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  • The wardroom is the mess-cabin of naval commissioned officers above the rank of sub The term the wardroom is also used to refer to (metonymically) those individuals with the right to occupy that wardroom, meaning "the officers of. — “Wardroom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 1978/9 Middle East Cruise Wardroom. Christmas Tree. Courtesy LCDR Andy Maroney. Communication officer from 1976 to 1979. Commander Wardroom - 1978 (Middle East) US Navy. 2007! First Navy Win over Norte Dame since 1963 (46-44) GO NAVY!!! Home. — “USS Mullinnix DD-944 - Wardroom”,
  • Translations of wardroom. wardroom synonyms, wardroom antonyms. Information about wardroom in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. wardroom - military quarters for dining and recreation for officers of a warship (except the captain). — “wardroom - definition of wardroom by the Free Online”,
  • The wardroom was a multi-purpose room on Deep Space 9, similar to that of a briefing room on Starfleet vessels. However, Deep Space 9's wardroom was much bigger and was used for a variety of purposes. While used by Benjamin Sisko to brief his. — “Wardroom - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki”, memory-
  • The social life for all these officers was to be found in the Wardroom of each respective ships (a naval custom that had existed for nearly 250 years) As the number of serving officers outnumbered the total requirement to man HMCS NIOBE, there was a requirement for a Wardroom ashore. — “Wardroom_HomePage”,
  • wardroom (plural wardrooms) The living quarters of a ship designated for the commissioned officers other than the captain. The commissioned officers of a ship, excluding the captain. The captain rarely referred to his wardroom for advice, and this lead to their malcontent. — “wardroom - Wiktionary”,
  • diablo squadron & training ship concord usnscc:team web site hosted at eteamz - Martinez, California 94553 USA Diablo Squadron & Training Ship Concord USNSCC: Wardroom. — “Diablo Squadron & Training Ship Concord USNSCC: Wardroom”,
  • Wardroom definition, the area serving as the living quarters for all commissioned officers except the commanding officer. See more. — “Wardroom | Define Wardroom at ”,
  • Today, the wardroom aboard ship is where officers take their meals, relax, and socialize. There are many traditions and unwritten rules associated with the wardroom. — “Wardroom Etiquette / Leave and Liberty - Medical Officer's”,
  • wardroom military quarters for dining and recreation for officers of a warship (except the captain). — “wardroom: Information from ”,
  • Wardroom. OLYMPIA's senior officers gathered here in the wardroom for meals and conversation. The wardroom features the same Douglas fir decking as the Officer's Saloon. As luxurious as this space is, OLYMPIA's captain typically dined in his own stateroom on the deck above rather than here. — “Seaport, Museum, Gifts, Nautical, Models, Store, Books”,
  • Current Newsletter. 2009 - 2010 Schedule. Nominations for Membership. Decorum. Board of Governors/Contact. Past Presidents. History. Bylaws. News and Events: Update on Nate Fick. 2009 Sea Service Ball. — “Wardroom Club - 1899”,
  • This is the Home Page of the CFB Esquimalt Wardroom, also known as the Officers Mess. — “CFB Esquimalt Wardroom”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of WARDROOM : the space in a warship allotted for living quarters to the commissioned officers excepting the captain; specifically : the mess assigned to. — “Wardroom - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The Officers' Wardroom is their haven, their escape, the one place aboard the QE2 that they can 'get away from it all' and relax. The Wardroom, which is located directly below the bridge, is filled, literally filled with honors that the ship and her crew have received over the years, mementos from. — “The Wardroom”,
  • Wardroom Training. If you knew better, you'd do better. Management June 18th, 2009. The art of spinning Wardroom Training is proudly powered by WordPress. Entries (RSS) and. — “Wardroom Training”,
  • WARDROOM "Gun two is right above the wardroom table, and. I know the ship's doctor said he was quite upset from time to time when he had to operate, The wardroom served as a dining room and lounge for the ten to twelve ship's officers. — “Wardroom”,
  • Wardroom. — “Wardroom”,
  • Definition of wardroom from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of wardroom. Pronunciation of wardroom. Definition of the word wardroom. Origin of the word wardroom. — “wardroom - Definition of wardroom at ”,
  • WARDROOM MESS. Thus far, our discussions have centered primarily on the various aspects of preparing and serving the food in the The wardroom is usually a multipurpose area. It is the officers' dining area and lounge. It is an area where officers gather for social functions, entertainment, to. — “WARDROOM MESS”,
  • Wardroom. Back. CLASS STATISTICS AS OF OCT. 04, 2001 (darylet@) We were the first post-World War II Class to enter the Naval Academy and over a third of. — “Wardroom”,

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  • are hopefully for cleaning and not food preparation ha ha The Wardroom Galley is located on the Starboard side of the boat heading aft past the Wardroom photo courtesy of Scott Thon The Operations Middle Level passage way is also a fun place for games during angle maneuvers Here s Jack Postell and other crew bobsled down the waxed passageway during the 1970 s The
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  • Frans Damen on K XV s bridge Atlantic 1943 Photo © Collection Aart Hopman K XV s wardroom 1943 USA after Philadelphia refit On the left engineer Officer MSD I Leendert aka Loek Kleiman with his back against the
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  • 1 MT 51 52 in action 2 CO s Inspection 3 Fox in Tokyo Harbor 1945 4 Fox wake in the Pacific Wardroom 1945 with the names from the back of the photo

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  • USS HOUSTON CO and Wardroom Can Fish!.wmv Had the CO and Wardroom aboard for some fishing. Landed 3 Mahi and 2 fat wahoo!
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  • Trevor John Howlett Band - The Man Himself live at The Wardroom 20/01/2011 Trevor John Howlett Band performing "The Man Himself" live at the King's College Wardroom bar, January 20th, 2011. Halifax NS
  • Trevor John Howlett Band - So I've Been Told Live @ The Wardroom 20/01/2011 " So I've been told" Final Song of Trevor John Howlett Band set Live @ The University of King's College Wardroom, January 20th 2011. Halifax NS
  • Ward Room Madness Just me and a few Friends trying not to be bored during our free period at school.
  • Coast Guard Academy Wardroom Fun Exchange cadets from Air Force, West Point, and Navy build some spirit for the Coast Guard Academy Corps of Cadets in the Wardroom the day before the big MMA football game!
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  • The Ward Room Reveals The REAL Reason Behind The Iraq War Rusty Ward attempts to deliver the political news. Political humor.
  • Let's Play BioShock 2 - Part 51 - No fighting in the ward room Subject Delta reaches the infirmary wing's paediatric ward. He clears it out, allowing Eleanor to recruit the last of the Little Sisters. Then they can boil off the water and escape before the charges go off. Level: Inner Persephone Difficulty: Easy Platform: Xbox 360
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  • 病棟305号室(Ward Room 305) Piano Cover this song freaks me out on soooo many levels. I played it super slow and omitted some stuff because those things make it to hard to play it without a fez load of mistakes. speaking of mistakes, im sorry for all of the ones present here! Original:
  • The Ward Room: Obama Girl hunts Bin Laden An episode of The Ward Room. Rusty Ward interviews Obama Girl, who is in Pakistan hunting Osama bin Laden. From . This is already available on YouTube, but the aspect ratio is wrong.
  • Marine Sundae (USS NASSAU WARDROOM) On the USS Nassau Deployment in 2010 LCPL Burch (Now CPL) and HTFN Becker and myself had too much time on our hands while cranking in the Wardroom (Officer Mess) and decided to dump a nearly full bucket of Vanilla Ice Cream on Burch's head!..The best is when the big clump falls on his head....then of course when Becker sprays the hose full blast on his head..CS1 walks in the background mumbling something about us being Times guys! They say it is whatever you make of it. We made a Marine Sundae.
  • Roe Conn "WARD ROOM" - NBCChicago Roe Conn fronts the first in a series of commercials for NBCChicago's political franchise "Ward Room".
  • Dougler for Commandant! 2009 - Message to the Wardroom A message to fellow officers from the Commandant of the Web Cadet Corps
  • wardroom, rated "yarrgh" The pirate band hits the wardroom Accordian - Dave, Clarinet/Vocals - Marc, Guitar/Vocals - Thomas, Violin - Faye, Glockenspiel/Ukelele - Nick, Bass - Jeremy, Vocals - Magdelena
  • Innovative Converged Designs in Utina Wardroom Time lapse of Innovative Converged Devices in Utina Wardroom
  • Dual Focus Photography - The Ward Room, Pembroke, Chatham, Kent The Wedding of Donna & Stewart, Saturday 13th August 2011 at The Ward Room, Pembroke, Chatham, Kent.
  • 2012 Wardroom Meetings 2012 Wardroom Meetings with Collin Wood as Jason Mazzoni
  • The Extremities Play the Wardroom [October] The Extremities play the Wardroom at the University of King's College, in this short spliced-together video featuring "The Lost Souls".
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  • HMCS Algonquin Wardroom - A Year in the Life Montage of photos depicting approximately 12 months of sailings and port visits.
  • Detailed History of The Officers' Ward Room and FDR A detailed history of the dignitaries who traveled aboard the USS Iowa including President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A view of the only bathtub in the US Navy Fleet installed for FDR's use.
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  • IanEMassey: The Secret's of Scott's Hut. The hut was segregated similar to a ship. Capt's Cabin, Wardroom for Officers & a separate space for ratings.
  • danevans87: I'm at Icaf Wardroom (ICAF, Fort Macnair) http://4/lSU2nD
  • AdamWeinstein: Was trying to use my best DFAC/wardroom voice when I cussed you out; lost in translation. ;) We all bat for the same team. The winning one.

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