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  • Wolf Vostell (German, 1932-1998) - Find works of art, auction results & sale prices of artist Wolf Vostell at galleries and auctions worldwide. — “Wolf Vostell on artnet”,
  • Wolf Vostell. Written & Compiled by Christophe Le Choismier. Duchamp said that the object is a work of art; I say that life itself is a work of art. Vostell studied free painting and experimental typography at the. — “Vostell, Wolf at ”,
  • Photos by Guido Vostell, Sep 21, 2008 Guido Vostell ©2010 Google Terms - Download Picasa - Launch Picasa - Privacy Policy - Developer - Blog - Google Home. — “Picasa Web Albums - Guido Vostell - 2008-09-21 SV”,
  • Wolf Vostell [German, 1932-1998] Guide to pictures of works by Wolf Vostell in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. — “Wolf Vostell Online”,
  • Vostell himself called this concert "fluxus lamento", and it presents itself like a The performers were Vostell himself who relieved a piano of its keys and set it in. — “Wolf Vostell / Die Nackten und die Toten”, newmedia-
  • Artist portfolios and artist websites for contemporary artists, and Contemporary Art for Sale. Buy art from our contemporary art for sale sections with over 22,000 artists and art galleries. — “Wolf Vostell Fine Art at ”,
  • Vostell's prints, videos, environments and installations such as "Fluxus-Zug - das mobile Museum Vostell" (1981) were always influenced by socio-political motives and must be understood as a form of his commitment to the design of public spaces. — “Wolf Vostell Biography”, wolf-
  • Coma Amazonica, 1989, Documentary Video by David Vostell. VHS Camera. West Berlin 1989. Original-Version 27Min11Sek. Eine Aktion von Rainer Mathemeier und R.Schulz am 28. September 1989 in West Berlin, 6 Wochen vor dem Fall der Berliner Mauer. — “Coma Amazonica, 1989 on Vimeo”,
  • VOAEX, 1976, Museo Vostell Malpartida. Wolf Vostell (14 October 1932 in Leverkusen, Germany – 3 April 1998 in Berlin) was a German painter, sculptor, noise music maker and Happening artist of the second half of the 20th century. Wolf Vostell put his artistic ideas into practice from 1950 onwards. — “Wolf Vostell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Wolf Vostell ( b Leverkusen, nr Cologne, 14 Oct 1932; d Berlin, 3 April 1998). German painter, sculptor, d?collagist, video artist and performance. — “Wolf Vostell: Information from ”,
  • The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is a place that fuels creativity and provides inspiration. Its extraordinary art collection includes modern and contemporary art such as Various Artists (German) with Wolf Vostell (German, 1932-1998), Sigmar Polke (German, 1941-2010), Konrad Lueg (German, born 1939). — “MoMA | The Collection | Various Artists with Wolf Vostell”,
  • Vostell's first one-man show in New York in May 1963 was also the first public presentation of his TV works. The television pieces were exhibited together with other works soliciting spectator participation, as outlined in his concept paper:. — “Media Art Net | Vostell, Wolf: Television Décollage”,
  • Wolf Vostell (born 1932/died 1998) was a German painter and sculptor. Media in category "Wolf Vostell" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8. — “Category:Wolf Vostell - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • While never primarily a video artist—Vostell's happenings, actions and installations used a vide range of media from the early 1960s—he did keep reverting to television and the other mass media, supplying, in doing so, some important and highly complex stimuli for the video art discourse. — “WOLF Vostell”,
  • Wolf Vostell, artist and art biography, statement, with Wolf Vostell art in Installation art Printmakers Fluxus Performance Art Multimedia Collage Decollage Art and Electronic media. — “Wolf Vostell | artist and art”, the-
  • Das Wesen der Erde, so der deutsche Verleihtitel, erzählt die phantastische Geschichte eines Wesens, einer Mischung aus Tier und Pflanze, geboren aus dem San queue Wurmloch-Reisen auf Trip/Musik David Vostell/2006by population3sterne6,317 views. — “YouTube - THE BEING FROM EARTH (David Vostell,1990)”,
  • : Wolf Vostell : Books de Babel, 1984 : Nam June Paik, TV Garden, 1978 : Wolf Vostell, : 3 juin-22 juin 1985 (Cahiers de l'ARCA) (Unknown Binding. — “: Wolf Vostell : Books”,
  • Featuring a collection of contemporary art. artists info contact editions special offers see also www.mo-. see also www.mo-. — “MO-artgallery”, mo-
  • Wolf Vostell was a German painter, sculptor, noise music maker and Happening artist of Wolf Vostell is considered one of the pioneers of video art, environment-sculptures,. — “VOAEX Trivia, Facts, History, and Images – ”,
  • Wolf Vostell (born 14 October 1932 in Leverkusen, Germany, died 3 April 1998 in Berlin) was a German painter, sculptor and Happening artist Since the early 1960s, Vostell uses a variety of media and materials in his happenings, actions, and installations without being a media artist in. — “History of Art: Wolf Vostell”, all-

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  • Masterworks/ Wolf Vostell/ Miss America,1968 (en français) 1000 Masterworks, Wolf Vostell, Miss America,1968 Museum Ludwig Cologne
  • Fluxus Film: Zen For Film (Nam June Paik, 1962-1964) Fluxus Film Set
  • The Being from Earth...no one can see this David Vostell/The Being from Earth (1990) Fantasy movie directed by David Vostell (scene with Melissa, Teddy, Goofy and the Being)
  • The Being from Earth - Trailer [HD] The Being from Earth is fantasy film directed by David Vostell in 1990. The Being from Earth Trailer (3min12sec), [HD]
  • Wolf Vostell, Auto-Fieber,1973
  • Wolf Vostell,Happening Auto-Fieber, 1973, Berlin Wolf Vostell,Happening Auto-Fieber, 1973
  • Vitesse de la lumière psychédélique Musique David Vostell, 2006 David Vostell composed in 2006 "The Universe is Music".16 short soundtracks, to go with the video sequences of faraway galaxies transmitted by the Hubble space telescope.
  • Wolf Vostell - Elektronischer de-coll/age. Happening raum, 1968 Audio taken from the LP 'Various - Fluxus Anthology' (Recorthings & Zona Archives - 1989)
  • David Vostell, Eye-Contact with The Being from Earth,1990 David Vostell directed the feature film The Being from Earth in 1990.This feature,with German title Das Wesen der Erde,tells the fantastic story of a being/creature,a mixture between animal and plant,born out of the sands of the Mojave desert. The film title alludes mainly to this being born from earth,but it can also be seen as a metaphor.In its metaphorical sense,it could refer to the state of the planet Earth,to its being or to existence itself.(wikipedia)
  • Yoko Ono - One Fluxus (1965 ) fluxus film by Yoko Ono
  • Livio, 1966 Wolf Vostell De-coll/age LIVIO 1966 Wolf Vostell
  • MoronTotal - Matrix Credits for video footage(in order of appearance): Robert Watts - Trace #24,Trace #22,Trace #23 Paul Sharits - Word Movie Erik Andersen - Opus 74 Version 2 Paul Sharits - Wirst Trick Ben - Regardez-moi, cela suffit Paul Sharits - Dots 1 & 2, Sears Catalogue 1-3 Wolf Vostell - Sun in Your Head Paul Sharits - Unrolling Event Albert Fine - Readymade etc. Source: Lyrics: you are dancing you are living your dream inside your illussion inside your matrix but deep inside you know that this is your matrix this isn't real and you are still dancing inside your matrix this isn't real you are superficial but still I can see you on the dancefloor
  • Wolf Vostell / La Sibérie d'Estremadure (III), 1983 Part of a work by Wolf Vostell filmed on our latest trip to Belgium in August 2010. We visited the museum for contemporary art in Ghent, SMAK and ran into this beautifull piece. Vostell was one of the founding artists of the Fluxus movement in Germany. This installation is te result of a performance by the artist in Ghent in 1983, during the performance Vostell attacked a piano with a hammerdrill, played the instrument with a dog, poured milk over it etc, here you can see the milk part...
  • Wolf Vostell, TV Krebs 1970
  • Otmar Wagner singt Wolf Vostell Excerpt of a lecture by Otmar Wagner about 'The History of Guitar Destroying', Vienna, 2009. The lecture took place at the Technical University as part of 'Konturen 09', organized by Peter Brandlmayer.
  • The Being from Earth, (David Vostell,1990) Birth... The Being from Earth, (David Vostell,1990) Birth...In 1990 David Vostell directed the feature film The Being from Earth in Los Angeles. This feature, with German title Das Wesen der Erde, tells the fantastic story of a being/creature, a mixture between animal and plant, born out of the sands of the Mojave desert. The film title alludes mainly to this being born from earth, but it can also be seen as a metaphor. In its metaphorical sense, it could refer to the state of the planet Earth, to its being or to existence itself. Long camera takes, scenes which are designed to show the acting pared down to the essential, dialogues only as necessary and lots of music show his individual directing style.Wikipedia
  • Wolf Vostell,9 November 1989, 1989
  • Wolf Vostell - EdHR (1968) film by Wolf Vostell
  • WOLF VOSTELL, Hommage an Henry Ford, 1967 Environment/Ambiente "Hommage an Henry Ford" 1967 de Wolf Vostell, Autohaus Maletz Colonia, documentado de Hansjoachim Dietrich.
  • Microclinic - My Days Footage from Wolf Vostell - Sun in your head (1963) ||||
  • The Goodbye in Wolf Vostell Fluxus Sculpture
  • i think he was a journalist : swod | wolf vostell Artist: Swod. Album: "Gehen" (2004). Track #8: "I Think He Was a Journalist". Unofficial video. Scenes from "Fluxus - Sun in Your Head" (Wolf Vostell, 1963).
  • Wolfe Vostell Remake This is a film made using the techniques of the German Video artist Wolf Vostell. Vostell's philosophy was, there is destruction all around us. His film's often were of still figures or pictures such as mine.
  • 'La Tortuga' by Wolf Vostell, Marl, Germany 1st March 2011 'La Tortuga' is an art installation by the late Wolf Vostell and stands in front of the Marl Theatre in Germany. It was originally on view at Berlin Anhalter Station, the upturned Kriegslokomotive was moved to it's current site 20 years ago. Ex-Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) 52 2751, the 2-10-0 wheelbase, standard gauge steam locomotive, was built by Henschel in 1944, as their works number 27991. The cab side still shows details of it's last overhaul, 10/1980, presumably it was withdrawn from active service some time in the late 1980's. The video was taken on 1st March 2011.
  • Yoko Ono, Paik, Vostell,...Fluxus-Happening-Artists, 1990 Yoko Ono,Paik,Vostell...Fluxus Artists
  • (MESO)poetic Sound ARKive::AHIMSICK TORTURE::Part OnE product number one. (MESO)poetic Sound ARKIVE. AHIMSICK TORTURE.part OnE ARKive: two and four channel oscillator, vocal effects, sequencer Wolf Vostell: images ("Sun in Your Head", 1963)
  • The Being from Earth, (David Vostell,1990) Get out of here.. In 1990 David Vostell directed the feature The Being from Earth. This feature, with German title Das Wesen der Erde, tells the fantastic story of a being/creature, a mixture between animal and plant, born out of the sands of the Mojave desert. The film title alludes mainly to this being born from earth, but it can also be seen as a metaphor. In its metaphorical sense, it could refer to the state of the planet Earth, to its being or to existence itself.Wikipedia
  • theartVIEw - "Direct Art" at MUMOK Viennese Actionism in an International Context theartVIEw - the Viennese Actionism in an international context at MUMOK. Gutai, Nouveau Réalisme, Fluxus, Pop Art and Happenings expanded art beyond the traditional easel painting. Found objects, unusual substances and the human body were the new "materials" to create an art that was more "real". And because of the radical nature of their artistic steps austrian artist like Nitsch, Brus, Muehl and Schwarzkogler occasionally even outstripped their international contemporaries like Yves Klein, Rauschenberg, Warhol, Christo, Beuys, Vostell.
  • Vostell v. War of the Worlds Remake a mainstream film in the style of a video artist.
  • Lego Star Wars: Pictures of the 2011 Summer Minifigures Pictures of the Lego Star Wars minifigures that are coming in the Summer sets. Set 7877 is the Naboo Fighter. These are to be released between July and August. My favourite of these new minifigures is Quinlan Vos. Tell me yours in the comments section below. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CONTENT IN THIS VIDEO!!!
  • Din A Testbild : She's So Nice (Mark Eins / Genee Romee) Produced by Klaus Schulze & Klaus D. Mueller ©Innovative Communication, 1980 Restored sound *********************** This is a fan video. I made this one just because I love this track and this artist and I want to share it with other people to make discover this artist. I don't know who own the rights for this track. If you are the owner and don't want this video appears on youtube, just send me a message and I'll delete it. Thank you.
  • KAROTA KADUTA di POKOPONY VIDEO AND MUSIC BY POKOPONY NOKIA IDOLS with TOMOKO NAGAO and (b)ANANARTISTA ORGASMO SBUFF. http -------- patrocinato dall'atelier spazio xpo' di Christian Gancitano in occasione dell'evento in Triennale Milano "INCONTEMPORANEA" la rete dell'arte. ------- Video art is a type of art which relies on moving pictures and is comprised of video and/or audio data. (It should not however be confused with television or experimental cinema). Video art came into existence during the 1960s and 1970s, is still widely practiced and has given rise to the widespread use of video installations. Video art is often said to have begun when Nam June Paik used his new Sony Portapak to shoot footage of Pope Paul VI's procession through New York City in the autumn of 1965. That same day, across town in a Greenwich Village cafe, Paik played the tapes and video art was born. The french artist Fred Forest has also used a Sony Portapak since 1967. This fact is sometimes disputed, however, due to the fact that the first Sony Portapak, the Videorover did not become commercially available until 1967 (Fred Forest does not contradict this, saying it was provided to him by the manufacturers [1]) and that Andy Warhol is credited with showing underground video art mere weeks before Paik's papal procession screening. Fred Forest does however stipulate on his websIn 1959 Wolf Vostell incorporated a television set into one of his works, "Deutscher Ausblick" 1959, which is ...
  • Wolf Vostell,de-coll/age,Beatles,1961
  • Fluxus - Wolf Vostell - Sun in your head Fluxus Films - 1963 - Wolf Vostell - Sun in your head - television decollage
  • Fluxus Performance Documentation of a fluxus performance by Edwin Ellis and Humayun Meili. A wallet with five pounds is placed on the pavement, Edwin and Hum stick around, and a hidden camera records what happens. To the sound of Radiohead.
  • Ode to the Simulacrum, or Goddamit Vostell Pull the Trigger
  • Opie & Anthony: Flip A Coin - Part 1 of 2 Jim Norton and Rich Vos tell stories about sharing holes.
  • Opie & Anthony - Jim Norton & Rich Vos Tell The Greatest Story Ever Told Jim Norton & Rich Vos Tell The Greatest Story Ever. SPREAD THE VIRUS!
  • Nam June Paik: Venus www.vernissage.tv | At Art Cologne 2009 Galerie Hans Mayer showed a piece by Nam June Paik, a painted aluminium infrastructure with a multi painted satellite dish, 24 color TV sets and laser disc player. In this video, Hans Mayer provides us with a short introduction to the work. Nam June Paik (1932-2006) worked with a variety of media and is consiered to be the first video artist. He was trained as a classical pianist. Nam June Paik and his family had to flee from their home in Korea in 1950. They fled to Hong Kong, and later moved to Japan and then to Germany. While studying in Germany, Nam June Paik met the composers Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage and the artists Joseph Beuys and Wolf Vostell. Wolf Vostell inspired him to work in the field of electronic art. The Hans Mayer Gallery was established in 1965 in Esslingen, Germany. Because of exhibitions on Op Art, Contemporary Contstructivism, and Kinetic Art, the gallery became very well known in the 1960s. In 1967 he co-founded the world's first art fair in Cologne, the Kunstmarkt Köln, now Art Cologne. Since 1971 Hans Mayer is based in Düsseldorf. In 2008, Hans Mayer received the European Gallery Award of the Federation of European Art Galleries Association.
  • Warhol and Maciunas Jonas Mekas' amazing portrait of two of his close friends Andy Warhol and George Maciunas. Fluxus and Pop art head to head!
  • Homo Sapiens, Musikvideo (1985) Musik DIN A TESTBILD Homo Sapiens, Musikvideo(David Vostell,1985)...the end...Music Mark Eins, DIN A TESTBILD Ausschnitte aus VHS Video MY INTUITIVE VIDEO 1979-1989 Auf VHS Cover steht:The inferior quality of the images and the sound is intentional by the artist.THE IRREGULARITIES ARE THE SOUL OF THE AUTHENTIC IMAGES AND SOUND OF THIS VIDEO AND NOT DEFECTS.
  • Opie & Anthony: Flip A Coin - Part 2 of 2 Jim Norton and Rich Vos tell stories about sharing holes.
  • fluxus_festival: Uma das famosas e primeiras décollages de Wolf Vostell, Sun in Your Head (Television Decollage), de 1963 estará... http://t.co/jApLp0Rc
  • mapydh: VENUS @ VOSTELL MUSEUM (MALPARTIDA) © 2012 MAPYDH | All Rights Reserved. Please do not use my pics/works without... http://t.co/WgBrVgWi
  • forosur_caceres: Sobre 'El Jardín de las Delicias' de Vostell en #forosur_cáceres_12 http://t.co/f5kFfY6D
  • AlfredoMalpar: Estas son las esencias que tenemos que promocionar en Malpartida. Éxito del torneo de ajedrez en el Museo Vostell http://t.co/9YAbjtQw
  • marieti16: Pilar del Lavadero en el Museo Vostell Malpartida http://t.co/9F6wDpLz
  • MAGELES40: En el museo Vostell Malpartida. Excelente lugar para un encuentro casual...
  • dzondunkellicht: @astralsocialite @OmtayArtercay My mailout somehow ended up in the spambox. Just as well, the Faecke & Vostell book+flexi is tempting...
  • elmayortesoro: El Museo Vostell Malpartida acoge más de 70 jugadores para disputar el XXIV Trofeo de Ajedrez http://t.co/6Z5zHl2z vía @europapress_es
  • frikilosers: @Gema_Guerra @revistamongolia Jaja es que Vostell ha dejado mucha influencia en Cáceres y eso se nota :-) http://t.co/Dd3CRbJw
  • asierlv: Wolf Vostell - ¿Por que el proceso entre Pilato y Jesus duro solo dos minutos? (Asi se llama la obra) http://t.co/3MxVztAH
  • CristoShojet: 14 años después de la muerte de Wolf Vostell estrenan su opera Fluxus "El Jardín de las Delicias". @citlalita1
  • OmtayArtercay: @ZAIMPH that Wolf Vostell reissue sounds like it's pretty choice.
  • danitheyoz: El XXIV Torneo Diputación de Cáceres se disputa en el Museo Vostell de Malpartida, leído ... http://t.co/LHV3XCil
  • ajedrezactual: El Museo Vostell de Malpartida acoge a más de 70 jugadores para el XXIV Trofeo de Ajedrez Diputación de Cáceres http://t.co/8vllzmWD
  • DiputacionCC: El XXIV Torneo Diputación de Cáceres de Ajedrez se disputa en el Museo Vostell de Malpartida, leído ... http://t.co/mEsQ62LM
  • doaheadstand: Aanrader: Auto-Fieber van Wolf Vostell in #Argos nog tot 16.12.12!
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  • AjedrezCehegin: El Museo Vostell de Malpartida acoge a más de 70 jugadores para disputar el XXIV Trofeo de Ajedrez Diputación de... http://t.co/O4Q9dnFd
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  • snakebytech: Morning inspirations Wolf Vostell - TV Decollage: http://t.co/UFXWFSgh

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  • “Istiklal Caddesi No: 211. 34433 Beyoğlu, Istanbul. Turkey. .tr. ARTER – Space for Art, an initiative of the Vehbi Koç Dubai), Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Emmett Williams, Maaria Wirkkala”
    — Artist Pension Trust / ARTER opens – APT Blog,

  • “The experience of reality concentrated and consolidated itself through a participation in these Happenings and, at the same time, Vostell's inherent critique of society, culture, and the media became clearly delineated. Nevertheless, the events”
    — Networked_Performance — Live Stage: Wolf Vostell's Happenings,

  • “Kunst- - Eröffnungskalender: Aktuelle Ausstellungen und Eröffnungen in Berlin: NBK: Nevin Aladag Bettina Allamoda Ursula Arnold Gerd Arntz Marc Aschenbrenner Ulrich Baehr Cornelia Balcerowiak/K.H. Hödicke/Helmut Wietz Matthias Beckmann”
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  • “A large tent in the middle of Paris with black carpet and black walls and will include a tribute to Wolf Vostell. 24 blog posts. Messaggio di Gino il lunedì 6 ottobre 2008 alle 13.12 - forum administrator- forum moderator”
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  • “Vernissage TV art internet tv takes you to opening receptions of art exhibitions. VTV VernissageTV: the window to the art world. video (after the jump) features interviews with Anemone Vostell, Managing Director of the Galleries Association of Berlin (LVBG)”
    — VernissageTV art tv, vernissage.tv

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