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  • is also important for the Trumai to represent themselves as authentic Indians to Trumai (isolate) and characterized by pacifism and ritual exchange. — “LINGUIST List 20.2245: Language Documentation: Harrison, Rood”,
  • Trumai has two different dative markers applying to full nouns: - atl , used with If in a language animate and inanimate nouns show divergent case inventories (as in Trumai (4)), the cases are added together even though no nominal is capable of inflecting for all of them. — “WALS - Number of Cases”,
  • Trumai is an isolate language, that is, its genetic affiliations are unknown. Trumai was influenced by other Xinguan languages with regard to lexicon (for example, there are borrowings from Kamayurá, a Tupi language), but there are no evidences of genetic. — “DoBeS — Trumai - Language”,
  • Anthology of Brazilian Indian Music: Karajá, Javahé, Kraho, Tukuna, Juruna, Suyá, Trumai Shukarramãe Culture Group(s) Yuruna; Javahe; Caraja; Kraho; Shukarramae; Suya; Trumai; Tucuna. — “Smithsonian Folkways - Javahé: Sacred-mask-dance, songs”,
  • I have been conducting field work in this region for many years, having produced a reference grammar of Trumai, a genetically isolated language spoken in the area. In collaboration with French colleagues, I have built a digital archive of the Trumai language, with annotated audio and video data. — “HLSS - Department of Language, Linguistics and Area Studies”,
  • The HOPEP Association of the Trumai Indians (AHIT, Associação HOPEP dos Índios Trumai) was created in march 2005, and is based in Canarana, Brazil. Its goal is to promote projects of sustaining development and of cultural recovery within the Trumai community. — “Trumai | IsumaTV”,
  • List of scholarly documents and pages with material on Trumaí (tpy) Volker Gast & Peter Siemund. Rethinking the relationship between SELF-intensifiers and reflexives. — “ODIN results for language Trumaí (TPY)”,
  • A Reference Grammar of Trumai. Ph.D. dissertation. Rice University. The Trumaí Indians of Central Brazil. Locust Valley, N. Y.: J. J. Augustin. (Monographs. — “TRUMAI”,
  • The Trumai (or Trumaí; former native name: ho kod ke[1]) are an indigenous group in Brazil. The Trumai are considered one of the last groups to have settled on the upper Xingu River, moving there in the 19th century from the region between. — “Trumai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Music Make your home page. Home. Music Videos. In Concert. New This Week. Listening Brazilian Indian Music: Karaja, Javahe, Kraho, Tukuna, Juruna, Suya, Trumai, Shukarramae. — “Anthology of Brazilian Indian Music: Karaja, Javahe, Kraho”,
  • Trumai - Define Trumai at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Trumai. Look it up now!. — “Trumai | Define Trumai at ”,
  • A famous ceremony of the dead practiced by the Xingu Indians is called named Kuarup (Kwarip, Kwarup, or Quarup). Tree truck logs are composed of many different ethnic groups including Aweti, Kalapalo, Kamayura, Kapayo, Kuikuro, Maitipu, Nahukwa, Mehinaku, Suya, Trumai, Waura, and Yawalapiti tribes. — “Xingu Indian Photo Gallery”,
  • Trumai Bibles, facts, materials and people groups that speak Trumai. — “Joshua Project - Trumai Bibles, facts, materials and people”,
  • Ethnologue and bibliography information on Trumai. — “Ethnologue report for language code: tpy”,
  • The Xingu Indians are a group of different Amazonian tribes (Kayapo, Suya, Juruna, and Trumai) that inhabit the Xingu Indigenous Park located in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Contains photos and videos of the Xingu Indians illustrating their. — “Xingu Indians”, amazon-
  • Trumai is the capital of the Muras. This huge village is important to Also famous for its parties, Trumai is the home of the biggest event of the Muras: the. — “Mura Games - Trumai village”,
  • Indigenous people, Brazilian Indians, tribal culture,environment. IPCST based in England, supports Xavante Kalapalo Kuikuro Mehinaku Matipu Yawalapiti Nafukua Kamaiura Waura Trumai Ikpeng Kaiabi Kayabi Suya Kisedje Juruna Yudja Kayapo Arawete. — “IPCST; Indigenous People's Cultural Support Trust”,
  • The accusations point to cacique Ararapan Trumai, chief of the Terra Nova village. Ararapan is a leader in the park, the son of an important Trumai chief, with many relatives, and no one feels good for taking actions against him". — “Notícias socioambientais :: Socioambiental”,

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  • tve_publica_rs: Aweti (Erva sagrada) Trumai (Cuxiu”Macaco”) Nahakua (Pássaro Azul) Waura (Pedras Preciosas
  • tve_publica_rs: As tribos do Alto Xingu, ou Xinguanas, são Kuikuros, Kamayuras, Kalapalo, Yawalapiti, Mehinaku, Aweti, Trumai, Nahakua, Waura. #CarnavalTVE

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