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  • A programmatic time-gap defect correction apparatus and method corrects errors which may go undetected by a computer system. Buffer underruns or overruns, which may incur errors in data transfers, yet remain undetected and uncorrected in a. — “Time-gap Defect Detection Apparatus And Method”,
  • Bug 525817 - alsa-ng output plugin causes sound crackling and buffer underruns Created attachment 362838 [details] pulseaudio log of audacious (output=alsa) running The sound cranclink (alsa underruns in the log) increase dramatically as I use the cpu/disk (e.g.: make -j3 on a big. — “Bug 525817 – alsa-ng output plugin causes sound crackling and”,
  • Buffer Underruns. CD writing is a real-time process, which must run constantly at the selected recording speed, What are causes of buffer underruns? Buffer underruns can be caused by any process software or hardware related that interrupts the write. The. — “Isle of Wight PC User Group”,
  • Overruns & Underruns. Book manufacturing is not an exact science. The same policy applies for underruns, whereby the order is cut short because they run out of printed materials to complete the order. — “How Book Printing Works - Morris Printing Services”,
  • Stickers 4 less overruns and underruns for a wide variety of Roll Labels, Custom Stickers, Custom Decals, Foil Labels, Vinyl Decals and Vinyl Stickers. — “Custom Stickers, Decals and Labels Overruns and Underruns”, stickers-4-
  • How to avoid buffer underrun during recording for ASR type applications Avoiding underruns when recording. Symptom: When recording asynchronously in voice applications based on Dialogic® AG Series Media Boards and Dialogic® CG Series Media Boards, the data is supplied to the application using two. — “Avoiding underruns when recording”,
  • Posted: Wed May 17, 2006 9:22 pm Post subject: ASIO Buffer Underruns I've been reading some of the replies over at productionforums, and a lot of the talk seems to question why buffer underruns would occur. — “Zynewave - Community - View topic - ASIO Buffer Underruns”,
  • About Buffer Underruns. CD writing is a real-time process which must run constantly at the selected recording speed, without interruptions. Setting hard drive read ahead optimization to "none" may cure buffer underruns in some cases. — “ZipCD User's Manual: Troubleshooting”,
  • Underruns' definition, to run, pass, or go under. See more. — “Underruns' | Define Underruns' at ”,
  • If this property is set to True the Latency value is increased until underruns are no more reported. Usually TDXAudioOut successfully recovers from underruns by itself, but this causes. — “TDSAudioOut - NewAC”,
  • Definition of underruns in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of underruns. Pronunciation of underruns. Translations of underruns. underruns synonyms, underruns antonyms. Information about underruns in the free online English dictionary and. — “underruns - definition of underruns by the Free Online”,
  • Underruns have TWO major effects on the outcome of crashes: SIDE underruns and side swipe – where the angle of approach exposes the occupants to cabin intrusion (for light vehicles) and. — “ - UNDERRUNS”,
  • R & W Engraving, Inc. Quick Copy Center - Custom Recognition Products, Lapel Pins, Golf Markers, Service Award, Safety, Flag Pins, Scholastic Pins, Corporate Recognition, Motivational Pins, Chenille Letter Pins, School Pins, Music Pins, Star Please review our Overruns / Underruns Policy. — “Custom Recognition Products, Lapel Pins, Golf Markers”,
  • DVDs have been extremely useful in storing data. So far, it has gained a number of faithful followers because of its ability to store much amount of information .. By Carolynn Wong In order to steer clear of buffer underruns which may occur on slow computers, the Track-At-Once mode may be utilized. — “Multimedia :: DVD Burning Pointers | ”,
  • Solving Buffer Underruns, CD-R duplication>. — “iSCHOOL NEW MEDIA LIMITED - FAQ”,
  • When casting (BASS_Encode_CastInit) sometimes it looks like sending data slower than needed, which results in buffer underruns when playing this stream. The playback from the app itself is perfect. Only stream is broken. What could be possible reason for this?. — “Buffer underruns when casting.... What could be the reason?”, un4
  • With these performance improvements, the rate of packet underruns has been reduced. The problem is seen as a high number of receive overruns or transmit underruns as shown in blue text in the Cisco IOS show interface command output below:. — “Cisco 3600 High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) Performance”,
  • Silkscreened Imprinting - Custom Imprinting Orders For imprinted or custom-designed displays, please call 1-800-733-3545 EXT 4. A Display-World graphics expert will assist you. For imprinted stock items, please allow up to 3 weeks from receipt Overruns/Underruns. — “Custom Designed Displays | Retail Store Fixtures”, display-
  • Buffer underruns occur when XO Wave (or one of its components) cannot produce or consume data at the rate that the sound hardware requires (technically, not consuming data quickly enough usually results in a buffer overrun, but for simplicity, XO Wave refers to both conditions as underruns). — “XO Wave: Hardware Settings”,
  • It is worth noting that underruns can ONLY occur in real-time playback, they will not happen while exporting to wave or mp3 file. Remember that as the Buffer length is increased, underruns decrease, but the delay between playing a MIDI keyboard, tweaking a knob and the. — “Improving FL Studio Performance”, flstudio.image-
  • Reinstalling the CD-Recording Software • Running the System Tests • Troubleshooting Buffer Underruns • Problems Reading Recordable CDs • Problems Reading Multisession CDs • Error Message Descriptions Troubleshooting Buffer Underruns. A buffer underrun is a common error condition that. — “Documentation”,
  • Nearly all coasters are caused by buffer underruns, which result when the CD writer's buffer runs out of data while the CD is being written. The key to the PlexWriter's reliability is its use of BURN-Proof technology, which effectively eliminates ruined discs from buffer underruns. — “Coaster-Free Burning with IDE CD Writers: Part 1 - O'Reilly Media”,
  • The risk for buffer-underruns is also increased. See the PROCESS SCHEDULING PRIORITY If you have buffer underruns or similar problems (like a constantly empty drive buffer). — “wodim(1): data to optical disk media - Linux man page”,

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  • FL Studio Tutorial: How to Maximize Performance within FL Studio READ FIRST: Sorry for the delay. I was very busy with my Sims 3 videos that I have been making. So yeah, I hope this tutorial helps.
  • Real time synthesizer written in Haskell This is a demo of interactive real-time sound-synthesis written in Haskell. You find the project files in Technical details: I'm running a Linux notebook at 2 GHz. There is an E-MU X-board plugged to the machine via USB, that sends NoteOn and NoteOff messages. They are received via ALSA's MIDI facility. The Haskell program treats the MIDI events as a lazy list and transforms this list to a lazy StorableVector, that is written to ALSA output. To be honest, I could cheat here, and could just record the MIDI events and render the music offline. Actually I have cheated a bit: The sounds are played in realtime, but I get some buffer underruns whenever I play too many notes simultaneously. In order to get full quality in stereo without those underruns, I have written the audio stream not only to ALSA output, but also to a file. Then I have extracted the audio stream from the video recorded with the camera using ffmpeg. In the next step I have synchronized the rendered audio stream to the recorded one using Audacity. Then I have assembled the cut rendered audio stream and the recorded video stream using ffmpeg, again. However, although the video I uploaded is exactly synchronized and of good sound quality, the YouTube replay is slightly desynchronized and the sound quality is poor. The sounds are rendered in stereo, single precision float (rendering time with double precision is equally fast or equally slow) at 48000 Hz sample rate. I have chosen quite simple ...
  • Myon & Shane 54 Bass tutorial Fl Studio Vanguard Project FLP + Presets Sorry for "underruns" techno-tutorials.pl - here you can download a full flp project & separated presets.
  • self aligning capability of a gyroscope The gyro is given a spin. Its axis centers until speed under-runs a certain value. Interesting are the last seconds, where the gyro does not fall from its pedestal although there should be a significant centrifugal force. Maybe this effect could be used, where it is wanted to eliminate centrifugal forces?
  • Bruning problems Write-Buffer underrows during bruning after a few minutes. At the start of the burning process everything is fine. Later, it jumps like this an the bruner ist slowing down or it
  • Rockstars Piano Instructor.mov Joshua Prickett • Future Rockstars Instructor I was born in Cali, I grew up with my Mom and my Step-dad at our Grandma's house until we moved too Hesperia when I was about 10. I am currently 16, August 6 1993 is my birthday. I've studied the piano under Surojeet Chatterji, who graduated with the highest honors and degrees from the Russian Moscow Converstaory of music. Dr Chatterji developed a whole new method when it came too piano playing, taking 30 years too perfect the method the Russian had passed down from generation and generation of concert pianist. With this new method he developed he showed great promise and potential in his students, most of us capable playing the great works of Bach, Chopin, Liszt within a couple months of studying. I never played a piano until I met him, To this date I've played for only a year and half and I am living proof of his great method. Dr Chatterji taught me every single thing he ever knew about the method, I have experience teaching with him and I've taught many students who are now better then I have ever imagined. I was the student who took the method too the next level, tracing back my teachers lineage of concert pianist who his teacher and his teacher's teacher trained under, runs all the way back too the greatest, Ludwig Van Beethoven. I am living proof, a prodigy, that this method works. Though their are no copy cats, you can accomplish more then you thought if you are only willing too learn and listen.
  • FL studio beat - Jackets by NashiihsaN Here's another little beat i've done. Yeah video gets a lot out of sync at about halfway...underruns what can i say. (C) NashiihsaN 2010 Link to better quality audio:
  • FLStudio crackling/jumping audio problem (not underruns or plugins) [RESOLVED] I have a problem with my FlStudio where the sound / song position pauses and jumps even in the smallest of projects. One puzzling thing is that it isn't so bad on the 'New Stuff' project, which is rather CPU intensive. The problem seems to be elevated when I interact with the GUI, dragging the size of the windows etc. The video shows my flstudio, asio settings, and pc specs. The video is of a fresh installation of flstudio 9.1 from the day before. Solution: It turned out the problem was to do with my Edirol UA-5 sharing an IRQ with my graphics. All I had to do was change the USB port it was using. Here's where I found the solution:
  • max power video test testing more linux screengrabbed virtualbox... yes i run fruityloops in E17 desktop with virtualbox. my screengrabber is causing the FL buffer underruns
  • FL Studio Usage Problem - bad sound while playing in program after using some vsts and effects in program, while playing sound's getting bad i think it's about sound card but i use Asio4all, although i use it, i can not cope with bad sound. i'm in trouble with this Please Help. Birkaç vst ve efekt kullandıktan sonra, programda dinlemeye çalışırken ses bozuluyor duyduğunuz gibi asio4all kullanıyorum ama yine de başa çıkamadım bu problemle, yardım edin lütfen.
  • The Moonbase - Episode 3 alternate ending Episode 3 of The Moonbase over-runs by about a minute, while Episode 4 under-runs by about the same amount. Subsequent production teams would often remedy such occurrences by moving a cliffhanger forward or back, but in the 1960s more limited editing facilities preventing this. This video demonstrates an alternate ending to the missing Episode 3 (represented by stills and audio) and an alternate opening to Episode 4, with the cliffhanger brought forward and the remaining material from Episode 3 moved to the beginning of Episode 4.
  • Soon to be? Episode 18 Chad: well I got this cause I.. I Sonny: you Chad: I...i..like you...alot and I decided to tatto you to me for 30 days (laughs akwardly) Sonny: me to (laughs) and I like you too..alot (blushes) Chad: (oh no) but I dont wanna... Sonny: complicate thing Chad: no.. I dont wanna be seen with you (hurt) im sorry Sonny:(hurts) oh....i under (runs of crying) Chad: (sighs) it was for the best In tawni and sonnys dressing room- Tawni: okay see you tonight hayden (cuts the phone) beyonce...tira... arr a pirate (laughs) Sonny: (bursts in crying) tawni Tawni: (hasnt seen sonny yet) so you guys soon to be? (looks at her) or not.(feels bad) what happened (sits her and sonny down) Sonny: chad said he like me..alot.. Tawni: than why are you crying Sonny: he also said he dosnet want to be seen with me (crys again) Tawni: aww (hugs her) shh Sonny: (is hurt so much she crys in tawnis shoulder) Tawni:(that was brand new!) there will be other mr perfects Sonny: but he was my mr perfect Tawni: how bout I get you a fro-yo on the hosue (I have to help her) Sonny: thanks tawni..cookies 'n' cream please (remebers chad like it too) (crys) Tawni leaves to talk to chad- Tawni:(hits chad on the side of the head) whats wrong with you Chad: ow? Tawni: explain Chad: about Tawni: sonny Chad: yea so why do you care Tawni: you dont get it do you Chad: what? Tawni: you tell her you have a tatto of her initals and than you tell her you like her a lot than Chad: ill told her I dotn want to be seen woth her so ...
  • Another new hot rnb beat in fl studio 8 another slow rnb beat of mine, video might give some underruns, rate/comment and/or subscribe for more!
  • Rory runs under the swings It looks quite easy but you'd be surprised
  • Let's play x-com campocalypse Well since there's already 5 billion videos of it already :D The codec used to upload to youtube is H264 lossless, as youtube for some reason wouldn't accept H264. Unfortunately the game audio is not synced, I've made some adjustments to the settings though so hopefully the next video should be better. The desync is due to the frequent buffer underruns in the game which manifests themselves as a short pop ingame.
  • Fruity Loops - Glow Sticks and Strobe Lights (trance/dance/club mix) Finally finished this track. if theres one track you could say i went overboard on it would be this one. theres about 70 patterns and countless effects, and automation data and whatever. i have my buffer settings to MAX and i still get a ton of underruns. either way i think the track turned out alright. ive been working on it for about 6 months now and i am soooooo sick of it. anyway, as usual, if you want the files or mp3, send me an email - [email protected] oh yeah, and if you really want the flp, ill send it to you but GOOD LUCK getting it to play, or trying to hack your way through it. I created it and even i dont understand how i did things when i go back and look at it again. its a mess, lol.
  • Some fun with D2X-XL Just me playing D2X-XL, and showing off some of Vertigo Fox's new soundtrack to Descent - The Enemy Within in the process (the soundtrack is about half done). The level is Enemy Within level 11 - Hot Stuff. Level music is the level 11 song: "Cogs", and the level 12 song: "Molten Driller". The crackling and occasional music slowdowns are caused by buffer underruns in D2X-XL, not the music itself. Sorry about the sound becoming disconnected from the picture, that's a bug with my video recorder.
  • CTPA 3 - 30 sec & Under runs CTPA 5/09 Albany, Oregon 3 30 sec and under runs. Reese, An Johnson and Jen Short. Reese and An and Jerry Johnson. -
  • ::C's Beats - Fixing FL Studio 9's Crackling (CPU Buffering) Tutorial:: A basic tutorial showing how to stop crackling, clicking, or popping caused by cpu overloads when using FL Studio 9.Made Using FL Studio 9. I do my best to put my passion into my music/videos, and if your liking what your hearing do me a favor and subscribe. Thanks much to all you out there! Visit me on myspace at /xizorbeats and tell me what you think of my music, I read every bit of text sent my way! Secret Tip - Get 10% off FL STUDIO with this link! support.image- Get At Me on Myspace Famz! |----Subscribe----| You Won't Regret It
  • DJ Psycho - Lost In Matter A track I have been working on lately. I posted it a while ago on my SoundCloud but not on YouTube... So here it is for you guys :) A Progressive House track with a bit of Dubstep bass deeper into the track. I've been making this track while feeling some kind of lack inspiration inside me. This is the kind of feeling when you feel lost in between your ideas, with so many in your mind, you can't just choose one. Then the spacey sounding dimension of the song made me think of the black matter which is "filling" up outer space. A combination of those two main ideas lead me to naming this track "Lost In Matter". It was kind of automatic and non-thought at first when I was making up the melody. Then I developed it to match my style and expectations. I have started making my own synths from scratch on this project. The main synth is still my favorite ready but a little modified synth but the rest has been made by myself using Massive, SynPlant and Circle VSTs. This track will be in my upcoming album. Once again, there is no screen recording because of all the plugins I used in this project... This makes it practically impossible to play the whole song without having underruns even though Turbo Mode is activated, explorer.exe is shut down and all that stuff... Instead, enjoy a few space wallpapers while listening to the track :) I hope you enjoy it. DJ Psycho _________________________ Get my single The Sound Of The Universe here bit.ly ...
  • d8h dozer D8 Info 70% under Runs Great Excellent condition for the model Works every day , Getting your of business need CASH!!! Come try before you buy
  • nigger escapes under bed stupid cat
  • Deadmau5 - Strobe (FL Studio 9 Remake) Hope you like it :) Sorry for the underruns on the audio :) Check out my real work, and subscribe!
  • FL studio beat - PowerBridge by NashiihsaN Here's a little backing track i've put together in fruity loops, i apologise for the video - i encoutered some underruns towards the end resulting in some lag, but whatever, the video's not that important anyway. (C) NashiihsaN 2010
  • Operating Table - Birth Pangs of Sin | Chinese Death Metal song taken from the China runs Blood compilation
  • Mind Compression This one has no video. There were Billions! of underruns. So all you get is a picture. Muhahahah!
  • Nike Free Run+ Running Shoe Review Another winner here. The new, redesigned Free Run+ is a little more rugged for longer durability, but it still stays true to the barefoot running style that made it so popular. This is going to be a great shoe for the 10 mile and under runs.
  • SwaggMonstaNC: I liked a @YouTube video from @mrdeshongmusic http://t.co/F65fndVl Fl Studio: Fixing Underruns Crackling (CPU Buffering) [Setup
  • Real_QuanBeatz: #windows8 runs super fast I #LoveIt and #FLStudio runs great without the #Underruns #studiolife #iloveproduc http://t.co/XHSAJm8O

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  • “How the hell can a buffer underrun occur when burn proof is set and the recorder supports BURN proof. It's nonsense! I hate all the bloody options that you have to set too! Mode2XA Mode 1, RAW, disc”
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  • “When I burn an image with I get constant buffer underruns. The buffer level keeps going up and down throughout the burn. When I uninstall the”
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