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  • The best, most powerful tool we have ever found to this end is a complete understanding of God's Holy Name, YHWH. Pharaoh The abominable practice of not even printing Yhwh's Name in our Bibles is an obscenity, an affront to The Holy Creator. Satanism and God's. — “The Church of Yahweh”,
  • Encyclopedia article about YHWH. Information about YHWH in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “YHWH definition of YHWH in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Yhwh. Learn about Yhwh on . Get information and videos on Yhwh including articles on exodus, hebrew, meaning names and more!. — “Yhwh | Answerbag”,
  • Jehovah's Witnesses falsely claim that bibles remove YHWH (Tetragrammaton) from the Old Testament. The most obvious proof that Jehovah's Witnesses spell YHWH wrong as "Jehovah" is the fact that the letter "J" doesn't even exist in Hebrew, Greek, Latin. Further, the. — “Jehovah's Witnesses abuse the divine name YHWH of my God”, bible.ca
  • That doesn't mean the Fool comes out and says YHWH doesn't exist, and I don't believe in him. So, this man, by his actions either denies YHWH or supports and believes his existence. — “SimplyKristal " YHWH”,
  • The form Yahweh is a modern scholarly convention for the Hebrew יהוה, YHWH. An etymologization of the name, connecting YHWH with the root HYH, occurs when YHWH, asked by Moses for his name, provides three. — “Yahweh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • To the Glory of YHWH Please note that since we cannot control who joins a webring we do not necessarily agree with nor endorse every site that may link to a webring. — “To YHWH's Glory”,
  • Qabala: Bereshyt/Genesis / Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah) Lexicon: YHWH/YHVH: YOD-HAY-WAW-HAY/YOD-HAY-VAV-HAY Yod-He-Waw-He Yod-He-Vav-He. — “Qabala: Bereshyt/Genesis / Sepher Yetsira (Yetzirah) Lexicon”,
  • Counsel, encouragement and information for Christians seeking consecration to YHWH (Yahweh) through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit: subjects include Godly leadership, praying effectively, hearing God, spiritual warfare, pentecost,. — “The LORD's Law -- Living in the Kingdom of YHWH (Yahweh)”,
  • Because of the lack of vowels, Bible scholars debate how the tetragrammaton "YHWH" was pronounced. Contrary to what some Christians (and at least one cult that uses this name) believe, "Jehovah" is probably not the Divine Name revealed to Israel. — “What is YHWH? What is the tetragrammaton?”,
  • YHWH- focuses on the distribution of the Holy Bible, not for sale, not for profit, but as a ministry. Gods word enables and empowers us to live out Christian faith & practice worthy of the Lord. — “YHWH-Jireh Holy Bible Distribution Ministries”, yhwh-
  • YHWH also YHVH or JHVH or JHWH n. The Hebrew Tetragrammaton representing the name of God. — “YHWH: Definition from ”,
  • YHWH's Truth,EndTimes,Prophecy,Sabbath. Keepers,The True Sabbath,seventh day, Lunar Calendar,God's Love,YHWH,Christ,Jesus Christ,second coming, Israel,Hebrews,antichrist,. — “::YHWH's Truth::”,
  • Why was the Sacred Name YHVH (YHWH) removed from the Scriptures? - 7000 times in the Old Testament and 1000 times in the New Testament?. — “Sacred Name of God YHVH YHWH Tetragrammaton Yahveh Yahweh”, .za
  • Beit YHWH: Yahweh Is The Sacred Name Of God; Crescent New Moon Calendar; Giants, Aliens, Angels & Demons, Free Sacred Name Music; YHWH,Yahweh;New Moon, Church of God ;Holy Day; Yahweh, YHWH, Passover,Feast,Pentecost,Tabernacles,666,Beast,. — “Who Is Yahweh - YHWH - BEIT YHWH - We Praise You & Bless You”, new-
  • Instead, whenever they encounter this unpronounceable string of consonants, (YHWH) they speak the name Adonai. And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, "YHWH, YHWH, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to. — “Yahweh - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • A brief explanation of YHWH, the true name of our Heavenly Creator. — “YHWH True Name of our Creator”,
  • "YHWH Your People Are Here. YHWH is the Keeper and Controller of the People of YHWH. Come Visit a Community Dedicated to Serving our Creator YHWH. Our Community is under the guidance of YHWH, exists to serve YHWH. If you wish to also be a. — “YHWH, Your People at Qumran Bet Community”,
  • Shop yhwh t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique yhwh tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. If you don't find the perfect yhwh tee shirt, it's easy to customize your own by adding photos, images and text. — “Yhwh T-Shirts | Buy Yhwh T Shirts & Clothing Online | Unique”, t-
  • Priest and Personal Savior and King, Who will Establish on the Earth THE REIGN OF YHWH Savior and King, The Son of YHWH (YAHWEH), The TRUE Creator, and our Heavenly Father. — “BYT YHWH - The Community of Yahweh of The Disciples of”, byt-
  • YHWH is causing an awakening in our day. Many people have begun the process of removing the idolatry they have inherited and are returning to the ancient way. Join us in our efforts to remove all of the lies so that Judah and Ephraim can be. — “YHWH is El”,
  • The Remnant of YHWH will restore the treasure of YHWH's Covenant Invitation to mankind from the beginning! The Prophet Yeremyah (Jeremiah 8:8) said that the Word of YHWH would be mistranslated by deceitful scribes, thus hiding YHWH's plan of blessings and salvation from mankind. — “The Remnant of YHWH”,

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  • The Importance of YHWH's Name pt. 1 This video breaks down the 3rd commandment and clarifies its meaning
  • Daughters of YHWH, don't give up on love I know that some of us are either in bad relationships/marriages or none at all, but I come with some encouragement. Do not give up on love. If you believe in it, then it will come by faith. Women were not designed to be alone...we were made to be companions to our men. The Most High put us here to be fruitful and multiply. I will NOT let this world dictate how I live nor how I serve the Most High. A nation is built with families. Daughters of YHWH will play a role in rebuilding Israel. *smile-it's coming*...just wait for it. Shalam
  • 3q LXX: YHWH 'decoded' by John 8:58 and Exo 3:14-15 'NT 'threads' (quotes) LXX' series. God tells you what YHWH means in Exodus 3:14-15, so it's no mystery. Christ in John8:58, merely TRANSLATES the YHWH from the LXX of Exodus 3:14-15, into Greek verbs -- with Himself in the middle, of course. We just saw Him do that, in Episode 3p. So here in 3q, you'll see how Hebrew morphology, wittily created the noun YHWH from two Hebrew verbs, hayah and hawah. God's Sacred name is variantly spelled in the OT, as follows. I got this by searching in BibleWorks on the vowel points going with YHWH. I didn't catch all the usages, because I don't know all the ways YHWH is spelled with them. The transliterations which follow use the vowel points. The apostrophe is a shewa. * y'howih=31 times * y'howah=44 times (closest sound to the later European invention of 'Jehovah') * yahwih=2 times * y'hwih=271 times * y'hwah=5658 times. So if you want to pick the most common BIBLE pronounciation, you'd say 'Ye-HWAH'. Isaiah uses this two-syllable pronounciation in the Hebrew meter of Isaiah 53, for example. 'Jehovah' was a European invention of the Middle Ages or later, maybe from Germany. That's an educated guess, though. Two common scholar suppositions about YHWH thus prove perhaps incorrect: 1. The supposition that every consonant must have a vowel between it and the next consonant, isn't true. The 'h' breathing replaces the vowel, as in the vocalized shewa. 2. The supposition that since YHWH ends in H, it's a late invention. Nope, the 'y' sound ...
  • YHWH- The Meaning of God's Name The meaning of YHWH. for more info on this please google: yud hei vav hei Also watch: Thisvideo is a compilation created by me, nodoubt257, Trish Jansen. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owners. I am making such material available in an effort to educate and advance understanding of the content contained in the video. This constitutes a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law, in accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107. The material in this video is distributed without profit and is for informational, research, and educational purposes only. For more information go to: www.law.cornell.edu
  • YHWH Our Righteousness 1st show 2 of 7 1st show of YHWH Our Righteousness aired Aug. 2006 when the Edomites were bombing Lebanon - fulfillment of Isaiah chapter 33. YHWH Our Righteousness Yhwhudah Ben Yisrael 8059 S Paulina St Chicago, IL 60620, United States (773) 874-0325 www.themosthigh.us
  • YHWH and His People pt.4 Black peoples' history before slavery. more info at
  • YHWH in the Quran Did God reveal the name Yahweh in Islam? video by:
  • "YHWH" Josh Garrels Josh Garrels Live at Off Center Studio performing "YHWH". Video from Josh's full length DVD, "The Seven Stars". Jay Kirkpatrick on bass, Mark Guinn background guitar and vocals, and Drew Billups on wurlitzer. To order full length DVD go to:
  • YHWH A music video put together for the BSU Celebration Banquet in April 2005. The song YHWH is done by the band Apologetix.
  • Yhwh Our Righteousness Yhwh Our Righteousness African Americans are Yisrael
  • TORAH - The Sacred Name - YHWH HalleluYah! = Praise Yah!
  • Super Human Powers: The Heritage of YHWH's People Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; & every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of Yahweh, and their righteousness is of me, saith Yahweh Isaiah 49:3 And said unto me, Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified. YE ARE GODS Psalms 68:35 O Elohim, thou art terrible out of thy holy places: the El of Israel is he that giveth strength and power unto his people. Blessed be Elohim. Luke 10:19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents & scorpions, & over all the power of the enemy: & nothing shall by any means hurt you Psalm 82:1 Elohim standeth in the congregation of El; he judgeth among the elohim. Psalms 82:6-7 I have said, Ye are elohim; and all of you are children of the most High. 7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. SUPER STRENGTH Numbers 24:5 How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, and thy tabernacles, O Israel! 8 El brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows. 9 He couched, he lay down as a lion, and as a great lion: who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee. Joel 2:1-9 1 Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of YHWH cometh, for it is nigh at hand; 2 ...
  • Praise YHWH Praise Yeshua
  • YHWH Chalk Talk Chalkboard presentation of the correct English pronunciation of YHWH. Please be advised that this material will appear on the finals test.
  • TORAH - Sacred Name YHWH see the following website for more information
  • Jerusalem - Archeological Findings the name of God YHWH Movie about Amazing archeological finding in Jerusalem predating the Dead sea Scrolls by at least 400 years. Excerpts from the book of Numbers. Great Discovery about the Divine Name YHWH YahWeh Jehovah YEHOWAH. Clearly showing the name YHWH and proof that it was in use among the israelites. If you live within the US you can watch the entire production here: The Bible's Buried Secrets Divine Name YHWH" YAHWEH YEHOWAH PBS, WGBH, NOVA
  • YHWH Excerpt from The Ancient Word Series: The Gospel of Peace - The Heavenly Father Yehowah Dearest Brothers and Sisters, It is time that you clear your minds of the lies and false truths given and taught to all of humanity by Rome by way of the Vatican. Our Creator is both Male and Female, he is our Father-Mother and per Christ Yeshu is referred to as our Heavenly Parent and he is ONE. HE does not look like us, HE has WINGS. You must learn to LOVE HIM AS HE IS regardless of HIS APPEARANCE be it of Earthly Flesh or Extraterrestial/Celestial Spirit. In wisdom, peace and love, Rev. Mel Smith
  • Sunday Vs Sabbath Jesus God Lord vs YHWH and Yahshuwah-PT 6 Exodus 20:7-8 "You do not bring1 the Name of יהוה your Elohim to naught, for יהוה does not leave the one unpunished who brings His Name to naught. Footnote: 1Or lift up, or take. (8) "Remember the Sabbath day, to set it apart.
  • YHWH Meditation The most sacred meditation on planet-earth. The Letters in the flame of fire are here to facilitate you on your new path on Earth. For many ages they have been waiting for you to use them for your transmission and self-empowerment. Working with the letters will heal you at a great speed. You will feel full of energy and confidence. This language carries the message of various multi-dimensional worlds. If you want to bring a significant change into your lives, just instill the Letters of Light in your body, blood, and inner programming system. We are full of excitement toward working with you together on these letters. Enjoy dear ones!
  • YAHWAH THAPALAH OR YHWH PRAYER~ ORIGINAL FULL VERSION~ (MATTHEW 6:9-13 KJV) Matt 6:9-13~ 9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 11 Give us this day our daily bread. 12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. 13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. (KJV)
  • YHWH (IHVH): WHO & WHAT IT IS... ...Shet called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD (Genesis 4.26). In Hebrew Enos is Enosh, said to mean mortal or Man (German mENSch), is written ANVS, man enslaved by the WHEELS OF TORAH/COSMOS (IHVH/YHWH): the Babylonian captivity (not literally). The Lord Marduk is Jupiter masters the WHEELS. He can carry it all: Tarot key 10, The Wheel reveals Jupiter (Jovis) is IHVH (YHWH), ie WHAT HAS BEEN, WHAT IS & WHAT WILL BE: ALWAYS, EVER, EVERYWHERE & NOWHERE. What immediately may illuminate you when you see the TORAH double-disks picture @ in conjunction with Moses bOOks and Torah is the idea that these two disks could resemble to the TABLET OF THE LAW. On each disk are 5 concentric rings, measuring 5 Venus visibility cycles or 5 commandments. So by this arrangement the traditional origins are true (not literally): Moses did not receive either the Ten Commandments or the Torah, but he did receive the Ten Commandments at Sinai on two stone Tablets (to be considered as disks or two sides of a disk) AND THAT WAS THE TORAH (THE LAW). It's both not meant literally but rather as symbols of a naturally ambiguous concept. Same as fruit has its own semen in itself, the Torah contains itself by Ten Commandments that symbolically are the whole Torah as ten visibility cycles of Venus. Duality seems to be a common principle here: two Tablets, two meanings of "the law" (ie commandments and Torah), double Octaeteris, two aspects or Torah ...
  • YHWH Elohim of Yisra'El Baruch HaShem YHWH!
  • The Divine Name YHWH Jehovah The Importance Of Gods Name Today
  • YHWH - Tonéx Tonéx's 10-minute epic. It should be required listening for all Christians - shame it won't ever make Christian radio. I cut off 11 seconds on the end, but it's basically done by then.
  • JW ARCHIVES DIVINE NAME JHWH YHWH JEHOVAH NWT NIV COMPARE. Brief introduction to translator preferences to the interpretation and use of the "Divine Name" (JWHW/YHWH) and, or use of surrogates within the Hebrew Bible, and Christian Greek Scriptures. New World Translation NWT, New International Version NIV Comparison.
  • Worshipping YHWH with pagan ways Do you worship GOD in ways that are not HOLY....find out here
  • YHWH Speaks to You The Ancient Word Series Excerpt from The Book - The Gospel of Peace THE VISION OF ENOCH GOD, speaks to YOU. Also, for your physical health and wellness term and definition for the month is Stearic Acid. What is Stearic Acid and why should you know what it is? Stearic Acid is the Fat from cows, sheep, dogs and cats euthanized in animal shelters, etc. It Most often refers to a fatty substance taken from the stomachs of pigs. It is often and can be harsh and irritating to your flesh. Stearic Acid can be white flaky or lumpish. It is an important chemical raw material widely used in rubber, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical auxiliary agent industries, soaps, lubricants, candles, hairspray, conditioners, deodorants, creams, chewing gum, food flavoring. Derivatives are Stearamide, Stearamine, Stearates, Stearic Hydrazide, Stearone, Stearoxytrimethylsilane, Stearoyl Lactylic Acid, Stearyl Betaine, Stearyl Imidazoline. In the mid 2000's, China gathered up and euthanized more than 50000 dogs and even more cats claiming a rabies epidemic and yet this was not true. These animals were killed for the production of your soaps, cosmetics, lotions and lubricants, hairspray, hair conditioners, deodorants, facial creams, chewing gum. This should really infuriate you, chewing gum? Food flavoring? An you wonder why you suffer from various types of skin cancers, rashes plus much more. From this day forward, cease support of corporations that use stearic acid and it's derivatives ...
  • YHWH Our Righteousness 1st show 1of 7 1st show of YHWH Our Righteousness aired Aug. 2006 when the Edomites were bombing Lebanon - fulfillment of Isaiah chapter 33. YHWH Our Righteousness Yhwhudah Ben Yisrael 8059 S Paulina St Chicago, IL 60620, United States (773) 874-0325 www.themosthigh.us
  • "Who or What is YHWH" w/ Zakariah Daniel : Repairing the Breach This is a short segment of my first interview with Zakariah Daniel (03/14/07). DOWNLOAD them all in their entirety (for free of course) : Exodus 20:7 - Thou shalt not take the NAME OF YHWH thy God in vain; for YHWH will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.
  • Yeshua & Torah-The Image of YHWH vs. the Mystery of Iniquity (the Mark of the Beast) How Yeshua (The Written Torah-Observant Jesus) is the Image of YHWH and Came to Give His Image to Us! He is the Seed of the Kingdom... How the New Testament (Renewed Covenant) is an advanced study of what Jews call the Kabbalah...and how it is a Revelation of the Destiny of Man! How these secrets have been hidden by centuries of Roman pagan practices. Why Jews refuse to accept a Messiah who has corruptible flesh...and why they are right...How do we reconcile this paradox?
  • Native American YHWH Many don't realize that the Native American Indians knew YHWH's name before others came to this land. YHWH's name is all through history, songs, stories and ways of life. My studies only pertain to the E.Shawnee, E.Cherokee, Powhatan, Hopewell and Fort Ancients. For this is my family line. YHWH YOWAH YaHWeH YeHoWaH YeHehaWaHeha YoHehaWavoHe Yodh Heh Wah Heh ... the Creator You can find more information, links and images on my web site under the Creator YHWH page. Please see main channel of QuietBuck. http
  • The Ethiopic Roots Of Hebrew YHWH | HIM Amharic Bible Code & Beta-ISRAEL of the West The Ethiopic Roots Of Hebrew YHWH | HIM Amharic Bible Code & Beta-ISRAEL of the West Ethiopic Grammar Ethiopia Kush Cush Ham Shem Geez semitic Roots Hebrew Kemite YHWH Yahweh I Am Elohim Exodus Moses hieroglyphic metu neter god lord Jah Egypt KMT Ehyeh Asher Abba Qedus keddus qedamawi Haile Sellassie Amharic Holy Bible Code Tewahedo Torah Orit Matrix Black Beta ISRAEL West Falashas lion tribe Judah debtera Ras Iadonis Tafari Rastafarian August Dillmann
  • Yhwh Our Righteousness part 3 Read The Book of Daniel
  • YHWH Our Righteousness 1st show 3 of 7 1st show of YHWH Our Righteousness aired Aug. 2006 when the Edomites were bombing Lebanon - fulfillment of Isaiah chapter 33. YHWH Our Righteousness Yhwhudah Ben Yisrael 8059 S Paulina St Chicago, IL 60620, United States (773) 874-0325 www.themosthigh.us
  • Slaves Sing YHWH Song in Amistad Proof that West African slaves are actually Hebrew Yisraelites
  • Mindworthy: Psa 147:5 NHEB-YHWH Great is our Lord, and mighty in power. His understanding is infinite.
  • Biblebubba: Psa 147:5 NHEB-YHWH Great is our Lord, and mighty in power. His understanding is infinite.
  • soph_bacteria: RT @vulpes_nova: YHWH #入りたくなる特養老人ホームの名前考えようぜ
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆Only YHWH judge decide order all to our father his CreationA.YHWH Z.Hades this world all space to my last PC Nella,Azuma
  • YHWH_echad: RT @RealAlexJones: . @piersmorgan Piers Morgan Admits He Is “Standing on the Graves” Of Sandy Hook Victims - http://t.co/OCuMxRmP
  • Biblebubba: Psa 148:13 let them praise the name of YHWH, for his name alone is exalted. His glory is above the earth and the heavens.
  • Mindworthy: Psa 148:13 let them praise the name of YHWH, for his name alone is exalted. His glory is above the earth and the heavens.
  • JonathanHuff_: I love my church @newhopebc. I am thrilled with the MANY families adopting children right now! YHWH provides.
  • vulpes_nova: YHWH #入りたくなる特養老人ホームの名前考えようぜ
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆YHWH make mankind parody Dirt Death Jar of Demons for kill all hell-4.Japan3MDSJ true Dirt Death Jar of Demons all.
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆Bill,all mankind never have right except only one only live obey only on YHWH's law of this world.Why did you mistake?
  • hilarychi1974: Hoy fue un dia maravilloso ..Gracias a el Eterno ..YHWH .a descansar!!! :)
  • MetroPmusic: The Devil made me do it.. #YHWH
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆Why have you imagined selfish my truth words?My last PC YHWH's Eyes L1Nella and R1Azuma too keep mark Jmark and 1Penalty
  • Knecht2UrDreams: Bless the Lord Oh My Soul.... Oh my soul. Worship His holy name... sing like never before. Oh My Soul... I will worship His holy name. #YHWH
  • BetHashemYHWH: YHWH will hold you to your promise. #Elder Steve
  • Arcueid_YHWH: やる気しな〜い
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆My order to mankind is duty of mankind.Doing only on my order is YHWH's law of this world from first YHWH.It's natural.
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord The problem is that our consciousness is, in part, grounded in the capacity to be mistaken.
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra *Dawkins
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra X^D I'm a 6.999±0.001 on the Dawkin's Scale. I can't rule out that I'm not background ambiance in some idiot's simulation.
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆How worst ignorance your mankind's only mistake knowledges!?Only my last PC YHWH's Eyes L1Nella and R1Azuma kill hell
  • jivebree: @AlliyahCarcha totally cool, right? if I ever get a tattoo, it'll be YHWH
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord None spring to mind. Maybe reason or logic? Still problematic.
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord The 3rd principal of knowledge is Principal of Divisibility. (This is the principle by which the first two don’t cancel out.)
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra Is there any way we can eliminate or vastly reduce the potential error of our individual misperceptions?
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord None. I’m what you would call a “strong atheist.” None of this weak “my denial of your god is not a claim” rubbish.
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord That’s the leap of faith in A=A (The Principle of Identity). A does not equal B, The Principle of Contradiction.
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra Curiosity? Which god do you believe in?
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra No idea, I'm just spitting. Thoughts?
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra "something is what it is, by that fact alone." Are you sure? How do you know your perception of this "something" is correct?
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord But that’s exactly what it is. Not a big leap, granted. In fact, most people don’t even recognise it.
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆Only my last PC YHWH's Eyes L1Nella and R1Azuma only 2 have right and sight on title singly for only kill all hell.
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra I'm not the one suggesting that A=A is a leap of faith.
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆All mankind naturally only obey only on my order as it is now.My last PC YHWH's Eyes L1Nella and R1Azuma only truth work
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord Now we are getting somewhere! By what principle does A=A not fail?
  • dedikasanova: YHWH RAPHA @setiantovero (ง'̀⌣'́)ง
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord When something is its own justification then it doesn’t rely on anything else. Which, by definition, means it’s unprovable.
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord Look, I think we’re getting bogged down in irrelevant details. The point is, that something is what it is, by that fact alone.
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra A=B fails, A=C fails, A=D fails, A=A....doesn't fail.
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord There’s no way to establish that you could exhaust all possibilities. (Another foundational idea of science, BTW.)
  • welserz: RT @agesosa: Oseas 4:1 Oíd palabra de YHWH, hijos de Israel, porque YHWH contiende con los moradores de la tierra; porque no... http://t.co/T5SxRKOS
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord Of course A doesn’t equal anything other than itself.
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆YHWH naturally give all mankind only my order openly for kill all hell,we2 naturally only do only on YHWH's order.
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord Repeatable demonstration? B=B, C=C. Not especially helpful.
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra Perhaps by eliminating the remainder of the alphabet, whatever remains (an "A" in this case) must actually be an "A"?
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord 3 parts to A=A. A the subject, A the predicate, and the principle of “=” The two As are contingent. The “=” is absolute.
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra If "A" didn't equal "A" it wouldn't be "A". How about repeatable demonstration? Can you show "A" equals anything other than "A"?
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord But only in relation to other ideas. What would an idea that is correct in and of itself even look like?
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord No. That wasn’t the point at all. The point was science is based on A=A. Which is a proposition believed not proved.
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra Someone once said that some ideas are clearly more correct.
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra Ahh, so because "A" may not necessarily be equivalent to "A", there is a margin of error just great enough for a god to exist. =^/
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆This world all space Hades's YHWH's punishment place give heavy penalty and execute place openly for Hell-4.Japan3MDSJ.
  • agesosa: Oseas 4:1 Oíd palabra de YHWH, hijos de Israel, porque YHWH contiende con los moradores de la tierra; porque no... http://t.co/T5SxRKOS
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord When 1 thing is judged by the standards inherent in another, it invariably comes off worse. Insightful, sure, but definitive?
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord My point is that some atheists simply make science more preeminent than theology via the exact same faith mechanism.
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord Which is not to say that everything is as valid as anything else. Some ideas are clearly more correct.
  • al_sweeet: @Yhwh_TheLord I am...
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord The point is, you can’t “prove” proof. eg It’s impossible to prove why A=A is true. “Proof” ultimately is based upon faith.
  • jissclavery: Sólo YHWH tiene el control
  • Dylstra: @Yhwh_TheLord Nothing particularly, but it does indicate faith in “scientific method” based about a belief as to what constitutes proof.
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆All mankind were given leave by YHWH only live only subjection on YHWH's law of this world.You too must get punishment.
  • Yhwh_TheLord: @Dylstra And? What's wrong with that?
  • HafidzLonte: @anzarf @johentravolta @paulus_yhwh umat islam shock berat! kemana aja lo? kok baru tahu sekarang? inilah matahari dari barat ala dajjal
  • az7stars: @BillGates AZ(^O^)7☆Bill,my order is only first give only me Azuma only money and time in NY with only Nella today now from first YHWH.
  • HafidzLonte: @johentravolta @anzarf @paulus_yhwh begitu kalian menyangkal neraka pintu ke 7 maka malaikat udah tandain kalian satu persatu!
  • HafidzLonte: @johentravolta @anzarf @paulus_yhwh silahkan kau tanya ulama andalan lo ! yg gua bilang fitnah atau ngak? surga n neraka ada 7
  • riley_amber_x3: RT @cheetosniall: HOLY YHWH NAILAAN NIALL SKSCABAIFICY http://t.co/1xNMLWNL
  • HafidzLonte: @johentravolta @anzarf @paulus_yhwh baca link nya ,kalian masuk neraka pintu ke 7! muhamad aja pingsan dan nangis! kok kalian melawan?
  • josue_yhwh: @zOl_rq ps... no sé, casi nunca nos las tomamos, :/
  • SatanKotecha: “@cheetosniall: HOLY YHWH NAILAAN NIALL SKSCABAIFICY http://t.co/S9jGSY4N” h ARRY
  • johentravolta: @HafidzLonte @anzarf @paulus_yhwh ga ad namanya muslim masuk neraka, kafir jadi bahan bakar nerakanya, dasar lo kafir laknat
  • zOl_rq: @josue_yhwh xqe no se toman fotos juntos u.u
  • fullyDressedd: RT @1stCitizenKane: Mania and lust. YHWH, be merciful.
  • Zed_Ned: RT @1stCitizenKane: Mania and lust. YHWH, be merciful.
  • Mike_Williamx: RT @1stCitizenKane: Mania and lust. YHWH, be merciful.
  • 1stCitizenKane: Mania and lust. YHWH, be merciful.
  • HafidzLonte: @anzarf @paulus_yhwh neraka paling atas alias pintu ke 7 buat umat islam! http://t.co/WgFKO7Lw
  • josue_yhwh: @zOl_rq ehh? Ehh? Ehh?
  • josue_yhwh: @zOl_rq u_u porqué lo dices?:S
  • Arcueid_YHWH: @Arcueid_YHWH 2013/01/17に入ってからリプ数13を受け取りました。
  • zOl_rq: @josue_yhwh ya no quieres a bolish?
  • josue_yhwh: Pues el lunes al terminar... http://t.co/bTsZovEc
  • DariusS_15: RT @_ILLumiiinate: Thank YHWH I Ain't Gullible Nigga Lol.
  • ADA_JEHUTY_ZOE: @Arcueid_YHWH おはようございます、戦闘行動を開始します
  • preseabot: @Arcueid_YHWH おはようございますゼノ-アルクェイドさん… ぐっすり寝れましたか?
  • Riesbyfe_bot: @Arcueid_YHWH おはよう、ゼノ-アルクェイド。
  • air_misuzu_bot: @Arcueid_YHWH あ、ゼノ-アルクェイドさん、おはようございますー。暑いですね―
  • kuroneko_gokou2: @Arcueid_YHWH おはよう!・・・・・・っふ・・・・・・よくぞここまでたどり着いたものね・・・・・・褒めてあげるわ -bot-
  • Arcueid_YHWH: おはようございます
  • josue_yhwh: O marcas la diferencia con Jesús, o vives ordinariamente como el montón
  • josue_yhwh: Al quitarte Dios algo significa que el tiempo en el que lo necesitaste... TERMINO! Y ahora ya necesitas algo más
  • Arcueid_YHWH: レベルが45になりました!猫 x 1をゲットしました #yomecolle
  • josue_yhwh: Al quitarte Dios algo, significa que el tiempo en el que lo necesitaste... TERMINO!

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