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  • Verity Bank is participating in the FDIC's Transaction Account Guarantee Program. Under that program, through December 31, 2010, all noninterest-bearing transaction accounts are fully guaranteed by the FDIC for the entire amount in the account. — “Verity Bank - Making a Difference”,
  • verity n. , pl. , -ties . The quality or condition of being true, factual, or real. Something, such as a statement, principle, or belief, that is. — “verity: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of verity from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of verity. Pronunciation of verity. Definition of the word verity. Origin of the word verity. — “verity - Definition of verity at ”,
  • Verity definition, the state or quality of being true; accordance with fact or reality: See more. — “Verity | Define Verity at ”,
  • Verity Institute joins with Oak Brook College Of Law to provide "On Campus" Legal Study Opportunities for Law and Paralegal Students © 2010 Verity Institute • 11850 Brookville Road • Indianapolis, IN 46239. — “Verity Institute | Innovative College Education”,
  • Bringing people together in a spritual community through fellowship, teaching them the abundant life principles taught by Jesus so that they may discover the God potential within themselves and begin to live healthier, happier and more prosperous. — “The Verity Center For Better Living :: Verifying the Truth”,
  • Verity Snook-Larby, English race walker. Verity Harrison, English stunt woman, Settle North Yorkshire. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. — “Verity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Degausser Suppliers and Manufacturers of bulk tape erasers and hard drive degaussers Verity Systems range of security degausser are capable of completely erasing all data to certified levels. — “Verity Systems”,
  • the quality or state of being truthful or honest. — “Verity - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Top South African singer, songwriter and actress Verity is an inspirational & motivational speaker on innovation, charity and women empowerment. — “Verity - Music news, reviews & song lyrics, download CD Journey”,
  • Verity is a hotbed of technical Research and Development in the domain of Wireless Data Verity has participated in the roll out of the R-World Infrastructure at Reliance. — “Verity Technologies - Home”,
  • Definition of verity in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of verity. Pronunciation of verity. Translations of verity. verity synonyms, verity antonyms. Information about verity in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “verity - definition of verity by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Verity Audio High-End Loudspeakers are fine audio devices addressed to music-lovers and audiophiles seeking for a musical and a gratifying auditory experience. — “:: VERITY ::”,
  • Verity - the UK charity for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). — “Home | Verity - PCOS Charity”, verity-
  • The official website of Verity Records, a Gospel Music focused record label. Artists include Marvin Sapp, Kirk Franklin and DeWayne Woods. — “Verity Records”,
  • At Verity, our vision is to empower and support women to create for themselves their own vision of success. There has never been a better time to be a Verity Member - and never more affordable - at least for the 99 fortunate individuals who come forward. — “Welcome to Verity”,
  • Shop for VERITY at Target. Choose from The Best Of Verity Stob (Paperback), Verity: The First Decade, Vol. 1 and other products. — “VERITY : Target Search Results”,
  • Verity Mom by Rosemary Garner on November 22, 2010 @ 10:51 PM Check it out and come back to next week for details on how to win an autographed copy of Caspar's new album. Verity Mom by Rosemary Garner on November 16, 2010 @ 3:45 PM. Give Yourself a Gift. Earn 1.00% APY on a 6-month. — “Verity Credit Union - Verity Credit Union”,
  • Verity HR is a professional Search and Selection company and Recruitment Consultancy formed in Australia and Indonesia in 2007. Verity HR has offices in Jakarta and Perth and is represented by our alliance partners located throughout Australia. — “Verity HR - Welcome to Verity HR”, .au

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  • Scion Presents: Papershapers Scion Presents: 'PAPERSHAPERS' curated by Giant Robot Papershapers is a group show featuring ten artists who work with paper-not "on paper." The exhibition will feature works that are cut, torn, folded, and sewn into unique creations. Featuring: Shin Tanaka, Hunter Stabler, Polly Verity, Annie Vought, Ana Serrano, Richard Sweeney, Peter Callesen, Brian Dettmer, Ryohei Tanaka Show Run: April 11 - May 2 Scion Installation LA 3521 Helms Ave @ National Culver City Ca 90232
  • Byron Cage | I Can't Hold It © 2009 Verity Gospel Music Group, a unit of SONY Music Entertainment
  • Vern Cartwright scenes from THE RAT PACK Veronica Cartwright is Rocky Cooper. Phyllis Lyons is Pat Kennedy. Angus Macfadyen is Peter Lawford. Ray Liotta is Frank Sinatra. Don Cheadle is Sammy Davis Jr.
  • ::NEW 2009:: DeWayne Woods "Living on the Top" Single. New DeWayne Woods & When Singers Meet sing "Living on the Top" Produced by Aaron Lindsey!!
  • The Verity Taylor's band opens for Jeremy Camp
  • Pokemon D/P Walkthrough Part 48: Return to Lake Verity This is part 48 of my ongoing walkthrough for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. In this video I head back to Lake Verity, only this time to find Team Galactic up to more trouble. I will be recording more so stay tuned and subscribe!
  • The Verity Song 42
  • An avalanche that I was caught in while filming This is the footage from an avalanche that I was caught in while filming in New Zealand on the 17th August.
  • The Hartnell Years. William Hartnell's performance in This Sporting Life was noted by Verity Lambert, the producer who was setting up a new science-fiction television series for the BBC, Doctor Who. Lambert offered Hartnell the title role. Although he was initially uncertain, Lambert and director Waris Hussein convinced him to take the part and it became the character for which he gained the highest profile and is now most widely remembered. Hartnell later revealed he took the role as it led him away from the gruff, military roles in which he was becoming increasingly typecast, and came to particularly relish the attention and affection playing the character brought him from children. Doctor Who earned Hartnell a regular salary of £315 per episode by 1966 (equivalent to £4050.90 in modern currency[4]). In comparison, his co-stars Anneke Wills and Michael Craze earned £68 and £52 per episode at the same time.[5] Hartnell suffered a bereavement in 1965 whilst working on The Myth Makers: his aunt, Bessie Hartnell, who had looked after him during his troubled childhood, died. The tight production schedules prevented him from taking time off to attend her funeral. According to some colleagues on Doctor Who, he could be a difficult person to work with, although others, notably actors Peter Purves and William Russell, and producer Verity Lambert, speak glowingly of him after more than forty years. Among the more caustic accounts, Nicholas Courtney, in his audio memoirs, recalled that during the ...
  • Vera November - Our Last Night Together (Arthur Russell Cover) Vera November's [Verity Susman of Electrelane] cover of Arthur Russell's song "Our Last Night Together."
  • Skanking Lesson By Tony Verity Ska Documental in 'Sombrero Club' With Byron Lee & The Dragonaires. Jamaica 1964.
  • (*NEW*)Restored by J Moss(*New*) J. Moss returns with V3Just James, the most introspective and personal musical offering of his career. Moss 3rd solo release on GospoCentric/Verity Gospel Music Group is replete with the progressive production and sophisticated lyricism that fans have become accustomed to hearing from Moss. This release also delves deep beyond the surface and deals with the sensitive matters of the heart, such as repentance and restoration. This track is entitled "Restored". "V3...Just James" IN STORES AUGUST 25TH, 2009
  • Marvin Sapp | He Has His Hands On You © 2010 Verity Gospel Music Group, a unit of SONY Music Entertainment
  • Alan Stokes - The Truth Johno Verity goes behind the scenes and discovers the hidden truth behind Stokesy's surfing prowess... An Animal production featuring music by Even People Know and NSG
  • Doctor Who A Bitter Sweet Symphony Ultimate Tribute to Ten, The End of Time Rose Martha Jack Donna I shed a lot of tears and spent over 80 hours making this tribute with a special ending in which the Doctor has a conversation about the love of his life and what to do as he faces his death... Best heard with headphones, as I wore them while making this. The music is a custom version of Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve. Its a mix of instrumental by the Verve and the original Andrew Oldham orchestral version of The Last Time (by the Stones). The music playing at the beginning as the Doctor speaks of Gallifrey, is called; This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home by Murray Gold. The final music is DoomsDay by Murray Gold. With the ending, I figured the Doctor, like many others, would think of the love of their lives saying theyd be with them forever. And I figured the Doctor would look for some sort of solace in hypothetical advice from his best friend concerning his love for Rose and his death Please enjoy, rate, comment and subscribe. I know its hard for many to loose David Tennant and the Tenth Doctor, but all Whovians know that eventually the Doctor regenerates. Ten was my fave, but I, with a heavy heart, still look forward to seeing the Elevenths adventures. If we dont continue to watch, theres no way David Tennant can return as a guest for a cameo or even different role if the show is not airing. So please welcome Matt Smith and continue to watch. Video Starring: David Tennant - The Tenth Doctor John Barrowman - Captain Jack Harkness Freema Agyeman - Marth Jones ...
  • Marvin Sapp | I Came © 2010 Verity Gospel Music Group, a unit of SONY Music Entertainment
  • Unpaid Debt - Verity 'Verity' recorded live at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney Australia on 31 March 2006
  • TAI CHI CHUAN WUDANG STYLE - STUART VERITY Stuart Verity performs advanced short hand form london
  • sigur rós - The Culture Show (Part Two) Verity Sharp interviews sigur rós and includes three live performances. sigur rós consists of jón þor (jónsi) birgisson (vocals, guitars), kjartan (kjarri) sveinsson (keyboards), orri páll dýrason (drums) and georg (goggi) holm (bass). The band were formed by jónsi, georg and original drummer ágúst in 1994. They were later joined by kjartan and when ægúst left the band after the recording of ágætis byrjun in order to pursue a career in graphic design, he was replaced by orri.
  • Marvin Sapp - Grace and Mercy.mp4 marvin sapp, with joanne rosario, ray bady on drums, verity records, gospel singer, praise and worship
  • Byron Cage - Faithful to Believe The lead single from Byron Cage's current project entitled "Faithful to Believe". The album was released October 27, 2009 and the single is currently available on iTunes through the Verity/Zomba/Sony Music Entertainment Label. Produced by Aaron Lindsey. (sorry that the a/v sync is a little off)
  • Harp - Smoke gets into your eyes, J Kern, Verity Thirkettle Harp - Smoke gets into your eyes, Jerome Kern, played by Verity Thirkettle on Aoyama Monarch Concert Harp. Sunday 9th October 2005 was the Final Round of the 2005 London Harp Competition held at the The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, organised by Clive Morley Harps.
  • Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 5 Sorry about the delay. My internet service was down and my internet couldn't stay alive long enough to upload the video. It should be working now though so I'll try to get two videos up today to make up for it. As for the video, it was just a tour of Jubilife which actully isn't exciting except for the QUICK CLAW! Don't ask me where it is, if I counted, probably at least a thousand people have asked me. Other then that... Thank You and Enjoy
  • The Great Debate: Thom Hartmann vs Michael Medved (1/10) The Great Debate was a political debate between progressive radio talk show host Thom Hartmann against conservative radio talk show host Michael Medved on a verity of topics.
  • Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Interview, Nationwide 1983 I was surprised that no one else had uploaded this little gem, so I thought I'd dig out my copy. This was taped from Nationwide (the old BBC one tea time news magazine programme) almost 24 years ago, in November 1983. There were a number of interviews done on the BBC around this time, as publicity for the special "Five Doctors" programme that celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Doctor Who. I especially love the section at the end of this clip, where Sue Lawley interviews Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Peter Davison. Patrick Troughton was always my favorite Doctor. However in all of the interviews I have seen with him, he seems a little ill at ease. I think he felt, as a character actor, he shouldn't be "himself" too often. I think I saw an interview (also on Youtube)that may have been conducted the same day as this Nationwide appearance. Patrick was there with Peter Davison and seems much less relaxed in that one. I can only assume that he got more relaxed during the day (or maybe had a few drinks before the interview!), but Patrick is great fun in this interview, much more like the character that Deborah Watling and Frazer Hines often talk about, that funny, friendly eccentric Patrick. There is also a fascinating little interview with Verity Lambert, where she seems amazed that this little series she started in 1963 had lasted 20 years, I'm sure she'd be amazed in 1983 if she was told it'd last 44 years (and counting). This was taped on a huge old clunky silver Sony ...
  • Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 3 Yes, I'm well aware walkthrough is spelled wrong in the intro, it was last part too, I'll fix that when part 5 comes. Other then touring Sandgem Town and stuff though, there really isn't much to say. Thank You and Enjoy
  • Jah Verity - Mogo Babila Reggae music from Burkina Faso
  • Marvin Sapp | The Best In Me © 2010, 2009 Verity Gospel Music Group, a unit of SONY Music Entertainment
  • Donald Lawrence & Co. | YRM (Your Righteous Mind) feat. Dorinda Clark Cole © 2010/2011 Verity Gospel Music Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment
  • Pokemon Diamond / Pearl Walkthrough Part 60 Lake Verity looks exactly the same except now it is crawling with Galactic Goons and the creepy red haired person is seeking revenge but so is Aqua Armor. Thank You and Enjoy
  • Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 4 Shinx was actully something I orginally planned on using in D/P to be honest but I replaced it with Heracross so I'm giving it it's proper shot in this walkthrough. The nickname of my Heracross was also my Shinx's nickname as well so Heracross kinda stole Shinx's glory so I'm giving it it's fair share in this walkthrough. I was thinking of Electabuzz but I don't have the patience to wait that far in the game. I'm trying to develope my team early on in this game. Looker? That sounds so inappropriate... Thank You and Enjoy
  • Commissioned (Live) "Secret Place" remix From their hot-DVD, "the Commissioned Reunion Live" (with added footage). I'm still hopin' the fellas would reunite for one more CD; I'd buy it if it were only X-mas tunes, LOL! Anyway, this DVD is still currently available online @ Amazon and some christian retailers. The excellent cloud cinematography is done by Michael Wu. ©2002 Zomba/Verity Recording Corporation
  • NowUC Canberra live music in Crisis, Verity Dunn With only a few venues hosting live music in the ACT compared to nearly 40 a couple of decades ago, musicians in the capital are finding it hard to get a gig.
  • Hezekiah Walker - Second Chance Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir Album: "Live in New York by Any Means..." Year of Album Release: 1995 Label: Verity Song: "Second Chance" Lead Songstress: Minister Monique Walker Thank God, not only for a second chance, but ANOTHER CHANCE...because some of us, for me at least, HE's given more than a second chance...However, we are not to take God's mercy and forgiveness as a cloak to sin or live in iniquity, but to live FREE & TOTALLY SEPARATED FROM SUCH. (Read 1st Peter 2:15-16 & Galations 5:1, KJV) Oh yes,the wages of SIN is still DEATH, but when we REPENT (means turn AWAY FROM) our sinful ways, God in turn, forgives us and GIVES us a GIFT called ETERNAL LIFE through CHRIST JESUS our LORD. (See - Romans 6:23, KJV)
  • Marvin Sapp | Don't Count Me Out © 2010 Verity Gospel Music Group, a unit of SONY Music Entertainment
  • Pokemon D/P Adventure Part 62 - Mespirit, Being of Lake Verity This is a continuing series of Bizkitz Pokemon Adventure. This is part 62 special of the very enjoyable series i will be making. In this part, Bizkitz takes a few episodes off to capture the legendary beings of the three lakes. the third one is mespirit, residing in lake verity, the most annoying of them all. I will be recording this and plenty more of anything else so stay tuned and subscribe to my videos.

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  • “Verity Blog - Blogging about all things Verity and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)”
    Verity - sharing the truth about PCOS, verity-

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