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  • This is the official website for musician Ukulele Jim, featuring music, videos, bio, pictures and more. — “The Official Website of Ukulele Jim”,
  • Legendary musician Joe Brown, an icon to British audiences, is also known as the man who introduced George Harrison to the ukulele. His show-stopping performance at the George Harrison Tribute concert in 2002 with "I'll See You In My Dreams". — “Kala Ukulele Endorsees”,
  • Ukulele definition, a small, guitarlike musical instrument associated chiefly with Hawaiian music. See more. — “Ukulele | Define Ukulele at ”,
  • Come inside and explore this Maui based website – your premier source of Ukulele and Ukulele Link Listings of sites relating to ukes. We offer fine Hawaiian made koa ukuleles by Kamaka, Kanile'a, KoAloha, Ko'olau, G-String, Maui Music and Island. — “Bounty Music”,
  • ukulele or ukelele n. A small four-stringed guitar popularized in Hawaii. [Hawaiian 'ukulele : 'uku , flea + lele , jumping. REGIONAL NOTE The word ukulele is one of a small stock of Polynesian borrowings into American English. — “ukulele: Definition from ”,
  • The ukulele section of ezFolk features tablature, tutorials, chords, and other resources for uke players. — “Ukulele”,
  • The Ukuleles by Kawika website is a place for anyone who loves the ukulele. You'll find ukulele and guitar color photos of the instruments we make; sound files of all sizes of our ukuleles; free listing of old ukulele song books; free. — “Ukuleles by Kawika, Inc”,
  • Buy ukelele, Musical Instruments items on eBay. Find great deals on Collectibles, Music items and get what you want now!. — “ukelele items - Get great deals on Musical Instruments”,
  • Collecting Hawaiiana, antiques, toys, and other collectibles in Hawaii. Home of the Hawaii All-Collectors Show. — “Ilene Wayne Productions: Collectibles in Paradise”,
  • Ukulele Jams is an instructional school for ukulele lessons. Ukulele Classes are available in Private and a group setting, We are located in San Jose CA, in Japantown. Ukulele Jams teaches you how to pick the ukulele, strum the ukulele, music. — “Ukulele Jams San Jose CA”,
  • Ukulele Manufacturers & Ukulele Suppliers Directory - Find a Ukulele Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Ukulele Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Ukulele-Ukulele Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Curt Sheller and Curt Sheller Publications. Guitar, Ukulele, Bass and Music books, lessons, music, resources, links, strings, tuners, TABs and more. — “Ukulele Musicians”,
  • The ukulele (pronounced /ˌjuːkəˈleɪli/, from Hawaiian: ʻukulele), variantly spelled ukelele (particularly in the UK), or alternately abbreviated uke, is a chordophone classified as a plucked lute; it is a The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of small. — “Ukulele”, schools-
  • The Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of ukulele history. — “Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum”,
  • Ukulele Chord finder,Ukulele Players Worldwide UkeMaster will help you master the ukulele on both basic and advanced chords. more Now available in the iTunes App Store. — “Sheep-Entertainment / : Ukulele Chord Finder”,
  • This website for all ukulele enthusiasts focuses on chords, nomenclature, fretboard, Hawaiian music, and general information about the ukulele. — “Strummers Home Page”,
  • Singapore's only ukulele retail shop and ukulele community! We also stock lots of instructional DVDs and books from Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, Curt Sheller, Jim Beloff, Ralph Shaw and Alfred Publishing for the ukulele. — “Welcome to UKULELE MOVEMENT”,
  • 'Ukulele tabs, written and video lessons, chord charts, info, artist interviews, gear tips, and much more. Learn to play the 'ukulele Hawaiian style. — “Live 'Ukulele - Blog, tabs, lessons, and info”,
  • Each 'ukulele is finely hand crafted using the highest grade, well-seasoned wood and scaled to produce a perfect intonation. Every 'ukulele comes with a 100% customer satisfaction, money back guarantee and our industry leading limited lifetime warranty. — “Kanile'a 'Ukulele”,
  • The ukulele, (pronounced /ˌjuːkəˈleɪliː/ EW-kə-LAY-lee,[1] from Hawaiian: ʻukulele [ˈʔukuˈlɛlɛ]; variantly spelled ukelele in the UK), sometimes abbreviated to uke, is a chordophone classified as a plucked The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of the cavaquinho. — “Ukulele - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ukulele chords and ukulele tabs. Ukulele Songs is the largest collection of ukulele songs, chords and tabs on the Internet, with a variety of artists. — “Ukulele Songs, Tabs, Ukulele Chords and Lyrics - ”,
  • Ukelele is a Unicode Keyboard Layout Editor for Mac OS X versions 10.2 and later. Ukelele aims to simplify keyboard layout editing by providing a graphical interface to .keylayout files, where the desired characters can simply be dragged onto keys as needed. — “Ukelele”,
  • Ukulele Tips, Tabs, Chords, Sheet Music, MP3s and News Online. There have been quite a few ukulele apps released since my last app review. — “Ukulele Hunt”,
  • If you like ukuleles, Welcome to Ukulele World. Ukes, Cases, Parts, Strings, Music.. it's all here. Welcome. — “Ukulele World Home page”,

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  • Jake Shimabukuro - "Bohemian Rhapsody" - TED (2010) - ukelele cover Jake Shimabukuro strums monster sounds out of the tiny Hawaiian ukelele, as he plays a cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." A sensational performance from TED2010 -- it'll send shivers down your spine.
  • Tagata Pasifika: Taimane Gardner - Young Ukelele Star For more on Tagata Pasifika, visit
  • Siuta Vealia playing the ukelele Check this out! Siuta Vealia from Otara, Auckland, New Zealand playing the ukelele with his mouth. Truly incredible! Shane Wenzlick / Suburban Newspapers
  • Ukulele Orchestra of GB - Shaft Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's rendition of that classic Isaac Hayes movie theme from 'Shaft' played live at Cambridge Folk Festival
  • Uni and her Ukelele - My Favorite Letter (live in Helsinki) Uni and her ukelele play "My Favorite Letter is U" live in Bar Mendocino, Helsinki, Finland on 12th May 2008. Presented by Juha Väänänen.
  • Mountain Ukelele Band - "Coming Round the Mountain" The Mountain Ukelele Band are 5 friends (4 of whom play in other bands) who once a year trek and camp in the Pyrenees. This year we all took ukeleles to play in the evenings around the camp fire. Our 5 intrepid musicians (all in their 60's) play other musical instruments, the ukelele not being their main instrument (how did you guess!). This video is the band playing outside a mountain refuge at their base camp(6000ft) after experiencing a two day blizzard and being snowed in! Well we had to do something to pass the time!
  • Ukelele Blues Not many videos on youtube are filmed on the roof of the guy next door's shed! In case you didn't understand the hint, this one is. This song is an original called Ukelele Blues, and it's about how growing up will leave me deprived of all the attention I have grown so accustomed to. Now that I am actually in year nine, and my voice is breaking, and everyone thinks the year eights are so much cuter than me, this song holds special significance to me. I hope you enjoy, and thankyou to elphaba63's son for filming me. Just a fun little fact, I don't view my videos all that much, but I managed to get the 1234th view on this one.
  • Ryan Imamura - "Super Marios Bros." on ukelele Guam's 13-year-old ukelele prodigy puts his own spin on the Nintendo game theme with KUAM's Clynt Ridgell
  • Isn't she lovely (Ukelele cover) OTS with Jerome and Wes oldies but goodies... Chords from Wes: the way i played it was verse = F#m, B7, E, A then part b = Dmaj7, C#7, F#m7, B7, Bm7, C#m7, Dmaj, E, A then LICK! ahahah. idk if its too hard but enjoy :]
  • Wonder Girls - Nobody (Ukulele Ver) 즐기시기 바랍니다! Your life won't be complete without the MP3: **UPDATE** Because of this video, in March 09, Tessa and I were invited to the Wonder Girls concert in NYC, we ended up meeting the band and performing on stage with them as well! The other half of this video: I'll be surprised if any Koreans can actually understand this.
  • I'm Yours(ukulele)
  • while my ukelele gently weeps man playing the ukelele.
  • Ukelele Demo Something - The Beatles
  • Will Smith - Ukelele Will Smith in Germany with Stefan Raab, singing "Men In Black". Funny! ! ! ! !
  • Nirvana Ukelele Wow
  • Sentiments - Ukelele/Acoustic Original This song is on John/Sarah's new baby Henry's lullaby CD. That song is not a final mix for those who have downloaded it. You want the final mix you can find it here: Download for free and enjoy!! I wrote this song shortly after receiving the gift of a ukelele for Christmas from sweetafton23 (Molly Lewis). Consider this my secret santa video for those who know what I"m talking about! Sorry it took WAY too long. haha The Violins and Celeste were programmed and provided by my good friend Paul who can be found here Thank you, Paul, for always helping give my music an extra boost. We WILL be doing more :) My Twitter:
  • roy smeck - banjo-steel-ukelele Adrian Capresi :Roy smeck video hawaiian guitar en vivo, alucinante!!
  • (arrange) -Town with an ocean view- This music is insert music of "Kiki's Delivery Service", title is "Town with an ocean view". This video is a performance centering on ukulele and is very splendid arrangement. The musical performer is "Ban Ban Bazer" Sorry, this is a still image. But please enjoy a riveting performance !!!! I hope you like this arrangement music!
  • Ukelele lessons - I learn a few chords Visit & Learn how to play a Ukulele for 10 Bucks! This is the second video of my attempt to teach myself how to play the ukulele. In today's video I figure out how to tune the ukulele and how to play a few chords. Oh yeah, I need a pic too. I'm using a button.
  • 'Summertime' by Uni and her Ukelele 'Summertime' written by Uni and her Ukelele.
  • I'm Yours Ukulele Tutorial, Part 1 I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. DOWNLOAD MY MUSIC ON ITUNES!! I saw a few tutorials online and none of them sounded right, so I made my own. I hope this is helpful! Part 1: How to play chords and strum Part 2: How to integrate the riffs with the strumming. Part 3: Detailed instruction on strumming Please subscribe! Chords: Verse/Chorus B, F-sharp, G-sharp minor, E Bridge (scat part) B, F-sharp, G-sharp minor, F-sharp, E end on B first time, end on Csharp7 second time Chord shape, from 4th string to 1st string (numbers represent which fret you hold on each string) B: 4322 F-sharp: 3121 G-sharp minor: 1342 E:4442 C-sharp7: 1112 My ukulele is a Kala tenor acoustic-electric cutaway. The model is KA-KTE-SP/C. I got it on ebay from "musicguymic" CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING "I'M YOURS" YOUTUBE COLLABORATION!!!!
  • Ukelele Ike Singing in the Rain 1929 Ukelele Ike Singing in the Rain 1929 See more at
  • "Bed Intruder Song" by Antoine Dodson & The Gregory Brothers In case it's not obvious, this is NOT my song. It's my cover of the now infamous "Bed Intruder Song" from schmoyoho's Youtube channel (link below). Special thanks to my ukulele, Sweet Pea, for appearing and sounding so lovely in this video. To hear the original, go here: Or to hear the new full version (available on iTunes), go here:
  • The Re-entrants ukulele duo - Tainted Love The Re-entrants do a cover of Tainted Love by Soft Cell / Gloria Jones on 2 ukuleles. CD AVAILABLE NOW - BUY AT Oh, and yes, we do know it's not BY Soft Cell (written by Ed Cobb, original recording by Gloria Jones), but our version is based on Soft Cell's, plus who would you search for if you were looking for this song? Exactly!
  • Tagata Pasifika: Sione Aleki - Old School Ukelele Star For more on Tagata Pasifika, visit
  • tears in heaven - eric clapton (uke style) just bought my new uke! just messin around with it. hope you enjoy! thanks to robski1208 for his smooth intro! by special request!
  • Ukelele Ultraman for all seasons Ukelele + Road Safety + densetsu
  • Ukelele awesomeness Disco Jakes Concert
  • Eddie Vedder reading festival 2007 ukelele black sabbath song (iron man) and soon forget
  • George Formby sings "Baby" A movie clip of George Formby playing his ukelele and singing a song called "Baby."
  • Ukelele prodigy Ryan Imamura jams with Jake Shimabukuro Ryan Imamura, still in grade school, jams with ukelele phenomenon Jake Shimabukuro live on KUAM News Extra in Guam.
  • Ukelele Specialty Everyone's favourite ukulele player. Roy Smeck's imitation of "Bill Robinson's Tap and Stair Dance"
  • Rich Girl (A Hall and Oates cover by Danielle Ate the Sandwich) More songs and info on Danielle: Listen to more original songs and covers right here on youtube Follow Danielle Ate the Sandwich on the internet: http This was my submission into the BUSHMAN WORLD UKULELE VIDEO CONTEST 2008. (RESULTS ARE IN! I GOT TENTH PLACE HONORABLE MENTION!) This is also a cover of the Hall and Oates song, Rich Girl. There is some "No Scrubs" in there too, for you TLC fans. (Those raps is homemade). This video is a disgusting display of the human condition. Please don't ever watch it again. There is a live version of this song on my myspace page... /danielleatethesandwich The strap is homemade with a piece of string and two plastic cord stops. Make one for you and your friends!
  • Outstanding Dutch Ukelele virtuoso!!! Marvellously Dutch Ukelele virtuoso Izak Boom, plays awesome master-piece!!!!!!!!!
  • My New Ohana Ukelele! It's an Ohana (means family) SK35G Soprano Ukelele. This tune is an old track of mine called "Jonathan Richman (A Song About Love)" Hope you like it!
  • crazy electric ukelele player crazy ukelele player from hawaii
  • JessBroughton: I want my ukelele. I hate waiting hmm!
  • Vida_venus: supposed to do my design... looking at guitar and ukelele on ebay instead..tho I'm broke..sigh!!HELP!!! I need to focus!!
  • barnsleysime: @MrBoffly i have a ukelele. i can't play it.
  • Rillus: learning 'Wish you were here' on the Ukelele. Baffling.
  • johartwell1: @JillJackson01 You should play your ukelele to keep peoples minds off the sea!
  • ayeeeDiaaanee: "play an instrument-any instrument. very little is as dangerous as a nice smile and a ukelele." #bt112
  • oohnanania: @inauyy's practicing the ukelele
  • InstrumentShop: all kinds of INSTRUMENTS, gear for sale; trade or WTB UKELELE (Pensacola) - $2 http:///68nek9c
  • chronolous: So down to buy a ukelele tmrw
  • xuxii: after ages, i finally bought a new tuner[it can also tune s ukelele and i dunno why im amazed] and zildjian drum stcks! let's rock!
  • lalajennifer: RT @amziees: hearing a ukelele, makes me think youre one of those hawaiian dolls with a cocunut bra and grass skirt. :L
  • Buzdjow: RT @discodamage: if youre going to play protest songs on a ukelele then really you need a sticker to go on it that says 'THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS'
  • amziees: hearing a ukelele, makes me think youre one of those hawaiian dolls with a cocunut bra and grass skirt. :L
  • iheartdjhoana: i wanna learn ukelele!!♥.. but i wanna learn fingerstyle too...and piano too..can't decide!!... via @youtube... #ukelele
  • tangomecrazy: #thingsiwant: a ukelele, a camcorder, a life again.
  • kdoza: #nowplaying Ben Lerman Plays the Ukelele ...serious lolz =]
  • wtfbangkok: From one form of art to another - come join us at WTF for Bangkok Poetry Reading tonight + Live music w/ Ukelele. Theme: Lies I believe. 8pm
  • OBabyyy: Why are they playing "Juicy" on the ukelele and rapping every word tho ? Lmao I can't wit my floor .
  • davisis1: @pearljam7279 lmao...I hear that may bring awesome ukelele solo's?? :D bring it on woman! xxoo
  • electriccameron: Well, I think I might be buying a ukelele.
  • SandieK: @enigmaticnotion Ive been meaning to the ukelele fluffy, atleast?
  • dannibrahh: Why would it be hard to play a tiny chocolate ukelele andrew? Why
  • MrsBeltworthy38: ukelele lol RT @BudQuillaGrl: @MrsBeltworthy38 @HOF_Tweeter @Mrs_CMatthews52 @claytonjonesmil @lambeau_limey lmmfao..the drinkin or ukulele
  • mrskennedy: The most amusing tweets of the year performed on ukelele. Wonderful.
  • nicholaswyoung: Get over here quick! @paigepresley pulled out the ukelele!
  • charloro: Cool. Buy me a ukelele I guess... @redventuretime @vinsutran @tfhouse @eyeamtheo
  • jasonnaas: I have to say, Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law" sounds pretty bad ass on the ukulele. #nerd #ukelele
  • scottycongdon: I want to hear Steve Martin on the Ukelele less than I want to hear a camel in Labour
  • jei_chiel: @asy_qin playing the Ukelele LIVE now. haah
  • DannyRobin: I think @trevorjudesmith should do a solo-ukelele version of 'At Last'
  • BieberNSelena: I Learned "Oh to Joy " by #Beethoven on the Ukelele :D
  • samthomeczek: using @bearnospizza open mic as my side office working on @NCYAMA stuff...someone just played stairway to heaven on a ukelele.
  • stopmoving: taylor report: one sparkly guitar (and a ukelele); three different pretty dresses; infinite surprise-face.
  • patricktanggo: @PRISCILIAC managed to find your ukelele ? :P
  • norahanlon: Audio: › you can’t force a dance party // dent may & his magnificent ukelele › › I can’t focus on studying.... http:///xlx1xu8ig5
  • sammysamica: @DangerGuts haha alright! :) i just wanna see you hold a ukelele.
  • TaraJHizon: RT @according2shani: I am having ukelele withdrawls! <--- It'll be here when u get back! Ur poor fingers prob need a rest, anyway :)
  • mmejavert: @40shadesofgrey psh no. I just want to be there with his hot self and his ukelele. :D
  • Caluchaa1: I want a ukelele now!
  • bournecycle: @HeyJessyPants A ukelele that I bought on Maui. #bragbragbrag
  • jordanbrowneyes: I will never forgive myself for bringing my ukelele to Knoxville instead of the mandolin. #bigdummy
  • amynandrade: hearing @sammygee21 rock out on ukelele, lmfao.
  • grandchildmusic: this ukelele has two extra strings? #guitar #indie #fashion
  • djpants: I'm gonna learn how to play 90's grunge songs on my ukelele.
  • thewilk: @_digitAlex_ one of these days, I'll display my ukelele skills at the Jac open mic and then i'll have potential husbands a go go.
  • _Braxton: I was walking to english and this guy started singing to me with a ukelele :o
  • heeeraall: @taylorswift13 'this is my ukelele. i love it because it always sounds happy. so i play it with happy songs' ;) THANK YOU FOR A WOW NIGHT! x
  • CoolStuffNearU: Weekly Wednesday Ukulele Sing-a-long at the Denver Children's Museum tonight and every Wednesday in April!
  • CoolStuffNearU: Weekly Wednesday Ukulele Sing-a-long at Denver Children's Museum tonight!
  • FadingtoRed: Well, just got a ukelele :D I'll twitpic later.
  • widescreensound: YouTube fast RT @Treepixie: There's a mouse under my bed and to add insult to injury it's playing in my ukelele-cheeky f*$ker!
  • Treepixie: There's a mouse under my bed and to add insult to injury it's playing in my ukelele-cheeky f*$ker!
  • JBlinston: rediscovered this, loving the elele LP http:///
  • angri_la: @Hel_Yeah I've seen them! (ukelele people) in pub near Tott Ct Rd
  • nicoleabbadini: Banjos are the new ukelele. FACT.
  • Mazzaaaaaa: Ehehe, @mattmorrison bought @scottmills a ukelele. No way, this is cute.
  • mck66: @guitarstackex - A Q&A web community for guitar/bass/ukelele/etc players, builders and other musicians. http:///
  • janiesmile: if i get a job anytime soon the first thing i'm going to buy is one sweet ass ukelele.
  • DoctorHu: @lil_monmon I sing low tenor/high baritone and play guitar. And I can pick up ukelele in a pinch. Just sayin'. :-)
  • vickiilee: @desomatt COULDVE JUST SAID UKELELE
  • BunchOfMe: RT @JustSimplePlan: RT if you want a metal version of the song, and also a xmas version... and maybe an ukelele-version #cantkeepmyhandsoffyou ;)
  • debzsoares: @realwednesday this is weird. If I google his name, it shows ukelele instead of twitter, what is awesome LMAO
  • Infinity94: RT @JustSimplePlan: RT if you want a metal version of the song, and also a xmas version... and maybe an ukelele-version #cantkeepmyhandsoffyou ;)
  • Boom_yeah: RT @JustSimplePlan: RT if you want a metal version of the song, and also a xmas version... and maybe an ukelele-version #cantkeepmyhandsoffyou ;)
  • swiftycatherine: Gonna buy a ukelele and learn how to play :) they're pretty easy instruments :)
  • NachaJSP: RT @JustSimplePlan: RT if you want a metal version of the song, and also a xmas version... and maybe an ukelele-version #cantkeepmyhandsoffyou ;)
  • JustSimplePlan: RT if you want a metal version of the song, and also a xmas version... and maybe an ukelele-version #cantkeepmyhandsoffyou ;)
  • ChestoC123: Sitting on the tables and stuff in Convo mall.. playing minecraft and listening to people play the ukelele. If anyone's up here holla at me.
  • AlphonsoSmith: Just picked up a ukelele from the hawaiian swap meet....i think just found my new career...
  • jonesylad: RT @discodamage: if youre going to play protest songs on a ukelele then really you need a sticker to go on it that says 'THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS'
  • khiq: Kid with a ukelele leaving Spring Valley HS #wtf
  • Jenny_Drew: RT @karmadillo: Ohhh this cheered me up! :D #flumps #ukelele #uke
  • karmadillo: Ohhh this cheered me up! :D #flumps #ukelele #uke
  • livlafluvgo: @GlooomyBearr ok,if you say so:D haha the ukelele ftw!xL your learning to play the drums?:Dthats so cool!xD xox
  • gahrealmonsters: My boyfriend is a megahunk RT @bt0therad Trying to figure out Elvis Costello songs on my ukelele...
  • brookeh94: @stephenjerzak did matt give you a blue ukelele bracelet on saturday?? :)
  • clarebot: My dad is talking about ukelele club. his life continues to be better than mine.
  • MamaJewel_Juju: F is for Frolic through all the flowers. U is for Ukelele. N is for Nose picking, chewing gum, and sand licking. Here with my best buddy.
  • refashionista: @Mama2Plenty Also needs Solly's glossy black (with sparkles!) ukelele! // @spearso
  • PepperVL: @sinnerforhire @akadougal Competing polka bands! Jensen sings and plays ukelele. Jared plays accordion. Their love is forbidden.
  • Blakeselnick1: RT @RandoMcRandom: Hookah and ukelele between classes. I could get used to this.
  • raymassa: Uni and her Ukelele may be coming to Housto. Are you ready for tjis high level concentration of Tigers Blood?
  • sarahrauers: @twistaGMG me and my ukelele. #lettwistaknow
  • RandoMcRandom: Hookah and ukelele between classes. I could get used to this.
  • MidlandThorn: @paynedesign Theatre workshops. She was fab, got a Highly Commended - upstaged only by a cheater with a ukelele.
  • livetimefe: @techrsr Have you watched Anarchy in the Ukelele ?
  • PretLilTwiGleek: That awkward moment when a guy is randomly walking down the school hallway playing the ukelele...
  • adorkablealex: Dude i'm getting a ukelele. its too damn cute to not get!
  • rumon: @deabee Yeah, he's already done a ukelele show in Vancouver - apparently brilliant - and I'm looking into tix to the Seattle show.
  • guylodge: Seems John Hawkes wrote this song too. And played ukelele on it. Like I need more reasons to love the guy.
  • aabriggs1: @aabriggs1 Lovely woman playing the ukelele
  • MizLicketySplit: He played so many instruments last night - violin, piano, harp, guitar, ukelele and when he was talking about his boyfriend cue me swooning
  • heatheranneprue: @rotster I think failing to buy the ukelele is a bigger fail.
  • rotster: 1) I have seriously broken my new weekday drinking rules 2) I have failed to buy a ukelele.

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