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  • In the future children are "Uglies" until they turn 16. On their 16th birthday they get to become "Pretties" by surgery. In the future children are "Uglies" until they turn 16. On their 16th birthday they get to become "Pretties" by surgery. — “Uglies (2011) - IMDb”,
  • Read excerpts, watch videos, get book reviews and more about Uglies at Simon & Schuster. — “Uglies | Book by Scott Westerfeld, Rodrigo Corral - Simon”,
  • SPOILER ALERT If you haven't read the book yet, I do go into the ending in this piece so if you don't want to know how Uglies ends, move along. — “Uglies Scott Westerfeld | ”,
  • The good, the bad, THE UGLY! Comfy underwear that will make your head spin! Express your inner colors in a new pair of Uglies. 100% cotton, button fly, 5-panel "No-Wedgie" design, Made. — “Uglies - Your underwear will never be the same!”,
  • Dolfin uglies swimwear - 707 results from 59 stores, including Dolfin Uglies Girl's Peony V-2 Back Training Swimsuit, Dolfin Uglies Whimsy Baggies, Dolfin Uglies V-2 Back Womens, Dolfin Urban Uglies Dolfin Crest Female, Dolfin Uglies V-2 Back. — “Dolfin uglies swimwear - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • Uglies (Uglies, book 1) by Scott Westerfeld - book cover, description, publication history. — “Uglies (Uglies, book 1) by Scott Westerfeld”,
  • Uglies is a 2005 science fiction novel by Scott Westerfeld. Written for young adults, Uglies deals with adolescent themes of change, both emotional and physical, and dealing with the revelation that "some of what you're taught. — “Uglies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • the author of the Uglies series is a man named Scott Westerfeld. The Uglies canon is constituted by the trilogy: "Uglies", "Pretties" and "Special" and the companion book ". — “Uglies - Fan History Wiki: The Fandom History Resource”,
  • Uglies is a fast-paced novel taking a typical YA topic--self esteem, conformity, and the perception of beauty--and treating it in a new and ultimately satisfying way by speculating about where current values of beauty and perfection might lead us as a society if taken to the extreme. — “Becky's Book Reviews: Uglies”,
  • Kaboodle - Extras (Uglies) review and product info . Learn more about Extras (Uglies), learn other people's perspectives, compare prices, and find out where to buy. — “Extras (Uglies) review at Kaboodle”,
  • All about Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. — “Uglies by Scott Westerfeld | LibraryThing”,
  • : Uglies (Uglies Trilogy, Book 1) (9780689865381): Scott Westerfeld, Rodrigo Corral: Books. — “: Uglies (Uglies Trilogy, Book 1) (9780689865381”,
  • BARNES & NOBLE: Uglies Box Set (Uglies, Pretties, Specials) [3 Volume Set] by Scott Westerfeld - Save with New Lower Prices on Millions of Books. FREE Shipping on $25 orders!. — “Uglies Box Set (Uglies, Pretties, Specials) [3 Volume Set”,

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  • Uglies Movie Trailer This was a fan-made trailer I made a few years ago.. At the time a production company had bought the rights to the film, but I'm not sure what has happened in the way of actually making it now... I'm aware this is a bit lame, but will keep it up here for archive purposes :)
  • Uglies & Pretties FANMADE Trailer THIS IS NOT THE REAL MOVIE TRAILER, SO QUIT ASKING ME. Please & thanks. It's seriously crazy how many views and comments there are on this video. A trailer I made out of google pics, LOST clips, and The Messengers clips. I don't own anything. Is supposed to be a trailer for Scott Westerfeld's books in the Uglies trilogy. =] -Emilie De Ravin = Shay (pretty) -Jessica from "The Messengers" = Tally
  • Book Review - Uglies by Scott Westerfeld Please check out my blog for even more from me - nicoleslaw00 Follow me on Goodreads - Book 1 of the Uglies series 4 out of 5 stars!!! Currently reading: Prophecy of the Sisters
  • Uglies Trailer...Thingy O_o NOTICE:Ok so i've recived alot of comments asking "What is the song?" and i just keep getting mader and mader because i put CREDITS. Whats the point of doing credits if no one is going to read them and just pester me about something that was clearly already stated.I'm no longer answering comments asking what the song is or who it is by because if you really wanted the song, you could've even CHECKED if there were credits but you didn't so obviously you don't want the song very much. Good Day. This is really crappy cuz i didnt have the patience to do it all over again. Sony Vegas thinks it to good for everyone so When i was almost done it decided to crash then never let me open it again so i had to do the whole feckin thing over again =3= and im sooo sorry to me subsribers who are awaiting an anime video DX Im working on like 4 videos atm. Please be patient :3 Ya so uglies is one of my favorite books and i wanted to share its wonder with the world xD I own NOTHING! Hear me out, NOTHIN!
  • Pounding Grace - PLUG UGLIES Directed by Robert Boyd
  • My Uglies/Pretties Cast This is just me fooling around because that's what bored people tend to do. As far as credit, all rights to the song go to Maika Maile. I claim no rights to it. It's all his beautiful work. Some of the actors' names got cut off and I'm far too lazy to adjust the pictures so I'll list them here. UGLES: Tally- Miranda Karr Shay- Ashley Rickards Peris- Tom Welling David- Aaron Johnson Maddy- Susan Misner Az- Jason Biggs Croy- Chord Overstreet PRETTIES: Tally- Jojo Shay- Michelle Trachtenberg Zane- Brant Daugherty Fautso- Kevin G Schmidt
  • Uglies Trailer SONG NAME=steppin' out by Kaskade ;) No obviously this isn't real...I just got done reading this book and it was pretty good so i made a fan trailer for it rate and comment plz and thanku
  • Uglies Movie Trailer We created this trailer based upon Scott Westerfeld's book Uglies for a highschool English competition. This trailer won first place in its category.
  • Uglies Fan Trailer So, I absolutely LOVE Scott Westerfeld's "Uglies" series! This is the first trailer, and I'm hoping to do one for the other 3 books! :) Hope you like it! PS. There aren't too many spoilers, but there are a few. And... check out my other cool videos! Pretties-
  • Johnny Panic - PLUG UGLIES
  • Uglies Trailer A teaser I made for English class for the book the Uglies. Alright for everyone who asks me this. READ THIS:: When directors make a movie out of a book they often times omit and add scenes/chapters. I, being the director, added a small part to help emphasize the David's anger upon the realization that Tally brought the Specials to his village.
  • UGLIES SCOTT WESTERFELD (TRAILER PL/EN) We created this trailer based upon Scott Westerfeld's book Uglies for a Polish edition.
  • Uglies Book Trailer A book trailer for the Uglies series (Uglies, Pretties, Specials) by Scott Westerfield. Done for my Young Adult Lit class--pretty fun to do.
  • PLUG UGLIES - Dipsomania Directed by Janet Merewether
  • Uglies Trailer This is the finished product of a group project I was a part of. The assignment was to make a trailer of a book. The book we got was Uglies. (It was a pretty good book!) We all worked really hard on this trailer and we all did pretty well in the acting portion too! We even got our project on Booktalk! Credits: Faith Peebles Graham Hughes Kristin Samuel Ryan Corbett Silvia Arana Check out the Digital Booktalk site for more awesome book trailers! Uglies By Scott Westerfeld Tally Youngblood lives in a futuristic society that acculturates its citizens to believe that they are ugly until age 16 when they'll undergo an operation that will change them into pleasure-seeking pretties. Anticipating this happy transformation, Tally meets Shay, another female ugly, who shares her enjoyment of hoverboarding and risky pranks. But Shay also disdains the false values and programmed conformity of the society and urges Tally to defect with her to the Smoke, a distant settlement of simple-living conscientious objectors. Tally declines, yet when Shay is found missing by the authorities, Tally is coerced by the cruel Dr. Cable to find her and her compatriots or remain forever ugly. Tally's adventuresome spirit helps her locate Shay and the Smoke. It also attracts the eye of David, the aptly named youthful rebel leader to whose attentions Tally warms. However, she knows she is living a lie, for she is a spy who wears an eye-activated locator pendant that threatens to blow ...
  • What The Frak, you want to bump uglies? to request words. The origin of euphemism. Also, check out Alessandra Torresani's website
  • Bumpin Uglies A poem by Jamie DeWolf.
  • The Plug Uglies doing miserable world, i plucked it off drop the hammer cause this song kicks ass.
  • Uglies Tribute Hey everyone, This is movie I have made on the BEST book series EVER by Scott Westerfeld! its called the "Uglies" series, and it rocks. I highly recommend. Thanks for watching! I take NO credit for the songs in this video, both by Bon Jovi. In a world where everyone is supermodel Gorgeous, anyone normal is Ugly... Tally is almost 16 and cant wait... ...Not for the License... ...To be Pretty... ...What could be wrong with that? But later on, Tally finds out the other side of the Operation... ...That sides not so Pretty... ...Now Tally has made a promise to Shay, another Ugly shes known for only a month, but has already made a promise to Peris, who shes know for all her life... ...Now if she doesnt help Sceial Circumstances, She will be Ugly for life... ...Its either Help Special Cirsumstances and betray shay, or never be pretty... The Choice she makes changes her life forever... UGLIES by Scott Westerfeld
  • NOT FOR PRIME-UGLIES: Janis Joplin: Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose Thanks to Brendon O'Connell's case in the Perth District Court and to Justice Kennedy: This is not for prime-uglies because they know nothing about the sharing of the secrets of one's soul. The drug generation didn't know it but they heralded the new impulses of degeneration, that hedonistic life-style which contained an elementary truth: Do I agree that "Feeling good was good enough for me", or do I fight the system? Janice Joplin left early, Michael Jackson left late; which of them embraces concepts of truth, beauty, honour, justice?. The choice is yours. To find a home - Bobby looked and couldn't find it , wasn't satisfied- profound philosophical thoughts revealed within this song - to find a home within your own mind is the ultimate, and if you can share it with another soul, then that's all we have -there is no more? I say Janice was honest - she spelled it out: "Feeling good was good enough for me", and she left early. It is thus up to educators to imbue their students with values that sustain them through until three score and ten. As Janice states at the end"...that's when somebody else has to take over..." - that's when the Godly impulse of individuality comes to the rescue... A teacher then is faced with discipline, life-giving discipline - a short, sharp, non-negotiable instrument. The Talmudic, Marxist, Feminists mindset rejects this for the sake of imposing their own version on the life-giving impulse. It is then that the battle-of-the-wills begins anew, and ...
  • Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies (Original Mix) Sick Electro Track By Bass Kleph! NJOY for more sick beats check out my soundcloud page:
  • Uglies Trailer All credit goes to Scott Westerfeld. I got the text I used in this straight from the back cover. Song: A Perfect Lie - The Engine Room Add &fmt=18 at the end of the url for high quality! I really want to pick the music for this movie if it ever comes out. I think it'd be a really cool project. ^^; But I'm a pessimist, so I doubt it'll ever happen. Anyway, I was just messing around with this. I read somewhere the movie's supposed to be out (if there is one) in 2011 which would be totally awesome. ^^ Anyway. Comment. Rate. Subscribe if you want. ;) The smoke livesss~
  • The Pug Uglies "Villains" Live at the Abbey Lounge Somerville, MA 8/18/06
  • Uglies (Part 1) --Finally! --The 1st one is BORING. --Please comment!!!! I worked really hard. VMS9 was really hard to work with, but my awesome sister, Mitchie helped me out. She went over it like 50 times. Thanks! -----SONGS----- Ugly-The Exies Unbeautiful-Lesley Roy A little bit longer-JB ~FAIR USE~ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
  • Uglies Teaser Trailer Coming Soon... In my dreams. It has been optioned to become a movie, and it is on , but so far no development. Hope this gets everyone excited! Thanks! All clips belong to their rightful owners. Special help from these videos: Uglies Trailer by BassF2S Uglies Trailer by 2dumbKids Uglies Movie Trailer by ArtIsYourFriend Special Clips from: V for Vendetta Aeon Flux Cold Mountain "Special K" by Placebo Music Video Mr. and Mrs. Smith Ultraviolet The Matrix Nip Tuck Serenity "Desert Rose" by Sting Music Video Video by Madison Meyer
  • bump uglies ORIGINAL SONG by Krabbers extreme montage mayhem bump uglies an original song by me backed by the band six miles away
  • |Uglies Cast| MTV link : ies-is-being-fast-tracked-into-a-movie-by-screen-gems/ THANKYOU FOR THE COMMENTS AND 2000+ VIEWS! My ideal cast for the trilogy Uglies. Well i was ill and bored so i though WHAY NAWT! :D! I Focused mainly on the main sort of character, rather than having to include every single person who appeared in the book. Of course its most likely none of them will have nothing to do with the movie, ah well. Obviously you might not agree with my choices because everyone imagens characters differently, which is why ill share some of my reasons with you. Tally: Emily browning- Yes, she was quite a popular person to orignally play Bella Swan in Twilight. Although I really do think shes an amazing actress i couldnt see her as the part. Whereas with this, i think she would be perfect because with emily you can easily ajust her hair and make-up and she will look older. Plus the fact she has a really innocenent and young but this feeling of determination from her which fits in well with the character of Tally. Zane: Gaspard Ulliel- Although for me he looks the absolute part for Zane, he could be brought down on the whole language concept.(unless im mistaken and he can talk without, that im not sure of.) Also hes great at playing those kinda of cheeky bad boy character, Which zane is really. Hes adventurous and yet the kind of popular guy all the girls want but hes looking for something more real and different. And we know he can pull off indepth and ...
  • Bass Kleph - Bump Uglies [Stupid Fresh 'Wizards In Oz' Mix] Artist: Bass Kleph Track: Bump Uglies Mix: Stupid Fresh 'Wizards In Oz' Mix
  • Uglies Trailer Well, I love the Uglies books, all 4, and when I heard that there was a movie supposed to be made for them,, I was psycheeddd!!! And so I got re-obsessed with it haha. I saw the other trailers on here, and they're all really good, so I decided to make my own. I only have 2 members of the cast in my head, so only two in the trailer-- Emily Browning for Tally (which seems to agree with lotsa others :D) and Charlize Theron for Dr Cable. :) I hope you like it as much as the other ones!! :) The song is Brainwashed by Ultraviolet Sound btw. xoxo
  • Paleoworld- Valley Of The Uglies (Part 1) Disclaimer- No copyright infringement intended. Educational purposes only!
  • Fast Forward - ACA sketch w/ The Uglies Skit from the 3 season of Fast Forward where the Uglies discuss with Jana Wendt their expulsion from Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Uglies by Scott Westerfeld Trailer Uglies, a novel by Scott Westerfeld.
  • Uglies Cast So I've recently been reading the "Uglies" series by Scott Westerfeld, so i decided to make a cast vid! since this video seems pretty popular so far, i'm going to make another cast video...but this time, it's up to you guys! message me or post a comment saying what you want me to do a cast video for...i may not have read it, but if i have, i definitely will. if i haven't read it, i'll reply and ask you about the main characters, or, if i have time, i'll read it. XD Tally: Either Michelle Trachtenburg (from 17 again, Gossip Girl, and Ice Princess) or Emily Browning (series of unfortunate events David: Either John Rhys Meyers (Bend it like Beckham, the Tudors) or Hayden Christensen (Star Wars) Dr. Cable: Rachel Weisz (the mummy, the brothers bloom, eragon, Definitely, Maybe) Maddy (David's mom): Meg Ryan (you've got mail, sleepless in seattle, when harry met sally) Az (David's dad): George Clooney (burn after reading, leatherheads, ER, ocean's 12 and 13) Andrew Simpson Smith (that guy in Specials...haha, I don't really remember what he did) : Gerard Butler (Phantom of the Opera, 300) Shay: Megan Fox (Transformers) Zane: my absolute FAVORITE actor on TV right now...Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, Dark Angel, My Bloody Valentine, Smallville, Dawson's Creek) tell me what you think! XD Song: Strange Paradise, by Bond
  • The Bump-N-Uglies Tag Team Cage Match Interview Brawl At The Hall 6 Card Main Event CODE REVOLUCHA REMATCH IWR Heavyweight Championship: "The Symbol of Excellence" Conrad Kennedy III (c) (w/ Alexander Cain) vs. Revolucha's "International Chairman" LA Park TAG TEAM CAGE MATCH: IWR Tag Team Championship: The Wyld Stallyns (c) (Jack Thriller & Johnny Dynamo) vs. The Bump-N-Uglies (Josh Movado & Bubba Mackenzie) PLUS Josh Abercrombie Zach Gowen Jimmy Jacobs Truth Martini N8 Mattson Necro Butcher Rude Boy TNA's Shark Boy & More Independent Wrestling Revolution Stars! Official Flyer:
  • Casting For Uglies this is who I would choose if they made Uglies by Scott Westerfeld into a movie. Please comment and rate
  • Uglies episode 1 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's hilarious to me because me and my friend at school always joke about these books!! Anyways it was a snow-day and I had some time to burn before I go to school again. PS. For those of you that want songs... just message me your e-mail and I'll e-mail them to you. They're from Rozen Maiden btw. PSS. Most people who didn't read the books probably wouldn't understand this video thing. I TAKE NO OWNERSHIP IN THE IDEA OF THE STORY AND THE MAIN PLOT AND STUFF. I ONLY MADE THE VIDEO!!!
  • UGLIES Fan Trailer WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR the UGLIES TRILOGY!! PRETTIES fan trailer UGLIES fan teaser | | | - Guess what, guys? They have a UGLIES movie planned in 2011 for REAL! XD I'm so happy!! :D (Even though its a long way ahead...!) - Whew! Finished, at last! :D I've been working on this for like, a month! o_O I'm really proud of how it came out! :DI changed it a little bit from the preview, but only just a little! :) This is dedicated to 777fallenangel77 for your AWESOME comments and support! ;) And I got the idea for using the Island clips from you! :D Thank you so much! ;) | | | Okay so here's my CAST for Uglies: Tally - Jena Malone Shay - Michelle Tratchenberg David - Emile Hirsch (although you can barely see him on this trailer) and Thomas Dekker Maddy - Lena Headey Dr. Cable - Tricia Helfer I MIGHT make a trailer for Pretties & Specials if I feel the spark again, I'm a bit tired for the moment! :PI still have a few leftover clips that I'm itching to put together! :) | | | The voice speaking, "Make. Me. Beautiful." is me! :D Note: I was gonna put 'Unbreakable' by Fireflight in the last bit of the trailer, but it didn't seem to fit as well as I thought. And the irony of the lyrics, 'Now I am Unbreakable, No one can touch me, Nothing can Stop Me' was too deep for me to somehow use it, lol.. XP! | | | DOWNLOAD :) | | | CREDIT: V for Vendetta Into the Wild Surrogates Cheaters Donnie Darko The Ruins Lying Rain (2001) The Island ...
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  • sweetpeadannie: Goodmorning uglies !
  • Zamar3: RT @vayguess: nd fatso gets to bang guys RT @Zamar3 No worries! Im on it!! Haha RT @vayguess do it! you chase chubbies nd ill hump uglies haha

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