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  • AT&T provides local, long distance, and other communications services and products, as well as network equipment and computer systems to businesses, consumers, telecommunications service providers, and government agencies. — “AT&T”,
  • IBM manufactures and sells computer services, hardware, and software. Also provides financing services in support of its computer business. — “IBM”,
  • Microsoft offers a wide range of software, services, and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. Featuring Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, anti-spyware, and more. Official site includes support, downloads,. — “Microsoft Corporation”,
  • Send, receive, and organize email with Hotmail, a free web-based email provider from MSN. Features a personal calendar and customizable contact groups. — “Windows Live Hotmail”,
  • Official site of Apple, the maker of the iPod family of digital music and video players, the Mac series of laptop and desktop computers, iPhone, iPad, the OS X operating system, and other applications and devices. — “Apple Inc”,
  • A group of problem solvers for hire, specializing in information techology solutions ranging from custom applications to secure instant messaging. — “Projects/phpESP - Butterfat”,
  • Yahoo! Internet portal provides email, news, shopping, web search, music, fantasy sports, and many other online products and services to consumers and businesses worldwide. — “Yahoo!”,
  • Official site and trailer for the 2010 movie Predators, a sequel to the 1987 hit Predator. Starring Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, and Danny Trejo. Directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez. — “Predators (2010)”, predators-
  • New and used video games, software, and accessories from GameStop. Buy PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS, Xbox 360, and PC games and consoles. — “GameStop”,
  • Skype official website. P2P telephony allows you to connect with other users online to make free telephone calls. — “Skype - Free Download and Free Calls and Internet Calls”,
  • Domain registration, hosting services, and do-it-yourself web site design and development tools. — “”,
  • Dell provides technology solutions, services and support. Visit for Laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PCs, Desktops, Monitors, Servers, Storage, Mobile Phones, Printers and Computer Accessories. — “Dell – The Official Site | Dell”,
  • Shop Dillard's offering name brand and private label apparel and home furnishings, wedding gift registries, travel information, and a store locator. — “Dillard's”,
  • Announcement. Due to the lack of support from the phpCOIN users community, the owners of phpCOIN have been obliged to suspend the operation of the phpCOIN websites until further notice. If you are a developer and would like to be involved with the phpCOIN project, please contact us. — “phpCOIN”,
  • Open source e-commerce platform which allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores. — “osCommerce”,
  • PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online and accept online payments. Request Money. Sell on eBay. Sell with Classifieds. Sell on Your Website. Fundraise. Products & Services. Personal. Business. Developers. — “PayPal”,
  • Worldwide maker of computers, PCs laptops, digital cameras, printers, scanners, software, monitors and projectors, servers, workstations, televisions, and DVD burners. — “Hewlett-Packard (HP) - Computers, Laptops, Servers, Printers”,
  • MySpace virtual community site allows users to create profiles and network, meet people, browse their friends' profiles, and make friends from all around the world. Also contains pages for music bands to share their songs and videos and. — “MySpace”,
  • Symantec provides content and network security software and appliance products including Norton AntiVirus to individuals, enterprises, and service providers. — “Symantec”,
  • Webs helps you make your own free website. Personal, group, and small business websites complete with photos, videos, and ecommerce. — “Webs - Make a free website, get free hosting”,
  • A website (also spelled Web site[1][2]) is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are addressed relative to a A web page may incorporate elements from other websites with suitable markup anchors. — “Website - Wikipedia”,
  • Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. — “Google”,
  • Staples online provides fast delivery and low prices on office essentials. Staples makes buying office products easy. — “Staples - Online Store for Computers, Office Supplies”,
  • Step 2. Create Your Website (Beginner's Guide) blog brochure templates business card templates cgi-bin content building content management Step 3. Host Your Website (Beginner's Guide) 24/7 support 30-day money back 7-day free. — “”,
  • Sells consumer electronics, home office equipment, entertainment software, music, and appliances. Operates stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. — “Best Buy's Online Store for Electronics, TVs, Computers, DVD”,

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  • - Home Page This is our website. Please follow us on Twitter:
  • How to make a website with photoshop (part 1)
  • The Website Is Down - Sales Guy vs. Web Dude
  • [HD] Website Drop Shadow with CSS Dreamweaver Tutorial! Let's learn how to create a drop shadow that runs along your site, and, if your site expands, expands with it! We will start in Photoshop where we will create a nice little drop shadow graphic and then it's off to Dreamweaver for some CSS and Div-tacular fun... yep that was certifiably lame, but enjoy the video anyway! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http
  • Gabrielle Chana website updates January 26, 2011 website updates
  • Create Your Own Web Site For Free CirclePad has been updated to be twice as simple, twice as powerful. This introduction video gives you the big picture of what CirclePad does and how it helps you get online. Music by Jssystem, simply electro
  • What Is Website Web Hosting Get the basics on what web hosting is and how to use it.
  • Beginners! Create a Website Here How to create a website: www.2 My blog for news and updates blog.2 Learn more about Site Build It! Download my free book on how to build a website My forum for newbies to chat and ask questions
  • The Gadget Show: How to build a website In this How to, Dionne shows you how you how to build a website
  • Create a Website - What You Need to Get Online Learn how to create a website and improve your web presence. Understand how to get online and how domains, hosting, SSL, online marketing and email work together. Get a FREE website at Details at video created by Creative Alliance http
  • How To Put Google Advertisements On Your Website- & Get Paid How To put make a Google AdSense account,and put Google advertisements on your website and get paid for them. You must Fill out the Adsense Sign up Form With 100% True info, that's how you get your money! Check out: Make AdSense Account: ----------------------------------------- How I Make Money-⇓ ➡ Sign up, & see how I make Easy Cash online. ►My Website- ----------------------------------------------------- COMMON QUESTIONS WHATS THE AGE LIMIT, I'M UNDER 18? -Its 18, But you can still participate, Just have your parents sign up for you. WHEN DO I GET PAID? -When you reach a minimum of $100, they send you the money. HOW DO I GET PAID? -They Will send you a check to you're address, or Direct deposit to your bank. NO PayPal. HOW DO/CAN I PUT ADS ON MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS OR CHANNEL? -You CANT, Only YouTube Partners Can do that. Apply here: COULDN'T I CLICK THEM TO MAKE MORE MONEY? - If you want to get banned from google adsense. Google Will see that your ip address is clicking on it, and Ban you. Also telling others to repeatably click it will get you banned. Google will notice that you have way to many clicks compared to the low amount of traffic on your site. WHY DO SOME NON PARTNERS HAVE ADS ON VIDEOS? -Okay, 1st: If your not a partner, and have ads on your video, then Its because it has Copyrighted material, which is against the rules, so Youtube makse money off of it by placing ads on it ...
  • HTML Tutorial 1 - Designing A Website In Notepad - Basics and Beginnings In this HTML website design tutorial I will teach you how to write and format your very first web page using HTML. Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginner If you have any problems or need help with any of this tutorial please leave a comment below or message me on YouTube.
  • Create A Free Website From Scratch This video will go through the steps of creating a webpage from scratch using the basic HTML language and some free web resources. Please visit the blog posting for links and downloads regarding this video:
  • How To Build a website for free with free hosting how to build websites for free using a sitebuilder tool. They offer free hosting and custom domain names. information provided by David Menard. Find me on facebook.. life changing information for any small business or entrepreneur looking for small business ideas. click and drag application with no tech skills needed. every website gets free hosting.
  • You Suck at Photoshop - #20: Distort, Warp, & Layer Effects Donnie concludes.
  • How To Make Your Own Website For Free! Always wanted to have your own successful website? Well freewebs can help you by making it a simple process to make your own website at not cost at all! Links: This video was recommended by GAM3PLAY4, so I would like to say thank you for the idea.
  • Slice and Export a Website Layout + HTML: Photoshop Tutorial! Check this video out at Hi-Res here: Welcome to this video tutorial! We will learn how to take a Photoshop created web page layout template and slice it into individual pieces and then export it with an HTML file. We will cover user slices, layer based slices, auto slices, naming slices, assigning links to slices, alternate text for slices, creating multiple slices at one time, previewing our file in a web browser, saving individual slices as gifs or jpgs from the same document, and exporting a fully functional HTML file to go along with all of it. Please enjoy and don't forget to check out the site
  • Tinchy Stryder Ft. N -Dubz Jason Lewis - 4 Foot 1 See more Jason Lewis: Jason Lewis presents his unique take on Tinchy Stryder Ft NDubz grime song Number 1, featuring impressions of Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer.
  • How To Design a Website using Adobe Fireworks - ML Web Consulting shows you how to quickly mock-up design a website within 10 minutes. Using Adobe Fireworks, Michael Locke demonstrates how to design a website home page. In this video, you'll see how a web design comes along from beginning to end. You'll see a few design tips and tricks that you can apply to your own project or website. Download the Work Files Here (Both PNG and PSD files): If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected] or visit Thanks, ~ Mike
  • How to Make a Website in Four Minutes Find Your Domain: Get Your Hosting Haven't you ever wanted a nice shiny website at a dot com domain? But you didn't want to pay someone to do it, and figured it was too complicated? Well, that changes now! Hank Green, who has been a professional web developer for almost 10 years, is letting out some secrets. It's really easy to get a domain, web hosting, and a working web site in under four minutes of work. Just follow his simple instructions, and you'll be set by the end of the day.
  • How To Make A Flash Website Keep updated with the absolute latest (free products, dreamlinestudio updates): feeds2 Is a simple straight forward example of how to build a flash website perfect for people who are just starting out with flash. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP
  • Saw VI Movie Review Saw VI (Saw 6) Movie Review. Is the SIXTH time the charm, or just beating a dead horse? Host Grace Randolph asks audiences if the series can survive sans Jigsaw.
  • How To Create an Adobe Flash Web Site Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from gigafide and more videos in the Adobe Flash category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Spice up your online presence by creating your own Flash site. Here's how. To complete this How-To you will need: A computer with internet access Adobe Flash CS4 Step 1: Create new Flash document In the Adobe Flash program, select "Flash File (Actionscript 3.0)" from the "Create New" menu. Switch the workspace layout by clicking on the dropdown menu in the upper left of the top menu bar, and selecting "Designer." You can adjust the size and color of the document by adjusting the settings in the "Properties" panel. Step 2: Create new layers Divide your Flash document into four layers: Actions, Background, Menu, and Pages. To do this, go to the Flash timeline, and click three times on the "New Layer" icon so you have four layers total. Rename each one by double-clicking on the name, or holding the mouse down on a Mac. Step 3: Adding a background To add a background image, select the Background layer from the timeline. Then, go to File, Import, and Import to Stage, and select the image you want to use. You can change the size of the background in the Properties panel once the image is imported. Tip: To prevent accidental changes, lock a ...
  • How to Make Your Own Website In this 6-minute tutorial you'll learn how to make your own profit-making website. You'll use Yahoo, Yahoo SiteBuilder and Revver. Your money will come from Google Adsense ads, Revver affiliate fees and Amazon affiliate fees.
  • BEST WEBSITE EVER! Two entrepreneurs compete for money from a venture capitalist! Share this video on Facebook -- Subscribe to "The Station" TheStation2 -- CONNECT WITH US: TWITTER -- FACEBOOK -- MYSPACE -- Cast: RYAN HIGA -- SHANEDAWSONTV -- DANNY DIAMOND -- SAMMAH -- Directed by: Paul Ballon -- Edited by: Michael Gallagher -- Music: Poloneck Buffoon Bifter the Big Cheesy Shifter Orchestral Flurry Cimic Tag Provided courtesy of APM Music LLC
  • How to design a website in Photoshop In this tutorial I'll teach you how to design your own website in Photoshop. I take you from choosing dimensions to the finished layout. For a tutorial on how to export you layout to Dreamweaver (an html file) go here: For more tutorials in bigger size and a lot of other good photoshop stuff, please visit my website www.photoshop-phreak.110
  • How To Make/Design A Website For Free *For Beginners* *Long 30 minutes!!!* Long 30 minute Video (sorry for it being so long) of how to make a website. Things You Need: Adobe Dreamweaver Internet Connection **Later on, a .webs account (free) Free ONLY IF YOU FINISH BEFORE THE ADOBE DREAMWEAVER TRIAL ENDS. Adobe Dreamweaver Trial: (NO LINK DUE TO ADOBE TAKING OFF CS3 FROM . CS4 Does not work with this video either.) Links: Site Twitter http Make Money Together featured Failblog *Also the example site of the one we are making. 4 Stages: 1. Intro To Video/What We Are Doing 2. Set up Files 3. Setup Dreamweaver/Layout Mode 4. Put Site Online GET A FREE DOMAIN NAME (.tk,, This video will show you how to make a website using adobe dreamweaver. You will be able to design your website (at beginner level) using tables and cells (with layout mode). You Can easily make unique, appealing and inviting sites if you have a good basis for your site, and good plan for it. **Suggestion: Before downloading 30 day trial, draw out your site on a piece of paper. Draw each page on your site so you waste no time while on your 30 day trial.
  • How to use Wordpress to design to a website. Learn to design a website using the popular blogging program, Wordpress. Follow along with veteran web designer, Matt Hackney, as he creates a racing website from scratch that is simple enough for anyone to do. For more videos, check out our website:
  • Jake's Closet JAKE'S CLOSET takes you on a suspenseful and deeply moving journey that delves into the imaginative mind of a frightened little boy coping with his parent's devastating split. This powerful and thrilling story unfolds through the eyes of Jake, an only child caught between the two people he loves most. As Jake navigates his grief through the landscape of his parents escalating conflict, he finds himself haunted by noises in the night. He soon discovers an evil living inside his bedroom closet. Convinced no one will believe him, Jake must face the evil alone. What he uncovers in the process is a reality that will haunt him for the rest of his life. As Jake, gifted young actor Anthony DeMarco charms the audience with a remarkable combination of innocence and maturity, vulnerability and strength. DeMarco is joined by a superb cast with breakout performances by Sean Bridgers (HBO's Deadwood) and Brooke Bloom (CSI: Miami). JAKE'S CLOSET straddles genres, combining the thrills of suspense and an elegantly woven portrait of childhood. The result is an eye opening and important film that explores the loss of innocence that comes with divorce. In a debut feature film, director Shelli Ryan delivers a unique and thought provoking film that speaks to anyone who's ever been through the distress of being a kid.
  • Flash Movies into Your Website: Dreamweaver Tutorial Check this video out at Hi-Res here: In this video we will learn how to export an SWF file and put onto your website! Remember to check out for more videos and downloads!
  • Website tutorial: Create an email form Hello everyone! In this video you will learn how to develop your first website form using Microsoft Notepad. This is a follow up tutorial carrying on from the last see here : We have also added an email link code for those who just need an email link. The form it self is simple and contains: 1.Firstname field 2.Email field 3.A services dropdown selection This form can send the entered details straight to the email entered. The email recievers address should be entered in the first line in the opening form tag as below: action="[email protected] " So you just change the '[email protected]' attribute to your own email. Uses: Websites,development portfolio,templates etc. Quality: Simple and basic, non professional. We are professional designers, we will soon show you the full process of professional web design & development. Remember if the tutorial is too hard/fast please let us know and we will create the same tutorial that is easier and at a slower pace! Any questions, feel free to ask! Come and chat to us here and here
  • How to Build a Community Website Part 1 - Social Network Production Tutorials Source and Site Download - Part 1 - How to build a dynamic member based portal, community web site, or social network using PHP, MySQL, and Flash ActionScript 3.0
  • THE Shawn Michaels Website Intro Video from Shawn Michaels endorsing his one and only, official website, twitter, and facebook accounts. , @ShawnMichaels_, /TheShawnMichaels
  • Riz Khan - The role of media in the USA Has the mainstream media in the US replaced serious coverage with "junk news" and tabloidism?
  • The Fighting Lady: The Lady and the Sea 1945 ARC Identifier 12834 / Local Identifier 80-MC-5298. This film is a military documentary told from the point of view of the crew of the aircraft carrier the Fighting Lady -- a pseudonym for the Yorktown. Scenes highlight the functions and duties of The Fighting Lady and crew activities,...
  • Web Site Story CollegeHumor's first Broadway musical since (LOL)Cats. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on http
  • Basic HTML and CSS Tutorial. Howto make website from scratch You can put your site on the web using a free host Yeah, it's long. #1 requested tutorial on my page is how to make your own site though. I guess it beats those "learn html in 24 hours" books in any case. See the freehosts below on how to put your page online. w3 html...
  • How to set up a website in under 10 minutes I want to get rid of the myth that setting up a website is difficult and expensive. In fact, today I'm going to show you how to set one up right now in about 10 minutes and for about $10 & $4/month. I decided to make this video after hearing over and over from my marketing friends how challenging setting up and managing websites can be, but over the years I've discovered a few shortcuts along the way and I'll share them with you now. Looking over my shoulder is my brother Veron of and . He'll tell you he's extremely non-technical, but using this lesson as a guide, he actually went on to set up about a dozen more by himself without me. Here are the steps: 1. Register a domain name 2. Hook it up to a hosting account 3. Set it up with a wordpress blog Once you follow these steps, you'll have a fully functional website with Wordpress attached as your website's content management system. If you don't know about Wordpress, Wordpress is a powerful blogging system to help you manage your blog yourself. I'll be recording some Wordpress tutorials soon. Let me know what you think?
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