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  • Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone app Derived forms: yammers, yammering, yammered. Type of: complain, emit, kick, kvetch [N. Amer], let loose, let out, moan, plain [archaic], quetch, sound off, utter. — “yammer, yammers, yammering, yammered- WordWeb dictionary”,
  • It's a roll-your-own data visualization tool that allows you to mash up maps with a I've often yammered about how the rapid development of datavisualization–things as simple. — “dataviz " Web 2.Oh. . .really?”, 2
  • I ve often yammered that off-off-year gubernatorial races don t necessarily predict what will happen the following year, when the entire nation goes to the polls in a national election that includes federal races. And I see no reason to change. — “Can Democrats Keep The Wave Alive in '07 Gubernatorial Races”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Yammered - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Long before the tiny, talking heads of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" yammered their brainy commentary over well-worn sci-fi films, there was the benshi. — “Reviving benshi at Machine Project - WJW”, fox8.com
  • Surinder Sunar has long been one of the top players on the European poker scene. He came in second in the USPC event of 1996 and won the Pot-Limit Guoga jabbered and yammered on and on, while Surinder fought back with silence and strong moves. When he raised his arms in victory at the end of the. — “Surinder Sunar - Poker Player - ”,
  • 'yammered' is hyphenated as: 'yam-mered' Word stem for 'yammered' Synonyms for 'yammered': (verb) howl. howled. yowled. uttered. emitted (verb) whine. whined. — “yammered Synonym: (verb) howl”, spell-check-
  • Yammered definition, to whine or complain. See more. — “Yammered | Define Yammered at ”,
  • Okay, so for months and months, we've yammered on about the merits of [REC], the Spanish-language horror flick that inspired the moderately successful. — “Sony Finally Allows You to '[REC]' Yourself - The Moviefone Blog”,
  • [edit] Verb. yammered. Simple past tense and past participle of yammer. [edit] Anagrams wiki/yammered" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “yammered - Wiktionary”,
  • That's when a worker in the background shoved a couple of turkeys neck-first into a death grinder while Palin yammered on, seemingly oblivious to the carnage unfolding behind her. We've learned that when Palin talks, disaster follows, but usually it's not this vivid. — “Sarah Palin's Turkey Pardon Fiasco”,
  • About a month ago in a similarly-named post about GoSmile White, I yammered about "Corporate-sponsored colors" (like Tiffany Blue, UPS Brown and Target Red) and suggested their rise is due to the fact that we are running out of inanimate. — “Pow! Right Between The Eyes! Andy Nulman's Blog About”,
  • Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: What are you working on?. — “Yammer : The Enterprise Social Network”,
  • fatuous adj. Foolish or silly, especially in a smug or self-satisfied way: ''Don't you like the poor lonely bachelor?' he yammered in a fatuous way'. — “fatuous: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Email Facebook Twitter MySpace orkut hi5 Blogger Live Spaces Bebo Buzz StumbleUpon This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Sign. — “YouTube - Q-Tea: Kells”,
  • Nielsen dives deeper in the case to move beyond CTR for display ads and shows relationship to offline purchases. The free Microsoft Office 2010 (Yammered and tweeted by Kate, Steve, Johnny, Ben, Chris, Paul, Mike, and Jamie). — “Hill Holliday Blog " Yams and Tweets: Future of Health Tech”,
  • Anguished Apprehensive Belligerently Bemused Bridled Brusquely Bum steer Bundle Cesspool Complacently Comtempously Contemplated Contorted Corn-whiskey Cowering Craftily Crestfallen Defined Dejectedly Derision Derogatory Despair Disarming Droned. — “Put these in alphabetical order please.? First person who”,
  • yammered 4 hours ago. I'm at Food Pyramid in Stillwater, OK http://gowal.la/c/2MHXK yammered 9 hours ago. Can't yammered 10 hours ago. Meat Loaf?: So we dropped Averly off at daycare this morning and when we got back into the car Melisa said, "Its a http://bit.ly/c7Mrdx yammered 16 hours ago. — “Tablezero Chronicles”,
  • When my friend Mike recently referred to the grandparents who raised him as "the last real people," here's what he meant: His grandparents never yammered about their principles but lived by them because it was what they expected of themselves. — “TH - Opinion Article”,
  • Definition of yammered in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of yammered. Pronunciation of yammered. Translations of yammered. yammered synonyms, yammered antonyms. Information about yammered in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “yammered - definition of yammered by the Free Online”,
  • So, I put this question to you, citizens of Superstarra-ville - is there any method to your particular madness when it comes to organizing your printed patterns? Yammered on by Christie at 10:37 AM. Labels: Me, Old Dog/New Tricks. Tuesday, April 20, 2010. It's Alive!. — “Superstarra-ville”,

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  • This Crazy Little Thing Called Love ; Episode Three Part Two Formspring: www.formspring.me/iwritetoescape I really don't want to yammer on anymore about subscriptions and whatnot...but you know what to do:) Commenting and rating would be nice too. Oh whoops, I yammered. Sorry:) TIME FOR THE DATE!!! ________________________ *IN JUSTIN'S CAR* Justin's POV: I knew that she was completely in a daze after what i had just done. I mean, what girl wouldn't be? Right? Maybe that's why she wasn't saying anything....I had to strike a conversation. Justin: "Hellllooo? Earth to Cady!" She looked at me and bit her lip. Cady: "Sorry Bieber, I'm kind of in shock." I laughed. I knew she would be. I played dumb. Justin: "What? Why?" She looked at me with a blank expression on her face. Cady: "Don't act like you have no idea what I'm talking about. You probably do that to every girl you meet." Justin: "Naw. I don't usually seduce on the first date." I turned and winked at her, but she didn't say anything. Things quickly became awkward...thank god we were almost there. Cady's POV: Awwkkwwarrddd. What did he expect me to say to that? I just sat there in complete silence...hoping that we were close to wherever we were going. Just then he stopped the car. He got out and before I knew it, he was opening my door and grabbing my wrist. Cady: "Whoa there Bieber, slow down!" He immediately let go of my wrist and stepped back. Justin: "S...sorry. I just.." I laughed at him and lifted his chin up. Payback time. I got close to him and whispered in his ear, Cady ...
  • WLS - Week 16 Results Starting Weight: 278 Weight Last Week: 217 Weight This Week: 215 (-2 lbs.) For a total of 63 lbs. gone forever!! I yammered on too long, so I had to cut this one down. Recorded January 19, 2009.
  • Goin to Lowes (Future of the SBC) Took a ride over to Lowes just to get out of the house and on the bike. I yammered on about a bunch of stuff... This part is about the future, or what I would like the future of the Solar Bear Challenge to be.
  • IT WAS CLEAR TO HER THAT IT WAS UNCLEAR TO ME (Poem by DRC) Special big thanks to Janeczka for helping me edit this poem. Subscribe to Janeczka on youtube at: -- also thanks to Jennifer L Conners and TinySpectacle for their feedback on this -- and to anyone else I've yammered to on skype to about it :P And... thanks to Janeczka for giving me the super cool BLACK REBEL MOTOR CYCLE CLUB black pin I am wearing on my suit. BRMC is the coolest band ever; check out this video of them at: Still reading? I have a handful of copies of my FIVE HOURS IN THE DARK poetry chapbook/2 DVD set. Please email me at [email protected] if you want to get one before they're all gone. Also, there is a PDF download of FIVE HOURS IN THE DARK (minus the DVDs of course) one can download at lulu: VIDEO RESPONSES WELCOME SETTINGS ARE TO TO AUTO APPROVE :P The text of the poem in question: IT WAS CLEAR TO HER THAT IT WAS UNCLEAR TO ME Every night she recounted every damn detail of every damn day like someone's damn life depended on it. But it was a small price to pay, because she rewarded my attention by bending over backwards in our bedroom. So I perfected the art of pretending that I was hanging on her every word. It worked perfectly until she said, "You're just repeating the last thing I say!" And I replied, "You're just repeating the last thing I say." And that's when I learned that anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Family Law. (David Randall Curtis)
  • vintage Maya A lost video from the archives, of Maya about 1.5 yrs ago talking on and on while Grammy visits for Mother's Day. We forgot how much she yammered on even then, Maya was about age 2 &1/2
  • BannedBookBlog08.2 A reading from the book I yammered on about.
  • IF I HAD SOME GRAMMAR - Jim Terr parody of If I Had a Hammer Grammar-mistakes parody of Peter Paul and Mary's "If I Had a Hammer." What more can I say? Inspired by looking around for old PP&M songs after the death of Mary Travers. God bless her - rest in peace. Grammar, usage, diction, diagramming sentences - whatever - a lot of it is just common sense. Watch for a sequel, since I left out a few. Dedicated to Language Persons everywhere. To see all Jim Terr YouTube videos enter HYMIEHYMIE in search line. Jim Terr website (free-lance creative): LYRICS (c) 2009 Jim Terr If I had some grammar, Id hammer between the morning All the way to the evening, Id be all, like Hey, Im hammering! I could care less about justice, or as regards to freedom, -- Id just lay around hammerin out love, between my brother and I, Allll over this land. If I was a grammar person, Id of yammered more ofTen, Trying hard to not sofTen, what I need for you to understand. - But thing was, is, I was like self-medicating myself, Like escapism on steeeroids, Alls Im trying to say is like, Im totally psyched, Hammering out love, all over this land Oooohhh. If I was up on my grammar, from whomever would teach me, If him or her could of reached me, Id be talking pretty good. -- Theres some people to which I been speaking to, theyd be all, like Whoo whoo whoo That guy he talks so nice, what would his price, cost, to teach me to talk good too? Whooo
  • A scrum between the UND Fighting Sioux and Wisconsin Badgers North Dakota earned a split with No. 10 Wisconsin, winning 3-1 in a game marred by a five-minute brawl involving all 10 players on the ice, including Badgers' freshman phenom Kyle Turris and assistant captain Kyle Klubertanz, and Fighting Sioux captain Rylan Kaip. After the brawl, which ended with 122 minutes in penalties assessed, coaches Dave Hakstol and Mike Eaves yammered at each other from the benches.
  • Sunshine Promo May 2009 This is the end result of a course assignment. I was instructed to create a 30 second promo for a film/television show/etc. to be (theoretically) played on an existing television station. Along with this, we were given editing criteria to meet. In trying to exceed to these expectations, I had to forfeit some of my stylistic preferences. Thus, I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but it was enough to garner me an A in the course, so I can't really complain. Anyway, I've yammered on for long enough. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to critique, comment, etc. I always appreciate feedback. FOOTAGE Sunshine - dir. Danny Boyle MUSIC Palladio - Kerry Muzzey Enjoy! Jonathan
  • Salvia Trip #11 (5X) Soundtrack: Primus, "Restin' Bones"—"Kalamazoo"—"The Chastising of Renegade"—"Arnie" I looked at my drums and they seemed like relics of times past—Everything was a vast storeroom in the Garden, and I was in its farthest, most desolate corner, where the most archaic creations of all time reposed. I shunted my metal-poles and cloth "self" to the window and leaned on my elbow, gazing out, stunned and transfixed by my complete uselessness and the unsung periphery of my existence—I was just an object, like a curtain on its rod, hanging here at the window's side, tranquilized, propped against this bare plank wall. I completely lost track of who I was, whilst a jangle of atypical word-thought forms yammered through my brain, my conciousness became confused as to who had said each previous thought, thinking "That wasn't me, who said that?...he said that...who's he?" and unfolding in my mind I saw myself from across the room, morphosizing younger in a kind of metal corridor. All I could think was "who is he?" I was wearing a striped green shirt, and my hair was long—But only after the tranqulizing amnesia faded did I remember who "I" was—Whilst under the salvia's spell I'd had NO IDEA, and thought of the person across the room as a "Mexican boy" who was standing in a room I was nostalgic about because some groovy parties had gone down there with my band. Outside, the after-the-rain dimness was like a child's storybook forest, sectioned into an insectvision grid by the window ...
  • Q-Tea: Kells Quinn raves about a movie she just saw
  • Black Ops Wii | Class Set-Up + Killstreaks + Combat Record Yeah, sorry the video is quite long i guess i just yammered on for a while.. Give this a thumbs up! Comment, like and subscribe! :D
  • One Life To Live Epi On 11-19-09 Part 1 of 7 Part 1 Summary: Dorian yammered on about losing the mayoral campaign, but Blair told Dorian to just let it go. In order to distract Dorian from worrying about finding the "Judas" who cost her the election, Blair revealed that she'd just sent Todd on his way. She explained that Todd is still obsessed with Téa, but Dorian reminded Blair that Todd will always be obsessed with her, too. Blair revealed that Téa has a daughter with Todd. Dorian asked how long Blair had known, and she revealed that it was the night she fell through the window that she figured it out. Dorian continued to push Blair's buttons about Todd until she finally exclaimed, "I love Todd Manning! Are you happy now?" In Seattle, Téa was frightened by Ross's unexpected appearance in her hotel room. His anger got the best of him and he pushed Téa up against the door, demanding to know his daughter's whereabouts. Téa pulled away and tearfully asked him to listen to her, then dropped the bombshell that Danielle is not his daughter. Ross was devastated, then accused Téa of being full of it. Téa tearfully explained that she slept with Todd once on the island, right before he drifted away on his raft. But, she swore, she didn't even know that he was Danielle's father until recently. Ross refused to accept the truth, so Téa showed him the DNA test. Todd arrived at the hospital as Danielle was bidding Matthew good-bye. Rachel promptly shut the door to Matthew's hospital room so Todd wouldn't see Danielle (although he ...
  • Late Night Biographical Meanderings I laid in bed last night and just sort of yammered a bit or some background info to explain stuff. Forgive my sleepy late night meanderings. I tried to add some pics to make some sense of it.
  • 108_Degrees: And I totally yammered to the girl at the salon. Im like high on hormones. but still made a good decision to skip my moms bffs party
  • 142213_819: What is it about being yammered at too early after waking up that makes us cranky?
  • drewhatch: Or atleast a shot of Clark above the crowd being the glimmering beacon of light & hope they yammered on about? Cheap. #smallvillefinale
  • harad: Had to disarm a toddler with a giant steak knife while his nanny yammered on her phone obliviously.
  • QTheBars: @PackiDu @moe_T @BrucePettit Did you foolies get too yammered last night to go hard in the yard tonight?! Im tryna get speakers gone hammed!
  • EvyWevyy: Last things to do: edit final paper, finals... Yah right, as @tj_milano would say, time to get #yammered!!!
  • YammyYamKid: @KateWWFC26 @mods1980 Goo on mar girl! Can yow gimme yower autograff? Three sherbut dips an arm yammered ay I.

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  • “Two whole days have past since the Liberty of London collection hit Target shelves. Do you know what that means? It's nearly all I've yammered so much about the line that even my mister knew that Liberty of London was coming to town on Sunday.) And, while I”
    — Liberty of London Arrives at Target,

  • “Return to Blog Home. We have written 6 articles about Approach. 06/02 If I haven't already run you down in the street and yammered your ear off , then let me introduce you. For years I've”
    — Approach " Orlando Web Design Blog | Caxiam Group,

  • “The FM SHADES music blog (which is very worthwhile even without the VU prize) has a zip Also, the WFMU Blog has posted the same MP3s as individual downloads, though you'll need”
    — Mugu Brainpan " The Ultimate Velvet Underground Rarity,

  • “ offers $25 to food bloggers who volunteer to shut down their blog. (Yammered and tweeted by Kate, Steve, Johnny, Ben, Chris, Paul, Mike,”
    — Hill Holliday Blog " Yams and Tweets: Future of Health Tech,

  • “We yammered for Ben to show us again, so he popped the dialog in and out a few more times to appease us. Please let us know if you'd like to see more "solve the bug" blog posts like this, and we'll be sure to come up with some more in”
    — meeblog " Blog Archive " popup predicament,

  • “To the politicians, it's still but a passing breeze rustling the hair at the nape of the health care to government bureaucrats, yammered that Americans simply can't be trusted”
    — GetLiberty.org >> Home,

  • “All the campfire myths and stories our ancestors yammered on about were done for a reason, they helped the memories last longer. Welcome to the Wistia blog. This is where we write about video marketing, sales, and training, as well as new”
    — Wistia at Work,

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