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  • Investure of the Yagnopavit (sacred thread) Bestowing the Gayatri Mantra. This is a momentous occasion for, soon after this ceremony, the child is taken to the Gurukula for his studies, thereby taking him closer to the Guru and the very purpose of his birth. — “Worship at Adi Sankara Nilayam”,
  • This Yagnopavit thread is sacrosanct, and gives strength and power to perform the Yagna ceremony. Persons eligible to adorn the Yagnopavit are given an initiation at the age of eight, after which he commences his study of the scriptures. Ascetics are given the sacred thread upon initiation as a Sant. — “Yagnopavit Ceremony in Kadi”,
  • (Dharma · Artha · Kama · Moksha) Schools. Astika. Samkhya · Yoga. Nyaya · Vaisheshika. Purva Yagnopavit. યજ્ઞોપવિત. Janoi. જનોઈ. 16. Pahari. Janeyu. जनेयु. Janeyu. जनेयु. 17. Sindhi. Janya. जानया. — “Upanayana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • "Shri Lohana Seva Mandal Nagpur to organise 2nd Mass Yagnopavit function on 7th July,2000 " has declared to organise a mass Yagnopavit Sanskar Samarambh for the benefit of the. — “Lohana Online”,
  • Yajur Upakarma / Shravani / Changing of Yagnopavit/ Poonal/ Upanayana 2010 Yajur Upakarma / Shravani / Changing of Yagnopavit Onam 2010. Righaveda Upakarma 2010. — “Hindu Panchangam for the World: August 2010”,
  • This photo from the TrekLens travel gallery is titled 'YAGNOPAVIT OF MR. JAY Photo'. — “TrekLens | YAGNOPAVIT OF MR. JAY Photo”,
  • A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z yagnopavit (see also thread (sacred)) Principles, V10 : 210, 221. yama (see also abstinence, conduct, discipline, niyama) Complete. — “Shri Ram Chandra Mission - Literature Index”,
  • Here are the most awaited, splendid coverage photographs of the Shubh Yagnopavit Prastaav and Chappan Bhog Manorath. The event help in Nashik in May 2005, was blessed by Vallabhkul balaks from all over the world and a huge enthusiastic crowd of Vaishnavs. The arrangements and getup (2). — “Yagnopavit Prastaav Photographs”,
  • Yagnopavit ceremony is when a male adorns 3 sacred strands. He wanted to leave for pilgrimage at the time of the Yagnopavit ceremony, but did not for the sake of His parents. — “Life and Faith of Lord Swaminarayan - Chapter2 Life of Lord”, swaminarayan-
  • , Matrimonials on the web for Indians and South Asians. Leading the way for Hundreds of NRIs, Asians in Successful Matrimony. The only Manual Match nieces and parent and grand BA and i am brahm kshatriya not a brahmin but all the rules of the brahmin applicable like yagnopavit. — “Profile of user - ”,
  • Wanvun, literally "chorus" is a style of singing used by Kashmiri Pandits before certain rituals such as Yagnopavit and marriages. — “Wanvun - Religion-wiki”,
  • Kashmir News Network KPlink Photo Gallery Registration. Random image. Navreh Greeting Card - Page 1 of 2 - Satisar Foundation. Comments: 0. admin. Kashmiri Pandit Mekhal - (Yagnopavit) cermony. Kashmiri Pandit Mekhal - (Yagnopavit) cermony. Description: Keywords: Date:. — “Kashmiri Pandit Mekhal - (Yagnopavit) cermony. - Kashmir News”,
  • Brahmsena arranging mass janoi, parshuram dham bhumi pujan, more than three lakh Brahmins present on one stage itself will be a matter of valor. 1271 Samuh Yagnopavit. 1271 Samuh Yagnopavit. Event Videos. Never ever surrender to any cast. I will always prey to my God for my Brahmin Samaj. — “Events - Mass Janoi, Parshuram Dham Bhumi Pujan”,
  • Ringtones | Credits | External Links | Disclaimer | Privacy Statement | Contact Us Presented by: Bhagwan Gopinath Jee Trust. WATUK POOZA. Narrator: Jyotshi Prem Nath Shastri. — “KOSHUR MUSIC: A Collection of Kashmiri Music, Devotional”,
  • Brahmins, or upper-caste Hindus wearing the "janeu", also called "yagnopavit" (sacred thread) perform prayers in a temple on the occasion of the Raksha Bandhan festival in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad August 24, 2010. Raksha Bandhan, an. — “Photo from Reuters Pictures”,
  • Photo Gallery of HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Vicharan, Charlotte, Charlotte Page-1, 13 to 15 August, 2000 Swamishri blesses Brahmins after the yagnopavit ceremony. Hoisting the Tricolors on Independence Day at the Charlotte mandir. — “Photo Gallery of HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj's Vicharan”,
  • satya vidya - the true knowledge Send this article to your friends Upakarma, Yagnopavit and its significance. Your friend's name(s) Your friend's email address(es). — “Upakarma, Yagnopavit and its significance”,
  • Yagnopavit. Manuvantara. Saptarishis. Hinduism and Aryans. Rituals and Mantras. Scriptures and Use and Abuse of Tantra. Yantra. Explanation of Yantra. Types of Tantra. Beej Mantra for. — “SITE MAP”,
  • Indian wedding cards and wedding invitations samples of Hindu cards, scroll invitations, Sikh wedding cards, Muslim wedding cards & designer wedding invitations with matching wedding stationery, Indian wedding favors, accessories. Yagnopavit Cards | Birthday Cards | Favor Boxes | Save the Date Card. — “Metro Card Agency : Indian Wedding Card and Invitations”, indianweddingcards4

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  • Yagnopavit Yagnopavit(Janoi) dharan vidhi arranged every yeaar on "Rakshabandhan" at dahod. this is this year "holy"vidhi at dahod by all bramins of Shri Abhyantar brahmin samaj,dahod. Just enjoy this video & feel its divinity.
  • Rimzim gire sawan Himanshu Trivedi Netri Pathak in glimpse at Musical evening during Swayam Divyam Thakkar Yagnopavit
  • Speech By Bhavesh Rajyaguru 1 This is the speech regarding grand function organized at Bhavnagar by Brahmsena.
  • dev sthapan janoi veedhi momay mataji navchandi yagna at kukma
  • Yajur Upakarma part 3 Yagnopavitha Dharanam yagnopavitha dharanam Please log on to: for more details
  • deep_kankotri_video.AVI deep wedding card
  • grah shanti of sanjay and paragini bhatt grah shanti pooja for yagnopavit sanskar of shiv and anuj
  • Shri Prabodh Vekhande SIR exploring Sravan Mass & vidhi of Shiv Upasana Shri Prabodh Vekhande, popularly known as "SIR", Jyotishacharya & Margdarshak,has been propagator of faith. Faith in Astrology, faith in Almighty and the spiritual power. SIR has been a crusader for humanness in humans. At SHRI VATS JYOTISH VIDHYALAY, is creating an atmosphere for students to inculcate lineage, virtues and attributes directly from the Puranas, on the platform of Jyotish. With the hope these students will be the persons who will be competent enough to preach and guide, to lead people on the path of spirituality, with logic. He always says that " Dharm ke prati ANDHATA nahi JAGRUKTA chahiye". He first practices and then preaches. He is such a person who knows only to give and will never ask. Conducting regular Jyotish classes on Sunday at Durga Mandir Parisar, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur, Maharastra-INDIA- Contact No. 09225220895, scheduled 10 am to 2 pm, FOR FREE. 1. Do you know that Shiv pindi is worshiped in Sravan Mass to please Laxmi? 2. Do you know that before Shri Vishnu, Shri Ganesha goes for sleep in month of Aashad? 3. Do you known why devotees do not Shave or trim Nails and Hair in Chaturmas? 4. Do you know why PARIKRAMA of Shiv Pindi is not permitted or only half parikrama is done? 5. Do you know what is the significance of Rakshabandhan and the Yagnopavit(Janeoo), and why it is celebrated on Poornima day in month of Sravan? 6. Do you know why Nandi is worshipped on the Sravan Amavasya and Pola festival is celebrated? 7. Do you know the actual Vidhi to ...
  • Speech By Bhavesh Rajyaguru Continue 3 This is the speech regarding grand function organized at Bhavnagar by Brahmsena.
  • Kids dance Yagnopavit ceremony kicked-off in style
  • Swarajya, Kalyan parshuram jayanti .
  • Robin dancing on kaushur soaz Yagnopavit On 10 feb..2011 at krishna palace muthi...
  • BHRAHMA SENA JANOI.mpg bhrahma sena has arrenge sammellan at ahmedabad more than 8,00000 BHRAHMIN attend this sammelan, More tham 1400 Bhrahmin taken Yagnopavit.
  • Bhavesh Rajyaguru with Jagadguru Shankracharyaji............. Bhavesh Rajyaguru with Jagadguru Shankracharyaji............. Brahmsena Samelan at Halvad Gujarat Brahmsena Sammelan held at Halvad Gujarat...
  • Ek Chatur naar Himanshu Trivedi and Swayam ThakkarMusical evening during Swayam Divyam Thakkar Yagnopavit
  • Top balloon decoration - Marriage Reception, gate, thread ceremony (yagnopavit sanskar)
  • No Politics and Politician in Brahm Sena ............ No Politics and Politician in Brahm Sena ............ politician not required in Brahmsena. BrahmSena decide only Brahm Chintak and Brahm Sevak are welcome in Brahmsena. brahmin katha...parshuram aur brahmin... BrahmSena's mainly work and achieve the goal - only for poor brahmin seva and samuh yagnopavit.
  • Ramindra 42 yagnopavit -pathey.mpg Ramindra 42 yagnopavit -pathey
  • Yagnopaveetha dharanam Avaniavittam
  • ARYA SAMAJ UPANAYANA SANSKAR IN VEDIC TRADITION Upanayana sanskar for chy. Madhur, kum. srujana and kum. chandra in Visakhapatnam father: Piratla Venkata Sridhar mother: Smt. Prasuna vedic pandits: Smt. Sandhyavandanam Lakshmi Devi and Sri Srinivasa Rao father and mother of Chandra: Palaparthi Seetha Ram and Smt.Vani Bala
  • Mandap Decoration for Yagnopavit varghodo "brahm darshan" "Gayatri Mantra" "Brahm Ekta" "Har har Mahadev" "Brahmin Organization" Gujarat Ved Puran "Jagadguru Shankracharya" "Muktanand Maharaj" "Sadanand Sarasvati" "Ghanshyam Maharaj" "Sitaram Bapu" "God Parshuram"
  • Yagnopavit_dahod Yagnopavit(Janoi) dharan vidhi arranged every yeaar on "Rakshabandhan" at dahod. this is this year "holy"vidhi at dahod by all bramins of Shri Abhyantar brahmin samaj,dahod.
  • Yajnopavit Parivartan Raksha Bandhan and Srawani Poonam are celebrated on the full moon day of Shrawan. What is the important of Yajnopavit (Janoi) Parivartan on this specific day ? watch this video to know more.
  • Shubhankar solo act Day 2 of Yagnopavit ceremony...the fun continues
  • joshua_favorite: @BDUTT notice markings on some of the doors which were part of a decoration, special to KPs, on marriage & 'yagnopavit' functions.

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  • “The Swaminarayan sect is a monotheistic faith in Vaishnava Hinduism. The Swaminarayan sect itself is divided into many sub-sects. The two most promin He commenced Sanskrit studies under Dharmadev after being invested with the yagnopavit rite. By the age of ten, the child prodigy had mastered the”
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  • “It is the local customs and rites that make the Mekhal or Yagnopavit a unique experience. Through it alone one can pay off one's ancestral debt as well as the debt one owes to the”
    — Kashmir Sentinel " Marriage Rituals Among Kashmiri Pandits,

  • “Complete website on Sanskrit language, grammar, literature, dictionary and resources. It will be a favour for me if some Mantra will be placed on the website, which are used during Yagnopavit Sanskar”
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  • “Search this forum only? More Search Options. Welcome Guest ( Log In studies under Dharmadev after being invested with the yagnopavit rite”
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  • “gokuleshojayati"We can do seva of which touch by guruji mahaprabhuji,gushayji,gokulnathji.when they give after touch it turn saxatseva.In pusti ( 7 ) janoi {yagnopavit} is there or not? ( 8 ) karna with kundal or without kundal? if with kundal - what type”
    — how many types of sevas? - Pushtikul Satsang Mandal | Forums,

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