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  • Foreign Minister Murray McCully meets US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today to discuss, amongst other things, increasing our military commitment to the US occupation of Afghanistan Brian Rudman: Get our troops out of that uncivilised hellhole. — “Brian Rudman: Get our troops out of that uncivilised hellhole”, nzherald.co.nz
  • Translations of uncivilised. uncivilised synonyms, uncivilised antonyms. Information about uncivilised in the free online English uncivilised - without civilizing influences; "barbarian invaders"; "barbaric practices"; "a savage people"; "fighting is crude and uncivilized especially if the weapons. — “uncivilised - definition of uncivilised by the Free Online”,
  • A white novelist, looking for a story in the outback, is kidnapped by an Afghan slaver, betrothed to a white jungle-man, and menaced by a jealous half-caste. — “Uncivilised : Charles Chauvel : Free Download & Streaming”,
  • Filmed in Queensland and Chauvel's Sydney studio, Uncivilised had to have two scenes excised by the censor for export. Uncivilised at the Internet Movie Database. Uncivilised available for free download at the. — “Uncivilised - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Friday lashed out at European Union laws aimed at liberalising the continent's energy market, saying they hinder investment and amount to uncivilised "robbery". — “Putin says EU energy laws are uncivilised 'robbery”,
  • THE BJP today described the CPI (M) as "most uncivilised" party - a term often used by Jyoti Basu to describe it - for boycotting the birth centenary celebration of Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister A B Vajpayee in Calcutta yesterday. — “CPI-M the most uncivilised party: BJP”,
  • Buy Uncivilised, Musical Instruments items on eBay. Find great deals on Books items and get what you want now!. — “Uncivilised items - Get great deals on Musical Instruments”,
  • Uncivilised definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Uncivilised | Define Uncivilised at ”,
  • Senior Congress leader and union minister M Veerappa Moily on Monday said the programme telecast on a TV channel owned by party MP Jaganmohan Reddy showing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi in bad light was uncivilised. — “TV slur a serious issue', moily asks for transcript”,
  • Definition of uncivilised in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is uncivilised? Meaning of uncivilised as a legal term. What does uncivilised mean in law?. — “uncivilised legal definition of uncivilised. uncivilised”, legal-
  • Uncivilised 1936, starring Dennis Hoey, Marcelle Marney. Plot: British actor. Visit for Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary. Filmed in Queensland and Chauvel's Sydney studio, Uncivilised had to have two scenes excised by the censor for export. — “Uncivilised: Information from ”,
  • Uncivilised. Learn about Uncivilised on . Get information and videos on Uncivilised including articles on legitimizing, fallen, criminal attorney and more!. — “Uncivilised | Answerbag”,
  • Speaking to the Herald last night, Pawar described the actions of Ponting and Damien Martyn on the Champions Trophy podium as "totally uncivilised". In an incident that incensed the Indian media and several prominent figures in the game, Ponting. — “Australians 'totally uncivilised' - Cricket - Sport - .au”, .au
  • A 21-year-old Indian is stabbed to death in Melbourne, no evidence of a race attack. Foreign Minister S M Krishna describes it has uncivilised. — “Krishna describes Indian's killing as uncivilised”,
  • Singapore is NOT a uncivilised Third World country, in fact it a developing country, my dear. Simply ban the practice of burning Chinese paper money is NOT the ultimate solution, you can ban this and that, you can fine as much as you like, but. — “Is Singapore an uncivilised Third World country? Continuation.?”,
  • Learn the hand-to-hand combat techniques used by the Military, Police Officers, and Security Professionals. This is called Myanma Lethwei - Raw, bold, uncompromised, uncivilised kickboxing. — “Myanmar Kickboxing (Lethwei) - myanmar kickboxing - Bare”,
  • Fri, 26th Nov 2010 12:13. BERLIN, Nov 26 (Reuters) - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Friday lashed out at European Union laws aimed at liberalising the continent's energy market, saying they hinder investment and amount to uncivilised 'robbery'. — “UPDATE 1-Putin says EU energy laws are uncivilised 'robbery”,
  • Some might say that London is UNCIVILISED at the best of times, but we thought it needed some help. So in the run up to UNCIVILISATION 2010, we're running a season of events around the capital, starting tomorrow night (Weds 21st April) in Kings Cross. — “April 2010 | Changing the World (and other excuses for not”,
  • Watch free trailers, read the latest news and plot synopsis, and see photos of the cast and crew of Uncivilised on . — “Uncivilised | Free Trailers, Plot Synopsis, Photos, Cast and”,
  • uncivilised (comparative more uncivilised, superlative most uncivilised) crude, barbarous, wild, uncultured. used to describe people who display a marked lack of manners as defined by a given culture. used to describe behaviours deemed savage or inappropriate. — “uncivilised - Wiktionary”,
  • COPS' UNCIVILISED SIDE Share ARTICLEURL This is with reference to the report Babu bundled out, gets hero's welcome, July 21. Leaving aside the merits and demerits of TD trip to Maharashtra, the ugly treatment meted out to the party members by the. — “COPS' UNCIVILISED SIDE - ”,

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  • Re: Uncivilised Creationist thrashing this ignorant dumbass for insulting atheistblindchick in a completely uncivilized manner. i don't know her, but this is nonetheless VERY wrong.
  • Smugsy and Pi; An Uncivilised Stroll In The Park the sequel to Smugsy and Pi; A Civilised Stroll In The Park longer, but quite same-ish, still in Milan, before Hanson, still in giardinni publici..! but we go up slides in this film..! tis fun!
  • Advent Christmas - Allah came across uncivilised to women for me. Spread Love. Spread truth. Spread God's message this festive season. Join the- and reach someone in need of truth.
  • Lucky star Konata's song:D drive/love Konata's 2nd character song Lyrics: That day you gave me an item After I'd been walking and walking and was exhausted You had good-looking attributes The all-round type who's good at magic And knows how to put together a party As well as follow orders ... right, it's time! Time to go to work. I'll be waiting for you in the dungeon, okay? The data saved perfectly so I'm happy Since we met tonight, tonight as well Right, I've decided, shall the wedding bells ring? The thing about my wife, you see She's a guy and I'm a girl We defeated monsters and stole gold coins What an uncivilised honeymoon we had You're tired already? Let's end here. See ya, you're falling down, right? I'm in a D drive love, but you see More stuff happens here than in real life When shall we log-on next? We have tests too, oh well. Shutdown. "Ah-ah, what you've gotta do now is act like a grown up and be responcible, yeah? But the thing is, yeah... Sometimes you gotta do your homework... sometimes you gotta play games... Homework... Games... (etc) You gotta do them all!" Aww, it's heartbreaking The Castle of Amusement It's just a box, isn't it? I'm living with the meaning of a D drive Real life just isn't enough When shall we log-on next? I'm counting on you, show me your homework Guh, I'm so tired! I can't go on Oh well, going to sleep is alright too The data will load so tomorrow is okay See ya, bye bye See ya What the!? It's bright outside isn't it, what a shock!
  • The Red Show - Meek And Uncivilised Digging Your Scene - DYS Live Glasgow 2010 Competition
  • Re: Uncivilised Creationist Yes...Yes he is.
  • Our uncivilised pig See his leg
  • Uncivilised Creationist Uncivilised PM I got from a loving christian... ***edit 11 April*** Should anyone wonder how often this occurs, just take a look at the comments on my channel. At least she has the balls to do it in public. *** Now, I have to point out that this wasn't the first PM of this kind that I've received from other theists. I usually ignore and delete them, or I will reply back with some wisdom of my own. Today, I just didn't feel like doing either. I don't know why, but it got to me, so I decided to make a video and vent. LOL, I even got honours! Honors for this video (10) #7 - Most Discussed (Today) - Education #26 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Education #84 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Australia #86 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Canada #52 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - United Kingdom #71 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education #22 - Most Viewed (Today) - Education - Netherlands #40 - Top Favorites (Today) - Education #20 - Top Rated (Today) - Education #46 - Top Rated (This Week) - Education
  • Patcondell's Criminal Truth (Uncivilised)
  • Re: Uncivilised Creationist I say it all in the video.
  • Mobs of russian-speak "minorities" riot in Tallinn, Estonia Riotous russian-speaking "minorities" put their contribution towards multi-culturalism on display. See for more info. :)
  • The Overture "The Overture" frome Thailand. Inspired by the live of Thailand's master musician. Based on the life of Luang Pradit Pairoh (Sorn Silapabanleng) the most revered traditional Thai music master who lived during the reigns of Kings Rama V to VIII, the movie traces the life of Sorn, who picked up the ra-nad ek (Thai xylophone) mallets as a small child and played all his life. The backdrop to Sorn's life tale is the story of Thailand's classical music from its golden age during the reign of King Rama V to near extinction after the end of the absolute monarchy when the government banned it as uncivilised in the 1930s -- a time when Field Marshall Plaek Pibulsongkram tried to push the Kingdom into the modern era. The film shifts back and forth from the time when Sorn was a young man, playing in a xylophone duel with the intense Kun In, to the 1940s, when Thailand was under Japanese occupation and Sorn's playing would provide some inspiration to the oppressed citizenry of the time.
  • Sampolit Film - Soviet Liberators - In Stalin´s Footsteps Order a HIGH-quality copy - only 4$! Who are the Soviet Liberators? Why they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people in Eastern Europe? Why they believe they are liberators? Are they liberators or just occupants? Is Russia turning into a stalinistic state again? The Night Watch is a terror organization what operates in Estonia. The group was founded. The formation is extremely radical and dangerous. The Night Watch is being held responsibol for organizing the April Coup in Estonia in 2007. Estonia Tallinn TV russian bronze soldier riot riots vandals looting russia uncivilised russian-speak fascist russists
  • Mithras - Wrath Of God - Forever Advancing...... Legions Wrath Of God - taken from the debut Mithras album 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' (2002) Support the band and buy the cd from (Lyrics / Music: Macey) Riding forth - For the greater glory of their god Riding forth - To rage against their infidel Taking by force - Claiming holy lands as their own Allachibar - Can no one withstand the power of their god? Sent by their pope They rewarded tolerance With no mercy To reclaim their Holy lands They had to have slaughter Diplomacy a concept Lost on these uncivilised barbarians Solo: Macey I come forth An unstoppable wind of the east Taking under my vast wing New lands for my governance Horsemen of the open steppe No one can withstand "If you had not been so evil, I would not have come" For I am the wrath of god Solo: White Solo: Macey
  • Ex-muslim Confessions - What I believe Now (Part 10) This is the tenth part of a letter I sent to my religious cousin to address why I no longer believed in Islam. The full transcript can be found here
  • Uncivilised ugly behaviour of a foreign immigrant on new SBS bus 59 Bangalah came onto the bus 59 with whole body full of smoke stink. He leans his legs on the chair in front of him and starts stuffing his ticket into the window ledge. Pity the new bus, pity the guy sitting in front of him, pity everyone in the bus and pity Singaporeans who have to tolerate such retarded behaviour.
  • Meek and Uncivilised Meek and Uncivilised music video for The Red Show copyright 2009
  • Burma Cyclone & Brutal Uncivilised Ruthless Military Authori Burma Cyclone & Brutal Uncivilised Ruthless Military Authoritarian Government 10.5.08
  • Marmaduke Dando at UNCIVILISED meetup via Pixelpipe
  • Peace on Earth & Good Will to All Men ~ Wounded Knee ~ An excerpt from 500 nations about the 1890 wounded knee massacre. The founding Fathers brought the first tools of colonisation with them across the seas to teach the "uncivilised people's" of the America's "how to live" it was & is the book of Christianity in all its virtues, after all... it expounded the virtue of do unto others as you would have others do unto you amongst other things. Perplexing it is that seldom do those who state their selves to good & virtuous "god fearing" Christian people actually adhere to the example of the 10 commandments in their thoughts,actions & deeds, to whom they selectively choose it applies is the problem at the heart of Patriarchal society, they "rationalise" as such to fit agenda. It would be & is to this day the most ominous & ironic of words I feel that are especially pertinent at this time of the year when we hear so much of the familiar Christmas declarations like "Peace on Earth & "Good will to all men" & such, yet historically Christianity is replete with similar hypocritical events where such words and notions where said in the midst of abhorrent acts of genocidal murder. At Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge on Christmas of 1890 the 7th Cavalry butchered weary & starving men women & children after they had shown no desire but to peacefully convene & attend a meeting at the Pine Ridge reservation South Dakota. Sadly it was but one of many examples throughout history which continues to this day. It was ...
  • Queue Jumpers - 45 min documentary 13 February 2001 When asylum seekers rioted at the Woomera detention camp in August, a local talk-back radio show was swamped by angry listeners. Insults such as ungrateful, uncivilised and barbaric were hurled at the detainees. Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • kiasu lah... buhahaha just a group of my friends get together ,. had fun.. =,]
  • A.Holder ft C.Stanley & Lone Cat - Uncivilised People --NUWAVONIC PROMOTIONS-- LINK TO BUY - With previous releases & remix's on Soulfuric, deVICE & Soulfunk Digital, Andy launches his own digital label. And through his first offering collaborates with Hip Hop Vocalist J.Sands (lone catalysts) and talented jazz musician Carl Stanley to turn out a quality dance floor gem. Whether you like it soulful, deep or straight up in ya face main floor business, this package of mixes caters all angles. Enjoy! **Production Information** Written, Produced, Arranged & Mixed By Andy Holder Saxophone & Rhodes Solo's Performed & Recorded By Carl Stanley All Spoken Vocals Performed & Recorded By J.Sands Of The Lone Catalysts ©2006 Nuwavonic Records **Spirit Mix** Remix & Additional Production By Carl Stanley All Keys, Sax & Arrangements By Carl Stanley Drums & Subtle Arrangement Edits By Andy Holder Mixed By Andy Holder ©2006 Nuwavonic Records
  • L2 Eurogold Ultimate PvP UnCivilised clan presents you ultimate pvps in L2-Eurogold. I do not own the music, the song is called "falling apart" by zebrahead!!! Yet the video is mine, all copy rights reserved. Is my first video, many more coming!!!
  • the uncivilised beedan and diwan having some problems and thats y taken to the hospital... tts wat happen if u fall in love ..:P
  • The Trouble With Bond - Dr. No James Bond attends a very uncivilised dinner at Crab Key.
  • GI and the Idiots - Uncivilised.wmv From the album "Fascinating World Of Garbage (TRC 9)"
  • CLASS A'Z - UNCIVILISED REMIX LIFTED FROM THE TERAWRIZT & TONY MAHONEY REMIX EP Free download available at: If you like the mixtape and are feeling generous please make a donation at We appreciate and are grateful for all monies earned and made. Plus Tera and myself have multiple habits that need feeding! Peace ------------------------------------------------------ Re-Visited is a collection of tracks by Terawrizt (Class A'z) selected from several released projects and remixed by UK producer Tony Mahoney. This free download is a sneak peek of what people can expect from the upcoming 'Silence Is Consent' album from Terawrizt and Tony Mahoney which is due for release in early 2011, with Tony Mahoney adding a refreshing new vibe to some classic Terawrizt tracks while giving listeners a quick insight into his wide scope of beat producing qualities. Executively Produced By Terawrizt. All Beats By Tony Mahoney. Tracklist: ------------------------ 01. Life(Cuts By Tigerfist) Lifted from The Drug Money Mixtape 2009 featuring Nucentz and Rawsoul and cuts from UK DJ Tigerfist 02. Sound Of A Free Mind Lifted from Written In Stone Disc 1 2010 featuring Jambo 03. Uncivilised Lifted from The Drug Money Mixtape 2009 featuring Redzer and Nucentz 04. Let The Mic Go Lifted from Written In Stone Disc 1 2010 05. Operation MC(Mind Control) Lifted from DFI Mixtape Volume 1 2010 06. Grown Man Music Lifted from Sense The Terror 2 unreleased featuring Nucentz 07. Highly Classified Lifted from ...
  • WISH-GRANTING PRAYER❤☀ OF SAMANTABHADRA -- part 2 WISH-GRANTING PRAYER❤☀ OF SAMANTABHADRA -- part 2 -- (tib. Kunsang Gongpa Zhangtal). One should treasure this supreme Prayer as the wish-fulfilling jewel of one´s heart. As written in the colophon of the VISUAL DHARMA: this Buddhist Prayer has special meaning for beings living in third millenium - we are faced with climate clanges , storms, earthquakes, tsunami, loud noises (traffic in megacities, airplanes), mental and atmospheric pollution, geneticaly modified food!, pollution of earth through monocultures- greed of agriculture, mass killing of animals for food!, killing of humans in uncivilised wars, new kind of viruses (see excellent documentary of Al Gore: The inconvenient truth), allopatic medicine with unhealthy chemicals with strong side-effects, euthanasia being legally implemented in certain states, unjust social systems etc.. What we Buddhists have to offer to change the world ? Not only nice words about compassion , since we are not like those who speak what people wish to hear. As venerable Mipham Rinpoche said : „Nowdays if one speak the Truth there is nobody to listen. If one speak falsely everyone hold it to be true!" And Mipham Rinpoche said this in old Tibet , where he passed away in 1912. After 96 years His words are even more true. We Buddhist around the world offer regular recitation of Wish-granting Prayer of Buddha Samantabhadra for the liberation of all beings : To contribute to spiritual development of mankind , for world peace and for ...
  • Mass PvP Uncivilised Vs Rof and NewLife An other video of mass PvP, this time in the Giant's Cave!!! Enjoy mass pvp in one of the last and best C4 Servers, L2Eurogold! I do NOT own the music and I do not have any benefits from it!! The song is called "Denied", from Sonic Syndicate! Yet video is mine, all rights reserved!
  • Meek & Uncivilised (The Evil Edit) My edit of the my brothers band The Red Show's music vid for Meek & Uncivilised. You can find the original vid at the following link. Also this vid is being sent as a vid response to the trailer/teaser for their next music vid. Post-Apocalyptic Honey Bee.
  • Leaders Uncivilized Comments - Mandate 2011- Leaders Uncivilized Comments - Mandate 2011, Leaders Uncivilised Comments, CM attacked for 'Amul baby' comment, Uncivilized comment, Rahul Gandhi is an Amul baby: Achuthanandan, Kerala Assembly Elections 2011, TN Assembly Elections 2011, Mandate 2011.
  • Re; Uncivilised Creationist Videos about morality;
  • the uncivilised uges birthday
  • Uncivilised Expert Guitar Sightread FC (RB2) (TeamEcho) yeah pretty chill song and happy i got this on my sightread, Texas In July are a pretty awesome band i'm starting to like them.
  • Rude Customers in Singapore Restaurant Rude customers hurling humiliating words on a waiter. They claimed he was rude and one of them even threatened to 'rearrange' the waiter's face. Who are the uncivilised ones?
  • zeezippy: RT @AfiaSoAmbitious: Urrrqqqhhh am forkinq eaqer 2 qet 2 qhana 4 deze uncivilised chicks..bout hate..! Smh
  • smallkaili: Such an uncivilised person. The world doesn't revolves around you dummy. In a rush? Don't come and queue, as simple as that. #dumbassoldhag
  • AfiaSoAmbitious: Urrrqqqhhh am forkinq eaqer 2 qet 2 qhana 4 deze uncivilised chicks..bout hate..! Smh
  • murray_hall: This Auskick starts at an uncivilised hour for a Saturday. #whinge
  • notmpres: RT @Writerer: I'm taking bets on when the first "news" story appears in the Daily Mail about dastardly and uncivilised Scots... Will we give it a day ?
  • hunger_pains: At a beer festival. My 'fine ale' tastes like the can I forgot about. Gross. Back to drinking uncivilised lager.
  • aoifegarvin: In the absence of Sky+ we are reduced to watching adverts...how completely uncivilised
  • strabulsi: @ThamerShaker it just happened to me now thamer and was surprised and couldn't stop laughing !! So stupid and uncivilised
  • blearyboy: RT @Writerer: I'm taking bets on when the first "news" story appears in the Daily Mail about dastardly and uncivilised Scots... Will we give it a day ?
  • tad123: Darn. This weekend only has two days. How uncivilised.
  • Writerer: I'm taking bets on when the first "news" story appears in the Daily Mail about dastardly and uncivilised Scots... Will we give it a day ?
  • Kimfayedg: Wtf? Haha! RT @dayzeydoo: Today, we lined up at Uniqlo KLCC and some uncivilised women cut us. One of them even (cont) http://tl.gd/aa1708
  • dayzeydoo: Today, we lined up at Uniqlo KLCC and some uncivilised women cut us. One of them even said, "this is called survival of the fetus!"
  • Devils__Knight: @Sympthy4TheDevL I hate when guys do that stare straight at or sneaky looks it's very uncivilised..even if they think they are Lords
  • hidayahnhbs: Kids are becoming more uncivilised?? Hmmm... Including youths. This one worse! Sighhh....
  • aninoritse: On the contrary..they r well educated women from jand "@Aishanty: Lwkmd! Uncivilised aunties. RT @aninoritse: My aunties r fighting on bode
  • lilyhyper: Uncivilised idiots
  • hywel82: Back! I wasn't killed. But there are disturbed, unfriendly, uncivilised people out there :-(
  • Aishanty: Lwkmd! Uncivilised aunties. RT @aninoritse: My aunties r fighting on bode thomas oh the shame
  • Euwin: @Aurevoirdarling You know what's worse ? She teaches me SIVIK ! On Tuesday , she talked and talked about how uncivilised we are for 1 hour .
  • ALichfeldian: @BrownhillsBob How very uncivilised! ;0) Where do they keep them before they are collected? See how nosey I am!
  • checrys: Dr. M called it 'uncivilised' killing. Archbishop of Canterbury raised doubts.
  • KieranThorpe: @MisterFitz when you see tories whooping and cheering as they con yet another year out of 30% of the electorate it becomes very uncivilised
  • JackPardoe20: @HannahParvaz "How does Douglas Murray go through all that education to come out as an uncivilised troglodyte?" reminds me of OBL...or not
  • Group51UK: Uncivilised RT @mocost Two deaf friends stabbed in Florida bar after their sign language was mistaken for gang gestures http://j.mp/iFlIcC
  • velvetfeel: RT @HannahParvaz: How does Douglas Murray go through all that education to come out as an uncivilised troglodyte? #bbcqt
  • LifebyLizzy: RT @StarSparkle_UK: Douglas Murray just proving that Neocons are fundamentally uncivilised - barbaric, in fact #bbcqt
  • carboncoach: RT @StarSparkle_UK: Douglas Murray just proving that Neocons are fundamentally uncivilised - barbaric, in fact #bbcqt
  • HannahParvaz: How does Douglas Murray go through all that education to come out as an uncivilised troglodyte? #bbcqt
  • marcowenjones: How does Douglas Murray go through all that education to come out as an uncivilised troglodyte? #bbcqt
  • StarSparkle_UK: Douglas Murray just proving that Neocons are fundamentally uncivilised - barbaric, in fact #bbcqt
  • sellam: Who is that horrible, uncivilised, pompous angry man sitting next to PA? Mr Angry #bbcqt
  • AaronAsadi: We're civilised so we're allowed to be uncivilised, apparently.
  • SaiPang: Rejoicing in death is the hallmark of an uncivilised society #bbcqt
  • SuButcher: @ShannonBoudjema and we used to make virtually every lawn mower in the civilised world. And some in the uncivilised world too #Ipswich
  • JamboGT: @DeanJamesSmith a polite way to say a tad uncivilised?
  • adrianweckler: @curlydena @backpedalling cos still so many people that say "come on, they're just animals -- we have bigger problems..." #uncivilised
  • drhannan: Don't u think it was really backward of Pakistani public to demand the hanging of Raymond Davis? How uncivilised! (I'm being sarcastic btw)
  • iamjekka: @starsmiff god no! I miss Lucozade soo much! that's why Russia is still uncivilised - no Lucozade
  • scarletscandals: someone in my fb just said "all the estate has done is more to ...breed uncivilised people whose actions and behaviour r not only...
  • bondles9: @FPTom @FPTom JamesK won't be my friend because I'm an uncivilised terrist :(
  • Gourddiaz: Is it only me that feels like celebrating a murder in the 21st century is really barbaric and uncivilised?? I'm worried for my younger ones
  • poorlypaid: interesting POV. Defintitely counterpoints the western view. “@ritzramli: Can't agree more. http://t.co/tUlSMhf”
  • ritzramli: Can't agree more. http://bit.ly/mKEdXt
  • eliyanaakram: Osama killing ‘uncivilised’, says Dr M - http://t.co/DYE2GJW
  • Anglisy: @OneDeserthead yes, something must be done to stop them, but what? Uncivilised execution?
  • Sadbrain: Dr.M says Osama's killing was uncivilised!Was Osama civilised when he killed innocent people??
  • linvinnaar: Might as well go do some laundry while we're all being uncivilised.
  • HaylesT: Ug it's uncivilised to be up at this time of the morning
  • JmkMeena: U would think since we are now evolved human beings all them uncivilised characteristics would have disappeared...sadly it hasn't
  • hanifmnor: To send a team to kill him when he's unarmed, then put him in the sea, is a behaviour of uncivilised people. Good words Dr M. Totally agree.
  • sararamelia: Dah lama tak jumpa orang, I disgust how uncivilised they can be, esp in the morning.
  • theUKtoday: It's a shame #london like all capitol cities is so uncivilised ~~
  • tehillahnis: So at least the ladies. Its totally uncivilised RT"@tammywainer: @tehillahnis will never work in the mens!"
  • DJJERiKO: @Asha10 of course!!! Anything else would be uncivilised!!!
  • stuarthicks: @MissYau of course. only uncivilised people eat salted popcorn.
  • DrJenMD: @ellie_the_owl It's full of uncultured, uncivilised oiks, if I'm going alone I'll go early so they're hungover and inside still.
  • mimgodfather: @Feminist_Laura @thedeaconblue Understood. I'd be the first to admit it's uncivilised of me to say that, but it's true. I've lost good...
  • rafferty10: Clearly many Western nations rejoicing in one man's death is not uncivilised enough... We want to see photos too? #passmethebucket!
  • Lewisno1fan: @ggreenwald Showing photos like this is obscene and uncivilised - positively medieval. I hope Obama keeps his dignity and resists.
  • Mcajb: Osama killing ‘uncivilised’, says Dr M http://bit.ly/ltsBVD
  • OyinnnBaby: Every time I play Afro-Beats, my flat mate starts playing her uncivilised cultural music. This aint no competition.
  • MichaelByron97: @ValkyrieSmudge that's what you get for living in such an uncivilised, backwater region! =P
  • BrianYee89: Mahathir said killing of #OBL is uncivilised..~ Wait till he loose sum1 close to him to a psychopath than talk la..#ThinkB4talking
  • tylf54: RT @patrickteoh: Now DrM says there will b instability if MCA out of BN.Also sez sending a team to kill Osama is uncivilised. Things r getting serious here.
  • patrickteoh: Now DrM says there will b instability if MCA out of BN.Also sez sending a team to kill Osama is uncivilised. Things r getting serious here.
  • humanrightsSEA: RT @lawyerstalk: #Osama killing ‘uncivilised’, says Dr M http://fb.me/Ala8ffBI
  • lawyerstalk: #Osama killing ‘uncivilised’, says Dr M http://fb.me/Ala8ffBI
  • ditesh: Osama killing ‘uncivilised’, says Dr M http://t.co/KprUK6S [Because we must stay in fear of retaliation from terrorists]
  • yeongkianheng: How abt 911? @tm_insider: Osama killing ‘uncivilised’, says Dr M: — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned that Osama bin ... http://bit.ly/mfYVJu
  • _londonkitten: @xxkimberlyannxx I don't like these uncivilised people! Hahaha!
  • jonkudelka: @GPRollins Meant to respond to this: "Enjoying vengeance does not make one "uncivilised"" @2fbs @yowie9644
  • jonkudelka: @GPRollins Yes, you did miss something. Dancing in the streets in this situation is "uncivilised", not subhuman. @2fbs @yowie9644
  • jasonrambles: @alfaisalnordin Osama. Tun M said that the killing of Osama was uncivilised.
  • jasonrambles: Osama's killing uncivilised eh? I'm sure the ISA and Sedition Act are laws of the civilised society. Bloody hypocrite!
  • billtay25: Hello DrM! When Osama terrorised others, was he civilized? RT"@tm_insider: Osama killing ‘uncivilised’, says Dr M:... http://bit.ly/mfYVJu"
  • Sheriffbrody: Stopped at airport. Train now filled with French folk. In an instant I feel uncultured, uncivilised and very Scottish. Proud moment!
  • linvinnaar: @nik3i @21Rachiee33 yeah so uncivilised! (excluding us)
  • LucyGinia: Osama killing ‘uncivilised’, says Dr M http://bit.ly/kfg4Sd
  • itbe_Tyler: Blasters, So Uncivilised.
  • 2FBS: @jonkudelka @gprollins @yowie9644 oh god, I have heard this ad nauseum over past 2 days. Enjoying vengeance does not make one "uncivilised"
  • iAmTope: #blamejonatanRT @tz_eric: Uncivilised idiots! All of em are cab drivers fighting for fuel http://myloc.me/jJMU4
  • Rindalxe: @KailingSWAGG shut up uncivilised women -.-
  • tz_eric: Uncivilised idiots! All of em are cab drivers fighting for fuel http://myloc.me/jJMU4
  • CatJGoddard: Got the collywobbles about a hozzy visit tomorrow. Mostly because I have to be there at 7.45am. How uncivilised.
  • tweedrie: How uncivilised can someone be?
  • Haneyhbury: I gave them a wtf stare and walked off. Uncivilised immigrants
  • Dance_Liar: @bucky_bones @cassticity It was so uncivilised, we only just go dial-up! haha
  • zieeraaaah: Uncivilised sec ones.
  • Isobelaura: Murder is abhorrent and uncivilised. If a man murders he adds to his karmic debt. If a nation murders they add to their own karmic debt.
  • CelticCassandra: @LilFerret That looks so good!!!!! *salivates in uncivilised manner*
  • RoyB5: @JSCaru @schem17 #uncivilised
  • fevybaby: @Amisi1 lool its okay to be uncivilised sometimes you know

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