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  • When we featured Alex Gardner as our very first Popping Up artist back in January, the young Xenomania protege was still months away from the release of his debut single "I'm Not Mad" in the UK. She had the good fortune to fall into producer Brian Higgins' Xenomania team as their drummer two years ago. — “Xenomania | Music News, Reviews, and Gossip on ”,
  • Welcome to a Facebook Page about Xenomania Records. Join Facebook to start connecting with Xenomania Records. — “Xenomania Records | Facebook”, fr-
  • CALL OF THE WILD, GIVE ME YOUR LOVE, SUMMER NIGHTS, LEFT TOO LATE. This man has some great tales to tell and it goes without saying incredible musical. — “Xenomania Official”,
  • Xenomania, the producers behind Girls Aloud, are a contemporary hit factory, but their latest project Vagabond is taking them in an unexpected direction says Brian Higgins. — “Xenomania: Brian Higgins interview - Telegraph”,
  • Xenomania by definition, is the fondness for the unfamiliar. It may not sound commendable to some but to others, it is the ultimate realisation of empiricism. Experience is the best teacher, reading or hearing about things that are not common. — “Xenomania”,
  • Brian Higgins and Xenomania are behind some of the UK's biggest and brightest pop singles. He speaks to the BBC News Website for our series on the music industry's top songwriters. — “BBC NEWS | Entertainment | The Hitmakers: Xenomania”,
  • Get the Latest on Xenomania - news, lyrics, pictures, album reviews, biography, discography, videos, best songs, concerts, photos and tour dates. — “Xenomania - news, lyrics, pictures, reviews, biography”,
  • Myspace profile for Xenomania Records. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. — “Xenomania Records on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Xenomania Records. Get exclusive content and interact with Xenomania Records right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Xenomania Records | Facebook”,
  • Xenomania's AOL Music web site, featuring Xenomania news, Xenomania music videos, Xenomania pictures, Xenomania tour dates and more. — “Xenomania - AOL Music”,
  • Xenomania. Profile: Established songwriting, production and remixing outfit who have worked with a wide variety of commercial pop and dance acts including Cher, Girls Aloud, Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Rachel Stevens, Texas, Steps, Dario. — “Xenomania Discography at Discogs”,
  • xenomania IN BRIEF: An inordinate attachment to foreign things (customs, manners, fashion). is a free vocabulary and spelling. — “xenomania: Information from ”,
  • Xenomania music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Xenomania on Yahoo! Music. — “Xenomania on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Xenomania News: Unofficial Xenomania fansite An interesting detail: when the journalist met him in the pub for the interview, Pete was with ex-Xenomania Nick Coler. — “Xenomania news”,
  • Xenomania - @ we are all about Latest News & Information on Xenomania Music, Free Xenomania Music Videos, News, Interviews, Fee Music Downloads and More. — “Xenomania @ - Free Xenomania Music Videos”,
  • Definition of xenomania in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of xenomania. Pronunciation of xenomania. Translations of xenomania. xenomania synonyms, xenomania antonyms. Information about xenomania in the free online English dictionary and. — “xenomania - definition of xenomania by the Free Online”,

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  • Dannii Minogue - Everything I Wanted (Xenomania 12" Club Mix) From the "Girl (Deluxe Edition)" (2007)
  • Mania - DNA (2004) Unreleased song from Xenomania pop duo Mania.
  • Alexia - The Music I Like (Xenomania Radio Edit) 1998 - From compilation album
  • Cher - Believe [Xenomania Remix] [EMF Remix Video #2] (Fan Made) [HQ] This is remix video #2 for the Xenomania Remix. I used the Believe Almighty Definitive Mix video this time and it'd did awesome Hope you Enjoy. Note: This was completely in sync before I uploaded it to Youtube but for some reason Youtube decided to take parts and un-sync them from how it looked before I uploaded it. STUPID YOUTUBE!!! Remix Video © 2009 EMF Productions
  • Interviews Florrie Camille chats with Florrie about working with Xenomania and Fred Falke, what she's listening to, what she thinks about the music industry and the love she is receiving from the blogosphere! http
  • Xenomania - written by Kevin Zwerts Xenomania was written for a theater scene.
  • Cher - Believe [Xenomania Remix] [EMF Remix Video #1] (Fan made) [HQ] This is a remix video I made using just the Believe music video and the Xenomania Remix. Hope you enjoy. FYI: This is my favorite remix of Believe. Remix Video © 2009 EMF Productions
  • KYLIE MINOGUE - ALL THE LOVERS [Hope's Xenomania Mash up] Mash up i made using Kylies All the Lovers vocals and Girls Alouds The Loving Kind music [HQ Version on hopeschannel search All The Lovers Hopes Xenomania in youtube for alternative] The beautiful single "All The Lovers is taken from "APHRODITE" Kylie Minogue's fantastic new album!!! Already a #1 smash "APHRODITE" the soundtrack of summer 2010 is available via all good stockists NOW!!!! July 2010. KYLIE MINOGUE, KISH MAUVE & STUART PRICE All The Lovers (Vocals) Vs. GIRLS ALOUD, XENOMANIA The Loving Kind (Instrumental)
  • Hollywood - Apocalypse Kiss (Xenomania Coppola Mix) .
  • Katrina Leskanich - Love Shine A Light (Xenomania mix) Katrina performs Love Shine A Light - Xenomania mix on BBC1's Eurovision: Your Decision 1/3/2008
  • Full Xenomania and Evolutionary Deadends Jay has finally achieved Xenos-ness and explores the idea that Xenos are the next step in the evolution of mankind. Deal with it.
  • Girls Aloud - Sound of the underground (Xenomania Remix) drum&bass
  • Katrina & The Waves -Love Shine A Light (Xenomania Club Mix) Pretty cool song Lovely and happy we could be Peace eternally...
  • Saint Etienne - Burnt Out Car 2008 (Xenomania mix) The radio edit of St. Etienne's newly remixed single, available today, September 22, 2008.
  • Blondie - Atomic (Xenomania Mix)
  • Xenomania (RCT3 Extended Coaster) Small Extended coaster, sort of side project so not my best..Enjoy
  • BLONDIE - ATOMIC ´98 (xenomania mix)
  • jessie malakouti- JUNGLE TOWN rip mp3 xenomania version high quality rip of "jungle town" demo by jessie malakouti.
  • The First Signs of Xenomania Jay is getting a little more animated than is "appropriate" (the Xenos swear word) while rambling on and on about stuff he probably covered adequately enough a few episodes back. Enjoy the ride!
  • Blondie / Atomic '98 / Xenomania Mix
  • Dannii Minogue / All I Wanna Do / Xenomania Dreamhouse Mix
  • Vanilla- 'True to us' (Official Music Video) The follow up to 'No way, no way.' Taking more of a rock inspiration for this track, 'True to us' is the artsy sequel by the critically acclaimed progressive rock band 'Vanilla.' And remember... you got to be... TRUE TO US!
  • Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (Hopes Xenomania Mashup Remix) Kylie Minogue - All the Lovers Vs. Girls Alouds - The Loving Kind. All The Lovers the lead single is taken from Kylie's 11th forthcoming album "Aphrodite", which is avaliable to purchase now on cd, cd/dvd, mp3 via
  • Cher Believe Xenomania Mix Short Verison Believe Xenomania Mix Short Clip All Rights Goes To Everyone That Worked On The Song This Video Is A Non-Profit And Only Made For Fun
  • Jimmy Ray - Are You Jimmy Ray? (Xenomania Club Mix) Track 3 from the "Are You Jimmy Ray?" single. A great techno remix of the song.
  • Girls Aloud - Call The Shots (Xenomania remix) The Xenomania remix of Girls Aloud's 17th single, Call The Shots with pictures from their tours What Will The Neighbours Say, Greatest Hits, Tangled Up and Out Of Control! Fan-made video and is purly for entertainment uses on Youtube only!
  • Mini Viva & Xenomania on BBC Breakfast, 11/09/09 Subtitled (turn Closed Captions on). Mini Viva and Xenomania are featured on the BBC's breakfast show on September 11th 2009.
  • Love Inc. - You're A Superstar [Xenomania Club Mix]
  • Florrie Drumming Florrie on the drums at Xenomania in March 2010. Florrie has been drumming since she was 7 years old and is now the drummer with the Xenomania house band, playing on tracks for Girls Aloud, Alesha Dixon, Alex Gardner. More Florrie at
  • Dannii Minogue - All I Wanna Do (Xenomania Dream House Mix) Total Mix CD 3
  • Dannii Minogue - Keep Up With Good Times (Xenomania 12" Mix) From "Girl (Deluxe Edition)" (2007)
  • mrshapplymarried's "Atomic Xenomania Remix Mox Uranium & Plutonium Rods" i don't own this song it's called"Atomic Xenomania Remix" by Blondie - 1994. mrshapplymarried's "Atomic Xenomania Remix Mox Uranium & Plutonium Rods" they're blaming japan's nuuclear meltdown for the coming solar radiation burns and sickness! check it...why's the sun so glaring bright burns ya in 5 minutes or less? yep. weak magnetosphere letting in more solar rays than normal, we gettin crispy crittered! trust me on the sunscreen...SPF 1000!
  • Alexis Strum - Addicted (Xenomania Club Mix) [2003] Written by Alexis Strum & Paul Westcott. Remixed by Xenomania. "Addicted" was scheduled for a single release in 2003, with a video sent to music channels alongside a 3-track club mixes CD and an album sampler. However, the single was cancelled.
  • Girls Aloud - Call the shots (xenomania remix) ^^
  • Mini Viva - Left My Heart In Tokyo Left My Heart In Tokyo is the debut single by Mini Viva, an all-girl duo just signed to Xenomania Records. The single is out on 7th September, check back here soon for a pre-order link.
  • Alexia - The Music I Like (Xenomania Club Mix) 1998 - Remixes & UK Release
  • philippeostiguy: Sorry Gaga, it sounds better when Xenomania does it.
  • benbutterworth: @jonshave Are you allowed to divulge current projects?! Amanda said a while back you were writing with Xenomania? She's writing too.
  • Pablo942000: @Popjustice imagine a world where kylie had made an album with scissor sisters and xenomania in a I believe In you, I know, loving you style
  • Adycolclough76: @boomania1 Get Xenomania onboard. There's no one like the Boo. :)
  • EvanOLaoirezzz: Xenomania not only wrote all those amazing Girls Aloud singles, but loads of album track gems too.
  • mikeyoutwit: @AnthMullins It'll be interesting what they'll sound like if they ever come back now that Xenomania doesn't really exist.
  • mikeyoutwit: @seanieb1983 We probably nicked him out of some Xenomania credits. WON'T BE THAT FOOL RUNNING BACK TO YOU.
  • AndyHallHall: Nice to see @williambowerman at xenomania yesterday. He play them drums good init...
  • Amoammo: The xenomania remix of Love Shine a Light however, is interesting. Sounds like Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit.
  • williambowerman: @FlorrieMusic Lovely to meet you the other day at Xenomania Florrie!x
  • velvetfeel: Saturdays working with Xenomania sounds promising. Could very well be their most outstanding track ... well ever. http://tiny.cc/m3w2o
  • RodZilla69: The Saturdays working with (what's left of) Xenomania. 'lol'.
  • lightmyway_x: so, the Saturdays are working with Xenomania? That's brilliant, can't wait for the new album.
  • _doppelherz: @BetterThanToday i'd say GA are her closest act in terms of sound. Richard X/Xenomania (produce most of GA's stuff).
  • _doppelherz: @BetterThanToday all of this said; to be fair, she nicked her sound from Goldfrapp/Xenomania/GAloud... so not that innovative really.
  • TheMollieKind: RT @totalcheryl: Xeno studios?! The Saturdays are doing a track with Space Cowboy and Xenomania?!
  • oneofthosefaces: Space Cowboy (ex-Haus of GaGa) and Xenomania are writing for The Sats now? *interest level rises by 4%*
  • totalcheryl: Xeno studios?! The Saturdays are doing a track with Space Cowboy and Xenomania?!
  • welovepop: SHOCKER. Our number 2 is a b-side. But it’s produced by Xenomania, which should help explain things. #KylieDay
  • nickety: @LizzieBonito @timallenphoto I don't know, but I really loved 'All I wanna do' when it came out. Pre-cursor to the Xenomania-sound

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  • “If you have any interest in synthpop duos formed in the '80s with members called Neil or Chris you'll probably It was co-written and produced by Xenomania and the PSBs say it is "a post-lifestyle anthem". Does that mean it soundtracks the”
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