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  • Definition of unproductive from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of unproductive. Pronunciation of unproductive. Definition of the word unproductive. Origin of the word unproductive. — “unproductive - Definition of unproductive at ”,
  • Unproductive quotes and quotations from brainyquote to end the long-standing and unproductive methodological debate over 'originalism' versus 'dynamism' or 'evolution' and focus instead on how, as a substantive matter, we should interpret the Constitution in the twenty-first. — “Unproductive Quotes”,
  • The first step to dealing with unproductive staff is to determine when they started to become unproductive. Think back to how it came to your atte , Irini Kotroni. — “How to deal with unproductive staff - by Irini Kotroni - Helium”,
  • Conservatives often say things like: Government can only confiscate wealth from productive citizens and give it to unproductive citizens; government itself produces nothing of value. Balderdash! Thanks to government, we have civil rights, traffic. — “Government: Unproductive? Wasteful? Corrupt? - Bellevue Reporter”,
  • unproductive (comparative more unproductive, superlative most unproductive) Not productive; useless; Juggling is an amusing pastime, but generally unproductive. — “unproductive - Wiktionary”,
  • Synonyms for unproductive. Other words for unproductive. Different words for unproductive. Antonyms of unproductive. — “unproductive - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • The organization of the unproductive services contributes to the general welfare in several ways: first, by relieving producers of public cares, in which all must participate, and to which, consequently, all are more or less slaves. — “Police or Taxation : Part 2 : The Philosophy of Misery”,
  • Unproductive (5 Occurrences) Titus 3:14 Let our people also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they may not be unfruitful. (See NIV) 2 Peter 1:8 For if these things are yours and abound, they make you to be not idle nor unfruitful to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. — “Bible Concordance: Unproductive”,
  • Time spent in which no effective contribution is made to the end product. Unproductive Time. Print. Stumble it. Digg it. del.icio.us. Facebook. Time spent in which no effective contribution is made to the end product. Investerms News. CHDT Corporation Receives $2,000,000+ Insider Loans. — “Unproductive Time | Investerms Financial Glossary”,
  • If the federal No Child Left Behind Act is reauthorized in its current form, practically every public school in the United States will be deemed a failure by 2014. This week, it was announced that every school district in South Carolina failed to. — “Utterly unproductive | ”,
  • Unproductive is Leonel Cunha (November, 1968), artist and educator, living in Vila do Conde. Say Hello, leonelcunha[at] Flickr Vi.sualize.us Twitter Vimeo YouTube Archive RSS. — “unproductive”,
  • unproductive synonyms, unproductive antonyms. Information about unproductive in the free online English unproductive - not producing or capable of producing; "elimination of high-cost or unproductive industries". — “unproductive - definition of unproductive by the Free Online”,
  • Unproductive Labour is labour which does not further the end of the system. Therefore this concept has sense only with reference to a determined system. In classical In each case the term unproductive labour has a different meaning. Neoclassical economics is a special case as it presupposes a. — “Unproductive labour in economic theory - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • unproductive adj. Not productive; idle. Economics . Adding nothing to exchangeable value. unproductively un ' produc ' tively adv. — “unproductive: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. producing no results. — “Unproductive - Synonyms and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • How To Be "Productively Unproductive". Stressed about life? Don't think you can take anymore work? There is a simple way to get rid of stress. Don't be lazy, be productively unproductive!. — “How To Be "Productively Unproductive" | School Life | ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for unproductive in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “unproductive - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • Definition of unproductive in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is unproductive? Meaning of unproductive as a legal term. What does unproductive mean in law?. — “unproductive legal definition of unproductive. unproductive”, legal-
  • That way, we will lessen the instances of unproductive grandstanding; selective release of 'secret' files for the claims of a few; and embarrassing with merger, spinoffs, and the sale of unproductive segments, just like corporations?. — “Unproductive Mess”,
  • Your ability to stick to your plan is one of the most important things to get consistent results. Get Rid of Unproductive Days Once and For All. — “Get Rid of Unproductive Days Once and For All | Personal”, personaldevelopment.ie
  • Unproductive definition, having the power of producing; generative; creative: See more. — “Unproductive | Define Unproductive at ”,

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  • Lara and I Are Being Unproductive (People that piss us off) WARNING this video is stupid and unfunny.
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  • unproductive This video's never getting done but at least we had what some would call fun...
  • The Productivity Minute 11 - How to Have an Unproductive Day If you were actually trying to be unproductive, what would you do? If someone were watching with a video camera from your ceiling, what behaviors would you change. Laura Stack dishes about participants in her time management seminars telling their secrets of how they waste time. And how their images of an unproductive day often resemble their actual days!
  • LOL!--The Unproductive Muslim Asalamua'alaikum, This is a video portraying some of the signs of an unproductive Muslim and a few small tips to reverse the process. Enjoy the video and try to follow the tips :) This video would not have been possible by: Abdullah, Yasin, Rejan, and Ahmed. This is also a submission to this competition: /v/3FXdSzJvliI Have a happy productive day :) Fee amanillah
  • Unproductive Muslim - Addiction test- What is your drug? Are you an unproductive muslim? How do you waste your time, money and other resources? "But waste not by excess, for Allah loveth not the wasters."Quran 7:31 Watch the video and take the test to see if you are an unproductive muslim/muslimah!! 1000
  • Unproductive Mood - ORIGINAL Lately I feel like this is how I am everydaaaaaay haha Unproductive Mood - ORIGINAL - COPYRIGHT 2008 Another class Another assignment I wish I didn't have The words in this textbook are blurring really fast I think it's a side effect of the focus that I lack Another day Another day I feel just slowly wasting away Thinking about things that are not my GPA I'm feeling sluggish and I don't know how to stay awake Someone cure my unproductive mood I know I'm excited to be here But I'm not getting in the groove Someone cure my unproductive mood The minutes slowly passing I don't even know the first thing about curing my unproductive mood Another text Another text I wish I didn't have to dissect I'm not very perceptive even if I tried to read it I'll still go to discussion to discover all its gems Another meeting Another meeting where I will not be listening I'll be daydreaming about things Like eating or sleeping, not studying or reading This pattern never ends Someone cure my unproductive mood I know I'm excited to be here But I'm not getting in the groove Someone cure my unproductive mood The minutes slowly passing I don't even know the first thing about curing my unproductive mood
  • Unproductive Shopping This is what I do after Christmas....exciting, right?
  • re: Taxes vs. Capitalist unproductive-labor/nonlabor income response to 1001: ---------- Austro libertarians minimum wage vids: Brad Spangler on wage slavery: Roderick T. Longs "Chomskys Augustinian Anarchism": Roderick T. Longs "How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis, Medical Insurance that Worked — Until Government "Fixed" It": David Friedmans "Machinery of Freedom":
  • Shaykh Yusuf Al Qaradawi lays the SMACKDOWN on workshy unproductive modern arabs (العرب) The eminent and respected scholar Yusuf Qaradawi tells the truth about the state of the unproductive arab economies.
  • Productive vs Unproductive Conflict in a Group This is an Organization Behavior class project designed to demonstrate the topic of productive and unproductive conflict within groups.
  • Unproductive Promo Subscribe if your hyped. Featuring reid spak, garnet dorosh, dylan fulford, dustin therrien, nick hale, cam burrows, jordan marowitch and more.
  • Let's Play Way of the Samurai 3 s04: Unproductive (2/2) 2 WORK
  • The Unproductive Muslim
  • Why ColumBUS is so unproductive & why the transit center shouldn't be built A whiteboard illustration of why ColumBUS' service pattern is inconvenient to users and an unproductive and costly use of its assets (buses). ColumBUS is unproductive and inconvenient *because* of reliance on a hub-and-spoke service pattern that employs the out-moded and inflexible notion of a transit center to which all four bus routes must 'report' every hour on the hour. This destroys continuity of service along major thoroughfares and reduces the frequency of service that could otherwise be provided. The key to improving transit service to the community lies with realigning the ColumBUS route structure, so to improve frequency and convenience and focusing service on places people need to go to. The hub-and-spoke system cannot do this and is an impediment to improving ColumBUS service. The planned transit center in Mill Race park's Senior Center, to be paid for with federal stimulus money, is unjustified and a wasteful expenditure. It will do NOTHING to improve ColumBUS' services. That money should be sent back to the federal government and not spent here on this wasteful transit center project that will produce NOTHING in the way of improved ColumBUS service. That money would be better spent reducing the federal budget deficit.
  • Advanced Google AdWords Tutorial 4 - How To Eliminate Unproductive Traffic A mistake many people make is thinking that the more impressions their ads get, the better. That the more visitors to their website, the better. However, with PPC advertising that's not always true. You can increase your ROI when the traffic you send to your landing pages is highly targeted, and you can lower your campaign costs by getting rid of the internet users less likely to convert.
  • The remedy for a dull, unfulfilling, unproductive life! Sometimes we feel like our life is dull, black&white similar to an old 1920's movie. All of us experience that, but the good thing is, those times don't have to last always. Jesus wants to make your life more fulfilling and desires that you enjoy total life prosperity! Let's look at the woman at the well and see what happened when she encountered the Master of fulfillment. St. John 4:1-29
  • Unproductive: Dylan Fulford Warm Ups Even in awful weather Dylan pulls out a 5-0 switch crook second try. Subscribe!
  • End Unproductive Conversation From Get More ... Funny
  • Why I dont spend time addressing unproductive black men
  • Unproductive Video Day : Day 132 Stuff: http E-mail: [email protected]
  • Stuyvesant Video Production: Unproductive Production Five students must finalize an idea for a project before the deadline. Can they meet the deadline? Or will their hearts fail and their grades fall? Starring: Josiah "naturally" Mercer Benjamin "EHH" Koatz Eliezer "AIIIIGGGHT" Hanft Mick "bad acting" Zloof John "Da Bleep?" Thompson from WOOYAYAYAYAYAYAWOO Productions
  • THe Unproductive muslim vid.wmv
  • Unproductive: Dustin Therrien Warm Ups Get Hyped. Subscribe.
  • THE UNPRODUCTIVE (2011) Trailer This is the trailer for the 2011 movie "The Unproductive."
  • Let's Play Way of the Samurai 3 s04: Unproductive (1/2) pt2 is stuck in processing limbo
  • Are You Productive or Unproductive? Here is a way to contact me thru facebook True production is providing goods or services that other people are willing to pay for with their hard earned currency. As the government undermines the currency, it is undermining the very nature of free market economics. Distortions in our otherwise "normal" culture begin to show themselves. When people are taken from the path of "serving" each other, their efforts are focused on other "work" that may undermine a culture that we want, for example; the permanent entitlement "ghetto" culture. There is a growing number of individuals dependent upon the productive side of the economy, but at the same time seeking to destroy it culturally. The lower entitlement class is then pitted against the middle class through the main stream media and a destruction in society begins to take place. War is another of many examples, when an over abundance of money printing can cause an industrial group like the military industrial complex to gather too much power in governement, therefore producing a over abundance of war that, of course, has global negative implications against common Americans.
  • Levin on Carbon Credits for Unproductive Farmers Mark Levin is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. Visit to learn more about Mark and his superior show. More great segments of his show are coming soon on this Youtube channel, so please subscribe and stay tuned! (This youtube channel is not affiliated with the Mark Levin show in any way.)
  • Taxes vs. Capitalist unproductive-labor/nonlabor income Nirvana Fallacy Refuting 20 Capitalist Myths
  • Unproductive (YTO 359) Twitter: Facebook: Music: Kevin MacLeod Apple GarageBand
  • Debbie Takes Up My Time When I Am Unproductive : Day 210 Jewelry Available HERE: http www.exit- Store Contact (10AM-6PM EST) 1-800-833-0894 (US & Canada Only) (941) 387-7395 DEBBIE DAILY : Facebook: Mailing Address: Lorraine Stanick 26 N. Blvd of the Presidents Sarasota, FL 34236 United States
  • Unproductive Missings Second video project for Dance Tech and Media at Loyola Marymount University. Filming, editing, and choreo by me! Choreo and some film clips also by Ellie Biddle. The dancers are Kia Hill, Jesse Chin, Suzy Myre, and Elizabeth Chitty. The music is "feeling unproductive" by Tyler Murzyn. We had one week to get dancers together in a location, give them some movement, film them, and edit a piece using all of the camera shots and angles!
  • the unproductive southern revolt! yeah, we're the only ones who find this amusing. but, we had plans to get together and record and get a lot done. but, the whole thirty six hours he was at my place, we mostly did this. and slept. we're trying, we really are. if you haven't already , watch our other videos to see what happens when we actually DO our work. oh, and for anyone that is interested - on wednesday i had the opportunity of performing at the highschool and the middle school in my town for the rememberance day assembly. i sang "come home" by one republic, and it went great. a video should be up in a playlist of mine on my main channel ASAP. :)
  • Oh No Not Another Let Play|Episode 11|YET ANOTHER UNPRODUCTIVE EPISODE! If you enjoy the series please leave a like and if you have any suggestions, leave a comment! Texture Pack -
  • Minecraft: Super Hostile Legendary - Ep.13 " Unproductive... " Thanks for all the support lately guys!!! Twitter: Map:
  • Aaron Thomas-Thinking Is Unproductive 05 June 2008 Aaron Thomas performing Thinking Is Unproductive from his debut album "Follow the Elephants" at the finale in the XX Villa de Bilbao Intl Contest where they won both Best Band and Best Pop Rock band awards!!
  • Let's Play Link's Awakening!! (16) Unproductive! This the least productive vid yet, so I made a second one in the same day just to make things even.
  • Productive White Woman vs Unproductive Black Man Are black women keepin it more real by dating unproductive black men just because they are black? And are black men selling out by dating productive non-black women instead of unproductive black women.
  • The Productivity Minute #8 Channels of Communication and Unproductive Uses of Email and Meetings Email, voicemail, and conference calls have revolutionized how we communicate in corporate America and around the globe. In todays fast-paced business environment, companies depend on technology to link virtual teams across cities, states, and countries. Yet most companies dont provide training on how to productively communicate with these resources. Whenever I find myself on the receiving end of an email volley, in which an email has repeatedly gone back and forth, I will simply pick up the phone and end it right there. Some people dont put enough thought into which technology they will select to effectively communicate their message. For any given purpose, one channel (or medium) will be more effective than another. (C) 2009 Laura Stack. All rights reserved.
  • How to Deal With a Breakup : Dealing With a Breakup: Unproductive Relationships Some relationships are unproductive, and ending them can be a good thing. Learn about dealing with a breakup in an unproductive relationship in this free datingvideo from a communications expert. Expert: Tracy Goodwin Bio: Tracy Goodwin has received numerous public speaking awards and has been a college professor of public speaking, interpersonal communications, voice and diction, and business speech for over a decade. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA
  • missniaolivia: missniaolivia: today has been so unproductive.
  • kristenbankley: kristenbankley: finally having internet at the house has made me sooo unproductive!
  • Juztynium: Juztynium: F*ck. puro #Bakuman binabasa ko instead of #TC7 :| ugh... this is very UNPRODUCTIVE :( hayy... 15 hours to go.
  • tedmdelacruz: tedmdelacruz: this has been a very unproductive day for me. ha ha
  • Retros_Ova_Hoes: Retros_Ova_Hoes: @NoveauRiche I'm in class now, being unproductive lol...I got that 2K at midnight when it came out
  • yoosu_: yoosu_: RT @hoppingrabbitss: What an unproductive day..
  • SliceOFGucci: SliceOFGucci: I had a completely unproductive weekend. I din do anything I said I was gonna do smh
  • Jon_Mole: Jon_Mole: Is having what can only be described as an unproductive day #lackingmotivation
  • Iampheary: Iampheary: RT @IyaMiLele My day has been completely unproductive, this just shows that my problem/distraction is greater than bbm
  • IyaMiLele: IyaMiLele: My day has been completely unproductive, this just shows that my problem/distraction is greater than bbm
  • passion2play: passion2play: ...from extreme pain to the emergency room to IVs and medication to spending the whole weekend in bed, it's been a very unproductive one!
  • SakDaddyy: SakDaddyy: super unproductive day today, need something new to do #SembreakVibes #BORED
  • TylerGilmore1: TylerGilmore1: @tkill2 haha you know your an unproductive person when you put a nap on your "to do" list. #shameshame
  • yasminbitar: yasminbitar: RT @rimarif: what is life? so unproductive it hurts.
  • hapyfreeluvinit: hapyfreeluvinit: Can only be unproductive for a little bit longer. No school, no work, this is gonna be an easy day
  • ajmallaridesign: ajmallaridesign: @IndieTabo very #unproductive day! I ate the day away - literally. Found the best dark choco cake at parvati in trinoma! #todiefor
  • Emma_Yap: Emma_Yap: Such an unproductive day.
  • abbashaiderali: abbashaiderali: @e_cowperthwaite I just got the expansion pack last night. Looks like my next couple of flights will be very unproductive.
  • blueromo: blueromo: Wow! I feel so unproductive. RT @chicagotribune: Woman gives birth after running Chicago Marathon http://t.co/YJi7QJeu
  • DanielTullier: DanielTullier: I feel so #unproductive I have no last minute work I could do right now :(
  • TConn10: TConn10: @sugakane53 @kkvouz for sure having alcohol withdrawals lol. I'm shaky as well today. Perfect reason to stay unproductive.
  • sugakane53: sugakane53: @TConn10 @kkvouz bring it! Keep it classy and unproductive! Open up the twitter feed flood gates!
  • AllisonRobert: AllisonRobert: @runycat I kinda feel required to read them, but yeah -- unproductive conversations on the forums are the standard, not the exception.
  • littlemissnut: littlemissnut: RT @hoppingrabbitss: What an unproductive day..
  • 2_Eazzi: 2_Eazzi: yea this day has been rather unproductive
  • ashleyohy92: ashleyohy92: @maxinechng lol just dont kill me~ u love me too much to do that :p im very unproductive 2day too, gonna slap my self lar :/
  • hoppingrabbitss: hoppingrabbitss: What an unproductive day..
  • TConn10: TConn10: @sugakane53 @KKVouz Officially considering today unproductive Monday! Fishing trip was cancelled so I came into work today.
  • whittamore: whittamore: @robschwager nooooo! nothing worse than an unproductive nap.
  • natty_don: natty_don: About to be a long, unproductive day #sorrynotsorry
  • itsmacoymarcial: itsmacoymarcial: @sorianodon16 hindi pa nga eh. Want to punish myself as well for being so unproductive..
  • kwangasm_: kwangasm_: RT @daphneeecyf: Today is just so... unproductive.
  • daphneeecyf: daphneeecyf: Today is just so... unproductive.
  • natural_beauT: natural_beauT: Otherwise my day will be unproductive. Guess getting out of the bed will be a good place to start
  • Shirley_Wells: Shirley_Wells: @maureenamiller *snort* I have a lazy, unproductive weekend, thanks. (Very nice.) You? Any football?
  • MSTPC: MSTPC: Gonna continue with my homework in awhile. Just got back from RP with Xavy. Quite unproductive LOL.
  • universenz: universenz: @Ellieskfletcher is basically the most amazing invention ever. Suddenly an unproductive journey becomes somewhat 'potentially' productive.
  • ME3News: ME3News: "@Criz_Zone: #MEC uncreative but not unproductive weekend, more info on the forums http://t.co/I30aqtzF"
  • tfiggity: tfiggity: I love having Monday off and not being asked to come in and work overtime for the 5th week in a row. Unproductive until noon.
  • nadiaahana: nadiaahana: @chippyz hahahahaha! But you're sick, so its ok to be unproductive! Drink more water, not ribena hahahahah! Even the doctor was sick -.-
  • sushifaye: sushifaye: RT @ikkinique: I HAVE A RIGHT AND REASON TO BE UNPRODUCTIVE NOW ^^
  • kevstanley66: kevstanley66: Sitting at the dining room table probably a mistake. Am becoming obsessed with necessity of renovating fireplace. #unproductive
  • MsFrangipani: MsFrangipani: I have been massively unproductive all day.I hate waiting for a back shift to start.
  • ThatsABigNutt: ThatsABigNutt: Wow that was a highly unproductive nap..
  • Cleopatra3456: Cleopatra3456: " I will not become a crab in a barrel, its unproductive, I will engage in team work for the greater good of the community" #foodforthought
  • KimeCurran: KimeCurran: Today has been entirely unproductive. I'm going back to bed for an hour and then will start over.
  • krissymaxclyde: krissymaxclyde: "@DoctorJUS19: I have to stop procrastinating and adjust my unproductive habits. I'm getting left behind. :-("
  • chenieng: chenieng: Let your ire out. BUT DONT GO OVERBOARD. Chronic rage is unproductive. (Whew! still affected with your words..)
  • itsjustlynda: itsjustlynda: Had quite unproductive day at work today a.k.a boring
  • ia_almira: ia_almira: Unproductive once again.
  • frannyde: frannyde: Soooo much to do, so I'm obviously sitting in the atrium listening to my iPod and staring at a wall #unproductive
  • _PompousASS: _PompousASS: HW was very unproductive this morning
  • jacqapple: jacqapple: @thisladyisavamp hmmm unproductive :))) i will use it wisely tomorrow haha
  • claremoylan: claremoylan: spent 30mins reading a research paper and have got through about 15 lines. today is defo gonna be horrendously unproductive.
  • Sakshikumar: Sakshikumar: @Fangs_Shui Haha! To be honest, a rather sloooow and unproductive day.
  • noiseboyartist: noiseboyartist: Altogether not a completely unproductive day. Goodnight Twitter.
  • kylejulienne: kylejulienne: Very unproductive day not just for me but also for my mom! Hahaha! Diba @TonniKyle?#alammoyan
  • pushxplay: pushxplay: Most unproductive weekend ever. Not a good idea.
  • teamaking: teamaking: Pretty unproductive morning so far. :/
  • renzo9994: renzo9994: @saabby Ay hinde, nakakafrustrate. =)) Super sorry na unproductive ko. You can always force me to go OL in YM if there's anything I'd do. ;)
  • Minnywei: Minnywei: RT @imbatrisyia: Today is waaaay too unproductive for me that I'm annoyed
  • syaeerah: syaeerah: @Jannahsoo hahah !!! Standard , selalunya unproductive ah if i were to study at home .
  • imbatrisyia: imbatrisyia: Today is waaaay too unproductive for me that I'm annoyed
  • charmainetmsn: charmainetmsn: I'm so unproductive!! I just slept the whole day.. :\
  • Mollie_Watson: Mollie_Watson: That was possibly the most unproductive lesson of my life.
  • karRepolido_: karRepolido_: Unproductive Day but I still love this day. :O (@ Repolido's Residence) http://t.co/4DlVAr1A
  • EvaBaey: EvaBaey: Stupid la... Today super unproductive!! Never even done anything! Argh!
  • chynnese: chynnese: I feel like the most unproductive student on the face of the planet.
  • _iTweetNPink: _iTweetNPink: i wanna stay in bed all day but that'd b so unproductive =/
  • loraharriss: loraharriss: Okay, starting from tomorrow I will learn something new. Let's put an end to this lame unproductive holiday. ☺ #goodfeeling
  • zoetanry: zoetanry: My neck aches. Why is everyday so unproductive for me
  • jusraff: jusraff: Being quite unproductive thanks to some code which refuses to work correctly. Pulling my hair out...
  • Marxiye: Marxiye: RT @ne0nluv: unproductive yet fruitful day with @marxiye 
  • erinfwolf: erinfwolf: Weekend was totally busy and yet, somehow completely unproductive. #illgetbacktoyouonmonday #restaurantpeopleworkweekends
  • cammyt0e: cammyt0e: @vonvonchee Ahh very unproductive seeing as I'm now on twitter LOL hbu?
  • NickeyflyBai: NickeyflyBai: This whole week has been so unproductive to me...I didn't touch any books at all :/
  • itsjust_meee: itsjust_meee: @pareidolia_ call my home and dont worry my day was unproductive. I slept like a pig throughout
  • xgvsmith3x: xgvsmith3x: RT @r0wanhall: You have no idea how unproductive it is to fall in and out of you as often as I do. #thestorysofar
  • tengtengzxc: tengtengzxc: Need to bu chang for this unproductive-ness. Too tireddd.
  • padfoot_85: padfoot_85: Same here RT @Arun_Chowdhury: Been so unproductive today!! Not good!
  • MatthewMessenge: MatthewMessenge: Having such an unproductive day at Uni...
  • JustDO_Maya: JustDO_Maya: I honestly don't like sleeping in late, I feel so unproductive. So I'm an early bird :)
  • StephFox23: StephFox23: Most unproductive morning at work unless drinking tea, talking about towie & xfactor and playing on my phone count as work
  • michaeljmeadows: michaeljmeadows: @KensFrequency That is so awesome. Unproductive, but awesome.
  • Arun_Chowdhury: Arun_Chowdhury: Been so unproductive today!! Not good!
  • Fattyshyan: Fattyshyan: RT @peterjeslyn: Today's such an unproductive day.
  • ne0nluv: ne0nluv: unproductive yet fruitful day with @marxiye 
  • orfalism: orfalism: Yes, sir, I will do my work whenever u stop calling for those useless unproductive meetings that wastes my time.
  • AlexRoberts182: AlexRoberts182: Had a very unproductive morning, but had some hilarious news about a friend!
  • amandafiona: amandafiona: @carlonicora just getting up here on this side of the pond. You're making me feel very unproductive ;)
  • yssyc: yssyc: RT @ridwankamil: Efisiennya bhs kita. Bahasa Inggris: "I think we should end this unproductive relationship". Bahasa kita: Loe Gue? End!.
  • ninewonderland: ninewonderland: you're having an unproductive day? im having an unproductive week ;(

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  • “my MacBook died a sudden death. it got stuck. i rebooted. but it never came back. in the Apple store on 5th avenue it was diagnosed with a failed hard-drive. the MacGenius at the Bar said there is no hope for my data. that i can leave it”
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  • “Henry's Blog. 22 March 2009. The unproductive Productivity Commission The unproductive Productivity Commission. State of Play: the parallel-imports inquiry”
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  • “One of my main focuses here is blogging about blogging, or "how to blog". But I often find myself, sitting at my desk, trying to write blog posts, and”
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  • “But, several things happened todayterima CD DVD Playergot bills from LocaltelSo, maknanya, aku dah under localtellah sekarang ni.Damn.. This simply means that”
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  • “The same applies to comments on a blog post. The idea is to inspire discussion, clarify The more recent up/down voting scheme is not the model to use for most blog articles”
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  • “If you have something to say that's not exactly a comment on this blog post, please post it on the Entrpreneur and Home Office Blog Forum Avoiding Unproductive Office Meetings ; Entrpreneur and Home Office Blog Copyright (c)”
    — North America news Avoiding Unproductive Office Meetings, blog.office1000.org

  • “Despite one audience member's rant about the supposed connection between health care and the collapse of democracies, last Thursday's town hall meeting with Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions was a civil event. Unfortunately, merely having a civil event”
    — Vanguard - Sessions' Forum Unproductive,

  • “E-mail Geoff| Mariners Forum| Subscribe | Blog Home. December 3, 2007 9:58 PM "Unproductive" day rolls into night. Posted by Geoff Baker. UPDATE (10:55 p.m.): Jose Guillen just agreed to a three-year, $36-million deal with the Kansas City Royals, according to this report”
    — Mariners Blog | "Unproductive" day rolls into night | Seattle,

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