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  • A group called the Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength has ratcheted up the debate over raising taxes on the rich. "Let's carry this voluntary taxation argument to its conclusion. — “Voluntary Taxes for the Rich and Other Bad Ideas - The Wealth”,
  • The cash will be used to create a Big Society Bank' which will make money available to charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups. — “Bank offers £1.5bn to community projects in deal to dodge new”,
  • Apply for £1500 Bursary towards voluntary placement job in ICYE-UK office is based in Kilburn, London. ICYE placements various overseas. on Guardian Jobs. Full Time position, working for INTER CULTURAL YOUTH EXCHANGE. — “£1500 Bursary towards voluntary placement jobs, ICYE-UK”,
  • voluntary adj. Done or undertaken of one's own free will: a voluntary decision to leave the job. Acting or done willingly and without constraint or. — “voluntary: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • The premier resource for voluntary benefits info. — “Voluntary Employee Benefits - The Premier Resource for”,
  • At a time of real uncertainty for the voluntary sector we are all having to review; how Technology offers opportunities to voluntary organisations in all of these areas but have. — “Increasing Impact through Technology - Exeter | National”, ncvo-
  • Read Voluntary Sector: Big Society PR debate and other PR and public relations news online. Voluntary Sector: Big Society PR debate from PR Week. PR Week magazine - news and information from the PR and public relations industry. — “Voluntary Sector: Big Society PR debate - PR and Public”,
  • A life in a box: Three men carry heavy boxes off a cruise ship in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta.: JP/J. Adiguna John A. Glen translated the old Everywhere in the world, there are those voluntary migrants – from expatriates living in Indonesia to Indonesians living abroad – who share. — “The voluntary exile of the modern wanderer | The Jakarta Post”,
  • A voluntary action is an action that is produced because of conscious choice of the organism. Voluntary (music), a piece of music played as part of a church service. — “Voluntary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of voluntary in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of voluntary. Pronunciation of voluntary. Translations of voluntary. voluntary synonyms, voluntary antonyms. Information about voluntary in the free online English dictionary and. — “voluntary - definition of voluntary by the Free Online”,
  • Voluntary definition, done, made, brought about, undertaken, etc., of one's own accord or by free choice: See more. — “Voluntary | Define Voluntary at ”,
  • GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI is likely to take a voluntary pay cut in line with a range of redundancies and cost-cutting which the FAI has been forced to implement. — “Trap ready to take voluntary pay cut | Irish Examiner”,
  • EMPLOYEES interested in taking voluntary redundancy or voluntary early retirement at Derbyshire County Council would leave by March next year. The. — “EMPLOYEES interested in taking voluntary redundancy or”,
  • Is voluntary redundancy an opportunity to be paid to change direction, or a foolish leap of faith into choppy waters?. — “What to do if you are offered voluntary redundancy | Money”,
  • Children's Minister Sarah Teather sets out how the voluntary sector, along with the Government's education, Early Years and welfare reforms are vital to ending child poverty. — “Sarah Teather to London Voluntary Service Council conference”,
  • A group of councillors from Mid-Devon District Council went on a community day in Crediton to be more awary of the range of voluntary organisations in the area. — “Community open day in Crediton " the Devon Week”,
  • Kasab's confession was true and voluntary but its value did not deteriorate only because it was given in the magistrate's chamber and not in open court," he argued. There is lot of corroborative evidence to show that Kasab had given true and voluntary confession, he said. — “Kasab's confession was voluntary, says Nikam - ”,
  • Organise a tour of the NGV led by a Voluntary Guide Request a Group Tour The NGV Voluntary Guides outreach program Voluntary Guide Visits is a free program that offers the wider community, particularly those who are unable to visit the NGV locations, access to NGV collection highlights and selected. — “NGV > About Us > People & Projects > Voluntary Guides”, ngv.vic.gov.au
  • Voluntary - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Voluntary”,
  • Under regulations approved by the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary concerned may provide voluntary separation pay and benefits in accordance with this section to eligible members of the armed forces who are voluntarily separated from active duty in the armed forces. (b) Eligible Members. — “United States Code: Title 10,1175a. Voluntary separation pay”, law.cornell.edu
  • Official web site of the City of Johannesburg, information for residents and visitors, what's on, city services, daily news reports Hearts of Hope is a voluntary organisation that was started in 2001 by various Christian organisations and individuals. — “Helping hands | Voluntary Organisations”, .za
  • Lending A Helping Hand : A true, personal story from the experience, I Have Done Voluntary Work. I volunteered for a nonprofit organization called Hope Chest which is affiliated with the March of Dimes. Hope Chest exists to provide incentives to. — “Lending A Helping Hand : I Have Done Voluntary Work Story”,

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  • Jeremiah Clarke (attribuited to Purcell) - Trumpet voluntary transcription for synth made by me
  • Voluntary euthanasia advocate Angelique Flowers' dying letter to Prime Minister Rudd Angelique Flowers wanted to commit suicide by Voluntary Euthanasia but the Australian Government says this is illegal. Angelique Flowers was dying of cancer just before her 31st birthday. She recorded this message for the Australian Prime Minister and asked Exit International to publicise it after her death. She died on Aug 19 2008.
  • Jeremiah Clarke - Trumpet Voluntary Jeremiah Clarke (c. 1674 1 December 1707) was an English baroque composer. Thought to have been born in London in 1674, Clarke was a pupil of John Blow at St Paul's Cathedral. He later became organist at the Chapel Royal. "A violent and hopeless passion for a very beautiful lady of a rank superior to his own" caused him to commit suicide by shooting himself. Before shooting himself, he also considered hanging himself and drowning himself. He was succeeded in his post by William Croft. Clarke is now best remembered for a popular piece, the Prince of Denmark's March, commonly called the Trumpet Voluntary. From c. 1878 until the 1940s it was attributed to Henry Purcell. It was published as "Trumpet Voluntary by Henry Purcell" in William Sparkes's "Short Pieces for the Organ", Book VII, No. 1 (London, Ashdown and Parry). This version came to the attention of Sir Henry J. Wood, who made two orchestral transcriptions of it, both of which were recorded. This further cemented in the public's mind the erroneous notion that the original piece was by Purcell. The famous Trumpet Tune in D, also misattributed to Purcell, is actually taken from the semi-opera The Island Princess, a joint musical production of Clarke and Daniel Purcell (Henry Purcell's younger brother), which is probably the reason for the confusion. The Prince of Denmark's March, commonly, though erroneously, known as the Trumpet Voluntary, is a work by Jeremiah Clarke, composed around 1699. Clarke was the first ...
  • Stanley, Trumpet Voluntary for Piccolo Trumpet and Organ Stanley's Trumpet voluntary for piccolo trumpet and organ. Performed by Nathaniel Mayfield and Scott McNulty on October 21st, 2008
  • It's voluntary folks...no pressure. Banned video? Unavailable in your country? Re-upload to your channel, please. If you cannot see it, perhaps look here: /explore/Antiterrorist/videos/1/ Thanks to my friend, HO. You know who you are. A heads-up: The AntiTerrorist Hand book is available worldwide on all Amazon sites UK: US: At least there's no problem with the audio levels. :-) Visit the AT store on CafePress.No profits are taken from the sale of cafepress products The AT Handbook: UK: US: CA:
  • Glenn Gould plays William Byrd - A Voluntary William Byrd (1540 - 1623) was the greatest English composer of his generation, comparable in stature to his most distinguished continental contemporaries. Byrd was well known as a keyboard-player. He wrote a wealth of music for the virginals, Fantasias, Pavans and Galliards, the fashionable paired dances of the time, and song variations.
  • Rep. Joe Hoeffel Taxes are Voluntary Congressman Joe Hoeffel says taxes are voluntary. He contradicts himself and says they are not voluntary. He says we are forced to pay and not forced to pay.
  • voluntary pupil dilation If you can flip a switch in your body that feels like adrenalin pulsing through your body and it causes your eyes to dilate then send me an email. I have read that this is called the galvanic response. The cardio machines at the gym read my heart rate as high as 140 when I flip this internal adrenalin switch. And that's before I even start running. I sware that my heart is not beating that fast. It's is just that the machine is registering the electric output from the galvanic response that I'm putting out. I've gotten responses from other people who say the same thing. I have read that dialating the pupils and heart rate are related through the cordination of the autonomic nervous system ANS, along with some other bodily functions that can happen voluntarily or involuntarily, such as breathing or going pee. read this page. Then read this page. These are the first 2 links when you google pineal gland! Did you know that we have a third eye? It's called the pineal gland. It's part of the adrenal system. It is shaped like a pine cone. It sits in the center of your brain. It is full of rods and cones. As americans get older the pineal gland calcifies because of the floride in our tap water and toothpaste. It is seen easily in brain exrays. In eastern philosophy it is the heart of the 6th chakra and denoted with a dot on the forhead. When I had my aura picture taken with kerlian photography it turns my aura green. Get back to me with any ...
  • Trumpet Voluntary, John Stanley Played at the "End of Week Recital", after the Baylor Summer Organ Camp. Played on te 92 rank, 4 manual Petty-Madden, in Jones Concert Hall, Baylor University, Waco, TX.
  • TRUMPET VOLUNTARY (Stanley) Barlassina Brass Quintet concerto in chiesa S. Nicola in Dergano Milano mail : [email protected]
  • Kings Voluntary Offseason Workout Kings TVs Grant Napear goes behind the scenes with Kings players during a voluntary offseason workout.
  • The London Symphony Orchestra - Trumpet Voluntary
  • Voluntary cumuli destruction Voluntary cumuli destruction ******** Il dissolvimento dei cumuli in diretta.
  • The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Multiplayer Multiplayer is out now to buy via iTunes. The song is currently featured in the new Dell Streak Advert. Created and directed by Simon Deshon and his brill circle of friends. twitter - @voluntarybutler
  • Tabasco Sole The latest video from Voluntary Butler Scheme starring the Christal Connections Line Dancers. Video produded by Simon Deshon twitter - @voluntarybutler
  • Trumpet Voluntary by John Stanley Performed by Britt This is the full tempo performance version. I also have a slow practice "tutorial version" for people learning this piece. This is based on an arrangement by Diane Bisch. I changed a few minor things to suit my style and taste, as well as the 20 note pedal board (AGO organs have 32 note pedal boards). This is my ONE and ONLY classical organ piece that I play on the organ. I normally play pop & movie music. I was inspired to learn this piece after seeing my organ hero and friend "Hector Olivera" perform about 17 years ago. The organ is a 1992 Yamaha Electone EL90. I use traditional pipe organ stops but chose to use a "real trumpet" sound as the main instrument. You may notice how dynamically expressive it is. The expression is controlled by the amount of pressure you apply to the key after it is depressed. I did about a dozen takes and of course non of them perfect, but this is the best one. The only thing I wasn't happy with were a couple of the trumpet trills. You may notice that I prefer to play in tennis shoes, specifically DC skate shoes. This video was recorded with a Canon GL2 video camera on the keyboards and a Sony TRV38 video camera on the pedal board. The audio was captured directly with the Roland Edirol R-09HR digital recorder. I edited the video with Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 I prefer to play in DC Skate Tennis Shoes.
  • Open Source in the Community and Voluntary Sector A talk given by Robert Simpson, Director of Ecomoney Systems ltd, about the difference free Open Source software has had to the charity, community and voluntary sectors in their local area. It describes how to go about volunteering for IT in your area, what to expect, and the advantages of open source software into this unique sector. Also included are descriptions of local projects that Ecomoney has been involved with, including a ten-PC learning suite and cybercafe that was setup for just £30! He talks about the software used, including the excellent puppy linux operating system, and describes some online community currency software that has allowed the area to have a community currency at a fraction of the "price". To see more check out the company website at , and their testbed community currency project at . You can also download the software used at the cybercafe from www.murga-
  • John Elliott's voluntary euthanasia in Zurich using Nembutal Flying to Zurich to acquire the Euthanasia Drug Nembutal, Dr John Elliott, dying of Multiple Myeloma, used the service of Dignitas to achieve a peaceful death by drinking Nembutal, a death denied him in Australia. His wife Angelika and Dr Philip Nitschke and Dr Fiona Stewart from Exit International also accompanied him on this trip.
  • Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid: taxes are voluntary in America Harry Reid thinks taxes in america are voluntary, but if you don't pay 'em... you are in trouble with the law !?!
  • John Stanley, Trumpet Voluntary Organist Diane Bish plays Stanley's Trumpet Voluntary on the 117 Rank Ruffatti organ at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Sheet Music available here:
  • Durutti Column - Voluntary Arrangement
  • Calvary Church Pipe Organ - Trumpet Voluntary Calvary Grand Organ Calvary Church - Charlotte, NC MP Moller Opus 11739 205 Ranks, 11499 Pipes The fourth largest pipe organ to be built at one time, the largest all-new church organ ever built, and one of the largest pipe organs in the world. Featuring The Prince of Denmark's March (Trumpet Voluntary) by Jeremiah Clarke - arranged and performed by Dan Miller at Calvary. (used with permission) This selection and others are available at Dan's website - - for purchase on CD. For more information about the organ - If you would like any of the console photos, to view the drawknobs, send me a request and I will forward you some pics. To view the video at a higher resolution and with better sound; add &fmt=18 to the end of the video's url or choose the HQ video settings for your account.
  • The Civil Rights Act Revisited: Compulsory Discrimination VS Voluntary Discrimination Alex Merced concludes despite his Libertarian concerns over the public accommodations clause that he would of voted for the Civil Rights act cause the gain of Liberty from ending compulsory discrimination far outweighs the liberty loss from preventing voluntary discrimination. Although he remakes the case for his issue with public accommodations clause: - You must protect voluntary behavior you don't like to protect voluntary behavior you don't like. - preventing "bad" social behavior doesn't fix the underlying problematic social values/preferences but disguises them, making it hard to reach out to people and help them change their values/preferences to more tolerant ones. My Playlist on Social Issues:
  • Voluntary Servitude by Deception This video explains the difference between a primary and sovereign "Citizen of the United States" as denoted by an uppercase "C" at Article 1 Section 2 Clause 2 of the organic or original Constitution, which has been, and remains to be, the inherent right of every "free Person" in America who have been recognized at Article 1 Section 2 Clause 3 since 1787 when it was first adopted, versus a secondary and subclass of citizen known as a "citizen of the United States" as denoted by a lowercase "c" under the 14th Amendment, who did not come into existence until 1868 (some three years upon the conclusion of the American Civil War in 1865) which was ostensibly drafted to provide the same "rights" to recently freed black slaves, that are secured to free Citizens by the Bill of Rights, and are extended to every free Person in the several States by Article 4 Section 2 Clause 1, but rather only granted them mirrored "privileges and immunities" under Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, which do not however include the non-enumerated rights retained to free Citizens of the several States by the 9th & 10th Amendments. Was there no such thing as a "US Citizen" or "Citizen of the United States" prior to 1868 ? Of course there was. However, our founding fathers designed our sovereignty to be derived from one's native State first and foremost (and not the federal government as 14th Amendment citizenship is) and then by virtue of our primary State Citizenship it has always been established ...
  • Diane Bish - Clarke - Trumpet Voluntary [CRPC Organ] Remember to add the &fmt=18 to the top address bar for HQ sound. Many thanks to fellow youtuber 'organut' for the recordings! A favorite organ piece of many, played by Diane Bish on the CRPC Organ...
  • News Update: Abbott Labs Issues Voluntary Recall On Baby Powder Infant Formula Due To Beetles Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) announced Wednesday a voluntary recall of millions of containers of its number 1 Similac powdered infant formulas after beetles were discovered in the products and in a Michigan plant where it is manufactured. The recall comes in the wake of reports from two consumers of contamination and its inspetion of an area of the plant in Sturgis, Michigan, where beetles or their larvae were discovered. The firm said "less than 5 million units" of Similac have been recalled in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean markets. Abbott spokeswoman Melissa Brotz said that all powdered product made in the factory is being recalled due to the remote possibility of contamination. She said, the firm's alternate factories will increase production of powdered Similac in order to meet demand. The company estimates the returns will cut about $100 million from its third quarter revenue, but still reaffirmed its profit forecast. SmarTrend is bullish on shares of Abbott Laboratories and our subscribers were alerted to buy on August 02, 2010 at $49.81. The stock has risen 4.5% since the alert was issued.
  • :P | Voluntary VOMIT Two friends learn that their favorite past time, vomiting, can be done on purpose! RT THIS 3.ly TWITTER FACEBOOK MERCH
  • Clark's Trumpet Voluntary
  • AFFLUENZA - Soundtrack to VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY: The Poetic Alternative to Consumer Culture...watch the entire documentary here (24 min): THE MEANING... Af-flu-en-za (n). 1. The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. 2. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by dogged pursuit of the Australian Dream. 3. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth. THE SOUNDTRACK... The song AFFLUENZA is written, composed and produced by Samuel Alexander and Andy Gibson. It is the soundtrack to the documentary VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY: The Poetic Alternative to Consumer Culture. This video clip is a collage of scenes from the documentary. THE DOCUMENTARY... Voluntary Simplicity: The Poetic Alternative to Consumer Culture explores the philosophy behind Voluntary Simplicity, what potential or significance it has as a quietly emerging social movement and what its limitations might be. Presented by Samuel Alexander, a part-time lecturer and doctoral student at the University of Melbourne Law School, and the founder of the Life Poets Simplicity Collective. Living simply and happily in a small hut that he built himself using mostly abandoned materials, he spends his time quietly planning, with youthful ambition, the non-violent erasure of consumer culture. THE PRODUCTION... This documentary was directed and produced by Tanja Capic & Amir Dervic duo from NO WAY Productions...produced for Plug In TV. Plug In TV is a documentary ...
  • How Could A Voluntary Society Function? Text: Audio: - - creative commons sampling plus 1.0 license Outro picture with permission from Andrée Wallin: Video-file:
  • WeAreChange CDC Mandatory or Voluntary?
  • Voluntary Government? (by Thomas DiLorenzo) Is Voluntary Government Possible? The tenth and final lecture from the 2006 Steven Berger Seminar: Thomas DiLorenzo on Liberty and American Civilization, recorded at the Mises Institute, 06-09-2006.
  • Red Beckman 3 - Grand Jury - IRS - Voluntary Compliance *THIS VIDEO LECTURE (12 parts total) IS A MUST SEE FOR ALL PEOPLE TRYING TO GET OUR GOVERNMENT BACK TO FOLLOWING THE CONSTIUTION (less or no taxes, real money, limited government, etc.) This particular segment covers: • IRS terrorizing people • Grand Jury and our duty • The IRS doesn't want us to know the truth: Voluntary Compliance • 5th Amendment - Self Incrimination & Illegal Search & Seizure
  • IRS- Voluntary Compliance During a recent IRS budget meeting, Rep. Becerra comments on the income tax as being voluntary. Carefully listen for what he states after he indicates this tax is voluntary.
  • Jeremiah Clarke-Trumpet Voluntary Jeremiah Clarke-Trumpet Voluntary Trompetes-Maynard Ferguson,Maurice André
  • Prince of Denmark's March / Trumpet Voluntary - Jeremiah Clarke The famous baroque march by composer Jeremiah Clarke. Title: "Prince of Denmark's March" (aka Trumpet Voluntary)
  • Trumpet Voluntary The trumpet voluntary as the bridal processional at St. John the Evangelist Church in Plaquemine,La. The organ is a two manual Allen.
  • The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Trading Things In Trading Things In Video directed by James Copeman Twitter @voluntarybutler
  • richardfrosty: Last call for my blog - How Voluntary Sector Can Use Social Media http://bit.ly/gS4QLB
  • mcgrathaine: @ash_is_here An integrated strategy to tackle stereotyping/misconceptions is essential. Voluntary & statutory sector partnerships invaluable
  • bobbymjennings: Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) And Your Credit Rating http://ping.fm/nSJZu
  • AidResources: Best of the Blogs: the Health Bill, voluntary sector cuts, the big society and grant applications http://dlvr.it/NWYyr
  • franyafranya: Seems unlikely to be voluntary. RT @fazerofzanight: Not sure if they were atrested or left w police voluntarily #egyarmy #nomilitrials
  • susanaktemel: RT @WeAreThink: RT @UnLtd: How do you manage your communications? Interesting article from @GuardianSocEnt on a range of scenarios http://ow.ly/4AdL7
  • karlwilding: RT @SportRecTweets We've identified 6 'drivers' in work w/ @NCVO mapping out landscape for vol sports orgs in next 5yrs http://bit.ly/eiRK0e
  • 11au177: Computer based surveillance is much more practical than chart review and voluntary report. #hsop2011
  • Edwardscharlie: @PierBarrett how voluntary are they? How democratic? How transparent? Still closed shops, 'preferred' candidates and murky accounts...
  • hayescomponents: Voluntary Hayesing? We think you’ll be interested. #seaotter http:///4kuj5q
  • honolululocal: Hawaii Union Membership Should Be Voluntary, Not Mandat... - http:///a/29_1457109665
  • SylviaJonesMPP: "@watsonivan: GG says Canada has world's 2nd largest voluntary sector. Contribute 2 billion+ hours each year! #changestartshere #nvw11"
  • denisepraill: RT @WatsonIvan: GG says Canada has world's 2nd largest voluntary sector. Volunteers contribute 2 billion+ hours each year! #changestartshere #unitedway
  • AcceleratorPR: Bright LondonMet PR students and recent graduates wanted for voluntary internships http:///2011/03/recruitment.html
  • pierbarrett: @edwardscharlie why not? Unions are voluntary organisations, they founded Lab Party, people can opt out of funding if they so wish
  • 211Ontario: RT @watsonivan: GG says Canada has world's 2nd largest voluntary sector. Contribute 2 billion+ hours each year! #changestartshere #nvw11
  • WeAreThink: RT @UnLtd: How do you manage your communications? Interesting article from @GuardianSocEnt on a range of scenarios http://ow.ly/4AdL7
  • WatsonIvan: GG says Canada has world's 2nd largest voluntary sector. Volunteers contribute 2 billion+ hours each year! #changestartshere #unitedway
  • imovement: #FCC Chairman holds private meeting w/ state broadcasters about voluntary incentive auctions. http://bit.ly/ge8gME #spectrum
  • ShawCath: @philiprtaylor any good now you have embraced north of watford? paid & voluntary.http://fb.me/G6RDBWJZ or too creature oriented for you
  • ERTREA: Voluntary Blood Donation group, Eritrea http://fb.me/O7LeOjJC
  • acldtweet: Voluntary Pre-K Enrollment: When: Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 4:00 PMWhere: Alachua County Library D... http://bit.ly/fyGGkg www.aclib.us
  • biggreenfest: For #CBGF news, photos & videos, follow our social media pages http://bit.ly/gS4QLB
  • CYWUnite: Unite launch their new voluntary sector campaigning site
  • CYWUnite: Unite find that more than half of voluntary sectors workers 'worried about redundancy' http://bit.ly/gTyAxj
  • CD989NEWS: Toyotetsu Workers facing non-production days and voluntary time off starting next week. www.cd989.com
  • OldHoborn: @AndrewEmmerson Voluntary collectivism is excellent. Ask John Lewis
  • AndrewEmmerson: @OldHoborn maybe not the abolition of borders, but conservatives are not against voluntary collectivism traditionally.
  • amita_bhat27: By QMI Agency The federal government needs to regulate the credit card payment market as a voluntary system introduced a year ago has...
  • mkhoury: #POTOS says somethin like, "what's wrong with asking americas top earners to pay more?" problm is, yer not asking. make it voluntary. #taxes
  • CarbonRegistry: RT @EcoMarketplace: Can Voluntary Carbon Standards Simplify the Rule Books Without Losing the Rigor? http://t.co/AlJZ6yG
  • MSIRELAND: The Dublin North Voluntary Branch of MS Ireland have organised a talk on 'Horticulture & Plants for Everyone' -... http://fb.me/P0FCXGbd
  • SSBEC: RT @StarBusiness: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work http://bit.ly/fqw7Dw
  • trinitybuoy: Individual Voluntary Arrangement http:///individual-voluntary-arrangement/
  • SSBEC: RT @HaltonEcDev: RT @TorontoStar: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work http://bit.ly/fqw7Dw
  • bobbymjennings: An Introduction to Individual Voluntary Arrangements http://ping.fm/6nn5h
  • katsumushi: RT @poccopen: [生物][科学][論文][ゆっくり見る][ゆっくり読む] / Sequential Synaptic Excitation and Inhibition Shape Readiness Discharge for Voluntary B… http://htn.to/dXxUur
  • heydebhenry: True leadership is voluntary. It's about following your own dreams, uninvited + working w/ others to make those dreams come true - @meslin
  • AngelOB520: @TMoore8114 Corday owns Days, how can he be removed unless it's voluntary?
  • motleyrice: Voluntary recall for 2 lots of Topamax announced today http://prn.to/ikm68w #safety http://pop.to/1xnf
  • HaltonEcDev: RT @TorontoStar: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work http://bit.ly/fqw7Dw
  • jimz22: RT @TorontoStar: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work http://bit.ly/fqw7Dw
  • uclanfutures: Internship Alert: AAH Voluntary Work Placement Fund http://bit.ly/fIvn05 #uclan
  • WillTovey: @jerryweyer "Voluntary" is what is being worked on here (we already have the #IWF) but ISPs don't seem happy with it.
  • breakingtonews: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work: Canadian retailers want Ottawa to... http://dlvr.it/NWK4h
  • jerryweyer: @willtovey Perhaps temporarily. "Voluntary" agreements with ISPs are also still a big issue. Or a #deact "light" or similar law.
  • KathleenStokes: RT @UnLtd: How do you manage your communications? Interesting article from @GuardianSocEnt on a range of scenarios http://ow.ly/4AdL7
  • BBCHeartsnMinds: NOW BBC2-Martin McGuinness claims a voluntary coalition at Stormont would exclude SF-also BBC1 11.35pm #ae11 #bbchm
  • brightonecomms: Best of the Blogs: the Health Bill, voluntary sector cuts, the big society and grant applications http://bit.ly/hSukMQ #brightone
  • MSIRELAND: The East Wicklow Voluntary Branch of MS Ireland organise a Writer's Group. If you are interested in finding out... http://fb.me/XeVL08Nj
  • philbower: RT @Darrellebower: http://t.co/8ZvuCAS via @Telegraph. On behalf of voluntary groups for children and schools everywhere, it is good to see the hope of sense
  • mwilliamsthomas: However after concerns raised-if person is on payroll at school they will now be caught-any outsourced,voluntary people will not be required
  • torontostar: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work http://bit.ly/fqw7Dw
  • garryseto: @missjuyce Not kidnapping if it's voluntary! :)
  • knottinbotswana: This is A Bad Thing: RT @MmegiOnline: Tebelopele Voluntary Testing Centres faces closure as funds dry up. http://shar.es/Hoi3b
  • torontodowntown: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work: Canadian retailers want Ottawa to... http://dlvr.it/NWGL9
  • TorontoCentral: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work: Canadian retailers want Ottawa to... http://dlvr.it/NWGL1
  • DTNCanada: DTN Canada: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work: Canadian retailers want... http://bit.ly/gD6IUm
  • StarBusiness: Retailers demand credit card regulation, saying voluntary code doesn’t work http://bit.ly/fqw7Dw
  • stevebeste: @tonyfratto Thanks to Cit Untd, NARealtors is mandating $40 per member for political donations in 2012 rather than voluntary RPAC donations.
  • Lawscot: Solicitor Ian Ferguson says Home Reports should be voluntary to give sellers choice - but Annabelle Ewing says it's a consumer protection
  • eLobbyistOK: HB1533 [Update] Public finance; voluntary payroll deductions; emergency. http:///enmTEc
  • Colinloc: @WoodandVale I've only known 2 leaders but SM was a firm supporter of the voluntary sector unlike his predecessor
  • sbschoolorg: 9th grader Jessie B. was honored by the MA House of Reps with a citation for her voluntary service to the Poet's Seat Health Care Center!
  • poccopen: [生物][科学][論文][ゆっくり見る][ゆっくり読む] / Sequential Synaptic Excitation and Inhibition Shape Readiness Discharge for Voluntary B… http://htn.to/dXxUur
  • mark_itis: The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement: phasing out our race by ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to recover http:///
  • telesellin: Wolverine packing recall Small Business post comment: Announced a voluntary recall of about 275000 Wolverine, Sp... http://bit.ly/hKn82D
  • Milan_dream: I need to get involved with some voluntary programs
  • Step2InspireTV: Amazing opportunity, perfect for new entrants! Calling Voluntary Reporters for The Media Trust http://st.ep2.tv/em9cIa #media
  • robpettapiece: @MozTestPilot Any voluntary survey will be biased, so in some sense you *can't* solve it. Here are some ways you could *reduce* it:
  • Cathy64891: The Motivation To Render Voluntary Work Is More Valuable Than Just Accumulating Academic Points http://t.co/WASoVQy
  • joehallspies: RT @fairsnape: RT @verynicethings: We need the unusual suspects on the Lep - small businesses -voluntary sector - young people #pbtweetup
  • _ToffeeApple_: @GlastoWatch voluntary, unofficial and unattached to the festival organisers.
  • fairsnape: RT @verynicethings: We need the unusual suspects on the Lep - small businesses -voluntary sector - young people #pbtweetup
  • BattenDiseaseUK: RT @kjlogue86: Charities urged to act on wills - 71% of people do not intend to leave money to charity in their legacy http://ow.ly/4A4C0
  • RootsHR: RT @CSR_UK: Manchester voluntary groups to benefit from free HR support: Voluntary, community and faith groups in Greater Ma... http://bit.ly/iauPLQ
  • verynicethings: We need the unusual suspects on the Lep - small businesses -voluntary sector - young people #pbtweetup
  • jenlars8: RT @physicsgeek @jenlars8 Hey, paying your taxes is voluntary. #imahelpertoo #enjoyprison
  • miakiten: Ok little one not getting the nawty corner idea he is voluntary going there for no reason
  • rachelbeer: RT @kjlogue86: Charities urged to act on wills - 71% of people do not intend to leave money to charity in their legacy http://ow.ly/4A4C0
  • Atnafas7oriya: Tunisian authorities say they want to try former President Ben Ali on 18 charges, including voluntary manslaughter and drug-trafficking.
  • MediaSifter: Fox and Roach charities makes contribution to a better chance: “It is inspiring to see the voluntary donations, ... http://bit.ly/f86nDr
  • CouchSurfNY: Anyone willing to join me to visit the International Center of photography Friday, 15th at 5.30 pm? (voluntary d... http://bit.ly/gcvkWN
  • Booooooothy: @Daisy_Mx Hi Daisy, not too bad been busy, doing voluntary work tomorrow with work painting some rooms x
  • CSR_UK: Manchester voluntary groups to benefit from free HR support: Voluntary, community and faith groups in Greater Ma... http://bit.ly/iauPLQ
  • Jonesing4Me: That's totally voluntary.
  • SwapbotNews: RT @missthundercat: got some lovely @swapbot mail today :) 3 swaps with a voluntary travel theme! guess everyone has the travelbug lately
  • Bombulum: @andyholland01 Quite easy to find areas in Lancashire where different communities live in voluntary segregation.
  • ElyssaD: RT @vaxen_var: ...and that the Constitution of the United States authorizes no government, except one depending wholly on voluntary support.
  • VicarageRoader: RT @M_Star_Online: Cameron's Big Society 'collapsing': Massive government cuts to voluntary sector funds are undermining Dav... http:///3od8b4j
  • Bizarre57: @frannykirbs Lol! It was purely voluntary. Searching for a new rabbit run would you believe...
  • PeggyClark: Nets broadcaster Carrino talks of life with MD: It affects the voluntary muscles in the face, shoulders and uppe... http://bit.ly/fCVZUU
  • alykhansatchu: #Tunisia want to try former President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali 18 charges voluntary manslaughter drug-trafficking http://bbc.in/dH7bl4
  • WatsApDzi: RT @LAFFCharity: Interesting article on how small charities handle communications - http:///p/2zdtp/tw #woduk
  • missingfaktor: @merajak @doppelhanger Meh. I did not even touch the book. `@bhushan_h and I are taking voluntary retest tomorrow. Aadhe ghante mein baahar!
  • Darrellebower: http://t.co/8ZvuCAS via @Telegraph. On behalf of voluntary groups for children and schools everywhere, it is good to see the hope of sense

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