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  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created as part of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act passed by the U.S. Congress, and signed into law by The TSA was originally organized in the U.S. Department of Transportation, but was moved. — “Transportation Security Administration - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Syphilis, lice, gonorrhea, ringworm, Chlamydia, staph, strep, noro and papilloma viruses all are part of the possible fringe benefits when airline passengers next go through a full hands-on pat-down by agents of the federal government's. — “Doctors sound TSA germ alert”,
  • TSA head John Pistole on Monday gave no signals that the new screening methods will be changed ahead of Thanksgiving. Days before one of the year's busiest travel holidays, the TSA's administrator stood firm on the use of new airport screening. — “TSA kept quiet on new rules to avoid providing a 'roadmap' to”,
  • The protest on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was called National Opt-Out Day, and its organizers urged air travelers to refuse the Transportation Security Administration's full-body scanning machines. — “Why the TSA pat-downs and body scans are unconstitutional”,
  • Wondering what was hot in the world of tech news this week? We have the roundup, and it's chock full of junk-examining TSA goodness, iOS 4.2 and AirPlay, terrible Android tablets, our gadget gift guide, Dell's sneaky ways, and more. — “Week in tech: TSA mania, worst tablet ever, gadget gifts”,
  • Charged with protecting U.S. transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce and airports. — “Transportation Security Administration (TSA)”, tsa.gov
  • National organization dedicated to providing up-to-date information about Tourette Syndrome. — “Tourette Syndrome Association”, tsa-
  • Airport security staff said that they hated having to carry out the body searches, with one claiming that it was worse for him than the passenger. A traveller undergoes an enhanced pat down by a Transportation Security Administration agent: Staff have said that they also find the searches. — “Now 'abused' TSA staff vent their anger at security patdown”,
  • As a follow-up to Erick's earlier post regarding the theater that has become TSA's airport security, a Right-Wing Housewife sent us along a report (and video). — “The TSA Opted Out of Opt Out Day | RedState”,
  • Perhaps it’s my imagination, but I swear Washington Post columnist George Will has become slightly less moderate and more doctrinaire now that bashing Barack Obama & Co. has become such a popular sport. — “Whacking away: George Will on the TSA - Commentary | The”,
  • Jonah Goldberg writes on NRO: When it comes to understatements, "the Germans have made some mistakes" is in a class by itself. But one thing they're And if any TSA agent gives the slightest indication that junk-touching is his or her favorite part of the job, he or she should be fired immediately. — “Travel, the TSA, and Teutonic Terminology - Jonah Goldberg”,
  • But, like most people (including me), every once in a while he has to get stuck on stupid: Qaeda the enemy – not TSA screeners and pat-downs has reached such a fever pitch, it seems that people are forgetting that the enemy isn't the Transportation Security Administration — it's al Qaeda. — “When It Comes To TSA Groping, Rep. Peter King Thinks You”, thepiratescove.us
  • In the uproar over security pat-downs at airports, some advocate that airports opt out of the Transportation Security Administration. But even at airports with private security contractors, federal guidelines rule, including the controversial. — “TSA procedures rule, even at airports with private security”,
  • Texas Society of Anesthesiologists advance, promote and support the practice of the medical specialty of Anesthesiology in the State of Texas. Log into the TSA Members Only Section to find resources available only to TSA Members. — “Texas Society Of Anesthesiologists - TSA Member Alerts”,
  • Opinion: LETTERS: TSA elitism; TSA whiners; Clean house next election | tsa, security, exempt, congress, required, considered, maybe, stay, change, house. — “LETTERS: TSA elitism; TSA whiners; Clean house next election”,
  • Cabinet secretaries, top congressional leaders and an exclusive group of senior U.S. officials are exempt from toughened new airport screening procedures when they fly commercially with government-approved federal security details. The TSA would not explain why it makes these exceptions. — “TSA: Some gov't officials to skip airport security - Yahoo! News”,
  • All the American people are asking for is discussion based on empirical evidence, not the ideology of fear. Instead, we've been ignored in favor In light of recent events sparked by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), there has been much debate and discussion over the importance. — “Michael Bendetson: TSA: True Safety Averted”,
  • The debate over security scanning and pat-downs has reached such a fever pitch, it seems that people are forgetting that the enemy isn't the Transportation Security Administration -- it's al Qaeda. — “Rep. Peter King: Better safe than sorry on airport security”,
  • Many air travellers complain about the Transportation Security Administration's backscatter full-body scanners and new "enhanced" pat-down procedures, but very few are willing to deal with the added hassle of requesting pat-downs instead of body scans—even if it's just in protest. — “The TSA mess: What do air travellers really want? | The Economist”,

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  • New TSA Policy Orders Travelers to Freeze on Command If you thought the bizarre power trip behavior of the TSA couldn't get any crazier -- think again. According to a friend of political commentator Lew Rockwell, the federal agency is now ordering travelers passing through security to "freeze" on command. Explaining how he had arranged with his family to split up as they were passing through airport security, the correspondent, whose story is posted at , explains how he heard a commotion from a different security lane. We heard a "freeze, freeze" or something like this coming from the output side of (false) security (where my wife was), followed by further barking of commands. From where I was, I couldn't see much." "It turns out they were doing a new drill. They want all passengers to freeze on command. My wife told me later that she didn't follow this order fast enough, so the subsequent barks I heard were directed at her." TSA supervisors expressed little other than disinterest when the man's wife complained at being ordered around in such an overbearing manner. "I think back to when I was a child, playing and wrestling in the back of the station wagon on long trips -- no seatbelts or child seats. Now we get yelled at in the airport. I don't feel safer," the post concludes. If accurate, the new policy represents yet another pointless exercise of power that seems designed to achieve little else than harassing travelers and treating them like prisoners by aggressively demanding immediate subservience. As we ...
  • TSA Nabs Suspected Al Queda Terrorist At Chicago Airport, A toddler in a wheelchair This video was taken in in the spring of 2010 at either O'Hare or Midway Airport. A toddler in a wheelchair is stopped by the TSA at the Airport in Chicago and forced to into a sequestered area. On his way to a family vacation in Disney, this 3 year old boy is in a body cast for a broken leg. Despite assurances from his father that "everything is ok", he is physically trembling with fear while he watches his two siblings, mother, father, grandfather and grandmother pass through along with everyone else...only to be singled out. He simply does not understand what is happening and why. This video was taken in in the spring of 2010 at either O'Hare or Midway Airport.
  • Blogger tricks TSA body scanners The Transportation Security Administration has received a lot of negative press for feeling up passengers and blacklisting toddlers from flying in US sky. Some believe the agency created after the 9/11 attacks is now more of a farce security theater than an actual security authority. One blogger was able to find flaws in the screening system and smuggled different items through the security scanners. Khaliah Barnes, an open government fellow for EPIC, joins us with more. Like us and/or follow us:
  • TSA Agents Say Logan Engages in Racial Profiling More than 78 thousand people pass to through Logan international airport in Boston - every day. All are subject to passenger security screenings implemented by the Transportation Safety Administration or the TSA. But according to more than 30 of its own agents, many are singled out not as a potential security threat but because of their religion or race. And in the case of African Americans - how they wear their clothes.
  • TSA Breast Milk Screening Harassment Updated New Mother Harassed and Threatened by TSA because she requests alternate screening for her breast milk. As a repeat traveler, the TSA singled her out to make an example out of her. She spends over an hour in the "Special Inspection" area and is forced to miss her flight.
  • TSA pushing to have body scanners nationwide? The Transportation Security Administration has been the subject of criticism by seemingly all who fly in the USA. The TSA is accused of violating privacy when it asks travelers to go through full body scan machines all for the supposed sake of national security. One of the companies behind the controversial equipment is now pushing to have these scanners installed nationwide. So do the full body scanners make us safer? Charlie McGrath, founder of , joins us for more. Like us and/or follow us:
  • Filming TSA is Terrorism www.prisonplanet.tv [Check out Alex's New Social Network-'Planet Infowars'
  • Amtrak Police Confronts JNReport for filming TSA at Chicago's Union Station Following my video back on July 5th "TSA Invades Chicago's Union Station", I went back to Chicago's Union Station on July 18th to meet with the Director of "Why in The World are they are Spraying Mike Murphy". Before I met with Mike; I walked around Union Station to see if TSA was still lurking around the Union Station Grounds. As I approached Metro's Union Station Restaurant I spotted a group of TSA agents about to eat lunch, so I decided to document them again at Chicago's Union Station. As I began filming I was approached by a member of Amtrak Police who noticed me from my prior TSA video. The Amtrak Police officer admitted to me that the government has seen and sent my TSA video over to them for reviewing. I was also told not to film TSA inside the Amtrak Passenger area, and if I did, I would be arrested for trespassing. The bigger question is- should the American public have a right to film TSA agents? Or should we trust them with securing our airlines, railways, and buses?
  • Captain Kirk Gets Groped by TSA www.prisonplanet.tv [Check out Alex's New Social Network-'Planet Infowars' Get all your Youngevity Products such as Beyond Tangy Tangerine, the Alex Pack and Pollen Burst. These supplements are a great way to get your essentials vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients
  • TSA trained to touch your genitals? After the attacks of 9/11, the Transportation Security Administration was created to prevent another dreadful episode of violence on American soil. The TSA has received heavy criticism for security techniques implemented on its passengers. Many argue that the security agency is no longer useful and that groping passengers and x-raying them isn't making the skies safer. Jonathan Corbett, president for Fourten Technologies, joins us to talk about the loopholes in the system. Like us and/or follow us:
  • Filming TSA, Out of Control Cops, and the 2nd Amendment As you can probably tell, I was running off of maybe four hours of sleep when I randomly recorded this yesterday, so I hope it makes a modicum of sense. I keep hearing all this hate for the 2nd Amendment and how we need to have our rights taken away in the wake of the Colorado shooting. It seems people are so far disconnected from our country's roots that they do not realize the whole point behind that Amendment's existence in the first place: to fend off tyrannical government. The media had a field day politicizing the 2nd Amendment in the days following the Aurora shooting, but they never have a field day reporting on how many law abiding citizens with concealed carry actually SAVE LIVES every day. Or how many millions of gun owners killed NO ONE anywhere on July 20, 2012. The media also downplays reports on the police state our government is erecting across the nation, arming to the teeth and unleashing a drone surveillance army against us financed with our money like its a great thing we should all just happily accept. They ignore the fact that we have known child molesters with below average IQs hired as transportation "security" and cops "accidentally" killing people all the time. Figures on the latter are WAY higher than what one whack job in a movie theater could ever even hope to aspire to (if he even did aspire to it alone...but I'll save that for another video). Fear rules the day, and logic falls by the wayside. Bottom line: If we have a government that could ...
  • TSA Checkpoints Exposed: Journalist Tracked, Targeted & Harassed for Filming Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange breaks down WRC Correspondent Julio Rausseo's experience at the Chicago Union Station, 1 week after releasing a video exposing TSA checkpoints being setup there. Follow Julio @ and on Youtube @ Follow Luke @ Become a WeAreChange Sponsor and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us grow! http:////donate
  • TSA Whistleblowers Tell All! TSA supervisors turned whistleblowers has revealed to the Alex Jones Show how the federal agency is deliberately directing its staff to hire people with criminal records who exhibit violent tendencies and psychopathic behavior. Explaining how his job involved filing reports on other TSA screeners who didn't follow procedure, "Rob" expressed his alarm at the fact that criminals were being hired who exhibited the behavior of "psycopaths." "We have a program in the state of Rhode Island where we take prisoners who are out for non violent drug offenses and everything else -- basically sociopaths -- and we're sending them to a ten day course and getting them out in uniform out checking people," said the whistleblower. Rob added that people who seemed professional were disregarded in favor of applicants who had criminal records and displayed a tendency for megalomania and power trip behavior. "If they have a background and it's something like violence or abusing authority we put them right in, we put them guys on the floor first day," said Rob, adding he was also encouraged to hire Iraq war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. "It's all about the power trip, it's all about having people bug their eyes out at the public and getting the public conditioned to the fact that the police state is coming," he added, noting how TSA screeners were directed to stick their chests out and "eyeball people." As a recent report by Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn highlighted ...
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  • TSA - the most hated profession in America? The Transportation Security Administration has been criticized for frisking toddlers and the elderly and many Americans feel the TSA is just a waste of tax payer's money. One American decided to do something about the inadequate agency. Jonathan Corbett, president of Fourten Technologies, put the $87 million body scanners to the test and they failed to detect metal objects in his pockets. He joins us with more. Like us and/or follow us:
  • TSA Invades Chicago's Union Station As I entered Chicago's Union Station back on July 5th, I noticed 3 Fully Uniform TSA Agents sitting inside the office of Amtrak Police. I took out my cell phone and started to follow these TSA agents, and it appeared to me that they were setting up a Check Point for Amtrak Riders. This is just another example of how TSA expanding their operations and entering Train Stations, Bus terminals, and major sporting and concert events. Will Americans allow TSA to bring their intrusive Pat Downs on the road or finally take a stand and say NO!!
  • TSA starts stopping people on US highways without warrants or probable cause This will PISS YOU OFF!! TSA, with State Police and National Guard as the muscle. This is the end of the 4th ammendment. They are now in bus stations and subways too! Pass this on and let All Americans know what is going on.
  • TSA rescues kidnapped woman at airport TSA agents rescue a kidnapped woman in Miami and assist in the capture of her two accused abductors. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at Or visit our site at
  • TSA Now Searching For Silver And Gold! The TSA has been known to download the contents of flyers' laptops and smartphones, and to take cash. Now they search and question travelers who have as few as 8 coins. This is totally outside of the law, and amounts to an internal customs check point- and is the real reason the TSA was set up. This is a federal power grab!
  • TSA Claims Right to Lie to Public! www.prisonplanet.tv [Check out Alex's New Social Network-'Planet Infowars'
  • TSA Begin Operations At CA Bus Terminals and Train Stations SUBSCRIBE Welcome to George4Title! I'm just a guy featuring random news and interviews from Southern California. We've been featured on Fox News, NBC, RT, Al Jezeera, French TV, Infowars, Tosh.0, ComedyCentral and many others. Contact G4T? Email: george4title(AT) Google Plus: George Hemminger George's Donation Link: bit.ly PO BOX 70834 Riverside, CA 92513-0834
  • Woman Passenger Gropes TSA Agent After She Was Groped The TSA tables have turned! A 59-year-old Florida woman stands accused of groping a female TSA agent while going through airport security — though she says she was just sticking up for herself. A video of the incident shows passenger Carol Jean Price putting down her bags dramatically and grabbing a TSA supervisor in what appears to be the crotch area. Price claims an agent grabbed her breasts and crotch during a screening at Southwest Florida International Airport, and that she was just demonstrating the aggressive treatment, when she was caught on camera. "She did not touch the supervisor as intrusively as she was touched," Price's lawyer John Mills said, according to Florida ABC affiliate WZVN. Agents who witnessed the incident told WINK TV at the time that Price became upset after being selected for an extra screening, and asked to speak to a supervisor. It was then that she reached down and "demonstrated and grabbed the leg of the agent and the crotch area as she claimed had happened to her." Mills says the incident was more than the typical TSA-passenger conflict — it was personal. Price is herself a former TSA agent, and believes the incident was a targeted assault because the two women knew each other. "She's obviously been through training and knew this lady," Mills said. Price was removed from the flight to Ohio, which Mills said she was taking to attend her brother's funeral. She now faces misdemeanor battery charges. "The pat down was conducted correctly in ...
  • Rand Paul vows to fight TSA Republican Senator Rand Paul has vowed to call attention to the Transportation Security Administration. Paul has released a statement saying, "the American people shouldn't be subjected to harassment, groping and other humiliation simply to board an airplane." The Senator is no stranger to the TSA; agents requested Paul to submit to a hands-on search earlier this year before boarding a flight to DC but he refused. So is the TSA necessary? Charlie McGrath, founder of , sounds off on the issue. Like us and/or follow us:
  • TSA searches unconstitutional? In the light of the latest cases on whistleblowers it looks like privacy in the US is more and more becoming a thing of the past. The TSA has come under fire lately for hands-on searches that some say just go too far. And moreover - TSA now says they have a right to search your smart phones. This is all coming after a man by name John Corbett filed a lawsuit against the TSA. He says they detained him for refusing to be groped and then rummaged though his belongings and read through his personal items. RT' Web Producer Andrew Blake explains where the TSA should draw line. Like us and/or follow us:
  • Breezing Through TSA Hell: Top Packing Tips Sonia Gil talks suitcase sizes, luggage scales, plastic containers and more! Don't get stuck at the security checkpoint because your bag is overflowing with unnecessary items! Let Sonia tell you about the gear and gadgets you can use to prep for your trip with the ease and efficiency of George Clooney in Up in the Air.
  • TSA Tells Complainers: "Go To Hell" New Yorker Ross Berenson can burn for ever in eternal damnation as far as the TSA are concerned, following his attempts to find out why his luggage had been broken into and tampered with during a flight from LAX to JFK. When Berenson discovered that the "TSA-certified" green lock on his bag had been removed and the loops of the zippers cut, he enquired with airline JetBlue as to what had happened. The Manhattan-based graphic designer was referred to TSA representatives. "Nobody could give me any answers about what happened in LA, but they very politely told me if I wanted to file a complaint I could fill out this form," Berenson told Gothamist. by Steve Watson www.prisonplanet.tv
  • TSA Demands Post Security Soft Drink Checks www.prisonplanet.tv [Check out Alex's New Social Network-'Planet Infowars' Get all your Youngevity Products such as Beyond Tangy Tangerine, the Alex Pack and Pollen Burst. These supplements are a great way to get your essentials vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients [[[ProPur Water Filtration]]]
  • NEW TSA Documents: Filming & Photography Terrorist Activities WeAreChange Correspondent Julio Rausseo on new TSA documents citing video taping and taking pictures as suspicious activity. Follow Julio @ and on Youtube @ Follow Luke @ Become a WeAreChange Sponsor and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us grow! http:////donate
  • TSA Harasses and Gropes Quadruple Amputee Jeff Lewis is a nationally known motivational speaker and a quadruple amputee. Even though he is well known by the TSA and other airport staff. He is routinely subjected to demeaning enhanced pat downs by TSA staff. http
  • TN Rep. Marsha Blackburn Seeks to Put TSA in Their Place! On this Tuesday, July 3 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee about HR 3608, the Stop TSA's Reach In Policy (STRIP) Act, which would prohibit any TSA employee not trained as a federal law enforcement officer or eligible for federal law enforcement benefits from wearing law enforcement uniforms or wearing a police-like metal badge. She will also talk about her report detailing the startling criminality of TSA employees. blackburn.house.gov www.prisonplanet.tv [Check out Alex's New Social Network-'Planet Infowars'
  • TSA - 51 Old good polish rock...full of sadness and melancholy, classic with great lyrics...
  • My TSA Experience and the super xbox boy. link
  • matthwkennedy: RT @mattaljazeera: NASA spent $2.6b over 10 years to put a 1 ton nuclear powered mobile science lab on Mars. TSA spent $8b in 2011 to keep shampoo off planes.
  • AmericanPapist: I'm convinced #TSA won't be satisfied until we are all flat on our backs going through the xray machines we currently put our luggage thru.
  • JstnBsn: RT @thezachmaginnis: NASA spent $2.6b over 10 years to put a 1 ton nuclear powered mobile science lab on Mars. TSA spent $8b in 2011 to keep shampoo off planes.
  • alessiakim09: RT @DailyCaller: TSA accused of racial profiling - http://t.co/wd8gKaP7
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  • jason_burns: @K1NG_T3N @AudreyFehan There is not a huge difference between Obama and Romney. Both want Bailouts, War, NDAA, Patriot Act, TSA #RonPaul
  • DjDangerousDave: RT @McQ1102: @DjDangerousDave I feel u TSA be on some flashlight cop BS. Had a agent in Buffalo pat me down for baggy pants
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  • karinaerickson: RT @TSAgov: A general rule to airline security is assuming that anything you do is probably illegal. #TSA
  • CiwiCiwawa: U shebile nho tsa liGay @dmamiez joale u vutha Mjita ua hau @keabl
  • mohantyambarish: Family member just got profiled by the ever glorious TSA. #fail
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  • DaleCraft: RT @TSAgov: A general rule to airline security is assuming that anything you do is probably illegal. #TSA
  • jessiejensen: RT @thezachmaginnis: NASA spent $2.6b over 10 years to put a 1 ton nuclear powered mobile science lab on Mars. TSA spent $8b in 2011 to keep shampoo off planes.
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  • SmartPeople4Ron: RT @PatriotsPaulies: Doctors Advising Pregnant Women To Avoid TSA body Scanners - #tlot #tcot #p2 #gmo http://t.co/KtobjZII via @tom19803
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  • LibertyDog56: RT“@blackbartohio: #ObamaDictionary EPA; my own Gestapo” MT Traveling by Air TSA is Gestapo!
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  • temerev: RT @thezachmaginnis: NASA spent $2.6b over 10 years to put a 1 ton nuclear powered mobile science lab on Mars. TSA spent $8b in 2011 to keep shampoo off planes.
  • justexcel: White House Pulls Down TSA Petition http://t.co/qp7xKvbY #Fail
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  • JamesJacket94: RT @TSAgov: A general rule to airline security is assuming that anything you do is probably illegal. #TSA
  • BloomUtopia: Sarah Palin Calls on TSA to ‘Profile’ Airline Passengers of course she does..'cept we need to profile 20-50 yr old w/m's w/guns lately
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  • AmyLawrenceESPN: Sorry, Delta & TSA. You couldn't keep me from Atlanta, though you gave it your best effort. I win :)
  • PoliticalLogic: RT @DailyCaller: TSA accused of racial profiling - http://t.co/5CQ6ihzw
  • AudreyBeatle: TSA: "The Second-Base Administration." #PNS
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  • mikeyh907: RT @thezachmaginnis: NASA spent $2.6b over 10 years to put a 1 ton nuclear powered mobile science lab on Mars. TSA spent $8b in 2011 to keep shampoo off planes.
  • x3stephh: Just over heard someone blaming Obama because there were only two lanes through tsa #what
  • __sashafierce: RT @jomandac_: @__sashafierce yessir lol and it's TSA dummy
  • 0SweetSolace0: RT @DailyCaller: TSA accused of racial profiling - http://t.co/wd8gKaP7
  • Joshua_Roberts_: RT @DEREKRGRS: My 5 yr old daughter being tested for chemicals on her hands by #TSA @DLoesch http://t.co/K4eciXff
  • Carloverz28: RT @thezachmaginnis: NASA spent $2.6b over 10 years to put a 1 ton nuclear powered mobile science lab on Mars. TSA spent $8b in 2011 to keep shampoo off planes.
  • sandro: RT @thezachmaginnis: NASA spent $2.6b over 10 years to put a 1 ton nuclear powered mobile science lab on Mars. TSA spent $8b in 2011 to keep shampoo off planes.
  • R_A_W_Beats: TSA Always knows what I'm having for lunch! #invadingmyprivacy #airportsecurity
  • ronnilingerfelt: RT @DEREKRGRS: My 5 yr old daughter being tested for chemicals on her hands by #TSA @DLoesch http://t.co/K4eciXff
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  • cypherdivine: White House removes petition with over 22,000 signatures calling for the TSA airport security to follow the law http://t.co/8LHgyO4e
  • GlitterlustDC: @ThePandoraBoxx Also TSA employees
  • jomandac_: @__sashafierce yessir lol and it's TSA dummy
  • _traveling: TRAVEL: TSA 'chat-downs' investigated at Boston's Logan airport - Delmarva Now: TRAVEL: TSA 'chat-dow... http://t.co/sJsWsFAc
  • __sashafierce: @jomandac_ TSA ? Abc ? 123 ? Whatever it's called lol
  • airparkinghub: #Travel #News TSA to investigate racial profiling claims http://t.co/pdSsVeXQ
  • cazper666: RT @DailyCaller: TSA accused of racial profiling - http://t.co/wd8gKaP7
  • Skeleton_Army: In tsa uk only the officers that fit the mold get promoted. Any with booth zeal get squashed. Thq full of dull clones. Its all screwed!
  • DeltaAssist: @jackie7904 Yes, as long as it's in a  3.4 ounce bottle or less. Here's a helpful link: http://t.co/MvKhefYd. Thanks. ^KT
  • KzPage: RuhRoh, say it aint so. they must be republicans hehehe >> RT @DailyCaller TSA accused of racial profiling - http://t.co/OnAtEh7l
  • MahinBellydance: Philly TSA agent in headscarf...shrewd PR move.
  • Stringer_Bellll: Sa depend de quoi ? — De la meuf, si c srx avc el tsa oué jle suis. Si c un trk comsa jmen bat les couilles... http://t.co/iBCbfnIK
  • TSA_Dreee: Why Tho.?...She TRILL AF
  • TSA_Dreee: LMAO, iTold #Oomf iFW Jadaaa She Kool Ppls , Tht Nigga Said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO DONT DO IT,LMAO
  • jojojubee: RT @DailyCaller: TSA accused of racial profiling - http://t.co/wd8gKaP7
  • holmgren85: @DailyCaller: #TSA accused of racial profiling - http://t.co/Z2tFYEtf
  • bholmgrown: @DailyCaller: #TSA accused of racial profiling - http://t.co/3QbRrIcT
  • Armeylross: genre je maarcher tsa , gt malade et javai froid donc je voulais rentrer 1
  • jelmerevers: RT @audreywatters: I don't know if my @klout score went up or down but I made it thru the TSA screening today wearing a Cobra Commander t, so + to me
  • tsal_tsa: Yaa allah,,jng jaauhkan hamba dariMu yaa rabb :(
  • Crazzy_GuX: Dude tf is that? RT "@S_TisticDJ: Tsa mo nyela. :'-D "@Crazzy_GuX: Bloated ☹""
  • TSA_Dreee: @Snapbacks_Polos #REAL
  • DailyCaller: TSA accused of racial profiling - http://t.co/wd8gKaP7
  • NatalieDaNaz: Wa lwala dijo tsa mdogwana RT"@ThandyBlackie: @NatashaShartz hahaha ke ampeile main course oats ke dijo tsa @NatalieDaNaz"
  • TSA_Dreee: RT @ArtisticTrends_: just watched Dreee video on youtube that hoe killa
  • burlivesleftnut: RT @thezachmaginnis: NASA spent $2.6b over 10 years to put a 1 ton nuclear powered mobile science lab on Mars. TSA spent $8b in 2011 to keep shampoo off planes.
  • TSA_Dreee: You KANT Tell Kobe How 2 Shoot His Shot, So U KANT Tell A Gangsta Not 2 Sell His Rocks.! #Dreee
  • iiCurse: Wtf with TSA recruiting all these ppl wtf
  • _E2Unscripted: Ke bone fela! I know u! U only contact me ka taba tsa di dreibe. But fear not ke daar RT @TumiSteyn: Le nna. We ... http://t.co/PlG4E41g
  • KegomoditsweDk: UcntBeMYbf if u wear t-shirts tse tshwanang le tsa Bra G wa isidingo
  • JessDayGeorge: RT @thezachmaginnis: NASA spent $2.6b over 10 years to put a 1 ton nuclear powered mobile science lab on Mars. TSA spent $8b in 2011 to keep shampoo off planes.
  • Alt_NWO: High Explosives Awardee Announced To Firm Of Former TSA Head http://t.co/SRFAWXWu
  • B4INNWO: High Explosives Awardee Announced To Firm Of Former TSA Head http://t.co/2zv8cDsu
  • ThandyBlackie: @NatashaShartz hahaha ke ampeile main course oats ke dijo tsa @NatalieDaNaz
  • DonM388: @Sii_Cee Ke kopa ong kutlwise tsa hao...a woman who can cook up a storm is a keeper.
  • Skeleton_Army: The officers in tsa who brown tongue the most get the big glam corps and the cushy hq jobs.
  • Daveharleykc: Dont laugh and say thats an ounce of heroin in my pants to a TSA angent...the words "bend over and cough" arent funny in that back room
  • acdmnky: Eh? Ja nicki shem. Bammoditse tsa hae RT @zenzeeking: Kwakwakwakwa /☹ RT"@Nyiko_s: Cc @zenzeeking @lavrelilita ... http://t.co/VtJiS6jR
  • SBTravel: TSA probes racial profiling allegations in behavior detection program http://t.co/q7RluaMW
  • TSA_Dreee: Ayeee @Snapbacks_Polos peep This Hoe Tho, A Nigga Smashed Tht Hoee---> http://t.co/Vxy4ehdj
  • MelissaBee79: RT @RonPaulsVoice: Unless grassroots Americans take action federal agencies like TSA will continue to bully us & ignore our basic freedoms #RonPaul #OWS #tcot
  • GLOBALPOLITICAL: High Explosives Awardee Announced To Firm Of Former TSA Head http://t.co/MTSnqwUf

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