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  • Definition of Launder with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. edentates, unclinching, liquefier, blackener, anastomotic_branch, unethically, insurgents, regreding, preeminent, needlebush,. — “Launder: Definition with Launder Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • Lifetime Rankings. Back to Valhalla. Back to Lifetime Rankings. grave - Statistics. Round. Dominion Name. Race. Land Size. Networth. 2. unclinching will. Lycanthrope. 728. 82,656. 1. unclinching will. Lycanthrope. 670. 55,048. Overall Ranking. Land Rank. Networth Rank. 274. 298. — “Dominion - Lifetime Rankings”,
  • An intelligent, creative, and exciting Johnny Depp website with original articles, reviews and news. A site for the lovers and haters of Depp. He writes with a naturalistic, raw and unclinching style that brings the reader face to face with the subject matters. Mr Martowicz is a regular at. — “”,
  • Latest news, breaking news - Iran to send blockade-busting ship to Gaza Their unclinching support for all misadventures of Israel embolden its misdeeds. — “Iran to send blockade-busting ship to Gaza”,
  • A tool for unclinching nails from horseshoes, securing said horseshoe from horse's hoof. An unclinching tool comprising: a first handle having a chisel-like end; a second handle having a hook, pivotally joined together within a raised. — “Pat Howey's clinch lifter (US5816327)”,
  • Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. — “unclinching definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • This proves the point that America does have the ability and muscle to force the autocrats into unclinching their fists. This proves the point that America does have the ability and muscle to force the autocrats into unclinching their fists. — “Reply to comment | openDemocracy”,
  • Belltown tenants win relocation money. by: Cydney Gillis , Staff room, where he takes a seat at the table, clinching and unclinching his left hand as he waits for Maloney to make his dinner. — “Real Change News | Belltown tenants win relocation money”,
  • Method for unclinching of leads. a. Initial solder removal: first use method 7.6.1 (Vacuum) or method 7.6.4 The actual unclinching action shall be based on. these observed conditions. b. After solder removal from the clinched area, the. — “Space product assurance”,
  • FREE 2-Day Shipping: See details. Your | Today's Deals | Gifts & Wish Lists | Gift Cards. Your Account | Help. Shop All up of his hand clinching and unclinching as if struck by a lightening. — “: BITTERSWEET* "~it's o...'s review of Pride”,
  • Jyoti Basu speech on 19th Congress of CPI(M) Unclinching Lef t firm on Nuclear Deal. Jyothi Basu : Singur Land Can't be Returned Thousands line Kolkata's streets to pay respects. Main Menu. Archives. — “Videos | Jyoti Basu”,
  • we are searching foreign partner or suppliers of traditional Buy Clinch Tool,Clinch Too,You can find more lists of products imported on Radiator iran co, ,products directory,factories,supplier,buyer directory,product catalogs unclinch hand tool is used for unclinching tank from radiator core.2. — “Buy Buy Clinch Tool–Radiator iran co,”,
  • Solder joint removal and unclinching. B.1 Introduction. A basic step for the repair of an electronic circuit is Method for unclinching of leads. a. Initial solder removal: first use method B.3.1 (Vacuum) or method B.3.4 (Wicking) to remove at. — “Space product assurance”, esmat.esa.int
  • Definition: UNCLINCH*UNCLINCHES*UNCLINCHED*UNCLINCHING v to unclench Extensions: unclinchED unclinchES unclinchING. Sub-anagrams: ch chi chic chin cinch clinch clunch culch hi hic hin hui huic hun. — “NSA Word of the Day”, scrabble-
  • The good work being thus commenced, Peter beat down all before him, smiting and hewing at the joists and timbers, unclinching spike-nails, ripping and tearing away boards, with a tremendous racket, from morning till night. He took care, however, to leave. Twice Told Tales. — “Today's Stichomancy for Lewis Carroll”,
  • Riding back through the encampment of troops, hampered more or less by the irregularity of the different commands, I had ample The boy listened in silence, his fingers, clinching and unclinching, alone evidencing excitement. — “Love Under Fire : Chapter XVII. Beginning the Night Adventure”,
  • List words starting with un unclinching. unclip. unclipped. unclipping. unclips. uncloak. uncloaked. uncloaking. uncloaks. unclog. unclogged. unclogging. unclogs. unclose. unclosed. uncloses. unclosing. unclothe. unclothed. unclothes. unclothing. uncloud. unclouded. uncloudedly. unclouding. unclouds. — “List words starting with un”,
  • In August 2005, we went to the British Army museum to see an exhibit about animals that have worked for the British Army. Unclinching the old nails on one side of the shoe. ( 128kb) and unclinching on the other side of the shoe. — “Animals in the Army”,
  • Find all the manufacturers of Conveyor belt fasteners for light-duty belts and contact them directly on Directindustry. Staples are hammer-driven through the belt and then clinched crosswise to prevent belt tension from pulling against - and unclinching - the staples. — “Conveyor belt fasteners for light-duty belts - FLEXCO”,
  • Rector clinched the title just by qualifying with his first attempt of the weekend and parked his Holbrook Performance Parts Camaro for the three remaining qualifying sessions in order to avoid oiling the track, suffering points penalties, and "unclinching" the championship. — “Drag Racing Online - Race Coverage: The Rock 2002 pg.5 Vol”,
  • L.A. punkers make it raw, by the numbers and "Six Days a Week," with singer Matt Caughthran unclinching his forehead to explore at least a little lower-register melody. — “The Bronx, 'The Bronx' (III) | Metromix Chicago”,
  • Morning Sun - In order to set up an ambush, soldiers crawl neck-deep in raw sewage, some of it splashing into their mouths. When you get back from deployment, it's like a fest is eventually unclinching in your head. — “Professor speaks about stress of wartime - Pittsburg, KS”,

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  • Strangers In The Night by SOSSY YMK Another song from the 2006 album, "Burnt Suppers"; a tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes; count the Sinatra references in the song and enter our sensational competition to win a dream trip on a pish motorcycle over slagheaps; yes you can fantasise that you're flying when you get about a foot off the ground; yes you can convince yourself that you're travelling at the speed of sound by adding a couple of zeros onto your pishy speedometer; and at the top of that slagheap, won't you just feel so superior! If you are too thick to count the Sinatra references or because vibration finger through over-dependence on the throttle as your main relationship in life prevents you from unclenching your counting fingers, never mind! Use that clenched fist to beat yourself to death: you're probably already sufficiently brain-dead not to notice the initial pain, and by the time you do, you'll have become sufficiently accustomed to it so as to actually enjoy it. And that's the consolation prize! Yes, everyone's a winner, as Errol (as opposed to Gordon) Brown laid down in his five phys'cal rules! If you find you are stalking people on the internet, maybe you haven't been spending enough time on your pishy moped. Citizens of the world, take to the hills, drink some petrol, get your throttle hand out and make that engine squeak! You devil you! The video was shot by Austria's Helmut Cheesegroth, who had to stop working with Basement Jaxx because of recent scandals in his home country causing alarm to ...
  • You Found Me- Chapter 19 Part 2 "Paige, be nice," I heard Shaea warn Paige. Paige pulled on the fakest, most threatening smile- still managing to look unbelievably hot- and turned back to me. Her hand shot out for me to shake again. "Hello Joseph, it's a p-pleasure to meet you," her words came out hard and forced, emphasized with hate. I stared at her face and then her hand for a few minutes, skeptically. Slowly, I lifted my hand and put it in hers. Her hand was soft, but the way she so roughly squeezed my hand hurt. I could feel my bones crush together. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow," I winced. I tried to twist my hand away, my entire body twisting with me, as I tried to pull out of her grasp. This girl has such a strong grip! She gave an evil smile and just clutched harder, her nails digging into my skin. "OW, OW, OW, OW," I repeated as it hurt more. "Paige, let go, Paige let go of Joe's hand," Shaea ordered Paige. This girl seemed to have no intention of doing so. I was starting to lose feeling in my hand. "OOOOWWW, OOOOWWWW, OOWWWHHH," I screamed jumping up and down. Kevin, Frankie, Nick, and Taylor were openly laughing at us. Shaea's expression was amused, trying to hide the humor she felt. These people are EVIL! "Paige, let go," Shaea warned this time. "Why, I'm just making a new friend," she said with evil innocence. Oh crap so hot and so painful! Her hand squeezed tighter, if possible, my fingers twisting in a strange way. "PAIGE! Let go of the guy!" Shaea said, finally worried. She jerked Paige's ...
  • Gold Medal Party The sound of a nation collectively unclenching. Spontaneous parties at intersections at Yonge & Eglinton, Yonge & Bloor, and Yonge & Dundas in Toronto, Canada. This was shot at Yonge & Bloor about 1 hour after winning the olympic hockey gold medal game.
  • Good morning View from my bed in Tulum, sunrise.
  • Collecting Your Jar Of Hearts//Seven - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Collecting Your Jar Of Hearts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The bell has gone off for five seconds but still Emma stands there, frozen. Finally she mutters a few words. "I was wrong." Her best friends look at eachother, clued. Catalina shoves her newly chipped manicure into her pockets and Phoebe gulps. Were they wrong? Was Emma's intention not to break his heart? "I gave him more credit than she deserves." Emma continues, unclenching and clenching her jaw. "I thought," cringe, "he would have enough dignity," tremble, "to not go through more then two girls in one day." She stops glaring at her fists and looks up at an almost scared Catalina, cowering behind a sheet of blonde. "I'm sorry i let this happen, Cat. I really am." A tear trickles down her cheek, flushed with anger. "It's all my fault." Catalina shakes back her hair, laying a hand on Emma's shoulder soothingly. "Why do you always think that it's on your dead body, Em? Why is it you to blame?" Emma slides her friends arm off. "Because. I...I've been watching him this whole time, and never done anything to stop him. I've just watched him burn them to the ground, one by one. Every. Day. I see. And do nothing. What type of girl does that? I'm heartless, i really am.." Phoebe bites her peach tinted lip. "Emma, we've all seen what he's done. Nobody does anything-" "You're wrong, Phoebe." Emma cuts her off. "You help the girls. Lend them a hand. I. Dont. And ...
  • Super Metroid - Kraid Quick Kill It's been a while since I uploaded a video, and here's what has come to be know as the Kraid Quick Kill. I assure you, the missiles, super missiles, power bombs, and Spazer are all perfectly possible to obtain without the Varia Suit, Speed Booster, or Hi-Jump Boots as long as you know all the little skips and glitches of the game. Anyway, to pull this off you must shoot him in the head, just as you normally would. I recommend shooting him just as he's unclenching his fist so his arm doesn't get in the way of the missiles and super missiles. It's extremely important to make the first shot while his mouth is barely open, otherwise it will land at the wrong time, causing him to close it immediately after it lands. Doing this will force you to continue the battle as normal. The shot should go like this: open a bit - shot --- half open --- full open Of course, if you shoot him at the right time, he won't open his mouth all the way. Anyway, enjoy the video and practice the trick yourself. Another video has been uploaded that performs this trick in under 4 seconds, and I can tell you now you'll be surprised at the speed whether you know how long it is or not. No, the video is not only 4 seconds. There's a bit of intro and outro to it, so it's worth it. All names, items, places, images, videos and music that refer to, show parts of or are from video games in the Metroid series are all © Nintendo.
  • The Niley Jemi Story Episode 71 Here's the next one, sorry it took so long. I guess you could say I took a little hiatus. ___________________ "Renessa," Miley snapped harshly, her fingers working to snap the plastic, blue lid onto the Red Robin's cup filled with steaming hot chocolate. "Come get your drink," she hollored impatiently in the direction of the stairs, her fingers trembling uselessly by her side. It had been two days since Nick's little visit and all she could bring herself to think about was his lithe grasp around her waist, his lips brushing sensually against the nape of her neck, whispering seductive phrases to lure her into bed. "Mama?" Renessa questioned meekly, her chocolate orbs wide with curiosity and then worry as she saw the pain in her momma's eyes. "Who was that man that made you so happy?" She neatly caught the cup of hot cocoa as it slipped from the older woman's grasp, her plump lips closing rapidly around the red, striped straw. Miley intoke a sharp breath, her left hand massaging the skin of her forearm where a scar raised above the normal skin level, the dying wound festering slightly; Nick had cut her with the edge of his platinum watch (a gift from his rich Grandma, of course) when they'd jumped apart on the cozy living room couch. "He was nobody, hunny," she whispered, the tears trembling in the corners of her eyes. Her free arm shot out to brace herself against the adjacent counter as her knees threatened to give out on her. 'Why does this have to be so damn hard ...
  • How can this be wrong? A Semi Story (Alex/Mitchie) Ep. 18 I'm a horrible person I know. There's no forgiving this one but I will try my best to make it up to you guys! And not take so long next time to upload :p Alex's POV: She loves me. I can't believe it. She actually loves me. What I also can't believe is that I told her I loved her. I mean come on! Alex Russo does not share her feelings with other people; heck, some people even question if I feel anything at all. Well not Harper; she knows that deep down, I mean seriously DEEP DOWN in me, I have emotions. But with Mitchie.... Wow, with Mitchie all my emotions seem to want out and just yell "I'm in love! It's about gosh darn time she let us out!" And they did; that little moment of truth and vulnerability came out of nowhere; stupid emotions, I need to keep you in check. But then again, they helped me found out that Mitchie loves me so maybe they aren't so bad after all. I sighed contently and laid back down on the bed, feeling the comfort of Mitchie's bed and her lingering scent on it rock me into a blissful moment of calm and tranquility. I closed my eyes and inhaled, just taking in everything that her room had to offer because it was everything she was; it was everything Mitchie. I heard the door open quietly and I heard Mitch chuckle softly. I opened my eyes a bit and I saw her opening her drawers and taking out an oversized shirt. My heart rate picked up when I saw her taking her shirt and bra off, her back to me so I couldn't really see anything but still, even her bare ...
  • Danny At The Zoo Inspires A Muse The park admits the wind, the petals lift and scatter like versions of myself I was on the verge of becoming; and ten years on and ten blocks down I still can't tell whether this dispersal resembles a fist unclenching or waving goodbye. But the petals scatter faster, seeking the rose, the cigarette vendor, and at least I've got by pumping heart some rules of conduct: refuse to choose between turning pages and turning heads though the stubborn dine alone. Get over "getting over": dark clouds don't fade but drift with ever deeper colors. Give up on rooted happiness (the stolid trees on fire!) and sweet reprieve (a poor park but my own) will follow. There is still a chance the empty gazebo will draw crowds from the greater world. And meanwhile, meanwhile's far from nothing:
  • The Firstborn - "The Roaring Voice Of The God Of Death" Album: The Unclenching Of Fists Pro-Con Media 2005
  • NEJM: Modified Allen's Test The modified Allen's test is performed by simultaneously compressing both the radial and ulnar arteries, followed by exsanguination of blood from the palm by repeated clenching and unclenching of the fist. The pressure over the ulnar artery is then released while continuing to maintain pressure over the radial artery. A delay in flushing of the palm by 5 to 6 seconds is suggestive of abnormal ulnar-artery patency.
  • Irrevocable Season Two~ Chapter 47 Amanda's POV I'm pouring kibble into Charlie's food bowl when someone rings the doorbell, the tone resounding throughout the apartment. I put the bag of "Purina" down and walk over to the door, checking the peep hole to see who's there. My eyes nearly jump out of their sockets when I see a familiar face wavering on his feet impatiently. Cautiously, I unlock the door and swing it open, meeting face-to-face with the perpetrator, Nick. Charlie barks, alarmed at the sight of a stranger entering his territory. His teeth are bare, attempting to look intimidating, though I'm positive he won't bite anyone without my order to, or unless he senses a physical threat. "Down," I whisper to the very distraught dog. He meets my gaze and calms down, unclenching his teeth. When that's settled I turn back to Nick and speak to him in a venomous tone. "What do you want?" I snarl. "Y'know, that's not a very polite thing to say to compa---" "I don't need your smart ass tone, so unless you have a legitimate reason for showing up at my apartment in the middle of the day, then GET OUT," I command, fearless. He shifts uncomfortably on the heels of his feet, "Can we talk?" "There's nothing to discuss," I dismiss. "Yes, there is. You were never the kind to hold grudges." "People change," I lie lamely. "Not you. You're still the same person since when you were 13," he says firmly. "And how might you know that? You haven't spoken to me in who knows how long!" I shout, short-tempered, "You don't even ...
  • The Firstborn - "Fire Channels" Album: The Unclenching Of Fists Pro-Con Media 2005
  • Waiting For You {One- shot} Part 1 The curly- haired 18 year old boy adjusted the dark navy tie wrapped around his neck as he stepped out of his Mustang. They were celebrating Frankie's birthday at a small restaurant before the real party began. Surprisingly there were no cameras or paparazzi in sight as the singer scanned the almost empty parking lot. Joe must have actually been able to keep his mouth shut for once, he realized with a small smirk. He walked across the parking lot, his casual black Converse skidding across the smooth pavement. He entered the restaurant quickly, hoping he wouldn't be noticed, before stepping up to a woman standing behind a large wooden podium. "I think my family is already here," Nick smiled politely as the young concierge glanced up at him. "I'm guessing under Jonas?" The young blonde's eyes widened tremendously as she gawked up at him, her jaw hitting the floor. After a few beats of silence, she seemed to recollect herself as she apologized and her pale face morphed to a dark crimson blush. "Right. Um, I'll check the system. You can take a seat over there while I check." Nick flashed her another wide smile, chuckling to himself at her expected reaction. Suddenly, a sweet voice with a slight hint of a Southern accent sounded from behind his shoulder. "Nick? It couldn't be." Nick turned around quickly, recognizing the bell- like voice as soon as it slipped from her lips. "Miley," he gasped out in a soft murmur as he studied the now honey haired girl standing in front of him ...
  • The Firstborn - "The Unclenching Of Fists" Album: The Unclenching Of Fists Pro-Con Media 2005
  • The Firstborn - "Path Of The Mindwalker" Album: The Unclenching Of Fists Pro-Con Media 2005
  • Where I Stood// 8 I'm kinda depressed at how little comments I've been getting. I know like 80 people watch each episode, so why do I only get 12 comments? And long comments will make me write This Is Goodbye faster, which will make me upload them faster. So please, COMMENT! Thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Do you want to go to Homecoming with me?" Joe stared at Vanessa, raising his eyebrow and putting on his best charming smirk. Most girls melted at the look. "No." Vanessa turned to walked to the cafeteria, not saying anything else. Joe's eyes widened, and he jogged forward, grabbing her arm and turning her to face him. Vanessa glared up at him, surprised. "What do you mean, no?" "I mean, no. I. Am. Not. Going. To. Homecoming. With. You." Vanessa spoke slowly, as if speaking to a three year old who couldn't get it in his head she couldn't get a piece of candy at the store. "Why?" Joe asked, throwing his hands up in frustration. "What the hell have I done to make you hate me?!" Vanessa let out a sigh, running a hand through her hair in annoyance. "You don't understand that I'm not interested in you! So just back off. Got it?" She whirled around again and marched away out the doors before he could stop her, fuming. Joe stared after her, clenching and unclenching his hands. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This one or the pink one?" Miley asked, admiring herself in the ...
  • Lazy nights in Hartcliffe. Or how to scare myself silly with a friend and his impreza. Ok so I drive a 3.5 ton van that does about 65 down hill, and barely out runs a milk float, now my friend has an impreza, one that sounds like a light aircraft, and accelerates like Michael Jackson heading for the childrens ward. There is a point that you can physically hear my arse unclenching on the roundabout.
  • Maelstrom Hey guys, if you like the song, please visit our webpage () or add us on myspace at (/godsavetheking777), and facebook. Maestrom Lyrics Sometimes I wonder why we're stuck here in this place It's the only passage to flee from this war of much disgrace Our god he punishes us for this agonizing loss We're in his debt now, the forgotten sea we must cross. As we board our vessel to leave the sea welcomes us as its guest Immediately the water splits, We have disturbed calypsos rest Someone help us the sea's opening up we don't have much time Posiedon what can we do for you our god has betrayed us Racing towards the sea floor Racing towards the sea floor! In the eye of this Maelstrom it swallows us whole In the eye of this Maelstrom it swallows us whole (swallows us whole!) RAWWR Don't cry now, Because the battle here is done Our journey's just begun Stay awake now In the morning the world will be free This land depends on me. (solo A) DCM Separating, this whole world from the evil that it breeds Unclenching this wars teeth Damnation, all who stand in my way are sure to fall The king will hear my call (hear my call!) SEPARATION!!! DAMNATION!!! Unclenching this wars teeth!!! (solo B) CJA
  • Joe's Bad {Jick Love Story} Ep 28 At this moment I am missing the Lady Gaga concert, I front row tickets, meet and greets, and invite to after party. And I am sitting in a hospital, throwing up. Yay! I started rubbing the alcohol things across his knuckles, he face contorted in pain, and he kept wincing. I ran it along again, and he pulled his hands back. "It hurts." I gave him a look, and he gave me back his hands. I finished cleaning is knuckles, with him whimpering a few times. I opened the bandaids, covering up the scrapes. Once they were covered, I kissed them, he smiled at me, and thanked me. "I'm going to get you some ice, to stop the swelling. Okay?" He nodded, I went downstairs, and grabbed, some ice. When I came back upstairs, I saw him talking on his cellphone. He was sitting in the same position, slightly towards me, but he didn't notice me. He was clenching and unclenching his fists, his face showed anger and frustration, and as usual, pain. "Why are staring at me Stalker? He turned his face towards me. "I brought you some ice." "I know." I came and sat beside him, resting his hands on my thigh, I placed the ice on his knuckles. He flinched, inhaling sharply. "What were you thinking about?" He looked up. "You. Happiness. Us. Love. Death. Me. I don't like who I am, I don't like what i've done, I don't like why I do it." "I like you. In fact I love you. You're just not able to see how nice, and sweet, and kind, and hot you really are. If you could, then you wouldn't be suprised by why I love ...
  • Evil Little Toy What does 2 Valentines day animatronic singing toys make when they are mashed together with doll parts? Obviously something filled with unclenching, everlasting love. An early ode to love.
  • Burned (Jemi) Part 3 Nicole smiles at Joe, shaking her head slightly in an attempt to get the phrase out of her head "I'd love too...but I'm kind of coffee-ified." She admits ruefully, drawing back her coat to reveal rich brown stains soaked through the length of her purple top. Joe pouts, and Nicole hides a giggle at how childish his face becomes. Suddenly, his eyes light up "My house...well, apartment, is right by here!" He exclaims "We could go there, wash your shirt, and get you one of mine. Whadya say?" He proposes, and Nicole grins "Sounds like a plan." They stroll down the sidewalk in nervous silence, Joe's fists clenching and unclenching as he fights the urge to grab Nicole's hand. To fight the silence, he speaks, rapid with excitement. "So we'll go to my apartment, put your shirt in the washer, and then grab you one of mine. Or maybe one of Nick's...it might fit better." He muses, too lost in mental comparisons to notice that Nicole has blanched a sickly white at the sound of his brother's name. "You...you still live with Nick?" She stutters, staring at him desperately. He smiles back reassuringly, though confusion is highlighted in his eyes. He doesn't understand why she's upset...but he's automatically trying to fix it anyway. "Mhmm." He answers her question, shrugging "It worked out better...finically and all, then getting my own place." He pauses for a second, looking down as he mumbles "Though if he doesn't stop with all the girls..." Nicole tilts her head, emotion splashed in ...
  • UNCLENCHING: SLOW YOUR ROLL; Too much to do... too little time... Argh... I do not like running late for appointments, it stresses me out and triggers old thought programs. ie bad boy, irresponsible, disrespectful... Moving forward is surrendering my schedule and knowing that I'm in God's time... and I will get there when I get there.
  • If I Fall, Will You Catch Me? Part Seven LILLIANA CHUCKLED, ARISING from the floral decorated mattress lying on the bed. "Awh, Selly, we haven't seen eachother in six long years! I was hoping for a better reaction. Maybe a 'oh hey!' Or a, 'Lilliana, I've missed you!' I guess life is full of disappointments, huh?" Selena stayed frozen to the spot and continued gawking at the mystery unfolding before her. ". . .You -- You c-can't be. . .You can't be her! No. You aren't my Lilliana. She --" "—died six years ago?" Lilliana offered, finishing Selena's babbled sentence. Selena nodded vehemently in a daze. This was absurd! This couldn't be Selena's Lilliana! No. Her sister had died six years ago, she was sure! Lilliana nodded in understanding. "Ahh, well you see, my dearest sister, I didn't actually die." Selena blinked two times. "I. . .I don't. . .pardon?" "I didn't die. On the contrary, it was all fake." Hearing these words snapped Selena out of her daze. "I don't understand. . .it was all -- fake?" The word 'fake' triggered something in Selena, and she snapped into an angry rage. "Fake!" Selena scoffed, repeating the word, anger evident in her voice. ". . .How could you?" Selena asked, her lips pulled back to show her pearly whites as she snarled. "Tell me Lilliana, how could you do that to me? Your own sister! Do you know how long I wept for? I cried for months to sleep. Months! I mourned, actually thinking you were dead. . .and all along, it was fake. Fake." Selena cried, shaking her tiny balled fists. This was ...
  • Tron - Ursula Rucker "I just can't stand how machines move forward while people stand still" Ursula Rucker questions our unclenching dependence and pseudo-addiction to TECHNOLOGY.
  • My Chance at One Sweet Love ep. 58 HELLO! okay so i'm doing a marathon to apolgize, ****CHECK OUT CHAPTER 57 to find all the details (: part 2 of ? Nick's POV I laugh and roll onto my side. "You did this on purpose." She says while pointing to a newly formed hickey. I try not to smile, but I crack and grin. She groans and says, "Do you know how many people are going to ask me what happened? AND how many people will assume what actually happened?" I just shrug and kiss her cheek gently. She grabs my face with both of her hands. She kisses my lips softly, then works her way to my chin. She goes down on my neck and starts kissing it. I start to laugh and pull away. But she pushes against my chest with unexpected force so I'm lying down. She sucks and gently nibbles at my neck. "There." She says proudly. "You asked for it." I smile and ask, "And exactly what was that?" She gets off of me and lies back down. "Your song. I'm yours," She says while pointing to her hickey, "and you're mine." She says while pointing to my fresh one. She says again, "You asked for it." I laugh at her literalness. We both lay back down and stare at the sky. "Is that the sun?" She asks calmly. I snicker and say, "I think so." It's so crazy how long we've been out here. Time flies when you're having fun. Suddenly she sits up and snaps her head in my direction, "Whattimeisit?!" She says in ultra lightening speed. I glance at my cell phone, "Uh...4:30." Her eyes go wide and she starts looking scared, "In the morning?" She says in a very ...
  • The Firstborn - "Torn From Within" Album: The Unclenching Of Fists Pro-Con Media 2005
  • Lookin' For Love Ch. 9 (Bad Habit) Chapter 9 (Bad Habit) "Come on guys! They're not worth it!" Court shouted, pulling David down into his seat. "Yeah right!" Ash said in between coughs. "Not helping." Andi said glaring at her. "Sorry." Ash mumbled. "Leave now or we'll unleash the beast." Kris threatened. Terri choked on her water. Court, Andi, Ash, Aly, and Thomas gave her 'wtf' looks. VFC looked at her confused. "And who would that be?" Jared asked her amused. Kris pointed at Terri. Terri was really confused. No one had ever asked her to do something she wasn't supposed to. "She couldn't hurt a fly!" Nathaniel exclaimed. "I wouldn't put it past her." Bobby said. "Especially after she whacked the crap out of Thomas's knee with her crutch earlier." Drew added. "Is that suppose to scare us?" V Factory asked in unison. Terri sat at the table clenching and unclenching her fist. She really didn't need to get arrested right now. Especially in front of TC. It would probably scare him of. She didn't want that. "Do you wanna know how many times I've had to bail this girl out of jail?" Thomas asked. "How many?" Nicky T questioned. "47 times." the girls said in unison. "You've been arrested 47 times?!" Jayk asked Terri. Terri shook her head and looked down. Surprisingly TC began to rub her back. She looked up. "Well actually." she began. "I've been arrested more than 47 times. That's just how many times he's had to bail me out." she confessed. She took a deep breath and sighed. "Now can you please leave so we can ...
  • nevemisekoj: Inarticulate with passion, he stood before her clinching and unclinching.

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  • “Where fashion, trends and relationships meet. doesn't have anything else better to do with her time than dye her hair around her vaginal area and comment the On the Edge blog”
    — Take it off: the real deal on waxing - On the Edge - Kristi,

  • “Football Forum. Open Forum. The Hoopty. Chat Room. Register. Rules. Search. tickets. Board How about unclinching those ass cheeks and stepping away from the keyboard? - McSweeney”
    — Notre Dame Sports Forums,

  • “I was an army brat and lived overseas in Iran and in Germany while growing up in the 50's. Went to High School in Augusta, his face but meanwhile he is clenching and unclinching his jaw, shrugging his shoulders and making fists out”
    — Will-o on HuffingtonPost,

  • “Your blog combined with the explanation I got from a man at the Temple have clarified a Thank you very much for this blog and the other long comment which explains so many”
    — Understanding Hinduism – Hindu Religion Basics for Beginners, hindu-

  • “Do gentle exercises such as clinching and unclinching your fists, rotate the hand at the Do gentle exercises such as clinching and unclinching your fists, rotate the hand at the”
    — Oranpeople,

  • “I didn't watch soaps at all last week, I was out of state for a death in the family and blank eyes, and her clinching and unclinching her lips as she stutters and whispers”
    — General Hospital,

  • “ not like Hindustan when they claim to have concrete proof and later on it starts to come out after 3 or 5 years that the evidence was unclinching. You are a respected senior member of this forum and it is very unbecoming of someone at that level to resort to such kind of verbal abuse, especially”
    — Indian-made Weapons Recovered From Swat Militants - Pakistani,

  • “Wolf steadily clinching and unclinching his fists* Wolf: " So whats this, you come back 7:16 PM. Respond to this message. Goto Forum Home. Responses. Ready?. Poison on Jan 9, 2003”
    — Creatures Wrestling: Unrivialed Since We Started This Sport, network54.com

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