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  • Xanthein Guitar Pro by Symposium at Ultimate-, tabbed by phil tweedie. — “Xanthein Guitar Pro Tab by Symposium @ Ultimate-”, ultimate-
  • Words starting with X (page 1): xantham, xanthan, xanthate, xanthein, xanthene, xanthic, xanthin, xanthine, xanthins, xanthochroia, xanthochroic, xanthochroid, xanthochroism, xanthochromia, xanthochroous, xanthoma, xanthomata, xanthomatoses,. — “Words starting with X (page 1)”,
  • Scattergories Words Starting with Certain Letters question: What words begin with X? Xylophone Xenia xenon xerox xylem xamoterol xanax xanthan xanthate xanthation xanthe xanthein xanthelasma xanthenes. — “ - What words begin with X”,
  • Definition of xanthein in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of xanthein. Pronunciation of xanthein. Translations of xanthein. xanthein synonyms, xanthein antonyms. Information about xanthein in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “xanthein - definition of xanthein by the Free Online”,
  • THIS SITE HAS MOVED!!! Please go to:- . — “The Xanthein Archive”,
  • xanthein (uncountable) (chemistry) The water-soluble part of the yellow carotenoid pigment present in the cell sap of some plants. Xanthein and similar sounding words have also been used for several different yellow compounds derived from plants. — “xanthein - Wiktionary”,
  • Xanthein is the name of my sailboat. I am her keeper. This web site is about myself, mostly. I use a bicycle as my primary means of transportation as I don't want to damage my home (Earth) with destructive petroleum pollutants. Xanthein is a 34 foot sloop, Cal 34, hull #45. She was built in 1967,. — “Xantheins Keeper”,
  • Xantha. xanthangum. Xanthe. xanthein. xanthippe. xanthophobia. xanthophthalmia. Xanthos xanthein isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their email:. — “Urban Dictionary: xanthein”,
  • xamoterol xanax xanthan xanthate xanthation xanthe xanthein xanthelasma xanthenes xanthic xanthide Xanthidia xanthidium xanthin xanthine xanthines xanthinine xanthinuria xanthippe xanthism xanthium xanthochroid xanthodont Xanthodontous xanthogen. — “words that start with x? give me all the words that start”,
  • Husband father pilot-wannabe network admin geek 30-something. Eek. Get updates via SMS by texting follow xanthein to 40404 in the United States. — “Jon (xanthein) on Twitter”,
  • Botany Dictionary, Dictionary of Xanthein, Dictionary of Xylose, Xanthophyll, X Body, X Chromosome, Xenia, Xerarch Succession, Xeric Environment, Xeromorphy, Xerophyte, Xerosere, Xylem Parenchyma. — “Dictionary of Xanthein, Dictionary of Xylose, Xanthophyll, X”, studentsguide.in
  • I still plan to adding some new bands to my site, although that also may take some time depending on when I If anyone who enters this web site has any questions, spots any mistakes, or are fans and want to get in touch, please e-mail me [email protected] as it would be greatly appreciated !. — “Xanthein”,
  • Definition of xanthein from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of xanthein. Pronunciation of xanthein. Definition of the word xanthein. Origin of the word xanthein. — “xanthein - Definition of xanthein at ”,
  • Miscellaneous word search, all about words that start with X! Play this fun Miscellaneous wordsearch! XANTHEIN. XANTHISM. XANTHOMATOSIS. XANTHOUS. XEBEC. XENODIAGNOSIS. XENOGRAPH. XENOLITH. XENOMANIA. XENOMORPHIC. XEROPHYTICALLY. XEROX. XHOSA. XI. XIPHISTERNAL. XIPHOID. XRAY. XRAYPULSAR. XYLEM. XYLENOL. — “words that start with X word search puzzle - Find these words”,
  • Xanthein definition, the part of the coloring matter in yellow flowers that is soluble in water. See more. — “Xanthein | Define Xanthein at ”,

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  • xanthein: xanthein: @Code_Rider Missed this earlier, but cool :D
  • xanthein: xanthein: @AlexCStanley Yep, not sure how that happened...
  • AlexCStanley: AlexCStanley: @xanthein Blummin eck that's a lot!
  • Brammers: Brammers: @AlexCStanley Dont worry @xanthein there is someone who tweets a lot more than you!
  • xanthein: xanthein: @AlexCStanley 12800ish here. Eep.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @swackhap We use GLC-T SFPs a fair bit. No complaints.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @jk22262 Oh for sure. It's the natural order of things :D
  • jk22262: jk22262: @xanthein and especially when the MS server in question was rebooted last night
  • jk22262: jk22262: @xanthein tell me about it! Its been a whole now. It will fail when i leave site for sure.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @jk22262 Remember - a watched ping never drops!
  • xanthein: xanthein: Watching Holy Flying Circus on BBC4. Bonkers AND surreal. http://t.co/JTlvAOq9
  • xanthein: xanthein: RT @bumlaser: Seem to be parenting dramas about today. FWIW, if your kid is safe, is comfy and laughs when it farts, then you're doing fine.
  • LouLouK: LouLouK: @xanthein ty :0) I really really felt like I knew something other people needed to so glad you liked, peer review is scary of writing.
  • LouLouK: LouLouK: @xanthein @bakercom1 ty for the retweets :0)
  • xanthein: xanthein: @LouLouK Awesome article! Perfectly true and 5 useful traits for managers to understand. Congrats :)
  • xanthein: xanthein: RT @estherschindler: 5 Ways Businesses Can Make Geeks Happy & Productive by @LouLouK http://t.co/o8BqLCZX << GREAT advice for geek mgrs!
  • xanthein: xanthein: @toninog Cheers man :) Good luck with the next few weeks before you enact the same trick :)
  • CiscoPress: CiscoPress: RT @DomagojSalopek: RT @CiscoPress: Your favorite #networking @twitter accounts to follow? | @matthewnorwood @ghostinthenet @packetlife @xanthein @JTIE_6EE7
  • DomagojSalopek: DomagojSalopek: RT @CiscoPress: Your favorite #networking @twitter accounts to follow? | @matthewnorwood @ghostinthenet @packetlife @xanthein @JTIE_6EE7
  • sunbug: sunbug: @xanthein ;-/
  • sunbug: sunbug: @xanthein home about 6:30 then?
  • sunbug: sunbug: @xanthein bah... was hoping you'd be home so I didn't have to venture out on my tauntaun to get mimi!
  • xanthein: xanthein: @sunbug At work...
  • sunbug: sunbug: @xanthein THERE you are!.... where are you?
  • xanthein: xanthein: @sunbug @notyourbottle Bah!
  • sunbug: sunbug: @notyourbottle @xanthein hehehe ;-)
  • notyourbottle: notyourbottle: @sunbug Why is @xanthein leaving somewhere today? He's kept that quiet? ;-)
  • sunbug: sunbug: am presuming that @xanthein is now having his leaving lunch...
  • sunbug: sunbug: ooh latest Okido and lego catalogue - I think I've found @xanthein's saturnalia gift ;-D
  • sunbug: sunbug: @xanthein January - am all signed up for the online thing once they decide when mid-oct is...
  • xanthein: xanthein: @sunbug When does the school thing need to be done by?
  • exalts: exalts: @xanthein I'd have quickly drafted an "I quit" message to her boss and left it open.
  • webcowgirl: webcowgirl: @xanthein Thought she'd left the toliet door open, now that's a crisis.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @markstickley Thanks and congrats to you too!
  • xanthein: xanthein: Woman on the train just went to the loo leaving her laptop left open, unlocked, on the seat. #security #fail
  • markstickley: markstickley: @xanthein ditto! Well apart from I'm working on thurs / fri. Good luck at your new job. Where are you moving to?
  • angelsproc: angelsproc: @xanthein I am unemployed for more than One year, this aided http://t.co/u5bo0EQA
  • xanthein: xanthein: @ninthspace Just because it's in the cloud doesn't mean you don't need resiliency. It just means that resilience takes another form.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @networkjanitor Congrats :) Hope people enjoyed it and didn't just bugger off early :/
  • xanthein: xanthein: Last day at work. Then Thurs/Fri off and one weekend of unemployment. Start new job on Monday! Looking forward to it...
  • _Snowdrops_: _Snowdrops_: @paynedesign @xanthein @sunbug oh sorry, I made a big pile of warn crispy buttered toast.... and ate it all myself *falls into toastcoma*
  • xanthein: xanthein: @ShamusTT 3rd time's a charm :)
  • xanthein: xanthein: @paynedesign @_Snowdrops_ @sunbug Mm, marmite :) But there's definitely something about just butter too...
  • paynedesign: paynedesign: @sunbug @_Snowdrops_ @xanthein Ugggghh! Just butter on mine, please!
  • xanthein: xanthein: @rit BBC2, you just missed it though. Keep watching though, they normally get at least 2 songs out of each artist on the show.
  • rit: rit: @xanthein on what now? Always a fan for the Bon Iver
  • _Snowdrops_: _Snowdrops_: @xanthein @sunbug lol... it is always time for toast...
  • xanthein: xanthein: @sunbug @_Snowdrops_ I just felt a disturbance in the force...
  • sunbug: sunbug: @_Snowdrops_ mmmmmm toast... And marmite... Wonder if @xanthein will sense this :-)
  • xanthein: xanthein: @AlexCStanley Cool :)
  • AlexCStanley: AlexCStanley: @xanthein Heh! Who knows!! (It's still installing at the moment)
  • xanthein: xanthein: @AlexCStanley It'll be a rebadged version of android :D *ducks*
  • xanthein: xanthein: @bobmccouch *nod* - same kind of features you'd use on a host to protect against that kind of attack. Lots of potential for mischief tho :)
  • bobmccouch: bobmccouch: @xanthein @JTIE_6EE7 I asked an EEM guru at #cl11 about that topic and the answer was newer script signing and protected execution features
  • xanthein: xanthein: @bobmccouch @JTIE_6EE7 I'm fairly sure there's a POC IOS root kit out there that used tactics like that.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @bobmccouch Definitely not. Brings me out in hives :)
  • bobmccouch: bobmccouch: @xanthein I don't have a big prob doing voice on an MPLS router. I just don't like mixing internal and external services on one device.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @bobmccouch We did a small office recently. 1 FW, 1 voice router, 1 router for the MPLS service and 1 switch. Best we could do with the $$.
  • bobmccouch: bobmccouch: @xanthein Yeah, great. So just one box to compromise and nuke or one flash image to get corrupted and you're having a terrible day.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @bobmccouch aka 'branch office in a box' ?
  • sunbug: sunbug: best news of today, @xanthein found his felthulu! first one made by @Feltmeupdesigns
  • xanthein: xanthein: @bobmccouch That sounds like a feature request waiting to happen.
  • bobmccouch: bobmccouch: @xanthein Worse yet, if you typo "config t" with "config f" (when already in config mode, that is), and bang Enter, you're done. Nice.
  • xanthein: xanthein: Finally got all my contacts/calendar out of Google and into iCloud - mac integration much nicer.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @bobmccouch One tab and a CR in the wrong place…
  • xanthein: xanthein: @Nonapeptide That's truly horrific.
  • bobmccouch: bobmccouch: @xanthein Yah. Luckily I was doing it very on purpose on a bench build. But that could be a big "Oh S!" moment!
  • xanthein: xanthein: @bobmccouch Ouch… That could be nasty.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @robertjuric Congrats. Hope your new role works out well for you.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @markstickley Got used to spaces. Just need to do stuff different. MC UI also unintuitive. New desktop button not visible all time threw me.
  • markstickley: markstickley: @xanthein it's so much better than spaces! I couldn't use spaces but this I use all the time.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @rit Their attitude to throttling etc doesn't set me on fire. Plus (in their previous form as NTL), they were a bugger to deal with.
  • rit: rit: @xanthein I has virgin. What's the issue ?
  • sunbug: sunbug: @xanthein @tombishopp now now girls, you're both pretty...
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein pfft. go back to linux. :P
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp LOL! There's a surprising number of techies who use it too. Network Engs like me love it for being UNIX-based. Makes stuff easy!
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein i still think OS X should just be for designers... don't want the plebs ruining it for all the pretentious artists... :P
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp Yep. I think Adobe have done very well with Premier since FCX was released. I just hope they don't dumb down OSX any more.
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein i consider myself a pro user and i wouldn't touch any apple software, i have to say Adobe have the complete and utter edge/market.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp Yeah I'm not sure about their attitude re: pro users. See the whole Final Cut X debacle.
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein recently i have felt very let down by apple and their support, i don't like their new OS or any of their other products...
  • xanthein: xanthein: @sunbug @tombishopp Yah yah. We don't talk about those days :D
  • sunbug: sunbug: @xanthein @tombishopp ah this from the then 21 year old who said "ugh! A mac"
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp I bet. Al introduced me to macs. I think this is about my 4th one now.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp Not having my own machine now would be like not having an arm.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp I have no idea how I managed my 1st semester. Late nights in the library/labs I guess. Different times though.
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein to be fair, i worked at a graphic design agency over the summer and they used PC's a bit of a culture shock.
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp I don't think I'll ever own a PC of my own again. Suspect I'll be on a windows machine at $newjob...
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein i doubt you could actually do my course without a computer. i think you also would struggle without a mac.
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein turns out i've had my mac for 816 days... http://t.co/rYtBhdWR
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp Indeed - I remember those days well. I started at uni without a computer at all before I got a P133 laptop for my 2nd semester!
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein well, i'm a student running 2 year old tec. not planning on an upgrade until i finish my degree (at the soonest)
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp True true. If money were no object I'd have an 11" MBA for the road and a 27" iMac at home. Not feeling that flush however… :D
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein i like the air but i just need something with a little more kick. hence the 8GB ram / 500GB hard drive combo. ;-)
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp Wish I could use it for my day job though :/
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp Gotcha. Sounds like my old MBP before I got the MBA. Good machines. I love the MBA though. Perfect for me.
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein late 2009 MBP 13" 2.26ghz 8GB ram
  • xanthein: xanthein: @TomBishopp Which model is it?
  • TomBishopp: TomBishopp: @xanthein of course! it's my baby. it's still pretty high spec considering it's nearly 3 i keep it up to date and running well. :-)
  • xanthein: xanthein: Need to plan my way through the last 7 volume 1 labs… and then do them all again.

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