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  • Wikimedia India Mailing List (last active: Oct 2010, members (tbd) This is the primary list and channel for coordination and communication for all matters related to Wikimedia or Wikimedia projects in India. — “Main Page - Wikimedia India Chapter”,
  • Wikimedia is a shorthand term for the Wikimedia Foundation, an aggregation of sisterprojects comprising what can be called a Metacommunity: The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is the parent organization of the Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks (including Wikijunior), Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons,. — “Wikimedia - Wikiversity”,
  • The Wikimedia Foundation's stated goal is to develop and maintain open content, wiki-based projects and to Beyond the Encyclopedia: The Frontiers of Free Knowledge - presentation by Erik Möller about state of the Wikimedia Foundation's projects in 2010. — “Wikimedia Foundation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Free server-based software, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and designed to be run on a large server farm for a website that gets millions of hits per day. — “MediaWiki”,
  • International non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the growth and development of free content, multilingual, wiki-based projects, and to providing the full content of those projects to the public free of charge. — “Wikimedia Foundation”,
  • Wikimedia is owned and operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to bringing free content to the world. — “Wikimedia Foundation”,
  • Wikimedia Philippines, a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) serving the Philippines and Filipino communities abroad. In line with our aims and objectives, we hope to promote and defend the cause of free media and content in the Philippines. — “Wikimedia Philippines”, .ph
  • Wikimedia Foundation's official Twitter account! Update from the Wikimedia User Experience team and manager @naokom 11:49 AM Mar 8th via identica. — “Wikimedia (Wikimedia) on Twitter”,
  • 20 October 2010: Wikimedia Foundation announces departure of general counsel Mike Godwin 5 November 2008: GNU project releases new version of license to allow Wikimedia projects to switch to Creative Commons license. — “Category:Wikimedia - Wikinews, the free news source”,
  • How to become a member of Wikimedia Australia. An example of a completed signup form, with all required fields filled in correctly. You will receive a confirmation email with the subject Application for Wikimedia Australia Membership asking you to confirm your email address by clicking a link. After. — “Membership - Wikimedia Australia”, .au
  • is one of the top 1,000 sites in the world. is ranked #185 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings, and about 25% of visits to it are referred by search engines. — “ Site Info”,
  • Welcome to the Wikimedia Toolserver, a service of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. ( in German) Contact an administrator: ts-admins [at] toolserver [dot] org. admins may edit this page in the toolserver. — “Toolserver:Homepage”,
  • Provides a central repository for free images, music, sound and video clips, and possibly, texts and spoken texts, used in pages of any Wikimedia project. — “Wikimedia Commons”,
  • The Wikimedia Toolserver is a collaborative platform that provides hosting and support for various software tools written and used by Wikimedia contributors. The Toolserver is operated by Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. with assistance from the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. — “Wikimedia Toolserver”,
  • Wikimedia. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search Wikimedia Commons, Wikispecies, and Wikinews, a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of Florida, USA. — “Wikimedia - Wiktionary”,
  • Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Indonesia • Italiano • עברית • Lietuvių • Magyar • Nederlands • 日本語 • Norsk (bokmål) • Polski • Português • Русский • Română • Slovenčina • Slovenščina • Српски / Srpski • Suomi • Svenska • Türkçe • Українська • Tiếng Việt • Volapük • Winaray • 中文. — “Wikipedia”,
  • Wikimedia's contribution campaign for 2010 is a serious endeavor. Wikimedia sites are the 5th most visited web properties worldwide (visited by about 400 million people each month), and Wikimedia. — “Wikimedia blog”,
  • Wikimedia Foundation Inc. Contact Information Wikimedia Foundation Inc. P.O. Box 78350 San Francisco, CA 94107-8350 CA Tel Wikimedia has a paid staff of about 30, while hundreds of thousands of volunteers contribute content. — “Wikimedia Foundation: Information from ”,

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  • 10 Mnute Topics: What is Judaism & Who are the Jews The next in a weekly series of 10 minute topics teaching about various topics within Judaism. This week's topic is: What is Judaism and Who are the Jews. Images: Eugène Ferdinand Victor Delacroix ( Pieter Pietersz. Lastman 001 ( Caravaggio Sacrifice of Isaac I ( Jews of Kai-Fung-Foo, China ( Grand Rebbes ( Rabbiandofficialsofaleppogreatsynagogue ( Mosaic Tribes ( Sinay2 ( Abraham Journeying into the Land of Canaan (
  • Jimmy Wales 10th anniversary global call to action On January 15, 2011, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia is 10 years old. This is a special message from founder Jimmy Wales to anyone who has read, edited, donated, or otherwise supported Wikipedia over the last decade. For more information, and for local events in your area, visit
  • Kalenda Maya (The first of May) Song by Raimbault de Vaqueiras, court musician (and also troubadour) of Marquis Bonifacio of Monferrato (referred to in the song as Lord Engles). It is a song of courtly love rather than of spring but it calls itself an "estampie" (a stamping song), so I suppose it is rather more "rustic" than the courtly songs of later times. It is performed here with David W Solomons singing countertenor, along with temple bells and various recorder and drum soundfonts. The translation from Provençal (ie old Occitan) is mine, using help from various sources. The images are taken from Wikimedia and include - with thanks to the various wikimedia providers - : Springtime - Alfred East [wikimedia user:Thyra] Springtime Claude Monet [wikimedia user:Rlbberlin] László Mednyánszky (1852-1919) Hillside at Springtime [wikimedia user:Pataki_Márta] Aegerisee [wikimedia user:Javier_Carro] The lady and the Unicorn [wikimedia ] Flandrisk dam [wikimedia user:Lokal_Profil] Le petit messager - Charles Leandre [wikimedia user:Phbpub ] Tapisserie moyen-age dame licorne [Wikimedia User:Pierre-Emmanuel_Malissin ]
  • Wikimedia- Wikipedia About wikipedia
  • 2.7 Deconversion: Losing God I explain the torturous emotional roller-coaster and eventual desolate hopelessness and terror that resulted from losing my theistic God. For progress updates on the next video, subscribe to: All excerpts used in this video are either copyright-free or covered under "fair use" in Title 17 § 107 of the USC. Music (in order of appearance): "Swamp" by Télépopmusik "Bloodstone" by Amon Tobin "Welcome to the Real World" by Don Davis Image Attributions: .
  • Marine iguanas of the Galapagos islands - BBC wildlife In order to survive, iguanas have adapted to tackle the rough tropical seas. The sea lions however can't help teasing them in their death defying hunt for red and green algae. From the BBC
  • Wikipedia: Username Who edits Wikipedia? Meet some of the volunteer editors from around the world who help make projects like Wikipedia a reality. Also available at:
  • Best VGM 462 - Conker's Bad Fur Day - Windy (Overworld) See also: Best VGM 689 - A collection of my favorite videogame music. Note that most of them are from games I played so I might miss some great ones from games I never played. Nintendo 64 Conker's Bad Fur Day Windy (Overworld)
  • Bible Study The Book Of John 1 Book Of John 1 The King James Version Holy Bible Subscribe to the DVD series at Musical Composition By Camille Saint-Saëns Performer Skidmore College Orchestra Introduction et Rondo capriccioso, Op. 28 http Art Work Artist English: Hieronymus Bosch TechniqueOil on panel Artist : Evangelistar von Speyer Title : Codex Bruchsal Date : 1220 Location : Badische Landesbibliothek, Karlsruhe, Germany Artist : Title : Date : Location : San Frediano; Lucca, Italy Artist : Domenico Ghirlandaio Title : Calling of the Apostles Date : 1481 Location Artist : Fernando Gallego Title : Segnender Christus Date : 2nd half of 15t Location : Museo del Prado Madrid Artist : Caravaggio Title : The Calling of Saints Peter and Andrew Date : Location : Artist : Giovanni Piccirillo Title : Date : xvii century Location : La chiesa dei Santi Michele e Gaetano, Becocci Editore, Firenze Artist : Franz Anton Maulbertsch Title : Der Apostel Philippus tauft einen Eunuchen Date : 1750 Location : Eremitage St. Petersburg Artist : Title : Sankt Petersburg Auferstehungskirche Date : Location :
  • Seamless Cloning in GIMP Demo - Google Summer of Code 2011 This video shows several examples of the Seamless Clone tool in GIMP, which I implemented as a part of Google Summer of Code 2011. More details can be found on As you will see from the video, the tool works pretty well with good results. However, note that it is still not finished, and it is in beta state (you'll see some of the problems in the video). My code can still be optimized to make it much faster, so stay tuned! :) Status of the tool (what remains to be done), and information about testing it can be found on The original algorithm behind this tool is presented at The tool uses a slightly upgraded version of the algorithm though. Images used in this video (most are Creative-Commons licensed) along with their author details can be found at:
  • Who Really Edits Wikipedia Articles? Complete video at: Wikimedia CTO Danese Cooper describes the demographic that contributes to Wikipedia articles -- mainly white males in their early twenties. ----- Long Conversation, an epic relay of one-to-one conversations among some of the Bay Area's most interesting minds, took place over six hours in San Francisco on Saturday, October 16, 02010. Interpreting the Long Conversation in real time was a data visualization performance by Sosolimited; an art and technology studio out of MIT Long Conversation was presented with a live performance of 1000 minutes of composer Jem Finer's Longplayer. - Long Now Foundation Danese Cooper is a programmer, computer scientist, and advocate of open source software. Known as the "Open Source Diva" after stints as an open source community builder at Sun Microsystems, Intel, and REvolution Computing, she is currently Treasurer on the board of the Open Source Initiative. Since February, 2010, she is the Chief Technical Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation. Stuart Candy, aka the sceptical futuryst, is an experience designer, consultant, writer, educator, and activist. He received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa for work on experiential scenarios, an approach to immersive storytelling at the intersection of foresight, design, and politics. Originally from Australia, he also holds an LLB and a BA in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Melbourne.
  • Wikimedia 2011 - Closing Ceremony Summary Video Summary of the Wikimedia 2011 Conference in Haifa, Israel. Visit our website: wikimania2011 Editing by Ran Levy, Central Productions
  • Warning Alert: Magma Movement at HEKLA Volcano Iceland - Known as the Entrance to Hell HEKLA - Hekla is a stratovolcano located in the south of Iceland with a height of 1491 metres (4892 ft). Hekla is one of Iceland's most active volcanoes; over 20 eruptions have occurred in and around the volcano since 874. During the Middle Ages, Icelanders called the volcano the "Gateway to Hell." Hekla is part of a volcanic ridge, 40 kilometres (25 mi) long. However, the most active part of this ridge, a fissure about 5.5 km (3.4 mi) long named Heklugjá, is considered to be the volcano Hekla proper. Hekla looks rather like an overturned boat, with its keel being in fact a series of craters, two of which are generally the most active. The volcano's frequent large eruptions have covered much of Iceland with tephra and these layers can be used to date eruptions of Iceland's other volcanoes. 10% of the tephra produced in Iceland in the last thousand years has come from Hekla, amounting to 5 km. The volcano has produced one of the largest volumes of lava of any in the world in the last millennium, around 8 km. Wikimedia - Twitter - DIGG - Google -Buzz - Fark - Delicious - CNN ireporter - BBC - Linkedin - SKYNews - Guardian - TELEGRAPH - Reddit - "Hot Topics" Fukushima - Chernobyl - USA - UK - Destruction - survival - Latest News - NewsItemsToday - International News - World News - Global News - Japan - Iceland Latest News HEKLA ,Volcano, Iceland, Warning, Update, Scientists, Erupt, eruption, blow, sulfer, lava, air-space ...
  • Judas Betrays Jesus John 13 Judas betrays Jesus and Jesus washes the feet of his disciples from the Book Of John 13 King James Version Holy Bible Buy the DVD series at Musical Composition By Rosamunde Franz Schubert Skidmore College Orchestra Theatrical / Incidental / Program Orchestra art Work By: Artist : Title : Christ and the tribute Date : Location : Artist : Osios Loukas Title : Mosaics in monastery of Hosios Loukas Date : Location : Artist : Jacopo Tintoretto Title : Feet washing/ Prado Date : 1548-49 Location : Artist : Giotto di Bondone Title : Washing of Feet Date : 1267-1337 Location : Cappella Scrovegni a Padova Artist : Rimini Title : The Last Supper Date : 15th century Location : own photo in the museum Artist : Meister des Hausbuches Title : Passionsaltar, linker Flügel außen: Fußwaschung Date : 1475 Location : Gemäldegalerie Artist : anonymous Title : Christ washing the Apostles\' feet, from the Otto III Gospel Date : late 10th / ear Location : Beyerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich. Artist : Wouter Crabeth (Gouda) Title : \"Jesus washing the feet of the disciples\" Date : 1562 Location : Gouda/Netherlands:
  • Learn About Architecture from the Wikimedia Foundation In this video Ryan Lane, Operations Engineer at Wikimedia Foundation, is going to give you a detailed look into the infrastructure of one of the top web presences. Ryan is also going to talk about how you too can get involved with the Wikimedia Foundation. This talk will cover: - Technical operations - Global architecture - Application servers - Storage - Caching - Load balancing - Content Delivery Network (CDN) - The site architecture you can edit - Community involvement ** Check out for more free educational videos and resources on open source development.
  • Wikipedia: Verifiability and Neutral point of view Educational video explaining Wikipedia's concepts of "Verifiability" and "Neutral point of view". Created by Common Craft for the Wikimedia Foundation. See for licensing information.
  • The Transformation of Aviation Click on the link above for more info on today's episode! Today on Rocketboom Daily, Molly takes us through the journey of human flight! The Lament for Icarus Lord Frederick Leighton Eilmer of Malmesbury Leonardo Da Vinci's design for the helical air screw Lilienthal's glider Wright Brothers in 1910 Wright Brothers Aeroplane Wright Brothers Engine Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Rocketboom Daily with Molly! Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates! Join us on Facebook for behind the scenes pics and videos! Come on over to for an ad free experience.
  • The Da Vinci Code ~ GRV Music [Prelude to Calamity] - Hans Zimmer Songs mixed: All by Hans Zimmer: From the Da Vinci Code Score: "The Paschal Spiral" "Ad Arcana" "Malleus Mareficarum" "The Citrine Cross" From the Angels & Demons Score: "Immolation" "H20 (bonus)" Images: Music used in this video belongs their rightful owners - Hans Zimmer. I do not own anything in the video, no copyright infringement intended, all images belongs to its owners/creators. This is a GRV production.
  • milad tower Tehran 12th highest building in the world.
  • Prima J Rockstar w/ Lyrics READ! Prima J's song rockstar with the lyrics along with it! Ok so if you are going to say these lyrics are wrong. Dont. Thanks yall! I have got more than 300000 views on it and almost 500 comments! that is more than all my other videos combined! Thank:)
  • My Reconversion (April Fools' Fundraiser) A tongue-in-cheek critique of CS Lewis's book "Mere Christianity". (That successfully horrified many of my atheist subscribers on April 1st, when it was presented as a "reconversion" video as the end result of a fundraiser for the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics [SOMA] at KU ;) Mere Christianity: Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Anterior Cingulate Cortex Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex KU Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics 'Morality: From the Heavens or From Nature?' by Dr. Andy Thomson -- All excerpts used in this video are either copyright-free or covered under "fair use" in Title 17 § 107 of the USC, including: Vector Attributions: A huge thanks to Snap2Objects for the many businessmen vectors I use: www.snap2 Image Attributions: Burkas: Casual Witch Burning: Slave Boy: Brain: Train: Sheet Music: Dawkins: CS Lewis: -- Music: "Evacuating London" by Harry Gregson-Williams .
  • Jimmy Wales - What is Wikia? Complete video at: Wikimedia founder Jimmy Wales discusses Wikia, his for-profit web-hosting service for wikis. ----- Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales in conversation with Chris Shipley. Best known for his major role in the founding of Wikipedia, Wales has changed the way we access information. Wales opened collaborative authorship software, called wiki, to the world's Internet users to create a web site with boundless encyclopedic information called Wikipedia. Recently, Wales rushed headlong into a battle against Google to fight for our attention with his launch of Search Wikia, emphasizing transparency and promising less spam. Wales talk about what's next on his agenda, his opinions on the politics of the Internet and his thoughts on the accuracy of Wikipedia posts. - The Commonwealth Club of California Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales (born August 7, 1966 in Huntsville, Alabama) is the founder, board member and Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit corporation that operates the Wikipedia project, and several other wiki projects, including Wiktionary and Wikinews. He is also the co-founder, along with Angela Beesley, of the for-profit company Wikia, Inc.
  • WIKImedia Episode 1 This, the first week, a little introduction. A run down of what's on the grapevine in games. Some news about the PS3 Alone In The Dark and the Guitar Hero World Tour tracklist. Plus a sort review of Too Human.
  • Isaac's First Print This is Isaac's first successful print. isaac- Part: frame-vertex_6off Material: PLA Feed rate: 36 mm/s Travel: 55 mm/s Infill Solidity: .1 Print time: 60 min
  • WIKImedia Episode 4 part 3 of 3 and so we finish the trilogy...before leaving th etitle behind (As WIKImedia are gonna sue my ass) next week a podcast...that's right we're joining the blogcast masses
  • Why I Converted A very brief answer to those who are wanting to know why I converted to Judaism. Images: 2008-06-28 Watts Street Baptist Church ( Bellevuebaptistchurchfront ( Eglise Saint-Pierre (Laverniere) ( Bridges-baptism ( Bar Mitzvah Western Wall ( Wielun DK43 Czestochowska ( As 1 ( Halo in cirrostratus 1 ( Kenya countryside ( Jaromerice nad rokytnou interier ( 07Thessaloniki Metropolitan02 ( The Old Testament and the Adytum ( Harris R David ( Prayers in Western Wall (
  • Japanese Girl Explains Inception Wonderful Mika gives her take on Inception. English is not her native language. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Photos from: (CC BY-SA 3.0) by Colin Chou (CC BY 2.0) by Thore Siebrands (CC By 3.0) by CAryn Loveless (CC BY-SA 2.5) by Luke Ford (CC BY 2.0) by Vanessa Lua (CC By 2.0) by bittbox
  • Sukkot and the Related Holidays Learn about the festivals of Sukkot (Succot), Hoshanah Rabbah, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah Images: Arbat Haminim ( Suka ( Laubhuttenfest ( Jerusalemsukkas ( Maebmij Half-Moon ( A Pleasant Sukka ( Leopold Karl Walter Graf von Kalckreuth ( Xpam I ( He Wiki Sucot ( Fourspecies ( REA Woman Works Washboard ( Torah Reading Sephardic Custom ( MoroccoFes Synagogue ( Puddler ( The Rabbi with a Talit ( Etrog without Pitom (
  • INSIGHT: Sue Gardner - Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation - Pt 1 Executive Director Sue Gardner discusses the challenges of stewarding an international community of writers and contributors, donors, affiliates and readers that together form the world's largest free knowledge project. Gardner was formerly head of CBC.CA, the internet platform for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's largest journalistic organization. As a journalist, she covered stories ranging from the manipulation of the news media during the first Gulf War, to the rise and fall of rave culture in the UK. The Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to building a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Wikimedia's flagship project, Wikipedia, has become the largest general reference work ever compiled in human history. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers have contributed more than 14 million encyclopedia articles in 250 languages, all of which can be freely shared and used for any purpose. It is consulted by more than 300 million people monthly, making it the fifth most popular web property world-wide. Established by Jimmy Wales two years after he created Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation ensures Wikipedia's continued operation and is funded primarily through direct support from the general public. Since her arrival at Wikimedia in 2007, Gardner and team have introduced major initiatives focused on organizational maturity, long-term sustainability, and increased participation, reach, and ...
  • CONGO Congo by FKD
  • WTC 7 south side damage ABC news WTC 7 south side damage ABC news For more visit
  • DUB TRIO - ONE MAN TAG CREW (LIVE) Dub Trio perform new song at Warsaw, BROOKLYN, SUMMER 2006. Opened for Peeping Tom.
  • Inside Wikimedia Who are the roughly 20 paid staffers working at the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that operates Wikipedia? Meet several of the technical, fundraising, programming, and administrative staff to hear their views about working for the organization behind one of the largest and most popular websites on the Internet.
  • Wikimedia Foundation Fundraising 2007 The WMF's new fundraising video for October 2007 - for those who are having trouble viewing it on the WMF's servers. Obtained from the Wikimedia Foundation. Download it here: The background music was provided by /jamesandevander .
  • PEN-15 - Wikimedia Fox news attacks Mass Effect... so I attack Fox news. Lyrics and More at: proentnet15 Add me as a friend on: PEN-15.1
  • documentary on the galapagos islands (Islas Galápagos) The Galápagos Islands (Official name: Archipiélago de Colón; other Spanish names: Islas de Colónumio or Islas Galápagos, from galápago, "saddle"—after the shells of saddlebacked Galápagos tortoises) are an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed around the equator, 965 kilometres (about 600 miles) west of continental Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. The Galápagos archipelago, with a population of around 30000, is a province of Ecuador, a country in northwestern South America, and the islands are all part of Ecuador's national park system. The main language on the islands is Spanish. Check my channel for more documentaries.
  • Armenia in Historical Maps II Links to all of the maps (and more): CAUTION: Some of these maps are extremely large files for image files (20MB). 1918 Europe With New Borders in Red 1918: 1911: 1856 Artsakh 1824 Armenia from Euphrates to Karabagh 1766 Provinces of Turkish and Persian Armenia 1695 Oldest Armenian World Map 1684 Armenia or Turcomania 1669 Armenia in Turcomania 1559 Black Sea Coast 1513 America & Armenia 1450 Fra Mauro Upside Down World Map 1260 Psalter World Map lh3 1154 Muhammad al-Idrisi Arabic World Map (transliteration) 900-1050 Anglo-Saxon Map 301-400 Roman Scroll/Tabula Peutingeriana (reproduction) 150 World According to Ptolemy 43 World According to Pomponius Mela 450 BC World According to Herodotus 600 BC Imago Mundi Babylonian World Map More Maps: 1234 Ebstorfer Mappa Mundi ______ Christoph Hormann's Work: Caucasus: Mount Ararat: Arzive
  • Sarah Palin Palooza One Nation Bus Tour Hey Patriots! Have you heard about the Sarah Palin Palooza One Nation Bus Tour? Sarah and her family are heading all over the country to draw attention to some of the most popular tourists destinations in the world! Perhaps you didn't know it, but there are apparently a lot of really historical sites located within Washington DC Who would have know that there was an actual copy of the Declaration of Independence in the National Archives! Sarah Palin has also drawn attention to an old Bell in Philly that has a crack in it, so a lot of you might like to go check that out some day; they call it the Liberty Bell. So join up with Sarah, Todd, Bristol and the other kids as they tour and explore the unknown sites of our nation's history. Several Photos are used and attributed in compliance with their licensing agreements BUS Harley Sarah Head Shot Sarah lapel pin Liberty bell Todd Palin Chastity belt Bristol Palin FX are attributed and used with permission: Explosion Explosion Harley Engine
  • Wikimania 2011 - 2nd Day: Wikimedia Chapters & Lobbying for Wikimedians Room: Rapport Date: Friday, August 5th, 10:15 00:07 - Wikimedia Chapters Lodewijk Gelauff An overview of accomplishments made by chapters. Presenting the best examples in several fields of activities by different chapters. wikimania2011 53:50 - Changing the world, one law at a time -- Lobbying for Wikimedians Mathias Schindler This talk is about Wikimedia Germany's ongoing efforts to promote the core freedoms that Wikipedia stands for among the political scene and to take part in the more defensive measures to prevent the internet from turning into a wasteland. wikimania2011
  • morgs: RT @metasj: TODO: make Wikipedia free to access '''everywhere''' #wikimania
  • MilaFella: Image source: Wikimedia Year of release: 2008 Director: Nicholas Stoller Writer: Jason Segel…
  • MrCoppens:
  • BadPhysics: Heh, someone added the Higgs Boson to (apparently without consensus, none I can find anyway). Used on 34 pages.
  • HuntersInsight: Bannerman Castle in the Hudson river, which I've shown before, but this is the other side. #ichcfam
  • AlyyCeM: #FavouriteAlbums Life in Cartoon Motion - Mika
  • nategri:
  • HuntersInsight: Meanwhile in Kaub, Germany. They're ready for... something. #ichcfam
  • ImerYasar: @gssvenungsson
  • Dewi6494: Wikimedia may be launching its own online travel guide | The Verge
  • KinkShaman: @_GoneAway_
  • kre80r: @waelabbas part of their arabic translation team
  • michellebalmeo: Who knew? “@fuzheado: Wikimedia Commons has over 90,000 images from the National Archives #wikimania”
  • Hampus_W: @JustMaria_V
  • murdochliisa: Peter Paul Rubens - Prometheus Bound #Rubens
  • AsherahResearch: @info_dox me, me! You're this guy:
  • BrianBrownNet: Plz Flw @DailyBrian: BLUE GOLD: Here The Are Lucrative Investment Opportunities In Water Today - Wikimedia...
  • Mario_Livio: "Flaming June",by Sir Frederic Leighton,failed to sell in the 1960s for $140! : Poster was on my office's wall for years
  • Corlan_Dashiva: Uh...yes, please.
  • serbannichifor: http:///wikipedia/commons/d/d3/Josef_Blösche.jpg
  • Philthy_Schmidt: RT @MelSmith22: @Philthy_Schmidt Val 14 years later... still has the douchey smirk
  • BrianBrownNet: Plz Flw @DailyBrian: BLUE GOLD: Here The Are Lucrative Investment Opportunities In Water Today - Wikimedia...
  • TobiasRyden: @QTArchives Maybe he wanted to look like Rainer Werner Fassbinder Fassbinder:
  • wikidata: [email protected] started a page to collect future use-cases of Wikidata so we can keep them in mind during development
  • jsalsman: RT @metasj: TODO: make Wikipedia free to access '''everywhere''' #wikimania
  • metasj: TODO: make Wikipedia free to access '''everywhere''' #wikimania
  • intelligencebar: This one uses the U.S. Army's symbol for chemical weapons, which is not necessarily internationally known. This...
  • OmfgoshBieber: CRYING. RT @iWetBiebersBed @DrakeBell … here drink this. Maybe this is gonna kill your thirst
  • MelSmith22: @Philthy_Schmidt Val 14 years later... still has the douchey smirk
  • tiffanysmith: RT @wikimania2012: Don't forget to send us your suggestions and comments so we can keep on improving #Wikimania for next year
  • ralpost: Amazing colour photo of abandoned Japanese aircraft (including the Mitsubishi Zero) at Atsugi Naval air base in 1945
  • puellavulnerata: @rechelon A good hour of zero blood supply and zero activity in the case of Anna Bågenholm
  • tiffanysmith: RT @StevenWalling: #Wikimania unconference folks: come help design a feature experiment at the Wikimedia Foundation! Starts @ 14:20 in the ballroom.
  • DavidSpoors: Unemployment is rife in the North East of the UK - @UmbrellaCorp please come and open a facility here! could be bought!
  • Black_Kettle: This machine kills fascists
  • StevenWalling: #Wikimania unconference folks: come help design a feature experiment at the Wikimedia Foundation! Starts @ 14:20 in the ballroom.
  • I_hate_it_here_: @Mike_hugs how can you forget about this guy? http:///wikipedia/commons/3/37/Leonid_Brežněv_%28Bundesarchiv%29.jpg
  • Agamitsudo: RT @WikimaniaHK2013: Excited about next #Wikimania? You better read some "Must-read tips" from us before plan & go
  • olive_0424: RT @yuutam02:
  • yuutam02:
  • kaytiemose: @abbiecooperxo #badderthanthisguy
  • bill_stratton: “Saint Anthony the Abbot Tempted by a Lump of Gold” (c.1436) Early Italian Renaissance painter, Fra Angelico
  • MysticDamon: *Dead* RT @HisInfinity: [Coughs at #MysticDamon]
  • bill_stratton: Originally titled “The Brothel of Avignon”, from Pablo Picasso's African Period, “The Young Ladies of Avignon” (1907)
  • HisInfinity: [Coughs at @MysticDamon]
  • bill_stratton: Artist warns future dearly as he loves her, he would always love painting more; “The Conversation”, Matisse
  • BrunoIdiota: RT @15_10_10: =
  • 15_10_10: =
  • SteveSkipper: French Police release Photo of suspect they want to question in relation to tacks on the road during The Tour de France
  • wikimania2012: RT @WikimaniaHK2013: Excited about next #Wikimania? You better read some "Must-read tips" from us before plan & go
  • wikimania2012: RT @Wikimedia_mx: Wikimedia Mexico is opposed to the approval of ACTA in Mexico. Our posture about #ACTA (in english) #Wikimania
  • WikimaniaHK2013: Excited about next #Wikimania? You better read some "Must-read tips" from us before plan & go
  • leapyourbar: @coldesire3 which handball are you on about though? because people always laugh at me. ??? <33333333333333333333
  • Lyonsphilip:
  • bnystedt: RT @secretmildred: William McKinley was my favorite-looking president
  • Sam_Mckelvie: @bs_brewer A snapshot of me with the Brewer family
  • thekulway: RT @Infodisiac: WMF managed to cube the sphere! #Wikipedia Zero will finally envelop earth with invaluable free knowledge. #wikimania
  • jansonw: RT @Infodisiac: WMF managed to cube the sphere! #Wikipedia Zero will finally envelop earth with invaluable free knowledge. #wikimania
  • feromania_in: Wikimedia may be launching its own online travel guide | The Verge
  • GadgetEarth: Wikimedia may be launching its own online travel guide | The Verge
  • anggiDwika: Wikimedia may be launching its own online travel guide | The Verge
  • Home2Design: Wikimedia may be launching its own online travel guide | The Verge
  • secretmildred: William McKinley was my favorite-looking president
  • effjayem: How to tell your rebellious citizenry, "We're back!" From the medieval church in Sawbridgeworth.
  • newnhamxo: @emilyhodgkinn
  • DarrenBaker: @BigPimpinGuvie
  • xLadyxNekoLokix: #FavouriteAlbums My Apocalyptica best of. Cello's are one of the sweetest instruments not to mention
  • trentmkays: RT @wikimania2012: Don't forget to send us your suggestions and comments so we can keep on improving #Wikimania for next year
  • wikimania2012: Don't forget to send us your suggestions and comments so we can keep on improving #Wikimania for next year
  • therealprotonk: 800,000 #Wikipedia articles. 9.5 million reader ratings. A snapshot of Wikipedia in 2011. #wikimania #rstats
  • LincolnsBoombox: Debussy playing the piano: #paris #Apple #Sony
  • Smurphilicious:
  • yuagarisantaro: @Q_Lo_
  • skinnybackpackr: Wikimedia may be launching its own online travel guide via @theverge
  • bill_stratton: Born.... July 15, 1606 Rembrandt van Rijn, one ofEurope's greatest painters, “Self Portrait" (1659)
  • MADENORTH: Example Sgt Peppers cover by Sir Peter Blake (not northern) by The Beatles (northern!) #NorthernRevolutions
  • vivianmay: This is God's work, nature is big, God is great, man is small...
  • biz78: Wikimedia may be launching its own online travel guide
  • kesh1e: #Paris as seen from the Eiffel Tower @rahmaahmad #tweetameet
  • vivianmay: This is God's work, nature is big, God is great, man is small...
  • taetae_norio: @EstherTrav Lyon. They are beautiful rows of houses of France. I would like to carry out once.
  • k_jaser: the best of drinks ever that is Absinthe- the fairy tae drink....
  • BdubsDJ: @TheGableGuy who are you Jake gylenhall?
  • diegogito: (?)
  • nickram3: @Dan_SEAC @liaraaurelia @justin_seac @mikekeebler @briellechabot
  • MafiaForks:
  • BrianBrownNet: Plz Flw @DailyBrian: Markets Mixed After Italy Downgrade And China GDP Miss - Markets...
  • lilienkopf: See you! RT @haxpett #education mailing list: #wikimania #wikimedia
  • _Saladinho_: RT @LaetPO: No one has ever done EYES better than Rembrandt:
  • DarioRossi19: @elisaborriero
  • TheREAL_MBrooks: RT @AltruisticLead: Take-A-Lesson with Garfield Byrd, CFO - Wikimedia Fou... on AltruisticLeadership will air 07/18. #BlogTalkRadio
  • Danie____: RT @LaetPO: No one has ever done EYES better than Rembrandt:
  • alanmcgee: just 9% of Wikipedia editors are women
  • USAmediaphile: did some digging. interesting information on where Iran's oil is NOT going
  • jdforrester: For those interested, a summary of recent events with the Russian Wikipedia

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