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  • Concrete patch repairs under propped and unpropped implementation Affiliation(s) du ou des auteurs / Author(s) Affiliation(s) (1) Centre for Concrete. — “Concrete patch repairs under propped and unpropped implementation”, cat.inist.fr
  • I had underpropped the motor and it was more than enough without payload. I held some up elevator on the stick and got over 15 ft/sec, or 900+ft/min, which is just fine considering it is underpropped. — “Clark County R/C Club Forum: Zlog by Hexpertsystems, sample”,
  • Definition of underpropped from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of underpropped. Pronunciation of underpropped. Definition of the word underpropped. Origin of the word underpropped. — “underpropped - Definition of underpropped at ”,
  • We are looking at replacing our fixed 3 bladed 13x9 prop with a two blade folding prop, firstly to go faster under sail, and secondly as the current selection seems underpropped. We have a Betamarine 20hp with 2:1 reduction on the gearbox. Max. — “Ballad Exchange - Folding prop choice”,
  • i am concerned that my performance curve indicates that my boat/engines are under-propped (not enough pitch or diameter) Ghost, sometimes there is a problem with being under-propped, and that's when the pilot doesn't realize that. — “BoaterEd - Under-Propped?”,
  • DAVID BRANIGAN SAILING COMMODORES' CUP:_ THE OUTCOME of the potentially decisive 180-mile offshore race in the Rolex Commodores' Cup will be known later today when the fleet returns to Cowes up to 36 hours after starting from there yesterday. — “Ireland looking good in offshore race - ”,
  • A guide to boating & yachting, news & classifieds updated daily With gasoline engines, if you can reach 4,300 rpm when your engine is designed for 4,000, you're underpropped. — “GoBoating | Boating Community Forums, Boating News, Boat”,
  • The Boater's Log - Volume 1, No. 4 - What You Need To Know About Propellers Not enough pitch (under-propped)—the boat pops on plane and accelerates with confidence, easily exceeding the recommended full throttle RPM. — “The Boater's Log - Volume 1, No. 4 - What You Need To Know”, yamaha-
  • If your propeller is "underpropped," you'll exceed the rated RPM at wide-open-throttle. Increase the pitch of your propeller if you are underpropped. — “How to Pick the Right Propeller for Your Mercury Outboard”,
  • Visit this site dedicated to providing information about Elizabethan Hair Styles.Fast and accurate details and facts about the history of Elizabethan Hair Styles.Learn the facts about Elizabethan Hair Styles. And lest it should fall down, it is underpropped with forks, wyres, & I can not tel what,. — “Elizabethan Hair Styles”, elizabethan-
  • So I know over propped kills outboards but what about underpropped? I'd much rather be underpropped than overpropped. If you find yourself 30 miles offshore in a giant following. — “ClassicMako Owners Club, Inc. - underpropped question”,
  • Am I underpropped too? It seems if I could get that 12 knots at a lower rpm my engine would be better off. I feel that I am underpropped. From what I have been told by serval Chris Craft suppliers, the 13x11 was standard I have 13x13. Boat runs well with. — “Cruising speed on 1984 28'11 Catalina 281 Discussion Forum at”,
  • Cummins - B Series Forum. Page:327. Change Prop Pitch, Increase HP with Injection Pump Adjustment or Both?,Tachometers how do they work?,Underpropped,Odd Cooling Symptoms,Changing Fuel Filter,Watlow heat sensors,Help! i have a question about. — “Cummins - B Series Forum. Page:327”,
  • Bliss Books are your first choice for construction books, construction contracts, building contracts, building books, forms and legal documents, including JCT Minor Works 2005, Spons Price Guides and Construction Design Management Regulations. — “Bliss Books: Behaviour of concrete repair patches under”,
  • An engine that is under propped but jetted correctly will normally have a low CHT and a high EGT. EGT cannot usually be reduced to normal in an engine that is under propped and under-loaded. — “Principles of 2-Stroke Jetting & Reading Spark Plugs”,
  • It sound like you may be a little under propped you need to hold the engine at 4500 rpm MAX If you look at the the specs below you will see that the peak torque is at 3,600 RPM that is the maximum rotational force produced. Max horse power. — “Airboat propeller pitch? My fire department has an air boat”,
  • A hammer-and-sickle flag in its hand and a cartridge-disc machine pistol hanging in its neck make the statue complete. Looking behind it, though, it resembles a 12-meter high, under-propped communistic scenery ?. — “Statue Park | Memento Park Budapest - a kommunista diktatúra”, mementopark.hu
  • Definition of underpropped in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of underpropped. Pronunciation of underpropped. Translations of underpropped. underpropped synonyms, underpropped antonyms. Information about underpropped in the free online English. — “underpropped - definition of underpropped by the Free Online”,
  • Theatre - Kate Kellaway on an over-acted, under-propped play unpleasant Theatre - Kate Kellaway on an over-acted, under-propped "play unpleasant" George Bernard Shaw sets the scene for Widowers' Houses as follows: "In the garden restaurant of a hotel at Remagen. — “New Statesman - Shaw-ly some mistake”,
  • Underpropped definition, to prop underneath; support; uphold. See more. — “Underpropped | Define Underpropped at ”,

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  • 20 hp Johnson on the boat Finally got the 20 back together. On it's maiden voyage a few weeks back I had forgotten to replace the oil in the lower unit and well, nuff said. Anyway wit...
  • 4 HP outboard powering 32 foot yacht Under propped yacht being powered home by a 4HP outboard, no wind.
  • AG500DD-3X Brushless DD Gimbal Test-01 1st flight test of the v2 Shrimp, and the first test of the AG500DD-3X brushless direct-drive 3-axis gimbal.The pan axis is setup with the "follow frame" fun...
  • How to crash an RC airplane into the weeds on take off roll massively underpropped warbird goes into the weeds. The plane was destroyed the following day with a deadstick one point landing on the field.
  • Radio control "Gangster" style plane on 3200 mAh 3s pack Here's another video of my "Gangster" style trad built model converted to electric. E-flite Power 25 and a 3200 mAh 3s pack provide the go. Still a bit under...
  • Self Erecting Crane - MANUFACTURER - SALES - HIRE - SERVICE click here to view list of used CRANES FOR SALE We offer cranes both Self Erecting and City Tower Cranes for Hire throu...
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  • First Flight Flying Wing (home made) experiment third try to get my flying wing to actually fly. it has a 38 inch wingspan that i cut out of foam bought from home depot. it has been dubbed "the persistent ...
  • Mel's new toy
  • TWFC Sat 4th July 09 Alex's Outlaw The Outlaw, a kit meant for IC but converted by Alex to electric power. Features a 400 watt outrunner and a 2800mAh Lipo making this delta model fast. It is ...
  • Mako 171 Holeshot- 90 4 stroke Merc Just doin a holeshot. Now since the motor has been broken in completely, i can be tough on it.. plus i got a warranty lol Boat may be under propped b/c topsp...
  • 87extra.wmv flight #5 on my 87" Extra. full hitec guidance,Castle 110HV / Neu 1521/1.5Y on 12S 5000mah. the plane is under-propped in this video in attempt to keep my Am...
  • Klassen Engines F-110 Widowmaker 4 cylinder gas engine as seen in Model Airplane News This is a video of a grueling test flight of the world's first turbo-cooled high performance inline 4 cylinder RC fighter engine! The engine in the video was...
  • Scratch Built Hybrid X-H Multi-Rotor - Maiden Flight of Aussie Bullant My latest Multi-Rotor contraption is a hybrid X and H Quad configuration, that I called XH-Bullant. It is missing its legs/landing skids, until I build some....
  • F 15 crash, broken longeron This is my foam built F-15 first time up, but it crashed and will need some pretty extensive repair. I just didn't get enough speed built up, probably due to...
  • Queen Racing vipec hydrospace Testing stock hydro with a Queen Racing Vi-Pec ecu kit in a mild open configuration at 18psi. Under propped and still doing 64 mph!
  • Prop Saver Fitting.mp4 How To Video - Cutting off the shaft and fitting a prop saver to a brushless outrunner motor used on Radio Control model aircraft.
  • Hanger 9, Sundowner 50, with Saito 82A Maiden First flight with the Sundowner 50. Dark Grey Day, Engine is still Rich and under propped a little.
  • Falcon 120 Crash This was the second flight of my Super Falcon 120. Powered by a SuperTigre G-20 (23cc) turning a 15x14 Zinger pusher prop. Previous flight was a 15x8 and was...
  • Luus 1
  • 4 HP outboard powering 32 foot yacht Under propped yacht being assisted by dingy moored to side and using outboard to power yacht home, 12 miles.
  • 22 Force 230hp Turbo Diesel (awesome sounding) wot Kaneohe Bay Oahu Hawaii Test run 2005 Kad 43 p Supercharger Turbo combo dp-e outdrive A4 props 3800rpm 32 knott. Under propped looking for a set of A5 and A6...
  • Nano Deep Vee Mono 2S 24k motor Test 2 Vid.AVI New Vid of the nano deep vee on a 24k 11T 8pole motor wound with 24g on 2S under propped today but need to see how the motor temp would fare first.
  • Star Targets with the Waltons We have had these explosive Star Targets for almost two years, we just never found a time to all get together and shoot them. Real fun time. Hopefully we wil...
  • 10S Lipo Insane Catamaran with Lehner 2280 This is the first test run with my new 40" Insane cat. Lehner 2280/10, OEMRC 100HV esc, 10S PolyRC lipo. The first run I under propped it with an x447. Top s...
  • Hangar 9 - Twist 60 More info: http:///hangar-9-twist-60-and-the-sidewalk.html First flight of my Twist 60. Nothing crazy and the sun was setting fast. Just a...
  • sundowner os 75ax 12x10 prop @112mph
  • Parkzone Corsair Prop Mod Finally got a Corsair when I was at Eweek, and this is another one I wish I got sooner. Decided to spin a bigger prop to get a scale look and found that this...
  • RC Combat Delta Plane A video of us messing around with a combat plane we threw together. The second scene is me flying.. All the other times is my buddy. The motor is under propp...

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  • “I had underpropped the motor and it was more than enough without payload. sec, or 900+ft/min, which is just fine considering it is underpropped”
    — Clark County R/C Club Forum: Zlog by Hexpertsystems, sample,

  • “Props & Stern Gear - Propellers Forum. Page:2. Updated Sun Jun 23 2002. Tech help on Underpropped Chris Craft. Tue Aug 06 2002. Tony B: Here are the facts: recently purchased '89 42.2 Chris Craft Commander, Detroit 485hp 6-71 TIB's, no load max RPM is 3000, full load Max RPM is 2750, Gear ratio”
    — Props & Stern Gear - Propellers Forum. Page:2,

  • “Forum. Forum Listing. Events Calendar. Calendar. Events List. Resources. Photo Gallery 's Stuff On the 160W rated motor and underpropped - I had about 7 - 8mins on”
    — Short flight time and LiPo change - RcTalk UK Model Flying Forum,

  • “Prior owner has it underpropped as he mostly ran it offshore with a heavy load at lower You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You”
    — Prop advice/Questions - prop questions - Propgods Forum,

  • “It's running ok, but it severly underpropped. I was approaching redline and was at about And I also doubt it's an OEM prop if it's that badly underpropped”
    — BoaterEd - Starting Prop recommendation for '87 18' bayliner,

  • “ClassicMako Owners Club, Inc. Author. Topic. I have assumed and heard that my '91 Johnson 200 should hit ~5,500 RPM's? Anyone? I also understand the easiest way to effect RPM's is with the pitch of your prop. Should I be concerned?”
    — ClassicMako Owners Club, Inc. - RPM's/Prop ?'s,

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