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  • Trinitrotoluol information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Trinitrotoluol - ”,
  • The effect of the thermobaric filling is reported to be equivalent to 550-660 g of trinitrotoluol. The RG-60TB grenade is primarily intended to defeat personnel in the open or in enclosed structures or field fortifications within a radius of. — “RG-60TB thermobaric grenade (Russian Federation) - Jane's”,
  • trinitrotoluene ( ) also trinitrotoluol ( ) n. TNT. TNT, Trilite, Tolite, Trinol, Trotyl, Tritolo, Tritolol, Triton, Tritone, Trotol, Trinitrotoluol,. — “trinitrotoluene: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of trinitrotoluol in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of trinitrotoluol. Pronunciation of trinitrotoluol. Translations of trinitrotoluol. trinitrotoluol synonyms, trinitrotoluol antonyms. Information about trinitrotoluol in the free. — “trinitrotoluol - definition of trinitrotoluol by the Free”,
  • Trinket definition, a small ornament, piece of jewelry, etc., usually of little value. trinitrotoluol. trinity. trinity brethren. trinity house. trinity river. trinity sunday. trinity term. trinitytide. triniunity. trink. trinket. trinketer. — “Trinket | Define Trinket at ”,
  • TNT: Definition and Pronunciation Also,T.N.T.Also called trinitrotoluene, trinitrotoluol, methyltrinitrobenzene, trotyl. 2. Trademark.Turner Network Television (a cable television. — “TNT: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • 2,4,6 - Trinitrotoluol (German) 2 - Methyl - 1,3,5 - trinitrobenzene s - Trinitrotoluol. sym - Trinitrotoluene. sym - Trinitrotoluol. SKIN AND EYE IRRITATION. — “The Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS)”,
  • Health assessment information on a chemical substance is included in IRIS only after a 2,4,6-TRINITROTOLUOL. s-TRINITROTOLUOL. sym-TRINITROTOLUOL. TRITOL. TRITON. TROJNITROTOLUEN. — “2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene (TNT) (CASRN 118-96-7) | IRIS | US EPA”,
  • The drying of the trinitrotoluol shall be carried on in a building The separation of the pure trinitrotoluol from the solvent may be done in the building for the recrystallizing if the apparatus used avoids accumulation. — “034 Pa. Code § 13.196. Drying”,
  • Trinitrotoluol # Bonus (GCQCQF) was created by Geo-Team-Nordhessen on 9/1/2005. It's a Micro size geocache, with difficulty of 3, terrain of 3.5. It's located in Hessen, Germany. Dieser Cache ist ein Bonus für alle Absolventen der "hard". — “GCQCQF Trinitrotoluol # Bonus (Unknown Cache) in Hessen”,
  • A 25-year-old woman has confessed to the Russian law enforcement that in the course of almost three years and up until recently she had been transporting trinitrotoluol explosion cartridges by her husband's orders.According to , the. — “What a loyal wife! - English ”,
  • Definition of trinitrotoluol from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of trinitrotoluol. Pronunciation of trinitrotoluol. Definition of the word trinitrotoluol. Origin of the word trinitrotoluol. — “trinitrotoluol - Definition of trinitrotoluol at”,
  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Trinitrotoluol) Tolite, Trinol, Trotyl, Tritolo, Tritolol, Triton, Tritone, Trotol, Trinitrotoluol, 2,4,6-Trinitromethylbenzene. — “Trinitrotoluene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Friends since December 1, 2009. Trinitrotoluol 1812. Last Online: 12 hrs, 0 mins ago [P.G] Trinitrotoluol 1812 posted on October 03, 2010 @ 11:49am. Hamachi Legion Leader??? you. — “Steam Community :: ID :: ﻯγ[̲̅ٿ̲̅]ҳρ № 1”,
  • An explosive consisting of 70% ammonium nitrate, 25% trinitrotoluol, and 5% nitroglycerin. Hackh Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms. — “donarite”,
  • Trinitrotoluene - chemical information, properties, structures, articles, patents and more chemical data. NSC36949, NSC 36949, s-Trinitrotoluene, s-Trinitrotoluol, sym-Trinitrotoluene, sym-Trinitrotoluol, T5315058, TNL, TNT, -TNT, Tnt-tolite, TNT-tolite. — “Trinitrotoluene, CAS Number: 118-96-7”,
  • UncleDynamite (Uncle Dynamite) Twitter conversations: James Tiberius Trinitrotoluol See also: & — “UncleDynamite (Uncle Dynamite) Twitter conversations: James”,

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  • 20 Tons of TNT - Flanders and Swann A powerful 1960s antiwar song from an unlikely source. Michael Flanders and Donald Swann were best known for their witty, urbane and sometimes sharply ironic songs commenting on modern life. 'At the Drop of a Hat' was their first hugely successful review on the London stage. This song was considered, by theatrical producers, to be too much out of character for live performance and survives only as a studio recording. For clarification, the rather considerable explosive power of one ton of the conventional chemical explosive trinitrotoluene (TNT) is used as a unit of this power. I thought the lyrics were worth displaying.
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  • A Delightful muddle !! AAAA. 251043Z FEB 2009 During last summer while diversions were in place there was certain parking restrictions....But needless to say there is always someone who wants or thinks that they know better !!!....Here we have a lady well `I know best `....this lady has parked as you will see on a double yellow line.....Pity one of our Knights in shining armour [ Traffic Wardens or Civil Enforcement officers were not about ] ? The black mercedes is clearly blocking the way....And the look of indignation not shown here when this lady got in her four wheel drive monster !!! it held up every thing !!!....Including may I add a Royal Mail van.....That is an explosive subject to talk about ? Her Majesty`s Government wanting to part privatise Royal Mail with the Dutch company TNT !!!....That word TNT what does it mean ?....Well the dictionary reads :-- TNT abbrev: trinitrotoluene or trinitrotoluol.....!!! This is like the situation out side our block It was an Explosive occasion on a warm summer day Tempers were about to go Bang !!!!! Like the part privatisation of Royal Mail.....What !!!! we invented the first stamps and our Postal services were second to none !!! While the greedy Whitehall treasury officials milked the GPO then Royal Mail dry !!! No investment...HMG were just like children going into a sweet shop with mum and saying Gimmy Gimmy Gimmy....Labour oh not forgetting the Tories also.....Forget aout the Liberal/ Dem party they do not know whether they are coming or going ...
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  • TNT aka Technoboy 'n' Tuneboy - Tritolo (Cristalline Mix Edit) cut from a set: Ed ET & DTR @ Hardstyle Vol 1 2010 Label: Titanic Records Country: Italy Released: Feb 2010 Lyrics: TNT Dictionaries relegate this word for yellow crystalline compound Used mainly as explosive, as it can only explode by means of a detonator However, TNT also stands for: Thermonuclear tester Technological teachers Technomatic teasers Today, not tomorrow Tactical narcotics team Telephone nursing telecine Trimetallic nitride template Total network test Trinitrotoluene
  • James Paddock Music - Trinitrotoluene Fast-paced techno beats.Please like, subscribe, comment, etc. You may download this song, along with much more brand new music, from my SoundClick account: (Registration is required but it doesn't take a minute.) Enjoy! :D
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  • TNT TriNitroToluene dynamite SchroederDiamonds 29JUL2010 Easy to draw Bio Molecules using the Schroeder Diamond Techniques of Carbon Diamonds, Nitrogen Aliens, Oxygen Circles and Hydrogen Dots has more...Thanks! Feedback and I'll post more info I have a difficult time editing and converting so it's a search I apologize! GOD BLESS Cosmic Ray THe Quantum Mechanic
  • Detonating 294528 TNT in Minecraft - No lag I recently installed a mod for my private server that stated it allowed up to 10000 TNT to be detonated at once, with no lag. So I decided I'd blow up nearly 300000. It seems to work. :P
  • universal okappo trinitrotoluene group_Live universal okappo trinitrotoluene group Live (2010.11.26) 「溝楽」 07:00~ myspace
  • Safety First - How to begin your journey This is our instructional video on automobile safety. Steps that you need to take or you will end up like these two. We shot this explosion twice. You can see it on the behind the scenes at the end of the clip. One Hollywood-version with lots of gasoline and preplanning, one "stuff it full of tnt and run"-version which was a blast. OneFX did all the pyrotechnics and we just went along for the ride. Thanks to Rick Burnett for the voiceover! If you enjoy the music, support Two Steps from Hell from their itunes page.
  • Der verfall — Der Mussolini (Cosmic Gate Remix) Genre: Electronic; Hard Trance
  • Survival Island (SMP) - Episode 7 - Trinitrotoluene, I'm dynamite! This episode, I begin to gather supplies to finallllyyyy go mining!!! I thought that this episode was pretty decently edited. Sorry that this description lacks the usual colours that I try and add, I just edited this late at night after a hot, boring, lifeless day at school. Subscribe if you feel happy enough. If you enjoyed this then I highly encourage you to leave a like or a comment, the comments are useful to me because they give me personal feedback from you telling me on which areas I should improve on. thtredstonegui's channel - ThatMrAnythingGuy's channel -
  • TNT Roots - Elohim (Aba Shanti I Sound System Classic) CD Raw Dubplate Warrior Style - Different Mix from the ABBA tune
  • Trinitrotoluene aka TNT I found the structure formula on Wikipedia. And suddely this idea popped up in my head.
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  • Minecraft - Huge TNT block explosion Rendered with Minema in 40 minutes, half playback speed.
  • TNT Tutorial #2 (How to Create a New Thread) Visit us at: Website: Twitter Facebook:
  • Sa.Vee.Oh - Unlimited (Bombata Recut).wmv Hardtrance
  • justbalthazar: Trinitrotoluol

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  • “This is some asskicking sounds that I recorded with my band Unwanted Youth sometime in Do you feel love2.mp3. Do you feel love3.mp3. Early grave 4track.mp3. Harmonize or bleed.mp3”
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  • “Quote from: Trinitrotoluol on August 21, 2006, 03:11:19 PM. can someone, who knows how those scripts work, change them that it I still can't upload it to this forum.. it keeps timing out with some error :-( If anyone else can upload it”
    — MapThis! GPS enabled map viewer for PSP,

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