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  • Auralex wedgies - 102 results from 52 stores, including Auralex Studiofoam Wedgies (Charcoal Grey) - 12 x 12 x 2 Spot Treating Panels - 24 Pieces WEDGIE-24, Wedgies, Box of 24 Charcoal, Studiofoam Wedgies: 2 Studiofoam Wedgies 1'X1' Qty. 96,. — “Auralex wedgies - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • Want to read about all types of people and their wedgie experiences? To read about wedgie ideas, and types of wedgies that can be given click here. — “Wedgies!!!”,
  • When panelling to an off plumb wall, Wedgies allow you to form a straight Use Wedgies to level units when fitting them to an uneven floor or wall. — “Wedgies, The Great Levellers”,
  • Wedgiegirls homepage, the site for girls getting wedgies, pics, videos, dares, funnies, messageboard. — “Female Wedgie Page, The”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. Watch Mall Goths in Space and a creepy guy with cheese in these Wedgies from. — “Videos tagged with Wedgies - Metacafe”,
  • 197. Wedgies. Status. Board. Topics. Posts. Latest Post. Discussions. Place to talk about general Different techniques for doing wedgies (yes, there are many) can be found here. Sub. — “Wedgie Haven :: Home”,
  • http://WedgieNation - Check out Wedgie pictures, videos and more. — “YouTube - WEDGIES, WEDGIES, WEDGIES!!”,
  • Wedgie. A wedgie occurs when a person's underwear or other garments are wedged between the buttocks. While a wedgie can be created naturally, the term is usually associated with a prank or as a form of bullying. Wedgies are commonly featured in popular works, either as a form of. — “Wedgies”,
  • The Wedgies let you support your project easily and then leave you with two free hands to solder quickly. Acid Resistant Flux won't harm a Wedgie either. You can use your Wedgies to support all manner of projects. — “Wedgies”, emeraldrainbow-
  • While a wedgie can be created naturally, the term is usually associated with a prank or When a person is on the receiving end of a wedgie, his or her underwear is forcibly pulled up by a second. — “Wedgie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Wedgies in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Wedgies. Pronunciation of Wedgies. Translations of Wedgies. Wedgies synonyms, Wedgies antonyms. Information about Wedgies in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Wedgies - definition of Wedgies by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • View wedgies Pictures, wedgies Images, wedgies Photos on Photobucket. Share them with your friends on MySpace or upload your own!. — “Photobucket | wedgies Pictures, wedgies Images, wedgies Photos”,
  • Shop on the Internet for wedgies with Shopzilla. Buy the best products from top-rated stores at the lowest prices every time. Compare prices on wedgies. — “Shopzilla - Gift shopping for Wedgies”,
  • Play Homepage on Cartoon Network now! This content requires the Adobe Flash Player and a browser with JavaScript enabled. Get Flash. CLOSE X. RECENT SITE ACTIVITY. Cheesy David Barnacle. Earned this badge in Righteous Quest > Crazy Ryan Cookie. Earned this badge in Righteous Quest > Creepy Clay Chimera. — “Cartoon Network | Free Games and Online Video from Ben 10”,
  • Click for Famous Wedgies--Rafael Nadal, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Hillary Duff, And many more! It sounds like a serious case of the wedgies: Robert Rosen says Brown's man "picked him up by his shorts and physically assaulted him. — “Real Wedgies”,
  • Get reviews and information on Wedgies including Wedgies event Info, photos, guestlist and Wedgies New Years Eve tickets. — “Wedgies Bar in Columbus, OH - ”,
  • Shop for Wedgies. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Wedgies - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • a wedgie is a punishment for tighty-whitey wearers like me their are many kinds of wedgies but the most simple is yanking the underwear up from beh. — “Urban Dictionary: wedgies”,
  • 9 results for wedgies. VEGGIE WEDGIE. Flatten croissants and bake according to directions POTATO WEDGIES. Scrub and cut each lengthwise in 6 pieces. Melt 1/3 cup of butter in saucepan with 2 1/2 teaspoons of. — “ - Recipes - Wedgies”,
  • Wedgies. Learn about Wedgies on . Get information and videos on Wedgies including articles on boxers, pe, locker and more!. — “Wedgies | Answerbag”,
  • Watch Wedgies videos from all over the internet. — “Wedgies - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • Funny Wedgies Videos, Funny Wedgies Pictures, Funny Wedgies Articles, Funny Wedgies Lists, and Funny Wedgies Blogs featuring celebrities, comedians, and you. — “Wedgies Videos, Wedgies Pictures, and Wedgies Articles on”,

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  • The Amigo's - Wedgie's Like,Comment & Subscribe Like us at -
  • Wedgies & Freaks ;) Did this in a hurry so its crappy but then again so are all my other videos xD
  • Brother wedgies sister This is what happens when you're stupid enough to ask your older brother to give you a wedgie.
  • BACK BREAKIN' WEDGIES!! ||10.10.11||127 Yesterday: SUBSCRIBE Our Channel: TWEET US UP! Music Intro: "High School Daze" - background music: "plain loafer" Background - rock your world - "Jason Shaw @ " Outro: "Happy boy theme"
  • Thong wedgie just a wedgie
  • 25 Hours of Crazy Gaming - 12 Super Wedgie The birds are singing, the sun is coming and the guys are still awake but they don't know what awaits them... Fireworks and super wedgies before breakfast. Have you filled out these 5 questions? Please do it over here: For those of you who are interested in the point system in this episode: 50 points for broken underwear (per team)
  • Nice Panties that tear the atomic WEDGIE!!! I want more, to help you make more WEddy until you arrive in a singlet. Those who help me, you can be virtually Underwear. I love Wedgies ... I want to do more Thank You
  • Wedgie Dice Dares I do four dice dares for some pretty good wedgies!
  • Nicole and Chris 101: Weather, Wedgies, and Nerds NIcole and Chris 101 This is us just being us and well being bored... Make Sure to Share Like and Subscribe if you want more videos!!!!!!!
  • Wedgies We love her to death!
  • Big Brother | Josie Gives Sam a Wedgie | Channel 4 Josie and Sam may have had their ups and downs in the past but the pair have been having a good laugh together in the pool today. Still, Josie must have really enjoyed inflicting this savage wedgie on Mr Pepper. This was the first of two wedgies in one day! Watch the second wedgie plus Josie giving John James a 'special Josie' hug at Watch full episodes of Big Brother on YouTube at
  • FAT DUDE GETS A WEDGIE! Fat man gets a HUGE wedgie in his briefs.
  • Wedgie I found this on the internet. Found it funny lol Callum and Josh are known for wedgie videos.
  • wedgies and my new bracelet(: replying to a comment about making a video(: enjoy and dont forget to subscribe peacelove&happiness(:
  • Wedgies :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE Subscribe to Ciarán: http//:/user/maxalots1 Twitter: King of the Web (KOTW):
  • Reggie wedgies - lost the weed (help me find it) If you find my weed, please message me, or leave a comment.
  • Bully SE glitch - Giving girl wedgies I'm not sure if anyone found out this yet, but when I first managed to do it, I'm quite surprised. Anyway, this is just an oversight design glitch, but it's fun as hell, and you will be able to hear the girls crying out (Yes, they all have speech recorded for this). Instruction on how to trigger this glitch explained in the video.
  • My first attempt at wedgies! After watching videos of Kenna, Angie Mack, Nick Guzzardo, and others doing these interesting move, I thought I would give it a try! Any tips on how to keep the hoop from falling afterward are greatly appreciated. How you enjoy my failure! (;
  • kid loves atomic wedgies! DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC We brought you the first wedgie episode now heres the second. Upon request, we got double the people and double the pain! Enjoy∞
  • Atomic Wedgies & Dancing in Pink Bras: Dare Video Sean and Jason make it simple Post a dare on and they'll get around to it eventually. And unfortunately for Sean, dares mean Atomic Wedgies from hell. Oh my, did you see that? This dare compilation video features a potential potato sack race, Jason in a pink bra, Sean and Jason "voting," catching GoGo squeeZ packages and more!
  • Update! ( beauty give away , haul , dad, wedgies, and birthday! ) Thanks :) subscribe!
  • King of wedgies My last wedgie video for now underwear rips then falls down stairs
  • Post wedgie reaction My buddy Chris had the ultimate of wedgies pulled on him, and here's the aftermath.
  • Stealing, BSU Fans, Wedgies Our new 2nd channel: Twitter: @OurLittlePlanet Facebook Fan page: Music used with permission. Music By: prof3ssor blue
  • Night Wedgies, Humiliation & No Underwear Richanda does another video where she reads questions, gives answers and does requests.
  • Self Wedgie girl Visit the web site momowedgies-
  • Wheel of atomic wedgies Peanut butter and mike get wedgies from erica!
  • Wedgies! My family was playing flip cup and the winning team dare the losing team to give each other wedgies. Lol
  • Wedgie Video III Here More Wedgies
  • Wedgie time wedgie times
  • Fox and Stacy - Live Wedgie Dares
  • Wedgies, tattoos, bikinis and sand Hot chicks are awesome, even with tattoos and Wedgies.
  • Crazy Wedgie Fight Wedgies, Money, & Cardy Waxes on About Not Smoking!! Follow Us ON ... kelloggshowkids Blogtv: Facebook: Twitter: Category: People & Blogs Tags:
  • Massive thong wedgie When a woman disrespects you there are two options, either have a calm discussion with her about how it made you feel or put her in her place with a wedgie to end all wedgies.
  • OLD MAN GETS A WEDGIE! An old man gets a wedgie from 2 women at a party while a random guy strips into his briefs.
  • Homelife: Twin Brothers Fighting - WEDGIES! :D My twin cousins fooling around. =) Poor little twin gets a massive wedgie! Links: Website: Twitter Blog:
  • Shoutouts Con Wedgies(: Shouts while giving wedgies. lol. ewl i hate my laugh-jasmin
  • ibrushwithjack: Why is it that we get wedgies? It's like underwear, where are u travelling to? like seriously!
  • NG_Vancouver: RT @thetaoofken: Twitter users are reporting #tweettheresults users, some people are natural born hall monitors who get wedgies & noogies.
  • atCourtsword: best friends are like wedgies...they know you inside and out, and are glad you picked them!
  • thetaoofken: Twitter users are reporting #tweettheresults users, some people are natural born hall monitors who get wedgies & noogies.
  • NuNu_MsStar: I hate wedgies >__<
  • Jahh_Clara: I hate when I see people pull out wedgies
  • BloodstainLane: @lorettahuntmma @thefightnerd ...HAHAHAHAHA WHOA !!!...I wanna give this dude wedgies
  • DARLiNGJ3SS: My ex doesn't get wedgies cuz his ass is too big to get em #comedianjess
  • flisseeby: @johnjamestown don't worry... I've only just realised the reason I'd been getting wedgies all day was because I had my pants on backwards!!
  • AndOtherWords: Wedgies are the enemy.
  • _ayeklee: @goofymagersCHC I wanna punch you currently :) im not texting you back until i get an im sorry:) bc no wedgies are happeniiiin
  • AREEFA_Franklin: @MOScott89 not those kinda wedgies!!! lol
  • esarepee: What is so wrong with picking wedgies?... I don't want MY underwear all in my ass..
  • carrolins: Stupid J$ giving me wedgies :(
  • whoisdesir: @QueenAmI true. Ill stop giving "office wedgies" for a month. After that, its on!
  • briandbok: Apparently the wedgies we've been giving at Guantanamo have been working! #SeeYaBinLaden
  • zoe_jonesss: @orangehead_x neither do I. Imagine if they went out of fashion and nowhere sold them lmao we'd have constant wedgies...LMAO
  • karimerryman: I give myself wedgies almost everytime I pull up my jeans
  • joey_5: RT @MiMiSo100: I wanna learn how to ride but wedgies piss me off >> JUST #SITONIT AND ROLL YAA WAIST AND HIPS.
  • MiMiSo100: I wanna learn how to ride but wedgies piss me off
  • xxogiiiinny: @itsryanbutler did you know wedgies can cause testecular damage? #ibetyoudidnt
  • gregdennis119: My cuzin keep diggin out wedgies , draws to small ctfu . They gonna b full of stains .
  • vanderleeden: RT @vegasvikings: "The world consists of 2 types of people: The people who get wedgies and the people who hand them out" Kim Frederiksen, 2011
  • BigHeadBaybee: I hate wedgies.
  • acewhyte: RT @UberFacts: Wedgies can cause testicular damage. #UberFacts
  • westiebaby94: @BobbiJanee she likes to pick my wedgies XD
  • AKA_ChinaaJay: Lol not at all RT @___OH: Lml Hype ? RT @AKA_ChinaaJay: I swear i get the worsttt wedgies everrr whenever i wear boyshorts. It's like my ass
  • AKA_ChinaaJay: RTRTRT @RaHammond_: Lol ass to fat! RT @AKA_ChinaaJay: I swear i get the worsttt wedgies everrr whenever i wear boyshorts. It's like my ass
  • WiltSwagberlain: It's call the dreaded Ball Wedgie lol RT @Menage_a_TUAS: Frontal wedgies are the worst #tmi
  • BlizRicksMusic: umm, hmm lol RT @AKA_ChinaaJay I swear i get the worsttt wedgies everrr whenever i wear boyshorts. It's like my ass swallows them up -_-
  • RaHammond_: Lol ass to fat! RT @AKA_ChinaaJay: I swear i get the worsttt wedgies everrr whenever i wear boyshorts. It's like my ass swallows them up -_-
  • AKA_ChinaaJay: I swear i get the worsttt wedgies everrr whenever i wear boyshorts. It's like my ass swallows them up -_-
  • KimiSue82: How come I know which undies give me atomic wedgies yet I still keep em in my drawer, wear them, and live thru a day of misery? Anyone else?
  • caaaRLeeY: I always pick my wedgies at the worst times
  • thaliamaria_: Wedgies are the worst
  • TheWestinMaui: RT @bergasonic: @spginsider wonderful stay @TheWestinMaui. Note to dads-the kids water slide is not for you. Major wedgies all week
  • Quilly_Mammoth: And now you know why Greenwald was the kid that always got wedgies and has puppets for friends. @noonanjo @DrewMTips
  • KatieSmithRVA: Sometimes I do embarrassing things in my office. Like imitate the Windows start-up jingle. Or sing along to Starship. Or, um, wedgies.
  • lovestory8403: @SudsReport Where are the Venice thongs, tho? // @CrystalChappell didn't want the wedgies. lol
  • therealajfoley: RT @vegasvikings: "The world consists of 2 types of people: The people who get wedgies and the people who hand them out" Kim Frederiksen, 2011
  • EyawnClariza: Unlimited wedgies wif deese jeanz, yo!
  • vegasvikings: "The world consists of 2 types of people: The people who get wedgies and the people who hand them out" Kim Frederiksen, 2011
  • theelleemme: Wedgies of the Fall #NerdyMovies
  • jonaheflin: I eat my own boogers and pick Wedgies. Can you guess who I am? (;
  • I_StandTall: @ColieT10 lmao... i read it too quick. i thought you put wedgies
  • JoliePagaille: I hate wedgies #getOutFromThere
  • crawkan: New school: get some college; start an Internet company, make millions and watch grown men give each other wedgies #iwantmymtv
  • TurnpikePrepO_o: Wedgies in public places
  • imadchiquito: Kids with visible wedgies, hahahah omg #makesmyday
  • MissValNoble: You better Werk, Miss Marie D.... Love this look and really love the wedgies!!! I need a pair!! @MarieDenee
  • riodejaneiro3: wedgies will be given to myself or @laurmichelle15 if either of us drinks pop this week. #stopbloatation.
  • wheresmyoven: @ytgunner LOL he doesn't pull his wedgies...THAT MUCH anymore!!!
  • PINKtacobunny: lmao RT @Hue_G_Wrection: i prank my girl all the time..i give them wedgies wet willy i unbuckle they bras when we hug lol...
  • wskoids: Let's Roll Guy and Followers: "Giving Osama wedgies here is fun, but really we'd prefer to be alive instead."
  • BelieberTeamAL: My brother had to ride a bike a few days ago to save gas i asked him how was the bike ride. he said: Horrible... Wedgies...
  • TeddyBrewsky: Hoes outchea smellin like taliban wedgies!
  • itsnthesteeze: Dear hippies, Can I not be happy for what this symbolizes? Pull your thong wedgies out.
  • Raraa_jane: Guys with wedgies are the cutest thing
  • AEZC: No worrying about Wedgies today!!! @sarahsays12
  • us_3014: Journal of a Schoolyard Bully: Notes on Noogies, Wet Willies, and Wedgies: Farley Katz[Sep 13, 2011]
  • IsaacHouze: #hungrytweet Just ordered a number 9 large wit curly fries potatoe wedgies egg rolls and cheese sticks.
  • Prettyme31: wedgies are a burden thats y i stick to boy shorts
  • DeZxDiLLiNGeR: @J0celynDollFace I'm a man of many talents nd picking wedgies is one of them lol
  • jennifervu: I wonder if guys get as many wedgies as us girls do
  • CodyStryker: Super Mario boxers are comfy but give very annoying wedgies #cantsleep #losing
  • FaithHarley: After I take this statistic final tomorrow I'm giving everybody wedgies -_- I'm so stressed
  • HowieChicago: BREAKING: @GOPLeader delcares a war on wedgies, "they hurt a lot."
  • ac3m0ney: My dick just jumped RT @OliviaNsmiles: RT @CandySpiderr: boyshorts always give me wedgies.
  • oliviaNsmiles: RT @CandySpiderr: boyshorts always give me wedgies.
  • DaSia_VoO: RT @CandySpiderr: boyshorts always give me wedgies.
  • ShowThemFiercee: RT @CandySpiderr: boyshorts always give me wedgies.
  • prettyasstayy: RT @CandySpiderr: boyshorts always give me wedgies.
  • CandySpiderr: boyshorts always give me wedgies.
  • OnMyHighHorse: “@DEVILina_DRESS: I be having wedgies all day. Llsss”me too lls
  • us_3014: Journal of a Schoolyard Bully: Notes on Noogies, Wet Willies, and Wedgies: Farley Katz[Sep 13, 2011]

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  • “Poker Forum at - gives goofy, jinxy, and 1iries a welcome wedgie each. RE: welcome wedgies. Jun 3, 2005 12:19 PM. Post 7 (Sneaks up behind Term, grabs his tighty whiteys and yanks them up and over the top of his head, snapping the waist band”
    — welcome wedgies - Poker Forum at ,

  • “This is a true story. On Monday, February 16th in Salt Lake City, Utah, a worker at an animal hospital heard what she thought was her car alarm going off in”
    — Handing out wedgies | Bloggled's Blog,

  • “Wedgie Nation is the #1 free site for getting wedgies. Upload & share your favorite wedgie pics, videos, dares, stories and more”
    — Forum " WEDGIE NATION | Wedgies | Wedgie Girl | Atomic Wedgie,

  • “Woodworking Magazine Blog. Better Self-administered Wedgies. Posted 9/18/2009 in All Weblog Posts | Joinery. This morning I decided to repair the vintage Chinese stool that we knocked apart earlier this year. Senior Editor Robert W. that my words on Sawmill Creek forum have helped: in your last posts”
    — Woodworking blog Woodworking Magazine - Better Self, blog.woodworking-

  • “World Wide Wedgie. This forum is all about wedgies. Everyone is welcome to share any wedgie stories or experiences. We can discuss In the schoolyard, wedgies are most often performed on uncool male children who wear briefs or tighty whities by cool male”
    — World Wide Wedgie - A Forum, pub35

  • “Let us start at the beginning… ‘- weep now or never more! See! on yon drear and rigid bier low lies thy love, Lenore! Come! Let the burial rite be read – the funeral song be sung!”
    — Roman Dirge's LENORE: WEDGIES | ,

  • “Posts tagged Wedgies at The Moviefone Blog”
    Wedgies - The Moviefone Blog,

  • “Blog RSS | Next. Lenore: Wedgies artwork! By Titan Books On June 8, 2010. Lenore might only be small, but her talent for mischief Lenore: Wedgies artwork! Titan Newsletter. Be the first to find out about new releases, exclusive content and amazing contests!”
    — Titan Books - Lenore: Wedgies artwork!,

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