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  • YIPEE INC. is all set to provide knowledge, management and technical based services under one roof. Yipee has been providing top quality services to customers in a variety of industries, range from small businesses to multinationals and government agencies. — “::Yipee::”, yipee.in
  • yipee. buy yipee mugs, tshirts and magnets. used to express ones delight, usually in the case of someones demise but not that of the person who expreses the word yipee for that would mean the person would express delight in his/her own demise. yipee my dad died. — “Urban Dictionary: yipee”,
  • Yipee providers of children parties, stilt walking and circus workshops. — “Yipee - Home”, yipee.biz
  • I have another reason to say yipee! Since my favorite NBA team has won the title of NBA Champion. Yes, LA Lakers win the 2009 NBA Finals. Los Angeles Lakers 99 – Orlando Magic 86. Lakers capture 15th NBA crown and Kobe wins his 1st final MVP. Read the rest of this entry ". — “Yipee Media”,
  • about us | services | clients | advertise | contact us. — “Internet Promotions”,
  • Canada's Online Discount Print Shop featuring business printing, flyers, postcards, tickets, folders, CD covers, calendars, photo blankets, photo canvas, mugs, mousepads and more!. — “Yipee.ca! Canada's Online Discount Print Shop”, yipee.ca
  • attracting the next generation of entrepreneurs, professionals and up-and-coming executives who are interested in making a difference in our business community. — “YIPEE (yipeesv) on Twitter”,
  • Discover everything you ever wanted to know about Yipee. Find Yipee stories, experiences and groups. Also discover news, images and videos at the world's largest experience sharing site. — “Yipee | Everything you Want to Know about Yipee Experiences”,
  • Welcome to the home of the original Tug Leash! Here you will find low prices and secure ordering on ComfortFlex Sport Dog Harness, Busyball Dog, Interactive Dog Toys, Stimulating toys, Dog Beds, Pet Cots, Pet Mats, Martingale style dog collars,. — “Yipeeee! Home page Fun strong dog stuff”,
  • Shop our large selection of yipee gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique yipee designs. Fast shipping. — “Yipee Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • MARCH 4, 2010 Yipee:Star Wars wiki celebrates fifth anniversary. Edit Read more: Yipee! News. Edited by Supergeeky1. View full history. Your Fair & Balanced News Source [citation needed] Wookieepedia celebrates five fun-filled years. Okay, maybe only two of those. — “Yipee:Star Wars wiki celebrates fifth anniversary”,
  • YIPEE (Young Innovative Professional Entrepreneurs, ETC) is attracting the next generation of entrepreneurs, professionals and up-and-coming executives who are interested in making a YIPEE is a program of the Chamber of Commerce Mountain View. — “Silicon Valley, Bay Area, Mountain View, Young Professionals”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable yipee gifts - t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, embroidery, and more from . Choose your favorite yipee gift from thousands of available products. — “Yipee T-Shirts, Yipee Gifts, Art, Posters, and more”,
  • Karena Ku Sanggup (Because I Could) Elfrita Maya, Indonesia (Nov 10) Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, UK (Nov 10) Cowboy Yoddle Song. Pierre Provencher. — “Yipee! New Video”, yipee.sg
  • yipee(yes) 10. your favorite color is purple. mama mia(no) yipee(yes) yipee(yes) 12. you have a brother who is tall. mama mia(no) yipee(yes). — “what mario character are you | ”,
  • The second song from the album was Yipee Yipee a happy pop song. The third single from the album was about Grandma's at the top and was called Oma's aan de top. And the fourth single from the album was called Hippie Shake, also a really happy song. [edit] Track listing. Standard edition #1014692. — “Alle Kleuren - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Yipee! Jam. 26 November 2010 (Friday) City Square Mall (FOC) 6.30pm - 10pm. 27 November 2010 (Saturday) Tampines Central CC. 5.30pm - 9.45pm. 11 December 2010 (Saturday) Tampines Central CC. 5.30pm - 9.45pm. 24 December 2010 (Friday) Toa Payoh Hub (FOC) 31 December 2010 (Friday) Singapore Flyer (FOC) 7pm. — “Yipee! Jam”, .sg
  • Country linedance con el tema Every little thing de Carlene Carter, bailado en el Honky Tonk El Encuentro - Madrid . Dirigido por Xavi Barrera Linedance Yipee Yi Yo - Every little thing - Carlene Carter. rangermadrid 15 videos Subscribe Edit Subscription. Loading Upgrade. — “YouTube - Linedance Yipee Yi Yo - Every little thing”,
  • What groups of people do you think YIPEE should target? I think Yipee should outreach with other groups - market the young people and pair up with more local businesses - for each event. Add your comment. — “YIPEE Ideas - by IdeaScale”,

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  • Yipee! MY GGS August Mini Album from Arlene GGS Girls Gone Scrappy August Mini Album Trade From Arlene at Butterfly Kisses. Thank you so, so, so, so, much Arlene for my Beautiful Mini Album! I'm so glad you were my partner! Your Work is truley amazing! thank you again for all the time you spend making my Mini so that it was special for me!
  • Pinoy Video: Happy Yipee Yehey 02-14-11 From Because of Youtube's video length limit, we cannot upload the entire video. To watch the FULL video, go to Don't worry, just visit the link to get the entire video.
  • Star Power @ Happy Yipee Yehey KEEP ON VOTING FOR ANGELINE (POP BELTER NG MANILA) SPOWER(space)Angeline and send to 2331 for Globe, TM, and Sun subscribers 231 for Smart and Talk 'N Text subscribers.
  • Happy Yipee Yehey - Toni & Mariel Dancing *Offcam* KEEP SUPPORTING THE ULTIMATE MULTI MEDIA STAR TONI GONZAGA! please put credits before grabbing. thank you!
  • Barndance Boys - Yippie I Oh Surreal papier mache kids band the Barndance Boys larking around on a farm for their top 32 smash hit single.
  • Angeline Quinto, Happy Yipee Yehey 3-11-2011 Angeline and Tony
  • adoption update...yipee! More updates on the adoption. God is good and He does answer prayers!!!! Thanks for all your prayers and support :)
  • Kinderbommen! K3 - Ya Ya Yipee
  • Happy Yipee Yehey! 2 weeks after "Happy Yipee Yehey!" (HYY) was aired on TV, my 3 year old daughter started singing and dancing the HYY song.
  • Yipee! Comment and rate please! Ask for any song info. Subscribe and rate 5 stars and I can send you any song through email. :D
  • Yippee Ki-Yay MF - Behind The Scene Yippee Ki-Yay MF - Behind The Scene Skönaste
  • DB Kai Ultimate Butouden Pt.60: Yipee...Goku is the hero again...(Finale/Credits) *For a DS game, this is a great game! I like the different moves and grabs from any other DBZ game and you can also set up some good juggles and things. I wish there is a US version for this in the future so I can read WHAT THE HELL THEY SAY!*
  • Melason prod in Happy Yipee Yehey Feb'11
  • Yipee Ki Yay MF - Best Of Jarmo (WIDESCREEN) Best of Jarmo fast nu i Widescreen.
  • Yipee Kiyay Mofo Dub Mix Li'l mix I did. Track list - 1. The Joker - Sonwah Fresh 2. (Intro) Skills - Cookie Monster 3. Butter Fingers - Butters 4. Nuke 'Em - DatsiK 5. Chasing Shadows - Amirah 6. They Will Destroy Us - Mister Six 7. Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique - Devnik
  • Melason sa Happy Yipee Yehey, sweet
  • Happy Yipee Yehey february 15,2011 (tuesday) updated full CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL Happy Yipee Yehey FROM THE START TO END UPDATED REPLAY
  • Randy Santiago Performs His All Time Hits with Kean, Ney and Yael in Happy Yipee Yehey (12Feb2011) Courtesy of ABS-CBN. No copyright infringement is intended.
  • My First Giveaway! Yipee! (CLOSED!) I created this video at My first giveaway-yipee! This will go on for the whole month of March 2011. At the end of the month I will randomly pick a winner and contact you via message on you tube. Rules: 1. Must be a subscriber to my channel. 2. Must be 18 years old - or- have parents permission to enter this giveaway. 3. It would be fun to see fun dance videos BUT you are NOT required to do a video to enter this giveaway. You can scroll through my collection of videos and comment on which video is your favorite and why it is your favorite. Thank you so much for your interest in my channel. Good Luck to everyone. :)
  • Twilight Promo Pictures! YIPEE! Just watch it yo. *EDIT* Ok, SECOND PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF YOUTUBE! Delia did it first. Great minds. ;) #28 - Most Discussed (Today) #9 - Most Discussed (Today) - Entertainment #49 - Most Responded (Today) #99 - Most Viewed (Today) #42 - Most Viewed (Today)...
  • Happy Yipee Yehey ABS-CBN noontime show
  • Let's Play : STALKER Call of Pripyat Part 22 Zombie Party, Yipee! HD 1080p A let's play video featuring the 3rd (and best IMO) Stalker game. Scariest game I've played. I love it. I always have several other let's play videos going at any given time, please check em out. Geforce 9800GT 1GB, 2GB of Ram, Intel i5 750 2.67ghz 4core, Windows 7. Thank you for watching, feel free to comment, and please check out my other videos / subscribe!
  • Mariel Rodriguez - backstage of the pilot episode of Happy Yipee Yehey!
  • megs make up goodies! (yipee!) My megsmakeup beauty package came today (perfect timing! ) yiipppeee!!!! This is a video telling you about megsmakeup (awsome beauty review site-fantastic community of ladies and men all of which love talking about make up and are full of great beauty tips, if theres a discount or offer on for any beauty products you will hear it first on -and as if all this wasnt enough they reward their users with points that you can then trade in for beauty products!!!!) I have tried to upload the review video as promised but it wont work-i tried to film it again today and my camera ran out of battery!! sooooo frustrating! I promise i will make a bunch of videos soon for you guys! thanks for bearing with me! =) x
  • YIPEE For my Unicorn,Thank you Daddy Warbucks! Don't be jealous Because I got my unicorn for Christmas! xoxo
  • Izzy Trazona sa Happy Yipee Yehey March 1, 2011 Izzy Trazona as one of the live studio audience of Happy Yipee Yehey. John Estrada called her to do the HYY dance. :)
  • Happy Yipee Yehey - toni gonzaga a multimedia artist April 2, 2011 Happy Yipee Yehey Tony Gonzaga sing her new album entitled CAN'T HELP MYSELF.
  • Razr UNLOCKED!!! Yipee!!! Thanks, all my friends!
  • -Yipee yi yo- Linedance SperkleDevils Erfurt
  • Happy Yipee Yehey~ Opening Show~Feb.12, 2011 la la la la la. .... PEACE.....
  • AT3K and another sale (yipee!)
  • Baby O (Baby Otek or Baby Saya) transfers to Willing Willie from Happy Yipee Yehey! Baby O (Baby Otek or Baby Saya) transfers to Willing Willie from Happy Yipee Yehey! Courtesy: Willing Willie (TV5)
  • Happy Yipee Yehey! - 02 April 2011 Full and Updated Episode Link Available MANILA, Philippines -- ABS-CBN launched its newest noontime show "Happy Yipee Yehey" on Saturday, February 12. The show's 4 main hosts, Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzaga, Randy Santiago and John Estrada, wowed the crowed who trooped to the Yñares Sports Arena in Pasig City as they opened the show by rendering their individual production numbers.
  • Silicon Valley Tweetup & YIPEE Event #svtweetup We partnered with the Young Innovative Professional Entrepreneurs, ETC (YIPEE) of Mountain VIew and raised $80 and collected 67 unwrapped toys.
  • Philippine AZKALS - Happy,yipee,yeheey! Philippine National Football Team - The Azkals Guesting in Happy,Yipee,Yeheey on March 28,2011!they're being interviewed by John Estrada,Randy Santiago and Ms. Dyan Castillejo.
  • Yee Hah Yipee-i-ay ! - Bob Watson Bob sings one of several songs co-written with the late John Westland (1941-2005), accompanied by "The Westlanders" and other friends, at John's memorial concert at Readifolk in March 2006. Used to be the opening number for John's famed "Cowboy Set", which was often performed in a tent. Lyrics on this version were adjusted to suit the occasion. Stage personnel LR: Bogdan Dobraszczyk, Ian Freedman, Bob W, Bob Hambleton, Lance Burns.
  • Happy Yipee Yehey Press Conference
  • HABruester: Braving the storms by myself tonight. Have movie and snacks! Yipee!
  • HungryHellcat: Yipee 4 @TheLittlePantry Cheers @AussiePR_girl :)
  • SNAPgallery: Create a unique gift for Mom on May 7 & 8 from 12 to 5 pm in the printshop. Cost is $20. Bring your mom and she can print for $10! Yipee!
  • G8trCutie: Cougar Town tonight! Yipee!
  • wantedkay: V done it bk...yipee
  • yinkadelakes: I wee vibrate ur braincells 2 d rite or left @ will..RT @iamshayee: Ehn ehn tell me sumtin!!! RT @yinkadelakes: Yipee!! I hv dis new in
  • iamshayee: Ehn ehn tell me sumtin!!! RT @yinkadelakes: Yipee!! I hv dis new invention..RT @iamshay: Mayb...... I'll tell u ... http://tmi.me/9rBAw
  • RachelVeronica: @CnservativePunk Haha. I can only imagine you saying "yipee" in a high pitched voice....
  • yinkadelakes: Yipee!! I hv dis new invention..RT @iamshayee: Mayb...... I'll tell u wen I'm ready RT @yinkadelakes: See!! U nid checkup..lol RT @iamshay
  • nijizi: Yipee!!!RT @BimpeA: kk i'm comin RT @nijizi: I need fud not sori#crying!!!RT @BimpeA: sorry oo RT @nijizi: Am hungry........
  • itslexiolivia: Twitter died :P Gotta go do my tonnsss of homework anyway..oh and a 500 word essay. #Yipee.
  • shayneybelle: Lol,, my life is crazy. Movies tomoro yipee! perhaps lunch too if I'm lucky :D.
  • MystyGrl: @polar06_mfc @Good thank's. Happy to be home!! And we get candie tonight YIPEE!
  • chuchutrainz: @Cleone_A heheee:) 2000 tweets reachin liao yipee
  • iloveangelb: Yipee! I'm just on time. Galing mo tlga Chie! Owhh Yes!!! ☀
  • eLnicole: I have so many visitors today! Yipee *shakes booty*. I'm loved.
  • abieliza: @StefyVille My Wed. turned out pretty well Stef. It was all due to Ur amazing powers! LOL Have fun running. I did 4 miles today. Yipee!! <3
  • emmiidianne: @VampireDiarieCW @julieplec @iansomerhalder @paulwesley @ninadobrev @ErnestoRiley @CandiceAccola @KatGraham Yipee! Season 3! #thankyou
  • MyLifeDowntown: Two more weeks & this semester is over. Yipee.
  • mikkae18: omg jam basin makitan tikas tv haha karon nana? RT @jamgallito Hopefully we could watch Showtime & Happy Yipee Yehey live tomorrow :>
  • tankatesmom: My Special Bronco! RT @TanTanFeil: Probably gonna be taking a math course at uco this summer.... #yipee #NAWT
  • ohnoesgrace: If, as a country, we came up with a new way of kissing, would it be a british kiss? I think we should do it, waste more taxpayers cash yipee
  • kennyschiumo: Got the job at Lake Ridge Country Club. Yipee! Now I can take @KendraRshea to Three Forks every night.
  • b_playful: @WearyIngenue yep and then the @OhioSMART member's only party. Yipee!!
  • HaileyWilliamss: online shopping.. yipee
  • MomRuns26: @unxpctdblessing I'm about 5 miles out of being in one until 1am... they say it's headed this way. yipee!
  • gerrardspetal: @Brodeey79 I worked Good Fri too :-| was in Tues, Off today, In tomorrow then off till Tues!!! Yipee! Yup Easter was nice had a family meal.
  • parkersarms: @Pink_whisk yipee way to go yes let me know praps if I breathe in xtra hard I might sneak in your suitcase *giggling * gd luck ;
  • The_Cyndi: YAAAY TORNADO WARNING! no sarcasim... ive been waiting 2 freaking years! yipee! :)))
  • molliejanejones: Royal Wedding in under 36 hours, yipee!
  • booktrunk: @CougarJacques yipee ;)
  • MystyGrl: Helllllooooo twitter friends :) YIPEE candie cam day!
  • lawofnumbers: RT @SammiLeeP: had a great night writing with @lawofnumbers yeoooooow!!! Another one in the bag boys! Yipee!!! ... http://tmi.me/9ry9V
  • misslori: RT @HIPCh1c: I'll definitely be @misslori @wttw event tomorrow, 10:30 in Carson's Court!! We have a special guest too!!!!!~yipee SMILE!
  • Lelaripen: I want do treatment on my hair. Yipee. Oh ya, treatment or rebond? Which is bettar?
  • claudialailha: @daiyacheese can't wait to hear who they are!!!! Yipee
  • cale_fan: @ScrubbingBubble tmw will b great, take your kids to wrk day, I get a day off from cleaning, they will soon meet the scrubbing bubbles yipee
  • Kuret: Yipee - what a productive work/email catch-up session @ the bar!
  • megbatch: Sobeys sushi after babysitting :) yipee
  • bmantz65: Looks like first cut of the jungle..er yard won't be until Saturday, the same day company is coming over. Yipee.
  • doktorbuzzo: Yipee! #donaldtrumpisabellend is trending in the U.K.!
  • iheartShami: @katelyntarver "Wherever You Are" tour with Action Item, Honor Society, & Katelyn Tarver. Yipee.
  • kennady1105: Last confirmation class? I think yes (: examination time! Yipee.
  • Glee4Balistidae: @LAX for three hours. Yipee. Gonna get some work done at least!
  • brwnbarbie24: Finally a meat substitute that I like, hallelujer lol! I just made lasagna with Morning Star's veggie sausage crumbles and liked it! Yipee!
  • dimplemonkey: Upcoming storm looks like it's a doozy. They say it's coming about three more hours. #yipee
  • liberatedlibra: ... I can now focus on relevant things like the royal wedding. Yipee!
  • stephhhh17: My presentation went well! Soo happy it's over.. Class until 9:10, #yipee
  • Lauraregann: Off to Drake tomorrow! :) #yipee
  • maxdmarv: Yipee Yay! Lol! I'm signing out now, got Lectures tomorrow. G'nightRT @milzsdingdong: @Maxdmarv pls ohhh..kilo de....o yaaaa..i miss u tew..
  • julgarmav: Yipee! I got my new ipad2!!!)YEhey
  • TheGreatMikel: Morning Twitterlandia! :) Will be with babe later! Yipee!!! :-)
  • GothamProwler: @JessyeRyan [ears perk hearing 'donut' but then a look up @HarveyBullock and ears went back...no. no more donuts. SALAD! YIPEE!]
  • MilkyWayMiley: But I'm terrified that no one will play it out and I'll be awkwardly "Yipee-ing" and throwing food.
  • corduroy08: Good night Twitter! Off to get my visa in the morning! #yipee
  • Bungleduck: @GartsVLM2012 yipee! #onitagain :)
  • SmithBauerAndCo: woooooohooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! movin up! first post since october! YIPEE
  • Katrina_Yumyum: and she left me in charge so yipee what a week to come :(
  • KiMi_KABOOM: Bow wow wow yipee yo yipee yay.
  • BeaaRibeiro: @YourGirlNics ermmm @FrankieTheSats and Kerry Katona haha :P oh and @ndubz but they're following me already YIPEE!
  • ChelseaAwsum: Back to school today ... Yipee !! -_-
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  • mzzz_teee: But u knwRT @yvonnemena: Evil childRT @mzzz_teee: Hehe*evil laff*thank God she knws I dont lik her...yipee
  • airogo: Night shift again, yipee! Must do some reading.
  • JenKopp: So happy there is no Softball. Because we have girls night tonight. Yipee.....
  • KarenLangston: RT @hajohnstone: #California AB575 was shelved due to huge public response! Keep up the great work. The public made a difference here~Yipee.
  • AngelsTeach: Angels Teach on air tonight at 7 pm, est! Yipee! http://ow.ly/4p78V
  • matthewin: Raiders of the lost Ark is on. Yipee
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  • AdelekeMojibola: Now in ma finals. Yipee
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  • AndreaAlderson: has had a fantastic pamper spa break and the crohns is coming back under control!!! yipee!!!!!
  • paaleoma: @yommieoloko u hate barca....pele...I LUV IT....yipee, we won
  • HillsandHammies: Yipee! RT @Oiselle: @MyGreenLake @PCC That's fantastic news! I gotta say though, 2013 is a long time to wait for lunch.
  • whats_a_fabiola: “Did you have a yipee skipee Easter?” -Hallmark customer #myjob
  • ClaireG1970: Kids have gone campin with their father for a few days Yipee.......now what to do with ones self? #debaucherousbehaviour
  • MegzzShackleton: I can lie in tomorrow! YIPEE.... #EPIC
  • kelseygrinn: Getting my hair done Tuesday now! Yipee! Opening rehearsals! :)
  • kendradyan: Severe Thunderstorm Watch! Yipee!
  • jonblackburn: Building my new desk chair! #yipee
  • Hailey_xx: Pay day tomorrow. Yipee.
  • dagodfada844: yipee....just finished downloading "no strings attached" cc @El_Ayman
  • NIck_Upton: Heading to Italy tomorrow, no more gardening for 4 days. Alps here I come, yipee. N
  • yvonnemena: Evil childRT @mzzz_teee: Hehe*evil laff*thank God she knws I dont lik her...yipee
  • angelgem81: @RachInMaFace @Cazzy78SPN @jojoconnors Yipee :-) I haven't had southern comfort in about 10 yrs always used to drink the stuff like pop haha
  • FolACke: 19 more yipee
  • kairosbutterfly: @zachbraff Nah, that's small fry. All we really care about is getting a free holiday. Yipee 4 royal reasons 4 drinking bubbly in the morning
  • ThemeParkAudio: @vactor2953 Cool app huh? I was surprised to see it on Amazon today! Yipee!
  • olajidetoosin: Yipee! I made the official guest list. A v.i.p invitation for two to the royal wedding. Who's interested?
  • sijuwillz: Yipee :D RT @taj_sagay: BarcaRT @sijuwillz: Oh yeah..heard abt d match..whoz winnin? RT @taj_sagay: @sijuwillz barca V madrid
  • starmometerblog: Comment on ABS-CBN Reiterates KBP’s Guidelines on Proper Treatment of Children on TV to its Shows by yipee: an t... http://bit.ly/kVTZ2b
  • Miss_Dean69: I love the outfit i'm wearing today! too bad I can't enjoy it for too long, got to wear that red and khaki #yipee.
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  • lovelou22: yipee going home now from work from eastwood libis
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