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  • Why does music matter to you? The Music Matters campaign is a collective of artists and people from across the industry, which has formed to remind music fans of the significance and value of music. Read more. Matters Blog. ARTISTS WANTED TO CONTRIBUTE TO NEW MUSIC MATTERS FILM. — “Why does music matter to you? | Why Music Matters”,
  • Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons? Why is the third hand on the watch called a second hand? Why isn't there a special name for the tops of your feet? If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON stick to the pan?. — “Why ask Why - funny rhetorical questions”,
  • Your child's inquisitiveness is a signal that his mind is expanding quickly, and that he's curious about the world. So I do one of two things: I give him a reason why before he can even ask. — “Why does my toddler constantly ask "why"? | BabyCenter”,
  • Listen free to Why?: The Hollows, These Few Presidents & more, plus 80 pictures. There is more than one artist with this name: 1) A band from Oakland, California who play both indie rock and alternative hip-hop 2) A folk rock band from. — “Why? – Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at Last.fm”, last.fm
  • It took so long to get here, why you wanna go? Why you wanna leave me? Why you wanna go? It took so long to get here, why you wanna go? Why you wanna leave me? Why you wanna go, eh? It took so long f. — “WHY YOU WANNA GO? LYRICS - SEAN KINGSTON”,
  • Official site of World Hunger Year, a national non-profit organization that attacks root causes of hunger and poverty by promoting effective and innovative community-based solutions which create self-reliance, economic justice, and food security. — “WHY”,
  • why adv. For what purpose, reason, or cause; with what intention, justification, or motive: Why is the door shut? Why do birds sing? conj USAGE NOTE Many critics have held that why is redundant in the expression the reason why, as in The reason why he accepted the nomination is not clear. — “why: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • answers every question that starts with why. Its a place for curiousminds that always wonder why. — “Why | Why do? | Why does?”,
  • The best part about the clip is the guy filming knew why the store was closed but decided to let the guy go crazy instead. — “Why Are You Closed? Video”,
  • why (not comparable) For what cause, reason, or purpose. Why did you Retrieved from "http:///wiki/why" Categories: Middle English derivations | Old English derivations | English. — “why - Wiktionary”,
  • Why definition, for what? for what reason, cause, or purpose? for which; on account of which (usually after reason to introduce a relative clause): the reason why he refused to go. — “Why | Define Why at ”,
  • Definition of why in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of why. Pronunciation of why. Translations of why. why synonyms, why antonyms. Information about why in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. why is, reason why. — “why - definition of why by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Flash presentation of the gospel that answers some of life's greatest questions, individually geared toward men and women and specific age groups. Nothing — Something — Interest — Basics — Why — Hope — Now — Next. — “Need Him Ministries”,
  • Wally Hermès Yachts, a partnership founded on the design, development and construction of products based on state-of-the-art technologies in the nautical and luxury industries. — “WHY | Official website”, why-
  • We said Goodbye, Dave McClean I said goodbye to you Why, why, Oh, why Why did we say goodbye? Why did you say goodbye to me? Why did I say goodbye? I said goodbye to you Oh, no I said goodbye I said goodbye to you You'll never find another guy. — “Whats this song?! -- Why, why oh why, why did we say goodbye? --?”,
  • Because sometimes, your customers have to type, so why not make it easy? Use the above links to access the home page and other materials. — “”,
  • Westlife Why Do I Love You lyrics in the World Of Our Own Album. These Why Do I Love You lyrics are performed by Westlife Get the music video and song lyrics here. Suddenly she's leaving Suddenly the promise of love has gone Suddenly, breathing. — “WESTLIFE - WHY DO I LOVE YOU LYRICS”,
  • KELLY FAMILY Why Why Why lyrics. These Why Why Why lyrics are performed by KELLY FAMILY. View these Why Why Why song lyrics. — “WHY WHY WHY lyrics KELLY FAMILY”,
  • Keep me logged in. Forgot password? Login. Search. Home. People. Music. Video. Games. TopicsNew Michael Brea Kills Mom. Prince William's Wedding. Tony Parker - Erin Barry. Megan Fox. Lady. — “Myspace”,
  • Look up why in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Why may refer to: of an argument, for what reason or purpose. Why?, one of the Five Ws used in journalism. — “Why - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna This is a very accurate video showing the reason why Chris Brown beat Rihanna Twitter: Myspace: Facebook
  • Louis CK "Why?" Comedian Louis CK
  • Rascal Flatts - Why - Every 40 Seconds Someone Asks ... Why? A slideshow for Rascal Flatts' current single "Why." "In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope." - Michael Jackson
  • Why-Avril Lavigne Lyrics The song Why by Avril Lavigne with lyrics. Hope you like it though some of the words come out a bit too slow. Subscribe if you like it.
  • 4Minute - 'WHY' M/V 4Minute's 4th japanese single 'WHY' will be released on March 9th 2011. This song is the opening theme for 惡黨~重犯罪搜査班 악당~중범죄수사반 (TV Asahi japanese drama).
  • Why - Rascal Flatts [HD][Lyrics] One the most moving song I've heard and really has a great message for us think about. It's the last track from their newest album, Unstoppable. If you like it, please leave a comment, Thank You.
  • Annie Lennox - Why - Video Annie Lennox Why (c) (C) 1992 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Germany) GmbH
  • Annie Lennox - Why - Live
  • Annie Lennox - Why (Live At Live 8 London) 2. Juli 2006, Annie Lennox is singing Why At Live 8, London
  • Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me Music video by Beyoncé performing Why Don't You Love Me. (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment
  • WHY? - The Hollows WHY? The Hollows /whyanticon /WHY The Great Universal Unutterable Joke we are all always not laughing at—except when we are.
  • TEDxPugetSound - Simon Sinek - 9/17/09 TEDx Puget Sound speaker - Simon Sinek - Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action About TEDx, x=independently organize event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self- organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x=independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
  • Amerie - Why RU Music video by Amerie performing Why R U. (C) 2009 The Island Def Jam Music Group
  • FFVII Crisis Core Soundtrack: Why Crisis Core OST Why by Ayaka.
  • Julian Perretta - Wonder Why (official video) "Wonder Why". First single from Julian Perretta debut album, "Stitch Me Up", now available online & in stores bit.ly Insert your physical copy of the album into your computer, and get instant access to unreleased content through OPENDISC, such as an exclusive 26 minutes documentary.
  • Why-Frankie Avalon Why by Frankie Avalon. *If you are someone who objects to the use of this song for copyright reasons then please tell me and I will remove this.*
  • Avril Lavigne - Why ...
  • [anticon] why? - Alopecia - The Vowels Pt. 2 [anticon] why? - The Vowels Pt. 2
  • Jason Aldean - Why Music video by Jason Aldean performing Why. 2005 Broken Bow Records
  • Nate Dogg - Why SUPPORT YOUR FAV ARTISTS! From the album: Gridlock'd (Soundtrack) Front Cover: [Intro/Chorus] Why did my homie have to die, with the tears in my eyes I came to say goodbye, say goodbye [repeat 2X] Just passin through to let you know that I remember the times we shared Your mother prayed for us both night and day I guess this is what she feared The picture in my room keeps your image sharply in my head All in my head I just can't let go of the memories I had; will this madness ever end? [Chorus] Sometimes I wonder if it's better to be free or be in jail Incarceration at this time to me is better than heaven or hell I often wonder if you'd still be here if you had worn your vest Worn your vest You most likely soon see me we'll all be a memory if we don't change this mess... change it or we gone y'all [Chorus] Hi, passing you through to let you know Passing you through to let you know That I, gonna tell everyone I know Gonna tell everyone I know How we, used to send them to the floor Used to send them to the floor Have we, have we forgot to mourn Ohh, how long, how long, how long will they mourn Ohh, how long, how long, how long will they mourn [Chorus 3X]
  • Rascal Flatts - Why This is from Rascal Flatts' latest album, "Unstoppable" Enjoy. ---------------- If you come here and post disrespectful comments to other people for no reason, I'll just block you and delete your posts. So don't bother. I won't tolerate people with the sole intention of making others feel bad. ------------------------------------------------------- I'd just like to say to anyone who has lost someone, I am really sorry for your loss. I'd also like to say to anyone who is thinking about taking their life, I hope after listening to this song you realize that it would be a mistake to do so. Suicide is never the answer. You just have to move along, I promise things will get better. Last but not least, if you know someone who is "in a place so dark", someone who is having a hard time getting through their life, please let them know that someone cares about them, talk to them about it. You'd be amazed by how just a simple act of kindness can change and even save someone's life. I personally know how true that is. I'm at a point in my life where it seems like it will never get better but then someone who was a complete stranger at the time came into my life and was just simply nice to me in a time when I really needed it and now I have something to live for. So please, if you know anyone having a hard time, try to help them through it. -- I wrote this quite a while back and things are starting to get better for me. The person who I mentioned above basically left my life a few ...
  • Why is the Rum Gone? - Remix Prize for the 10Mth viewer: the last bottle of rum! Don't tell Jack but I've been holding one back. ~!~!~MP3 DOWNLOAD!~!~! --------- A musical remix of Pirates of the Caribbean in the style of the infamous "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard." FAQ: Q. What program did you use to make this amazing masterpiece? A. I used Final Cut Express for the video and Logic Pro to compose and mix the audio. Q. Can I use the audio for a remix of a remix that I am making? A. Yes. Go right ahead. Q. Why is the rum gone? A. Well the answer is simple. It is b--- *gets pulled offstage by a cane*
  • The Joker - Why so serious The whole scene-belongs to warner bros. ps: follow me on twitter
  • Why Girls Don't Fart... ^^ CH is nominated for a WEBBY AWARD! Best Comedy Website ^^ If you liked this, please vote! See new videos before they hit YouTube! Our videos premiere there first and in widescreen. Watch the original and view credits at Check out the CHTV video podcast on iTunes:
  • Why - Carly Simon 1982 Single from the soundtrack for Soup For One. Visit Carly:
  • WHY? - Song Of The Sad Assassin "Song Of The Sad Assassin" from WHY?'s new album, Alopecia. In stores now on Anticon and Tomlab (EU). Video directed by Mike Mayfield ().
  • Carly Simon - Why (12" Mix) - Paradise Garage 1982 smasher produced by Chic (Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers), played by Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage.
  • Why Nicole Nordeman This is a song that touched me. Hope you would enjoy it too! Pass this song (or the URL) to whom u wanna let them know that there is a special reason that they live and that they are loved! :) Lots of love, MT
  • Tell Me Why-Declan Galbraith
  • Dire Straits - Why Worry Dire Straits Why Worry Australia Live
  • Why?- Fatalist Palmistry A song by Why? off their album "Alopecia".
  • why? - "rubber traits" directed by ravi zupa. from the "elephant eyelash" LP (anticon)
  • Jadakiss - Why (Uncut Version) ft. Anthony Hamilton Music video by Jadakiss performing Why. (C) 2004 Ruff Ryders
  • Tiggy-why a music video from tiggy
  • WHY? - These Hands / January Twenty Something A music video for the first two tracks from WHY?'s album Eskimo Snow. Directed by Ben Barnes. Choose HD version for best resolution.
  • Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1) Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 1). The only people so stupid as to not understand the answer are the creationists themselves.
  • Nichole Nordeman - Why FYI: I disabled comments because people repeatedly commented that it isn't Nichole Nordeman who's singing. LYRICS We rode into town the other day Just me and my Daddy He said I'd finally reached that age And I could ride next to him on a horse That of course was not quite as wide We heard a crowd of people shouting And so we stopped to find out why And there was that man That my dad said he loved But today there was fear in his eyes So I said "Daddy, why are they screaming? Why are the faces of some of them beaming? Why is He dressed in that bright purple robe? I'll bet that crown hurts Him more than He shows Daddy, please can't you do something? He looks as though He's gonna cry you said he was stronger than all of those guys addy, please tell me why Why does everyone want him to die?" Later that day the sky grew cloudy And Daddy said I should go inside Somehow he knew things would get stormy Boy was he right But I could not keep from wondering If there was something he had to hide So after he left I had to find out I was not afraid of getting lost So I followed the crowds To a hill where I knew men had been killed And I heard a voice come from the cross And it said, "Father, why are they screaming? Why are the faces of some of them beaming? Why are they casting their lots for My robe? This crown of thorns hurts Me more than it shows Father, please can't You do something? I know that You must hear My cry I thought I could handle the cross of this size Father, remind Me ...
  • Why? The Vowels, Pt 2 i'm not a ladies man, i'm a landmine filming my own fake death under an '88 cavalier i go but-but-but-but nothing but the rear bumper's blown but i's born for this flight, united 955 on the fifth of july back the SFO i join the dark side in a thin disguise caught on consumer grade video at the height faking suicide for applause in the food courts of malls and cursing racing horses on church steps playing the wall at singles bingo all time gringo did anyone hear me cry there through a toilet stall divider i swear i care. i am an example of a calculated birth to a star chart for clowns, im not under robins' eggs in a nest, you hit a manilla envelope with one last little robins' egg in it; a hollow bullet yet spent. subject to dismissal i wish all my pitfalls could be called by this call: cheery-a cheery-e cheery-i cheery-o cheery-u
  • Secondhand Serenade-Why (lyrics) album: a twist in my story
  • Norah Jones - Don't Know Why Music video by Norah Jones performing Don't Know Why. (C) 2002 Blue Note Records
  • Why? - Crushed Bones Crushed Bones by Why? From the album Elephant Eyelash.
  • tintun33: tintun33: why am i so tired.. it's 11PM and im totally sleepy... i didn't do anything of the day except trying to fix my clothes into my luggages xDD
  • RabidFool43: RabidFool43: Why am I up so early?? It's a no school day!
  • JUST_MIKEWILL12: JUST_MIKEWILL12: RT @lancewatson: Faith is following w/o knowing where, waiting w/o knowing when, believing w/o knowing how & trusting w/o knowing why.
  • Jfarris24: Jfarris24: RT @jaguarsbuzztap: Orlando Sentinel >> Wait - why was former FSU coach Bobby Bowden at UF on Saturday? http://t.co/rl1cEC6
  • tomidontplaydat: tomidontplaydat: @shae_88 why I gotta be all that??? I'm really praising your avi sooo... You kno you love it...
  • Hana24KLove: Hana24KLove: @whipclouds21 why does everyone keeps mention dari when they talk to me ? >< . I don't want to hear his name.
  • Human109: Human109: @BeastUkissB1A4 May I ask how the hell this happened? Why the hell are beliebers bashing you??
  • DanGoddardSOUA: DanGoddardSOUA: I don't get why people are so far up each other #sortitouutttttttttt
  • _YoungNClassy: _YoungNClassy: @Pretty_Juicyy i know, that's why im iffy about that skirt ... &' i might come w| my hair wrapped up (cont) http://t.co/IG1JWvZ
  • LAMESgetTOSSED: LAMESgetTOSSED: Lol why is #oomf steady talking bout they ugly lol
  • s0urpatchkid: s0urpatchkid: Why am I awake tho.
  • hasmirazmi: hasmirazmi: @affannnnn Yes you can lah. Why ni so sad?
  • MARCUSinParis: MARCUSinParis: Why is my grandma lyin on me to God knows who ?
  • aqexubut: aqexubut: wants to know why the things you should do, you can't bring yourself to do and the things you shouldn't do, are the ..
  • stefaniebefanie: stefaniebefanie: Why are all trending topics in my region in foreign languages? I still don't know what the LaToya Jackson one was about
  • muamadihsan: muamadihsan: WOOHOO! When I feel heavy metal And I'm pins and I'm needles Well I lie and I'm easy All of the time but I'm never sure why I need you
  • nicoleJacquelyn: nicoleJacquelyn: Wifi while flying: Why are they just now figuring this out?
  • _RomeyRome: _RomeyRome: RT @FreddyAmazin: When You're STRESSED You Eat Ice Cream, Cake,Chocolate, & Sweets. Why? Because stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS!
  • ZelmaNian8130: ZelmaNian8130: :O football latest news What club should I support and why? http://t.co/xHPbokS
  • Kilsally: Kilsally: New Scientist: Quantum minds: Why we think like quarks http://t.co/obUtpcN
  • bunmzy_da_don: bunmzy_da_don: @Emi_princeyNONI so tell me why? Please ore ℓ̊ need to knw!!!! [email protected]_da_don cares
  • MjsbnME23: MjsbnME23: "Why your favor rest upon me Lord i can never explain. But im so glad that i can say that it is just what i needed"
  • HookedonFonix: HookedonFonix: why is she so hype ?
  • 24x7Media: 24x7Media: Facebook Vs Google and why Competition Matters | Business2 http://t.co/8OX1V0L
  • DAPtheGreat: DAPtheGreat: Why are #np and #oomf TT?! Really?!
  • haleenee: haleenee: @dccm1021 texts from a year ago. long story why he texts us. but to make it short, he's obsessed with my friend who was his ex.
  • PrettyExplosive: PrettyExplosive: I had a dream about #oomf smh, God why did u allow that dream knowing I can't talk to this man?!?! Lol
  • SANDEUL92: SANDEUL92: RT @BeastUkissB1A4: Why does Belieber have to be jealous with us trending #BEASTistheBEAST ? Seriously, grow up. Stop bashing Kpop because of that Bieber boy.
  • DonMarley88: DonMarley88: “@NigelDR: dam, my girl ignoring my texts and calls. Tryna think of reasons why she would but I ain't got nun???”< its called sleeping son
  • SamsonSkillz: SamsonSkillz: So this guy STILL hasn't designed my cards? Why u wasting time bro? Am I not paying you -_-
  • neversayyneverr: neversayyneverr: @RealMaddie1 hi uhm, no hate but why was ur icon a picture of me before?
  • LiamBoogar: LiamBoogar: My new blog post: Why the European Startup scene is more fun than the Silicon Valley http://t.co/dJRNSx8
  • JontyHill14: JontyHill14: @pkelso Great. Paul - why not ask UEFA the status of their centralisation plans announced with a flourish back in Feb?! All gone v quiet..
  • arabelamg: arabelamg: RT @JSKV: I miss you. You miss me. So why are we still not talking?
  • jondresner: jondresner: Rising Chinese Wages http://t.co/ZrZxpKQ Never really understood why "labor-intensive" meant "low-wage" or how that was sustainable
  • Kne_Diy: Kne_Diy: @iModel_Fashion why do you say that? amd take my number from my facebook
  • AshikinBilal: AshikinBilal: RT @addinakharmizi: AND WHY DO I HAVE YO KEEP ON REFRESHING TO UPDATE MY TWEET ?!
  • dhie91_ts: dhie91_ts: Stop talk about me!!!! i don't care about u,i still confuse why u still talk about me,,are u stupid or what??Stop to do that*elus-elus dada*
  • ARPEMP: ARPEMP: @itolosa why not speak french ? Better : why not speak oc ?
  • iAmBreGOSH: iAmBreGOSH: up early dnt know why
  • kaitlynn_1018: kaitlynn_1018: RT @OMGSoEpic_: I'm still waiting here to catch you if you fall. I don't know why I care so much, when I shouldn't care at all.
  • BornWEIRD: BornWEIRD: @NeeohRadAfDoe Why YU SAy OMG?
  • LadyLeshurr: LadyLeshurr: Why has my picture changed back to me smh was it the lioness picture yesterday or it just never uploaded?
  • bengbengsiang: bengbengsiang: @fiqaspeaks why do you hv school tmr?
  • TheLeader_17: TheLeader_17: @Newkidondablock why???? http://t.co/ud1znhB
  • Reemanzah: Reemanzah: Why we can't live alone ? U,U #justsaying
  • YyanPoon: YyanPoon: Why I was A Girl??!!! MC Pain!!!!! :(
  • The_PowderRoom: The_PowderRoom: @sock_girl why lady cakes? Wassup?
  • AmiiEvlynB: AmiiEvlynB: @Rj_Montrose And thats why i love being abroad in SUN
  • Groovyfokker: Groovyfokker: @DiscipleOfTodd Why worry about a remake of Glengarry Glen Ross? I've seen it on stage with different casts, even - gasp - no @AlecBaldwin
  • isabellabozzo: isabellabozzo: RT @jessicalopes11: last day to sleep in .. why am I awake
  • abzieR: abzieR: WHY SO LAZY WAIIIIII (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩__-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)
  • PregnancyAd: PregnancyAd: Why Women Choose Natural Breast Enhancement Cream? http://t.co/fNGS4uU
  • mwoodall29: mwoodall29: RT @adubbs8: can someone explain to me why everyone is engaged.. what is this? #somethinginthewater
  • RevyRevz: RevyRevz: Why evils ??
  • Almaskary: Almaskary: #UAEelections At this stage no one have convince me why should I vote for them.
  • jasonhoward23: jasonhoward23: Why are you so blind? Can't you see I love you? Look whose been there for you. It's me.
  • Kimlovesliamx: Kimlovesliamx: @Ali_Styles4evea why I guess?xc
  • CoolStoryHo: CoolStoryHo: Why do people tweet for each other?
  • quiple: quiple: @Congelata I WAS SQUEALING THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE THING AND ASJHAKJAKH WHY IS IT NOT MARCH YET? I'm going to sob through the whole game.
  • jane_cutieh: jane_cutieh: why hello there~
  • DANIEL__I__BUM: DANIEL__I__BUM: @Lippstickstains why don't you try cooling down? feeling piss doesnt change anything. neither the time go fast or slow.
  • Matt_Crowle: Matt_Crowle: why cant i bloody spell
  • DADADA_S: DADADA_S: @lilowan so Meaw asked him "why are my friend cheaper than laptop!" well it's just a joke that I love haha ;)
  • katielouhensley: katielouhensley: RT @TomCarterr: Why is it so windy outside
  • BassUtopia: BassUtopia: @KyleWalling Also why I asked abouut how you felt about finishing second to him last year.
  • wacosimpsons: wacosimpsons: @RideMY_Dreads why
  • Dobbys_Clothes_: Dobbys_Clothes_: Okay so there's a television with an HD box that's unoccupied. Now tell me, why am I not sitting on the sofa?
  • calumgalbraith: calumgalbraith: @RomanVPTweets ja why?
  • JessieJSydney: JessieJSydney: @HEARTBEAT_4ever yeah true lol, thats like my brother haha he's like why do u have twitter lol but lucky he doesnt use it!!
  • BigWood_40: BigWood_40: @jennnafbaby why do you have class in labor day?
  • MrsCBreezyBaby: MrsCBreezyBaby: @IAintOnThatBS i missed my bus, then cba to go! why aren't you?!
  • BananaTommy: BananaTommy: @David_ZK eh why you my new shepard?
  • misterhae: misterhae: Why @whiteangelwish never reply my SMS D:
  • slightcurve: slightcurve: @solesfreeze aw why not ?
  • Gemma_Payplan: Gemma_Payplan: Do you turn your TV off at night? @WhichConvo explain why you should kick your bad habits... http://ow.ly/6lEM4
  • JoeBearJcnas: JoeBearJcnas: @ItsMilcyCx -goes to the chopping board to cut carrots- Cutting carrots for my zebra ? -raises an eyebrow- Why you all up against the wall ?
  • alexmcquitty: alexmcquitty: Why do girls like somebody who can't sing anymore and just love them because they think that they're hot I will never know
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  • wolfraiders: wolfraiders: lol why is Bloody Mary still trending?
  • Alesha7689: Alesha7689: Why Seek Professional Help with Space Planning http://t.co/uecQdUg
  • Nesh143: Nesh143: RT @ThisDamnQuote: Sitting here trying to think of why I've let myself love you. #ThisDamnQuote
  • brelovessyou: brelovessyou: RT @Justice_Ratchet: i got that MAD Dick , u know it always Nut up , And it got a Attitude , no wonder why it's always Stuck Upp , ;) owwww . . .♥
  • AceKlubtoBE: AceKlubtoBE: Why is she unfolding the laundry
  • NicholasAndSel: NicholasAndSel: Read my response to "why does nelena have following and unfollowing wars :/ is there a point to this? :[": http://t.co/RL43LlB
  • PeterMooreRisk: PeterMooreRisk: Why can't politicians and unionists answer questions? #qanda
  • RyRy09: RyRy09: Why the heck did i just wake up at 7am...on my day off....smh...darn internal clock....
  • sim2765: sim2765: @MCFLucY @mcflyharry Noooo why? :(((
  • Shaz8699: Shaz8699: why can't i get my own aircond daddy ?!

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  • “Why blog? Jim West has a forthright post on Blogging: To What End?, partly in response to my post Academic Blogging: Publication, Likewise, I do not presume that people who come to the NT Blog for material about Biblical scholarship will be interested”
    — NT Blog,

  • “Today in response to an article that Andrew Sullivan published that was titled 'Why I Blog' I asked my Twitter”
    Why Do We Blog?,

  • “The bottom line is that blogging really is one of the best ways to get more people to go to your website. Blogging is extremely valuable to your search engine optimization practices”
    Why Blog Anyway?,

  • “For centuries, writers have experimented with forms that evoke the imperfection of thought, the inconstancy of human affairs, and the chastening passage of time. But as blogging evolves as a literary form, it is generating a new and”
    Why I Blog - Magazine - The Atlantic,

  • “Why blog? Some of you might only be persuaded after obtaining a thorough understanding of it by studying Why There's No Escaping the Blog". It's a great concept for sharing information via a corporate intranet”
    — Loving Change .com: Why Blog?,

  • “Many blog readers also have blogs of their own. People start blogs for many reasons. Some are personal and an increasing number are for business. There are”
    — Reader Poll: Why blog? - Online Marketing Blog,

  • “Thivai asked, Why Blog? I think this question has to be broken down, temporalized. Why did I first blog? Why did I continue to blog? Why am I blogging? And will I blog later? Why did I first blog? I started I Cite for a two reasons. First, I was”
    — I cite: Why Blog?,

  • “Will your Web log add to the world of knowledge? In 12 days of blogs, our expert demonstrates the myriad benefits this new form of communication holds for teachers, students, and parents alike”
    Why Blog? -- THE Journal,

  • “Every now and then, I ask myself, why blog? Some bloggers have a great expertise in one area and can make great contributions by adding their insights to current affairs. When I have a burning need to learn more about”
    — Apt. 11D: Why Blog?, 11

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