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  • What should you expect when you are 8 weeks pregnant. What should the father expect? How can you handle it? Some women will be lucky and only experience a couple of weeks of morning sickness or for the lucky few, none at all. — “8 Weeks Pregnant - What to expect”, 8
  • The Titans have lost starting tight end Craig Stevens for at least a few weeks after he had arthroscopic knee surgery this week, The Tennessean reported Friday. — “ news: Titans reportedly lose TE Stevens for few weeks”,
  • Such "weeks" of between 4 and 10 days have been used historically in various places.[1] Intervals longer than 10 days are not usually termed "weeks" as they are closer in length to the fortnight or the month than to the seven-day week. [edit] Six-day week. — “Week - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • See what's happening in weeks 1 thru 4 of your pregnancy with in-utero ultrasound photos, information about your baby, your body, and more, week by week at Babies Online. — “Your Pregnancy Week By Week - Week 1 thru Week 4”,
  • Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower is one of the largest commercial rose growers in the United States since 1938. As a wholesaler, Weeks doesn't sell directly to consumers. — “Weeks Roses”,
  • Almost at the half way point of your pregnancy. Hopefully you're feeling good and ready to go! Here are pregnancy photos from the second trimester, 19 weeks pregnant in this belly gallery. — “19 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Photos - Second Trimester”,
  • This calculator shows you how far along you are in your pregnancy. Weeks, days and trimesters. — “Days of pregnancy - How many weeks pregnant am I?”,
  • As a woman enters second trimester of pregnancy or is 18 weeks pregnant, she is able to notice a lot of changes in her. Read following article on 18 weeks pregnant: what to expect to know what exactly happens as a woman is 18 weeks pregnant. 18. — “18 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect”,
  • Lyrics for Astral Weeks Performed by: Van Morrison Written by: George Ivan Morrison Credits: Morrison, George Ivan (Songwriter); CALEDONIA SOUL MUSIC (Publisher); WB MUSIC CORP. (Publisher). — “Astral Weeks: Lyrics from ”,
  • Your baby's heart continues to grow and develop during week 26 in your pregnancy. You may even be able to hear your baby's heart beat through a traditional stethoscope placed on your stomach. — “Pregnancy Week - 26 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week by Week”,
  • Amazing 3D images of your baby's development at 31 weeks pregnant! Our pregnancy calendar tells you everything there is to know about being 31 weeks pregnant!. — “31 Weeks Pregnant - 3D Pregnancy Calendar”, 3
  • Definition of Weeks in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Weeks? Meaning of Weeks as a legal term. What does Weeks mean in law?. — “Weeks legal definition of Weeks. Weeks synonyms by the Free”, legal-
  • Unfortunately, because these early weeks involve such a complex Week 8 & 9 - Gestational Age (Fetal Age 6-7 weeks) By this point in the pregnancy, everything that is present in an adult human. — “Concerns Regarding Early Fetal Development : American”,
  • Fetal development - How your baby is developing inside week by week how many weeks pregnant am i months trimesters Baby2. — “Week by Week Fetal development weeks months trimesters your”, baby2
  • 20 Weeks Pregnant Week 20 of your pregnancy signifies the middle of your second trimester, as well as the middle of your pregnancy. Congratulations if you've. — “20 Weeks Pregnant - - Symptoms & What To Expect | Pregnancy”,
  • Offering the Weeks Rocker, a graceful rocking chair designed for comfort and built to last. — “Gary Weeks & Company”,
  • See how your baby is growing week by week throughout your pregnancy with fetal development images showing an embryo that develops into a baby ready to be born. — “Fetal Development Week by Week Images | BabyCenter”,
  • Bringing home a newborn may seem overwhelming. Here's help managing the first two weeks. I believe the first two weeks home with a newborn are the hardest. — “Blog: Surviving the first two weeks with your newborn”,
  • Find everything you need to know about your baby and you when you are 31 weeks pregnant. Track every week's new developments with this free pregnancy guide from . — “31 Weeks Pregnant - Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar”,

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  • Best Clips, Week of 3.04.2010: infoMania News reports on strange objects blocking bullets, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck's 'Bold and Fresh Tour,' Top 5 Pop songs, and 'The Bachelor' finale. Watch More infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV VIEW more infoMania & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here...
  • Two Weeks to Live Abner is diagnosed as having only two weeks to live, so his partner gets the idea that they can make a ton of money by having him perform all kinds of dangerous stunts. Then the diagnosis turns out to be a mistake.
  • Best Clips, Week of 01.28.10: infoMania The State of the Union, the iPad, the happiest man on TV, the SAG Awards, and R&B jams. Watch More infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV VIEW more infoMania & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here...
  • Two Weeks All That Remains (with lyrics) Two Weeks All That Remains from the album Overcome Lyrics: and you neglected I called you out don't please I said we're stronger than this now you resurrected mistakes years past it seemed and they exist to still haunt you and still you feel like the loneliness is better replaced by this I don't believe it this way and I can see the fear in your eyes I've seen it materialize Growing stronger each day I could see it as you turned to stone Still clearly I can hear you say don't leave, don't give up on me two weeks and you ran away I remember don't lie to me you couldn't see that it was not that way swear I never gave up on you I wanted nothing but for that trust again and brick by brick you would take it You feared of phantoms and none exist but you you still saw fit to destroy it and still you feel like the loneliness is better replaced by this I don't believe it this way and I can see the fear in your eyes I've seen it materialize growing stronger each day I could see it as you turned to stone still clearly I can hear you say don't leave don't give up on me two weeks and you ran away I remember don't lie to me you couldn't see that it was not that way swear I never gave up on you and you neglected I called you out don't please I said we're stronger than this now You feared of phantoms and none exist but you you still saw fit to destroy it and I can see the fear in your eyes I've seen it materialize growing stronger each day I could see it as you turned to stone still ...
  • The Weeks perform "Buttons" live in the Q101 studio Check out The Weeks with Ryan Manno!
  • Spelbound - Britain's Got Talent 2010 - Auditions Week 2 Britain's Got Talent: Gymnastics group Spelbound all come from different backgrounds and are just trying to get as far as the Royal Variety Show. Will their daredevil act be good enough for royalty? See more at
  • Nine and half weeks - Kim Basinger Lindo filme - nine and half weeks
  • Wong Fu Weekends: Ep 22 - Epic week of filming and back In this week's WFW we drove up to Sacramento to shoot a new exciting project with Ryan Higa. Dominic aka D-Trix from Quest Crew stops by our office along with our friends David Choi and Kevin Wu aka Kevjumba. Wong Fu Weekends is Sponsored by our Premier Sponsor http MUSIC BY: SUBSCRIBE! OFFICIAL FACEBOOK http TWITTER STORE
  • Best clips from the week of 11.05.09: infoMania This week on infomania cable news knows its not the quality of election coverage that matters but the quantity. Al Roker is stealing jokes from 'The Girls Next Door.' Levi Johnston is all out of secrets. Sergio counts down the hottest songs in the land. And Brett scours YouTube for the best Deathcore metal screamers. Watch More infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV
  • Weeks - Buttons Weeks- Buttons from their album Comeback Cadaliac
  • Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear Awesome video made by Gabe Askew
  • Best clips from the week of 10.29.09: infoMania This week on infoMania cable hosts two awards shows you've never heard of, the news goes crazy for Halloween, Sergio counts down the spookiest hits, Brett helps you find a costume, and Bryan checks out gay conversions. Watch More infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV
  • All That Remains - Two Weeks - Hi Res All That Remains new video from director Brian Thompson for "Two Weeks." From their recently released album "Overcome." Purchase this video directly from iTunes:
  • The best media clips from the week of July 16th: infoMania This week on infoMania Judge Sotomayor gets judged herself. The news has some super helpful summer hints. Dating advice has Sarah confused. Online demo reels have Brett entertained. And Lauren Conrad's new novel has Ben engrossed. Watch infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV
  • Janey Cutler - Britain's Got Talent 2010 - Auditions Week 4 Britain's Got Talent: 80-year-old Janey Cutler has been told she has a wonderful singing voice, and her friends have been egging her on to enter the competition as she's got nothing to lose. Can we find yet another good singer on the Glasgow stage? See more at
  • Black Ops Top 10 Plays Week 5 If this could get 5000 rating I would soil my self. Top 10 plays! I hope you enjoy this weeks episode. It was difficult chosing the order, would you have changed anything? To send in your clip please send you zshare video lin, youtube channel Url and a discription of your play
  • fashiontv - NYFW Fall 2010 Review - fashiontv | nyfwFTV FW REVIEW F/W 10-11 NEW YORK Music Info: Performer: Beyonc? Title: Sweet_Dreams
  • 28 weeks later - Theme song 28 weeks later soundtrack...in the house - in a heartbeat...
  • Fashion Week Review - Sao Paulo Fashion Week Review Spring Summer 2011 Sao Paulo Fashion Week Review Spring Summer 2011 Music Info: Performer: Mark Ronson The Business Intl Title: Bang Bang Bang Russ Chimes Remix
  • Grizzly Bear Two Weeks, new song live New Grizzly Bear song "Two Weeks"
  • Best clips form the week of Aug. 27: infoMania This week on infoMania A&E is obsessed with obsessions, Miss Universe contestants play dress up, Sarah explores Brooke Shields transition into momhood, Sergio looks at the sad state of rock music, and Ben goes hunting for crazies at a health care town hall. Watch More infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV
  • Best Clips, Week of 2.4.10: infoMania The Grammy Awards, Miss America, the final season of 'Lost', National Geographic's 'Taboo,' and the web's biggest muscles. Watch More infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV VIEW more infoMania & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Show here...
  • One Direction Video Diary - Week 5 - The X Factor - We sell Door Locks, Euro Locks, Euro Cylinder and all other locks at Cheapest Locks Twitter /messily One Direction Fan twitter: One Direction OFFICIAL fan mail: [email protected] One Direction are going for a step change in their performance this week. Plus, answering your questions, the boys discuss superpowers, dreams and first kisses. If you have questions for One Direction, please leave them below - they'll try to answer a few in next week's diary.
  • The best clips from the week of Aug. 13: infoMania This week on infoMania the health care debate takes an unhealthy turn, we show you how to bone like an Egyptian, that bump in your belly may be a baby, Ben sits down with Kato Kaelin, and Sarah looks at commercials a whole new way now that she's thirty. Watch infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV
  • fashiontv - London Fashion Week Review Fall 2010 - fashiontv | nyfwFTV Londo Fashion Week Fall Winter 2010 2011 Review Music Info: Performer: Pet shop boys Title: love ect
  • fashiontv - Rio Fashion Week Review Spring 2011 - fashiontv | nyfwFTV Rio Fashion Week Review Spring Summer 2011 Music Info: Performer: Guilherme e Santiago Title: E dai
  • This Week in iPad - Jason Smith of Uzu App This week we have Jason Smith, Creator of the Uzu iPad app. Jacob Burch and Lon Harris hosted episode 16 of This Week in iPad on Thursday, July 22nd, at 4:00 PM PT on the ThisWeekIn Network. The guest on this week's show was Jason Smith, creator of "Uzu" Harris asked viewers to join watch a new show, which will be hosted by Harris and Burch, "This Week in Mad Men" on Monday at 7:00 PM PT. Harris thanked Matthew Paulson of iPad Weekly, the official blogger for This Week in iPad. Harris asked viewers to thank PressReader (@pressdisplay), Print Magic (@welalla) and Gazelle (@gazelle_com) via Twitter. Sponsor #1 -- Press Reader (5:00) Harris thanked the newest sponsor of This Week in iPad, PressReader, an iPad application which brings more than 1500 newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, to the iPad. Users can purchase a single paper for $0.99 or get 31 downloads per month for $9.99. Show and Tell (8:45) Fruit Ninja HD -- Harris demoed Fruit Ninja HD in which users have to slash fruit with their sword via swiping. Harris said Fruit Ninja HD was fun, but does not have enough staying power for the $4.99 price tag. Harris asked users to provide feedback on the new Show and Tell games segment to @lons on Twitter. News (13:00) Flip Board -- Flip Board is a new social media magazine iPad application for the iPad which has gained notoriety, but has had some issues because of the popularity of the app. Burch said people will get over the early issues that the app has had ...
  • One Direction Video Diary - Week 8 - The X Factor Twitter: /messily One Direction OFFICIAL fan mail: [email protected] Amid their hectic schedule, video diary time is a chance for One Direction to relax with a nice cup of tea. This week, the boys discuss what they sing in the shower, what people think of them and how exciting it is to have Justin Bieber performing on Sunday. Questions for One Direction? Please leave them below and they'll try to answer some in next week's diary.
  • Achievement Hunter Weekly Update #45 (Week of January 10th, 2011) Jack and Geoff take you through another spiffy AHWU for the early weeks of 2011! Trivia question: how many "Binary Days" are left in 2011? Go!
  • All That Remains - Two Weeks Music video by All That Remains performing Two Weeks. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 88993 (C) 2008 Razor & Tie
  • Black Ops Top 5 Plays Week 13 LIKE and FAV this video for a chance to win a Free T-shirt! x3 What did you think of this weeks order? Send me a play! upload your file to and send an email to [email protected], in the email include the zshare video link or a Youtube video link, include your youtube channel name/xlb or psn and a description of your video!
  • John Murphy - In the house, In a heartbeat In the house. in a heartbeat,
  • Achievement Hunter Weekly Update #48 (Week of January 31st, 2011) Jack and Geoff bring you some fresh new AHWU and gaming news for the last week of January 2011. It's like we hardly knew ye. Watch for this week's new releases and news on Sony's new PSP2, the next Angry Birds and more!
  • Achievement Hunter Weekly Update #2 (Week of March 8th, 2010) Jack and Geoff run you through the upcoming releases for the week including Final Fantasty XIII, Bioshock 2 DLC, Yakuza 3 and more! Hilarity most definitely will ensue.
  • The best media clips from the week of Aug. 6: infoMania This week on infoMania Spike TV tells you how stupid people die, reality tv stars have trouble with English, Shark Week reminds us that sharks are out to kill all humans, Brett explores the strange phenomenon of YouTube haul videos, Bryan goes cruising for gay characters on television commercials, and Sergio counts down the top R&B jams on iTunes. Watch infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV
  • Best clips from the week of 10.15.09: infoMania This week on infoMania Conor looks at local news' big ass pumpkin obsession and at the GOP's fancy new web site. Sarah wonders if weird contraptions are the secret to everlasting beauty. Sergio counts down the hottest new tracks on Billboard. And Ben sits down with Mr. Belding from 'Saved By The Bell' 16 years too late. Watch More infoMania Thursdays at 11/10c on Current TV.
  • How to photograph a splash of water - Week 52 Can't see the video? Click here Make a splash with your photography as digital photography expert Gavin Hoey demonstrates the strobist set up required to capture the beauty hidden in a drop of water.
  • Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (music video in HD) Veckatimest out now Music Video (HD) for Two Weeks directed by Patrick Daughters. Veckatimest album out now! Full album info here: grizzly- Producer Karen Lin VFX The Mill Production company The Directors Bureau
  • Beginners Pull Up Workout Tutorial Week 1 strength training for pull ups workouts exercises This is the first weeks pull up videos for beginners. If you can already do pull ups, this weeks video is not for you. Make sure you subscribe and for a workout routine for beginners, please go to strength- and in the tutorial section, go to calisthenics and you'll find pull ups week 1 for beginners. Do these workouts and eventually you WILL get to the point where you can do a pull up.
  • wmbr: Breakfast of Champions: This weeks Band of the Week at 8:30 am: Ultra Vivid Scene
  • Frost_J: @afairb Yeah, no messing! Bet that took a fair few weeks!
  • JBALAN: @Vilelynn Im defiantly having 1 of those weeks! I try not 2 whine on here but some days...well,u know. Not feeling well makes me whiny! haha
  • JStewart511: While procrastinating I was looking through my calendar, I've only been back up in Manchester for 2 and a half weeks. It feels like ages....
  • Littlsunshinex3: I just took "(Parts 1 - 36) What would happen if you got signed by ..." and got: -Part 24- Mockingbird Part 2 ! Try it: http://bit.ly/jk3y4o
  • RevDib: @StickBeetle @GreenJadeDragon @sarahecooke Does that mean we'll be thudding at a pic of an enchanting 8 yr old in a couple of weeks' time?
  • teunblogs: Upcoming Tech & Media Events You Should Be Attending [DISCOUNTS]: Already three weeks have… http://goo.gl/fb/3sHdY
  • KingsTroubadour: RT @RedCrossBloodBH: Thanks to @WKOW for sharing with viewers why it's #Good2Give this summer, & remember, U can donate whole blood every 8 weeks!
  • markmhowes: @wraggtrade after that massive drop a few weeks ago I didn't kno what the score was there. Thought to stay clear. You looked into #CAD yet?
  • Kmoondawg23: @The_Lesley lol I told you that u shoulda shown up more than once every two weeks haha
  • Lexy_PutsItDown: Dese Weeks Need To Hurry Up Forreal. .
  • laurenklair: @chrisquy Mine's silver and black with black leather and will be with me in 6 weeks.. Gutted! #honestly
  • caradeocampo: @celinibelini 2 weeks! I died in bernadette's class yday! Promised myself I would take a break that long ever again! Excited for tom! :)
  • YINGsikins: @sharilynnn @kymzzywymzzy @whyiteaiaand @iamjohannabok YES PLEASE! :D MEGA SPAM SLEEPOVERS! <3 I REALLY MISS YOU GUYS. 5 MORE WEEKS LEFT! :D
  • _Mystery_Man_: Deffo need to get my arse out for a run on Saturday. Not been for one outside for over 2 weeks now.
  • nickbrandt: On the ranch next to ours the mama horse gave birth to this little one a couple weeks ago! http:///gybzqmcj
  • kendralewis31: @MrPalmer182 Im outta school for @ weeks so hit me up one day so we can have lunch or somethin .
  • johnmichaelreid: Ever have one of those weeks where you go "What? It's Friday?" (and not in a good "the week just blew by" kinda way...) #WorkendHereICome
  • mrswhytmike: @blkmike77 she should've been gone weeks ago! I think ppl felt bad for her
  • NickRBest: Morning all ! 13 weeks out!
  • LemonSherbertTM: Hope I'm one of the lucky who get the letter that says my jr year is over and don't have to come back for the last 2 weeks!
  • lowzhipeng: Yay~ i can finally access my twitter on my computer after 2 weeks ^_^
  • RegioFora_US: #US Mississippi Floodwaters May Linger For Weeks: VICKSBURG, Miss. (CNN) -- Residents eager t... http://bit.ly/kripEr #Mississippi #News
  • sourglowworms: RT @cimorellifan18: I don't feel like going back to school!! Need to enjoy the last 2 weeks of vacation!!!!
  • tatsxx: After 3 weeks having no water in my ensuite it was finally fixed yesterday & then today I wake up with my ceeling leaking!! FFS!!
  • nikhilgolchha: @MicrochipTech: disappointed by your distributors in India. For PIC18F14K50, MOQ is 1000 no with a lead time of 10 weeks.Alternate solution?
  • GerritvDoornik: @thompson_sj not much planned, just HIM italy, moved to London two weeks ago so still looking around for events. Any tips?
  • BACCoachJ: Taking Jay to the bus stop with my baby bro! Can't believe how much she has grown in 6 weeks.
  • BeckyLovesJLS: @JLSOfficial 2 weeks till eyes wide open :) 29 days till I see you :) love you xx
  • jodiehhh: Ooohh catching up on the last 4 weeks of gossip girl
  • RAS6: RT @PaulTreu: @ras6 Let's chat when we are back. We will be off for a few weeks after Edinburgh.
  • RealElliotCobb: @VisualFace Yeah I fell asleep mate, will be up later tonight no more college for a couple weeks
  • Mr_W_Bat_Esq: @HellenBach Sadly all very necessary if these projects are ever to progress to reality. Off to NZ again Sunday nite; freeze 4 cpl of weeks
  • RaleighDeRango: these next 3 weeks will be the most stressful and sad 3 weeks of my life.
  • Dartmoor_SRTA: RT @alpew Blog following last weeks Ten Tors and Jubilee Challenge events 2011 http://post.ly/23gST #dartmoor #tentors
  • Antoconv: @Unique_Universe U should know I'm asking a refund for 2 auctions but even the other celeb unfollowed me after 3 weeks. No comment!
  • ourredv: @doggedtim no more than you're struggling to tell pts in last weeks' match apart from those in tonights'. Both however resulted in a Loss.
  • jailbreak_xno: Tech Buzz: iPad 2 Jailbreak Possibly Just Weeks Away http://t.co/xU5FufU via @techdingdotcom #58
  • krispacard: RT @kseed: St Catharines transit you are becoming more and more unreliable as the weeks go on http://bit.ly/jHRAVw
  • ibizaessentials: @SJEMAKEUP i know how u feel! need a massage back is killing,swear iv walked further in these last 2 weeks then i have in the last two years
  • DrMircow: RT @AbridgedBros: Expect Episode 11 of Batman: The Abridged Series to be out in early June. Let's say in like 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned!
  • LindaGallardo1: Pride and Joy Academy is a Full Service Child Care Center and Pre-School for ages 6 weeks to 12 years.
  • BarryMarelli: @LollyGee this eve, sydney then perth, three weeks, chufing excited :) How is postFrance life?
  • sospot91: OMG stop staring down my shirt! Urgh only 3 weeks left thank god! #bloodymen
  • issaajusoy: No banchetto again :( 2 weeks in a row. How am I suppose to survive without eating at 11pm on Friday nights?
  • _CraVeMyTwEEts: just woke up and its time to hit the books i love may-term :) 3 credits in 3 weeks!
  • carla_supafly: @JR_STYLEZ yeah my weeks been pretty amazing actually! Can't complain at all. Yours?
  • jarule4realu: I stay towards Surulere I will be in los in two weeks time.
  • MissLizzo: just when you think it's over....here comes the sun. best weather we've had in weeks. #godisnotfinished
  • SimonOldfield: RT @EncountersSFF: Remember only a few weeks to go before the deadline for @AestheticaMag Short Film Fest. Send your short films by 31 May http://bit.ly/5J1KET
  • deruelle: RT @kapejod: I learned a few things from this weeks SIP bruteforce attack. http://bit.ly/lgvUVU #voip #kamailio #asterisk
  • KlassyKids: 2 weeks in a row with the Ergo on Greys - love the organic blue with nautelis hood... Too bad it's retired! We... http://fb.me/12VgoDRze
  • hanstewarttt: So I have a maths, 2 history, 2 geography, and 3 science exams starting in two weeks and I haven't started revision for any, fml
  • galia_13x: 3 weeks waid ?:s
  • AbridgedBros: Expect Episode 11 of Batman: The Abridged Series to be out in early June. Let's say in like 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned!
  • YanieeMarie: Three weeks of chagrin. I wonder if we could reset everything. Much have been said.
  • PaulTreu: @ras6 Let's chat when we are back. We will be off for a few weeks after Edinburgh.
  • supergamesonlin: B2B Social Media – How Crucial Is Timing Your Marketing Efforts?: Some weeks ago, HubSpot held a webinar on the ... http://bit.ly/lrA9KD
  • kaylalavallee_: RT @MalcolmMD: What happens when people turn to tears, dreams turn to memories, and weeks turn to years?
  • Ginchan_: this weeks patch is amazing, it feels even bigger then the realignment patch :o #heroesofnewerth @MaideHoN
  • klaashoekstra94: @Sofarbeyond Uuhm, 3 weeks, 7 hours and 7 minutes ofcourse! ^^ #SkuorreRock
  • bettyboop0112: RT @Promotional_UK This weeks comp: UK only, £10 itunes voucher prize for winner, random draw, RT & Follow to enter.#promotionalmerchandise
  • mranthonynewton: Latitude Festival, 7.5 weeks early! http://t.co/OewxNtL
  • hotwings56: I just took "(Parts 1 - 36) What would happen if you got sig..." and got: -Part 8- In a hotel room all day ;)!! Try it: http://bit.ly/lFp8gU
  • TrishAngel97: Ugh! I tore a tendon in my ankle and had surgery on it a couple weeks ago. I'm finally getting this splint off. It's into the boot for me :(
  • LMKultra: @k8t1979 I looked just a few weeks ago and thought it was NEXT week but they mustnt have updated it yet. jus a lil xcited for him :)
  • PaulLanda: @HilaryCarden half term already! Didn't they just have 2 weeks off! That's the life! Lol
  • MODEL_INDONESIA: So im leaving New York :-( buuuutttt ima be back in 3 weeks
  • mFalcons5: @SocialSea It's been nice. I have Australia on deck in about 5 weeks. Not looking forward to the plane ride.
  • daveredfern: Second complaint email sent to Pauls Cycles after no response for 2 weeks. I would recommend NEVER purchasing from these!
  • mybigfatfreebie: Free Weeks Supply of Nature's Bounty Fish Oil: Sign up to receive a Free Weeks Supply of Nature's Bounty Fish Oi... http://bit.ly/l2YwUl
  • simonfeesh: RT @NarinaExelby: This is sposed to help grieving moms come to terms with loss of a newborn? Hope they're assembled 1st. http://ow.ly/4Z3iw
  • electroisblah: @tiaheartsyoux3 hey you, follow me back before I come find you & hurt you. Btw, I'll be in nashville in 2 weeks. Yeah, look forward to that
  • Jeffrey__Scott: @Rapagena @strattso So you are a couple of weeks behind? How am I going to wait that long to talk to you about it? LOL
  • PrinceBelphegor: DUDE I HAVE CONS IN 2 WEEKS!?
  • _daveo: @srgDCFC Old news, Been that price for weeks. Thought you were all hip to the hop and all that
  • lovestaceface18: Can't believe I came from Florida two weeks ago. Time flies BY!
  • tea_w_jambread: RT @FLHPapartments: This weeks Friday Foto taken by Yetunde, is of the beautiful rue Mouffertard & the delicious looking Mouffertard... http://fb.me/ztGnmNVq
  • ChelseaChat: Poor Avram Grant has had spent last 76 weeks out of 77 in the bottom 3 of PL http:///3mt8b6n
  • say_apple: Tech Buzz: iPad 2 Jailbreak Possibly Just Weeks Away http://t.co/xU5FufU via @techdingdotcom #38
  • NorthantsArts: Last two events for a few weeks take place this weekend. Sparkle and Dark's The Clock Master plays Rushden VH and Denton VH tomorrow and Sun
  • toddeury: Sheryl Crow said it best: "Leaving Las Vegas Leaving for good!" 2 conferences 2 weeks. #ASCPSC11 & Armada Specialty #Pharmacy wrapped up!!
  • Twiggo: Dunstable, been here 3 weeks already and I've not set foot outside the door of an evening need to meet people and build a life-where to go?
  • dragonjones: How is everyone? A couple if weeks off from filming now but getting itchy as want to be back in the Den. #thenextlevi
  • MaryMardc: Finally... TGIF!!!!:D ... Still 6 o 7 weeks to go!! #pleasegobyfat :)
  • givenoveltygift: RT @earthxplorer: RT @LIFE: Have you seen our #Photos of the Week? - http:///kV4eW2
  • kseed: St Catharines transit you are becoming more and more unreliable as the weeks go on
  • KayGibson: Haven't had a day off work for 2 weeks... So tired #yawn
  • DawnCosten: RT @SwitchFlopsUK Our next competition draw to win a pair of LP SwitchFlops takes place on 27th May, 3 weeks to RT and #LindsayPhillipsUK
  • micadams: @hayesbtv Yep - went two weeks ago for Cinco de Mayo - great food and drinks. One of those "trendy" spots good for happy hour :)
  • ksc55: The Dark Knight Rises is happening in 1 years, 8 weeks, 4 days, 16 hours, 36 minutes, 53 seconds - #Countdown
  • foRAWRhero: so i'll be going to this place 2 weeks in a row, this saturday and next saturday. Atleast i won't get lost for tne :')
  • sarahyates9876: @OK_Magazine not when I spotted them at Blackpool pleasure beach a couple of weeks ago x
  • ahmedrafiey: @Lilylapaz its my ast 2 weeks of being a senior =P

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