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  • Discussion on topic Problems backing up prince of persia two thrones check the undersaid of the disc for scratches.. give it a clean too. Then try it again I don't have any experience of the programs you mentioned, but you could try DVD Decrypter too. — “Problems backing up prince of persia two thrones - AfterDawn”,
  • Being true to your own instrinsic-Query and innate-Quest, please read the undersaid very precisely in pertinence to your affinity for same Being true to your own instrinsic-Query and innate-Quest, please read the undersaid very precisely in pertinence to your affinity for same. — “What is quantum physics?”,
  • Dear Seniors, Pls. advice me how to cope up with my manager.. he is an womeniser and he never cares or appreciates me.. Many time he insults me in the the undersaid question? "Why you want to leave. the organization and. looking out for new job?" Particularly when you. have spent. — “Tackling Physco Manager”,
  • the intimacies restored to all of their hard uses. And more -- as the moonlight frays loved -- in music undersaid and underschooled -- are tracing a family back /hearing these. — “Poetry by Robert Lietz : ”,
  • Words that end with ID : Words ending in ID undersaid. varioloid. zygaenoid. 10 letter words ending in id. acetanilid. albuminoid. amphiploid. amygdaloid. anthracoid. anthropoid. aryballoid. arytaenoid. bacterioid. bituminoid. bridesmaid. carotenoid. carotinoid. ceratopsid. chaudfroid. chironomid. cicadellid. — “Word id meaning. Word id definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • A container having a removable indicator tag which is releasably attachable thereto. The tag can be attached to a peripheral rim, pedestal, lid, under a peripheral adapted to be associated with a second co-operating means undersaid rim, said first and second co-operating means allowing said. — “Container and tags - US 5865339”,
  • Ha ha- and here I thought you had done this for Mike and the Fish wars- before reading the description of course. Thickening the tail on the undersaid whould have improved it, particularily where it gets thinner and goes out again- however. — “Skateboard Art : SheezyArt”,
  • Crutch Got It Bad Lyrics. These Got It Bad lyrics in the album are performed by Crutch N undersaid (2x) Whisper: I love u! [ Got It Bad Lyrics on http:/// ] Send "Got It Bad" Ringtone to your Cell. Comments to these lyrics. Leave a Comment. — “Crutch - Got It Bad Lyrics”,
  • I am trying to read all the addresses contained in my network and write them in a tex I am trying to read all the addresses contained in my network and write them in a text file..I am using the undersaid code. — “Additional information: The process cannot access the file becaus”,
  • 44.45 pc voter turnout in Bihar amidst poll boycott call Moderate to brisk polling in Bihar 4th phase election 33 percent voting in Bihar polls, FIR against Lalu One held, 10 kgs of explosive-like substance recovered the busy Radio Station roundabout undersaid the action followed a tip. — “44.45 pc voter turnout in Bihar amidst poll boycott call”, 24
  • Pinoy Maritime Forum is for all mariners, family, students and those who want to be part of the maritime community. Everyone is welcome to join us. will put to strict scruitinising of port authority to make sure that the said ship will comply to the regulation impose by undersaid jurisdiction. — “ONLINE MARITIME JOBS OR COLLEGE OR ACADEMY FORUM: PINOY MARITIME”,
  • View posts since last visit | View your posts | View unanswered posts Hi, May I know yr price for the undersaid rim. Any mat finishing like mat silver or similar with the same. — “SIngapore Honda Club :: View topic - Hundreds of used sport”, shc-
  • Home Page > Executive Branch > Code of Federal Regulations > Electronic Code of Federal Regulations. e-CFR Data is current as of November 25, 2010 where necessary the class, undersaid standards, of steer, heifer, and. — “Electronic Code of Federal Regulations:”, ecfr.gpoaccess.gov
  • The series that brings you the very worst in sports disasters from around the world. This video shows various boxing mishaps including the public getting inv protective mother, haha, thats undersaid. — “YouTube - Boxing Mishaps”,
  • I would like to put forth a new topic which likely was a personal discussion with one of my friend who is a nominal christian a couple of days before , who uses the undersaid verses in support of praying to dead saints as it is explained to him by the heads of thier churches. Hebrews 12:. — “: General Forum: Spirits of Just Men”,
  • Public Notices courtat Boston on or beforethe 13th day of December, 2010 or you may beforever barred fromclaiming that such foreclosure is invalid undersaid act. — “Public Notices”,
  • Fragments: Poetry by Mary Fumento. Oversaid, Undersaid. Always better to say. What we really feel. Than to let it all die. Never to be made real. And miss the very hearts. That need to hear so much. While in silence we cling. Grasping a favored crutch. — “Fragments: Poetry by Mary Fumento”,
  • Definition of Underseas with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. undersaid. undersaturated. undersay. undersays. underscore. underscored. underscores. underscoring. undersea. underseal. undersealed. — “Underseas: Definition with Underseas Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • Full text of the U.S. Copyright Act, from . thereof shall bepunished by a fine of not more than $1,000, and all of his rights and privileges undersaid copyright shall thereafter be forfeited. — “U.S. Copyright Act - ”,
  • Kissing you - by lalitha iyer .. I found a kiss implanted upon a miss i thought it very lovely for the lips tuned very lively they licked into and sticked into stemmed into and stormed into all I could see undersaid it will be. — “Kissing you by lalitha iyer”,
  • GUANO BOYS Heartland lyrics. These Heartland lyrics are performed by GUANO BOYS. View these Heartland song lyrics. HEARTLAND lyrics GUANO BOYSOverboard and undersaid quench like water fill like bread in my ears and in. — “HEARTLAND lyrics GUANO BOYS”,
  • It seems so poetic and emotional! You're brilliant! I loved how sweet this story was! Things were undersaid but it was understandable (do you understand what I mean ?. — “PORTKEY.ORG >> review”,

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  • My 2011 Bluecoats Audition Tape This is my recording for the 2011 season. I have marched two years at the Bluecoats and definitely recommend everyone and their grandma to audition...but only if your grandma's not over the age of 21. Which would be weird if she was under said age... I mean you would have had to have a kid at like 10 and then your kid would have to have a kid at 10. Which would be wrong...just oh so very wrong...but I digress...enjoy!
  • BANGS - Im Going To The Ghetto - OFFICIAL VIDEO Bangs- go to ghetto
  • HOW TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FRIENDS (TGM Show Ep # 40.2) Have you ever been extremely bored? This is a manual on what to do under said circumstance.
  • Sovereign Freeman in Court: Verbal Report of Defence and Negotiations Appearance in court with buddy (defendant) NOrthampton MA. Maintaining rights through screening and security, discussion with the district attorney. Sarcastic Judge on the record gives permission to make speeches on the steps of courthouse! THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO: Motion to suppress evidence Suppress notice of claim as insuficient service ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1,XIV,90, 3D Application for registration of a motor vehicle or trailer or for a license to operate motor vehicles shall constitute and irrevocably appoint, in case the certificate of registration or license applied for is issued, the registrar or his successor in office the true and lawful attorney of the applicant, upon whom may be served all lawful processes in any action or proceeding against him, or his executor or administrator, growing out of any accident or collision in which he or his agent may be involved while operating a motor vehicle within the commonwealth during the period covered by the certificate of registration or by the license as the case may be, and any process against him which is so served shall, if he is notified of such service as hereinafter provided, be of the same legal force and validity as if served on him personally and the mailing by the registrar of a copy of such process to him at his last address as appearing on the registrar's records shall be sufficient notice to him of such service. Service of such process shall be made by ...
  • A misguided health care reform in the Land of Oz US Senator George LeMieux (R-FL) spoke on the Senate Floor December 11th highlighting the recent report released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This report states that under Senator Harry Reids (D-NV) health care bill, insurance premiums will be raised, health care costs with go up, and federal expenditures will increase by an estimated $366 billion dollars. "A United States Senate that doesn't play by the rules in an attempt to make history, pays no attention to the cuts in medicare, pays no attention to the medicaid put on the states that can't afford it, and pays no attention to the higher taxes and higher premiums that people are going to suffer under" said LeMieux. "We don't have the courage to do whats right and work together in a bipartisan way. We need to start over and need to do it right."
  • 5 Panel Manga - Goth [18+ ONLY!] 18+ CONTENT! DON'T WATCH IF UNDER SAID AGE! Halloween starts a little late here on "Panel Mehawk" but it starts with a blast. More Halloween-themed and/or disturbing content soon to come. Afterwards, we'll let things tone down a little again, so don't worry if this isn't your kind of thing. And yes, this has only 1 Panel not 5. So what? ;) More videos at my channel, like, comment and subscribe. Thanks for watching. =D My Facebook Page: My Twitter Page: Check out the ultimate Otaku-Website: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
  • Team Objective match part 2 My team: 7 Captures Eyyoshi - 3 capture 35 - 6 leon.sk - 3 capture 17 - 9 Sra - 1 capture 10 - 12 Their team : 0 Superman - 16 - 18 Rodrigo - 11 - 26 aquafire - 2 - 15 Kills to deaths - team total Mine 63 - 34 Them 33 - 59 Just end game statistics, not bragging, not my style. GG 10 minute limit, Windows movie maker cut of part of it when I had to get it under said limit...
  • How to take apart an XBOX 360 : the Prep work B4 using Heat Gun fix Watch in HD! In this first part of my tutorial on fixing xbox 360s with a heat gun, i show you how to take apart the xbox and prep it for heat gunning! THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY IF IT IS STILL UNDER SAID WARRANTY You Will need: -a messed up XBOX 360 -T8, T9, T10 torx screw drivers -precision (small) flat head screw driver -heat sink compound (thermal paste) -a heat gun -Rubbing alcohol and a few Q-tips -8 pennies and electrical tape (if you want to do the penny trick) A Guide to Error Codes: I still need to upload the 2nd part so bear with me =]
  • The Best Green Bay MailDay of the Year !!! Thanks 7's !! Seriously, what rock do you live under if you're not subbed to 7's already. BTW... How did you get an internet connection under said rock??? Thanks a million 7's.
  • A weird but funny Twilight pricess glitch While playing Twilight princess during the boss I somehow glitched through the floor, what happen was I used the Spinner to ram into the boss' spine breaking it, and out of nowhere Link came spinning pass him and glitched through the sand. I think after each hit Link is suppose to auto go to and spin around the boss VIA the spinner, but he somehow got knock back and as a result, he fell through the ground. Under said ground I was on the platform that once you destroy the boss leaving it's head, you spin it and start the second haft. I didn't expect it to raise after spinning on it but after it did, I just laughed at the sight. XD Weirdest glitch I ever saw/did lol. PS sorry for the brightness, still trying to fix that.
  • ~~*Kahit Sandali*~~lyrics:Jennylyn Mercado ~~~I don't need a perfect relationship, I just need someone who won't GIVE UP on me~~Cause,... No matter what happens to us...every "day" spent with you is the BEST day of my life~~~~~ ***Jennylyn Vergara Mercado(born on May 15, 1987), is a Filipino actress, singer and songwriter. She gained fame as the winner of the first season of the Phil. TV series Starstruck, a reality search show on GMA network. She has released three(3) albums from GMA Records and Viva Records which have several popular singles such as "Sa aking panaginip", "Moments of love" collaboration with Janno Gibbs, "Maybe this time" and "Kahit sandali". Kahit Sandali(The Best of Jennylyn Mercado) is the third album of singer/actress/host Jennylyn Mercado. This 14-track album was produced and released by GMA Records in May 2008. It is also the last album of Jennylyn Mercado under said recording company before she transferred in Viva Records. ***Disclaimer:Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended. All images, video clips, audio, song/music are the sole property of their respective owner.
  • I am Kira - Sparta Remix And I thought the [email protected]#$ing Nessalu remix was hell to work with...this made it a walk in a park... Anyway, I know it's not as good as the original Sparta remix, but this is Light saying "I Am Kira" under said Remix
  • Market Anarchy and self-pwnership. My thoughts on the market anarchist who has been talking at me recently, and self-ownership at the end. And stuff And the image I'm reminded of when faced with comments on market anarchy videos: Which is how life will work under said system. And lulz I'm going to call it MAnarchy from now on, why? Because it sounds RUGGED!!!!!!!! Like it eats raw meat and takes care of its' business with a RAWR in its' throat.
  • SEG Minecraft Ep.10 10. episode Like & Subscribe please
  • CNBC - Homeowners advised to turn to short sales and loan modifications First time home buyers, investors, and organized property flippers currently make up the majority of those active in the housing market. However, Pete Flint, CEO of , cautions the first time home buyers that are looking to benefit from low interest rates and low prices of foreclosed homes. I would recommend working with an experienced foreclosure expert and doing research before purchasing a foreclosed home, he said. Instead of foreclosing, Howard Glaser, president of the Glaser Group recommends short sales and loan modifications. He believes the Obama administration is going in the right direction with passing loan modification measures because they will help the three things necessary for recovery; a stable economy, stable credit, and a stable inventory.Short sales are another good way to put the right person in the home and get the lender out from under, said Glaser. But CNBCs Diana Olick expressed skepticism in turning to short sales in lieu of foreclosures. Short sales are beginning to take as long as the foreclosure process, which at this point are quicker than they ever have before." For more information please click on the link provided:
  • "Youth Jobs & Defense" NYA The National Youth Administration The National Youth Administration was part of the "New Deal" and WPA Here's a rare Kodachrome peek at this unique program. 97 - Executive Order 7086 Establishing the National Youth Administration. June 26, 1935 By virtue of and pursuant to the authority vested in me by the' Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of. 1935, approved April 8, 1935 (Public Resolution No. 11, 74th Congress), I hereby establish the National Youth Administration, to be within the Works Progress Administration established under Executive Order No. 7034 of May 6, 1935. There shall be a National Advisory Committee and an Executive Committee for the National Youth Administration. The members of said National Advisory Committee shall be representatives of labor, business, agriculture, education, and youth, to be appointed by the President .... The National Youth Administration shall be under the general supervision of the Administrator of the Works Progress Administration and under the immediate supervision of an Executive Director. I hereby appoint Aubrey W. Williams as Executive Director thereof to serve without additional compensation. The said Executive Director shall also be a member of the Advisory Committee on Allotments, established under said Executive Order No. 7034 of May 6, 1935. I hereby prescribe the following functions and duties of the National Youth Administration: To initiate and administer a program of approved projects which shall provide relief, work relief, and employment for ...
  • Morytania Tasks Runescape update | Runescape update 3-27-2012 ---------------------------- Main update: Morytania Tasks ---------------------------- - These new task were implemented into Runescape on March the 27th 2012. With these task brings a whole new world of help to Morytania, a greatly dusk city filled with many horrors from the land and under said land! Make sure to check out the Morytania task set on your Runescape task list tab to learn more. INFO on MORYTANIA TASK: - 51 brand-new Tasks for Morytania - Easy set of legs: double the amount of fungus from bloom spell, 2x cannon ball making speed, possibility of extra blood runes per ess - Effects that last: increased Slayer xp in slayer tower, free planks each day, exchange bones for bonemeal and slime each day, while in barrows your prayer point drain is reduced. - XP rewards in skills of your choice. (on completion) Early Bird Special: (Till April 11th 2012) - Along with the Morytania Tasks comes our latest Early Bird Bonus. Everyone who completes the Easy and Medium Tasks before April 11th 2012 will receive an additional 15k XP lamp for use on any skill over level 50. ~~~~~Other News~~~~~ 1. Completion of the Priest in Peril quest is no longer a requirement for reaching Morytania. 2. Check out the redesigned "Audio Assets" page to listen to some amazing Runescape music. 3. All XP reward interface graphics have been reworked. ~~~~~LINKS~~~~~ * Morytania Task Runescape update - ~~~~~Quick Find Codes (for Runescape Forums)~~~~~ Patch Notes 3/27/2012 ...
  • Keroro Gunsou - Pink Dinosaur Song: Pink Dinosaur by Papaya Anime: Keroro Gunsou The result of me and IrkenSnax downloading "Pink Dinosaur" at 12/3AM in the morning (different time zones) and coming up with AMV ideas was this. Watch as Keroro's hopes for a loving and playful pet dinosaur, and Keroro himself, are squished under said (not-so-pink) dinosaur's gigantic foot.
  • The Daily Dub Let's face it, Danisha and J-Bug have been off hiding under some rock for a long time. While they were under said rock, they devised a new, fresh way to entertain your socks off. Using the powers of DUBSTEP, the duo give us a 'slice of life' that involves lawn mowers, chase scenes, frying pans, potato heaven, glow in the dark paint, new british vocabulary, and some freak dancing in a bathtub. Oh no, I've said too much! Song composed using loops from: On behalf of Danisha and J-Bug, ENJOY!
  • ADOM 1.2.0 Preview 1 Here you can get a first glimpse of ADOM 1.2.0 prerelease 1. The most exciting thing actually is the new soundtrack by Lucas Dieguez (not yet integrated into the game but only in the video) as we still have not made any important changes to the UI. We intend to make one ADOM release within the next week or so in order to hopefully entice more support for the "Resurrect ADOM Development" crowd funding campaign at as we are highly dependent on the results of the campaign to finish ADOM 1.2.0 in a really great state with all the changes described under said campaign. Please support the campaign, share the information, spread the news to others, blog, tweet, like and plus the stuff as we need more support to show the world that roguelike games are as important as more modern genres! Thanks to the awesome community for now... we almost have made 50% of the funding as of today and yet have more than half of the campaign ahead of us!
  • J. Gifted HAY Online In-House Graphic Design Director Ad and HAY Online Brief Intro J.Gifted is a talented Haitian American that has many books written, art work collection, poems, and so much more in talent. She really is a genius even by IQ stats. She is one of the many Haitian American's we present. She is a woman of God who is always mentoring the youth and there for all her friends. She is an Alumni of FAU, SISTUH's community leadership member, she is Director in Graphics Design for Haitian American Youth Online, Inc and a managed talent under said brand. She is why HAY Online looks so great graphically. We want to show the World all Haitian childrens talents not just the well affiliated. So if you are not getting the help you need to flourish, look no further and come to HAY Online where if we cannot help, believe me we will do all in our power to guide you to the right source for the most optimal information. Haitian American Youth Online, Inc (HAY Online) was started to make the road to success for the Haitian American youth a little easier. We want to step away from the common current culture of cronyism and help all with in and outside the community better be served and serve our community. Being of Haitian descent and born of the sect of Haitian immigrants who made up the eighty percent not able to go to school, we know all to well through their stories and our own eperiences the singleing out, lack of community support, and many obstacles that stifle Haitian American entrepreneurs, talents and college bound children. We are that child that ...
  • Pete symbolically hammers the Elephant @ Columbus Circle.3gp There is for some reason an elephant symbolically holding an apple in its trunk, which Pete hits with his cane. I happen to be under elephant for the event. I bonk my head on its ear on the way under said Pachyderm.
  • {JustActingOut} Stop Complaining Link this to your friends when they're complaining about redundant or annoying things(like the new Poke'mon game. Just an example). This was originally an in-joke where I was playing the audio at people under said circumstances. I've decided to share.
  • Latest Attempt at Chinese Food Safety: CCP to Reward Informers For more news visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ http Follow us on Facebook ☛ And the latest attempt at ensuring food safety in China, authorities are now offering monetary rewards for those who help report food safety violations. Here's more. After a series of tainted food scandals in China, the regime's latest plan to tackle food safety is a new reward system. According to a state media report on Thursday, people will now be given monetary incentive to report illegal food activity. Chinese state media, Xinhua, cites a directive stating, "Government departments at all levels must set up dedicated funds for a reward system for reporting on food safety." Supposedly, tipsters will be rewarded if the accusations can be proven legitimate. The amount of reward money was not specified. The report especially encouraged those who work under said companies or individuals to report their superiors. It added that anonymity measures still needed to put into place, so people would not fear retaliation. So far, the Chinese regime's attempts to stem food safety problems—including harsher sentences, increased regulation, campaigns, two-year plans, and food safety education—have not been successful. Since the melamine milk scandal in 2008, which sickened 300000 babies and killed at least six, various food safety scandals have surfaced in China, including tainted rice, pork, wine, instant noodles, steamed buns, and milk powder.
  • Bankruptcy stay court phone hearing - FORECLOSURE FRAUD This is how a sovereign conducts MYSELF in Bankruptcy court I'll let the video speak for itself, but let me just point out a few things that you may or may not catch. First of all, I object to any names or titles such as Miss or STAR HILLS, (artificial joinder of the all caps 'name), Second, the judge doesnt even know her own name and first calls herself 'Judge' Brimel, then tries to say that she wont allow me to 'interrogate the court', (she doesn't even know her own name) ,,,At this point you stay on point and do NOT let the judge deny you access to the court and/or due process, so take note, 'I allow her' to finish her 'opinion', (which is not LAW), and when she finishes 'speaking', I simply continue my line of questions, bear in mind, I don't know her from Adam, and must establish who she is and whether she has any affilliation with the opposition as I've filed dozens of documents into the record since April and they have been not only completely ignored every single one, but several judges and clerks have already conspired with GMAC to FRAUD me out of my home, (I have recussed 2 judges in this matter so far, one of which refuses to butt out and I have filed my objections to that and he has responded with no basis of his own for opposing me) The judges have rolled the banks agenda forward to un-warrantledly seize my family legacy, (the CONstitution protects us from unwarranted searches and seizures as far as I recall, and although this CON doesnt apply to ME, the ...
  • Pro-Russian Warlord Ramzan Kadyrov Here is a short video from a movie I got that shows very very small part of Kadyrovs militia called "KADYROVTSY". Kadyrov took over the huge group after his father was assasinated. His group is estimated to be at the moment at over 10000 strong not including the VOSTOK (under Yamadayev) and ZAPAD (under Said-Magomed Kakiev command) battalions which both got over 2000 members each plus. All of the names above are on tight leash from Russia.
  • Wordpress Exclusives.wmv I want to make my website popular so I will put up pictures (and videos) exclusive:meaning they won't go on YouTube. This is to help "popularize" it There, under said conditions, you can see some of my MG Exia painted for my Exia Fest Collaboration!
  • Lung - Clockwork (Promo) This is, what I assume, a promo version of a track named Clockwork that might appear on an EP very soon. Lung himself said recently that he will or might release a free drum & bass EP, I very much hope this is one of the tracks included! Enjoy this one in the meantime. Artwork found on soundcloud under said track. Hopefully he doesn't have something against me rolling it through photoshop for 5 minutes. I do not have publishing rights to this tune. If you have the authority and want it taken off of here I'll be glad to help.
  • paul yedema | CORKTOWN UKULELE JAM "Drinking EX and Asking Why" | Paul Yedema interprets this Alan Baekeland (Lost & Profound) original. Paul wrote to Alan about this performance - and this was his response: "It's funny how out of all the barely successful songs I've written over the years, that one won't die. You're the fourth person I'm aware of who currently covers it. I wrote it all at once during a 20 minute subway ride from Spadina [in Toronto] to Coxwell about 21 years ago, based on something my musician friend Rodney Brent (Bartok Guitarsplat was the name he performed under) said at the Silver Dollar that evening. As you mentioned at the jam, I now live in Calgary and perform Greek music with the Rembetika Hipsters, but also play bass in a country-swing band and work in radio (which I also did in TO at CIUT). Cheers! Allen Baekeland Thisperformance is one of 26 from BEST OF Nite at the Corktown Ukulele Jam in Toronto on Oct 7, 2009. All uked up and no place to jam? The Corktown Ukulele Jam happens every Wednesday evening at Toronto's legendary Dominion on Queen. Details:
  • How To Give or Get a Coffee Enema Part 1 Any discussion about how to give a coffee enema needs to be prefaced with why one might go down this road. Practitioners of alternative medicine, and their books, websites, and newsletters are where you will find recommendations for them. Proponents prescribe it as a detoxification procedure, a liver stimulant, and a colonic cleanser. The Mayo Clinic's website is mum on the subject, and the FDA clearly does not approve. It is most controversial when recommended as a cure or preventative for certain cancers. 1. Get advice. First you need to consider -- I mean really think hard about this -- if a coffee enema is right for you. I advise you to talk to your doctor or other personal health advisor before you proceed with it. I am not advising you to give or receive this procedure; I'm not taking sides on which side of the equation you might want to be on. I'm merely passing on the information. 2. Design your brew. Next, and under said health practitioner's guidance, you will want to decide on your brew. Some recipes call for brewed coffee (black, no sugar) passed through a filter or sieve; others recommend leaving the grounds in. The basic recipe is a weak brew of two to four tablespoons of ground coffee brewed in a quart of water. Allow the coffee to cool to a temperature a few degrees above body temperature. Too cold and it can cause cramps. Too hot and ouch! www ...
  • Bank of America Fraud in Collusion - Bad Boys Bail Bonds Nevada Attorney General Masto Dumbfounded Bank of America Commits Fraud and covers up facts about a Nevada Notary Seal of Scott D. Greggory while forcing the customer to suffer losses relating to Shannon Genty aka: Daly through R&R Bail Bonds in Nevada, Bad Boys indeed who use falsified documents and commit fraud to facilitate kidnapping people and bilking them out of life savings against all Arizona Bail Laws and in collusion with The Peoria Police in Arizona. Mr. Greggory can not be found by the Nevada Attorney General or the Secretary of State while Jason Reasbeck, allegedly owner of R&R Bail Bonds fails to produce additional documents falsified by another Discrepant Notary, Alisha C. Fox who received registered mail but staus elusive as to producing proof and her journal of notary acts. Beware of any paperwork concerning Scott D. Gregory and or Alisha C. Fox or any signatures of Shannon Gentry or Shannon Daly they are more likely than not forged or fraudulent instruments as hereby alleged. As on going harassment and vindictive acts, the Peoria Arizona Police fail to apprehend agents operating under said forged and falsified documents, Allied Insurance, Mr. Gregory's Required Bond Surty, has acknowledged Mr. Greggory to be at large and paid partial claim, the Nevada Attorney General, Catherine Cortez-Masto has failed to date to apprehend Mr. Reasbeck or identify his kidnapper acompolises. The Nevada Department of Insurance also has failed to examine the truth and continues to permit Reasbeck to hold "liscense ...
  • tAtU - Sacrifice (with lyrics) I do not own lyrics or music! Hope you enjoy!!!
  • PabloInglesias: @undersaid thought you might like this http://t.co/01KRxaln
  • PabloInglesias: @undersaid I love it. It's kinda like A Song For The Dead
  • undersaid: @PabloInglesias it's like suuuuper crazy
  • PabloInglesias: @undersaid It's sung by Mark Lanegan
  • undersaid: Can you sing "Six Shooter" by QOTSA. P.S. It's "Pablo" I just was too la... — yoyo pab idk, i'll listen to it now http://t.co/aIpaTQBE
  • undersaid: Who did you last say “I love you” to? — idk but @samewhitelight said it to me because i gave him and james chick... http://t.co/BFZu8Hhc
  • undersaid: RT @Sips_: hi everyone i am eating a sandwich for lunch how do you like them apples (not eating an apple)
  • undersaid: ew my jeans are rly dirty
  • undersaid: RT @AlexAllTimeLow: For whatever reason, slapping that pilot on the ass didn't seem to be an appropriate way of thanking him for getting us home safely today.
  • undersaid: RT @hellory4n: i get so scared watching covers of songs i want them to hit all the notes n be amazing
  • _me0w__: @undersaid kill me now
  • undersaid: four hundred and twenty smoke weed blaze it all the time every day every week every second i luv the stuff
  • undersaid: @imabeautykiller now you realise im lame af
  • imabeautykiller: @undersaid see i always had a little crush on you from the start ;)))
  • undersaid: @_me0w__ my lock screen is him in a plant pot:3 http://t.co/sBCuNcch
  • _me0w__: @undersaid omg it kills me with cuteness
  • undersaid: @imabeautykiller ohhhhh hello there;;;))))))
  • undersaid: @_me0w__ I got one and he is suuuuuper badass:D http://t.co/kTcsLuXj
  • imabeautykiller: how cute is your face tho @undersaid http://t.co/fK9mN1ui
  • _me0w__: @undersaid it really sucked :c how many cats do you have cx
  • undersaid: @TheTurtleSong omg yeah, like if i dont have it im like omg where is it who stole it
  • undersaid: im a nice lad :)(: http://t.co/HNmb3W3y
  • _me0w__: @undersaid my older cat died like a month ago :c
  • TheTurtleSong: @undersaid Hahahahaha, I know what you mean, I'm the same, I hate any person even having my phone
  • undersaid: @_me0w__ well cats are pretty awesome...
  • _me0w__: @undersaid true but I have a cat so ;s
  • TheTurtleSong: @undersaid haha, I thought you may have had something to hide haha
  • undersaid: @TheTurtleSong actually nothing omg i just get weird about stuff like that idek why:o
  • TheTurtleSong: @undersaid what do you have to hide like ?;)
  • _me0w__: @undersaid why :o
  • undersaid: everyone's a bit gay
  • undersaid: "rita ora iz well fit" sry but have u seen her
  • undersaid: h8 gays!!
  • undersaid: being gay is disgusting and wrong, the bible says not to do it!!!!!
  • undersaid: RT @_ConorLynn: retweet if i owe u child support
  • undersaid: @_headfirstslide hello jayden my nane is butt face
  • undersaid: if he missed that indirect im gna rage :@ :@
  • undersaid: me and ryan should be married tbh ://
  • undersaid: RT @imabeautykiller: Tell me something sweet to get me by
  • undersaid: RT @therockshoww_: I went to a wishing well, I sank to the ocean floor
  • undersaid: I'm lost in empty pillow talk again
  • undersaid: RT @DAVIDMURR4Y: Nevermind by Nirvana is such a perfect album.
  • undersaid: knowing that you saved someone is the most amazing thing ever
  • undersaid: THAT'S BETTER
  • undersaid: jayden missed my nice indirect what a bum
  • undersaid: RT @DAVIDMURR4Y: Accounts that glamorise / glorify self harm, depression, anorexia, bulimia, suicide and anything like that should be suspended.
  • undersaid: aw jayden your hair looks really nice bless
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo @fcuk_oyu that sorta quick thinking gets you a diploma!
  • undersaid: RT @ChrisConn96: I savour hate as much as I crave love because, I'm just a twisted guy.
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo @fcuk_oyu woah smart thinking guys:D
  • undersaid: everyone has got way better scar stories than me ffs I broke my right arm twice but no scar fml
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo @fcuk_oyu jheeeezus, did you not know about it then?
  • undersaid: @fcuk_oyu @El_Sheenoreo :o what's the salt and ice challenge?
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo solid brav! it can be your gangsta scar, just tell everyone you got it from burning down a police station!
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo aww baby bandage aww! is the scar big?
  • undersaid: @killmilhouse looool u should've kept him
  • killmilhouse: @undersaid yeah n he looked terrified was funny
  • undersaid: @killmilhouse oh :''''( who was it was it ginger?
  • killmilhouse: @undersaid ye but stranger cat is gone lmao
  • undersaid: RT @killmilhouse: ok wtf u are not my cat why are u in my house http://t.co/CIelUi3e
  • undersaid: RT @samyoole: We don't talk because you only reply when it suits you
  • undersaid: #SingleBecause have u met me
  • undersaid: @SimonHoneydew only because he's ginger simon! you're a very slim young chap!
  • undersaid: RT @SimonHoneydew: I get the feeling that whenever people say they saw me in The Hobbit they mean the fat one who eats all the cake :(
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo ye blud tha don
  • undersaid: it makes me laugh
  • undersaid: i have a mole like near my bum hole
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo ohhhhhh dear me
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo fk dat blud im a dry boi
  • undersaid: @SolaceNP same me too
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo ohhhhhhh vagina ohhhhhhhh
  • undersaid: @SolaceNP they SUCK all they do is get hit and hurt
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo "ehh im not sure about this"
  • undersaid: @perpetualh0mos TANK U BEN I LOVE YOURS TOO
  • undersaid: @perpetualh0mos NP BEN U R GOOD U R A DASHIN YOUNG LAD
  • perpetualh0mos: @undersaid AW AW AW THANK U
  • undersaid: @perpetualh0mos BAYYYM AND NOW YOU'RE ALL AWESOME AND BEN-EY
  • undersaid: @perpetualh0mos ITS LIKE YOU JUST TRANSFORMED
  • perpetualh0mos: @undersaid I DONT GET IT
  • undersaid: @perpetualh0mos in the other pic you still look a little like a dude but this one is just QUESTION MARK???
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo tryna cut down on da weed 2 (stil gna smk mef tho)
  • perpetualh0mos: @undersaid I don't understand how I ever looked that way I jUST DON'T
  • undersaid: @perpetualh0mos not even like?? i cant even?????
  • perpetualh0mos: @undersaid I KNOW
  • undersaid: @perpetualh0mos omg that doesnt even look like you??
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo i got dis bruv
  • MetalWh0re: @undersaid what do you expect? Its atl:3
  • undersaid: ryan's great you can all bog off
  • undersaid: tweet atl lyrics = get rt's? k then
  • undersaid: @El_Sheenoreo probs thinking we're cray
  • undersaid: +buy one get one free is the same as two for the price of one
  • undersaid: wait...... if you buy two thing at half price it's basically buy one get one free.................
  • undersaid: I wanna be your lost boy, your last chance, a better reality
  • bethYEA: @undersaid exactly. Unless youre out on a golf course at 1am with 4 bottles of vodka and friends from the party you just left. Hills are fun

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