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  • Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. A person who works with upholstery is called an upholsterer; an apprentice upholsterer is sometimes called an outsider or trimmer. — “Upholstery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Learn about Upholstery on . Find info and videos including: About Upholstery, About Upholstery, How to Paint Upholstery and much more. — “Upholstery - ”,
  • Upholstery, Fabrics, Furniture, Upholstering, Discount, Designer, Damask, Chenille, Store, by the yard. All prices are per linear yard; no partial yards. Click on thumbnail for larger image and more information (see info section for return policy, shipping info and color variance notice). — “Upholstery Fabrics”,
  • Breathe some new life into your furniture's upholstery by sewing a simple slipcover or completely reupholstering the entire piece. Once you have your measurements, there are several things you can do to figure out how much upholstery fabric you need:. — “Upholstery - LoveToKnow Crafts”,
  • upholstery n. , pl. , -ies . Fabric, stuffing, and other materials used in upholstering. The craft, trade, or business of upholstery, general term for household fittings, hangings, curtains, cushions, and covers. — “upholstery: Definition from ”,
  • The Upholstery Studio has project plans, upholstery furniture kits, videos and upholstery supplies for you to create beautiful home furnishings. Get sewing tips for upholstery projects and home decorating ideas. — “Upholstery Studio, The”,
  • Upholstery supplies and tools at a great price backed by 30 years of upholstery experience and customer service. You can trust the experts at DIY Upholstery Supply. — “Upholstery Fabric, Tools, Supplies, Decorative Nails and”,
  • Upholstery fabric: chenilles, jacquards, tapestries and more. Auto Upholstery Repair • Car Upholstery • Chair Upholstery Fabric • Chenille Upholstery Fabric • Decorator Fabrics. — “Upholstery Fabric - All Upholstery Fabric Discounted”,
  • Our upholstery tools and upholstery supplies - from hammers to webbing, to cambric, to fancy decorative nails and everything in between - can be purchased in small quantities at very competitive prices. If you have any questions, send us an email. — “Upholstery”,
  • Upholstery Manufacturers & Upholstery Suppliers Directory - Find a Upholstery Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Upholstery Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Upholstery-Upholstery Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters”,
  • Definition of upholstery in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of upholstery. Pronunciation of upholstery. Translations of upholstery. upholstery synonyms, upholstery antonyms. Information about upholstery in the free online English dictionary and. — “upholstery - definition of upholstery by the Free Online”,
  • Check out this easy DIY guide to upholstering. Upholster faster, easier, and cheaper than you imagine. Learn the keys to upholstering success—you only need a few tools. Upholster a chair, a headboard, even a wall. — “Upholstery and more at Better Homes and Gardens”,
  • Buy upholstery, Crafts items on eBay. Find great deals on Collectibles, eBay Motors items and get what you want now!. — “upholstery items - Get great deals on Crafts, Collectibles”,
  • Upholstery definition, the materials used to cushion and cover furniture. See more. — “Upholstery | Define Upholstery at ”,
  • Leather, handbag leather, garment leather, soft leather, upholstery leather. — “Upholstery Leather - Leather Unlimited”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is Upholstery? Upholstery refers to the materials used to stuff and cover seats, couches, chairs, and most furniture that requires such, with the exception of bed mattresses. — “What is Upholstery?”,
  • We offer ALL upholstery supplies and products on this site direct to businesses and individuals at discounted prices. We offer help and support for all of our upholstery supplies and products at Gary's. — “Gary's Upholstery”,
  • Upholstery Air Stapler - 13 results like the Porter Cable US58 22 Ga., 5/8" Upholstery Stapler, SpotNails JS5016 20 Gauge Upholstery Stapler, 8016LN 20 Gauge Long Nose Upholstery Stapler, SpotNails JS7116 22 Gauge Upholstery Stapler, Beal Street. — “Upholstery Air Stapler - Tools - Compare Prices, Reviews and”,
  • boat upholstery, marine upholstery, upholstery fabric, vinyl and leather upholstery, Naugahyde®, upholstery supplies, and upholstery foam for do-it-yourselfers. — “Boat Upholstery”, boat-
  • Whatever kind of upholstery project you have in mind, you can find the help you're looking for in this section. Whether you want to change the color of your fabric, make a head board or even just put a slip cover on, this section provides. — “Upholstery | ”,
  • Information on upholstery tools, supplies, books and video resources. Search For Wholesale, Retail Upholstery Fabric, Supplies, Tools, And Equipment. — “Upholster Magazine”,

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  • Upholstery Class: How to Upholster a Dining Seat Learn upholstery: reupholster a dining chair seat. 5 dvd course. Tools, supplies, discussion board. Furniture, car, slipcover, and marine. Start your own profitable business.
  • Furniture Upholstery : Upholstery Techniques A few upholstery techniques include cutting out fabric for buttons, making upholstery buttons and preparing pieces for re-upholstery. Learn a few tricks of the trade with help from an experienced upholsterer in this free video on furniture. Expert: Bubba Austin Contact: Bio: Bubba Austin is the owner of A&W Upholstery in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • UPHOLSTERY BASICS-Some Tips on 'How To'...'Piping' or 'Welting'- TUTORIAL As we know...'piping' or 'welting' consists in enclosing or covering a 'plastic cord' or similar with a narrow band (strip) , as of leather or another material. This covered cord is sewn into the seams or edges as a reinforcement or trimming. I mean that besides giving shape to your project it adds strength to it. To do some of this demonstration I am using 'a household Singer 241-12 Sewing Machine', needle 18(110) was changed for a 22 (140)needle, the thread is 'polyester' standard -number 8. Tip One-Notice how I changed the 'standard foot' for a 'special foot' which is useful to sew 'piping' and 'zippers'. You could use both sides just by sliding the foot and turning about the little screw to tighten it in its place. At the time of doing the last sewing (I mean attaching the welting to the seams) check the video carefully that I moved the 'sliding-foot' just a little to get a closer sewing of the 'piping'. Tip Two-In this tutorial I am showing to ways of doing this 'task'...one is by preparing your 'welting' beforehand and the other is by doing it at the same time. I prefer the first option. Tip Three-Watch carefully how I changed the 'former foot' by a 'rounded foot'. This kind of foot is also useful...most of shoemakers and upholsterers use it. To do it so, just unscrew some little bolts and make your right adjustment by releasing the 'spring-presser' and moving the 'vertical bar' in its right position (notice the adjustment is done when the 'teeth of the small plate ...
  • AUTOMOTIVE LEATHER UPHOLSTERY- How to Make 'Foamed Pleats or Channels' on Leather-TUTORIAL This time I am going to demonstrate TWO METHODS of making 'Straight Pleats or Channels on Leather. To do it so, I am going to use 'On Top Stitches'(4 mm long), and the foam is hard density, 1 cm thick.. The first method is simple and it consists in glueing the 'leather piece' all around the edges to the 'foam' which already has been covered on the other side with a 'backing of fabric'. In this case i am giving 2mm of allowance. The second method (I am using for the seat) is leaving 'Loose' the leather piece . Just glue one edge as a guide.This method makes your 'pleats or channels' protrude or stand out better than the former way. In this case I am giving 5mm for allowance. How To Get the Allowances? Easy!...First, Test on a small piece of leather and foamy pattern, then Sew it straight enclosing your channel in two lines...then measure 'on top' how much your stuff 'shrink'. Try with different foam thicknesses( 1 cm, 1.5 cm; 1/2 of an inch, etc) in order to know your allowance. Good Luck!!!
  • Buckminster Upholstery -Horse Hair and Leather Basics- Visit to purchase a copy of "Horse Hair and Leather Basics" and more videos like it! Kim Buckminster of Buckminster Upholstery is proud to release "Horse Hair and Leather Basics" an instructional video that brings a hands on approach to upholstery. Follow Mr. Buckminster step by step as he renovates and 1930's office chair. Learn how to build and shape horse hair into even padding for seats and backs with precise thickness. Demonstration begins with the burlap foundation, carries through with sculpting hair, pulling down in muslin, and application of leather. If you're a beginner, master, or even an enthusiast of upholstery you will enjoy what this video has to offer. Don't miss out on a wonderful opportunity to own a piece of this lost art.
  • Auto Detailing : How to Clean Upholstery in a Car With Home Remedies In order to clean car upholstery, a nylon brush, hot water, a basic stain remover and a non-corrosive laundry detergent are needed. Find out how to clean the interior of a car with a carpet extractor and a wet/dry vacuum with help from a professional car detailing specialist in this free video on auto detailing and cleaning.
  • Custom motorcycle seats, upholstery, and interiors! The 352 doin' it big! Affordable Covers and More Custom Upholstery out of Spring Hill, FL handles everything from custom motorcycle seats to full custom donk interiors. Suede headliners, convertible tops, leather seat kits, custom embroidery, premolded carpets, custom floor mats, two toned seats, french seam, top stitch, exotic materials like gator, croc, ostrich, snake, gila, phoenix, suede, leather, and more. Custom car interiors, custom leather, custom seats, custom bikes, and much more!
  • How to Upholstery. Use a staple remover I would like to know if I made more how to videos if you would find it helpful please e-mail me and let me know if you like the idea and what you would like to see [email protected]
  • Upholstery DIY - Episode 3 Designer Cornice Boards Fabric and finsihing techniques for your completed upholstered cornice board. Even installation footage.
  • Upholstery DIY - Episode 2 Designer Cornice Boards Woodworking steps to making a Designer Upholstered Cornice Board.
  • Upholstery DIY - Episode 1 Designer Cornice Boards Introductory steps to starting the project creating a beautiful designer upholstered cornice board or valance.
  • Furniture Upholstery : Measuring Fabric for Sofa Upholstering When measuring fabric for sofa upholstering, be sure to also measure the repeat in the fabric pattern, as this will dictate where the center piece of the arms will be cut. Measure out the fabric to fit the sofa with help from an experienced upholsterer in this free video on furniture. Expert: Bubba Austin Contact: Bio: Bubba Austin is the owner of A&W Upholstery in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Upholstery - Carpeting Subwoofer Box. A video demonstrating how I carpet my fiberglass sub boxes. I am no expert at this but there is not much info about this kind of upholstery available. So I thought this is better then nothing. The carpet used is unbacked automotive carpet. If its unbacked its pliable to bend to curves etc. A box made with MDF is different. Edges means you have to have seams showing. Music by One Dollar Short
  • INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMOTIVE UPHOLSTERY-HOW TO UPHOLSTER A LEATHER CUSHION-TUTORIAL A 'Basic Practice' that will teach You, some way to Understand Car Upholstery. 'Through this 'Simple Cushion' You will Understand that, Exact Measurements, Right Trimming and Sewing, will Take You to Success and will Make your design a 'Reality'. Procedures for 'complex' designs are almost the same.
  • Jacobs' Upholstery Blue Revolution Custom Buckets, Bench, Headrests & Door Panels Complete custom interior by Jacobs' Upholstery, From Stock gray to Custom Blue. DIY Step by Step design. Complete Bucket seats, Back Bench, Fresh Door panels. We inlayed the inserts with "Rave" Sapphire to match the paint job. Matched up the Gray leather on the wrap to match the plastic trim panels on the seat frame. Before, during and after.
  • Auto Upholstery Program Introduction to the Auto Upholstery Program at San Diego Continuing Education
  • Automotive Upholstery-How to adjust 'the Hook Timing' on your sewing machine-TUTORIAL To do this 'basic demostration' I am using an 'old singer sewing machine 241-12', single needle (140/22), flat bed...a simple one! Procedures for another trade-marks of sewing machines are almost similar. It is very important for an upholsterer to know these basic procedures. If something more difficult...go to with a specialist. Before doing any movement...disconnect the 'sewing machine' from any power source. At the end of the video I show a picture with the 'long-arm steering-wheel holder' I am still testing this device in order to do some little adjustments. This product is very useful to make your 'hand-stitching' easier on car 'stering wheels' If have acceptance of my device...I could also manufacture some other products like another holders for 'shift-knobs', 'hand-brake levers'; small and medium presses to do 'embossing' a 'debossing', plus the 'seals' included. On the other hand, I do not forget that I have to get ready the 'upholstery courses' for my 'interested users'.
  • Upholstery Cleaning New York - (800) 310-4640 NY Upholstery Cleaners by York Carpet Care - Upholstery Cleaning Service In New York By . sofa, loveseat, chairs and all kind of upholstery cleaning in NY
  • Upholstered headboard Episode 6 - Border Fabric Mike and Marianne show you how to apply the shirred border fabric onto the headboard.
  • REAL LEATHER UPHOLSTERY-How To Make Foamed Channels On Leather and The Use of 'Velcro'.-TUTORIAL I am first demonstrating 'how to make the foamed straight pleats' on leather. I am using an artisan method which is leaving 'loose' the leather piece where 'on-top stitches' go(check former video) 'Velcro' has come to replace 'zippers', 'listing wires' and others 'Listing rods' are used to attach and give shape to your seat design. These 'listing wires' are pulled down through the hard foam of the seat, then they are attached to the frame by using 'upholstery hog rings' with a special pliers. For this 'back-rest' I am using 'Velcro', instead. If used properly...it is very strong and do not disassemble. What is 'velcro'?...It is the brandname for 'hook and loop fasteners' or 'hook and loop tape'.These are special fibres. How to use this stuff?...Use the 'loop side tape' (hairier loops) attached and sewn (by using a 'strong plastic adhesive) to the foamed leather panels...the 'hook side' goes attached by the same 'strong plastic adhesive' to the hard foam of your seat. These stuff comes in different sizes, colours, and strength, according to your needs. When using 'Velcro' the job is easier to manouver like when fitting 'back-rests' for instance. Good Luck!!!
  • How to Upholstery How to make custom designs pop out of the material
  • Upholstery Seams Upholstery Seam, Plain seam, Top stitch, French Seam, Welt and boxing, Zipper boxing
  • Furniture upholstery some stuff I upholstered for my house
  • Furniture Upholstery : Repairing an Upholstered Chair To repair an upholstered chair, remove the staples that are still in place, replace the tack strip, and use a staple gun to tack everything in place. Make simple repairs to an upholstered chair with help from an experienced upholsterer in this free video on furniture. Expert: Bubba Austin Contact: Bio: Bubba Austin is the owner of A&W Upholstery in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Upholstery DIY - Episode 1 Designer Headboards See how easy it is to make a designer upholstered headboard, with our kits. Starting with the frame.
  • AUTOMOTIVE UPHOLSTERY-'FOAMED DESIGNS'-TUTORIAL-Part I An easy explanation 'On How To' upholster a ''leather car seat'. It shows some steps to transform a 'simple-flat seat' into a 'leather sports seat'. Furthermore, it shows most common ways of 'foamed designs' used to upholster car seats.
  • Furniture Upholstery : How to Design an Upholstered Furniture Frame When designing an upholstered furniture frame, determine the deck height, arm height and length, use a poplar or oak wood for the frame, and make sure the joints are doweled. Create a sturdy frame for a piece of upholstered furniture with help from an experienced upholsterer in this free video on furniture. Expert: Bubba Austin Contact: Bio: Bubba Austin is the owner of A&W Upholstery in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • How To Upholster A Dining Chair - Upholstery Basics, Part 1 of 2 This second hand store find offers plenty of inspiration, and this twenty minute video packs all of the tips you need to go treasure hunting! Ready? You can find more great projects at
  • Upholstery DIY - Decorating Tips Fabric and decorating tips from an ASID Interior Designer, Robin Strangis.
  • DIY Re-Upholstery, Threadbanger Happy Mother's Day! This week we are re-upholstering 6 antique dining room chairs, and learning how to re-cover a vintage ottoman. Upholstery is an art I have never tackled before, and this week we give new life to an old piece with organic fabric. We provide a quick tip that will keep your linens smelling fresh. There is also a special viewer submission in this episode of a cool way to recycle your family's old vacation slides. Links in this episode: Bust Magazine - Craft Zine - Design Sponge - Honeysuckle Creations - Ready Made Mag - Rubie Green -
  • Upholstery Stapler Upholstery staple Gun How To use at
  • Upholstery,How to Foam an inside arm How to web, burlap and foam an inside arm.
  • Upholstery DIY - Episode 2 Designer Ottomans Add foam and bonded polyester to your storage ottoman frame. Check out the foam converter to see how they cut foam. Michael shows you how to sew the fabric panels for our upholstered ottoman.
  • Furniture Upholstery : Reupholster Chair Cushions Reupholstering a chair cushion requires cutting out the top and bottom pieces, including seam allowance, cutting out the side pieces, notching the corners and sewing along the edges. Create a box cushion for a chair with help from an experienced upholsterer in this free video on furniture. Expert: Bubba Austin Contact: Bio: Bubba Austin is the owner of A&W Upholstery in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Upholstery,Welt and Boxed Dining Chair,Part A How to cut,sew,foam and upholster a new welt and boxed dining chair. Part A
  • Happy Carpet Cleaners- Steam Cleaning Upholstery Here I show the proper steps to steam clean upholstery. I updated the comments in this one. If you care about your upholstery, find a cleaner that is IICRC Certified and will follow these steps. $50 for your sofa cleaning?! Don't be fooled. They cannot possibly take the necessary time to clean it right and only charge $50! (more)
  • Danny's Upholstery Virginia Beach Wing Back Chair Upholstery.wmv Danny's Upholstery 4940 Rutherford Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23456 This upholstery video demonstrates the steps to reupholstering a Wing Back Chair. For a complete showroom of fabric choices, samples, custom cut foam for your home furniture upholstery, office/business upholstery and auto upholstery visit us. Call Today for a FREE estimate, 757.363.5889
  • BASIC UPHOLSTERY-HOW TO MAKE 'DIAMOND TUFTING PATTERNS'-TUTORIAL For this 'deep-buttoned style' I am going to make 'One Line or Row of Diamonds'. These methods are called 'Capitonne, Quilted or Deep Buttoned French Designs'. I have thought through to post 'this furniture design tutorial' because it is also used in automotive upholstery. These designs are found in old coaches, carriages, and the first old automobiles. It consists in making or forming 'diamonds or rhomboidal figures' giving its shape just by folding the sides of your drawings on leather and pushing the corners down through into the holes previously made in the foam. It is called 'tufting' because of the way of tufting many layers of cotton to give the desired shape (these methods were used in the past, but prevail nowadays). Nevertheless, things have become simpler and easier...just by using 'foam'. Are we going to use stitches?----No, not at all. So, How are we going to 'give shape' and 'hold firm' the diamond figures?---Easy!, just by using buttons(directly deep-attached). For this demonstration to make procedures easier I have first tied an additional 'strong thread' in the corners of the rhombs...then pushing the leather and pulling the cords into the holes through the foam to the wrong side of the piece of wood. To get this purpose...use a long needle which goes and pulls the thread through to the other side...threads are tacked and tied with staples or tacks. How am I going to form my rhomboidal figures?---Easy!...to give shape to your figures, add 2 cm or 3/4 of ...
  • Upholstery Foam How To cut and wrap upholstery foam
  • AUTOMOTIVE UPHOLSTERY - TUTORIAL Leather-Wrapping a Pair of Metal-Door-Panels TUTORIAL Just two procedures used in Automotive Upholstery. The first one shows some steps to leather-wrapp a door-panel by projecting a background of straight-high-relief molds or figures which stand out on the leather surface simulating an embossed design. Different modeled forms or high-reliefs can be done using hard cardboard and adding some layers of the same stuff that project and give shape to a variety of designs which would be reflected on the leather surface. The second procedure shows two ways of using a ´leather-hole-punch´ to cut out holes in leather. The first way is by pounding the punch with a hammer. And the second easier way just by twisting back and forth the punch. In both cases use a piece of an ínsole-shoe-leather´as a back-support.
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