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  • ShopWiki has 484 results for Wedgie, including Wedgie WDK001 Wedgie Drum Key Single, The Shingle Wedgie, Wedgie 4.0 Contraband Footbed Upgrade Kit 2011, and 80094 1-ton Wedgie. — “Wedgie”,
  • Wedgie Nation is the #1 free site for getting wedgies. Upload & share your favorite wedgie pics, videos, dares, stories and more. — “WEDGIE NATION | Wedgies | Wedgie Girl | Atomic Wedgie”,
  • Wedgie music accessories, picks, Powerband drumsticks, drum accessories and Esclips for guitar musicians and drummers. — “Wedgie - Picks, Drumsticks, Drum Accesories, Esclips”,
  • In March 2003, gardeners bought WEDGIE® at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, Boston's New England Flower Show and Mobile's Festival of Flowers. Since 2004, WEDGIE® has been available at garden centers and botanic gardens from coast to coast. — “WEDGIE - World's Best New Gardening Tool”,
  • Wedgiegirls homepage, the site for girls getting wedgies, pics, videos, dares, funnies, messageboard. — “Female Wedgie Page, The”,
  • Increase speed in cycling and triathlons by decreasing drag with this aerodynamic water bottle and tool kit holder. — “Triathlon Water Bottle and Tool Kit Holder - The Wedgie”,
  • When one is still in undewear and someone pulls up on the waistband and tries to pull it over the recivers head. atomic wedgie. buy atomic wedgie mugs, tshirts and magnets. When one is still in undewear and someone pulls up on the waistband and tries to pull it over the recivers head. — “Urban Dictionary: atomic wedgie”,
  • Since 1973, American Music has been a store run by musicians, for musicians, and is continually active in the Northwest music community. — “Wedgie - American Music”,
  • Wedgie definition, a shoe with a wedge heel. See more. informal the state of having one's underpants or shorts caught between one's buttocks (esp in the phrase give someone a wedgie). — “Wedgie | Define Wedgie at ”,
  • While a wedgie can be created naturally, the term is usually associated with a prank or When a person is on the receiving end of a wedgie, his or her underwear is forcibly pulled up by a second. — “Wedgie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of wedgie in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of wedgie. Pronunciation of wedgie. Translations of wedgie. wedgie synonyms, wedgie antonyms. Information about wedgie in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. wedgies. — “wedgie - definition of wedgie by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Shop for No Ride Up Panties at Hanes' Official Site. Find Bikini, Hipster, Low Rise, Briefs, and more Panties that Stay Put! See shipping offers today. — “No Ride Up Panties | Wedgie Free Panties | Panties | Shop”,
  • Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Wedgie Bass Guitars. Compare prices on Wedgie Bass Guitars. Find Wedgie Bass Guitars deals and save. Read reviews and buy Wedgie Bass Guitars from a wide variety of online merchants. — “Wedgie Bass Guitars: Compare Prices, Reviews & Buy Online”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. Episode 1 in a 5-part webseries debuting on Atomic Wedgie. — “Videos tagged with Wedgie - Metacafe”,
  • wedgie n. A shoe having a wedge-shaped heel joined to a half sole so as to form a continuous undersurface. — “wedgie: Definition from ”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable wedgie gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite wedgie gift from thousands of available products. — “Wedgie T-Shirts, Wedgie Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,
  • ShopWiki has 50 results for Wedgie, including Wedgie Anti-Vibe Drum Shox, Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman, Three More Wedgie-powered Adventures in One, and Very cherry acid free wheel cleaner. — “Wedgie”,
  • tags: wedgie shower. From needawedgie on: 11.25.10 Rating: views: 268. The Wedgie Phantom Strikes Ep 1 Victim 05 part one. Chase, a football player and avid boxers wearer, gets a surprise when the phantom forces him to don a green pair of briefs. — “Home - WedgieClips - Gallery”,
  • Shopping for Wedgie? Look no further than AOL Shopping for in-demand Wedgie products, coupons and more!. — “Wedgie Shop at AOL Shopping”,
  • recent videos, video clips, video shorts, movies for wedgie, micro videos, viral videos, funny videos. — “Wedgie Videos - Wedgie Video Clips, Micro Videos, Viral”,
  • You can vote for the best wedgie in the world. Photo rating or ranking site for butts that eat your undies! Show us your butt cheeks!. — “Rate My Wedgie - Photo rating site for the best wedgie in the”,
  • Amazing short-form comedy. New clips every week. Subscribe today - you won't regret it. We specialize in unique comedy videos and animations 1-5 minutes in length that are suitable for online and mobile broadcast. — “YouTube - atomicwedgietv's Channel”,

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  • How to Pick a Wedgie in Public Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from michaelrsanchez and more videos in the Socially Awkward Situations category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Discomfort. Embarrassment. The wedgie. Get rid of the problem with these simple tips. To complete this How-To you will need: A wall or large object to back up against A distraction A chair Step 1: Find a wall Look for a wall or other large object that you can back up against to get rid of your wedgie. Slowly make your way in that direction without drawing attention to yourself. Step 2: Find a distraction Wait for everyone around you to focus their attention elsewhere, or create your own distraction. Step 3: Squat Spread your legs about two feet apart and squat down as inconspicuously as possible. Tip: Don't go too far: Oversquatting can create an even bigger wedgie. Step 4: Tug If the squat proved unsuccessful, take advantage of your out-of-the-way position to give your backside a good tug. Step 5: Find a chair As a last resort, find a chair, and slowly slide across the seat as you sit down. Ahhhh...doesn't that feel better? Thanks for watching How To Pick a Wedgie in Public! If you enjoyed this video subscribe to the Howcast YouTube channel!
  • Me vs the wedgie Finally something you all been waitin for since the first wedgie video....someone else is giving me one so enjoy
  • Wedgie Revenge - 1/26/09 Danny's old wedgie attacks on Kevin scarred him as a child, so now it's Kevin's turn to exact some revenge! - Doug Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Massive wedgie!! Craziest Most Painful Wedgie Ever! Note: all the people in this video agreed to us having put this on youtube.
  • BEST WEDGIES EVER For the latest trailers, celebrity interviews and movie clips go to !!! ReelzChannel counts down the top 5 movie wedgies in movie history.
  • Wedgie to be my teacher's pet Origin of the expression "Say Uncle" to follow my comments on the web
  • Hanes Sarah Chalke Wedgie I pity poor Sarah Chalke for being in this hideous ad.
  • Now That's What I Call a Wedgie
  • Scrubs 'Four-Story Atomic Wedgie' A clip from 'My Missed Perception' (s05e06) in which JD and Elliot discuss the archaic pain chart they use to determine how much pain each patient is in. After deciding Mr. Peele is 'about a 7', we then get to see what a '10' is..
  • Toddler Wedgie My toddler appears to have a wedgie but may need her diaper changed.
  • Rafael Nadal Wedgie King Rafael Nadal's signature move on court is not his flat forehand but constant wedgie pick. It is supposed to be a nervous tick that Nadal is working on but hasn't kicked as of yet. Enjoy these butt digging pictures!
  • Ladder hanging wedgie (THE REAL VIDEO) This video was taken very long ago, if it ever hits 1000000 views, we will hang Eli again in the form of wedgie you guys choose!! Track Record: Jay Leno: The Tonight Show Most Daring: Young and Dumb Country Fried Videos
  • wedgie julie
  • Wedgie Canted Footbeds in Ride Bindings Most Ride bindings have Wedgie canted footbeds in them that are angled different amounts to align your knees and compensate for rocker boards. They also give you the benefit of giving you more leverage for your ollies.
  • Dilbert: Vigorous Wedgie Video by Scott Adams. RingTales presents a Dilbert Animated Cartoon. The Pointy Haired Boss Schedules a Wedgie. The Boss says, 'Let's see what's on my schedule today. Give vigorous wedgie to myself.' Wally says, 'You're right, he will do whatever is on his schedule.' Dilbert asks, 'Vigorously?'
  • Wedgie Montage 4 My 4th wedgie montage :) remember to comment which is your fav picture, and subscribe.
  • WEDGIE we were pulling her underwear over her head.
  • FJ40 Wedgie Moab Utah FJ40 doing the wedgie on the Poison Spider trail in Moab Utah
  • Thong Wedgie ;) I know it was a bit shakey, but good enough. =)
  • 4x4 Rock Crawler Conquers Steep Wicked Wedgie Climb I started to wonder if he would make it. The clock was ticking and he was running out of time. I love how he finally just gives it the hammer and throttles his way up!
  • Atomic Wedgie Prank Atomic Wedgie Prank This is the best atomic wedgie of all time.
  • Wedgie Seen 'Round the World The World's Greatest Wedgie
  • Treehouse Hostage wedgie 1 Hanging atomic wedgie from the Disney movie Treehouse Hostage. Credit goes to Disney Channel for making the vid and to Wedgie Haven for finding the vid
  • Chuggaaconroy Gets A Texas Wedgie - TSG Pokemon '09 Funny! 4:15 for the wedgie Alright here's the story: Someone donated $150 to help out Ally's House, so the YouTube Let's Player Chuggaaconroy got a Texas Wedgie, which was given to him by Malcome and Pierre =)
  • Funny wedgie kid.mp4 a really funny kid with a taste for wedgies with a desire to get the older kids
  • Thong Wedgie Really Hot Blond Thong Wedgie
  • Wedgie Time! Jade helps me do my bra back up and then decides to give me a wedgie and then i try and give her one!!!
  • My Brother's Keeper The Wedgie Scene Clip Directed by Leigh Richert from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts
  • Super Wedgie!!
  • nicolle gets a wedgie a typical night at my house.. lol
  • Big Brother | Josie Gives Sam a Wedgie | Channel 4 Josie and Sam may have had their ups and downs in the past but the pair have been having a good laugh together in the pool today. Still, Josie must have really enjoyed inflicting this savage wedgie on Mr Pepper. This was the first of two wedgies in one day! Watch the second wedgie plus Josie giving John James a 'special Josie' hug at Watch full episodes of Big Brother on YouTube at
  • thong wedgie shame on Roxy :D i dont think she knows i did this video follow me on: Twitter: Facebook: Myspace:
  • Hanging Wedgie Girl checkout my site for more wedgie vids and stuff.
  • Girl Front and Back Wedgies - Check out More Wedgie Girl Pictures and Videos
  • the todd's wedgie (behind the scenes) The Todd's Pain On The 10 Scale lol
  • Burger King's Kingon Defense Academy - Warp-Five Wedgie First the Kingon takes your glass. Then, what's left of your dignity. Watch lesson now.
  • wedgie montage 2 just another montage of wedgies
  • kjbrown1120: @Rosyboo yes I know on you picking you thong wedgie lmao
  • T2thaRell: @MrsLGenius bring it on, i'll give u a wedgie!
  • CrazyMoney_Eli: yo momma so fat when she throw a punch she catch a wedgie
  • taylorrleannee: @RockPaperTAJ a thong isn't a wedgie.
  • Co_Ca_inE: Man I swear I have a wedgie everyday Lmao
  • babell00: @kris10jane 1st off they are singing with glee 2nd that lil girl has a major wedgie &3rd the boy in the middle looks like he has to poop hah
  • taylorrleannee: I have a wedgie.
  • karensuckuhh: @ciTyb0i_5Mallz wheres the wedgie!! lmao :D
  • FunnyguyBland: @Daysh_Ashanai I digs it like a wedgie =)
  • dskavland: New blog post: Have you ever gotten a wedgie that required a kitchen utensil to remove? http:///?p=2383
  • WHYwoodEYElie: really loud this girl just said, "i got a wedgie."
  • the_p8triot: fuggin english, d-rah is definitely getting a wedgie, a wet-willie, and maybe even a swirly too tomorrow
  • oldmanfate: when and where is it appropriate to untuck the wedgie?
  • ndiathestylist: I got a killer wedgie right now lol
  • cassguitard1: In bed with my sissy its been a while! She just tucked me in like old times #memories ..."I gotta wedgie, wanna pick it ;) haha bedtime :)
  • LANDOOK: Hahah she hella walkin like that cuz she tryna take her wedgie out.
  • morpheus_uk: @slackwagon That would clearly be a chainsaw wedgie, amirite?
  • BiebsLoveMe: i just saw you pick your wedgie. — OMGGGGGGGGGGG.
  • Hayley_Jae: I have the worst wedgie today and I'm not happy about it. It hurts.
  • punkupurbutt: Those underwear are a lie. They said: wedgie free. Lies!
  • avatrkoo: @AliceSinAerie someone needs to write a "manual for especially chafing wedgie emergencies" It would sell like hotcakes
  • Stephwarrior: Whoever invented homework should be given an atomic wedgie
  • KaylaDeWitt: I have a wedgie.
  • AliceSinAerie: @AvatRKoo so long as anyone you know isn't around & its dark just put your back to a building & quickly go for it. #wedgie
  • ChuckPumaBanks: I gets in that ass like a wedgie lol
  • Genae9009: Shid pull it out..RT @meggy1820: That moment when u have a wedgie and you're around a lot of ppl! Lmbo. #sitdown
  • Noestaz: Yankees Got In that ass like a wedgie thoo...Lol
  • meggy1820: That moment when u have a wedgie and you're around a lot of ppl! Lmbo. #sitdown
  • 2Dimensi0nal: @CHOCOLATE_QWI and she got on a wedgie! girl #digthatout
  • marissamartin77: @Kevthekid8 lol uhhm.. no its not like with other underwear its more likely to get a wedgie.. haha you don't feel it when you wear a thong
  • thee_PRETTYonee: #dontactlikeyounever tried to shake a wedgie out
  • Kevthekid8: @marissamartin77 because lol how are they more comfortable its like a wedgie?
  • _ILoveKyle: RT @TeeChipotle_: Someone voluntarily pulled my wedgie out before. It felt weird but he got the job done lls
  • TeeChipotle_: Someone voluntarily pulled my wedgie out before. It felt weird but he got the job done lls
  • Doc_215: #1OMF trynna act like gettin a ball wedgie isnt common...let her know fellas #nobruno
  • aishaloudassg: @BoochaBaby it was a joke geesh get the wedgie out ya ass
  • avatrkoo: Gentle reader: I picked said wedgie. Just now. Without shame. It was awesome...And no one cared. They were too busy texting on iPhones
  • builtSTRONG22: Yard Kings party at the Huntsville fairgrounds? Ima b in there like a wedgie after a waterslide LOL
  • grungerabbit: RT @avatrkoo: Why is "wedgie" an uncool word? Why don't friends tell each other, "this wedgie is starting to chafe?" TMI or just TIMID?
  • avatrkoo: Why is "wedgie" an uncool word? Why don't friends tell each other, "this wedgie is starting to chafe?" TMI or just TIMID?
  • MissDub2U: All this new technology and yet nobody has invented wedgie-less panties. #CmonSon
  • avatrkoo: I watch a dog pee on a fire hydrant and think, "is not flagrantly pulling out a wedgie as natural as lifting ur leg and doin' ur business?"
  • ForeverJessyXVI: I just gave makya the biggest wedgie ever.
  • avatrkoo: What is this wedgie trying to tell me? That Brazilian cut bikinis, while flattering, are not pedestrian friendly?
  • avatrkoo: GOD WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE ON 6TH AVE?! #wedgie
  • avatrkoo: ...When actually, i just have a massive wedgie. I just want to pull fabric out from my butt crack, ok?
  • BIGGA_ACEB: @CelebPrettiAsia iight I hope yu think it's funny wen I give ya ass a wedgie lmaoo
  • avatrkoo: Now, if I could figure out how to discreetly pull out a wedgie, I will be set for life. #uncomfortable
  • kait_dunc: @_AlMiller9 "this wedgie is so bad,i swear im gonna have to wear these same underwear the rest of my life" lmao you never know what ill say
  • RBTaylorGang: This Pitcher Doesnt Have A wedgie
  • IdaliaGluszek41: My sister keeps asking my baby brother, how do u get a pamper wedgie
  • LalalaClelia: It's just not girls soccer if you don't have to pick a wedgie #truth
  • _AHappyPlace: RT @mrstevenallen: #WeNeedACureFor when you get a wedgie and you can't deal with it because you are in public.
  • suederrick: RT @mrstevenallen: #WeNeedACureFor when you get a wedgie and you can't deal with it because you are in public.
  • maegatron14: I have a wedgie and I can't pick it cuz I just painted my nails. smp.
  • erin_tank: I wonder if the girl operating the rotor at Luna Park regrets that her job makes her say the word 'wedgie' every 4 minutes.
  • RichEardley: Whoa, I offered to give my daughter a wedgie! (it's a triangular pillow).
  • breezymac33: #TheresNothingWrong with picking your wedgie out in public, everyone gets em'
  • mrstevenallen: #WeNeedACureFor when you get a wedgie and you can't deal with it because you are in public.
  • PeiLenharr1341: My sister keeps asking my baby brother, how do u get a pamper wedgie
  • LEC014: Just picked my wedgie by lifting my entire dress up #embarrassing
  • lilraymommy5: @GorgeousJanee10 don't that mean wedgie
  • OfficialKismet: Orlando Jordan has the wedgie to end all wedgies LOL!
  • _ILoveKyle: @tae_28 dirty! he tried to get me to pull out his wedgie this morning lmfao
  • FakeDarcy: Self-wedgination, absolutely. RT @CuseinNC @FakeDarcy Is it alright if I just give myself a wedgie in my boxers #nothong
  • CuseinNC: @FakeDarcy Is it alright if I just give myself a wedgie in my boxers #nothong
  • ManningMonroe: At work with a wedgie
  • MAD_1113: Wtf William is definitely getting a wedgie tomorrow.
  • ____RESPECT: @____KeyToLife *walks away and pulls wedgie out* lol
  • panthercnsl: @SteelerJsun need a weds nametag for ur ladies? How bout "wedgie Wednesday?"
  • citizenraw: I got a wedgie will you pick it?....? My 5 year old asked me today?#seriously
  • GoStefaGoStefa: @JardyB my wedgie tweet or sweet potato fry tweet lol
  • 90sBully: Book-dropped some dweeb today. When he bent down to get his stuff, I gave him an atomic wedgie. Bully combo!
  • OhMyFlippinGeez: Dont you hate it when you get that deep wedgie in that public place?
  • Man_Fredi: @DMANCE3 next time i see you im gonna give a severe wedgie
  • mountainkat: sneak up on @BrettGreene & give him a wedgie! ;-) RT @pugofwar: Heading to #boulderbeta to see what my neighbors have been working on.
  • slackwagon: Dear Mr Sandman, you better get here quickly or I'm going to hunt you down and give you massive wedgie...
  • Laurel_Kaye: How do get a wedgie in jeans..?
  • DulceSyon1288: My sister keeps asking my baby brother, how do u get a pamper wedgie
  • sleepless_in: This lady has a wedgie, her pants are unzipped and her stomach is hanging over her pants and showing to the public #fail
  • laron1991: DAANNGG she got a massive wedgie! #epic
  • the_p8triot: @Patrickhaws_ @tfp4321 @ZDJ4 @mustangflex69 someone needs to give a certain english teacher a wedgie
  • StephMoraa: Then @OrNahh gave me a wedgie on the bus :( </3
  • ladyykenzz: @TroyPrettyBoy I did not say that I said they havva wedgie plus the girl is my frend ! Llss : )
  • eparker819: zumba kicked my butt, literally! Note to self: [email protected]! Lol
  • _muffyMUFF: Someone come take my wedgie out please? Lol
  • TineByrne: @jakepurifoy_bt *snickers, yanks down one cops pants, gives him a giant wedgie then head for the other* He's not wearing underwear! *laughs*

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  • “Raging Moderate, by Will Durst RT @dcagle: Funny column by Will Durst on airport security: The Two-Handed Wedgie #tcot #p2. About this story. TwitterSubmitter submitted this 9”
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  • “What's the one thing everyone gets from time to time - ok, besides overdraft fees? That's right, every pants wearing human has to reach back at some point to unstick the stuck! And today, we take you behind the scenes (so to speak) at Wedgie”
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  • “WKYC: Wedgie joins new definitions in dictionary Anyone who has spent some time in a boys high school locker room knows what a wedgie is. Now others can find out by looking it up in the latest edition of the”
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  • “Backup My Blog. Home. Posts Tagged Wedgie' Handing out wedgies. Tuesday, February 17th, 2009. This is a true story. On Monday, February 16th in Salt Lake City, Utah, a worker at an animal hospital heard what she thought was her car alarm going off in the parking lot”
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  • “Webster will be adding some new words to it's dictionary including "wedgie" and "blog" The additions include Al Qaeda, blog, cargo pants, irritable bowel syndrome and partial”
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