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  • Tsamikos (Sarakatsaniko) Guarda questo video su video.google.it. 03:39 - 4 anni fa. This is a Greek folk dance performed by the young people dance group of the Sarakatsanoi Association of Drama. This is a Greek folk dance performed by the young. — “Tsamikos (Sarakatsaniko)”, video.google.it
  • Brave Combo : Exotic Rocking Life - Download - CDS Cassettes T-Shirts Downloads Holiday Music ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping 4. THE TSAMIKOS. — “Exotic Rocking Life - Download : Brave Combo, Web Store”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. There is no topic page for 'Tsamikos' Create One Now!. — “Videos tagged with Tsamikos - Metacafe”,
  • Greek dance is a very old tradition, being referred to by ancient authors such as Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch and Lucian.[1] There are many different styles and interpratations from all of the islands and surrounding mainland areas. Each region Tsamikos. — “Greek dances | ”,
  • 16 Count Tsamikos. Greece. Formation: Men (originally, now may be done mixed) in a W handhold. Meter 3/4. Each Slow gets 2 beats and each Quick one! When learning Step Four try it with the "slow-quick table" first (orange, white and yellow- or. — “16 Count Tsamikos”,
  • tsamikos. Meter: 3/4 - Count each measure as "one-hold-three" Introduction: 8 measures. Formation: Line dance, facing center, hands joined at shoulder level. Measures. Counts. 1. 1. Step on R to R. 2. Hold. 3. Step on L, crossing in front of R. 2. 1. Touch R toe diagonally FWD towards R. 2. Hold. 3. — “tsamikos”,
  • Dick Oakes learned this dance from Madelynne Greene, who learned this dance from Agoritsa Kokkinou in Québec, Canada, in 1964, referred to the dance as the "16-count Tsamikos."Miss Kokkinou taught many variations, some of which were later introduced by John Pappas and David Henry. — “Pidichtos Tsamikos”,
  • The Tsamiko (Greek: Τσάμικος, Tsamikos) is a popular traditional dance of Greece. The dance follows a strict and slow tempo not emphasising on the steps, but more on the "attitude, style and grace" of the dancer. — “Tsamiko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Tuesday dancers led by Barbar Bevan dancing Tsamikos at the Greek Folk Dance Demo, Friday, Aug. 17, 2007, Mercy McMahon Terrace. — “YouTube - Tsamikos”,
  • SKALKOTTAS: 36 Greek Dances / The Return of Ulysses by Nikos Skalkottas. Listen to classical music CDs online. Tsamikos 00:02:30. 16. Series III: VI. Macedonikos 00:01:22. Total Playing Time: 02:21:30. Composer. Artist. Composition Title. Disc Title. Catalogue No. — “SKALKOTTAS: 36 Greek Dances / The Return of Ulysses - BIS-CD”,
  • Kaboodle - Find silk product listings. Shop from a great selection of silk finds from great stores and read reviews from fellow shoppers. Tsamikos Silk Circle Skirt. — “silk product listings and reviews at Kaboodle”,
  • Kalamatianós/Tsámikos Composer: Conrad Steinmann Period: Modern (1910-1949) Albums with Complete Performances of the Work Title Date Pneuma Previous:. — “Kalamatianós/Tsámikos: Information from ”,
  • The largest classical music site on the web. Hundreds of thousands of classical music files. Most composers and their music are "Tsamikos" is the name of a type of folk dance. Skalkottas uses its rhythm and a folk song called "Kato stou Valtou ta horia" (Down in the Valtos villages). — “Nikos Skalkottas - Greek Dances (3) for strings - Classical”,
  • Touchstone Sacred Dance Library. Tsamikos. Associations---Greece. Tapes Found On---Camp 91 This dance is probably named for the Tsames in Northern Epirus (today southern Albania). — “Tsamikos - Greek Folk Dance”,
  • Skalkottas Greek Dance No.01, Tsamikos AK11:1 Nikos Christodoulou MP3,classical music downloads and thousands of classical music mp3 files. Search by composers, titles, performers or ensembles and browse compilations and mood selections. — “Skalkottas Greek Dance No.01, Tsamikos AK11:1 Nikos”,
  • Eva Fam­pas plays "Greek Dance Tsamikos" by Dim­itris Fam­pas. Eva Fam­pas plays "Greek Dance Tsamikos" by Dim­itris Fam­pas. Novem­ber 2007, OMIREION con­cert hall, Chios. — “Eva Fampas plays "Greek Dance Tsamikos" by Dimitris Fampas”,
  • Tsamikos (Sarakatsaniko) 03:39 - 4 years ago. This is a Greek folk dance performed by the young people dance group of the Sarakatsanoi Association of Drama. This is a Greek folk dance performed by the young people dance group of the Sarakatsanoi. — “Tsamikos (Sarakatsaniko)”,
  • Learn general information about Greek folk dance. Information on Greek music, Greek folk music, Greek dance, and related Greek folklore from John Pappas, including folk instruments, recordings of traditional music for regional dances, and Tsamikos: John's and Paula's wedding, 1968. — “Greek Dances ~ Greek Folk Music and Dance ~ John Pappas”,
  • Listen to and buy John Pappas - Yiannis Pappayiorgas music on CD Baby. Download or buy the CD "The Lost Greek Recordings" by John Pappas - Yiannis Pappayiorgas on the independent record store by musicians for musicians. 13. O Ilios - Tsamikos. — “John Pappas - Yiannis Pappayiorgas | "The Lost Greek”,

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  • Tsamiko with acrobatic stunt High school and college dancers at the 2011 St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church Festival in Melbourne, Florida add a crowd-pleasing pyramid stunt to the traditional Greek dance "Tsamiko."
  • Tsamikos at St. Demetrios Dinner Dance 2009 The St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Adult Dance Group performing Tsamikos at the St. Demetrios Dinner Dance in early 2009.
  • Greek Vlach Leader Variations(Vlach Tsamikos) This video is from a documentary about the people from Namata in the Kozani region in Macedonia. Namata is a mountain village where the villagers go in the summers to care for their livestock and was chosen for the documentary because they still practice many traditions. The video shows the lead dancer doing many variations. In Greek dances, when the leader is "showing off", the rest of the line just stands in place. The lead position in a dance is therefore one of importance, where important is relative to the occasion. For weddings, important is how close you are to the bride and groom. For a saint day celebration, it may be granted to someone who was named after the saint. Otherwise, the lead position is bought by paying the band. Even though we don't see much of the actual dance, it is evidently a Tsamikos. Notice that it starts with the left foot - this is typical of Vlach Tsamiko.
  • Tsamikos - Dionysos Dancing Group - Limassol Parastasi Dionisou sto Pattixio
  • Vasilis Lekkas - Tsamikos Composer: Manos Hadjidakis / Lyrics: Nikos Gatsos
  • Bloody Tsamikos by Dan Cantrell Tribal Fusion Belly Dance I'm COMPLETELY SELF TAUGHT over the last almost year so, bear with me. This is my first video of this sort. I was originally just using this as a practice video, but it didn't turn out too bad so, I put it on here. Most of the choreography is Rachel Brice, but I mixed a lot of my own in there to make it original. It's not my best and I do apoligize for looking like crap. I hope you enjoy this at least a little. =]
  • 4. TSAMIKOS (20 Original GREEK Dances) 4. TSAMIKOS (20 Original GREEK Dances) Music: Paradosiako
  • Tsamiko Xoreutikos Omilos Proswpikou Panepistimiou Patrwn 7h Politistikh Evdomada.
  • tsamiko fantastic in dora stratou This fantastic tsamiko is danced by men,in Dora Stratou theatre by Dromena Dance Academy in the performance of 2007!The three solos,are done by order,from Ilias Mavropoulos,Dimitris Delis and Paraskevas Dobros.
  • Tsamikos Tuesday dancers led by Barbar Bevan dancing Tsamikos at the Greek Folk Dance Demo, Friday, Aug. 17, 2007, Mercy McMahon Terrace
  • Papalambrena (Tsamiko) Traditional Greek Music Roger Krikorian Vocals-Dumbeg
  • tsamikos vasilis lekkas
  • tsamiko tsamiko dance
  • Tsamikos on the top of the hill Agios Ilias, Summer 2007 Schupaniotes on dance ;o)
  • Markopoulo Tsamikos-Μαρκοπουλο Traditional dance at Markopoulo June 2008 (dance instructor Fotis Floros)
  • tsamiko
  • Tsamikos Folk group dance Tsamikos
  • Tsamikos of Kerasovo Konitsa.mp4 Filmed in Kerasovo (Agias Paraskevi), Konitsa, Greece, August 9, 1999.
  • Tsamikos-Mandili Kalamatianos OPA!!!!! Get up and dance!!!! Yia'sou Costa, Juny, Mike, Gary Romanian Orthodox Church Picnic '07 Southbridge, MA
  • Tsamiko Tsamiko: Dionyssis Savvopoulos
  • Tsamikos/Undercover medley -- Brave Combo in Roseburg Near the end of their set at the Half Shell in Roseburg, Oregon, July 28th, 2009, Brave Combo played these selections from their album, The Exotic Rocking Life. The Undercover medley includes themes from Peter Gunn, The Pink Panther, Secret Agent Man, Get Smart, Batman and the Sabre dance.
  • Tsamiko Dora Stratou dance group preforming Tsamiko
  • Tsamikos - watching the feet Here are some people at a folkdance night, doing tsamikos. I recorded this so I could remember the steps. (Note: these are people doing it for fun, and mostly not Greek)
  • Tsamikos Nice dance, dancing by men
  • Manolis Mitsias - Tsamiko (live) Composer: Manos Hadjidakis / Lyrics: Nikos Gkatsos
  • Tsamiko! Tsamiko Klarino : Kimon Symeonidis Kithara : Daniel Koutsathanas Bass : Chris DeForge Drum : Spyros
  • tsamiko the folk dance tsamiko
  • Itia - Ιτιά (Tsamikos) Port Jefferson Greek Festival 2008 (5) Aug. 24, 2008 Greek Medley Aug. 21, 2008 Yorgo-Klarino, Saki-bouzouki/vocals, Nick-guitar/bouzouki/vocals, Tom-Keyboard Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption
  • tsamikos.flv Τσάμικο στην Κόνιτσα
  • Tsamiko - Jim Stoynoff with Dromia & Shea Comfort Greek folk music performed by Jim Stoynoff with Dromia and Shea Comfort at the Folk Dance Center in San Diego, California. The first song is "Itia", the next is "Siko Dhiamando", followed by the instrumental "O Ilios". The dance is "Tsamiko". Jim Stoynoff is a native Chicagoan who began studying the clarinet in 1962. Since that time he has specialized in the research, preservation and performance of Greek Folk Music, with particular emphasis on the regional folk clarinet styles of Epiros, Macedonia, Central Greece and Turkey. Since 1965 Jim has performed regularly at major functions within the Greek and Turkish communities and has appeared with various groups throughout the US He also gives lecture/performances and authors articles on the Balkan clarinet for various publications. Since 1986 he has appeared annually at various events sponsored by the Chicago Cultural Center, and performs with the Chicago Immigrant Orchestra. From September 2006 through September 2007 his ensemble performed as part of Yoyo Ma's Silk Road Chicago residency, and he recently made two appearances with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, for the opening of the Chicago World Music Festival. In 2007, Jim designed and curated the Hellenic Museum & Cultural Center's (HMCC) exhibit Road to Rembetika and is actively building HMCC's archive and permanent exhibit of discography and instruments for its new facilities. San Diegos Dromia (pronounced DROMia), plays a wide range of southern Balkan dance tunes ...
  • Old greek men dancing on a bottle Tsamikos In nothern greece in a small village (VITHOS Pentalofos) there is an old man who can dance on a bottle beer.
  • tsamikos xoreftiko sperhiadas tsamikos-9o festival xorou sti sperhiada
  • Trikorfa (tsamikos) Tsamikos
  • Tsamikos - Dora Stratou Tsamikos Dora Stratou Hellenic Dance Greek Dance Folk Heritage Tsamiko
  • Tsamiko (Houston Greek Fest) Tsamiko (Houston Greek Fest 2006)
  • guitarist Eva Fampas plays "Tsamikos" by Dim.Fampas Greek virtuoso guitarist Eva Fampas plays "Greek Dance Tsamikos" by Dim.Fampas. November 2007, OMIREION concert hall, Chios Island Greece. For more about Eva: www.evafampas.gr /evafampas Read the Guitar Journal Newsletter: www.evafampas.gr/guitarjournal.html Live performance
  • Canada Day 1986 Tsamiko Saskatoon, SK. Canada - July 1, 1986 - Diefenbaker Park
  • Tsamiko It's me, Pablo and Niko dancing tsamiko at the Greek Tavern "Alexandros" (Rosario, Sta Fe, Argentina). The band playing "To proto persiteri" of Giorgos Ntalaras calls "Logia mas" It's a warrior dance, from the Epirus mountains. I think the name comes from the "Τσάμηδες"(Tsámides), a group of ethnic Albanians, who lived in Albania, Greece and Turkey. The region calls Tsamuriá, It's region of Epirus in southern Albania and northwestern Greece. Other tags: Greece Argentina colectividad Goma Zorba rosario
  • Dora Stratou in China - Tsamikos, Kalamatianos 1st Xingjiang folk dance festival Urumqi - China
  • Sarakatsanoi foithtes Thessalonikis Tsamikos Xoros syllogos sarakatsanaiwn foithtwn thessalonikhs "o Lepeniwths" thn 1-5-2007 sth thermh thessalonikhs
  • tsamikos vasilis saleas... korg s from achilleas dantilis
  • MatElefzerakis: 01 Tsámikos: http://t.co/rHQoEeTQ via @YouTube

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  • “Learning Greek Dances in Greece especially those Greek Dances like sousta, syrto, kalamiatiano that have their roots from the Ancient Greek dances that we would only be doing four local dances, the Syrtos, the Tsamikos, the Sousta ,the Kotsari (Pontiaka) and the Pentozali from Crete Before this”
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  • “I didn't know the existence of PSR owners forum when i discover it while searching the web for rhythm styles. Welcome to the forum and the best PSR site on the net. You will find many friends here and do visit the main”
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  • “eZ publish - the web application suite ( Allegro, Tsamikos) 3. K'ipa ( Allegro) 4. Mira ( Lento) 5. Obros ( Tempo di marcia) 6. Obros, i dimiourgi ( Andante mosso) 7. Simoni o neos o logos”
    — Mikis Theodorakis - The Home Page, int.mikis-

  • “[Archive] Macedonian dances Free Speech Macedonia Forum Every Greek dance has a Greek name have you heard of Tsamikos?..where do you thing it gets its name from? But there is a difference whe some one dances Postseno or Tsamiko in Greece they are Greeks you are something else!”
    — Macedonian dances [Archive] - Macedonia Forums,

  • “"Hmm, mine usually ends up a rich medium "golden pink," a very hard The well-known Tsamikos dance takes its name from this group. It is also a little-known”
    — Echoes of a Homeland V - kipouros - Open Salon,

  • “We only spent some extra time covering the variations of Tsamikos, which are: turns; six-six; squat; hit; salahi; scissors! Tuesday at 7pm! Valeria. Valeria's blog. Login or register to post”
    — Last dance class 5 Oct 2010 | Greek Dance Group,

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