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  • Official site of the 2010 movie The A-Team, based on the popular '80s TV show. Starring Liam Neeson as Hannibal, Bradley Cooper as Faceman, Quinton Jackson as B.A., and Sharlto Copley as Murdock. Directed by Joe Carnahan. — “The A-Team (Movie)”, ateam-
  • It is an issue of censorship. The rated version has been censored by a governing body. The unrated version is uncensored and released as the version the filmmakers intended. It's similar to the two versions released on DVD i.e. a theatrical. — “What does "unrated" mean on an otherwise rated movie?”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. Saw V (Saw 5) Unrated Directors Cut on DVD and Blu Ray Jan 20. You won't bel. — “Videos tagged with Unrated - Metacafe”,
  • Compare 22624 unrated products in Movies at , including Remember the Titans: Unrated Extended Cut (Widescreen 2.35), Totally Baked: Unrated (Widescreen 2.35), Old School - Unrated (Widescreen 2.35). — “Compare unrated in Movies at ”,
  • Unrated Movies: Review Cheap Prices, Unrated Movies Online Unrated Movies Find the best sales deals on Unrated Movies from millions of products with the best discount prices.Unrated Movies With Free Shipping. — “Unrated Movies # Unrated Movies”, unratedmovies.co.cc
  • UnRated Magazine, Music Review Magazine featurings the Hottest Artists and Celebrities. — “UnRated Music Entertainment Magazine - featurings the Hottest”,
  • Covers controversial cult films. Features current issue gallery, news, reviews and purchasing information. — “Unrated Magazine - Cinema of the extreme”,
  • Buy Unrated-Videos-DVDs-And-Music, VHS - NTSC items on eBay. Find a huge selection of CD, DVD - NTSC, UNRATED Videos items and get what you want today. — “Unrated-Videos-DVDs-And-Music items - Get great deals on VHS”,
  • Y8 unrated We are adding new fun games every day so please bookmark this page and come back! Unlike other sites, we don't throw tons of ads and popups at you. — “unrated - Y8.com”, y8.com
  • Trespassers: UnRated. £ 0.00. Con Air: UnRated Extended Edition. £ 0.00 Spartacus: Blood and Sand: UnRated - The Complete First Season. WAS £ 39.99. NOW £ 34.99. — “ :: Unrated”,
  • The text messages that prove Charlie Sheen offered Capri Anderson $20,000 to keep quiet Charlie: "All I need is an Acct number etc and I will wire u 20k if u think that will. — “UnratedPerez”,
  • Free unrated rapidshare download, unrated full torrent download, unrated crack serial and keygen from hotfile freakshare and 4shared!. — “unrated full rapidshare free downloads, Hotfile Freakshare”,
  • An unrated label often refers to content inappropriate for minors. Video has allowed studios to skirt the rating system and release unrated versions of films on videocassette and DVD. — “Unrated”,
  • Frontier(s) Unrated - Official Movie Website - In Theaters May 9th. — “Frontier(s) Unrated Official Movie Website | After Dark Films”,
  • Compare prices on Unrated Horror / Suspense DVDs & Videos with bizrate. Buy DVDs & Videos from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for Unrated Horror / Suspense DVDs & Videos. — “Unrated Horror / Suspense DVDs & Videos - Browse DVDs”,
  • Flixster - Share movie reviews and ratings with friends. Movie Ratings and Reviews, Movie Trailers and Clips, Actor Photos and Pictures, Movie Lists and Polls, Fan Clubs, Movie Quizzes Unrated. — “Flixster”,
  • Shop for unrated in Movies & Television, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Other. Find the best deals on the hottest items and more on . — “unrated for sale”,
  • : Search Results for unrated. — “: Search Results for "unrated"”,
  • Scary Movie 3.5 (Special Unrated Version) (Dimension Collector's Series) (Widescreen) Watch video clips of Scary Movie 3.5 (Special Unrated Version) (Dimension Collector's Series) (Widescreen). — “Scary Movie 4 (Unrated Widescreen Edition) : Target Search”,
  • ShopWiki has 179 results for unrated)_, including Seed: Unrated (2007) (Region 1 DVD), Darkness (Unrated Version) (2004) (Region 1 DVD), Hills Have Eyes 2: Unrated, and Pathfinder (Blu-ray) (Unrated). — “unrated)_”,

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  • STEP BROTHERS unrated lol
  • TX2K10 Official UNRATED DVD Trailer - Supra Nationals 2010 Houston www.1320 - This is the "UNRATED" version of the TX2K10 Supra Nationals DVD Trailer, containing some highlights of the 'after hours' events that went on. Keep an eye out for the other event trailer coming soon! DVD will be hitting the shelves this summer! 1100hp lambo, 1100hp Viper, 1100hp vette and a 285hp bike top the list of the quickest street cars capture on film racing during the even, PLENTY more racing as well!
  • Saw V (Unrated Director's Cut) - 2. "The Cube Trap" SAW V (UNRATED DIRECTOR'S CUT) (2008) TO BUY OR DOWNLOAD: Agent Peter Strahm (Scott Patterson) wakes up with his head sealed in a small, transparent compartment, which quickly begins to fill with water. Outside Agent Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) relates that no one made it out alive, but that might not be the case...
  • Saw II: The Unrated Scenes Ever wonder what new scenes were included in the Unrated version of Saw II that weren't in the theatrical version? You'll find out in this video. And of course if you're not interested in Saw or the additional scenes, then why are you watching the video in the first place? WARNING: Violence does occur in this video and there may be some minor spoilers if you've never seen this movie before. Video contents. Death mask: 0:32 Cheerios: 0:54 Furnace trap: 1:34 Jigsaw talks: 2:02 Needle trap: 2:30 Det. Matthews vs. Jigsaw: 3:10 Xavier's Choice: 4:03 The End: 5:15 NOTE: I had to cut portions of some of the clips so I wouldn't go over the time limit. This included the Death Mask and Needle Trap scenes. However, these two scenes can be seen in their entirety on my channel here (Venus Flytrap) and here (Needle Trap) (Saw II was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. Copyright 2005 Lions Gate Entertainment.)
  • Saw 4 Hair trap full/unrated The hair trap from saw 4 the extreme editon dvd plz rate and comment
  • Marcie unrated kill from Friday the 13th (1980)
  • Saw III UNRATED: Bathroom Trap Setup MASSIVE SPOILERS! If you haven't watched any of the Saw movies or seen the ending to the original Saw, this video will ruin it for you and you probably won't know what's going on. You have been warned! Anyway, this is a great scene from Saw III, which shows how Jigsaw and Amanda set up the bathroom trap for Adam and Dr. Gordon right before the start of the original Saw.
  • First Orbit ( Full Movie ) HD Unrated A real time recreation of Yuri Gagarin's pioneering first orbit, shot entirely in space from on board the International Space Station. The film combines this new footage with Gagarin's original mission audio and a new musical score by composer Philip Sheppard. For more information visit
  • Unrated death of Paris Hilton in HOUSE OF WAX One of the best Horror-scene ever seen!
  • From Yesterday (The Full Length Short Film - Unrated) Music video by 30 Seconds To Mars performing From Yesterday (The Full Length Short Film - Unrated). (P) (C) 2006 Virgin Records America, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Virgin Records America, Inc., 150 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011.
  • THE STRANGERS UNRATED DVD MOVIE REVIEW WEBSITE/BLOG: www.AGentertainment.tv FACEBOOK TWITTER: The Strangers Unrated DVD Review Starring: Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman Directed and Written by: Bryan Bertino Happy Halloween!
  • Saw IV (Unrated Director's Cut) - 6. "Scalp" SAW IV (UNRATED DIRECTOR'S CUT) (2007) TO BUY OR DOWNLOAD: Rigg (Lyriq Bent) tries to save a woman who's scalp is being slowly pulled off.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith Unrated Scene Extended scene from the unrated version of M&MS.
  • Saw 1 Unrated: The Reverse Bear Trap Will Amanda escape the Reverse Bear Trap by killing her CELLMATE*? This scene is from the original Saw (Unrated Version) *Billy the Puppet did not said "Soulmate," it clearly said CELL MATE. Look up the Saw 1 script on IMSDB and you will see it also says CELL MATE.**
  • Date Movie - Unrated Scene - Jinxers Takes A Dump Funny Scene
  • Disaster movie ending song (unrated) This is unrated version of endingsong of disaster movie, now with subtitles.
  • Space jam UNRATED this is what space jam was supposed to be like before all of those ridiculous censorship laws. psshh who needs them but seriously, this one is pretty bad so just stay open minded...
  • How I Met Your Mother - Unrated Gag Reel (Part 1) This is the part one of Unrated Gag Reel Season 3 , which is some of the extra material from HIMYM season 3. It features behind the scenes clip and deleted scenes. Enjoy! Don't miss part 2!
  • The Stranger(1995) UNRATED The Unrated Trailer For The Stranger Starring Kathy Long, Andrew Divoff, Eric Pierpoint, Robin Lynn Heath, Ash Adams, Ginger Lynn Allen, And David Anthony Marshall. Directed By Fritz Kiersch.
  • No Cussing Club Unrated There classic hit song-dont cuss has a dirty version and guess what? We got it!!!! I do not own the " no cussing Club" and have no connections with them. This video is for humor and nothing more.
  • Truck Drivin' SOB (Unrated Version) Hank is a Truck Drivin' SOB and he has a lot of problems he has to take care of. The song was written and performed by the excellent group called "Deadbolt", if it wasn't for their song this video would have never existed.
  • Gun Size Matters (UNRATED CUT) Skip to 0:35 to see some really chunky shotgun hits. The original upload of Gun Size Matters on our main channel was a toned down version we made for our Late Night with Carson Daly spotlight piece. I accidentally uploaded the TV safe version. This version is the original "bloodier" edition. The original, tamer version is here: Here's our spotlight piece
  • Disaster Movie (Unrated) - 11. "Dance Off" DISASTER MOVIE (UNRATED) (2008) TO BUY OR DOWNLOAD: Juney (Crista Flanagan) and Calvin (Gary 'G-Thang' Johnson) dance off against the Prince (Tad Hilgenbrink) and the Enchanted Princess (Nicole Parker).
  • I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE Unrated --NSFW/Red Band Trailer An unrated remake based on Meir Zarchi's controversial 1978 cult horror film Day of the Woman. A beautiful woman from the city, Jennifer Hills, rents an isolated cabin in the country to write her latest novel. Soon, a group of local lowlifes subject Jennifer to a nightmare of degradation, rape and violence. Left for dead, she returns for vengeance. Trapping her male attackers one-by-one, she inflicts acts of physical torment upon them with a ferocity that surpasses her own ordeal. When the carnage clears, victim has become victor. Directed by Steven R. Monroe. Starring Sarah Butler, Jeff Branson, Daniel Franzese, Rodney Eastman, Chad Lindberg, Tracey Walter and Andrew Howard. I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE Unrated opens in theaters on October 8th.
  • Them Jeans - Master P (UNRATED VERSION - HQ) 2009 - Them Jeans by Master P - (UNCUT,UNRATED,UNCENSORD) Exclusive - The Official Promotionz Site for No Limit, New No Limit, Guttar Music, Tru Records and More... Join Today
  • Jennifers Body Unrated trailer Trailers megan foxes new movie about a demon who is in a cheerleaders body
  • The Ten Trailer - UNRATED version Unrated trailer for THE TEN, coming to theaters August 3rd. Starring Adam Brody, Rob Corddry, Famke Janssen, Ken Marino, Gretchen Mol, Oliver Platt, Paul Rudd, Winona Ryder, Liev Schreiber, Justin Theroux, Jessica Alba and many others. Written by Ken Marino & David Wain, directed by David Wain.
  • Jennifer Lopez - Fresh Out The Oven [Unrated Director's Cut] (ft. Pitbull)
  • Saw IV (Unrated Director's Cut) - 2. "Mausoleum Trap" SAW IV (UNRATED DIRECTOR'S CUT) (2007) TO BUY OR DOWNLOAD: Two poor souls wake up in Jigsaw's (Tobin Bell) Mausoleum Trap, one with his eyes sewn shut and the other with his mouth sewn shut, both chained around the neck to a winch.
  • Hatchet 2 Unrated Trailer [HD] Unrated trailer for Hatchet II. Adam Green's Hatchet II picks up at the exact moment that 2006's Hatchet ends, wherein the quiet but hot-tempered Marybeth (Danielle Harris) is in a small boat in the Louisiana swamps, screaming for her life as she tries to free herself from the clutches of the deformed, swamp-dwelling killer Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder). Crowley has murdered Marybeth's family and other fellow vacationers who had come together on a tourist excursion in the swamplands outside of New Orleans. Marybeth escapes from Crowley and manages to make it back to civilization, where she once again encounters voodoo shop proprietor Reverend Zombie (Tony Todd), who had helped to arrange Marybeth and company's earlier, ill-fated tour of the area. To help Marybeth and also serve his own secret agenda, Reverend Zombie recruits a hardened pack of hunters to head back into the swamp to seek revenge on Victor Crowley. Studio: Dark Sky Films Release: October 1, 2010 Director: Adam Green Writer: Adam Green Cast: Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, RA Mihailoff, AJ Bowen, Tom Holland, Kathryn Fiore, Parry Shen, Rileah Vanderbilt, Ed Ackerman, Rick McCallum, Colton Dunn, David Foy, Nick Principe, Alexis Peters Genre: Action, Comedy, Franchise, Horror, Thriller
  • grandma's kisses unrated GRandmas kisses spongebob with grandma
  • Saw IV (Unrated Director's Cut) - 12. "Knives Are For Faces" SAW IV (UNRATED DIRECTOR'S CUT) (2007) TO BUY OR DOWNLOAD: Jigsaw's (Tobin Bell) first victim ever.
  • darth_foxxie: Just watched The Girl Next Door - unrated, with a friend, oh the lulz caused by this movie... and the... http:///xow2lkwdso
  • babiejenks: on that note.... American Gangster: Unrated Version (hope I can handle the extras)
  • EreganoNijouxr: Lawnmower Man (Unrated) [VHS] [Import]: http://amzn.to/ma2F9a
  • Saderau: Quick Fix: Natal Post Workout (Unrated) [VHS] [Import]: http://amzn.to/lFgYpC
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  • MzPrettiGrlRck: #nw law abiding citizen unrated of course
  • kylecherrick23: @WARZONE_21 so true lol then need an unrated version
  • TamarindLAZ: "would you like to view the original theatrical version? or the unrated director's cut" *Selects second option*
  • LadyKicks: #NW I Spit On Your Grave .... the unrated, youth restricted version
  • EvokeForum: Philosophy of a Knife (2008) [Unrated] DVDRip Xvid -Noir http://is.gd/ZUeZPg
  • iMdAtDuDe803: RT @_yayPree_: She fckn unrated ; I fck her till she fainted ; one nite in vegas I make that btch luk famous .
  • Born2Shine20: " i cant" is my shat!RT @AManInStyle: Yo Foxy brown was Unrated as a rapper ... My foxy playlist is blacken right now #justsaying ..lol.
  • _yayPree_: She fckn unrated ; I fck her till she fainted ; one nite in vegas I make that btch luk famous .
  • WhimpTim: of Henry Lefay, a comedy starring Tim Allen; and A Perfect Getaway: The Unrated Director's Cut, a suspense thriller... http://dlvr.it/SJlxR
  • imsoOprettylike: @tammy_star_24 why yu want unrated stuff lmaoo smh
  • megauploaddown: Megaupload-Download Miss Mars | UNRATED DVDRiP | Megaupload: Télécharger Miss Mars UNRATED D... http://bit.ly/iGOkob Megaupload-Download
  • Xexilia42: Online sportsbook bonuses to avoid: The sportsbook (unrated) is sending emails advertising a 100% si... http://bit.ly/jXyTUZ
  • midnightbex: Unrated it is, thank you @dmbstr & @pstumplovexoxo
  • TheRealLilJay94: listen to "Unrated Maniacs" music. like, comment, enjoy. http://fb.me/NtuiezwW
  • midnightbex: Twitter! Do I watch the theatrical or unrated version of The Hangover. I am frozen with indecision.
  • bituindelrosa: The Human Centipede (Unrated Director's Cut) [Blu-ray]: http://bit.ly/mEbBsK
  • BillyBandss: @RockyBandss_ Hell Naw, I'm Watching Step Brothers Unrated Version, I'm Not Touching The Remote
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  • Imma_Weirdoo: #Nw Mike Epps Unrated & Never Faded
  • NappyYuSilly: @DonMyKnock Yeah haha unless you got another sample with unrated ink in it
  • BoneTownGame: Naughty role playing game with the free roaming atmosphere of GTA http://bit.ly/d4wZAb
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  • LordVexacus: @TheJoeLynch Got the UnRated DVD on order. Such a cool film
  • BoneTownGame: The Action Adventure Video Game where anything goes! http://bit.ly/d4wZAb
  • iTunesmovies: The boys are back on iTunes. Try to remember what happened in Vegas before heading abroad for the sequel. http:///zp9
  • TieAnthony: rated I Spit on Your Grave: Unrated http://y.ahoo.it/EQKPWGlY
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  • AmazonMovie6: #10: Dumb and Dumber (Unrated) [Blu-ray] http://bit.ly/mkz0A3
  • shiblucu: Superbad (2007) BRrip UNRATED 750MB Mediafire Links http:///p/11883523
  • zombeaner: I think I know where the 2 cuts in the unrated US version of A Serbian Film are, can anyone help me confirm?
  • cas2cam: Wow! I just won this for free, The Hills Have Eyes 2 (unrated) http:///rujc6/301265 #listia
  • EvokeForum: Street Kings 2: Motor City Unrated (2011) 720p BDRip XViD AC3-FLAWL3SS http://is.gd/3OnvYM
  • CptNash: @JoshNursing McGruber is awesome, great movie too, especially the Unrated Cut!
  • VeronicaOchoa: @texascub74 @mojavi74 noooo I just like the "X" key just cause its so unrated lol
  • marxjohnson: Paranormal Activity 2 Unrated Director's Cut - Certificate 15. Not unrated then. http://is.gd/Y1anOq
  • ShottaG09: pretty and u kno bout music. good job lol RT @milliemonroe91 @ShottaG09 i totally agree fab is soo unrated
  • ewenshughess: Dumb and Dumber (Unrated) [Blu-ray]: http://bit.ly/iHab16
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  • CUZNGEORGE: The unrated version of Dumb and Dumber is HIGHLY disappointing. Go original or go home.
  • selfhelp2go: #10: Dumb and Dumber (Unrated) [Blu-ray] http://goo.gl/fb/P5UJo
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  • Ahkeem_Shakur: @KissMy_fASShion the unrated version real to doe
  • Ahkeem_Shakur: @KissMy_fASShion lol this version TOTALLY different from the unrated version I'm lost
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  • niicOle17: The unborn unrated #eng
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  • “This Blog is Unrated for Your Pleasure. Okay, he stacked the deck by This Blog Is No Longer Being Actively Updated. From 2005 to 2010, Dead Things ON Sticks”
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  • “Okay, I've read some reviews of the unrated Dvd. the bad news is that the eight minutes of extra footage doesn't really make it a better movie. However, there is good news. There”
    — AvP Unrated - Excited - Forum - Alien vs Predator 2, alienvspredator2.com

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  • “Horror Movie Blog And last but not least you're also gonna see quite a bit of bare scream queen skin during the course of the movie, so I guess I'm not lying when I say that UNRATED - THE MOVIE does indeed have everything it takes to become a true splatter cult flick!”
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  • “MPAA leader Dan Glickman had a lot more to say about the ratings system this week during the ShoWest film exhibition and distribution convention. As Please keep your comments relevant to Theater Owners To Studios No More Unrated Dvds Please blog entry”
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  • “[Archive] Knocked Up - Unrated (25 Sept) DVD Talk DVD Talk Forum > DVD Discussions > DVD Talk > Knocked Up - Unrated (25 Sept) PDA. View Full Version : Knocked Up - Unrated (25 Sept) MikeDeN2K. 07-16-07, 02:42 PM. DVDActive has revealed the artwork and some of the special features of this great movie:”
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  • “If you're paying close attention, you may have caught some of the little updates around here lately, but for those who haven't I thought I'd take a moment to point them out!”
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  • “The Girl Next Door: Unrated Edition (Blu-ray)Directed by Luke GreenfieldStudio: Twentieth Century-FoxYear: 2004Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 1080p AVC codecRunning Time: 109”
    — HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Girl Next Door: Unrated Edition,

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