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  • Yale - The world's favourite lock. — “Yale UK - An ASSA ABLOY Group brand”,
  • Copyright © 2002 - 2011, Yale Security Inc., an ASSA ABLOY Group company. Reproduction in whole or in part without the express written permission of Yale Security Inc. is prohibited. — “Yale® Commercial Locks and Hardware”,
  • Yale's Jo Handelsman Receives Presidential Award for Science Mentoring. The renowned microbiologist has been honored by President Obama for her work increasing the participation of women in science and helping to reform science education. more. — “Yale Daily Bulletin”, bulletin.yale.edu
  • The AYA serves as an umbrella organization for Yale College Class alumni groups, Yale clubs, and many other organizations. Alumnus status required for some features. — “Association of Yale Alumni |”, aya.yale.edu
  • Online video lectures and course materials. Watch or listen to a semester's worth of lectures and learn from course materials from classes at Yale University. Free. — “Open Yale Courses”, oyc.yale.edu
  • All users of Yale University computing and networking facilities are expected to read and Copyright 2007, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. — “Medical Campus Webmail | Yale ITS”, webmail.med.yale.edu
  • The mission of the Yale School of Management is to educate leaders for business and society. The school's innovative, integrated MBA curriculum teaches management and business in a richer more relevant context. — “Yale School of Management”, mba.yale.edu
  • Calendar of events, workshops and seminars. Cowles Foundation. Economic Growth Center. Faculty Books. Newsletters. ALUMNI. Economics Alumni Conference (April 8-10, 2011) Search the Site. Services & Links. Yale University. — “Yale University - Department of Economics”, econ.yale.edu
  • Mark Pagani, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics, Yale University, "Estimates of Climate Sensitivity from Ancient Times and Ancient Alexander Cerjan, Yale University, "Angular Momentum of Electromagnetic Fields" - Mon, January 24, 2011. — “Department News | Department of Physics”, physics.yale.edu
  • Forklifts by Yale Materials Handling Corporation are the right solution for all your materials handling needs. Yale's line of products include lift trucks, motorized hand trucks, narrow aisle trucks and pneumatic tire trucks, Fleet Management. — “Forklifts - Yale Materials Handling - Lift trucks, forklifts”,
  • World-renowned school located in New Haven, Connecticut that offers JD, LLM and JSD degree programs as well as many joint degrees, including JD-MBA, JD-PhD and JD-MA. — “Yale Law School”, law.yale.edu
  • Yale University Private university in New Haven, Conn., a traditional member of the Ivy League . Founded in 1701, it is the third-oldest institution. — “Yale University: Information from ”,
  • Yale College was transformed, beginning in the 1930s, through the establishment of residential colleges: 12 now exist and two more are planned. Yale traces its beginnings to "An Act for Liberty to Erect a. — “Yale University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Department has always had close ties to mathematics and engineering, but has increasingly experienced collaborations with other disciplines important to Yale, including psychology, linguistics, economics, business, statistics, music, medicine, physics and more. — “Yale University - Department of Computer Science”, cs.yale.edu
  • Home to live rhythm and blues. — “The Yale”, theyale.ca
  • Yale University Press: Publisher of Trade and Academic Books in Art, History, Science, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, and Languages. Secure Online Ordering. — “Yale University Press: Publisher of Trade and Academic Books”, yalepress.yale.edu
  • Yale - The world's favourite lock. — “Yale Italy - An ASSA ABLOY Group brand”, yale.it
  • Yale-The world's favourite lock. — “Yale - The World's favourite lock”,
  • Welcome to Yale Materials Handling Corporation. Yale is a leading provider of a full line of high-quality, high-performance Lift Trucks (Forklifts), including electric, gas, LP-gas and diesel powered lift trucks; narrow aisle, very narrow aisle and motorized hand trucks. — “Yale”,
  • The Yale University Department of Astronomy is home to faculty members, postdocs, researchers, visiting scientists, graduate students working toward the Ph.D. and several undergraduates working toward the B.S. or B.A. — “Yale University - Department of Astronomy”, astro.yale.edu
  • The Yale University School of Art When you contribute to this site, you agree to abide by Yale University academic and network use policy, and to act as a responsible member of. — “Yale University School of Art: Home”, art.yale.edu
  • Official site includes news, admissions information, alumni information, history, and more. — “Yale University”, yale.edu

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  • Latansa - Yal Muhibbin This Latansa's clip released in 2005, shooted and edited by me in a place near Lapindo mud, Porong, Sidoarjo. Sing by Abdullah Ta'lab. This song plays with Sarah's genre. For more info and download MP3 and Video Clip, visit Muziek4U at muziek4
  • Yal Qasid Qabr Hussain - Bassim Al-Karbalaei An Eulogy Mourning Imam Hussain (AS) in Arabic... Imam Hussain (AS) was killed in Karbala, Iraq by the army of Yazeed when he (AS) was fighting for freedom, justice, and humanity. Yal Qasid Qabr Hussain, a latmiyah, eulogy, nauha by Bassim Al-Karbalaei
  • Yal Devi. Let's go to Jaffna. Government sources said yesterday that President Mahinda Rajapaksas vision was to put the Yal Devi back on the track to the North with the cooperation of the South. He is expected to announce this as a National Project shortly. General Manager of Sri Lanka Railways (SLR) Dr. Lalithasiri Gunaruwan said that Minister of Transport Dulles Alahapperuma had said at a meeting yesterday morning that SLR should be prepared and ready to implement all decisions arrived at by the Government. The GM said that to his knowledge the date scheduled for this announcement had been postponed beyond March (19). He said that 160 kilometres of rail tracks had to be laid from Thandikulam in Vavuniya and many Railway stations along the way had to be rebuilt. The Government is also going ahead with the construction of the railway to Kataragama 160 kilometres from Matara the Southern terminal. Land acquisition and preparing the ground is taking place at a fast pace he said. by Franklin R. Satyapalan Source: The island
  • Yal Sa Yar A Nyeint 14-1 A Nyeint Hartha, starring Nyein Chan, Mos, Shadow, Bayluwa, Dane Daung
  • March 4 Counter-Strike from YAL-UW The University of Washington chapter of Young Americans for Liberty got wind of a strike being planned by the campus socialists to demand harsh "solutions" to the budget crisis and tuition increase. What they would mean for the school and the state, however, is a strained economy and higher taxes. YAL-UW jumped into the festivities and proposed our own free market solutions. Note: The trash at the end of the video was picked up by the protesters and some YAL members. And after a few signs blew away and hit one of our members in the face, we even recycled it for them. Voluntary (not forced) environmentalism, FTW.
  • YAL Students at Campaign for Liberty's Regional Conference - St. Louis Students at the Campaign for Liberty's Regional Conference in St. Louis give a recap on some important things they learned at the event.
  • [email protected]'s Bloomington Tax Day Protest Video A mixture of some video footage we shot and the radio interview I did for WFHB prior to the event. You can download the audio here: We were also mentioned in the Indiana Daily Student article the next day: Thanks again to Spencer Leiter and his fellow organizers for putting the rally together. They deserve most of the credit for getting the word out about it. Check out their website for more info:
  • Liberty Valedictorian Joins YAL Erica Goldson's valedictorian speech attacking public education received more than 420000 views in one month. Now she is a new member of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Buffalo. Erica's blog -- Watch the whole speech -- Read the speech transcript -- Everyone who joins YAL in September will receive a free t-shirt, sticker, and pocket Constitution. Join today --
  • YAL, Bridge School Concert 2008
  • Winners - Yal Hamra Ya Mon Amour Chant Album Winners Cd 2010 - Yal Hamra Ya Mon Amour
  • YAL Introduction An introduction to Young Americans for Liberty, the continuation of Students for Ron Paul.
  • Rami Khalil - 7elwa Yal Ordoniya {2010} New 2010 song by Rami Khalil
  • hatim slaoui - Allah Yal asmar chonson de hatim slaoui la plus recente nouveau style et high quality
  • jordanian song (yal ordoniah) the most beautiful Jordanian song
  • Yal Sa Yar A Nyeint 1-2 A Nyeint Hartha, starring Nyein Chan, Mos, Shadow, Bayluwa, Dane Daung
  • YAL Profile: HR 1207 - Federal Reserve Transparency Act Young Americans for Liberty profiles Congressman Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve, HR 1207. Campaign for Liberty's Matt Hawes and Ron Paul's Legislative Assistant, Paul-Martin Foss offer their insight on this historically significant push for legislation.
  • YAL Convention: Ron Paul (1/3) This is the first video in a three part segment of Congressman Ron Paul's address to the Young Americans for Liberty first annual convention on the terrace of the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA. Check out for more liberty-minded information and commentary. Check out ALSO, if you LOVE LIBERTY, check out Adam Kokesh - he's running for Congress
  • abdelmoula 2010 (rai) yal babour lli jabni www.4 rif Amazigh Arab
  • yal kavia RAI Cheb khalass & Rochdi mostaganem♥MAHDJOUBA♥ tahia mostaganem
  • San Marcos YAL Exposes 21st Century Marxism This report brought to you by . Young Americans for Liberty at CSU San Marcos recognize the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by building a replica of the structure that separated the capitalist West from the communist East. Students were invited to spray paint the free side of the wall with messages supporting individual rights, limited government, and economic freedom. Want to join YAL on your campus? Visit http
  • Helala Boys " Kasbah de Mehdia " Yal Khadra Ya Mon Amour (Antifa Ultras)
  • Uthuru Mithuru - "Yal Devi" Train
  • YAL UW-Madison crashes Obama Rally
  • TVR T440R driven by Martin Brundle Martin Brundle drives the TVR T440R in a SuperCar video The Sound of the engine is just AWESOME!!! Long Live TVR
  • Yal Sa Yar A Nyeint 9 A Nyeint Hartha, starring Nyein Chan, Mos, Shadow, Bayluwa, Dane Daung
  • akh yal qahar sadeqate akh yal qahar
  • YAL Profile: The Motorhome Diaries Young Americans for Liberty gets the inside scoop on The Motorhome Diaries right before the nation-wide journey kicks off. Watch as Jason Talley and Pete Eyre give a great tag-team interview. Be sure to check up on the project at and as always, keep an eye on for more great liberty-oriented content.
  • ♫ Lotfi DK 2008: Yal Kavi (Kauchmar) Artiste: LOTFI DK Title: Yal Kavi Album: Kauchmar Dedicated to all LOTFI DK Fans!
  • Yal Yal toma DJ JUANCHO SJL
  • Ruby 2008 Yal-Romoush
  • Yal
  • Dailymotion Dahmane el harrachi Yal hadjla a Music video
  • Airborne Laser Knocks Down Test Missile YAL-1: 11 Feb 2010 Courtesy: DoD Missile Defense Agency www.mda.mil Feb. 11, 2010 - At 8:44 pm (PST), a short-range threat-representative ballistic missile was launched from an at-sea mobile launch platform. Within seconds, the ALTB used onboard sensors to detect the boosting missile and used a low-energy laser to track the target. The ALTB then fired a second low-energy laser to measure and compensate for atmospheric disturbance. Finally, the ALTB fired its megawatt-class High Energy Laser, heating the boosting ballistic missile to critical structural failure. The entire engagement occurred within two minutes of the target missile launch, while its rocket motors were still thrusting.
  • Yal Sa Yar A Nyeint 1-1 A Nyeint Hartha, starring Nyein Chan, Mos, Shadow, Bayluwa, Dane Daung
  • smokey fafi eyes make up tutorial I've seen so many tutorials using the Colorful Fafi Quad, lets change it up a bit!
  • Tammy Baldwin questioned by YAL & C4L Representative Tammy Baldwin (WI-2) holding a listening session in Madison, Wisconsin. Footage shows members of Young Americans for Liberty, Campaign for Liberty, and the Libertarian Party each asking her questions. http
  • Airborne Laser Gun Boeing 747-400 YAL-1 Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser Missile Defense Courtesy: DoD Missile Defense Agency www.mda.mil The Airborne Laser Testbed operates aboard a modified Boeing 747-400, and is designed to detect, track and kill ballistic missiles in their boost phase using a high energy laser. Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB) The Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB) is being developed as an advanced platform for MDAs directed energy research program. Using two solid state lasers and a megawatt-class Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser housed aboard a modified Boeing 747-400 Freighter, the ALTB uses directed energy to demonstrate the potential of using directed energy as a viable technology against ballistic missiles. Firing Sequence The Airborne Laser Testbed uses six infrared sensors to detect the exhaust plume of a boosting missile. Once a target is detected, a kilowatt-class solid state laser, the Track Illuminator, tracks the missile and determines a precise aim point. The Beacon Illuminator, a second kilowatt-class solid state laser, then measures disturbances in the atmosphere, which are corrected by the adaptive optics system to accurately point and focus the high energy laser at its intended target. Using a very large telescope located in the nose turret, the beam control/fire control system focuses the megawatt-class COIL beam onto a pressurized area of the boosting missile, holding it there until the concentrated energy compromises the structural integrity of the threat missile causing it to fail.
  • Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser Testbed The Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser Testbed, (formerly Airborne Laser) weapons system is a megawatt-class chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL) mounted inside a modified Boeing 747-400F. It is primarily designed as a missile defense system to destroy tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs), while in boost phase. The aircraft was designated YAL-1A in 2004 by the US Department of Defense. The YAL-1 with a low-power laser was test-fired in flight, at an airborne target in 2007.[2] A high-energy laser was used to intercept a test target in January 2010, and the following month, successfully destroyed two test missiles.
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  • “YAL HQ. Sponsors. Become a Sponsor. Statement of Purpose. The purpose of Young Americans for Liberty is to bring awareness to Please go right now and join the new [email protected] meetup group”
    YAL @ CU Boulder - Blog,

  • “Free Online Library: Young Arab Leaders (YAL) Annual Forum to be held in Beirut. by ""; Business, international Entrepreneurship”
    — Young Arab Leaders (YAL) Annual Forum to be held in Beirut,

  • “The Leadership Institute's comprehensive social networking site for conservative students, with elaborate subsites for every 4-year college in America”
    — YSU YAL Chapter Given a Surprise $2000 Protest Bill,

  • “Under the High Patronage of His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Lebanon General Michel SLEIMAN, more than 200 young leaders from the Arab world will convene in Beirut from 16 to 18 January, 2009, for the Annual Forum of Young Arab”
    — Young Arab Leaders (YAL) to organize the 4th Annual Forum in,

  • “Content published on the Young Americans for Liberty blog represents the opinions and research of the individual authors and does not necessarily reflect YAL membership as a whole. If you would like to write for the YAL blog, please email a writing sample to [email protected]
    YAL Blog Content Policy | Young Americans for Liberty,

  • “The Ohio State University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is back for the 2010-2011 school year and stronger than During the day, many students excitedly signed up on the YAL mailing list claiming they were "so relieved" to have found a group”
    — Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul,

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