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  • to accustom to something from an early age —used in the passive especially with on Examples of WEAN. The calves are weaned at an early age. — “Weans - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • It may be a long way from the forests of Japan's Ogasawara Islands to the high-rise apartments of Tokyo, but a special cat rehab is helping feral felines find their way by putting to rest their wild side. For Cat Rehab Weans Feral Felines Off Endangered Birds. — “Cat Rehab Weans Feral Felines Off Endangered Birds : TreeHugger”,
  • Parks Companies, Parks Livestock, LL Parks Livestock, Parks Livestock of Canada, Parks of Iowa, Parks of Minnesota, Parks of Nebraska, Parks Livestock Feeder Pigs, UPI/Parks, Parks Family Meats, Great Lakes Specialty Meats, Parks Trailer Washes, Early Weans & Feeder Pigs. — “The Parks Companies”,
  • MySpace profile for April Weans. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on MySpace. — “,.time fo a change”,
  • Incentives & Awards EduWeb dba L.L. Weans Educational Products The New "Virtual Store". — “Incentives & Awards EduWeb dba L.L. Weans Educational”,
  • Weans World Johnstone Ltd Weans World has been a registered childcare provider regulated by the Scottish Care Commission since 2002 at our premises at 41/43 Brewery Street, Johnstone. — “Weans World Johnstone Ltd”,
  • wean tr.v. , weaned , weaning , weans . To accustom (the young of a mammal) to take nourishment other than by suckling. — “wean: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of weans in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is weans? Meaning of weans as a legal term. What does weans mean in law?. — “weans legal definition of weans. weans synonyms by the Free”, legal-
  • The combination of Weans, Q'weans, and Kittweans. qwinking weans to wank with guacamole, slightly lumpy but does the trick:P. it can also mean a quick wink, but thats not as fruity as the other. — “Urban Dictionary: weans”,
  • Mindin the Weans - North Ayrshire Council. Mindin the Weans. This booklet, shows what wonderful results can be achieved when a Poet and an Artist collaborate with groups of parents/carers to write about their little children. What is clear in. — “Mindin the Weans - North Ayrshire Council | Scottish Book Trust”,
  • L.L.Weans Educational Products, School Supplies, Materials For Teachers and Parents. For the best teaching aids in reading, language arts, math, science or social studies contact L.L.Weans Educational Products. — “L.L.Weans Educational Products, School Supplies, Materials”,
  • Weans definition, to accustom (a child or young animal) to food other than its mother's milk; cause to lose the need to suckle or turn to the mother for food. See more. — “Weans | Define Weans at ”,
  • Weans in the wood - WEANS IN THE WOOD Weans In the Wood is set in Pantoland Primary, a little school somewhere in Tartania (Masson's surreal version of Scotland) where a retired panto dame, Una Milroy, trains her pupils in the art of pantomime. — “Weans in the wood - Living”,
  • is the online community for writers of all interests. Established in 2000, our community breeds Writing, Writers and Poetry through Creative Writing Help, Online Creative Writing Portfolios, Poetry, Writers' Tools and more. — “: The Online Community for Writers”,
  • I have called these people the Weans, because. certain archaeological life of the Weans has not been the deciphering. of the inscriptions and the scrolls-due to. — “DIGGING THE WEANS”,
  • What is a weans, definition of weans, meaning of weans, weans anagrams, weans synonyms. — “Word weans meaning. Word weans definition. Free crossword”,
  • WEANS WORLD NEW NURSERY The work has at last started on the new building and will hopefully be completed in the next few weeks. Ready for opening in the Spring. Weans World provides quality affordable childcare from 6 weeks to 12 year,. — “Weans World Nursery & Out of School Care”,
  • Definition of weans in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of weans. Pronunciation of weans. Translations of weans. weans synonyms, weans antonyms. Information about weans in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “weans - definition of weans by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. Cash weans tribes from Al Qaeda. Pakistani officials have paid more than $800,000 to four tribal commanders whose debts tied them. — “Cash weans tribes from Al Qaeda / The Christian Science”,
  • wean n Scot.child. Derived from the colloquial Scots "wee 'un" (little one). For 'World' World. I think there's a Weans World 2 somewhere. — “weans world | Fachak”,
  • weans. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wean. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/weans" Categories: English third-person. — “weans - Wiktionary”,
  • Pat's Guide to the West End of Glasgow - a community site about Glasgow's West End: What's On: WestEnd Weans. — “What's On: WestEnd Weans”,
  • Andrew Smith: 'My weans keep my mum and dad alive for me' - I'M raising a young family just as my mum and dad did in the one way I utterly dreaded - as a parent without parents. It was the second anniversary of my dad's death last week and I took. — “Andrew Smith: 'My weans keep my mum and dad alive for me”,

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  • Massive solar plant weans NV off of expensive fossil fuels The world's third-largest solar power plant outside Las Vegas helps to wean Nevada off of coal- and natural gas-powered electricity, which will become more expensive with a cap on carbon dioxide emissions. The plant, which produces zero emissions, generates enough capacity to power 14000 homes.
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  • something for the weans. i know
  • Blowin up condoms like weans great laugh at the end man scouse blows a big massive snotter then snorks it back up GADZ
  • The Heart Of Scotland Choir Live at the ALBERT HALLS- Stand By Me (featuring the choir weans) Super cute! Soloists: Cara Mannix & Joanne Kearney Jane Hamilton- Piano Laurie Hamilton- Bass Steve Hamilton- Drums
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  • Limmys Show - She's Turned the weans against us. Short but hilarious sketch from Limmys Show
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  • Futures Fest March 2010 - Johns Weans BOX and ROCK RADIO 96.3FM introduced FUTURES FEST at the O2 Academy in Glasgow on March 27th 2010. Please see the other videos from the night. If you have any photos from the show, please go to www.box-/forum and post them. We may use them!!!
  • Shes turned eh weans against us! 'Shes turned eh weans against us' Bathgate edition, featuring Jaffa, Boyle, Dixon and many more!
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  • Historic Scotland Tour - Clans Munro & MacKay A pictoral journey through the historic lands of Clan Munro and Clan MacKay in Scotland
  • Whithorn weans v Swords of Dalriada Medieval re-enactors Swords of Dalriada from Kilmarnock got a right battering fae the Whithorn weans at the Medieval Open Day organised by the Whithorn Events Group this summer, July,25,2010. Have a look at and .
  • Scottish Wonder Woman - Wallaces Weans Charity Message New charity "Wallaces Weans" Set up on the 14th Feburary to aid Scotland most vulnerable children.
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  • Salmond is Jolly for 'the Weans' (BBC Scotland's Children in Need) First Minister Alex Salmond appeared on BBC Scotland's Children in Need in the guise of famous comic misanthrope the Reverend IM Jolly. The dour minister created by the late Rikki Fulton was a popular fixture in the Hogmanay TV schedules with his catchphrase "Ah've had a helluva year". Mr Salmond said his evangelical crusades went down well in Glasgow East - slightly less well in Glenrothes. He said: "I preached 'yes we can', the people replied, 'nah we didnae'." Addressing the nation from his armchair, the first minister said: "Dearly beloved fellow Scots - and Gordon Brown. "It is at times of great fiscal strain and hardship that we turn to the Bible for words of comfort and solace. "Take Genesis: And God said 'Let there be sky - and those who can afford Sky can watch the best fitba'. "And the Lord also said 'Let there be light' - but he changed his mind when the leccy bill came in." Mr Salmond also poked fun at his predecessor as first minister, Jack McConnell. The SNP leader said: "I'd also like to thank him for the present of fish he left for me in Bute House - under the floorboards. "Moira and I had a great time to replacing all the light bulbs he'd taken with him." The first minister concluded his message: "Please dig deep, it's for the weans."
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  • Boabby - She's Turned the Weans Against Us A very interdesting froond of mine being an absoloute mook in Vilnius. Probably responsible for my later kick to the head.....
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  • Johns Weans (Bank Job) King Tuts 21-12-2010 Johns Weans
  • MOEE_BOsS: @MalikTooSwavey u do ms.weans joint for me??
  • cbeetzz: @Seanaghan1212 i shop at weans too ;) hahah that typo was #toogreat
  • Jeannie162: @nortylondonboy @nightfire65 yes but a weans hands x
  • mclaughlins: @dawniepants @mummy_fitz I like taking advantage of being alone to eat things like waffles & fish fingers for tea. Weans food rocks.
  • chokeonmytweets: RT @Tyra_YourBaybee: Ms. Weans can suck my big toe.
  • Tyra_YourBaybee: Ms. Weans can suck my big toe.
  • chokeonmytweets: I love impersinating ms.weans. she always like "You better get that work done, or.. *laugh* you will receive a zero" *fake creep smile* Lmao
  • Tyra_YourBaybee: I didnt start on ms. Weans hw. Smhh.
  • chokeonmytweets: MANN. We have to do another skit thing in ms.weans class again. and we have NO funny people in our group and it's all girls :(
  • Ayatollah78: Right, both weans asleep. Going to try it myself before they wake up again. Nos da.
  • MichellexClark: Ma weans a chancer like, shouts down to get me to switch telly off, tell him to do it himsel, then he's got a sore hand, then 2 sore hands!!
  • Brians_Beard: @DaftLimmy get the Donald Dewar statue doon n get Limmy up! Showin his trauma when tragically ees weans wir turnt against em. All in favour?
  • mozisagod: @MarriedtotheMoz A did, but it had rang off so to speak, must just be weans pressing everyones
  • stewmci02: @_yollday so glad they can't write, stop fiddlin with weans, work , wash and tell the truth to name but a few
  • _Lyndsay: @calumvs I frighten the weans ;)
  • Lauren_McClos: @Brucehillbhoy totally agree. If you're unemployed, a student, work weekends, got weans, you don't have a right to speak?
  • SophiaPangloss: @jkei705 Aye, #Labour's biggest exercise in spoilin tactics that yin, playin wi the weans' future jist tae score a cheap point... #sp11 #snp
  • lhendo_: Pastoral care is always top of the agenda at Waterloo Road. That, and shagging the weans.
  • natashaBTW: @pirategames aye sure you don't you love playing with weans:S oh same:( i wanna play tig, with adults.
  • natashaBTW: @pirategames your a big wean. playing hide n seek with the weans :L
  • John20Hooper: See Bin Laden didn't give weans they're cricket balls back if they came over the wall, it's no the worst thing he's done surely ?
  • ChrisMPaton: Latest article just sent off to DMPS, and have just proof read first article for @yourfamhistory. Time for coffee, before the weans get in!
  • Samualander: there's two weans outside on scooters,they're about 10,trying to impress my neighbour who's 17 by swinging scooters about.excellent.
  • TheParaffins: @jaystringer @jeflew totally. He never had any weans.
  • xruthsmithx: @Craig_plumber Dunno,how much r weans goin for on the black market these days?
  • MarkPaton1: RT @SophiaPangloss: Unusual kids thon #OBL had, maist weans, if they had a pal ower, wid be shoutin "Ma faither's Osama bin Laden!!" No "wid ye like a rabbit?"
  • SophiaPangloss: Unusual kids thon #OBL had, maist weans, if they had a pal ower, wid be shoutin "Ma faither's Osama bin Laden!!" No "wid ye like a rabbit?"
  • Brucehillbhoy: Bin Laden wis a nice guy because he gave the next door weans some of the rabbits his weans were keeping, great guy
  • _elliehoran: 'a hink the weans definetly his' so cringy to hear the scottish accent on tv
  • chokeonmytweets: Ms.weans first. Whoop de doo.. -_-
  • Margot_mneTV: @andydlgray Maybe we should do a follow up...weans and all that!
  • djmalone81: @specialbhoy You can't lift weans over like you used to when I was a lad??!!!
  • KrystalSim: "Bloody weans! I know your Dad you know!" ~shakes fist~
  • ypdqlvsd: Halle berry weans off insulin http://zvrlgnk.uni.cc/6c043
  • KarlaGhirl: R*ngers winning SPL family Champions, Ha wouldnt be taking ma weans near the bit, Oh well least they will be Champions O somit this season.
  • unsung_one: im pretty sure ima cry when DS weans #holisticmoms #breastfeeding
  • dresden79: SPL family champions - rangers? whit? never knew gomez and morticia took the weans to the fitba...
  • DianaIBCLC: @iamambermccann my Choopie is a smart little girl. I hope she never weans. #yesImeanthat
  • 1HarajukuBarbii: Doin Ms.Weans homework.. Agian..! Ughh Ahe Do the Most..! All the timee.!
  • emilysahooker: I hate loud and annoying weans.
  • FutureJackie: @thistimebaby Noooo, end it nooooow,before you end up squirting out 6 of Jaemi's weans
  • ag_x3: thot he found out who she was and now he's tricked again:S megan is like a mum ti four weans! or is tht angela? #catfish; PURE CONFUSED!!
  • girlluvzermac: Also- I am so damn tired of breastfeeding. Can't wait until Gabriel weans, though I know I'll miss it afterwards.
  • katiecarswellx: So the mum dad and 2 weans are mongos. The wee lassie exised but never paints. So wtf is the point in this?!
  • parkovanbasten: Insidious. there's a film I'll be avoiding. creepy weans. eugh.
  • madi_little: RT @IamDangerpants: Whacking ma boab off the living room window to scare off the noisy weans on the street
  • IamDangerpants: Whacking ma boab off the living room window to scare off the noisy weans on the street
  • Monitorabbit: Oh poor poor weans this is just awful - why didn't anyone ever teach these mums anything about nutrition #fastfoodbaby
  • Pork_Broker: #Wean markets have fallen considerable over the last two weeks to the mid $20's from the mid $40's. Lots of weans available
  • bigsamthetim: @chibchenko community = where can i drop the weans off & they'll watch them for the least amount (free)
  • jaxamaline: Hate the scabby weans that come one's aw minging and the has serious BO!
  • iceltic: @oaocelticnews Would love to come back this season, but too much on the plate with work & weans. Plus you are coming out in June.
  • cloudyyy_: sitting with chris and bailey feel like they're both weans.
  • FreeChildhood: I'm never tandem nursing again. I am not getting pregnant again until K weans or is close to it and then I'm weaning in pregnancy.
  • duffwilma: @BruceDevlin @MichelleM_STV Oh, Bunty - that made me lol ! weans today know nothing !
  • _leethomas: @_LetitiaSmith full of weans.
  • BossBatch_Dee: Lanre Said Ms.Weans Has On Cowboy Timberlands . Lmaooooo
  • macjock1: @DaftLimmy but she's turned the weans against me.
  • sonicwaffle: Haha, in renfrew and all the trinity school weans are out. Bless them
  • BossBatch_Dee: Stupid Ms . Weans Lost Our Project =______=
  • iain1976: @Harper1888 how's your book for weans coming along?
  • ShazaD31: Holding it together quite well!! Marks hyper hyper!! Poor teacher!! Dealing with Aw these weans!!!
  • fentonslee: @Sheepmama will go back on enteric after he weans.
  • BenMacnamara: She's turned the weans against us
  • HENDRYBERG: Bought a speedboat. Not with the Thai weans money though so don't worry...
  • cath_caldwell: @capedcrafter not when it comes with claws and there's weans in the house :)
  • 1HarajukuBarbii: Doinn This Dumb Homework Fer ms.Weans..! she a Lil biatchh.!! Guh cuz my Twitter Actin upp.!!
  • Beano_83: She's turn't the weans against us.... She's turn't the weans against us... x
  • iFUCHayley: i meant luck, obvz. DO YOUR WEANS PROUD YA DILF! @DrewDevoy28
  • kaisersossy1: @DaftLimmy Limmy where did you film "she turned the weans against me" I planning a Limmy tour of Glasgow and I know everywhere else.
  • dl184: @DaftLimmy got woken up at 3am by a group of drunken fuds walking past, shouting ”she's turned the weans against me” amoungst themselves!
  • MichellexClark: Want someone to tickle ma back, the weans jus nae use at it!!
  • WillieKeane: @Itsatimthing @Kelvinbhoy That was my 30th birthday, ya couple ah weans!
  • kaisersossy1: @DaftLimmy Limmy where did you film "she turned the weans against me" I planning a Limmy tour of Glasgow and I know everywhere else maryhill
  • redkirky: Watchn persepolis tomo wi weans.
  • craigalbert20: John Higgins has some ugly weans #bbcsnooker
  • _AndiePandie: Dying caant take this tireness n lessons soon naww weans y u waana swim?
  • michaelkebriggs: Getting weans kilt resized. How ridiculously Scottish of me I know. (@ Kilt Pin) http://4/ls6XYu
  • feeonaaa_x: M&Ds with Shell :) such big weans
  • TamaraJ23: There's ginger weans and fake D&G bags as far as the eye can see!
  • stewchown: Boom. Full of jakes, crying weans and backpackers already. Love it.
  • DavidAK79: @babswix yesterday was a tremendous day, Huners of smiles and Huners of weans running about. a great day,
  • _AndiePandie: Sanquhar schools are on today? Aye? Bloody better be cba with heednippin weans screamin
  • IEN88: #iranelection US weans China off Iranian Oil. "The cables, obtained by WikiLeaks and provided to Reuters by a... http://fb.me/xkl5Pzq0
  • IamDangerpants: @xkellbell no I'm off the weans! It's all about the grown up vagina
  • Peep_My_tweets: Mrs.Weans Blows Me.
  • kayleighmuse: @Lisa10__ lol good. Bet they're like "Aw Naw Swannys oot, lock up the weans"
  • stakhanovite: @ragbonehair I dread to think how that weans book will turn out under your influence...
  • iangray4fm: @seapigeon hae ye know see the recent population statistics? There are mair weans in Scotland!u

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  • “Congress Weans Us Off the Teat of Foreign Oil with Concessions to Offshore Drilling Just came across your blog and found it one of the bests around, just keep posting with”
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  • “Discover world travel, global cultures, explore new worlds, and discover the globalization commentary at World Hum. Travel dispatches from a shrinking planet”
    — A Danish Isle Weans Itself From Fossil Fuels -- and,

  • “Read the Blog update - enlightening. Wonder just how long all three weans will stay if panning amongst dense tree-tops then both weans paid v brief visit - barely more than”
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  • “Agency website 'Fur Weans' gets positive reviews: topic. Loading Skin and Language. Theme: Language: Execution Stats. Time Now: Nov 24 2010 05:16 AM. Back to top. Forum Home. Delete My Cookies. Mark Board As Read. Powered By IP.Board 3.0.5 © 2010 IPS, Inc. Licensed to: Scotch Irish”
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  • “And speaking of weaning I meant to post this long ago, when it was on You Tube, but it was taken down due to copyright concerns (though, yes, there are many Family Guy episodes still up there). Anyway, I found”
    — The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog: They're lies!,

  • “No, child-led weaning is not propaganda spread by La Leche League. It truly exists. I'd begun to wonder, honestly, even though I'd heard stories of friends, and friends of friends, whose children had weaned themselves. But now I've experienced”
    — Three Year Old Weans Himself,

  • “video and photo news about Teat visitors were down 21 percent — growing pains as the site weans itself from longtime traffic teat and develops its own, more clicky”
    — Teat news,Teat videos,Teat images,Teat headlines,

  • “I only breastfeed one baby now. My DD hated it and after 7 months or so I said okay and let her just have the bottle. All is well in our house and th”
    — When you breastfeed just 1, say if one weans early,

  • “Blather - The Blog RSS. Search. Login. Login. Information. Email Us. Book the right taste in the mouth " Sunday. Nov082009. Weans. Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 05:20PM”
    — Anthony Toner Singer-Songwriter - Blather - The Blog - Weans,

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