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  • FD Trinitron® CRT. DisplayMouse™ OSD. Computer Interface: The computer industry lacks standards, and therefore, there are a multitude of varying software packages and add-on hardware options. These displays are not manufactured to any specific software, and Sony does not and. — “FD Trinitron”,
  • Trinitron" is sometimes used as a generic term for CRT monitors equipped with an aperture grille tube. Trinitron TV's used to be regarded as the best available in terms of picture quality, and Sony charged a premium for them. — “Games - Trinitron”, listing-
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  • : SONY Trinitron: Electronics. — “: SONY Trinitron: Electronics”,
  • Constant improvement in the basic technology and attention to overall quality allowed Sony to charge a premium for Trinitron devices into the 1990s. Patent protection on the basic Trinitron design ran out in 1996, and it quickly faced a number of competitors at much lower price points. — “Trinitron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Learn about Trinitron on . Find info and videos including: Sony Trinitron Issues, How to Store a Sony Trinitron, Sony Trinitron Troubleshooting and much more. — “Trinitron - ”,
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  • Sony NWZ-E344 (16 GB) Digital Media Player 16 GB (Built-in Memory), 4100 Songs, 1.9 oz., Audio Files: MP3, WMA, AAC How do you change a picture tube on a Sony Trinitron TV?. — “sony trinitron 34: Information from ”,
  • In the Trinitron screens, the light sensitive pixels on the inside of the tube are placed The traditional screen can provide more contrast than the Trinitron screens, which is important in some technical applications. — “An illustrated Guide to Monitors and the Video System”,

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