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  • Kerry Douglas Dye reviews Robert Altman's Dr. T and the Women. There are few laughs, it's kind of a downer, and all the clucking hens just yabbering yabbering yabbering away are a real pain in the ass. — “Review: Robert Altman's Dr. T and the Women”,
  • Speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly - chatter, piffle, palaver, prate, tittle-tattle, twaddle, clack, maunder, prattle, blab, gibber, tattle, blabber, gabble, rabbit [Brit], vapor [US], witter [Brit] Derived forms: yabbering, yabbered, yabbers. — “yabber, yabbering, yabbered, yabbers- WordWeb dictionary”,
  • Alliance of Literary Writers, Authors and Yabbering Scribes (ALWAYS) By registering to be a member of the Alliance of Literary Writers, Authors and Yabbering Scribes (ALWAYS) group, you consent to have your name and your email address be accessible by the official representative of the Alliance of. — “Alliance of Literary Writers, Authors and Yabbering Scribes”,
  • Definition of yabbering in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of yabbering. Pronunciation of yabbering. Translations of yabbering. yabbering synonyms, yabbering antonyms. Information about yabbering in the free online English dictionary and. — “yabbering - definition of yabbering by the Free Online”,
  • Went for the Yebber 1st Anniversary event at mint museum of toys. Thanks claudia for the invitation! (VVIP ok!)Yebber is a lifestyle site where people write reviews for almost anything under the sun. It's pretty informative, do check them out. — “yabbering at yebber 1st anniversary”, ping.sg
  • The stone wall crumbles upon touch; instant powder. Overhead, the low wooden beams, painted a jet black, creak with all the years they've seen. In the corner, and old woman is yabbering away at her long-suffering husband about how nice the city. — “TravelRoads - A Pub Crawl Through Time in Nottingham (by”,
  • -->The power to silence the annoying schmo yabbering away on their cellphone rests within a small black box the size of a cigarette pack. Selling for as little as $50, cellphone jammers can spew radio signals powerful enough to disrupt all nearby. — “Cellphone Jammers Are Effective, Illegal - The Consumerist”,
  • Are you bored of us yabbering on about the Chery A6CC yet? We're not quite done yet, we have more spy shots, plus some more information for you. Development. — “Chery Automobile | Yet more Chery A6CC spy shots | China Car”,
  • Yabbering cartoons from the CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. — “Yabbering Cartoons and Comics”,
  • just found out these guys yabbering on about iphone apps ate THE POTBELLIES. this is seriously dumb, but lots of iMacs online!. — “thursday 25th june 2009 - optus iphone 3GS promo on Vimeo”,
  • I've been watching the Ruddfest on ABC2 all day (dull & grey in Sidders). Some interesting stuff now the pollies have stopped yabba-yabbering (they dominated the openings of each session). It's what is good about digi-TV - the capacity to screen. — “Get a life! - Lonely Planet travel forum”,
  • Yabbering Forums - Ask an expert about yabbering. — “Yabbering Forum - Yabbering Questions & Answers, Discussions”, able2
  • Ah can you hear that? Yes, it's silence, the silence of my "everyone-is-sleeping home" Hooray!! I've been having a few "moments" tonight, you know the kind, the IF-ONE-MORE-PERSON-WANTS-A-PIECE-OF-ME-I-MAY-SPONTANEOUSLY-COMBUST kind of moments,. — “Everyday Insanity and Delight: yabbering between yawns”,
  • Thanks for listening to my yabbering. Will try to keep better updates. Tina, As Jess said, you are not yabbering at all. We know this is a very difficult time for your brother, for you and the rest of. — “Leukemia Returns!”,
  • Yabbering - Define Yabbering at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Yabbering. Look it up now!. — “Yabbering | Define Yabbering at ”,
  • Gaming with Sl3bz0r on Livestream. Here you can watch me play games. If you have any suggestions or requests on what games you would like me too play, please tell me. Sidenote: I will probably talk some swedish if you ever wonder what the hell im yabbering about. — “Gaming with Sl3bz0r - live streaming video powered by Livestream”,
  • It's funny, I remember a time at the 'end' of Web 1.0 when old-school media and marketing traditionalists begrudgingly started yabbering on about the virtues of 'new media'. By that stage, the term new media was a bit of a. — “'New Media' is the 'New Black' - The PR Warrior”,
  • Lawrence Booth: The term itself is thought to derive from phrase subtle as a sledgehammer, but much of yabbering that today's players cynically pass off as gamesmanship tends to be even more labored than that Sledging: War of Dirty Words on. — “Sledging: the War of Dirty Words on the Cricket Pitch”,
  • "Confounded little squabbles!" I roared! What caused me such an outburst? I'll tell thee, bloody Carol singers! "Away in a manger! No crib for thy bed. . . ," came this screechy-ersed wail permuting through the letter box ". . . for the Little. — “Is it too early to go Trick or Treating? "Confounded little”,
  • Connect with fiction and nonfiction writers, authors, and journalists, especially in the Phoenix, AZ, metro area, using this Alliance of Literary Writers, Authors and Yabbering Scribes (ALWAYS) business-tribe directory. — “Business tribes - author, writer, journalist tribe, ALWAYS”,
  • We found 4 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word yabbering: yabbering: yabbering your yam. Additional searches for yabbering. — “Definitions of yabbering - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Blogs about: Momo Yabbering. Featured Blog. My out-of-town adventure. Hello hello hello Just a quick note that I'll be out of town and away from computers over the weekend + most of Monday. momoedgewood wrote 1 week ago: Hello hello hello Just a quick note that I'll be out of town and away from. — “Momo Yabbering — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress”,
  • Putting the finishing touches on the new #TopSecret project I keep yabbering about - the whole team is buzzing - Can't wait to tell you!. — “Twitter / Lauren Neilson: Putting the finishing touc”,

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  • Doin what I do =) lol @ my bf yabbering in the background
  • Jungle Boogie Grumpathon KPro arrived on Friday, here's my first attempt, just messing about. Practice makes perfect Korg heads! It's actually my second video, I had to delete the first because the audio was ruined by my girlfriend and her mate yabbering on in the kitchen, obviously not massive fans of the Kaoss amateur sounds... More to follow for sure. Also nod to Denki for ripping their wobble wobble bass line Brrrp! Haha, hit the BPM by mistake at the end which got me well grumpy! PS apologies for the poor sound, I'll use a bus next time and some proper software.
  • French Talking My brother in laws girfriend yabbering on in french... lol. i had no idea what she was going on about.
  • Being Asian sorry it was kinda rushed and just yabbering away at a list. my webcam makes a beeping noise, my cell makes it bad quality. check out justthatgirl. please feel free to send me suggestions or comments at [email protected]
  • Muriel and her Spiderman shoes with some singing Yabbering about her Spiderman shoes that she chose over princess shoes, and doing some singing :)
  • Beach hello My latest monologue, with my sidekick on the beach. Sorry about the wobbly camerawork (the phone was dangling from a post) and for yabbering on so long... LIfe is beautiful.
  • Ruby Yabbering away.3gp Ruby, our gorgeous Eclectus hen Yabbering away to Kev. She is going to her new home in Tasmania next week and she is a stunning girl with tonnes of personality yet a real little snuggle but.
  • Star Trek III: The Search For The Cart (Team Fortress 2 Redub) A TF2 division member named !Woodstock! stated on the eGO forums that "You can dub TF2 over anything and it is a win." True or not? Could TF2 sound effects even make Star Trek III, notorious in over 6 universes for being extremely boring and unfunny (except for the "Tiny" scene and "Up Your Shaft")? It was worth a try! Let me know what you think. Do TF2 sound effects and vocals really make any scene better? Video quality is a bit low; I had to pull HQ videos from Youtube that others had loaded, then process them myself, then RECOMPRESS them, then upload them to Youtube to be compressed some more... I tried to pull the video off my Star Trek III DVD, but apparently Paramount doesn't think anyone would ever make a parody of their videos. Finally, I cheated a little bit; I cut about 30 seconds of yabbering out of Uhura's scene. I ran out of classes; all classes are represented. The Heavy plays all the security officers, and the Demoman plays "Mr. Adventure" and the pilot of the Excelsior. Videos Used: "Rescuing McCoy" scene from creatively210 ( "Uhura the Badass" scene from hummtide ( "Stealing the Enterprise" scene from Hudge85 ( IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: Heavy: Security Officers Scout: Sulu Soldier: Kirk Medic: Dr. McCoy Sniper: Checkov Engineer: Scotty Demoman: "Mr. Adventure" Pyro: Uhura Spy: Captain Styles Demoman: Excelsior Pilot
  • jamie learning to shuffle! the name pretty much says it all. sorry about me yabbering away in the background LOL
  • Ashura & Mephiles - [If You Were Gay] So, Mephiles is reading a book (having no idea why the hell why), until an enthusiastic Ashura comes in, yabbering on about some person he met in the subway... AND SO, A SONG ENSUES. ======= ...Well, we all know that Ashura is a Sonic glitch and that Mephiles is Shadow's... shadow. I MADLY support these two together, so I made this as tribute... I think I'm the first one on Youtube to even make an AshXMeph vid. Hell, I don't even know if anyone else supports this couple, what with Ashura being a semi-fancharacter. xD Besides, the couple also servers as a punishment to Mephiles for being an unoriginal recolor. =P CURSE YOU, SEGA. I mock your Shadow recolor with the fanbase's Sonic recolor. -w- Ashura is Nicky and Mephiles is Rod. And geez, do I love Ashura's cheerful disposition. xD Hurray for OOC and crack couples! I spent 12 hours straight making this thing, despite how crappy it looks. o_O It's my first, uh, "paint animation," if that's what you want to call it... S'for entertainment purposes only, folks, so don't get all flamey about it. (This is obviously fanmade. Anyone who says otherwise probably needs help.)
  • Mr & Mrs Approaches Matt's Hunting Ground.... Me yabbering on again
  • yabbering Lyra Ritner
  • The Light Vol 31: Stealth, Love, and Feelings Stealth, Love, and yabbering :-P
  • Uk OO Layout Update 4 Sorry for bad camera work and just yabbering on..
  • yabbering Dani yabbers and so does Eric.
  • Samantha Becker - pole vaulting, the last 5 years (2006 -2010) Samantha Becker, pole vaulting highlights from the last 5 years. Note: first videos have no audio, but later ones do. Awesome sound track is by Linkin Park, "What I've done" (except for crowd noises and my yabbering). Please buy a copy of the Linkin Park song from iTunes or Amazon.
  • Rocky yabbering Rocky calling Honey (a dog) and juist tellling me stuff about monsters and scolding another bird (dusty) then playing with me.
  • Muriel yabbering away video uploaded from my mobile phone
  • Whats in my school bag ! Sorry that this video is so long :') I gotta stop yabbering on.. Hope you enjoyed ! Please sub and comment x
  • The Rocker, pilot episode Epic. The first of (i hope) many more to come :D Read the end video message carefully. If you subscribe, I won't keep you waiting long for the next one. I'll probably release one every weekend :) NOTE: This is only the pilot, and in the next few ones there will be more things in it. Like, me yabbering on about random things [you people seem to like that] and other funny things :D Please subscribe if you want more!!!!!!! THERE IS A BRIEF REFERENCE TO A RAP. It is available now.
  • that time of the year! just me yabbering on about weather and stuff
  • Tui Yabbering while in her cage Tui never really stops talking, The following is just 10 min's of her yabbering in her cage while I was out. It shows about 1/3 of her vocab
  • Blog response: The aftershocks. See "Wassat?!" first. Else you go insane trying to understand what I am yabbering about, you will have trouble enough without the added confusion. PS If you don't like watching videos of people talking, don't watch this video of me talking, then proceed to say how much you hatered it! Have some logic you muppet. LOVE!!
  • Bookworm Adventures 2 - Final Boss The final boss of Bookworm Adventures Two. It has three forms, which are called: Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three. I know, not that very creative. Words spelled: Interdealer *Kills Phase One* Browbeaten *KIlls Phase Two* Yabbering Avoidances *Kills Phase Three* Enjoy ;3
  • English Setter saying "I love you " After some yabbering, about 5 seconds into the clip my English Setter says "I love you" three times in a row
  • August 13th As always me yabbering on!
  • Duke Special - This Could Be My Last Day Those that were there on the 30th Oct giglet will remember feeling intensely annoyed at the thoughtless loud yabbering at the bar and the back of the foyer as Duke began the quiet intro to this achingly beautiful song. His rare and remarkable gift shows in the way he could totally shut out everything around him and recreate the emotion that drove the writing of the original piece. I felt quite intrusive watching this remarkable performance again and was in two minds whether to post it. With the greatest respect I did, to illustrate his gift to consistently put so much sincere passion into his work that it makes him very Special indeed. You can detect a distinct drop in the background chatter as the sheer power and quality of the performance stills those ignorant of the rare talent performing on stage.
  • speed-yabbering louisa (left) and bea. Yeah, we talk like this normally.
  • More Joey Yabbering Joey speaks his own language
  • Samantha Becker, 2010 pole vault recap Highlights of Samantha Becker's 2010 pole vaulting season as a junior at Milton High School, culminating in the 2010 5A Ga State Championship. (Background music is "New Divide", by Linkin Park; if you like it, go buy it from itunes or Amazon and enjoy it without my yabbering or crowd noises)
  • A Niley Love Story - Dont believe what you read - Episode 8 PLEASE READ! Hey Yall! (Yeah i'm not from Texas, heck i'm not even American i'm British!) Anyway! here is the next episode Numero 8! Woop de do! Thank you for all your wonderful comments, and seeing as i got 18 please may i have 20 this time? peas?? *puppy dog eyes* hehe. Well your proberly thinking what the heck is this girl yabbering on about so ill let you watch it... Comment please! Peace Love & Jonas! xoxox *I DONT OWN ANY OF THE SONGS IN THIS VIDEO ALL RIGHT GO TO THEIR ORIGINAL OWNERS NO COPY RIGHT INTENDED*
  • Baby Wyatt talks about his day. 2 month-old baby yabbering.
  • Yabbering Part 1! Random ness of me yabbering on and on and on!
  • Mark Yabbering Just a normal Saturday night for Mark... Yabbering on to himself!
  • Yone yabbering Who knows what he's saying, but at least he's polite about it. Too bad youtube doesn't have "jibberjabber" as a language choice.
  • Nathy yabbering
  • just found out these guys yabbering on about iphone apps ate just found out these guys yabbering on about iphone apps ate THE POTBELLIES. this is seriously dumb, but lots of iMacs online!
  • tshumbie: @hungrytermite but it's almost lunch time...you should just keep yabbering until then and then eat lunch and then work
  • Sunz_Chick: @KCBrackley what're u yabbering about? ;)
  • FloribundaR: @stevef90 watch :) this is what I was yabbering about! http://t.co/WNR4KfMi
  • purkaldo: @GaryLineker cud we lower the amount of hansen yabbering on tho??
  • waatpies: @FourFourTom More time dedicated to highlights and less completely inessential yabbering?
  • ToWonderIand: @Laura_is_hungry I know exactly what you mean but people wouldn't be annoyed by our constant yabbering because we're Irish.
  • katterbee: I'm yabbering about my (useless) arts degree and how much I love it. Mom casually asks when the LSAT is.
  • bernardwright: Sitting in Neros enjoying the paper but have two yabbering women next table. Know more than I want to know about nails and facials now!
  • _TadMadd: @MrDanwasere haha! GOD NO! To be honest I'm quiet private about it, just get on with it, instead of yabbering on about it for days :L
  • jb_shannonmann: 2 girls in the cinema who I was sat next to were yabbering on all the way through the film!-.-
  • adamchubb1: @MIKECHUBB1 hi training was alright mike was yabbering on again enjoy the wedding are you there yet!
  • iTalkanduLaugh: @kadedraB What you Yabbering about lol, and no response to my text? Cool -_-
  • bowtiesforjade: my mam is so cute yabbering on about twilight to me when will she realise i don't care
  • FootSoldiersofT: @thenextpoint I wonder if this is how they actually think, or just if they know they can get away with yabbering such words for a fee.
  • branespeaks: @LaszloBeckett all good our end. P is yabbering constantly and can name everything now. poot + fones is fine init. boofty boof.
  • KCBrackley: What is orange beaver yabbering about?
  • Kimbolina03: @ICantBeArsed1 because this way you can have short snipits instead of yabbering on! Is it not??? Thank god:p x
  • MelissaKCraig: @kevin_rau @miztrebor @TheMCandCPShow @CharityParkerso I cut out me yabbering on so that's why its good. Haha.
  • balthazaurus: @cynthiaholden6 what the hell are you yabbering about
  • pretzelkarma: I find it really funny that links aren't getting as many "people" as me just yabbering on here. :)
  • AceJTrent: I was trying to read on the walk home. But as I was waiting at the last light I had to cross, I was joined by yabbering mother-aged women.
  • taylerhoward: My twitter is full of guys yabbering on about some kid kicking a ball into a net.... which my 6 year old sister can also do ⚽
  • Love4_NDubz: Mum's mates are still here yabbering away lool
  • stevenjcourt: So I didnt tell the woman yabbering on her phone all through the train journey that she had a big spider in her hood #nevermind
  • AmIRightFellaz: @the_gloved You ever get enough of women yabbering? #amirightfellaz #loudwomen
  • mardycow: What if I strangled the yabbering girls next to me because they're pissing me off and I'm trying to utilise my commuter time to relax. Bad?
  • abbielewisxx: RT @itsb4rbie: Foreign people yabbering away in a language you don't understand is the most irritating thing.
  • itsb4rbie: Foreign people yabbering away in a language you don't understand is the most irritating thing.
  • Itweeted_dhatt: Siwiak old stank ahh just push me to the freakin edge dog i swear with all dhatt yabbering and shyt i swear she always wanna bother me man..
  • purplepeg: It's 2.30 and the hyperactive girl is finally willing to go into her bed but still yabbering away and kissing her toes. Sleep, baby, sleep!
  • paperdoll_parts: @ColourpurpleGal seriously I was going to bash this kid yabbering on in the front row of seats, I had to leave before I hurt him.

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  • “Email Greg Hengler | All Posts By Blogger. As you will see, all the King's men were there The empty suit yabbering away at the microphone on the other hand”
    — Israel Absent From Obama's UN Address,

  • “Eurogamer's computer and video game discussion forum We've had months of folk yabbering on that installs on a console are a bad thing per se. If they're mandatory just to get the load times to equal that of a competitor's console? yeah, they're a bad thing”
    — Play from Xbox 360 Hard drive! - Page 1 - Xbox 360 - Forum,

  • “Tina, As Jess said, you are not yabbering at all. We know this is a very difficult time Goto: Forum List•Message List•Search•Log In. Sorry, only registered users may post in this”
    — Leukemia Returns!,

  • “A.) Why do they feel the need to give us their entire life story in regards to one question. I had a call More yabbering. " So to be sure sir, the phone is at Radio Shac"?. No. Repair Centre. I just could not get”
    — Shop Talk (Phone Scoop),

  • “Well this is a story I have heard about before: drunken teacher, late night meal, start yabbering with the locals, someone gets busted up. I've heard stories of laowai who win the fi”
    — Beijing Kiwi busted open with beer bottle,

  • “Yabbering Forums - Ask an expert about yabbering”
    Yabbering Forum - Yabbering Questions & Answers, Discussions, able2

  • “Chat Forum. Battlefield - Bad Company (the first one) 3 posts & 2 voices | Started 3 months ago by jon1973 | Latest reply from 360 great online service, but expensive and you have to listen to people yabbering on”
    — Battlefield - Bad Company (the first one) " Singletrack Forum,

  • “Update this blog's information. User Comments. Add a comment for this blog. There are currently no comments to this blog or they will not be added. Update Information For yabbering Blog. Page URL”
    yabbering Blog - Directory of Blogs, blog-

  • “OK, for the last year and half I've been a big consumer of Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and the ideals of liberty. But I live in Canada, and am growing more and more tired of how things are going around here. Is anyone else in Canada (near/in”
    — Campaign For Liberty — Freedom in Canada?,

  • “Chris and Dawn Riley's personal website where you can read the blog, view our photos, site archive, mini sites, my code experiments and much more”
    — Chris Riley's blog: MSN Virtual Earth (Beta) - ,

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