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  • An uncia (plural: unciae) is an ancient Roman unit of length that roughly corresponds to an inch. The word uncia was Latin for a unit equal to 1/12 of another unit. — “Uncia (unit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A Roman foot equates to a modern 295.7mm or 11.6 inches, to the nearest 1/10. It was made up of 12 equal inches called "unciae", with the complete foot being called a "pes". — “what was the length of a foot based on around the times of”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define unciae as NUncia \Un'ci*a\, n.; pl. {Unci[ae]}. [L. See {Ounce} a measureof weight.]1. (Rom. Antiq.) A. — “Definition of Unciae from ”,
  • [edit] Noun. unciae. nominative plural of uncia. genitive singular of uncia. dative singular of uncia. vocative plural of uncia /wiki/unciae" Categories: English plurals | Latin. — “unciae - Wiktionary”,
  • 12 unciae. Apx 11.65" or 29.6 cm during the Late Roman Republic. Evolved to 11.5" or 29.4 cm during the Empire unciae) Roman Inch. None .958" or 2.43 cm. Stadium (pl. stadia) Distance measure at sea. 125 passus. apx 607' or 185 m. Area. What it. — “Roman Weights and Measures”,
  • weights and measures Standard quantities by which comparisons are made between an object to be measured and a known quantity of the same kind ( see It was subdivided into 12 ounces (unciae, twelfth parts', each roughly equivalent to the ounce avoirdupois), and the ounce was subdivided down to the. — “weights and measures: West's Encyclopedia of American Law”,
  • 12 UNCIAE [325g, .76lb] 1 UNCIA (uc) 8 DRACHMAE [27.1g] 1 DRACHMA (dr) 36 UNCIAE [542 ml] 1 OCTARIUS (O) 27 UNCIAE [406 ml] 1 UNCIA (fl.uc). — “SI - IBWiki”,
  • Weights and measures used for gold, silver, precious metals, coins, jewellery, gemstones. Metric, imperial and more. Uncia & Unciae. The word ounce comes from the Latin word uncia (plural unciae), meaning one twelfth, therefore logically speaking there should always be 12 ounces per pound in any system. — “Weights Used for Precious Metals, Gemstones, Coins”, 24
  • The ancient Roman units of measurement were built on the Greek system with Egyptian influences. The Roman units were generally accurate and well documented. From late Antiquity the Roman foot was sometimes divided into unciae comprising 12 equal parts. — “Ancient Roman units of measurement | ”,
  • Definition of Unciae. Unciae. of Uncia. Related Definitions: Of, Uncia Copyright © 2001 - 2010 | Inquire | Submit | Privacy | Terms. — “Definition of Unciae”,
  • Unciae definition, a bronze coin of ancient Rome, the 12th part of an as. See more. — “Unciae | Define Unciae at ”,
  • The value was indicated by signs: I for the as, S for semis and pellets for unciae. during the Roman Republic valued at one-sixth of an as (2 unciae) The uncia, a Latin word used for a twelfth of anything was a. — “Aes grave - Citizendia”,
  • Meaning of Unciae: of Uncia Welcome to ARDictionary! Unciae. Definition: of Uncia © Copyright 2004-2010, ExoCrew. All rights reserved. [ Policies ]. — “Definition: Unciae (Meaning of Unciae)”,
  • "Take 9 litrae 5 unciae [about 3.1 kg.] of oil and 6 litrae 8 unciae [about 2.2 kg] o f spathe, chopped as fine as possible; mix with 10 kotulai Others; as indicated, chop 5 litrae 2 unciae [about 1.7 kg.] of balsam-wood and boil together with 9 litrae 5 unciae [about 3.1 kg.] of oil. — “WysInfo Docuwebs - History of Perfume”,
  • A Roman uncia (plural: unciae) or ounce is an ancient unit of mass. The name means a twelfth part, and there were 12 unciae in one Roman libra (a unit of mass used for commerce) and 12 unciae in one Roman as (a unit of mass used for. — “Ounce”,
  • The as was thus divided into twelfths, each called an uncia (plural unciae; adjectives uncial and unciary) of five unciae -- or rather a nominal weight of five unciae, as the. — “Quincunx”,
  • Value of coin = 4 unciae. Minted in bronze. Quadrans. obv. - Head of of galley. Mark of value on coin = 3 pellets. Value of coin = 3 unciae. Minted in bronze. — “Ancient coin denomination descriptions”,

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  • “Some versions of the abacus also had the three slots with the same symbols in column 2 and the unciae were in column one. Community Forum Software by IP.Board. Licensed to: ”
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  • “containing twelve Roman ounces ('unciae'), equal to > about 2/3 of a pound avoirdupois." Cassell's > Dictionary gives the example, Libra divided into duodecim unciae, as it still is for precious metals but slightly heavier than a normal 12”
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