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  • Chuck Colson Vacillates on Rule of Law. This is a very interesting Chuck Colson Vacillates on Rule of Law. Big Tent Christianity and The Sneetches. Stuff. — “Hackman's Musings: Chuck Colson Vacillates on Rule of Law”,
  • How do you measure the staggering growth of China's outbound foreign direct investment (FDI) in recent years? Irish business website Finfacts co. — “China's Foreign Direct Investment Grows But U.S. Vacillates”,
  • vacillates. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search [edit] English Third-person singular simple present indicative form of vacillate. — “vacillates - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Vacillates - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • This feed is published daily with selected new or updated content Eircom Board Vacillates Over Competing Bids, by Jason Gorringe, Tax-, London. — “Eircom Board Vacillates Over Competing Bids”, tax-
  • vacillate ( ) intr.v. , -lated , -lating , -lates . To sway from one side to the other; oscillate. To swing indecisively from one course of action or. — “vacillate: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Vacillate definition, to waver in mind or opinion; be indecisive or irresolute: See more. — “Vacillate | Define Vacillate at ”,
  • You are here: HOME > OPINION. Opinion. Why journalism is becoming the theatre of the absurd. To stay relevant in the internet age, The mind always vacillates between the past and the future. — “Opinion - DNA”,
  • Global Arab Network - On January 16, 2010, diplomats from six key powers met to discuss possible new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear weapons development program. The meeting, however did not end with any agreement, according to Russian. — “Global Arab Network | Nuclear Deal - Russia Vacillates on”,
  • Comment: Senegal Does Africa Proud, Even As Ghana Vacillates Comment: Senegal Does Africa Proud, Even As Ghana Vacillates. Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 1:41 GMT. — “Ghana News :: Comment: Senegal Does Africa Proud, Even”,
  • The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004): A co-production from the BBC and HBO, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PETER SELLERS is a dramatization of the late comic actor's life. Geoffrey Rush (SHINE) stars as Sellers, delivering a performance that. — “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004) - Movie Info”,
  • August 28, 2010. West Vacillates as Iran Goes Nuclear. Reza Kahlili, Washington Times. Send to a Friend. AP Photo. Russia turned on the switch to Iran's first nuclear power plant on Aug. 21 after repeated delays and more than 15 years of construction. — “RealClearWorld - West Vacillates as Iran Goes Nuclear”,
  • By Robert Gibbons NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. crude oil prices edged up in choppy trading on Friday, wavering along with U.S. equity markets while traders considered the danger of slowing Chinese demand. — “Oil vacillates on volatile equities, growth concern | Reuters”,
  • How much chaos in the Balkans does it take for the Western world to sit up and take notice? Faced with a popular revolution in Serbia, deep political and economic crisis in Bulgaria and the collapse of a fraudulent, almost certainly criminal. — “West vacillates as the Balkans slip into chaos - World, News”,
  • Definition of vacillates in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of vacillates. Pronunciation of vacillates. Translations of vacillates. vacillates synonyms, vacillates antonyms. Information about vacillates in the free online English dictionary and. — “vacillates - definition of vacillates by the Free Online”,
  • Obama vacillates on cutting deficit. Obama's numbers here are "Already, we are on track to meet our goal of cutting our deficit in half by 2013, and I. — “John Lott's Website: Obama vacillates on cutting deficit”,
  • China's drive to mandate homegrown technology for digital television is losing appeal among manufacturers and broadcasters, which are turning to foreign systems after Beijing failed to announce its own standards, industry executives say. — “As China vacillates on regulatory role, industry turns away”,
  • The St. Petersburg Times, Florida, Web site, including archives, weather, sports and forums. — “Business: Web tax ban expires as Congress vacillates”,
  • The UPA Government says it wants stricter anti-terrorism laws but it seems it can't say it in a united voice. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says he has an open mind on such laws, Home Minister Shivraj Patil says he is okay too and Administrative. — “Govt vacillates, speaks in 2 voices on terror laws - India”,
  • Rent The Blue Lightning DVD and over 95,000 other movies at Blockbuster. Buy, Download, or Rent The Blue Lightning at Blockbuster today. Your source for The Blue Culp is forced to fight the ethically suspect Elliot for possession of the gem, while Rebecca Gilling vacillates as the heroine. — “The Blue Lightning DVD Rental, Rent The Blue Lightning Movie”,
  • As of June 5, Hillary Clinton's position on a potential VP nomination remains unclear. — “Senator Clinton Vacillates on "Dream Ticket"”,
  • State vacillates on MMTS phase one proposal. V. Geetanath. Sitting on proposal to pay Rs. 22 crore to ICF, Chennai, for procuring State vacillates on MMTS phase one proposal. Traffic chaos in. — “The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh / Hyderabad News : State”,

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  • Yahi Hota Pyaar hai kya-Namastey London- BLURAY-Video Songs.mkv Lovely Romantic Song where a boy completely in love with the girl (who loves someone else) is being with her, caring for her every moment to make sure that she feels his love for her and expecting her to reciprocate despite knowing that she is not his. The song describes the condition of the heart of the boy which vacillates between being practical and still expecting his heart's wish to get his love come true
  • Robert Schumann Fantasiestucke Op. 12 Fabel . Daniel Wnukowski, pianist. 19th Century Paintings... Joseph Anton Koch - Arc of the Covenant Edward Veith - Fountain of Youth Ludwig Adrian Richter - Evening Worship Ricardo Falero - Muse of the Night Eugene Delacroix - Frightened Horse Johann Heinrich Füssli - The Nightmare Tidemand and Gude - Brudeferd i Hardanger Ludwig Adrian Richter - St. Anne Church Andreas Achenbach - Watermill in Westphalia Robert Schumann's piano music was directly influenced by the prevailing artwork, literature and poetry of the day. The best way to learn piano music of the 19th century, and the best piano teacher is to study these masterpieces alongside regular piano practice. Many of the paintings above were painted after Schumann's Fantasy pieces were actually written (1837) but can still serve as a direct inspiration to understanding his work. "Fable" by Schumann is 6th piece of the Fantasiestücke cycle and vacillates between the playful, whimsical nature of Florestan and the heavenly, calm nature of Eusebius. Enjoy this recording!
  • Thomas Linley - The Wave Hath Closed The Song of Moses Thomas Linley the younger Part 4b. Chorus The wave hath closed above each warlike head, Sunk like a lifeless stone, vanished, and dead. Peter Holman The Parley of Instruments This chorus vacillates between a sombre fugue with a strong motion describing the wave closing over the heads of the Egyptians as they pursued the Hebrews across the Red Sea, and a halting, funereal homophonic section. The plaintive chant "Sunk like a lifeless stone" is interspersed with a violin accompaniment which, to me, evokes a sense of sunlight filtering through water, as seem from the depths below. I tried to enhance this sense with the final image but if you prefer a sense of desolate calm I've tried to enhance this too with the image between the two turbulent passages. This chorus is all the more poignant as little more than a year Linley had set these words to music, he himself had sunk like a lifeless stone, and drowned.
  • Vacillate Meaning - To repeatedly change your opinions or desires. - Example - She has vacillated on this issue.**NOTE** Vacillate is often followed by the word 'between' - EXAMPLE - He vacillates between seeking attention from the public and avoiding the media altogether.
  • Vacillates by the MANCUNIAN PROJECT LIVE @ Players 3.19.11 Recorded on March 19, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.
  • Symphony for Organ by Albert Ahlstrom The music to the final is said to have originated as an off-the-cuff improvisation done by the composer during a late-night practice session at church. It is in the style of a toccata, and is a perfect example of minimalism as the piece essentially vacillates between only two augmented harmonies from beginning to end and develops these harmonies by way of repetition with slight variations. The return of the opening chordal figure towards the end carries the instruction "Even faster/As fast as possible." The ending itself has been altered slightly from what is written in the score so as to match a recording of the piece done by the composer at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. (Program Notes, Gregory Riley, 2010).
  • The Mosh Pit-The Adventures of Cowboy Jessie and Cowboy Earl By: HR Hunsaker: Earl is steadfast in his loyalty for the Widow and the ranch while Jessie questions the rational behind it all. In a selfless move, Earl demonstrates his loyalty while Jessie vacillates between logic and fear. When backed into a corner, Jessie only has one choice: to defend his partner. He learns a hard fought lesson in loyalty and the rewards that come with it.
  • This song is from an upcoming CD. It's titled 'The bassics'. Check out the CD entitled 'Introspection' on . I'm just practicing a little today on my bass guitar playing the bass part to 'The Bassics", which is a song that begins with a bass solo and vacillates back and forth between a couple of rifts before going into a groove. Unfortunately the CD is not released as yet. My current three CD's are available online and are titled Introspection, Relax Your Mind, and The Cosmic Robot Project.
  • Elizabeth Reaser Talks About "Young Adult" I like how Elizabeth Reaser vacillates between the giant monster hit "Twilight" series and the smaller but thought-provoking films such as "Young Adult." In "Twilight," she plays the maternal Esme Cullen, and in "Young Adult," she stars as Beth Slade. Trouble arises when Charlize Theron's character, Mavis, decides to rekindle her romance with her high school sweetheart Buddy (Patrick Wilson) who's incidentally married to Beth. In this interview, we talked about: *** Auditioning for "Young Adult" *** Why she thought she wouldn't get the role *** What attracted her to the script? *** The character of Mavis *** Her chemistry with Patrick Wilson *** Any regrets from high school? *** There's a little popular girl in all of us Have fun!
  • oh honey... oh honey Jane holds Fletcher and vacillates between kindness and resentment.
  • Dr. Samara Yasmin: Patient 1544C, Session#18 (Read comments for more info) For those wondering what the symbols mean: fc09 Dr. Samara Yasmin's notes are as follows 1544C condition shows scant improvement from previous assesment. Obeserved symptoms include: Delusions: Subject Vacillates between mourning the deceased,believe she is in need of assistance and/or has assimilated and is one with the universe.calling for his hand Paranoia:subject experiences frequent outburst. Has attacked Staff and other patients. Physical Manifestations: Insomnia, Dyskinesia, Frantic Sketching and etching of symbols identified as related to Unitology. A sample has been translated to "The sickness is the cure! the cure is the sickness! Additional Obsessive compulsive behavior documented by staff includes the repetition of the following phrases: -Fractal heuristic replicating crystal -The nightmare is over but it will not end. -Bismuth zirconate titanate -Twinkle Twinkle Little Star -Sympathetic alpha wave atteuation PROSPECTS FOR RECOVERING STILL UNKNOWN
  • The Ecstatic Truth A documentary revealing Bill Foster's past as well as his present state. Bill vacillates between fantasy and reality. This is a character study.
  • Les Eléphants poem by Leconte de Lisle for spoken voice and ensemble Les Eléphants (The Elephants) by Leconte de Lisle, set to music by David W Solomons. For spoken voice, clarinet, flute and string quartet. The Score and parts can be obtained at The clarinet accompanies the spoken voice (but, optionally, a choir or single voice can sing the words to the notes of the clarinet). The tonality shimmers like the desert sun as it vacillates between octatonic and major/minor; it stays in major, sometimes with added sixths and fourths, as the elephants recall the good times, when they could enjoy shade and pools of water, but resumes the octatonic shimmering as they continue to trudge, albeit hopefully and with happy memories, through the hot desert sun. The sound file is an electronic preview with poem spoken by the composer. An English version of the poem can be found here:
  • Clue, 02/26 -02/28/09 ***PLEASE READ***This is some footage of Clue's lunging/under saddle work that are part of her rehabilitation. Clue is a 2003 AQHA mare who foundered following a pasture injury in June of 2007 (she was kicked in her left shoulder, and foundered in her right front). She's been doing light work under saddle to reintroduce her balance and help her rebuild her muscle (in addition to lunging sessions). I work closely with a farrier who is experienced in treating laminitis cases (), and I make absolutely no changes to Clue's routine without her consent and advice. In this video, you are witnessing Clue's first trot with a rider since June of 2007. Needless to say, one could not expect it to look perfect, but she did a phenomenal job. Clue was broke Western, and she employs the Western jog when she is unsure of herself and concerned about moving out. You can see that, especially the first time I ask, she vacillates between jogging and actual trotting. She probably was also a little doubtful that I was really (finally!) asking her to take it up a gear. Part of the reason that she is shaking her head is concern for her leg, and part of it is that she's re-figuring out contact with the bit with a rider (one of many reasons I long-line her or, as you see in the beginning of this video, I lunge her with sliding side reins). I have seen when this horse is genuinely "lame," and that is not the case here. She is so used to having a compromised limb that it is going ...
  • Alles in bester Ordnung III_Making-of making-of: "Alles in bester Ordnung III", 2007 Installation with ready-mades (wooden house, various items of furniture and decorative items, artificial lawn, plastic olive tree, children's playhouse, various children's toys, various garden tools) Landesgalerie Linz, Linz, Austria, 2007/2008 "The installation "Alles in bester Ordnung III" consists of a ready-made, a mass-produced wooden summerhouse on sale in many DIY stores, standing on an artificial lawn. Around it are decorative items, gardening tools, children's toys... The impression vacillates between an impersonal range of goods and an everyday scene which has just been deserted. This installation served Robert F. Hammerstiel as a stage-set for his video production Alles in bester Ordnung IV in which four actors are to be seen showing everyday, constantly recurring activities in a type of "father-mother-child role-play". Types of pictorial and body language are used here such as are common in television advertising, reproducing a family idyll. The repetitions, which were filmed in reality, were repeatedly cut one after the other, thus trenchantly uncovering stereotyped patterns of behaviour." see more at:
  • Go-Go Bear Like a whimsical feline, this tune vacillates between major and minor. Like a kitten it hits the wall dorian and bounces back phrygian.
  • An old tune with new rhythm. Here's what happens Thursday nights at the Wine Therapist. It's more fun live. This is a piece I began many years ago when I really had no idea what 'Flamenco' was. It's still not completely in compas - it vacillates between rumba and a Buleria that accents 12, 3, 7, 8, and 10.
  • Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress || Trailer Since 1969, Chuck Close has fascinated the public with work that vacillates between representation and abstraction. Working from instant photographs, Close paints himself, his family and friends in a style that both confronts and engages viewers.
  • Gilad Atzmon: Sax Operator, Songwriter, Author and Political Activist Gilad Atzmon: Sax Operator, Songwriter, Author and Political Activist! A self-confessed, self-described, proud self-hating Jew who vacillates between such a lovely state of being and an ex-Jew: I'm Ok, She's Ok, and he's an ex-Jew.
  • BULLETSTORM (at least we don't have to whisper anymore) DEVELOPERS:EPIC GAMES,PEOPLE CAN FLY PUBLISHER:EA THE FOLLOWING SOURCE ITS FROM IGN 8.5 Presentation Bulletstorm does a great job of establishing a reality and sticking to it. The story is fun right up until the end, and the Leash sells the point system. 9.0 Graphics Bulletstorm sets a new standard for UE3 games, with brilliant color and great lighting. The PC version runs noticeably better than the console versions on a variety of hardware. 8.0 Sound Bulletstorm's soundtrack vacillates between orchestral bombast and cliche'd shooter industrial, but the voicework is fun and well acted - assuming you can deal with the toilet humor. 8.0 Gameplay Bulletstorm generally plays well, with some weighty but responsive shooting. The combo system also clicks. Unfortunately, Bulletstorm gets a bit repetitive in its last act. 5.5 Lasting Appeal Bulletstorm is seriously short - it took me five and a half hours to get through the campaign, echoes mode lacks the charm of the main game, and anarchy mode grows repetitive.
  • I'm A Star - Mondega ft AZI Fellas get album @ Like all hip hop artists, Mondega's music is inextricably bound to his story. Lyrics on his sophomore LP Food, Clothing, & Love are laden with insights into his people, his momma, and his ascent from nothing all the way to the mic. His attitude vacillates between hubris, anger, reverence of females, hope, and partying, while carefully plucked producers tinker with Golden Age hip hop and soul tropes. The difference between Mondega and other mainline hip hop artists is this: his story is an industry first. food clothing love Food Clothing Love. Photo Credit:Traysetterz Music Group MTV Iggy's one-time Artist of the Week Mondega is Montagnard, which is an indigenous, disenfranchised group based in and around Vietnam. Growing up there, Mondega witnessed his father getting arrested, his friends' parents murdered by police, and his shoeless buddies begging on the streets while he gambled in dice games. His family moved to a refugee home in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he dealt with his culture shock whirlwind through an obsession with hip hop. After years of maturing his own beats, manning a day job, and garnering connections, he dropped a series of mixtapes and singles about discrimination and dissent among Asians. His latest, Food, Clothing & Love, out May 15, doesn't fall far behind his recent debut release Music for the People. Enter the present, when we try (and fail) to separate ourselves from Mondega's bio and ask — "but what about the ...
  • Angel and the Badman: John Wayne, Gail Russell, Harry Carey, Bruce Cabot (1947 Movie) DVD: Angel and the Badman is a 1947 black-and-white Western film, starring John Wayne, Gail Russell, Harry Carey and Bruce Cabot which examines the ability of a shootist to renounce violence. This film, which was the first one Wayne produced as well as starred in, was a radical departure for this genre at the time it was released. The film was directed by Wayne's frequent screenwriter James Edward Grant. The notorious shootist and womanizer Quirt Evans' (John Wayne) horse collapses as he passes a Quaker family's home. Quirt has been wounded and the kindly family takes him in and nurses him back to health against the advice of others. The handsome Evans quickly attracts the affections of their beautiful but sheltered daughter, Penelope (Gail Russell). He develops an affection for the family but his troubled past follows him there, both outlaws and the law. Evans falls for Penelope and begins to assimilate her pacifist lifestyle. However, the tug of his old ways is very strong and so he vacillates back and forth. He is finally forced to examine his character after his violent actions bring harm to an innocent person. This movie is the point of departure for two other successful "fish out of water" movies, the 1985 Witness starring Harrison Ford and the 2003 The Outsider starring Tim Daly and Naomi Watts, both of which have a similar story line. Cast: John Wayne - Quirt Evans Gail Russell - Penelope Worth Harry Carey - McClintock Bruce Cabot ...
  • Guitar Solo This is kind of a stylisitic conbination of my first two videos. The first part is worked out with a little room left for improvisation while the second part, which is a loop, had already been written as was the bass part, but the rest was improvised. It vacillates between parts I soloed over top and parts which I decided to add to the loop. It's played on my Carvin SC90 which I added a Seymour Duncan humbucking pickup to. I used a Ibanez Jem distortion pedal and my Digitech Hardwire delay pedal for the loop going into my Line 6 Spider 75 watt amp using a little chorus and delay.t
  • TimesCast - April 19, 2011 Syria's government vacillates between crackdown and suggestions of compromise, a formula that destroyed the leadership in Tunisia and Egypt; two generals vie for control of Libya's rebel force. Please visit to embed this video. Watch more videos at
  • God is Ready to Perform His Word For You The Lord wants to show himself strong in his goodness everyday. God never vacillates. He always shows himself strong in long suffering. We are still alive today because God is long suffering. For us human beings, our long suffering is very limited. Families break up because there is no long suffering. God shows himself very strong in forgiveness everyday. He even forgives us tonight and He's even gonna forgive us tomorrow. As long as you live, God's forgiveness is still available. All we need to do is to confess. This is the provision of a very great Father. He provides forgiveness. So go to Him and confess your sin to the Lord. 2 Chronicles 16:9, " For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong to those whose hearts are loyal to Him." He knows and sees everything that we do. God shows himself strong through his word. He keeps his word.
  • Sarah Palin On ABC Nightline: More With Charlie Gibson Airing Date Sept.11, 2008 Sarah Palin On ABC Nightline: More With Charlie Gibson
  • How To Get Skinny - Green Tea Formula How To Get Skinny - Green Tea Formula If you read Perricone' Doctor; s advises, he does not suggest the green tea help and the diet and the reduction. Dr. perricone said that the transformation will assist you from the coffee to the green tea to reduce weight. Although I do not have the expert and can' t confirms Perricone' Doctor; above s states, I thought personally the green tea compared to the coffee is a healthier drink basis about green tea's all health request from various research. About drinks the diet and the reduction green tea, I as if suggested that only knew perhaps a research green tea has some advantage to seek in loss weight help these. Had said the clinical research the American journal How To Get Skinny - Green Tea Formula posted research: conclusion: The green tea has the heat generation product, and promotes speaking of itself its caffeine content outside that's obese oxidation explanation. The green tea extract in the bodily constitution control perhaps through thermogenesis, the obese oxidation or two has the sympathy activation to play a role. - reads are more. I may say all have the words which many technologies obscure difficult to understand in that article that I can' t understood. Although I recommend highly drink the high grade green tea, I favor in believing its won' t makes the diet and the reduction. Let' s said that I drink the daily green tea, and my weight vacillates frequently. I possibly profit in any specified point in lose good 10 ...
  • Tere Pyaar Mein Jo Sukh Milta Hai - Absolutely Divine Song - Brahma Kumaris. TRANSLATION PROVIDED BY BK POONAM...PRODUCED BELOW...GREAT WORK BY HER...MANY THANKS TO HER...15.09.2011. Tere pyar me jo sukh milta hai uske aage sab kuchh feeka (2) Prabhu teri meethi yaadon me... ras hai maulai masti ka ... Everything seems to be meaningless or tasteless before Your LOVE, (2) Find Extract of Divine joy & happiness in your sweet remembrance, O Lord, Baba. wo deh ka bhaan hai bhool gaya.. Have forgotten the consciousness of the body. wo dunya purani yaad kaha.. Have forgotten the old world. dono naino me jhoom rahe apne pyare ye dono jahaan In my both the eyes our lovely two world vacillates. aakash bhi chhota lagta hai (2) kad bauna lagata dharti ka The sky seems small & the Earth seems so Tiny. Tere pyar me jo sukh milta hai usake aage sab kuchh feeka (2) Everything seems to be meaningless before Your Love (2). Har taraf chamakte noor dikhe Maniyon se sajjaa hai ghar apna My home is adorned with sparkling gems and i can see souls and light glimmer/sparkle all around. aabaad zindagi gaati hai ab sach ho gaya mera sapna Happy Attained life sings my dream has come true. kya kahiye khevanhaar bana (2) bhagwaan hi apni kashti ka... Oh ! what a fortune, lord himself is helmsman/guidr of my boat. Tere pyar me jo sukh milta hai uske aage sab kuchh feeka (2) Prabhu teri meethi yaadon me... ras hai maulai masti ka ... Everything seems to be meaningless before Your Love (2) Find Extract of joy & happiness in your sweet remembrance, Supreme Father, O Baba. OM ...
  • Neil Diamond - I Haven't Played This Song In Years (Live 2002) "The keeper is ''I Haven't Played This Song in Years,'' a magnificently lugubrious Diamond gem a la ''September Morn'': Alone and brooding, he agonizes upon hearing his ex's loud laughter, vacillates between anger and melancholy, and avoids a favorite melody that brings it all back." (Entertainment Weekly) From 'Stages',the live version of one of my favorite Neil Diamond songs.Among the big highlights of the Three Chord Opera tour for sure. Lyrics: Just beyond my windowpane, I saw you Walking in the rain away from me Visions of your future lay before you You are free I saw you in the company of strangers Laughing just a little bit too loud Looking at reflections in a mirror I can see the smiling faces But not me among the crowd Wondering how I wish that I could play this like a love song So I could shape it like I wanted to I'd make it purely from the heart I know that surely from the heart There only comes the gentlest of tunes But where are you? We tried to set the world on fire And almost did with our desire Two of us and maybe more Kids inside a candy store Sparks of joy and celebration Suddenly were drowned beneath the tears And baby, you're the reason that I haven't played this song in years Yes, baby, you're the reason that I haven't played this song in years Some believe in magic potions Heads all full of crazy notions Castles built upon a sandy shore Only magic I believe in Is the magic I receive from Loving you and needing nothing more Nothing more We never ...
  • Jesus Is a Dying Bedmaker (Charlie Patton) This is an instrumental arrangement of Charlie Patton's 1929 spiritual. Patton is primarily known as a bluesman, but he was comfortable playing in a variety of styles and genres including the gospel idiom, as evidenced by this piece. The song is commonly presented with lyrics as "In My Time of Dying", and has been covered extensively by the likes of Josh White, Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin. The song's lyric asks Jesus "to make up my dying bed... so I can die easy", which implies that a more appropriate title would be "Jesus is a Dying-Bed Maker". Apparently, the fault lies with Patton's record company, Paramount, who mistitled the song on their records. Taken literally, the Paramount title conjures a rather bizarre image. The arrangement used here is by John Fahey, who aside from being a great composer, arranger, and guitarist, was an expert on the work of Charlie Patton, having written his master's thesis on the subject. The tone of this arrangement, which Fahey used as the opening to his early 70's album, "America", vacillates from relaxed to frenzied. Fahey's variations of tempo, tone, and dynamics never cease to amaze. I play it here in open G (ie, DGDGBD) tuning, which is the tuning that John used on his recording.
  • One Man Show:Adam Clayton Powell: Written and Performed by Preston Love jr Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Jr was born 1908 and passed 1972, after 24 years in the US Congress and a distinguish career as a tireless fighter for the rights of the Negro. Arrogant, confident, brash but the most dominant and effective Civil Right advocate of his time. The performance is set in 1968 at a time where Rev. Powell faced many personal and political challenges. The setting is a mock rally in Harlem. Rev Powell is there to have a Town Hall meeting and plans to share his thoughts on the current issues facing the community at the time. As he begins to talk he begins to digress and recalls his life for the audience. In describing his life and struggles he vacillates from calm to fiery throughout the meeting. He concludes with a typical Powell speech (actually a compilation of some of his best speech quotes).
  • itsdlevy: @musicalsrus Warning: it vacillates between brilliant and wretched pretty quickly.
  • RobinBEING: @gussilber Bono vacillates between intellectualised nonsense and complex ignorance: No wonder he's a politician!
  • MyVogonPoetry: #NewTwitterAcronyms #VP can mean any (or all) of the following: Very Private, Vacillates Perpetually or Vogon Poem. Use your best judgment.
  • AnilAarush: @KetPan When govt vacillates MSM presntes these murder as gandhians those poor souls in villages get disheartened
  • itsonlyrach: my brain vacillates btwn damn stubborn refusal to switch off, or leave me with crazy memories of dreams that stick even when im awake
  • _x4o: RT @phbarratt: RT @Mondoweiss: Obama administration vacillates over Bahrain as it attacks nonviolent protesters http:///63dkpky
  • phbarratt: RT @Mondoweiss: Obama administration vacillates over Bahrain as it attacks nonviolent protesters http:///63dkpky
  • stranagor: RT @Mondoweiss: Obama administration vacillates over Bahrain as it attacks nonviolent protesters http:///63dkpky
  • butheina: Obama administration vacillates over Bahrain as it attacks nonviolent protesters
  • Zzigggyyy: RT @Mondoweiss: Obama administration vacillates over Bahrain as it attacks nonviolent protesters http:///63dkpky
  • Jeroen_Snijders: RT @Mondoweiss Obama administration vacillates over #Bahrain as it attacks nonviolent protesters http:///63dkpky
  • Mondoweiss: Obama administration vacillates over Bahrain as it attacks nonviolent protesters http:///63dkpky

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  • “Do - The Spyglass Blog - Los Angeles magazine We also get to see the many sides of Mr. Cumming who vacillates from quiet and introspective to boisterous and raunchy while maintaining his unmistakable charm. My only regret is that I”
    — Do - The Spyglass Blog - Los Angeles magazine,

  • “Take this for what it's worth, which ain't much, but here are a few thoughts on the mayor's race. Brad Winter, gracias! I was a little surprised Winter got in, but I am now thrilled that the race has taken an interesting turn and gives the voters”
    — My two-cents on the mayor's race,

  • “Unless you've been living under a rock, you've undoubtedly heard of Twitter. It's another in a long line of social networking sites that allows users”
    — Celebrity Tweets Invade the IMDb! - The Moviefone Blog,

  • “The blog is intelligent, fairly original, creative and funny. Those are all qualities What other blog vacillates (that was the word of the day' today)”
    — If you could only read 1 blog... | Eric D. Brown,

  • “The Can Opener is interviewed by Jennifer Haupt, author of the Psychology Today Blog One True Thing. and the street is not whether or not he kills his catch, it's that he vacillates once venturing down the path”
    — Blog | Shana Mahaffey,

  • “But here at the blog, we feel compelled to continue to look at higher ed funding rate—5th in the nation—and 4-year college participation rate, which vacillates between 48th and 49th”
    — Bill Lyne's blog | United Faculty of Washington State,

  • “Science Fiction and Fantasy book reviews, recommendations, discussions, and news -- your number one fantasy community site. The plotting is a bit uneven and the protagonist Cale occasionally vacillates between being a super badass with no fear with always a couple aces up his sleeve to a”
    — Best Fantasy Books Blog,

  • “Guernica is an award winning online magazine of art and politics. Blog. Enter your search terms. Submit search form. Staff Pick: Michael Archer. June 29, 2009. Jeannette Catsoulis, in The New York Times, wrote that Israeli director Eylan Fox's The Bubble, set in Tel Aviv, vacillates "provocatively”
    — Guernica / Staff Pick: Michael Archer,

  • “Who is Jan Brewer today? In past elections she has run as a right-of-center Republican, who was fiscally responsible, and pro-life. She had a distinguished career as a public servant, and is credited with signing some long overdue pro-life bills”
    — LIGHTHOUSE BLOG: Brewer's Indentity Crisis,

  • “June 29th, 2010 • Humor, Web Reads • View Comments. One of the more creative jokes about In these dark days when my faith vacillates between the highs of unquestioning belief and”
    — 2010 June Archive - A Bloke's Life,

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