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  • Definition of vacillation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of vacillation. Pronunciation of vacillation. Definition of the word vacillation. Origin of the word vacillation. — “vacillation - Definition of vacillation at ”,
  • What is the definition of vacillation? The term vacillation is defined as:">Main Entry:vac·il·la·tionPronunciation:\ˌva-sə-ˈlā-shən\Function:nounDate:15th century1: an act or instance of vacillating2: inability to take a. — “What is the definition of vacillation? -- Britannica Online”,
  • If your experience has been vacillating possibly you may find the secret of this unsteadiness in some of the following observations. Probably the greater number of vacillating professors of holiness never attained this rich experience. — “CAUSES OF VACILLATION”,
  • We found 21 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word vacillation: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "vacillation" is defined. General (18 matching dictionaries) vacillation: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of vacillation - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Synonyms for vacillation. Other words for vacillation. Different words for vacillation. Antonyms of vacillation. — “vacillation - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Vacillation - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Vacillation definition, an act or instance of vacillating. See more. — “Vacillation | Define Vacillation at ”,
  • Cable GBPUSD, gave up its three trading sessions of continuous rise for the bottom again. After hitting a six-year low of 1.5363 last week the pair ha How long will this vacillation continue before stability?. — “Cable Gain Slides | Forex Trading | Currency Trading | Sirius”,
  • WHAT IS MEDITATION? Meditation is a disciplined practice to attain control of the mind, whose very nature is vacillation, by way of limiting the f , C.V.Rajan. — “An introduction to meditation and its different forms - by C”,
  • vacillation (plural vacillations) Indecision in speech or action. Changing location by Retrieved from "http:///wiki/vacillation". — “vacillation - Wiktionary”,
  • Vac·il·la·tion n. [L. vacillatio : cf. F. vacillation .] 1. The act of vacillating; a moving one way and the other; a wavering. — “vacillation: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Across the Mediterranean to troubled North Africa poured the greatest flow of reinforcements since the days when Rommel's Afrika Korps held sway. The French cruiser Montcalm landed a battalion Violence in North Africa was matched by unseemly vacillation in Paris. — “MOROCCO: Violence & Vacillation - TIME”,
  • Two decades ago the World Health Organization declared smallpox eradicated from the earth. Routine vaccinations stopped in the United States in about 1972, ending worldwide in 1980. The only known stockpiles of the virus are in the United States. — “Smallpox vacillation”,
  • Find synonyms for vacillation in Roget's Thesaurus on Yahoo! Education. — “vacillation - Thesaurus Synonyms and Word Suggestions”,
  • A Water Rats fanfiction. Story summary: Moving on Sometimes the body is willing, but the mind just doesn't want to follow. By the way – vacillation: wavering between different courses of action, to show indecision. — “Vacillation, a Water Rats fanfic - ”,
  • MySpace Music profile for VACILLATION. Download VACILLATION Death Metal / Metal / Thrash music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read VACILLATION's blog. — “VACILLATION on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • The waltz is at once a happy and terrifying activity that, biographically, reflects Roethke's vacillation toward his father, registering playful but poignant tones in stanzas of iambic trimeter [in William V. Davis's Fishing an biographically, reflects Roethke's vacillation toward his father,. — “Does anybody know the poem " My Papa's Waltz"? I really don't”,
  • But whenever they fall down they are not able at once to assume the posture, they vacillate an instant, and this vacillation shows that after all they are strangers in the world. to the art they possess, but even the most artistic knights cannot altogether conceal this vacillation. — “Knight of faith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Vacillation Our first finished song. Composed by Eric, Vocals by Moonlight
  • Nix Vacillation - Shadow Of Wisdom (Summer Slam) Live performance at Hood Bar and Cafe on 190612. Enjoy. :)
  • Vacillation in Rehearsal Here we go with the song Vacillation. This was shot in rehearsal at SIR studios in Hollywood. We switched back and forth from a little night vision to regular vision. Enjoy and experience groovetonics.
  • Progress bar Vacillation vs. Velocity Vacillation vs. Velocity Astar on Tile Puzzle
  • Vacillation - Binary Departure Album : Corridors To A New World EP (2012) Genre : Melodic Death Metal Country : United States Free download: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
  • "Vacillation" (excerpt) by WB Yeats (poetry reading) These are practical maxims to live by. He's right that whatever you do, you won't be loved or appreciated as much as you think you deserve. But any man who expects gratitude for anything he does is going to be disappointed. We do our best for our chldren: their gratitude is irrelevant.
  • Vacillation: FL Studio Experimental/Math Metal New song with Shreddage, a little more melodic than the last song, Jagganath. Give it a listen.
  • Nix Vacillation - Jewels and Gold (Summer Slam) Live performance at Hood Bar and Cafe on 190512. Enjoy. :)
  • Vacillation
  • The Vacillations of Poppy Carew Short clip starring Julian Rhind-Tutt as Sean.
  • Rhythm Invention - Vacillate (1999) Rare techno-trance gem. Release: Various - Superstition 100 / Superstition
  • Nix Vacillation - Roses [FULL DEMO]
  • MCL Robert and Chris Vacillate MCL
  • Trent Franks Debates Sheila Jackson-Lee Over President's Vacillation on Afghanistan Policy Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) debated Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18) on Fox News' "America's News HQ," arguing that President Obama's unhurried approach to making a decision on Afghanistan harms American efforts in the region. Franks stated that the President has been quick to enact bad policy after bad policy (including the so-called "stimulus," Cash for Clunkers, etc...), but is taking his time on a matter that requires prompt, decisive action, not political game-playing.
  • Vacillation Preview----Draft Version
  • NIX VACILLATION @ The Art House. 'Shadow Of Wisdom'
  • Plague "Vacillation" from PLAGUE album Raw Necro New England Black Thrash Metal Sumerian Death 666 "Vacillation" from the Black Metal artist Plague from MAINE. It is from their first album "PLAGUE" ● An experimental black metal artist from the depths of Maine, featuring members of Stasis, Exacerbate, Seahorse Battlefield, The Lotus Petals, Darktower, Necrolepsy, Pair of Dice, the Potion, Green Wizard, Plague, Jonathan Menderhaus, Attorney at Law, Misery, Devil Dinosaur, Highfather, Bleak Silence, and Retro Grave. Plague is experimental black metal artist from the depths of Maine created by Lord Cimmerian. Featuring members of Exacerbate, Stasis, and Darktower. 666 Plague "Vacillation" from PLAGUE album Raw Necro New England Black Thrash Metal Sumerian Death
  • NIX VACILLATION @ The Art House. 'Deadly Secrets'
  • morggorm vacillation
  • Hope for the Dying - Vacillation (lyrics) I'm down on my knees What lay before me but ruin and misery Now in deep reflection i see That we are solely to blame Imprisoned our own words Separate us from our hearts We longed for something more So we sacrificed it all Bathed in doubt i scream Should this fate befall me I surely was pure in deed Or am i rightly placed in these guilty chains Face to the earth in shame(2x) In my disbelief i tried to flee but the jury convicted me The charges i stand before guilty of searching for something more Searching for something more Searching for something more Imprisoned our own words Separate us from our hearts We longed for something more So we sacrificed it all
  • The YK Dictionary - Vacillation The World's fastest and easiest Movie Dictionary! Intermediate vocabulary available for all people to enjoy! Watch it now...the new learning experience...The YK Dictionary!
  • Vacillation - Drift Away Vacillation tocando en Java Junction Vacillation Playing at Java Junction
  • Hope for the Dying - Dissimulation - Vacillation Hope for the Dying "Dissimulation" out now. Buy it on iTunes: Hope for the Dying online store: Hope for the Dying on Facebook: "Vacillation" Lyrics I'm down on my knees What lay before me but ruin and misery Now in deep reflection I see, That we are solely to blame Imprisoned, our own words Separate us from our hearts, We longed for, something more So we sacrificed it all Bathed in doubt I scream, Should this fate befall me I surely was pure in deed Or am I rightly, Placed in these guilty chains Face to the earth in shame In my disbelief I tried to flee, but the jury convicted me The charges I stand before, Guilty of searching for something more Searching for something more
  • ASK - Vacillation This video was produced by the great John DeMarco of Windsor and features one of Canada's most prolific artists VAUGHN BENETAU. It was also the final video featuring the Amazing Nancy Drew! Thanks for putting up with us rowdy boosicians for so long Nancy, you are a real trooper! ;) Visit for more information and Future Communications
  • Hope for the dying Vacillation Tutorial Hope for the dying Vacillation Tutorial tuning: Drop D all actual songs are in a lower tuning. drop C means every note is 2 frets higher I'm no pro so sorry about the many mess ups
  • Vacillation at The Knitting Factory in New York We performed in New York during St. Patrick's Day. We had a great time and wanted to share this song Vacillation with you. Enjoy and experience groovetonics.
  • Nix Vacillation Darkness
  • Vacillation by WB Yeats
  • VACILLATION Animated film based on Land of Nott comic strip by Alex Raffi.
  • Vacillation - Sadistic Nature of Mankind Track 1 out of 4 Genre: Melodic Death Metal Album: Sadistic Nature of Mankind (EP) Year: 2010 Vocals: Josh Ellis Guitar: Adrian Socaciu Bass: Nicholas Cooper Drums: Garret Healy /vacillation /vacillationmetal
  • Vacillation Experimental physical theatre piece. The first part of the seven stages of man utilising the poem Vacillation by WB Yeats. Video month guest director: Liz Brand This makes up day 23 of Video Month 2.
  • Preston Beebe Quartet - Vacillation This is an original tune written by Preston Beebe. Preston Beebe - Drums Austin Vickrey - Sax Paul Keesling - Vibes Kirk Reyes - Bass
  • The Morning Voice - Vacillation (Live @ 400 Bar)
  • Nix Vacillation - Devil's Enchantress. [JAM]
  • Hope For the Dying - Vacillation A track off of Hope For the Dying's album Dissimulation. Copyright 2011 Facedown Records. If you enjoy the song, go buy the album and support an amazing band!
  • Vacillation - Corridors to a New World Lyrics: Head bursting in an array of confusion all i thought i knew began to dissipate aches buried deep within begins to surface mental state now collapsed self destruction draws near. broken apart piece by piece pain becomes my domain ready to embrace my death through carnage i am reborn now stand alive embrace the pain like you're ready to die the futures bleak but we have to survive and claim our losses on the other side follow the road to hope and be deceived have faith in all it'll cut back and watch you bleed abandoned coldly on the brink of destruction stranded in denial alone with torment this endless nightmare an unbreakable bond forever out my grasp but remains in me arise and fight through the journey of solitude a new world presented to me awakened wise with new found strength this ordeal still yet unknown perpetual existence this wound wont close deep inside regrets my companion eyes opened i face my own hell Remorse.
  • In Dying Days- Vacillation of the Feeble minded Youth Nishan Chady and Courtney black's A2 media project feautring nottingham band In Dying Days with orginal music visit /indyingdays for more
  • Vacillation The ultra spy story is finally complete. This is one of the most exciting tracks to date with a video to match. All those that get to see it live are in for a treat. Experience Groovetonics.
  • Hope For The Dying - LIVE -Exorium and Vacillation January 27th @ The Boondocks York Haven Pa
  • Vacillation (Melodic Death Metal from USA) Blitz Quitz interview with VACILLATION (Melodic Death Metal from USA) - Pest Webzine - December 2010
  • CaroleChi: RT @ProgressiveTex: #Mittens supporters complain that he appears out of focus due to his high-frequency vacillation on the issues. #CTL #Obama2012 #4MoreYears
  • ImmortalRites: RT @ProgressiveTex: #Mittens supporters complain that he appears out of focus due to his high-frequency vacillation on the issues. #CTL #Obama2012 #4MoreYears
  • ProgressiveTex: #Mittens supporters complain that he appears out of focus due to his high-frequency vacillation on the issues. #CTL #Obama2012 #4MoreYears
  • gopserdgit: Obscure The whole story Generators: Unperfidious Vacillation: .rZB
  • SweetTwink73: @MoraObama @ClintonMath They r witnessing the vacillation.
  • BlogGuero: New favorite Spanish word: "incertidumbre" = Limbo, uncertainty, ambivalence, quandary, vacillation. Seen in @bbcmundo article re El Lazca
  • rtistmeetbankr: Oops: vacillation
  • VERWHO: My life is a big quadrant vacillation
  • metaphorminute: a discrepancy is a vacillation: faradic and lobster
  • readnthink90: #ObamaCampaignIn3Words Vacillation Indecision Cluelessness
  • HateMetalcore: #metalcore tunage: Hope For the Dying - Vacillation [4:10]
  • johnpeters10: “@richjohnson: Archbishop panel split over Church's future. Interesting and possibly encouraging!?" Or just usual vacillation?
  • poornanandini: @priya16x @sbangarp @angiefosla yeah!!! TRP ka khel hai sab.. it's vacillation will decide our leads lives!!!
  • katierulezdood: quantum-vacillation asked: 3, 6, 13, 17, 20. Please.
  • nitaii0: Rawsome Good-looker: Vacillation in reference to the Stretch out gyron Within Be equal to of Created universe?: .hoa
  • falamaath: @wtfgiulia I will not forgive you for this vacillation
  • no_vacillation: RT @WifeThatGirl: If she understands that you're not like the other guys, wife that girl.
  • no_vacillation: RT @WifeThatGirl: If she's ever given you a hand-made gift or letter or card, wife that girl.
  • randypegues: Procrastination and vacillation are fatal to leadership. J. Oswald Sanders
  • vruq73kpx: One of us Secrets Upon Good Decorous Vacillation (The Faithworthy Make it Headed for Acquisition YOUR Conscience: .fzM
  • no_vacillation: Homecoming craziness at ISU @ Memorial Stadium
  • no_vacillation: Nananananananana..... Batgirl! @camsalad @ Indiana State University
  • lalithadithya: A Zone Of Vacillation | K. Nageshwar #telangana via @outlookindia
  • tgten: A Zone Of Vacillation: Telangana is once again on the boil. And the Congress is once again at…
  • tgten: A Zone Of Vacillation
  • FarmerGeorge26: @HulbertMathew ...apart from vacillation Vince and that guy at DECC no-one's heard of
  • tundepeers: RT @dino_melaye: Despite we operate in times of vicissitude and vacillation,our hope is in our agitation. Leave Egypt now!!!
  • no_vacillation: Seeing my bestie at her college :) (@ Indiana State University)
  • no_vacillation: I just unlocked the Back to School badge on @foursquare for checking in back on campus! Time to party! Er, study.
  • lizabs68: RT @dino_melaye: Despite we operate in times of vicissitude and vacillation,our hope is in our agitation. Leave Egypt now!!!
  • dino_melaye: Despite we operate in times of vicissitude and vacillation,our hope is in our agitation. Leave Egypt now!!!
  • luvandlabels: Vacillation, worst feeling, ugh
  • metaphorminute: a baptistery is a vacillation: Arean, saddening
  • cattyidiot: In wake of Sandusky scandal & after 47yrs of organizational vacillation @BoyScouts is 'getting out in front' of (cont)
  • febufodogamy: Too, a vacillation in your step - a joyous inquietude in your eyes.
  • no_vacillation: Those girls in IUK's cafeteria who didn't get the memo that high school is over <
  • randallbinkc: TY @LauraCreekmore Agree. Vacillation here so I wanted input from the pros. Scheduling faster for phone also. Lets us get right to it.
  • jilubusezyq: And vacillation were resumed.
  • BanksjW: It's called a debate but I think Romney took (d. Bait) to return to his usual vacillation. What happened to his lies will come next.
  • lalonde_: my mom and her boyfriend are worse about vacillation than finchel and rosschel combined
  • Nancy_Ogden: Pendulum that swings back/forth between state v. fed funding is like the inevitable business vacillation between de/centralization. #debate
  • no_vacillation: Can it please be Friday already? I'm too pumped for Thursday.
  • jodufekiwake: Of route - a vacillation which prevailed, in a more or less degree.
  • xycasiseqimyg: Perceptible vacillation in the car was a consequence of this change.
  • vadizyjehu: Slightest vacillation whatever.
  • d_vacillation: [email protected] There can't be room for a Christian God in your hate-filled hearts.
  • racelanj: Bad case of vacillation tonight - Zoo then Theo then Zoo then Theo make up your mind girl
  • no_vacillation: Starting to feel soo pumped about going to see @kelcey_anne at ISU this weekend! :)
  • julydonda: “Thanks God, You have answered my prayer and omit my vacillation. Praise the Lord :")”
  • zulewecozubub: Any mutation or vacillation in her royal resolutions.
  • vycolelysir: Vacillation of purpose, or uncertainty of object, from his remaining.
  • wizoqehejucu: Out with my eternal vacillation, once swept the treasures from.

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