa KS, September 2nd 2009 This 1927 Ford Tri-Motor appeared in the movie "The Family Jewels" and was recently filmed in the movie "Public Enemies". It is one of an original 199 manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Nicknamed "the Tin Goose", these types of planes were the first passenger airplanes. This particular plane is one of only 6 left in existence and is the only one that is able to carry passengers for tours. This footage was recorded at Ottawa, KS on September 2nd, 2009.
  • Ford Trimotor in Action A Ford Trimotor Flies.
  • Tri-Motor Ford This is a multi-cam with synchronized views (Main view, co-pilot seat. Aux views: Left and Right passengers) of a ride we took on the Tri-Motor ford operated by the . Cameras: Main Panasonic GS250, Aux views from CVS one time use model 230's
  • 1929 Tri-Motor Ford - Fly/In Cruise/In Series #22 Program #2. Fly/In Cruise/In Video Magazine The Kalamazoo Air Museums 1929 Ford Tri-Motor visits the Fly/In Cruise/In held annually at the Marion, Indiana Municipal Airport. We sit in on the flight briefing as Captain Dick Ward, Co-Pilot Dan Schiffer, Volunteer Pilots Dave Folk & Dave Stevens prepare us for a ride on this very historic airplane. Take a ride with us right now! For more information on this Tri-Motor Ford & the Kalamazoo Air Museum click on: Produced by: Inge Harte - Ray Johnson
  • Ford Trimotor Flight in San Diego 1928 Ford Trimotor flight from Gillespie Field in San Diego, California in 2000.
  • TriMotor 1929 Ford Tri-Motor "The Tin Goose" takes riders up from the MAPS Museum at the Akron-Canton Regional Airport.
  • Ford Tri-Motor Starting up in Lincoln Ne 9-23-2007 Lincoln, Ne
  • Ford Tri-motor (NC8407) at Fishers, Indiana A Ford Tri-motor taxies in to the Indianapolis Metro Airpark in Fishers, Indiana. It is at this airport for the weekend of June 27-28, 2009 for the public to view and ride. This Ford Tri-motor (NC8407) is now owned and operated by EAA. It was manufactured on August 21, 1929 and purchased by Pitcairn Airways (later Eastern Air Transport: Eastern Airlines). It was sold and moved to Cuba on October 1, 1930, but in August 1946 it became "Air Force One" for the Dominican Republic. From 1949 to until 1950 is was used as a crop duster here in the US, then as a smoke jumber and borate bomber in the US Forest Service from 1950 to 1963. In 1964 it was leased to Tallmantz Aviation for a role in the feature comedy "The Family Jewels" starring Jerry Lewis and Sebastian Cabot. From 1965 to 1973, Dale Glenn frew it around the country offering rides to the public. In 1973, it was struck and totaled by a severe storm while on the ground in Wisconsin in 1973, but restored by 1985. In 2003-2004, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in Appleton, WI, did a complete make over in 2003/2004 for its 75th anniversary. Of the 199 Ford Tri-motors built between 1925 and 1933, 18 still exist, of which 6 are still flyable as of 2008 Ford Tri-motors were a major leap forward in commercial aviation, and made aviation headlines many times. Between November 27 and 28, 1929, Admiral Richard E. Byrd and his crew made the first flight over the South Pole in a Ford Tri-motor called "Floyd Bennett." Franklin ...
  • Danville-Ford Tri-Motor Plane Ride-1989 I purchased a ride aboard a 1928 Ford Tri-motor Airplane when it was barnstorming at the Vermilion County Airport on July 4, 1989. We took a short flight around Danville, over Lake Vermiion, along North Vermilion(Ill Rt 1, US 136). Many changes have occured along the route over the last 20 years, and everything has been labeled as to what it was then. Enjoy the trip. For more visit
  • 1929 Ford Tri-Motor The Experimental Aircraft Association brought a rare airplane to Cincinnati, in June. Take a virtual ride with 700WLW.
  • Ride in a Ford Tri-motor When I was 9, we went to the Marysville Airshow. At the airshow, the were offering rides in a Ford Trimotor for $40 (I believe). (Right now my dad is saying "No, it was a Stenson Tri Motor! I know dad, but the search engine likes Ford). Dad, risked mom's wrath by buying two tickets. $80 in 1984 dollars was like $200 today. My sister sat on my lap in the other seat while dad ran the camera. To give you an idea of how long ago this was, the girl with the red pig-tails and the baseball hat, my sister, is married, has two children, and a Master's Degree in Psychology. This was my first ever airplane ride.
  • Flight in a 1929 Ford Tri Motor Ride along for a flight in a 1929 Ford Tri Motor. The flight departed and arrived the historic Bowman Field Airport in Louisville, KY. This flight was conducted as a part of the "Fly the Ford" tour, sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Learn more at: or http
  • Ford Tri Motor Pat's Ford Tri Motor at Soccer fields in Burlington WA
  • Ford Tri-motor construction I found this video in our archives at . It shows the construction of the Ford Tri-motor. 199 were built from 1926 through 1933. These ships were the first all-metal airliners and were instrumental in introducing America to commercial air travel. The oldest surviving of these ships in NC-1077, Serial No. 10 built in 1927.
  • Ford Tri-motor being tested on floats Yes, the Ford Tri-motor is also capable of landing and taking off on water. This video shows a water flying test. The first Ford tri-motor on floats was 1077 which now lives in Minnesota! This is from the archives at .
  • 2003 Vectren Dayton Airshow - Ford Tri-Motor & Douglas DC-3 Ford Tri-Motor and Douglas DC-3 2003Vectren Dayton Airshow Dayton International Airport Dayton, Ohio Friday July 18, 2003 IN THIS VIDEO, watch as a Ford Tri-Motor and a DC-3 make several passes over Dayton International Airport. Like what you've seen? Well, if you are interested in purchasing DVDs of specific aircraft and/or of airshows, interested in anything and everything related to airshows (where the jet teams will show up, all airshow performers, airshow reports from airshows I have attended, previews of airshows I will be attending, etc.), a much more easier to navigate "version" of all of my videos, and/or everything there is related to aviation - including spotting guides to my favorite airports and military bases and aircraft factfiles, please take time to check out Steve's Airshow World at .
  • 1929 Ford Tri-Motor Airplane Flight Three big radial engines power the Tin Goose, one of a few still airworthy out of 199 built. The model 4-AT-E was registered as NC8407. This one is flying over Oshkosh, WI on August 2, 2008. An interesting fact... The Ford Motor company supplied free paint to cities and business owners in the 1920's and 30's. Their hope was a city would paint the name of the town on a rooftop so pioneering pilots could easily navigate.
  • paula_abci: Black and White Ford TriMotor Prints #Vintage #Aviation

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  • “Please note that this search does not include the Forums or database, use our Forum Search or the Database Search instead This Authentic Models aircraft is an exact replica of the infamous Ford Trimotor plane crafted in mid-1920's and 30's”
    — Wings900 - Ford Trimotor Plane,

  • “Here are pics of a 1/5th blow up of the Cleveland Plans Tri-Motor corutesy of my friend Mike Barbee: Tri-motor planset. One of these two gentlemen can get you a copy of a 76" w/s set of plans”
    — Ford Tri-motor,

  • “Read 1929 Ford Tri-Motor Type Rating by Grand Canyon Valle Airport on MySpace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. FORD TRI-MOTOR TYPE RATINGD”
    — 1929 Ford Tri-Motor Type Rating - Grand Canyon Valle,

  • “First you will need to register with Network 54, the Forum provider. In addition, Plane Talking is not a forum for the public criticism of the models that”
    — Plane Talking - HyperScale's Aircraft Scale Model Discussion,

  • “With an $11,000 type rating you could be hopping rides to tourists above the Grand Canyon in one of the heavier models of the Ford Tri-Motor. I had no idea a trimotor required a type rating. Is it really over 12,500 lbs, or does”
    — AOPA Pilot Blog: Reporting Points " Blog Archive " Want a,

  • “The EAA's Tri-Motor made a stop just south of Branson Missouri over the weekend. Blog. 1929 Ford Tri-Motor 4-AT-E (12 photos) User: Flat view. Navigation: ^ Forum |< First”
    — 1929 Ford Tri-Motor 4-AT-E (12 photos): Nikon D90 - D40,

  • “The Experimental Aircraft Association's Ford Tri-Craft aircraft will be stationed at Byerly Aviation. Holding nine passengers and using three engines, the plane first flew in 1929 and now will fl”
    — Video: Ford Tri Motor Experimental Aircraft,

  • “Press columnist Tom Rademacher writes about how you can catch a ride on this 1929 Ford Tri-Motor today and Wednesday. The experience allows you to feel what it was like to partake of air travel long before anyone was making you shake out your”
    — Vintage Ford Tri-Motor plane offers time travel | ,

  • “Unbuilt aircraft projects and aviation technology forum. Discuss aircraft that never got built along with those that did”
    — Piper PA-32 trimotor pics?,

  • “Timothy R. Gaffney's blog I don't know what prompted my parents to take me on that Ford Tri-Motor flight more than four decades ago, but I'll always be glad they did”
    — Tim's Blog,

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